SA cops are blue thugs with badges


“There are no human rights left in South Africa with those thugs in blue with their helmets, guns and badges…” Legal Ermelo pub owner, raided three times within two months…

  • Ermelo, Carolina, Melville… it’s clearly a pattern: legally-registered pubs which adhere to the liquor-laws are being raided repeatedly by uniformed, helmeted, heavily armed black cops who manhandle, rob and body-search the patrons in a massive terror-campaign which leaves thousands of illegal shebeens and illegal liquor-outlets untouched… these black cops even touch the sexual parts of female patrons and order them to do push-ups for their own entertainment…

CAROLINA PUB RAID ARTICLE A pub-owner in Ermelo – too scared of reprisals to publish his name – wrote a hard-hitting letter to the news media describing how a large-contingent of helmeted cops with military-assault guns burst into his pub three times: robbing the patrons, body-searching the female customers, touching their sexual parts and forcing the women to do push-ups for their own entertainment. And these raids were allegedly approved and attended by the local ANC-MEC for safety and security-liaison, Vusi Shongwe.

The Ermelo pub owners said many legal pubs are being targetted while illegal shebeens and illegal liquor outlets are ignored.

He writes to Censorbugbear-Reports:  “I am writing this story expressing my big disappointment in the SAPS –  which is supposed to serve and protect the community. In November in CarolinERMELO WESSELTON FOREIGN SHOPS PLUNDERED BY BLACK RACIST LOOTERS Feb152011 BEELDa, there was a raid by the blue thugs,” he wrote.

pic: foreign-owned shops also were looted by socalled rioters in Wesselton, Ermelo: and the cops just stood and watched…These riots erupted in Wesselton near Ermelo after residents accused Vusi Shongwe’s local exec-committee of  manipulating the nomination process; of nepotism, sex-for-jobs, bribery-for-jobs and corruption.


Pub owner: ‘During the township riots the cops attacked the legal pubs again on Feb 11 shooting the patroNs with rubber bullets…

ERMELO WESSELTON RIOTING FEB142011 NEWS24 com He continued: “ This incident was followed by raids on our  pub in Ermelo on December 10 and again in early January. Then during the start of the township riots in Ermelo (pic left)  the SA Police attacked us again enmasse on February 11. This time they even touched the sexual parts of the female patrons and forced them to do push-ups.”

“Clearly, the same (legal) pub owners are always targetted while the owners of the illegal shebeens are being left alone: In Wesselton they even shot the pub-patrons with rubber bullets for no reason whatsoever. I heard that after they did this they ran out of rubber-bullets when there were riots there the next day. 

ANC-MEC Vusi Shongwe stood there and watched:

“The police’s pattern in Ermelo is to enter enmasse and with force, they approach the patrons, body-search them for no reason; stealing their cellphones, money and other personal belongings. The customers, staffers and some owners also were assaulted, insulted and the male cops also (illegally) searched the women, who were assaulted by these thugs in blue uniforms and their sexual parts touched. The honorably MEC Mr. Vusi Shongwe was actively involved  with these raids during this so-called ‘special cleanup operation’. He allowed this brutality and invasion of the private rights of citizens to happen while he stood there, watching.

It almost seemed like bank robbery:

“It almost seemed like bank robbery: the blue-uniformed thugs arrived at all the sites wearing big guns and helmets – their faces hidden behind riot-glass panels so that they could not be identified by their victims. They ordered the patrons not to look at their faces: “or they would not see tomorrow’.

“They also damaged the interiors, breaking chairs, standing on pool tables, bumping tables over with drinks which had already been paid for. This cost the pub-owners a lot of money to replace. Often, people visit the pubs with their friends even if they do not consume alcoholic beverages – they only join their friends. These raids thus cost a lot of money to keep our doors open, customers now are too frightened to come back to visit these sites. “Meanwhile there are expenses and salaries to be paid, rent, insurance, security. But what do these cops know about running a business?

There are no human rights left in SA:

“There are no human rights left in South Africa: the upholders of law and order now are the criminals: they are above the law, with their guns and badges. The sites that were targeted are in fact businesses; they create jobs, they boost the economy. These places are there for entertainment, and stop patrons from drinking in public. We try to keep our customers safe inside our pubs. We are the citizens of South Africa and these blue-uniformed thugs forgot who the people are who actually contribute to paying their salaries.

“Then the next day, Saturday-night at 11h00 three of these thugs returned to those sites they had raided, this time in civilian clothing, drinking very expensive whiskey like Johnnie Walker Black – obviously paid for with blood-money. They believed they would not be recognised. They also demanded that the pub-owners break the law for them by extending their legal drinking-hours, saying they were ‘tired and wanted relaxation and entertainment”.

“Who do they think they are to make and break the laws of this country as they go along? In Gauteng, which we presume is still int he same country, members of the public can buy liquor from bottle-stores on Sundays but not in Mpumalanga province: different provinces, same country… A tavern-owner in Carolina told us that while they were being harassed by these thugs, they were also told that they ‘will clean up in Mpumalanga.’ All this was premeditated by this socalled MEC. .

“Why do they concentrate only on certain outlets which have legal licenses and which stay within the law? We are clearly being victimised by the SAPS. Or do they only harass pubs which have no CCTV cameras?  Why not also harass the many illegal shebeens, all those unregistered outlets, and clean them up instead of harassing those of us who have gone through the entire process of obtaining liquor licenses and try our best to comply with the law?

We urge the president of this country to urgently investigate these raids which are ruining our small business enterprises. This has become very serious and needs urgent attention.That MEC must be investigated including the people who are his blue-uniformed army of thugs. Is this MEC another Mugabe – or is this a second Zimbabwe?” he CONCLUDED his letter – which he had also sent to the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld shortly after the raid. It was not published there thus far.


No, these are not videos from Egypt or Libya. This was the Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa…’

Feb 27 2011 – Rapport newspaper published a video from a South African police-raid carried out against the hapless patrons at the 24-hour Catz Pyjamas Bistro in Mellville, South Africa. It shows the increasingly criminal* ANC-regime ‘s heavily-armed cops storming in, yelling loudly, kicking patrons off their chairs and onto the floors. Unresisting patrons were getting kicked and beaten by police. Patrons then  were forced downstairs, where twelve men and one woman were dumped into two police-vehicles. The 13 people were only released from Brixton police station at 15:00 on Saturday. Apparently they are being charged with ‘resisting arrest’.

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Chronicle of a farm attack in Jamestown

Jamestown police were too scared to arrest the primary farm-attack suspect, believing he was using witchcraft

JAMESTOWN, East Cape farmer Giel van der Walt, 71 and his wife try hard to get their lives back after the cruel farm attack on their farm Ebenaeser on Saturday 20 March 2010. The farmer was cruelly tortured and they are so badly traumatised that the couple abandoned the beloved homestead he has lived in for the past 40 years, writes Charles Smith in the Volksblad.

Walt Giel vd farm attack Jamestown Ebenaeser farm Sat 29March2010 worker Polla Boklani30 FOUGHT BACK TOGETHERWhat makes matters even worse is that the two suspects, Thembalethu Ncedu and his claimed accomplice Thembinkosi Phito — Ncedu’s shirt was covered in the farmer’s blood, both men were arrested with Van der Walt’s stolen guns, ammo and R5,300 in cash  — were released eight months later : found “not guilty” because the dossier had not been present in the court-room…

Inspector Maphisa: “But Michiel you know the money has been eaten up a long time ago…’

The recovered cash, a recovered gun-holster and his ammo-clips were never returned by the cops to the victim. The officer who then had been in charge of the botched-up investigation, Jamestown inspector Fuyezakhe Maphisa, allegedly told Van der Walt when he was asked where the missing money was: “ ‘but Michiel you know the money has been eaten up a long time ago.”

Only after Volksblad enquired aobut the mucked-up investigation of this particularly brutal farm attack – after which Van der Walt’s only  farm worker Polla Boklani also was attacked by three men in the street and threatened for ‘helping the Boer’ –  the provincial police intervened and handed over the investigation to SAPS captain K Ndwendevu of the organised-crime unit in Queenstown. He arrested the main suspect within a day in Dordrecht and the trial will be held in the High Court.

The smells, sounds and sights of the attack continue to haunt Van der Walt and his wife. He vividly recalls lying in his own blood; being strangled, being sawn at with an iron saw (stolen a day earlier from Jamestown resident Divvie and Magriet Kleinbiel, who have died since then under unknown circumstances). Van der Walt told Volksblad that he ‘looked death in the eye”: the iron-saw with which he was bashed, sawn at and beaten; the man who was trying to strangle him;  the small, black eye of a 9mm gun-barrel pointing towards his eyes: “my own pistol, and the man screaming over and over again: ‘ I will shoot you dead’.

Farm-worker Polla Boklani:  attacked, threatened for helping ‘the Boer”

One bright light for Van der Walt is Ebenaeser’s only farm worker, Polla Boklani, 30, who was raised by the farmer and is a trained kickboxer. Boklani was attacked in broad daylight in Jamestown by three black men  armed with a hatchet, pangas and steel-bars: who accused him of ‘helping the police on behalf of the Boer.”  Boklani captured their weapons during the ensuing fight, handed them in to the police and lodged a formal complaint. And Van der Walt’s suspected farm attacker Thembalethu Ncedu (now re-arrested by the Dordrecht police) also threatened Boklani in the street. “I told him’: ‘yes, you hit my boss.’ Then he was quiet, he said nothing. “

Inspector Maphisa: “We think Ncedu is using witchcraft – he just disappeared…”

But what Boklani  told Volksblad next was an amazing tale: the police had picked him up on 17 February to help them track down the suspect, Ncedu, in Dordrecht. The operation was carried out under the investigating officer, Jamestown inspector Maphisa. Said Boklani:

  • We stopped by a house in Dordrecht to pick up another policeman. We waited until 1 for him but he was too drunk, he could not stand up straight.’
  • So this idea was dropped and they moved on to Ncedu’s house pointed at by Boklani at the edge of the township. They were told that Ncedu and his girlfriend were inside. “The police knocked and someone inside asks: ‘who’s there’. I saw Ncedu look through the window and I shout: “That’s him! and then the cops get scared: one kicks open the door and then hides away… Then Maphisa tells me that I will have to go inside while he hides away. The little man (Ncedu) runs away, going backwards. He’s naked. The police starts shooting with R4 guns. The little man runs into the veld and gets tangled up in a wire-fence but still the cops don’t chase him…’ The farm worker said he then tried to catch the man single-handed – but the naked suspect got clean away. Inside his house the police found burglary tools. “

An electrified fence is now going up around the faithful old homestead as his son Jan has moved in while Giel and Hilda, too traumatised to even want to go there again, have moved to a townhouse in Aliwal North. After the release of the two suspected farm-attackers, the nightmare started all over again for Van der Walt,. He could not believe that the two suspects – already with a long list of criminal convictions (SAP69) under their belt;  could ever have been released. He finally managed to reach the East Cape director of public prosecutors to raise his objections after countless telephone calls. The public prosecutor then ordered the re-arrest of the suspects, Thembalethu Ncedu and his accomplice Thembinkosi Phito. It was at Phito’s house where Van der Walt’s robbed guns were recovered by the police during his previous arrest.”The lawyer phoned me on December 30,’ said the farm-attack victim. “He said he went through the police dossier. My blood was on the attacker Ncedo’s shirt, gloves and the iron saw. They should have been arrested at once. But then matters got even more ridiculous. The attacker had robbed my two 9mm pistols with loaded magazines, a .38-rewolwer and a bank-bag containing R5300 cash. But I only got back the bag with weapons and ammo – all the stolen money, two magazines valued at R1,000 and a gun-holster never were returned.

  • … the money has been eaten up a long time ago…’
  • Van der Walt:  “I demanded to know from Jamestown SAPF inspector Fuyezakhe Maphisa where my missing money went to. He replied: ‘but Michiel you know the money has been eaten up a long time ago. Just like that.’

And after two months of trying to get them re-arrested, those two very violent farm-attackers were stilll at large until the main suspect, Thembalethu Ncedu , was re-arrested by the Dordrecht police last week – they have now taken over the investigation. The other suspect Thembinkosi Phito was not arrested as police in Dordrecht said ‘there was no evidence against him.” Van der Walt still fears for the lives of his family on the farm.

Before his arrest last week in Dordrecht, the suspect Ncedu was seen brazenly walking around Jamestown main streets in broad daylight, dressed in a woman’s dress and wearing a brightly-coloured headscarf. And the town also was suddenly plagued with a wave of break-ins using Ncedu’s favourite modus-operandus: through the roofs. “Just as was done just before our farm-attack,’ said Van der Walt: “Another sign. The police is fast asleep”…

Divvie and Magriet Kleinbiel – owners of the stolen-saw used on the farmer – are dead

Another mystery: the iron-saw which was used in the attack against the Van der Walt couple, was robbed from mnr. Divvie and Mrs Magriet Kleinbiel during a break-in of Jamestown a day before the farm-attack: and both these robbery-victims now also are dead, said Van der Walt: “so this case has also been closed.” He didn’t explain the way in which the Kleinbiel couple had died.

Jamestown residents unhappy about poor policing

The journalist noted during his visit to Jamestown that there was ‘an unsettled atmosphere ‘in town. He questioned residents and writes: “It creates panic for citizens to watch the suspect stroll around in the streets, said one resident, who does not want to have his name published. ‘We will only rest once these men are behind bars again.’ 

They steal up to 200 sheep a month…in broad daylight

Van der Walt said it was also  noticeable that cattle-rustlers also have become much more bold, switching from nighttime to daytime operations. “They steal up to 200 sheep a month, They stole 17 Bonsmara-cows. One can hardly farm here any longer.

Van der Walt says he’s become very downcast. Farmers in the region also suspect that the police do not patrol the farms but are just signing the forms claiming they did. Van der Walt thinks so too. After he was attacked and the suspect had just fled, he also contacted the police office in Jamestown. “A woman answered and just threw down the phone. After I pushed the emergency button the Aliwal-North police showed up before the Jamestown police did. The farm is located only 10km from Jamestown. ‘

The Jamestown cops believed that Ncedi was using witchcraft and were too terrified to try and find him:

The Volksblad journalist then phones Maphisa on his cellphone from Bloemfontein and gets his comment, and it’s very enlightening: Maphisa tells Volksblad:

  • ‘We think Ncedu is using witchcraft – he just disappeared:’
  • Ncedu (the accused) ‘is using the tokolosi to fight for him. When we got close he ran away and just disappeared. We couldn’t find him. We think he is using witchcraft but I don’t believe that thing, I will still catch him. He knows I will catch him, the people are lying, that worker (Polla) talks shite. I told the farmers he does too. He’s lying. He makes up his own stories. Yes he was in Dordrecht. The suspect ran away and we fired shots. Who caught that man the first time, me, Maphisa. We caught him a lot of times. Then he stays in the jail for six of two months and the sentence is suspended.’
  • OOSTHUIZEN PIETER military analyst THE CURRENT AFRIKANER GENOCIDEBackground: “Witchcraft and Policing in SA:
  • Hatespeech against SA whites is often deadly because of witchcraft accusations:
  • The ANC’s use of African occult as a terrorist-weapon: described in book by defence- analyst Pieter Oosthuizen, left: order from

  Maphisa confirmed that Ncedu is also suspected of at least three house-robberies in Dordrecht after his release but that it could not be proven: the modus operandus is always the same: a breakin throught the roof. “All the people in Jamestown know that I Maphisa is the best cop. I will capture Ncedu. He will not threaten me.

The SAPF in Dordrecht re-arrested suspect Thembalethu Ncedu – but not his sidekick

After Volksblad started enquiring about the botched police investigation of the Jamestown farm attack, captain Ursula Roelofse, SAPF spokeswoman for the province, confirmed that a higher-level investigation was immediately launched by the Aliwal-North district commander-level into the complaints about the poor-policing results in Jamestown. The first thing they did was to round up the main suspect Thembalethu Ncedu. He has alredy appeared for his first remand-date at the Aliwal-north’s magistrate’s court when he was arrested in Dordrecht by detectives. Ncedu was easy found: at his stepmother’s house in the township Tyoksville. He was still being questioned about a series of breakins at amongst others, through the roof of the Quick Save. He will remain in custody and his case is now being prepared for trial at the High Court. Other formal charges have also been taken on board. SAPS captain K Ndwendevu of the organised-crime unit in Queenstown has taken over the investigation. Roelofse also confirmed that Ncedu had been found “not guilty” of the farm-attack complaint in November because the ‘dossier was not in the court-room’. “The investigating officer had apparently ‘had a personal agreement with the state-prosecutor that the dossier would not be available pending their awaiting forensic reports. This dossier should have been referred to the office of the public prosecutor instead,” she said. Roelofse  said nothing about the confiscated money which went missing at the Jamestown police station from the Van der Walt farm-attack. She said that as far as the attempted arrest on 17 February in Dordrecht by inspector Fuyezakhe Maphisa of Jamestown was concerned, she provided the following official version of this event: “police searched the house and the suspect fled from another house into the night. He was chased by police-officers and five shots were fired. The accusation of the drunken police officer cannot be confirmed and will be investigated.”

Vicious SA cops raid restaurant: video

‘No, these are not videos from Egypt or Libya. This was the Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa…’

Feb 27 2011 – Rapport newspaper published a video from a South African police-raid carried out against the hapless patrons at the 24-hour Catz Pyjamas Bistro in Mellville, South Africa. It shows the increasingly criminal* ANC-regime ‘s heavily-armed cops storming in, yelling loudly, kicking patrons off their chairs and onto the floors. Unresisting patrons were getting kicked and beaten by police. Patrons then  were forced downstairs, where twelve men and one woman were dumped into two police-vehicles. The 13 people were only released from Brixton police station at 15:00 on Saturday. Apparently they are being charged with ‘resisting arrest’.

‘No these are not videos from Egypt or Libya. This was the Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa…’

Rapport newspaper obtained video-footage of the shocking event, commenting: “No, these are not videos from (the police-actions in) Egypt or Libya. These events took place in the popular Catz Pajamas restaurant in Melville, South Africa.’

Most of the patrons were getting ready to leave Catz Pyjamas 24-hour bistro at around 4am Saturday-morning when a gaggle of 15 SAPF-members stormed in, blocking the entrance so that no-one else could leave, said its owner. The police never asked to speak to the owner or the manager before raiding their bistro, said Mrs Natascha Coetzee.

What raised their hackles? Apparently some drunken lout had thrown a bottle towards the police contingent outside, in the street. What happened next was caught on the restaurant’s security cameras.
“One minute everybody was still sitting around and the next people are yelled at to sit on the floor, said owner Coetzee. “They didn’t even ask to talk to me or the manager, they simply pulled our patrons from their chairs and assaulted some.’ Some 12 men and one woman were dragged to the Brixton police station nearby, apparently with trumped-up charges of resisting arrest. After hours of waiting by their relatives, they were finally given R500 bail each.

Rapport: “On the video one can see one patron leaving the toilet and coming back into the restaurant – and one cop immediately grabs him by the arm and beats him in the face. The assaulted man falls to the floor – and a third cop then joins in and kicks the man repeatedly in the stomach, ribs and face.
When the three cops finally are done assaulting him, he tries to sit down on a chair – but another cop then pulls him over, chair and all.

By 15:00 Saturday-afternoon, relatives were still waiting outside the police station, anxiously waiting for the arrested restaurant-patrons’ release. One woman waiting outside was Mrs Carmen Benjamin of Pretoria – she was arrested but not charged. Her husband Clint was charged with resisting arrest. “I was in one police-vehicle with my husband and other men.  Nobody resisted when we were loaded into the vehicle. Everybody was too scared and shocked to do anything.’

SAPF warrant-officer Lorraine van Emmerik was asked to comment. She confirmed that ‘the police raided the restaurant because they were still open after 2am which is against the law. The police tried to close the place down but people interfered in their duties there.’ She couldn’t comment on the video because she hadn’t seen it, she added. – Rapport

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* Background:  increasing criminality of SA police forces:

Crime news SA Feb262011

Summary: 1. Unarmed white Edenvale residents Philip Jackson and Dillon Ensley, gunned down and killed by armed black men at braai.  2. The increasingly criminal ANC-regime’s justice minister Jeff Radebe  – chairman of its national conventional arms-control committee –  is in the firing line for allowing the sale of arms to Libya in 2010. 3. Some 100 Pretoria metro-cops already are convicted criminals; another 520 internal-disclipline cases pending since 2007: uniformed, armed thugs, out on the streets, and still getting paid…


Philip Jackson , Dillon Ensley shot dead, family braai, Edenvale Feb 25 2011

Why kill unarmed people when you can just rob them?

Edenvale residents Philip Jackson, 53, and Dillon Ensley, 21, were gunned down by armed black men while the victims were having a family-braai in the backyard, according to Beeld on Feb 26 2011. There seemed no motive for such excessive violence against an unarmed family: the socalled ‘robbers’ only looted a few cellphones and some cash.

Cop blames the unarmed victims for being shot dead, apparently:

ENSLEY Dillon 21 and JACKSON Philip 52 KILLED BRAAI EDENVALE Feb242011 BeeldPresent at the barbeque were Dillon Ensley, his girlfriend Stacey Jackson, 20, and her parents Pillip and Janet Jackson. Warrant officer Jean Olckers of the Edenvale police said that while the four whites were being tied up in the kitchen, Jackson was shot dead while Ensley was shot in the stomach. He died at Glynwood Hospital. The police officer also seemed to imply that this shooting actually was the fault of the victims: “Jackson apparently jumped up in one stage to confront the ‘robbers’ and several shots were fired…’ she told the newspaper. The loot for two deaths: a few cellphones and some cash. The two women are under a doctor’s treatment and were not at home when the newspaper called to interview them. It’s not known from this what kind of injuries the women may have suffered.  This was a brief summary. The entire Afrikaans version can be viewed on:


More than 100 Pretoria metro-cops are convicted criminals; 520 internal-disclipline cases have been pending against metrocops since 2007… and they are still on the streets, in their uniforms:

Solidarity Legal Aid Insurance.jg 2011-02-25  Beeld: more than one-hundred of Pretoria ‘s metropolitan police are convicted criminals: the worst example being one particularly criminal member, who has already been found guilty of 13 violent crimes and is awaiting trial in nine other cases.  And another whopping 510 internal-disclipline cases have been pending against metrocops ever since 2007. All these ‘police-officers’ are kept on in their jobs in the meantime.

Training and qualifications for metro-cops in SA:

  • Countrywide, applicants for this job, are given a six-month training course before they get handed their gun and police uniform. Their average hourly wage is R45 an hour. They also get paid additional bonuses of R1,000 to R5,400 each for protection at public events. Their qualification requirements are minimal: applicants do not even require a matriculation certificate to qualify. Recruits who do not  have a matric certificate actually are tested by Technikon SA to prove that they have some literary and numeracy skills for the job.

Cobus Claassen of Beeld quoted from an internal Pretoria Community-safety forum document from October 2010 which contains a long list of metro-cops’names who have criminal records – and thus should be banned (by law) from working in any official policing capacity. The crimes for which these more than 100 listed metrocops were convicted of are serious: ranging from assault, rape, indecent assault, public violence, theft, driving under the influence of alcohol, and contempt of court. Local town councillor Ms Karen Meyer submitted a demand at the council meeting last night asking an urgent investigation into 510 internal investigations against specific officers since 2007. All these cops are still in their jobs. “What happened to these internal investigations? Between January 2010 and June 2010, a total of 240 internal-disclipline cases were submitted against metropolitan police officers, yet not one case has been completed. These include ten charges of bribery, 29 of corruption, six of fraud, and two attempted murders.  The ANC mouthpiece William Baloyi admitted that ‘in the past there have been delays in these internal-disclipline cases’.

South Africa sold massive arms-cache to Libya several months ago:

The increasingly criminal ANC-regime is in the international firing line for selling massive supplies of arms including C130 Hercules aircraft to Libya just a few months before its uprising last week. Jeff Radebe chairs the national conventional arms-control committee: he claimed the sale in late-2010 was legal. Opposition party MP David Maynier said that ‘some 100 sniper rifles, 50,000+ rounds of ammo, 40mm multiple-grenade launchers, several Hercules C130 aircraft and armoured personnel carriers were sold to Libya just a few months ago. Arms Cache Kimberley Diamond Fields Advertiser MarynavWyk 2011

These massive-arms shipments from SA to Libya several months ago, may also explain the mysterious arms cache which was intercepted by the SA railway police in Kimberley this month. While the SA authorities refuse to disclose any information about it and it’s such a secret that the police have not even given the investigation docket an official case-number –  this may also have been a transshipment to Libya. As has now become known, Libya was buying massive quantities of weaponry from all over the world late last year, including from Belgium and South Africa.

These two confiscated containers in Kimberley contained 18 tons of explosives, missile warheads, 20 tons of ammo, 9mm pistols and AK47 assault-carbines – according to Maryna van Wyk, journalist for the Diamond Fields Advertiser (above). The authorities refused to comment on it nor would they  disclose its origin or destination. The SAPF special investigations unit, the Hawks, confiscated the two container-loads full of weapons, and said they were investigating the legality of this arms-cache. The SAPF spokeswoman for the Northern Cape, Cherelle Ehlers, said the Northern cape Explosives Unit had received information regarding a train transporting ammuniton and explosives. “Upon investigation it was concluded that all permits for the transportaiton of the explosives were in order and the container was released to travel to the stipulated destination,’ she said. However when the containers were parked at the Kimberley Railway Station, they were apparently broken into and some of the contents removed. The police then were called in to investigate. However, Van Wyk quotes a well-placed source at Spoornet that ‘the investigation is veiled in secrecy to such an extent that the docket has not been issued with a case number yet…’ The Hawks then moved in and confiscated the shipment, saying the ‘permit for the ammunition was incomplete’.  Nothing has been heard of this arms-shipment since. The Diamond Fields Advertiser is the only newspaper which wrote about it.

White Light Patrols: unpaid taxpayer-volunteers better than SA cops

Farm attacks reduced from 80 to 100 percent in some FS districts…

2011-02-26 Many South African taxpayers have to spend just about all their off-work hours and their own money to stop armed-attack gangs from murdering their families. The ANC-regime’s own police force is increasingly criminal and dysfunctional. In Ficksburg next to the Lesotho border, one citizen-patrol is getting professional pro-active policing-results from their dedicated, hard and unpaid work. Farmers in this region say they now fork out some R10,000 for their security measures. And they are still expected to pay their taxes even though they get no policing in return…

Some notorious attacks in this area include:

  • The murder-attempt on May 11 2008 on the life of Mr Nic van der Bergh who farmed outside Ficksburg and was the retired CEO of Executives Outcomes. (the original Volksblad link tis no longer available at,,5-83_2320537,00.html.
  • That same day, farmer Jacques Moll, 64, also was killed on the nearby farm Stölberg in the Ficksburg district.,,3-975_2320543,00.html.
  • Giesekke Dr Ernest murdered Goodhope farm Ficksburg Jan232010 retired chemistry scientist And a particularly vicious, vengeful murder, accompanied by hatespeech, was carried out against 69-year-old Ficksburg lavender-farmer, the son of a Venda missionary couple, the retired chemistry-scientist Dr Ernest Giesekke and his wife Eve, 77. Apparently the only thing ‘robbed’ from his farm Good Hope, was about $5 and a cellphone. The extremely excessive violence used to murder the scientist  and assault his wife Eve, 77, indicated a high level of hatred towards the victims. Dr Gieseke’s head was first bashed in with a rock when he was near his homestead inspecting the water-tank ‘s pump which had apparently broken-down; then he was repeatedly stabbed with a screw-driver before his throat was slashed. The hatred also was made clear towards his wife Eve, 77: she was told by the three victorious attackers while they assaulted the old farm-wife in her bedroom: “you don’t have a husband any longer’. The farm attack was well-planned: the electric fencing around the homestead was already cut a week earlier. A team of police, the Gumtree Farmers Association, farm workers and the Ficksburg security- and safety committee all teamed up to track down the three attackers and managed to track down two. However SAPF sr-supt. Mptantsi Makhele insisted that this was just a plain old murder-robbery: although admitting that the attackers had only ‘robbed Mrs Gieseke’s handbag containing R50 and a cellphone”. The first person on the scene was James Brown, owner of the private Alarm Security company, who discovered the murdered scientist’s body and the badly traumatised  wife.  Dr Gieseke was  the third Ficksburg farmer within the previous three years.  Giesekke obituary:

Willem and Anna Serfontein fought back and survived:

There also were lucky escapes: Willem and Anna Serfontein survived the attack on December 27 2010 at their Ficksburg homestead. Mr Serfontein had stepped outside to turn on his water-pump and when he returned to the homestead his wife was attacked by three black men who were trying to strangle Anna  to death with an electric cord. He jumped in and was injured while fighting with the men in an attempt to save her life. He was bashed over the head with an iron bar and sustained heavy bruising across his body as well as an injured hand and arm. He was treated at a local hospital. The Volksblad report does not describe how the couple were rescued and whether anything was stolen at all.

However the Ficksburg security plan is beginning to work, said Hennie Gerber of Free State Agriculture’s rural security volunteer-group. “Thanks to the security plan, crime has dropped in some districts between 80% and 100%.” Their White Light Patrols are assembled from trained local unpaid volunteers from the farming and urban communities – and they don’t just patrol, they also collect advance intelligence to prevent farm-attacks. Their radio network is the most important link between the White Light Patrols and the farmers: these volunteers know the area ‘like the palm of their hand’: able to reach farmers under attack much faster than can the police. These patrols have already prevented several farm attacks, the volunteers have also arrested suspects and confiscated stolen goods on their patrols through the mountains and right up to the Lesotho border. The farmers are given much blame for being attacked: they are ‘being negligent and thus raise their security risks,’ according to the chief of the reaction unit, Jan van Niekerk. “A Boer who is not yet involved in the security network is seen as a ‘weak link’. It’s costing these hard-working, food-producing SA taxpayers many tens of thousands of Rands extra a year – just to protect their families from the vicious armed black attack-gangs which carry out  their raids from Lesotho: Said Gottfried Pretorius, farming just outside Ficksburg:”I spent some R10,000 a month on security just to get a little peace of mind’. Timmy Wille, a neighbour, says ‘it’s a given that there will be farm attacks and they will want to steal, but one has to make manageable plans around those facts.”  Wille’s father was murdered during a farm attack in the 1980s he said – but he ‘refuses to live in fear’. He ‘doesn’t want to live in a prison’, and thus he has ‘no burglar bars at his homestead although I keep the farm-gates locked’.

other sources:

  • Obituary, Ernst Werner Giesekke (30 March 1941 – 23 January 2010) Ernst Giesekke was brutally murdered on his farm on 23rd January, 2010, by callous thieves who gained little for themselves but have caused continuing distress to family, neighbours and friends.Ernst was born on 30th March, 1941, at Tshakhuma, Venda, Limpopo, of missionary parents.  His father, Rev. DW Giesekke, became Bishop of the Lutheran Church while his mother, Mrs Elisa Kopp-Giesekke, was a social worker and teacher.  The family lived in the mission station house at Tshakhuma, where Ernst attended Levubu Primary School, and then went on to Pietersburg (now Polokwane) High School. Thereafter, he undertook science degrees at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, graduating in due course in 1965 with a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry. Even in his first year at Wits, he was recognised as an exceptional student with a strong work ethic and proved, as well, to be an exceptional researcher with a keen academic mind. During 1966/7 he undertook post-doctoral research in nuclear magnetic resonance at the University of Illinois.True to his heritage, he accepted a teaching post at the then University College of Fort Hare where he was appointed Professor of Physical Chemistry and Head of Chemistry.  In 1969, he met and married Dorothy Evelyn (Eve) Hillhouse, who was then a librarian at Rhodes University.  Two daughters, Cathy and Christine, were born to the family. The period at Fort Hare was difficult, with a heavy teaching load and little opportunity for research. During that time, he was also responsible for the design and construction of the new chemistry building , and managed the chemical stores!  These onerous responsibilities together with his conscientiousness brought about a protracted period of physical ill-health, from which he slowly recovered. After 11 years at Fort Hare, he accepted a post at Mintek (then National Institute of Metallurgy) in Johannesburg as Chief Scientist in the Mineral and Process Division in order that he might return to chemical research. His work at Mintek was wide-ranging, and he became an expert in mineral flotation and, more generally, in surface chemistry, producing numerous important research reports in this area.  In 2001, he retired from Mintek as Head of the Process Chemistry Division. Ernst and Eve retired to Ficksburg in the Eastern Free State where they worked hard, under trying conditions, in successfully developing a Lavender and Berry farm.  It was on this farm that he was mercilessly attacked and murdered, the third farm murder in the district within the last two years. His colleagues and friends mourn this tragic and needless loss of a true gentleman, a valuable and valued friend and colleague, and offer their sincere condolences to Eve, Cathy, Christine and other family members.

Secrecy over SA earthquake swarm


Augrabies region has experienced a year-long earthquake swarm which may signal a major seismic event in SA

The Hermanus Magnetic Observatory  has been monitoring the earthquake swarm recorded in Augrabies region this past year. The facility forms part of the worldwide magnetic observatories network Intermagnet which monitor the Earth’s magnetic field. HMO is the regional warning centre for Africa.

  Hartnadey Dr Chris warns SA earthquake EastAfricanRiftSystem historyMilnerton200yearsagoSeismologists have been monitoring the Augrabies anomalies over concerns that these might be advance-warning signals for a major seismic event in SA.  Top earthquake expert Dr Chris Hartnady has been issuing public warnings since February last year that a major earthquake could be hitting SA because of the rapid spread of the East African Rift fault lines.

He warned in a scientific paper in Science in Africa last year : ‘Major earthquakes can lead to large-scale loss of life and property due to building collapse, fires and landslides on unstable slopes and catastrophic disruption of dam walls and water mains – and roads, railways and fuel pipelines.” link

It’s still very difficult to predict the exact moments when earthquakes will hit, however scientists have been able to build up an average estimate of the areas where earthquakes may occur soon –  due to science’s increased abilities to detect activities inside the earth’s constantly moving tectonic plates system. The problem for geologists in Africa is that there is no long-term recorded oral history of earthquakes and a very limited written record: Westerners only started recording these once they started moving into a very sparcely-populated region from the 15th century.

A veil of secrecy now seems to be drawn over the year-long earthquake swarm around the Augrabies region – which are reported in the SA news media but not by the US Geological Survey maps. Even bloggers from overseas are beginning to notice the secrecy, for instance blogger Selim_Karabiyik of a website which claims that the shallow earthquakes worldwide are caused by the approach of a mystery Planet X (also referred to as Nebaru) writes on January 28, 2011 at 10:54am: It is really difficult to find about what has been happening in Southern Africa. I spent hours to get hold of earthquakes happening there last night and I’ll keep trying…”

Augrabies EARTHQUAKE SWARM 2010_2010The area of Augrabies has since February 2010 and as recently as last week been experiencing an ‘earthquake swarm”. These are sequences of many earthquakes in a relatively short period of time. A swarm may last in the order of days, weeks, or months, but rarely more than two years.

  • They are differentiated from earthquakes succeeded by a series of aftershocks, by the observation that no single earthquake in the sequence is obviously the main shock.

As part of its national monitoring programme, the Council for Geoscience has been constantly monitoring the seismic activity in the Augrabies area. The first recorded earthquake of the present swarm occurred during February 2010 but it was only when the population felt an earthquake measuring 3.7 on the local magnitude scale on 26 July 2010, that people became aware of this seismic activity. Since then, at least five earthquakes exceeding magnitude 4 have occurred near Augrabies, the largest to date being magnitudes 4.2 and 4.9, events that occurred on 12 and 25 January, respectively.

The Augrabies area is situated on the boundary of the Kaapvaal Craton (Archean), the Kheis orogenic belt (1 800 Ma) and the Namaqua-Natal orogenic belt (1000 Ma).  This area is highly deformed and there are numerous faults, shear zones, folds and other lineaments, which could provide weak areas in the crust. It also lies on strike of the Hebron fault in Namibia, which is known to have been active during recent times.  Earthquake epicentres tend to lie parallel to the Orange river in that area, on both sides of the river, and the structural maps indicate a number of faults striking parallel to this trend all along the river. A possible explanation therefore is that the Orange River follows a weak zone in that area, caused by a relatively wide zone of faults, some of which are being activated by the current strain in the crust.

Rapid spread of East African Rift fault lines towards southern Africa

Dr Hartnady also warned on April 11 2010 in a report in the Daily Express  that “South African is almost certain to be hit by a major earthquake. it’s not a matter of if, but when’. Hartnady of the Umvoto Africa CSIR Satellite centre said the coastal harbour cities of Durban and Cape Town are the areas most likely to be hit by an earthquake because of the rapid spread of the East African Rift fault-lines.

The UK newspaper quoted Dr Hartnady as warning that the tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust are increasingly active on the East African rift’s fault lines – and this could pose an earthquake threat to South Africa. He said: “A major earthquake disaster in the region is inevitable because wide areas of southern Africa are affected by the slow, southward spread of the East African rift system.”

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station: close to 6.2 earthquake epicentre of 200 years ago…

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Cape Town earthquake warning by expert April 11 2010
Picture: the Koeberg nuclear power station just north of greater Cape Town is located very close to the 6.2 earthquake epicentre which occurred there 200 years earlier.

While precious few long-term records exist of earthquakes in this region, an 6.3 earthquake did occur in Tulbagh north of Cape Town in 1969, killing twelve people in this small rural town and leaving 60% of the working-class residents homeless;

Current Milnerton race track site hit by earthquake in 1809…

Two-hundred years earlier in 1809, the practically unpopulated Jan Biesjes Kraal farm – now the site of the Milnerton race track north of Cape Town – also was hit by an earthquake. This region also is located within a twelve-km radius of the Koeberg nuclear power station  at Melkbosstrand, located at the Atlantic Ocean coast and well inside the greater Cape Town metropolitan area radius which is populated by more than 3-million people.

The UK newspaper quotes Dr Hartnady as warning that the tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust are increasingly active on the East African rift’s fault lines – and this could pose an earthquake threat to SA with increasing certainty. He was quoted as saying: “A major earthquake disaster in the region is inevitable because wide areas of southern Africa are affected by the slow, southward spread of the East African rift system. It is not a question of if, but when. The consequences would be so expensive in terms of mortality and economic cost that the risk of being ill-prepared is unacceptably high,” added Dr Hartnady, technical director of earth science consultants Umvoto Africa CSIR Satellite Applications Centre.

It’s still very difficult to predict the exact moments when earthquakes will hit, however scientists have been able to build up an average estimate of the areas where earthquakes may occur soon due to science’s increased abilities to detect activities inside the earth’s constantly moving tectonic plates system. The problem for geologists in Africa is that there is no long-term recorded oral history of earthquakes.

He warned: “Major earthquakes can lead to large-scale loss of life and property due to building collapse, fires and landslides on unstable slopes and catastrophic disruption of dam walls and water mains – and roads, railways and fuel pipelines.” The last major earthquake to hit Cape Town was in 1809, with the epicentre thought to be located at the then-Jan Biesjes Kraal farm,which later became the site of the racecourse near modern Milnerton and is located just a few kilometres away from the aging Koeberg Nuclear Power Station at Melkbosstrand – which is Africa’s only  nuclear electricity-generating facility, built during the apartheid years.


Nigerian 419 scammers use FBI stationary

Warning: do not accept nor respond to any of these money-laundering offers from

Nigerian 419-scammers now send emails with duplicate FBI documents and from a accurate-sounding fbi-email address, advising that ‘your money is waiting for you’. It is mailed from the address  – DO NOT EVER reply!

NIGERIAN 419 SCAMMER MAP LAST 500 ACTIVITIES Feb242011These are dangerous people who will even kill you if you respond to their bait. The majority of these scammers now are located in South Africa because of that country’s modern banking-infrastructure. Many are Nigerians  tribal members who form close-knit gangs (according to the map).  However there also are links to these scams and sophisticated money-laundering syndicates who use South Africa ‘s modern-banking system and its very criminal society as a convenient conduit. Wealthy people who respond to these scams —  being lured by believing that one really can get something for nothing —  often are kidnapped upon their arrival to ‘claim their money’ in South Africa if they aren’t willing to have their bank-accounts emptied out at gunpoint.  And if their relatives and business-associates refused to pay their ransom or have blocked their bank-accounts, these people even get killed.

GEMBALLA UWE Tuner of Stuttgart fame murdered dumped in ditch South africa Oct32010 It is believed for instance that the gifted German Porsche-upgrader Uwe Gemballa of Gemballa Motors in Stuttgart, may also have been murdered by one of these scammer-gangs; that he was lured to South Africa with false business-offers of some kind – or may even have gone to personally investigate some troubling business-arrangements. The exact truth will probably never be known now, but these scammers are very sophisticated, for instance often havng personal meetings and/or hold long telephone anbd Skype-conversations with their prey, and provide reams of official-looking documents using the names of bona-fide business people, to lure top-earners to South Africa with promising deals. On February 9 2010 it was reported that German car-firm owner Uwe Gemballa had gone missing upon his arrival at the Johannesburg airport. On October 3 2010, Uwe Gemballa was found shot dead in the veldt – murdered execution-style by a shot in the head.[3] And he hasn’t been the only wealthy Westerner who suffered this fate.

It is suspected that his murder was a result of a 419-scam-type money laundering operation which turned against him [4]. The Sunday Times even mentioned the names of international business people whose names were wittingly or unwittingly used by an international money-laundering syndicate – stretching from Switzerland and Germany to Johannesburg – also involved in a scheme in which imported cars are stuffed with cash. This sinister syndicate also is available to carry out contract killings on order.”