War is Upon South Africa

Political scientist says the public distrust of the ruling ANC-party is so great that South Africa now is being plunged in a state of Warfare:

War is Upon South Africa:A Secretive, territorialised violence of a low-intensity war, of counter-insurgency, is upon us

warns Richard Pithouse – who teaches politics at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africalink

PITHOUSE richard WAR IS UPON SA RHODES U OCT302012                                                 entire article on http://www.sacsis.org.za/site/article/1474

Published by the South African Civil Society Information Service (Johannesburg)

30 October 2012 – Pithouse writes: “When COSATU and the Communist Party have to rely on the police and their stun grenades, rubber bullets and, by some accounts, live ammunition to force their way into a stadium against the opposition of striking workers it is clear that their assumption of a permanent right to leadership is facing a serious challenge from below. It’s equally clear that the ruling party and its allies intend to force obedience rather than to seek to renegotiate support or enable democratic engagement, that the police aren’t even making a pretence of being loyal to the law rather than the ruling party and that this is the way that (SA communist party leader) Blade Nzimande likes it,” he writes.


   Misuse of SAPS to defend authority of ANC in Rustenburg:

The misuse of the police to defend the authority of the ruling party in Rustenburg is no exception to a broadly democratic consensus. In fact it has become a routine feature of political life. At the same time as the drama was unfolding in Rustenburg on Saturday a meeting RUSTENBURG AMPLATS VIOLENCE STOP FIRE ENGINES FROM DOUSING TORCHED MINESHAFT AND SUB STATION OCT302012with technical experts to discuss a plan to upgrade the Harry Gwala shack settlement on the East Rand was summarily banned by the police on the grounds that it was a ‘security threat’. The settlement is in urgent need of services as basic as water and refuse removal but millions have been spent on a pavilion in memory of Oliver Tambo adjacent to the settlement. As the ANC’s role in the struggles against apartheid is memorialised that memory is simultaneously desecrated as it is mobilised to legitimate the increasingly violent containment of popular dissent.

Ruling SA party’s hegemony on the mines in Rustenburg has collapsed:

    He writes: “The collapse of the ruling party’s hegemony on the mines in Rustenburg is not the first time that the ANC has lost control of a territory where it once took its right to rule for granted. In early 2006 the ANC was, despite a large police presence and a large contingent of supporters bussed in from elsewhere, unable to go ahead with a rally to be addressed by S’bu Ndebele, the then Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, in the Kennedy Road shack settlement in Durban. Some years later the ANC eventually took that space back with the open use of violence organised through party structures with the support of the police. But despite the announcement, made by a senior SACP member, that the state had decided to ‘disband’ the movement that had won popular support in Kennedy Road, and despite tremendous intimidation and the gross misuse of the police and the criminal justice system to try and effect this ban, that movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo endures. The rupture in Rustenburg may also cohere into an enduring force. And there will be more ruptures to come.

   “There are important respects in which the politics developed in and around Marikana is very different from that developed in and around Kennedy Road seven years earlier.

People have decided to take their future into their own hands – to speak for themselves where they live and work:

 “But one of the things that these two points of rupture do have in common is a firm insistence on the right of people in struggle, people who have decided to take their future into their own hands, to speak for themselves.

  • STRIKERS SA ESCALATING COMMUNISTS DESTROYING MINEINFRASTRUCTURE SAAbove: “This shared suspicion of authorised forms of local representation, and the consequent desire of people to represent themselves where they live and work, could, along with other points of connection, ranging from familial links to a shared experience of repression, provide common ground for linking struggles in urban shack settlements and on the mines. It has, in itself, no predetermined political character but, amongst other potentials, some of which could well be marked by a dangerous counter-brutality, the rejection of the ruling party’s local mechanisms for sustaining political control does carry the possibility for a renewal of democratic possibility.

   South Africa’s political class is treated as if it is above the law…

The path that winds from Polokwane to Kennedy Road and on to Marikana and Nkandla and then up, past the reach of our gaze and over the horizon, is not taking us towards anything like the kinds of societies imagined in the Freedom Charter or the Constitution. The only visible transition on offer is one in which liberal democracy is increasingly replaced with a system in which the political class is treated as if it is above the law, the state is openly used as an instrument for the political class to accumulate rather than to redistribute wealth and power and people engaged in certain kinds of popular dissent are treated as if they are beneath the law.

Police violence, including torture and murder, as well as state sanction for political violence by ANC supporters and political assassination have all become familiar features of our political life.

   Powerful figures in the ruling alliance openly speak the language of war:… against all dissent:

And powerful figures and forces in the ruling alliance from Jacob Zuma to Sidumo Dlamini, the Communist Party, MK veterans, SADTU and others are openly speaking the language of war. They may say that the war is ‘on the enemy within, enemy agents, neoliberals, imperialists, criminals, enemies of the national-democratic revolution and counter-revolutionaries ‘– but what they really mean is that they do not intend to accept popular dissent as legitimate or to engage it through democratic institutions.

Instead it is proposed that dissent be dealt with by the police and on occasion the army, as well as counter-mobilisation that aims to destroy rather than to engage and which is already often armed, and, in Sidumo Dlamini’s view, MK (UmkhontoWeSizwe).

Secretive, territorialised violence of a low-intensity war – a war of counter-insurgency —  is upon us

“War, generally not the war of open manoeuvre that we saw in Marikana and which we’ve seen, although with nothing like the same degree of murderous intent, in shack settlements across the country in recent years but rather the scattered, often secretive and frequently highly territorialised violence of low intensity war, of counter-insurgency, is upon us. The Kennedy Road, eTwatwa, Makause and Zakheleni shack settlements have all experienced this since Polokwane (Pietersburg).  

The figures in the ANC that talk of ‘a return to principled leadership’ have no material base from which they could make a serious attempt to challenge the capture of the party and, thereby, the state by factions that are both predatory and authoritarian. For this reason their discourse functions, irrespective of their intentions, to legitimate the party rather than to organise or represent a last ditch attempt to save it. And, with the exception of the metal worker’s union, Marikana has marked the end of COSATU’s claim to democratic credibility and moral authority.

  • If there is to be a renewal of democratic possibilities it will have to be undertaken against the ruling party and its allies.

   A popular struggle against a post-colonial state is a very different thing to a struggle against domination:

Popular struggle against a post-colonial state is a very different thing to a national liberation struggle against an internationally discredited form of domination. But the time has come when we have to, like the generations that confronted the end of the illusions in postcolonial states elsewhere, face a future in which defeat of democratic and progressive aspirations is the most likely outcome of the ruthless intersection between elite nationalism and capitalism.

And while there are some examples of popular struggles in the postcolony that have attained some critical mass in recent years they have also, as in Haiti and Bolivia, had to confront serious limitations. There is no easy route out of this crisis.

The line dividing the political from the economic has been drawn to sustain both privilege and exclusion:

   Nonetheless it is clear that the only viable resolution is one that includes the majority of us. This could take the form of an authoritarian and even quasi-fascist response to the crisis. But it could also take the form of a democratic project that seeks to move beyond the liberal consensus that reduced democracy to voting, court action and NGO campaigns and to build the political power of the dispossessed from the ground up. But if an insurgent project of this nature is to have any enduring success it will have to understand that the line dividing the political from the economic has been drawn to sustain both privilege and exclusion and that wealth, power and the structures that sustain them need to be subject to serious critique. This would put such a project at odds with most of the media and civil society as well as the ruling party making it, to say the least, a risky endeavour. But if political empowerment doesn’t translate into material empowerment – into land, housing, decent incomes and decent education – it will be little more than a detour on the road that has already taken us from Polokwane to Nkandla with our journey marked out in a steadily accumulating record of intimidation and blood.

   The challenges that confront us are tremendous.

But when war is announced there are only two real choices – to resist or to submit.



Richard Pithouse: background:


Richard Pithouse: interview;

Help pours in for baby born in stable

Pieter Oosthuizen of FarmitrackerAid.org  has good news today: a job, a home, hands-on help, food- and cash-donations are pouring in for a desperate young Afrikaner family he recently discovered living in a stable. Best of all, the Afrikaner father got a job and a home for his homeless  family: people’s hearts were deeply touched by his little baby-boy ‘W’, who was born in a stableThe Little Boy in the Stable

Oosthuizen: ‘For the homeless young Afrikaans family whose baby was born in a stable, Christmas came early: their dad got offered work, the family got sufficient donations of nutricious food; their two little girls will go to a creche for the first time in their lives …

“Baie Dankie’ to Joppie and  Elsabe Brits of Fochville Gardening Services, who gave the father a job; Tina and Jimmy Cronje, who donated nutricious, sufficient food and many other items the family needed urgently; Mrs Twanette Keyser who showed up with a big box full of wonderful surprises; many thanks to Mr Eugene van den Berg for his financial donation – and Mrs Ilke de Villiers and Maeder Labuschagne, who not only gave donations but also helped the family move to Fochville and helped with all those ‘lose threads and outstanding bills’. Pieter says the two little girls this week will meet other children at their very first ‘real creche. ‘

Nearly one-million Afrikaners are homeless, desperate, and slowly starving to death. Your help is urgently needed!


ACCOUNT NAME: Farmitracker Aid NPO – NPC 2012/120171/08
BANK: First National Bank of South Africa

Shop number 56, Westgate Shopping Centre,
120 Ontdekkers Road,
Gauteng Province,
South Africa
FIRNZAJJ046 (zero,four,six)



All whites ‘eliminated’ from job market since January 2012

All ‘whites’ are now ‘eliminated’ from the job market’: as the ANC-party’s own mouthpiece trumpeted triumphantly on 9 January 2012: yet the vast majority of South Africans aren’t aware of the desperate poverty this law has plunged white Afrikaners into: in fact some are even joking about seeing ‘white beggars on the streets of Pretoria’ and describing them as ‘drunks and drug-addicts’. link 

However – the vast majority of these homeless Afrikaners are former working-class to middle-class artisan-families who have only recently ended up on the streets after they were fired from their government- and private-sector jobs: and many were forced to sell their homes and all their belongings just to keep their families fed each month.

WHITES ALL BARRED FROM SA LABOUR MARKET 9 JAN 2012          http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2012/01/all-whites-barred-from-job-market-anc.html

Homeless Afrikaners get no government food-aid nor survival benefits:

This baby’s family is only one of nearly one-million Afrikaners who are equally desperate.  The ANC-regime ‘s sonamed ‘black-economic-empowerment laws increasingly bars sonamed ‘whites’ from the entire South African job-market, even when they are best-qualified for many jobs – in government service and also in the private sector.

The ANC-regime also refuses to help these homeless Afrikaners with food-aid and the experience at aid-agencies trying to get them government benefits is also recorded as dismal failures: most Afrikaners are also denied government benefit-payouts.

Afrikaner poor exploited by some owners of squatter-sites: forced to beg in traffic with their children:

AFRIKANER POOR BEGGING FOR FOOD above: There are increasingly desperate stories of many new little squatter camps, usually tents and old caravans, housing Afrikaner families. Many of the Afrikaner poor are exploited by the owners of the marginal, dismal sites they are squatting on, many Afrikaners are even forced to go and beg in public to pay their ‘landlords’. 

“Angels at Work” NPO  trains unemployable Afrikaners to become independent artisan-entrepreneurs:ANGELS AT WORK DASPOORT PRETORIA MAGDA STROEBEL INFO

 ABOVE: But others also are lucky to find safe havens with kind people, for instance at Magda Stroebel’s well-run non-profit  group’s camp Angels At Work at her Daspoort smallholding near Pretoria. For the past eight years, she has helped provide training and found jobs for a large number of homeless Afrikaners and has meanwhile also fought an emotionally-draining, valiant struggle in the law courts with the ANC-city council — which wanted to forcibly remove her neat little wooden cottages and dump her charges on the streets.

Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund NPO launched in The Netherlands:

Meanwhile international charities are also becoming aware of the plight of the Afrikaner people: one charity was launched by Afrikaner exiles in the Netherlands, the Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund non-profit organisation, which focuses on finding land-sites where homeless Afrikaners can be resettled and start their own subsistence kitchen-gardens and food-tunnels. arafund@gmail.com

ARAF is a non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands in November 2011. Their aim is to re-train — (legally-unemployable under ANC anti-white job laws) — Afrikaner artisans as independent entrepreneurs, to enable them to set up their own businesses in support of their families. The need is urgent: the 800,000 Afrikaners wh in 2011 languished in desperate tent- and shack-camps were only getting two full meals a month and the levels of chronic malnutrition were manifesting themselves more each day.


ING account number 5237454 (
The Netherlands)

IBAN: NL82INGB0002678169
De Loper 47
3137DD Vlaardingen
The Netherlands

Donation to Account holder: Stichting Afrikaner – Reddingsactiefonds (ARAF)


history of the little Afrikaans boy who was born in a stable:

German photo exhibit of poor Boers:


ANC tried forced-removals of ‘poor whites’ to black townships in 2009 to alienate Afrikaner children from their own cultural history and Afrikaans language:


AfrikanerPoor in Wesmoot Gauteng PROTESTING AGAINST FORCED REMOVAL OF AFRIKANERS TO TOWNSHIPS Pictures above and below: In 2009 there were protests among Afrikaner poor-communities at the attempts made by the ANC-regime to forcibly remove all the Afrikaner poor in  Gauteng – including the many thousands  in the Wesmoot region near Brits (above) to move to  black townships, where their children would no longer be allowed to be educated in their own cultural traditions nor Afrikaans language, and their parents would  receive neither food-aid nor any kind of government benefits because as ‘whites’ they did not qualify.

Afrikaners in schools attacked by blacks Above: For Afrikaners it is proven to be dangerous in vast majority of black townships:  they are not only not welcome there, but their pretty blonde children often are targetted by international child-slavery gangs — and life in black townships is also much more violent than in Afrikaner-communities: the Centre for the Study of Conflict and Reconciliation found that “SA blacks resort only to extreme violence in conflict-resolution” and that their “criminality is very routinely accompanied by a very high level of armed violence” (‘guns and slashing weapons’), making SA one of the most criminally-violent societies on the planet.

Ruling ANC’s official policy of ethnic-cleansing of poor Afrikaners and denying them work under the ‘black-economic-empowerment’ laws. The Afrikaners are also under growing siege from armed militias countrywide – in the cou  ntryside and in the cities. The Afrikaner Journal asks: ‘isn’t it time for Genocide Watch to declare ALL the AFRIKANERS in the countryside and in the cities at risk of Stage 6 (preparation) of genocide?

Woolworths refuses to hire Afrikaner whites:

Too white to study medicine:

Kroonstad station – before and after

KROONSTAD RAILWAY STATION TODAY – Jan and Martie Sempels took these heartbreaking pictures

Oct 24 2012 – The historic Boer-Republican Kroonstad railway station, dating from January 1892, was ravaged by a massive fire on January 24 2012 – however contrary to newspapers’claims  new photographs reveal that it was not totally “destroyed’.  Actually, most of its infrastructure remained intact and probably could be restored to its previous glory —  if the political will had existed to do so. KROONSTAD 7 RW STATION OCT242012 SEMPELS

TODAY: Kroonstad railway station, dating from 1892, as it looks today. Sixty passenger trains a day stopped there in 1955 yet now–  although it  is located at a crucial railway junction, it has been closed down and barred to all passenger-traffic after a mysterious fire in January this year.

KROONSTAD 14 RAILWAY STATION JAN SEMPELS OCT24 2012Above and below: Kroonstad railway station on Oct 24 2012: closed to passenger-traffic, the guard supposed to look after the goverment property is fast asleep on the job:

KROONSTAD STATION SLEEPING GUARD OCT24 2012                                             below: KROONSTAD RAILWAY STATION BEFORE:

KROONSTAD BEFORE STATION OCT24 2012 Above: Before: Kroonstad railway station two years earlier, when it was still open for passenger traffic. Sixty trains a day stopped there in 1955. Picture: Rural explorer photographer H. Muller


Kroonstad had 70 trains a day stopping at its station in 1955:

Yet  Kroonstad, with its railway station now totally disfunctional, is still being described as ‘an important rail junction”. The first train steamed into Kroonstad on 20 February 1892. During 1955 the station received 70 trains every 24 hours, one train every 20 minutes.

KROONSTAD STEAM ENGINE DETERIORATION The town lies directly on top of the N1, and bypasses the town to the east. It is the second largest urban center in the Northern Free State, and an important railway junction on the main line from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

KROONSTAD 17 STATION OCT242012                   Above: Kroonstad railway: closed down to passengers –  and deteriorating after fire in station building in Jan 2012.


Kroonstad is historically important to Afrikaners and Boers:

During the Second Boer War, from 13 March to 11 May 1900, the town became the capital of the Orange Free State, and subsequently the site of a British concentration camp to accommodate Boer women and children.

Kroonstad was established in 1855 and was the first town founded after the independence of the independent Boer Republic of the Orange Free State. Kroonstad also is primarily Afrikaans-speaking and lies in the middle of the country’s grain-producing region. KROONSTAD 15 STATION OCT242012


links: sources:


“Before” picture of Kroonstad railway station by rural explorer Horst Muller:




Afrikaans paper: Kroonstad railway station burns down completely:


Afrikaner baby born in stable

Nothing highlights the grinding poverty of Afrikaners in South Africa better than the plight of this young family: denied all access to the job-market by the black-economic-empowerment laws of the ANC-regime, denied all government survival-benefits, even food-aid.  And living in a stable. At least one-third of the Afrikaner nation now lives in such dire conditions. This is just one small example :

This is the history of the little Afrikaans boy who was born in a stable

Pieter Oosthuizen of FarmitrackerAid.org writes on Oct 14 2012 of the plight of a young Afrikaner family he took some food-aid to on Saturday – and whose name he does not want to reveal – which has been discovered living in the ruin of a stable. The Little Boy in the Stable  Above: their five-month son — Mr Oosthuizen writes ‘let’s call him W-junior’ — was born in this stable below. With the family too poor for transportation so that they can visit  birth-control centres, he also has two little sisters. This family lives just 50 metres away from a pig-sty and other farm-animals.

Little W -junior’s birth has not yet been registered: the family have no money nor any transport to go and do so. Die perdestal


 DONATIONS TO: Bank: First National Bank, Shop number 56, Westgate Shopping Centre,120 Ontdekkers Road, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province, South Africa

  • Bank Branch Code: 250841  
  • Acc Nr: 62367886391
  • Swift Code FIRNZAJJ046

Non-Profit organisation Farmitracker Aid: SA governmet registration nr:

  • NPC 2012/120171/08


Above – The family shares the stable with farm-animals: fifty yards away there are pigs in a sty. A farmer gave the five-member family the stable to stay in for R600 a month.

The Afrikaner child’s father, 23,  is a child from a broken home: caused by the ANC-regime’s black-economic-empowerment laws which bar all whites from all jobs. He manages to scratch out a monthly R900 ($90) living by doing odd-jobs as a gardener.

When the baby’s young dad was thirteen years old – now ten years ago — he came home from school one day and found his family home empty: both his father and mother had abandoned him. His father had lost his job, and the constant quarrels and arguments with his wife made them abandon their children.

From then on, life was tough for the thirteen-year-old Afrikaner boy. He managed to cling on to living in the backroom of his former family home for two weeks – and then he was evicted by the authorities of the mine-owned company house the family had lived in.

Since that time, the Afrikaans youngster quit going to school – but learned the skill of survival: staying in abandoned houses or properties, hiding in the roofs whenever the police arrived or searched through the properties. He was a succesful loiterer – and was never caught by the police.

Since that time, he’s started to raise his own family. He and his wife – also a girl from a homeless Afrikaner family – now have three children. And they all live in this little stable… Sandpit kinders

As you approach the stable, you immediately notice the bricks and rocks used to keep the corrugated iron roof down, protecting the roof in adverse weather.

Their kitchen hold no food. Maybe five spoons of sugar, and a container of milk.. They fetch water with a wheel barrow and a plastic container from a long distance: the baby has no diapers nor milk necessary for a five month old boy to thrive on. The two little girls, plaing with a ball and in a sandpit, seem quite unaware of  the dire straits their family are in. They are just being children. 

The food shelf

The kitchen sink holds a few utensils and there is no hot water around.

The Kitchen sink

The bedroom holds two single beds, for five people to sleep upon.

The only bedroom

Playing in the sandit

Throwing the ballWhen running after a ball, the children seemed content with life for a short while.

Throwing the ball to the father.

Friends on the farm.

   And in this stable, the little boy was born.

The Little Boy in the Stable

The Little Boy in the Stable

Undoubtedly – there are millions of poor people just like this family. However we know about this family. We can make a difference. Farmitracker Aid has given food to the family that might last for ten days.

No cleaning products nor baby food; the baby needs stage 3 Infacare milk: we  simply don’t have sufficient funds to make this a sustainable project yet. The family does not have a refrigerater nor deep freezer for storage of fresh products.

That always must be taken into consideration when providing aid. Food donations should preferably consist of canned or dry foodstuffs like dried pulses, maize, soy mince and rice – those  will work better for this family. The baby has no allergies . The family has no no vehicle nor means of transport. They also have no way to get to any medical care.

Destitute Family, Donations, Food Donations

Secret war against Middelburg Afrikaners

Secret war  raging against Middelburg Afrikaners:
Daily updates: the genocide of ethno-European South Africans:  Since Jan 1 2012 there have been 330 logged hatecrimes against whites up to Oct 19 2012: as far as we are aware: we believe this represents as little as 10 percent of all the hatecrimes actually recorded. These are crimes which resort under the international Rome Statute to which the ANC-regime is a signatory. However the SAPS crime-statistics do not record hatecrimes seperately.

ANC Youth League depy-leader Ronald Lamola charged with inciting genocide with his hatespeech against whites in Middelburg: but still not arrested five months later…

Anthony Benadie, local counsellor for the Democratic-Alliance party lodged formal complaints of genocidal hatespeech against ANC youth league deputy leader Ronald Lamola at the Middelburg SAPS on 24 June 2012.  Lamola reportedly told socalled ‘whites’ to ‘share their wealth or we will take it by force.’ He also made other threats to invade white-owned farms.’ The charge was laid in Middelburg on 24 June 2012. Thus far, Lamola has not been questioned nor arrested for inciting genocide against the country’s most vulnerable ethnic-minority.

ANC HATESPEECH RONALD LAMOLA GIVE ALL WHITE PROPERTY OR WE WILL TAKE IT BY FORCE MAY 3 2012 UWC MIKE SMITH                             http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/225

ANC-regime’s Crime-Intelligence unit traps vulnerable Afrikaners into ‘treasonous acts

Oct 21 2012 – A known Afrikaner ‘rightwinger’ Mrs Cornelia de Wet – who is described by friends and family as ‘emotionally unstable’ has been in Middelburg Prison for the past 4 months without any charges, with the SAPS crime-intelligence unit now allegedly claiming that they are ‘investigating treason’ during her membership of the ‘Leeuwag’ group.

De Wet Cornelia PREJUDICED ARTICLE IN BEELD ABOUT ARREST ON CAROLINA FARM MAY 30 2012 BUKS VILJOEN Above: The Afrikaner woman has in the past being described as ‘a person with an emotionally-unbalanced personality’. She was recruited by a mystery-group calling itself ‘Leeuwag’ (Lion Watch) after violent incidents targetting her on her farm: she was shot at and injured in a leg by someone who fired at her from a long distance away: this  person has never been found. Then her wooden home was torched –  and her family’s lives were threatened – whereupon she was invited to join the Leeuwag on Facebook.  She was arrested shortly thereafter. She has been  in Middelburg prison without trial for the past 4 months: a known ex-member of conservative Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging in Middelburg,  she recently admitted in a court-affidavit which two magistrate’s have refused to accept (as they were self-incriminatory) that she has now been turned into an  ‘informer’ for the ANC-regime. The Afrikaner community widely believes that the Mrs De Wet, who reportedly was 4 months pregnant when she was arrested, was recruited by members of the ANC-regime ‘s Crime Intelligence Service because that has already been done before:  another group called  the ‘Boeremag‘ also used the internet social-networks to draw conservative Afrikaners to their ranks and incited them to carry out ‘treasonous acts’ against the regime. Twenty of the Boeremag men were found guilty and the majority are still waiting for their sentencing. 

Sat Oct 13 2012  http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/418

  • References: ‘Boeremag Treason Trialists were a sting operation: its members were incited into treasonous acts by agent provocateurs’;  given bomb material, were orchestrated, controlled and run by SA Crime Intelligence Division ex- SA police crime intelligence Captain Deon Loots said in a sworn statement published by Rapport Sunday newspaper that  the socalled ‘Boeremag Rightwing Terrorist group’ was “created, orchestrated, incited and run entirely by white cops in crime intelligence unit – and Pres Zuma has known about this fraud as he was warned about this fraud. Sun Oct 7 2012 http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/398 and

         —-  http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/213

  • — Boeremag trial: Ex pro-apartheid police-operative Barry Bowden was paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into Boeremag Treason trial – Rapport -Former white-racist pro-apartheid-operative from ex-Civil Cooperation Bureau paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into custody for the Boeremag Treason trial — Oct 13 2012 – Afrikaans Sunday Rapport reveals on Sunday October 4 2012  http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/424


Thousands of black miners riot, destroy property over trial of of five 5 AMCU unionists for gruesome execution-murder of Afrikaner colliery engineer Jacques Naude, 32

17 Oct 2011 Black Wattle Colliery Middelburg — Labour unrest fears due to murder-trial: 5 AMCU unionists face trial for murdering Afrikaner mineworker Jacques Naude. Mr Naude was a specialist-engineer who repaired faulty equipment. On 17 October 2011 he was lured to a ‘faulty’conveyor being built at the BlackWattleColliery – at the height of an ‘illegal’ strike by the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Workers Union (AMCU). This union is embroiled in a bitter membership-battle with the ANC-communist ruled National Union of Mineworkers. This bitter infighting is leaving many miners dead and injured. Mr Naude was ‘executed’ when he found that the conveyor had been deliverately sabotaged. The exact details of Mr Naude’s horrifically gruesome death have not yet been revealed. The SAPS said that ‘the trial of the five AMCU-trade unionists will ‘concentrate on the tense circumstnaces at the mine in which Mr Naude had been executed.’ Some sources say he was tortured extensively before he was killed by the mob.

NAUDE Jacques Naude, 32, murdered execution style at 17 Oct 2011 5  black AMCU members arrested Aug 2012 SAPS BLACK WATTLE COLLIERY MPUMALANGA STRIKE  http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/300

 Tonic Madutlela, leader of black-racist gang terrorising, killing, gang-raping rural Afrikaners in Middelburg, Lydenburg & Belfast – shot dead trying to escape

20 September 2012: Tonic Madutlela, the suspected murderer of the Kruger farm-couple who was murdered near the Loskopdam & was also said to be the attacker of many other farms and smallholdings:  he was shot dead while trying to strangle a cop in escape attempt. http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/433

Middelburg farmers organise against genocide: arrest three farm attackers: fierce firefight Friday, Keerom: arrest 3, injure known killer MosesSithole: Boere krisis Aksie FB: Middelburg. A group of Middelburg farmers have arrested farm-attackers Cedric Tolane 20, Dino Nyanakome 37 27 in Dennesig – and the listed most-wanted multiple-killer Moses Sithole on October 16 2012 in Middelburg. Mr Sithole was critically injured in the firefight with the farmers and is under police-guard at the hospital. MIDDELBURG FARMERS organise against genocideOct162012Tue Oct 16 2012 http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/433

Afrikaner ratepayer Deon Coetzer 52 brutally beaten, kicked, jumped on his head by Middelburg traffic officials: needs treatment for tightcuffing.

Afrikaner homeowner Deon Coetzer brutally beaten by 8 traffic officials: then HE was charged with assault; bailed with R500: Wed Sep 26 2012 – He was cuffed so tightly that he needed medical treatment:  Mr Coetzer had gone up to a group of traffic-officers who had set up a speed trap in front of his home and were parking pulled over cars in his drive-way. He was trying to get into his house and needed to fetch urgent documents. “I asked a motorist and a traffic official to please move the car. I was told to wait because ‘my driveway belonged to the government’. Mr Coetzer then climbed into his car and was opening its electronic gate with his remote control unit when an officer grabbed his keys from his hand together with the control unit. Mr Coetzer plucked the man’s jersey demanding he give his property back to him.  His wife Jane and son Bertus 17 rushed out to help him and the next moment ‘a large number of traffic officials descended on Mr Coetzer, attacking him: one picked him up between his legs and dumped the Afrikaner upside down on the ground, others beat him, jumped on him and kicked him in the groin. Then they tightly handcuffed one hand and stood on it: the photo below showed the injury this caused. Passerby Mrs Magda van der Merwe said she counted eight black traffic officials jumping on Mr Coetzer, kicking him ‘like a gang of wolves’. Then Mr Coetzer was arrested and thrown in a police van, his wife and son were shoved out of the way and threatened by a female traffic-official that “Mr Coetzer would not survive the night’; that the Coetzer family ‘would not be able to do anything about it because the officials are protected by the regulations.’ The Coetzer family says they now live in fear from all these threats and have lodged a counter-charge of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm’ and also a charge was laid against one official for stealing Mr Coetzer’s remote-control to his security gate and his car-keys. http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/365  http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Houe-by-spoedlokval-20120926

Coetzer Deon assaulted by black traffic officers fake arrest Sept 24 20121 MIDDELBURG Coetzer attacked by traffic cop badly beaten handcuffed so tight he got hairline cracks in wrist bones MIDDELBURG http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/365

Farmer Willem Cloete 28 protects his prregnant wife inside their secured homestead – while two neighbours pursue and hold gunfight with  TEN black male farm attackers, Middelburg

CLOETE Willem Middelburg farmer FridayOCT52012 MILITIA attack ten black males one captured Above: Ten black male militias with military-issue weapons attack farm of Willem Cloete 28: he was fiercely defended by neighbours Johan and Hansie van Rensburg who chased the gang and pursued them during an intense firefight: Keerom Middelburg 8 October 2012


R127,000 reward for arrest b/m suspect kidnapper/killer of Igna Nortje 33, of Middelburg

R127,000 reward for finding black male gang-member who kidnapped and slaughtered Afrikaans woman Igna Nortje in #Middelburg – 19 October 2012

Nortje Igna May302012 Middelburg Murder IDENTIKIT SUSPECT OCT202012

Above: Sun Oct 21 2012 3:12:00 pm http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/443

SA Police Service Middelburg: R100,000 reward for murderers of Potgieter couple’s daughter:

Tweet from T @SAPoliceService: Co-workers of Mr Potgieter issue R100,000 reward for  the arrest of the murderer of the couple’s daughter in Middelburg Gauteng:  Contact: SAPS D/Sgt vSchanke: 072 2039148 Tue Jun 12 2012 http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/30

Black motorist in mystery-car tries to deliberately run down and kill Afrikaner pupils:

Injured in Middelburg: Max Klopper, Theuns Luus, Ruben Kruger, JP Prinsloo; accused: Elias Mzimande:

MIDDELBURG FOUR AFRIKANER BOYS INJURED HIT RUN DRIVER OCT1120122 COURTDATE Oct 9 2012 http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/116

Afrikaner resident Julie Cruse, 72, of Protea Ave, Pullens Hope, Middelburg, was tortured with boiling water and burnt with a hot iron: then strangled to death

June 2 2012:  Confirmed by SAPS Middelburg Phone: 013-2491111 Fax: 013-2491754: Fri Jun 1 2012 : Mrs Cruse, who owned the local liquor store at Pullens Hope, was attac ked and savagely tortured before she was murdered. (below) http://www.rapport.co.za/Suid-AFrika/Nuus/Ouma-met-strykyster-gebrand-verwrg-20120602

CRUSE Julie 72 tortured with boiling water hot iron strangled to death Middelburg Pullens Hope Mpuma June12012

Johannes Jakobus du Toit, 67, throat cut, wife Anna Marie’s ear cut in fierce struggle with black male attackers

DU TOIT Johannes Jakobus 67 murdered Middelburg Sept18 wife Anna Maria ear cut off stabbed in fierce struggle with black attackers Above: neighbours helped clean up the gruesome murder scene at the Dennesig, Middelburg home where Afrikaner resident Johan Jakobus du Toit was knifed to death while wife Marietjie put up a fierce defence http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/339

Afrikaner SAPS w/officer 50 and son 23 arrested & bailed: tampered with evidence claim:

MIDDELBURG AFRIKANER WO AND SON ARRESTED FOR TAMPERING WITH CRIME SCENE 4 JULY 2012 Above:  According to the SAPS statement by capt Brenda Kgafela, the son faces charges of rape, attempted murder, robbery, assault and kidnapping and his formal bail hearing was set for 4 July 2012.  The father (being arrested above in this SAPS photograph) was granted R1,000 bail. The ‘Mpumalanga’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit” (FCS) with the assistance of the Tactical Response team arrested the 50-year-old warrant officer and his son 23, at their plot in Waterval Boven on 27 June 2012. The officer allegedly tampered with evidence at a crime scene where his son allegedly assaulted and raped a 19-year-old girl last Sunday. The son met the girl and her boyfriend 25 at a local drinking establishment. He offered to accompany them home in the boyfriend’s car and told them that they ‘will not be arrested should they be caught driving under the influence of alcohol because his father is a policeman’. The couple apparently had an argument with the accused on their way home who then insisted the boyfriend stop the vehicle, pulled him out, assaulted him and drove off with the girl.The accused allegedly drove with the girl to Bloukrans area on a gravel road where he allegedly raped and brutally assualted her and left her for dead near a river. The girl is fighting for her life at a local hospital. Bail conditions stipulate that the Warrant Officer must surrender his passport and must not have any contact with the witnesses in the case.  SAPS capt Brenda Kgafela, tel (013) 762 4441 mp.csi@saps.gov.za



ANC-regime’s officials help rapist of Afrikaans student escape: girl suffers terrible mutilations with 23 stab-wounds

On Monday August 13 20122 SAPS student constable Mphikeledi Alfred Mahlanga 39 & warrant officer Amos Chris Masilela 48 appeared in the Pretoria North Regional Court on charges of helping the alleged rapist of an Afrikaner student escape on Friday-night. Beeld newspaper writes that the two police members apparently took the accused man to Dr George Mukhari hospital in Ga-Rankuwa in northern Pretoria without handcuffs or shackles after he “complained of feeling ill”. He then escaped through a toilet window. According to the charge sheet, the police officials were arrested that same day and later released on a warning. The matter was postponed for them to obtain legal representation.Outside court, the two followed Beeld’s photographer after he took their picture. They took cellphone pictures of him and his car’s registration number. Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said on Monday that an internal investigation had been launched into the incident. Authorities would wait for the result before suspending the men. Apart from the attack on the student, the alleged rapist is sought for three other rape incidents. DA councillor and board member of the Sinoville community policing forum, Arnold van Niekerk, visited the student in hospital on Monday and said an example had to be made of the two police officers if it was found that they had not followed police procedure. Beeld journalists Sonja Carstens and Hanti Otto wrote that meanwhile the 22-year-old Pretoria university student – who was stabbed 23 times before being raped and left for deadwas an “incredibly strong and courageous woman”, one of her doctors said..“The strength of the Lord is shining through her and her mother,” said Dr Lets Pretorius (who also is on trial in the Boeremag treason-trial in Pretoria) on Monday after visiting the student in ICU where she was in a stable condition. Eight of her knife wounds were potentially fatal. Pretorius helped Dr Stefan Rawlins, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and Dr Pieter Coertze, an orthopaedic surgeon, in the lengthy emergency operation on the student following the attack. The student from Magalieskruin, Pretoria, who was put on antiretroviral treatment following the rape, gave permission to her mother and Pretorius to give details about her injuries. Pretorius said a neurosurgeon had to help remove the point of the knife blade, which broke off in her skull. “Judging from the stab wounds, I suspect her attacker was left-handed,” he said.





Rome Statute and South Africa: http://www.info.gov.za/gazette/acts/2002/a27-02.pdf


Hate-attacks Oct 2011–Oct 15 2012

Shock-revelations were published here this month, also here and here in addition to here that the ANC-regime’s crime-intelligence section created an artifical rightwing group called the Boeremag  in which their agent-provocateurs lured conservative Afrikaners in faked ‘bomb-attack-plans and treasonous threats against the state’. Agent-provocateurs of the State even taught Boeremag members to make and plant bombs and brought them bomb-making material from police resources. After a 10-year-trial during which these Afrikaner men were mostly in isolation cells in trial-awaiting custody, 20 of these Boeremag men were imprisoned for life. (click on headlines to locate original items below).

Ongoing battle for control of SAPS and SANDP by communists:

SA cops join gangsters, hire out their guns: in WC last year 87 cops arrested but only 20 were fired:

Oct 04, 2012 SA cops join gangsters and other ‘criminals’ and murder-squads, hire their guns out to people to commit crimes Lat year in the Western Cape 87 officers were arrested…

 boeremag accused innocent SET UP BY STATE SECURITY AGENTS TO GET THEIR HANDS ON SLUSH FUND MONEY JUNE142012 THE STAR PIET RAMPEDI BOEREMAG FRAUD Barry Bawden paid R500D to lure innocent Afrikaners into BoeremagTreasonTrialOct132012

Also on Oct 12 2012 – in the ongoing internal power-battles for communist control of the  SA Police and Defence forces — the entire Cato Manor SAPS Organised crime Unit fights back against false allegations of fraud in the ANC-media . Uniquedly, this accused group of top-cops which has the best arrest-record in the country, has opened a facebook page in which they counter-act the communists’ accusations against them: http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/413


Summary of other hate-crimes ( as identified under the Rome Convention) from Oct 2011 to Oct 15 2012 :

Total number:   428 includes 323 against whites (of which 106 were incidents of severe dehumanisation, sadistic torture, humilation etc even against small children and frail elderly people); 24 new white refugee camps were identified; 9 more white-owned farms were invaded by black communities;  100 xenophobia attacks (mainly against black-foreign Africans and Asian foreigners by black-South African gangs) were recorded; 87 police-criminality incidents were placed on record; 124 institutions were identified as practicing racism against whites: (companies such as Woolworths refusing to hire white workers); there were 97 propaganda attacks against whites since Oct 2011 up to the present which often killed for them to be killed; 37 major incidents of industrial sabotage against SA infrastructure were archived and since Oct 2011 this site registered 126 proven in cidents of unrest and violent protests(previous month  


Genocide Watch Prof Greg Stanton warns Afrikaners, other whites to flee SA to escape genocidal violence being planned

17:36 Oct 07, 2012 email from Dr Gregory Stanton Oct 6 2012 to Afrikaans campaigner/singer Sunette Bridges warns Afrikaners and other whites (4million people) to leave South Africa if at all possible as they are facing an imminent genocide..


‘White’ (mostly Afrikaner) farmers attacked at the rate of 99 per 100,000: worldwide average: 9.3

11:30 Oct 11, 2012  White commercial farmers attacked three times the national murder rate: they are the most endangered group in the world

Former consultant in Mandela administration describes genocide of whites in SA

17:47 Oct 08, 2012 Former consultant in Mandela administration describes genocide of whites in communist-dominated South Africa – —- http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/africa/item/13121-south-african-tells-of-genocide-in-communist-dominated-south-africa…

Johnson Jeanette Afrik Dementia sufferer BEATEN TO DEATH OCT122012 WATERVAL BOVEN HOSPITAL Afrikaner dementia-sufferer Mrs Jeanette Johnson 84 dead from mystery headwound, bruises: Waterval Boven hospital SAPS investigates

01:31 Oct 17, 2012 Afrikaner dementia-sufferer Mrs Jeanette Johnson 84 dead from mysterious head-injury at Waterval Boven hospital – she’d arrived unscathed: -…

MIDDELBURG FARMERS organise against genocideOct162012 Middelburg farmers arrest three farm-attackers in fierce firefight, injure most-wanted list killer Moses Sithole

Oct 16, 2012 Middelburg farmers organise against genocide: arrest three farm attackers: fierce firefight Friday, Keerom: arrest 3, injure known killer MosesSithole:…

South African Police gangs which attack Afrikaner families – summary of known incidents:

Oct 16, 2012 South African Police gangs who attack Afrikaner families: summaries of reports:

 Ruling African National Congress party uses Facebook to spy on Canadian SA exiles

15:15 Oct 16, 2012 Ruling ANC-party monitors South African Canadian exiles’ private anti-crime-websites on FB Canadian Action Group Against White Genocide in…

ROUX Koos 67 stabbed to death Oct52010 Edelweiss Springs SAPS only shows up week later after journalist enquiry Afrikaner Koos Roux 67 dies from stabbing by two black males, at smallholding: wife survives attack

18:00 Oct 15, 2012

Afrikaner Koos Roux, 67, owner of JR Garden Service in Edelweiss, Springs savagely stabbed to death at smallholding; motiveless attack

Death squad active: IFP member Siya Dlamini, Cebisile Shezxi and councillor Themba Xulu shot dead in public in front of cops

16:09 Oct 15, 2012 Death squad active: Inkatha Freedom Front member Siya Dlamini shot dead in front of cops, TV crew outside Ntuzuma Magistrate’s Court — ————-…

Five-year-old Belinda van Rensburg: gun to her head while black gunmen screamed she’d be shot dead 0

15:36 Oct 15, 2012 FIVE-year-old Belinda van Rensburg had a gun held to her head with black gunmen screaming her to shut up or she’d be shot dead. — The Van Rensburg…

Afrikaner baby born in a stable – Afrikaner poverty 0

14:04 Oct 15, 2012 Nothing highlights the grinding poverty of Afrikaners in South Africa better than the plight of this young family: denied all access to the…

Coordinated attacks: SA National Defence Force and SA Police battle against thousands of fired miners: Westonaria and Rustenburg 0

15:38 Oct 14, 2012Oct 14 2012 – There were clearly well-coordinated attacks by militia-gangs organised by the striking mining-communities against the SA Police stations in the gold- and platinum-mining regions: two police stations and their forces surrounded and under siege…

Police seek more suspects in farm-murder of Ria Mills, 65 killed execution-style, mother of world-famous disabled inventor Dr Ceval Mills 0

08:00 Oct 14, 2012 Police seek more suspects in murder of Mrs Ria Mills, Great-Brakrivier, George Sept 16 2012: the mother of the world-famous quadruplegic inventor…

SA police brutality: Amnesty International publishes report with incomplete list of blacks-only police-victims 2012 0

04:33 Oct 14, 2012 SA Police brutality 2012: Amnesty International publishes an incomplete report showing only a few dozen black victims of police-criminality:…

Ex pro-apartheid police-operative Barry Bawden paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into Boeremag Treason trial – Rapport 03:14 Oct 14, 2012 Former apartheid-operative Barry Bawden of the ex-Civil Cooperation Bureau was paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into Boeremag Treason trial…

Are Afrikaners in religious group being killed by Satanists? killed Michaela Valentine, Pastor Reg Bendixen, Natacha Burger, Joyce Boonzaaier

02:33 Oct 14, 2012 Are Afrikaners in religious group “Overcomers Through Christ’ being killed off by Satanists? Michaela Valentine, Pastor Reg Bendixen, Natasha…

8-member armed,uniformed cop-gang attacks Afrikaner factory owner Deon & Ria Nel screaming: ‘you fking white dog’. 14:43 Oct 13, 2012

8-member armed,uniformed cop-gang attacks Afrikaner factory owner Deon Nell and terrorised wife Ria, screaming: ‘you fking white dog’.– police…

Jordaan Ian attorney murdered TeasersBossLollyJackson killed tortured to death torched Sept202012

Afrikaner estate-attorney Ian Jordaan abducted, tortured, body found torched: handled estate murdered Teasers strip club boss Lolly Jackson 0

08:18 Oct 13, 2012 Afrikaner attorney Ian Jordaan was abducted, tortured, murdered 6 hours after he had rejected R8million debt-claim as executor of the estate…

“Boeremag-type new ‘sting operation?” Cornelia de Wet in Middelburg Prison for past 4 months without charges under claims of treason with Leeuwag

07:12 Oct 13, 2012 Cornelia de Wet has been in Middelburg prison without trial for past 4 months: ex-member of conservawtive Afrikaner ‘AWB Leeuwag ‘in Middelburg,…


hairdresser Siobhan Natasha Smit 20 culpible homicide death N2 deliberately run over by white hit-run bakkie

06:25 Oct 13, 2012

hairdresser Siobhan Natasha Smit, 20, culpible-homicide death Somerset-West by white hit/run bakkie N2 highway 2012-10-12 Cape Town. Young Gordon’s…


Eduan Park Pietersburg plagued by hammer-attackers/rapists: 2 women bludgeoned and raped; Leon van Rensburg 31 permanently brain-damaged

17:57 Oct 12, 2012 Reign of terror by hammer-attackers: Eduan Park, Pietersburg: two women bludgeoned & raped; Leon van Rensburg 31 permanently brain-damaged after…

Leon van Rensburg 52 kidnapped/hijacked from HILLCREST Durban: found back in Underberg – survives ordeal with permanent brain damage: needs urgent financial help.

17:47 Oct 12, 2012

Marikana SAPS-massacre masks murderous battle between two trade unions, warns Solly Mapaila SA Communist party

16:12 Oct 12, 2012 Marikana:SA Communist Party Solly Mapaila accuses ANC militias supporting the AMCU-union of murdering National Union of Mineworker leaders “…

HAARHOFF Bridget pic craignieuwenhuizen BEELD Oct122012 assaulted official Waltloo license centre Silverton SAPS

Afrikaner Bridget Haarhoff 37 assaulted by supervisor Waltloo License Testing Centre Silverton

10:30 Oct 12, 2012 Bridget Haarhoff, 37, assaulted by a supervisor, Waltloo Driver’s License Testing centre, Silverton, Pretoria 2012-10-12


Video: JP Fehlhaber 8 run down injured on school-crossing by woman who runs over his foot and then yells at him

02:08 Oct 12, 2012 VIDEO: Eight-year-old JP Fehlhaber, 8 run down, injured on green-light school-crossing by woman in Toyota who then yells at the injured Afrikaans…

White SA citizen Ryno Shaw refused help from SA Embassy in Vietnam 0

01:14 Oct 12, 2012

BOTHA Paule-Henry 42 missing11Oct2012 WC OBSERVATORY dsappeared after job

Afrikaner Paule-Henry Botha 43 missing after jog Observatory Cape Town 11 Oct 2012 pic

17:00 Oct 11, 2012 Paule-Henry Botha 43, Missing after jog Observatory Cape 11 October 2012: Missing Adults: If you see him phone Woodstock SAPS 021 443 3117/21…

Greytown KZN shopkeeper set alight by four black male attackers: victim name unknown 0

16:07 Oct 11, 2012

Greytown KZN shopowner set alight by four armed attackers, Oct 11 2012 Four armed black males set fire to a shop-owner’s arm in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal…

‘White’ (mostly Afrikaner) farmers attacked at the rate of 99 per 100,000: worldwide average: 9.3

11:30 Oct 11, 2012  White commercial farmers attacked three times the national murder rate: they are the most endangered group in the world.

White man 28, arrested for what is suspected to be a  pipe-bomb explosive, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria no ‘terrorism motives’ suspected

04:10 Oct 11, 2012  White man, 28, arrested in Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria for ‘suspected pipe bomb’, intimidation threat 2012-10-10’ GARSFONTEIN PRETORIA A captain…

Suzette Beneke 49 survives stabbing biking in Suiderberg Pretoria:”I could see the hatred in their eyes’, she said

17:00 Oct 10, 2012

Barnard Greetje 49 survives attack taxidrivers mob Burgersfort We will Kill the Whites Oct92012 Dutch citizen Greetje Barnard 59 attacked by mob of taxidrivers who shouted: ‘We will kill all the whites in Burgersfort’

12:50 Oct 10, 2012 Burgersfort SAPS commanding officer Colonel Ronnie van Niekerk confirmed the complaint lodged on Oct 9 2012 by Mrs Greetje Barnard, 59, a Dutch…

Injured: Afrikaner pupils Max Klopper, Theuns Luus, Ruben Kruger, JP Prinsloo; accused: Elias Mzimande: court date Oct 11 2012 0

05:31 Oct 09, 2012

Injured in Middelburg: Afrikaner pupils Max Klopper, Theuns Luus, Ruben Kruger, JP Prinsloo: accused assailant Elias Mzimande in court Oct 11…

Trucker assistant Gary Stewart 42: dies Oct 8 2012 in coma: brain damage: striker threw brick N2 Cape Town 0

14:21 Oct 08, 2012 Trucker’s assistant Gary Stewart, 42, died on October 8 2012 in coma in Cape Town hospital: he sustained deadly brain damage from a striking trucker’s thrown brick… Suzette Beneke 49 survives stabbing while biking: six months after son Eugene was beaten into coma Journalist Hilda Fourie writes in Beeld Oct…

Leon van Rensburg 52, of Hillcrest Durban: found back in Underberg after kidnapping/hijacking: Hillcrest Durban 2012-10-12 The Witness reports…

BOEREMAG TRIAL AWAITING PRISONERS FORCED TO SLEEP IN CHAINS WITH LIGHTS ON DENIED FOOD AND OTHER SONAMED PRIVILEGES Boeremag Treason Trialists were incited, given bomb material, orchestrated, controlled and run by SA Crime Intelligence Division 0

17:18 Oct 07, 2012 ex- SA POLICE CRIME INTELLIGENCE Capt Deon Loots says the socalled ‘Boeremag Rightwing Terrorist group’ was “created, orchestrated, incited…

Elizabeth Louw 96, hogtied with shoelaces: then suffocated, strangled together with young white gardener GERT MARKS

18:00 Oct 06, 2012 96-year-old Afrikaner lady Elizabeth Louw and gardener Gert Marks strangled to death, Klerksdorp 2012-10-07 Klerksdorp/Mahikeng:

FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE BLOODBATH – promotional clipboard pamphlet threat at Afrikaans music festival 0

14:17 Oct 06, 2012

#Fifteen Minutes Before Bloodbath’ — pahmphlet threat issued against Afrikaners at Aardklop music festival: – Boere Krisis Aksie :Oct 6 2012:…

Farmer Willem Cloete 28 was protecting his pregnant wife while two neighbours pursued and held gunfight with TEN black male farm attackers, Middelburg 0

22:00 Oct 05, 2012 Ten black male militia with military-issue weapons attack farm of Willem Cloete 28: fiercely defended by neighbours Johan and Hansie van Rensburg:…

Afrikaner families Swanepoel and Steyn held hostage at gunpoint for 4hrs

20:23 Oct 05, 2012 Swanepoel and Steyn families held hostage for 4 hrs: house emptied of all belongings Oct 6 2012 — Reporter: Jana van der Merwe, Volksblad:…

Afrikaner farm worker Gidius Gertenbach 39 missing since Dec 22 2011 near Nelspruit 0

16:19 Oct 04, 2012 Farmworker Gidius Gertenbach (39) missing since Dec 22 2011 enroute to job Nelspruit – Witrivier He spoke to his mother on 22 December 2011…

Environmental scientist Donald Gibson, son of English-speaking SA DA politician Douglas Gibson: in coma from beating 0

14:40 Oct 04, 2012 Environmental scientist Donald Gibson, son of white English-speaking SA envoy Douglas Gibson, brain damage after beating October 13 2012 By…

Anzunette du Plessis 33 murdered in Claremont WC while maid was in nearby park with 2 yo daughter

14:00 Oct 04, 2012 Anzunette du Plessis, 33, murdered in Claremont while maid was in nearby park with her two-year-old daughter 2012-10-05 Richard Roberts CLAREMONT…

Mrs Surina Kriegler 62 killed in Elsburg East Rand home: details awaited

06:00 Oct 04, 2012 Mrs Surina Kriegler 62, murdered in Elsburg, Johannesburg home: all her valuables left alone — NOTE – SAPS CONFUSION ABOUT HER NAME:

Afrikaner Christian Mikaeila Valentine-Baillie, 25 killed: throat cut for no apparent reason

05:00 Oct 04, 2012 Afrikaner Mikeila Valentine (nee Baillie) , 25: throat cut, Oct 4, Ruimsig Heidelberg Mrs Valentine’s husband had left home early on OCTOBER…


Afrikaner farmer Johan Greyling 79 SURVIVES KNIFING by ambushers at homestead March 3 7am 06:00 Oct 03, 2012 Afrikaner farmer Johan Greyling 79 repeatedly slashed with knife by ambushers at #Marquard farm Bethlehem hospital 2012-10-03 Marquard…

Peter Kohler-Barnard, son of DA opposition party spokeswoman on policing, car hijacked in Morningside KZN

19:00 Oct 02, 2012 Democratic-Alliance party’s spokeswoman on policing Mrs Diane Kohler Barnard’s son Peter hijacked October 3 2012- Morningside, Durban –

Carlyle Dorothy hijacked dumped in car booot Oct22012 DURBAN KZN EBLCKWATCHRESCUE

Irish-born Mrs Dorothy Carlyle 59 kidnapped, beaten, stabbed, dumped in carboot for 10 hrs while kidnappers partied , firing off guns at her car:

14:30 Oct 02, 2012 Rescued from partying kidnappers at KwaMashu, KZN: Irish-born Mrs Dorothy Carlyle 59 hijacked, beaten, stabbed, in her carboot for 10 hours…

Mrs Ugeshnie Govender 34 survives 17hr kidnap ordeal: hijacked enroute to Crossmoor Secondary School

10:00 Oct 02, 2012 Mrs Ugeshnie Govender 34 survives hijacking Frida 10am while enroute to Crossmoor Secondary School to pick up her children October 3 2012 By…

Afrikaner Johan Coetzee survives beating by 3 black males Potgietersrus

01:00 Oct 01, 2012 Potgietersrus, Limpopo, Oct 1 2012 Afrikaner resident Johan Coetzee was attacked after watching rugby with some friends — and was walking…

Afrikaner farmer HK Grobler 79 beaten up by 4 black males, Lichtenburg farm attack

01:00 Oct 01, 2012 Disabled Afrikaner farmer HK Grobler 79 injured in armed attack by 4 black males Lichtenburg: no arrests: Mondaymorning 1-2am attack: “My dad…

White man Richard Dovey 37 survives attempted murder by 7 black men who threatened to kill him

17:01 Sep 30, 2012

White man Richard Dovey 37 survives beating by 7 black man at rented farm house: “We are going to kill you’, they shouted 2012-10-01 Bloemfontein…





War of Farm-attack stats hots up

White commercial farmers attacked three times the national murder rate.

In 2011, IF as Agri-SA claims, there were only 32,375 commercial (white) farmers left, with an average age of 63 and less than 2.3 household members, the rate of attacks against these farmers would be 98.9 killings per 100,000.  That’s three times the national murder rate.

Myburgh challenged an earlier opinion by the SA Institute for Race Relations questioning whether white farmers were ‘uniquely vulnerable to attack at all.’ A day after his challenge, the SAIRR ‘changed its viewpoint’.

ANC document June 1993 shows that the movement had no intention of stopping its ‘armed struggle against farmers’ after it gained hegemony:

KILL BOER KILL FARMER ORDERS BY ANC DOCUMENT     Above: June 1993 typed ANC document outlining the importance of continuing the attacks on white            commercial farmers  after the party gained its political hegemony.


James Myburgh:  Oct 9 2012:
     “Afrikaner farmers are uniquely vulnerable to attack:” — Why the SAIRR is wrong about farm attacks

  –   – NOTE: Te SA Institute for Race Relations amended its VIEWPOINT on farm attacks’  the following day, writing:   On 5 October 2012 the South African Institute of Race Relations released a statement on farm attacks in South Africa. The statement was based on farm attack data by the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU). It has since been drawn to our attention by James Myburgh of http://www.politicsweb.co.za that the TAU data is compromised by a significant undercount of as much as 7:1 in terms of the actual number of farm attacks. Our initial analysis has therefore been revised accordingly. The revised analysis follows below. The table below compares the farm attack rate for farmers and their families to the house robbery rate, aggravated robbery rate, and combined aggravated robbery and murder and attempted murder rates for the broader population.  It is based on three assumptions. The first is that there are 47,000 commercial farmers in South Africa. This is based on StatsSA’s Census of Commercial Agriculture 2007. The second is that the average household size for farmers is 3. This is the average household size for white South Africans. The third is that, following from James Myburgh’s analysis, the Transvaal Agricultural Union TAU undercounts farm attacks by an average of 7 – to 1. The fourth is that ‘attacks on smallholdings’ should be included as ‘attacks on farms’.


‘Many intellectuals and human rights organisations have been anxious to underplay the importance of SA farm attacks fearing that farmers might end up being regarded as ‘victims’ rather than ‘perpetrators’… ‘

JAMES MYBURGH WROTE:  9 October 2012 — “Available evidence suggests SA farmers are indeed “uniquely vulnerable” to violent attacks” : Over the past fifteen years it has been taken as a given that commercial farmers have subjected to extremely high levels of violent and often murderous attack in South Africa. Many intellectuals and human rights organisations have however been anxious to underplay the import of this problem: The underlying concern apparently being that farmers might end up being regarded as ‘victims’ rather than as ‘perpetrators’.

The line generally taken has been that there is “no evidence that these attacks are in any way racially or politically motivated”. However, the question has now been raised whether farm attacks are such a unique problem at all. On Friday the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), a well-respected research organisation, issued a press statement – titled “Farmers not uniquely vulnerable to armed attack” – which claimed that the “number of farm attacks per 100,000 farmers and their families is comparable to the number of criminal attacks per 100,000 people in the general population.”

This claim has been widely reported on and could, if left unchallenged, end up being accepted as fact given the pre-existing biases of many in the media. The question needs to be asked: do the Institute’s claims hold up to scrutiny?

The Transvaal Agricultural Union underestimates the number of farm attacks:

The SAIRR analysis was based upon farm attack figures compiled by the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU SA). The Institute used this data as the SAPS have not released farm attack figures since the 2006/2007 reporting period.

In 2011 TAU SA counted 85 farm attacks. Based on this figure the Institute calculated that “in 2011 the number of attacks per 100,000 farmers and farmworkers in the formal sector was 16.8.  If it is assumed that farmworkers are not targeted and that attacks are aimed at commercial farmers and their families only, the rate of attack was 45.8 per 100 000 (assuming three dependants each).”

The Institute argued that although “It is difficult to benchmark farm attacks against other types of crimes… the rates calculated above are broadly comparable to rates per 100,000 people for other serious crimes among the general population. For example, in 2011 South Africa had a murder rate of 31.9 per 100,000 people. In that year the house robbery rate was 33.4 per 100,000. The total aggravated robbery rate was 203 per 100,000.”

On request the Institute provided Politicsweb with the data on which it based its analysis. It reached the 45.8 per 100,000 figure by taking the number of commercial farmers in South Africa (46,400) and quadrupling the figure to 185,600 (on the assumption that each farmer has three dependents). The formula used was (85/185 600)X100 000 = 45.8 farm attacks per 100 000 people.

There are number of obvious flaws in the Institute’s methodology.
Firstly, it assumes that the average household size of a commercial farmer is four.

  • This seems unlikely given that the average age of a commercial farmer is, according to Agri SA, 62 years.

If one assumed the average household size of a commercial farmer was, for example, 2.6 the “rate of attack” would be 70.5 per hundred thousand (holding the Institute’s other assumptions constant).

Secondly, the Institute’s analysis effectively assumes that a single individual is victimised in each farm attack.

  • In reality a single farm attack may involve several different crimes (murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm etc.) and more than one victim.

Thirdly, TAU SA’s figures for farm attacks include attacks on smallholdings (which do not necessarily fall under the 46,400 figure) as well as farms. This assumption, unlike the previous two, would tend to inflate the “rate of attack”.

  • Offsetting this is the fact that Agri SA estimates that there are actually only 37,000 commercial farmers at present.

Finally, and most importantly, the TAU SA farm attack data is not comprehensive and does not claim to be. TAU SA’s data is collected from press reports and informal reporting networks. Their data on farm murders is pretty solid but there is significant under-counting of farm attacks. This can be seen by comparing TAU’s SA’s figures with those of the SAPS before the latter stopped publishing their data.

—– See AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerabl Graph1 jpg below.

AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerableGraph12012 Note: SAPS data from April to March the following year. TAU SA’s (via the SAIRR) from January to December.

In 2006/2007 the SAPS recorded 794 farm attacks as opposed to the 81 TAU SA recorded in 2006. It is unlikely that this level of under-counting has changed over the past few years. This can be illustrated by comparing TAU SA’s figures for farm attacks in KwaZulu-Natal with those collected by the KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union (Kwanalu). In 2011 TAU SA recorded 3 farm attacks in the province, Kwanalu 36.

=== See AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerableGraph2.jpg below

AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerableGraph22012                           Sources: TAU SA figures (via the SAIRR); Koos Marais, KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union

All this goes to show that the Institute’s conclusions are based on incomplete data and some dubious assumptions, and they should not be regarded as reliable. The question raised by the Institute remains however: Are farmers less or more vulnerable to armed attack than other South Africans?

One alternative approach is to compare the farmer murder rate with the national murder rate. Drawing on TAU SA’s more complete statistics on confirmed farm murders Johan Burger of the Institute of Security Studies wrote that of the 50 victims in 2011 THIRTY-TWO were farmers, 14 were direct family, three were workers and one  was a visitor. He noted: “According to Statistics South Africa’s Census of Commercial Agriculture, there were 32,375 (white, commercial) farmers (i.e. people farming either full-time or part-time) in South Africa in 2007.

Therefore, the murder of 32 farmers (exclusive of their families and workers) in 2011 provides a ratio of 98.9 killings per 100,000.” This is three times the national murder rate.

Most farm-murders now lumped in with  SAPS ‘social fabric crimes’ stats:

One problem with this comparison is that most murders fall under the category of ‘social fabric crimes’ i.e. cases where someone is stabbed by an associate in a  brawl or a man beats his wife to death in a rage.

A like-for-like comparison would be between the rate of farmer murders with the national rate of South Africans killed during robberies and other such crimes. In their report on the 2011/2012 crime statistics the SAPS state that 16% of murders are committed during the commissioning of other crimes. A back of the envelope calculation puts the national rate for this kind of murder then at just under 5 killings per 100,000 people.

An alternative approach to answering the question raised by the Institute would be to compare the rate of farm attacks (per 100 000 farms) with the rate of house robberies (per 100 000 households) using official SAPS data for both. The advantage of this approach is that it limits the assumptions that have to be made; uses data from the same source (the SAPS); and compares like-with-like.

There is however a limited period during which this comparison is possible. The SAPS only started collecting and publishing house robbery data in 2002/2003, and they stopped publishing “farm attack” data in 2007.

A further problem is that the headline SAPS data on farm attacks includes attacks on smallholdings. The Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Farm Attacks (July 2003) did however publish a breakdown of SAPS figures for 2001 which differentiated between attacks on farms and attacks on small holdings.
— See AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerableGraph4.JPG below.


It is thus possible to compare the rate of farm attacks in 2001 at least with the rate of house robberies in 2002/2003.
— See the Table 2.

Table 2: Comparison of rate of household robberies (2002/2003) with rate of farm attacks by province (2001)

— AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerablePoliceStatsGraphAndGraph3togeter.jpg

AfrikanerFarmersUniquelyVulnerableTABLE2 WITH GRAPH3 Assumption: 60% of recorded “farm attacks” are attacks on farms (not smallholdings)

According to these estimates then the “rate of attack” on farms in South Africa has been over ten times the “rate of attack” on households. In the more rural provinces this ratio would be considerably greater. It is unlikely that this ratio has narrowed too much over the past five years. This can be seen by analysing the “rate of attack” in KwaZulu-Natal using the Kwanulu data referenced above. See Graph below.
—- AfrikanerFarmersVulnerableToAttackGRAPH4.jpg


The data collected by Kwanalu on attacks and murders on commercial farms in the province is all confirmed. However, it is a minimum not a maximum figure. It suggests however that the “rate of attack” on farms in the province was, at least, around seven times higher than the rate of attack on households in the province.

In conclusion then, the Institute based its analysis on some questionable assumptions and – more critically – highly incomplete data on the number of farm attacks. Simply correcting for the latter would effectively debunk the conclusions of its analysis.

As the SAPS no longer publish data on farm attacks it is not possible to do a proper comparison between the rate of farm attacks and the rate of household robberies in 2011.

It is clear however from both the historic data and the limited current data that farmers have been, and still are, uniquely vulnerable to armed and often murderous attack. “

James Myburgh, writing with the assistance of data from the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit (FNF).



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