Jan-Sept 2013 Whites 2013 murder toll by black attackers SA


January 2013                                   20  Murdered.
February 2013                                   13  Murdered.
March:                                                10  Murdered.
April:                                                   18  Murdered.
May:                                                    24  Murdered.
June:                                                  15  Murdered.
July:                                                    16  Murdered.
August 2013:                                     17 Murdered
September 2013  confirmed          12  (Unconfirmed: 6 murders)

TOTALS 2013: confirmed:         135 murdered       (Unconfirmed: 6 murders)


September 2013 hatecrimes:  murders, hatespeech and violent attacks against whites by armed blacks:


Below: Hatecrimes by blacks against SA whites: September, August

September 2013 Murders

7  September 2013 – Elsabeth du Bruyn (71), Brandfort murdered in cruel slow torture with rope around her neck:




20 September 2013: (unconfirmed) Fochville, Gauteng: Hannes de Wet (52) was attacked and stabbed to death by 4 black men on his farm. They fled with his LDV but were later apprehended.

Above: (we have requested SAPS confirmation on Sept 20 2013)


20 September 2013:  Maths teacher Hans Jonker, Boksburg, shot dead – confirms SAPS:


20 September 2013: Zeerust, retired high school headmaster Sollie Botha shot dead, wife criminally assaulted by armed black male attackers


22 September 2013: Umkomaas, Natal: Leanne Douglas (45) died in her bullet-riddled car,  chased on N2 by a pack of black police officers in police vehicles. They shot out out her tyres, she crashed and was thrown from her car: and died died begging cops just standing around looking on to help her.



1 September 2013: (SAPS only confirmed murder two weeks later🙂 Johannes Christiaan Lodewyk Harding, 37, Sept 1 2013 employee Utrecht KZN hotel


12 September 2013: Westcliff Hermanus: Noreen Bryant van  der Walt dies after brutal attack one day before her 85th birthday by black males:




2 September 2013 Arraignment Stellenbosch of two coloured males for murder of German-born Jochen Rädel on Devon valley farm .


27 September 2013: Bloemfontein Chief forensic pathologist Cathy Beukes, 63, dies mystery death: throat cut


1 September 2013: Rivermead KZN: Tamlyn Smith 25, mystery death: mother not told how she died by SAPS



1 September 2013 Biker Horst Jaeger 27 dies in deliberate hit-and-run ‘homicide’: black driver drove over him twice: driver arrested


Murders September: Awaiting details and/or confirmation: (not yet confirmed)

5 September 2013: Middelburg, Eastern Cape: Louisa Francis (71) murdered – her husband and daughter were attacked by a gang of black men. Louisa was murdered and her daughter and husband were severely injured.

September 2013 – Miems Robberts (64), tortured to death with boiling oil: Mooinooi (awaiting details)


6 September 2013: Hanover: unconfirmed report that Afrikaner trucker, Gert, was found murdered at Rusplek near Hanover in his truck

27 September 2013: Eston, Natal: A farmer was shot dead in front of his son by a gang of black poachers. (awaiting details)

(waiting for SAPS confirmation): September 28 2013 Rocco Swanepoel 39 stabbed to death at home in front of family by 2 black males: Uitenhage East London


7 September 2013:  Executioner of Children’s Court clerk Mrs Jeanette Odendaal gets away with murder:  SAPS sergant Mnape Phineas Kgoale  does not go to prison:



4 September 2013: Mystery death of bakery owners Pamela Gibbon 69 and son Collin 40, found hanged, Illovo Beach KZN


Critical in Hospital

4 September 2013: Afrikaner woman Martha Lotter, 89, cruelly beaten, but survived, Oslo Beach, Port Shepstone


8 September 2013: Koster, North West: 4 Members of the Els-family were attacked on their farm by a gang of 5 black men. The 4 people, including an elderly couple, were severely assaulted. The attackers took turns in kicking and beating their victims. The elderly man is in hospital being treated for brain hemorrhage.

Awaiting confirmation from SAPS;

12 September 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: Mike and Isobel Smith (both in their 70’s) were attacked and severely assaulted in their home. Mike, who was bedridden after a back operation, was kicked and suffered serious injuries.

12 September 2013: Florida, Gauteng: A 67-year-old woman was attacked in her home by a black man. She was assaulted, raped and robbed.

7 September 2013: Awaiting formal confirmation: Keimoes, Giel Hough 87 survives attack by black male gang:

7 September 2013 – Miems Robberts (64), tortured to death with boiling oil: Mooinooi (awaiting details)


13 September 2013: Oviston, Eastern Cape: David Schacklock (72) was attacked and severely assaulted in him home by black men. He died from his injuries on September, 15

13 September 2013: Farmer Piet Els in serious condition, wife Martie kicked, beaten black and blue, BietjieBos guest house, Kommissiedrif, Rustenburg

10 September 2013: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Annatjie Nel was abducted in front of her home by a gang of armed black men. She was assaulted and tied up. They drove around with her for hours, drew money from her bank account. They dropped her off in a black township.

10 September 2013: Randfontein, Gauteng: A white woman survived an attack in her home by a gang of black men.


10 September 2013: Kookrus, Gauteng: A mother and daughter were attacked in their home by a gang of black men. The mother was severely assaulted and her daughter was gang-raped.

8 September 2013: Hermanus, Western Cape: Noreen Bryant (84) was attacked and severely assaulted by a gang of black men. She died from her injuries 4 days later.

September 2013: Springs, Gauteng: Hennie Snyman and his wife, Doreen, were ambushed by two black when arriving home.They were ordered out of their car and Hennie was shot in the back for no apparent reason. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

6 September 2013: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Elderly couple, Eddie and Hester Corbett survive attack by gang of armed black men.

27 September 2013: White cop injured: rescued from protesting mob, UNISA Pretoria:
28 September 2013: Middelburg Mpuma: Afrikaner trucker Schalk Jacobs and son Shaun 17 survive attack by blue-light gang


28 September 2013: Couple survives armed attack by four black male attackers, Muldersdrift:


September 2013 survived attacks

1 September 2013: Afrikaner churchgoers Stefanus Jacobs and wife, customers and staff survive gang attack by black gunmen at Roman’s Pizza Middelburg

(YouTube video)

2 September 2013 Hatespeech “Shoot the Jew’ at recital of Israeli concert saxophonist Daniel Zamir, University of Witwatersrand


2 September 2013 Ms Ize Vrey and another white pedestrian attacked, beaten, kicked: Village Mall, Hartbeespoort No real motive


3 September 2013 Angry white-hating black female MercedesBenz driver photographed trying to run down group of Afrikaner tiny kindergarden-toddlers

Southernwood, EC – Teacher threw herself on car-hood to stop the woman:



3 September 2013 Shopkeeper Samuel Gourgel Domingos survives attack in Brackenfell by large black male mobs with workers, SAPS Mfuleni confirmed:


3 September 2013 Afrikaner students Jan Hendrik Jooste 20, Soné Verster 19, survive attack: chant : “In the Name of Jesus Christ Be Gone From Here”and four black gunmen ran away



3 September 2013″White Bastard I Will Kill You:  Afrikaner youth 20, horribly slashed by frantic black man with panga


3 September 2013: White Bitch we will kill you: Nelspruit Afrikaner couple survive racist attack by cops armed with R5 carbines


4 September 2013: Sasolburg, Free State: Martin van der Linde (67) was attacked and severely assaulted in his home by 2 black men. They tried to suffocate him with a duvet. He has to receive 43 stitches to his head.


4 September 2013 Homelake, Randfontein: Eugene van der Merwe 16 survives hand-to-hand combat with two black male attackers:


4 September 2013: Krugersdorp motorist 38 survives shooting Monument Krugersdorp when he tried to help victim of black male attackers:


5 September 2013: Teacher Glenda Eloff, fiancee Wade Newcombe survive attack by armed black males, Welkom FS home



5 September 2013: Sasolburg: large Afrikaner family survives violent attack by five black male gunmen:


Above: Piet van Jaarsveld, 64,  Ivor Creighton 32 fiancee Suzaan van Jaarsveld 25 and two kids 4 months and 4 years survive attack ordeal


Pinetown grandmom Maureen Dettman survives frenzied assault by knifeman shouting racist curse You Fckng White Bitch, granddaughter unharmed


September 2013: Vereeniging, Gauteng: Cas Calitz, 84, survives strangulation attempt with black plastic bag over his head by four black males by biting open an air hole:


Afrikaner old guys who love working on their cars no longer safe: targets of violent black male gangs: Ben Subke pistol-whipped, Drakenstein Street, Witpoortjie:



8 September Martin and Annetjie van der Linden survive brutal attack by 3 black males Holten Street, Sasolburg home:



9 September 2013: White UK tourist suffers 14-hour rape ordeal, racist taunting with SA boyfriend, kidnapped at Long Tom Pass Mpu and passed between black pub patrons

10 September 2013: Afrikaner mom Sanet Moolman  brutally beaten: knifed and bludgeoned while changing flat tyre Uitenhage:

second attack in which she was left nearly-dead and rescued:


11 September 2013: Waterfall KZN white farm worker Roy Fox 53 injured with steel garden rake by “frantic black rock-throwing man:


11 September 2013: Middelburg Afrikaner woman Susan Prinsloo du Plessis rescued by cops from black male gang: cops beaten brutally

11 September 2013: Cape Town, Western Cape: Alan Bissolati was severely assaulted by strikers while on his way to work. He found police officers and asked them for assistance while bleeding profusely. They told him to f*off.


13 September 2013: Erasmia, Gauteng: Eddie Reid (68) shot dead in armed attack on their smallholding:



13 September 2013: Helios dos Santos badly assaulted, defends family against black stranger barging into Standerton home, very violent man


14 September 2013: Teenage white girl escapes from black SAPS patrol Rand Ridge Mall who tried to ‘arrest’ the girl


14 September 2013: Media deliberately fails to identify killer sentenced for life for execution-murder of Newcastle farmer Timothy Green 44, Dannhauser Road


15 September 2013: Zeerust, Northwest: Elderly couple, Gerrie Snyman and his wife, were attacked on their farm. Gerrie was shot through his hand and his wife was brutally assaulted by the gang of black men.

15 September 2013: Middelburg, Eastern Cape: Louisa Francis (71), her husband and daughter were attacked by a gang of black men. Louisa was murdered and her daughter and husband were severely injured.

15 September 2013: Rustenburg airport road: black hit-and-run driver drives headlong on wrong side of road, in broad daylight, into car with Peter, Aletta Murray and baby Jaco: all three killed instantly.



15 September 2013: Afrikaner woman Louise Herholdt 38, assaulted by black female metrocop Joburg airport road


15 September 2013: Murder of Afrikaner Quintin Brits  – Oppiplaas restaurant Rustenburg: black gunman confesses, in arrest

15 September 2013 – Doris Labuschagne (72), Duncanville


15 September 2013 – Nathan Green, Centurion, threatened with death by municipal guard, Rooihuiskraal dumpsite at gunpoint


16 September 2013: Kraaifontein, Western Cape: Danie Geldenhuys (84)  beaten to death with a brick: first strangled with a piece of wire.


ENCANuus video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tt8MrCVXVA


17 September 2013: Theunissen, Free State: Mariette Nieuwoudt  survives headbashing by black man with fire-extinguisher in home-attack


17 September 2013: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: Schalk Jacobs and his son, Shaun (17) survive blue-light gang attack:

were pulled off the highway by a car with flashing blue lights. The moment they stopped, the passenger door was jerked open and a gang of black men started assaulting the son. More attackers arrived and started assaulting both men with a broken bottle. They were bound and put in the back of the truck. They were later left by the side of the road while the attackers fled with their truck and ATM card.

17 September 2013: Black male killer Aaron Nkosi jailed for torturing to death farmer Johannes Hendrik Tolstoi Schoeman, 83, Nelspruit


18 September 2013: Marie Viljoen, 88, survives hr-long torture by male and female attacks, Eloffsdal


18 September 2013: Corné Henning and Lorien Coetzee survive violent assaults by five black males, Jakkalsdraai rural guest house, Bainsvlei Bloemfontein


19 September 2013: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Stiaan Kotze was shot 3 times during a ‘cash in transit’ heist.


19 September 2013 – Retired military sergeant-major Lea Minnaar survives hand-to-hand combat with armed attacker at Boekenhoutskloof smallholding


19 September 2013 – Elderly unnamed Afrikaner couple survive with head wounds, bruises, in hospital after armed attack by black males in Acacia

20 September 2013: Land-theft: Black owner of pub threatens his retired Afrikaner neighbours, takes over their beautiful, shaded gardens, demands their homes for his ‘ restaurant ‘-



20 September 2013 Grant Sampson survives 3 gunshots by hijackers Vanderbijlpark

(we have asked SAPS for confirmation.

20 September 2013 SAPS Ramsgate breaks law by publishing name of white farmer Guy Jones before he was asked to plead to claimed charges


20 September 2013 SAPS Port Shepstone breaks law, publishes name of Dave Middleton – before he could even plead in any court to any charges



20 September 2013: Elderly De Klerk couple loses everything they ever owned except clothes on their back in Potchefstroom home torched to the ground by black attackers

21 September 2013: ENCA-news broadcaster publishes genocidal incitements against whites:

“Killing of Whitey Trash Farmers Should Continue”:



21 September 2013: Hectorspruit, Mpumalanga: Johan Bassit Basson was shot 3 times and severely injured

21 September 2013: Bergville, Ladysmith KZN farmer and wife escape from five black male gunmen, lucky to be alive


22 September 2013: Brackendowns, Gauteng: A family was attacked, tied up and robbed in their home at 300 Delphinium Street. They survived: were discovered the next morning.

23 September 2013: Awaiting confirmation: Swellendam, Bonnievale, Western Cape: Boetman Swart was stabbed to death on his farm by a farmhand looking for work.


24 September 2013: Grahamstown, Eastern Cape: A 70-year-old women was attacked, robbed, assaulted and tied up in her home by 2 black men.

24 September 2013: Somerset West, Western Cape: A 92-year-old woman was attacked in her home in the Helderberg Village. She was severely beaten and is currently in hospital.

25 September 2013: Farmer Nicci Simpson survives arson-attack fires off warning shots:  Fochville, day after murder of farmer Hannes de Wet


25 September 2013: Afrikaner Rauvhan Viljoen, Middelburg nearly dies from road-rage stabbing by cabbie Mawomaredi Jan Mnankoana, 3 –  who was not charged:


26 September 2013 Afrikaans child Müller, 6, abandoned by black cops next to high-speed freeway during false ‘bribe-shakedown’ arrest of his father for ‘traffic fines’


26 September 2013: Rhino-conservationist Richard Hume arrested in SAPS arrest for “injuring wildlife poacher during citizen’s arrest”

26 September 2013: Witbank, Mpumalanga: Isa Jansen (53) was attacked on her farm by 2 black men. She was severely assaulted and her attackers attempted to rape her.

August 2013

August 30 2013 Gutsy Harmony Gold Mine security officer Dawie Wepener 31 survives shooting by illegal gold miners St Helene Mine Welkom


AUGUST 2013 murders: (below)

19 Aug 2013 Pikkie and Rina Stassen 70, murdered in Cactus Road home, Kempton Park


Two black males were arrested in the Sethokga hostel Tembisa for the gruesome double-murder of Afrikaner couple Pikkie and Rina Stassen:Pikkie Stassen and his wife Rina, both in their 70s, were found dead in their Jacobus Street home on Monday morning, Beeld reported.Their daughter Karien Linley found their bodies when she arrived to drop off her 1-year-old son with them.Pikkie Stassen was found stabbed to death in the garage, with his hands bound. His wife’s body was in the bedroom. She appeared to have been strangled.- (SAPA) http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Elderly-Gauteng-couples-murder-Two-held-20130823  http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1438

19 August 2013 Jochen Raedel, SA communications engineer, dies from pick-axe attack, Devon Valley farm, Stellenbosch


Above: the facial wounds and horrific injuries to his head were so terrible that they ‘cannot be described with words,’ said a family friend after the murder of investment-advisor Jochen Rädel, 59, bludgeoned at the building site of his new home on the farm Chimanimani in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch on August 18 2013. “I ‘ve never seen anything like it: his face bruised and swollen. I could almost not look at it, said family friend Gerit Schaafsma. The Rädel family were renting a townhouse on the farm Le Verger next to Chmanimani while they were building their new house next door. SAPS capt Frederick van Wyk confirmed that two people were questioned at the site. Two coloured men were arrested and arraigned two days later. Mr Raedel’s mutilated body was found Sunday afternoon by his sun Kai, 22, an honours-student in logistics at the University of Stellenbosch.
http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1437 and  http://www.dieburger.com/nuus/2013-08-24-twee-verdagtes-in-rdel-moord-vlugtig-voor

16 August 2013 SAPS sgt Wihelm Pretorius shot dead: “SAPS shocked about murder of Afrikaner policeman”:


(also just metres away Mr Ary van Onselen of Uitenhage was found critically injured with 22 stab wounds.) The Eastern Cape police commissioner, general Celiwe Binta, has expressed her shock at the murder of Port Elizabeth policeman Willem Pretorius, 36, who was stationed at Gelvandale police station. His body was found late last night (with gunshot wounds) in bushes between Motherwell and Uitenhage. And Mr Ary van Onselen of Uitenhage was found critically injured with 22 stab wounds near Mr Pretorius, just metres away. SAPS Provincial spokeswoman brigadier Marinda Mills confirmed that Mr Van Onselen was reported missing.

16 August 2013 Businessman Johannes Botha 52 murdered early morning, shot dead in car outside Wheel Doctor, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth nothing robbed


Above: Port Elizabeth businessman Johannes Botha, 52, was shot dead behind the wheel of his car while trying to help a family member, the owner of the Wheel Doctor business, who was being robbed by two black male gunmen: http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1416 http://www.algoafm.com/article.aspx?id=7233 

14 August 2013 UK immigrant Mr M.R. Thomson 69 murdered by black male intruders Discovery Roodepoort


Above: UK resident Mr M K Thompson of Discovery, Roodepoort was murdered in his Sarah STreet home by a group of black males around 10h30am. A revolver was found on the scene. The SAPS said however that the victim ‘succumbed to blunt force trauma to the face and head, that he was not shot. Absent from the report: any mention that anything had been ‘stolen’  or ‘robbed’ from the home. The SAPS are instead referring to it as ‘an attempted robbery.’ http://www.looklocal.co.za/looklocal/content/en/roodepoort/roodepoort-announcements-general?oid=7699863&sn=Detail&pid=489964&UPDATE–Police-promise-to-hunt-down-murderers http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1401

14 August 2013 Elderly missionary couple Gordon and Lorraine Adam hacked to death in their sleep: six black males in tiny Bethulie Free State court:

ADAMGordon78andLorraineAdam63BethuliestabbeddeadI BEDBlackMales.jpg

The couple were the founders of the Bethulie Christian Fellowship and reportedly were members of a local crime gang who opposed the Afrikaner couple’s trying to convert gang-members to Christianity. Two 18-year-old black males, Thsepo Ramatlama and Sphiwe Sakman, and six ‘minors’, all black males, all wearing tattoos from the same local gang, were remanded in Bethulie magistrate’s court on August 13 2013.The elderly religious Afrikaner couple were hacked to death in their sleep with pangas (machetes) and stabbed with knives. The forensic evidence was  that more than 50 stab-injuries were found on each body: and that the couple had been hacked to death while asleep. http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/699  http://www.ofm.co.za/article/128606/Bejaarde-egpaar-in-hul-huis-in-Bethulie-vermoor


13 August 2013: Johnny ‘Tjoppie Meyer in Helikon Park dies from headshot: Bokmakierie Street, Condor Road, Randfontein


Above: Johnny Tjoppie Meyer of Helikon Park man dies from execution-style shot in head: Bokmakierie Street and Condor Road 13 August — The unarmed Mr Meyer was confronted in his driveway by a five-member black male gang who immediately gunned him down. He was rushed to the Millpark hospital by helicopter where he succumbed of his wounds.The crime scene at his driveway of Bokmakierie and Condor was still under police guard by 19h00 on 13 August. http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1396 

11 August 2013: Italian-born Vivien Ponté 57, pharmacist, tied up on bed, raped, torched while alive Oranjeville AH, Free State

PonteVivien57RapedTiedToBedTorchedOranjevilleFreeStateAug112013brief Above:Murdered Oranjeville (pharmacist?) and good samaritan Ms Vivien Ponté, 57, who emigrated to South Africa with her Italian parents as a six-year-old, was much loved in the tiny Free State Community. She often helped poor residents in a nearby squatter camp next to the Vaal Dam, handing out monthly food parcels, giving art-lessons and helping the poor women out with money. Her torched body was discovered on her burnt-out bed where police say, she clearly died a ‘gruesome death’.  The woman’s unnamed colleague at her job also was arrested by the SAPS for removing the hard-drive of her computer. Also, four black South African men made a brief remand-appearance in Heilbron magistrate’s court, said investigating officer of the Sasolburg SAPS, Karelli. They are suspected of murder, robbery and arson. He named them as Moses Motloung (23), Johannes Mofokeng (24), Jeremiah Mnune (26) and Moleketi Motloung (21).Beeld reported that one of the two Motloung men had made a statement to the magistrate – however this will only be published during the ‘formal hearing’.  It is believed that the four black South Africans also broke in that same night of the Ponté murder in Oranjeville’s Kraanvoëlvlakte Primary School and stole food and money. * – reported by Beeld journalist Riata Nel.
ttp://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1394  http://www.beeld.com/nuus/2013-08-13-verkrag-verbrand

11 August 2013: : Black male ‘Teen’ found guilty of murdering defenceless, senile, frail Michel John Poval 82, Bulwer Village KZN


Judge Philip Nkosi: “You saw that the old man was frail and senile. You were very cruel with the knife. He was defenceless”. Then he sentenced the ‘teen killer” to only ten years in jail

Initially it was reported that the SAPS had ‘arrested five black male suspects’  after a high speed chase for murder of a senile 82-year-old white man, Michael John Poval — found inside the boot of his car, hacked to death on 11 August 2013 at Bulwer Village: Hlanganani, KZN http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1393 However, and most surprisingly, on August 29 2013 an unidentified ‘teenager’ who confessed to the murder, was found guiltyin a speedy trial and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, wrote Ingrid Oellermann, of The Witness. Imposing the sentence on the 17-year-old at the high court sitting at Madadeni, Judge Philip Nkosi pointed out that the old white man had been frail and senile. You saw that the frail old man would die. It was not necessary to kill the old man: “You were very cruel with the knife. When you went there you knew that he stayed alone. He was described by the doctor as senile. He was defenceless,” said the judge. Judge Nkosi said the killer hid the body and some days passed before Povall was found.“Your actions are highly reprehensible and cannot be tolerated in civil society. You showed total disregard for human life,” the udge told him. He admitted the State’s allegations that he had lured Povall out of his house by causing an object to fall to the ground. When Povall came out to investigate the noise, he attacked him and stabbed him in his abdomen. He then put the body in the boot of his car. After robbing him of a metal box containing R13 000 cash, a camera, personal documents, alcohol, a laptop and cellphone, he loaded the goods into Povall’s second vehicle – a VW Jetta – and fled the scene. Judge Nkosi sentenced him to 15 years’ imprisonment for murder and 10 years’ imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances. Under SA law, multiple sentences must always run concurrently. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Teen-killer-of-elderly-man-gets-15-years-20130829  http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/five-held-after-man-81-stabbed-to-death-1.1561580#.UkeyT1M9uIY 

August 8 2013 disabled Afrikaner Janetta Lorraine van der Walt 60 – dragged from her home, raped, strangled to death




August 9 2013:  Andries Grebe 37 dies mysteriously in Mountain Rise SAPS cell after illegal arrest



August 6 2013: Lochvaal farmer Hennie Bentley killed, and the same family’s Van Loggerenberg patriarch critically injured by four black male attackers:


Above:  Elderly farmer Hennie Bentley, who shot and critically injured during a family gathering at his Lochville farm, died of his gunshot wounds five days later. Four black men stormed into the homestead just after 8pm. The thugs had carried a handgun, a sledge-hammer, a stocking filled with stones and a slingshot.


4 August 2013: Retired SA police-commissioner Gerrit Myburgh 80 suffered a horrible torture death at his Boschfontein, Nigel smallholding:


The retired police commissioner Gerrit Bill Myburgh 79, was extensively tortured and died a terrible death at his Boschfontein smallholding on 4 August 2013. The torture gang hogtied the old police officer, tortured him with a hot iron and poured a kettle of boiling water down his throat. Then he was strangled to death with his own clothes.http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1355  http://www.looklocal.co.za/looklocal/content/en/heidelberg-and-surrounds/heidelberg-and-surrounds-news-crime?oid=7676315&sn=Detail&pid=498001&Iyd0polisiehoof-met-strykyster-doodgemartel

    29 July 2013: Disabled, impoverished Afrikaner Louis van Wyk 77, bludgeoned to death in cruel attack in municipal house, 

      (unreported in previous July 2013 listing – added to Aug 2013 murder list)


Nigel: 29 July 2013  Above: none of the SA news media nor SAPS reported anything ‘robbed’, yet insist on referring to this horrific attack against a disabled man and his elderly wife as a ‘robbery”’… Louis Van Wyk 77 was disabled and moved around in a wheelchair. The Nigel Heraut journalist Magda Maritz wrote that the couple were brutally assaulted< Lous was dead and his life-partner Annatjie Van Wyk was badly injured. “The old man was hit by a heavy metal object over the head and in the face. She was rushed to Heidelberg Hospital, There were no indications in the news reports that anything was robbed.

http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1329  http://www.looklocal.co.za/looklocal/content/en/heidelberg-and-surrounds/heidelberg-and-surrounds-news-crime?oid=7675760&sn=Detail&pid=4980006&BEjaarde-sterf-wreed-tydens-huisroof

Weltevreden Park unnamed man shot dead; and teen Jason Travers 17 injured by bullet ‘falling from sky


Who assassinated Robert & Jeanne-Cora Smit in 1977?

The man the Afrikaans daily ‘Beeld’ once named as the police’s “chief suspect” in the 1977 murders of National Party politician Robert Smit and wife Jeanne-Cora in Springs, explains who he believes was in fact responsible…

September 4 2013 – “The 1977 murder of up-and-coming National Party politician and financial genius Robert Smit and his wife Jeanne-Cora remains one of the greatest unsolved political crimes of the apartheid-era. Smit had served as South Africa’s ambassador to the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC between 1971 and 1974. He had then returned to South Africa where he had taken up a position with Santam International.


    Smit was standing as the National Party candidate in the Springs constituency and had rented a house in Selcourt, Springs, where he and his wife were staying. The expectation was that Smit would assume a high-up position in government after the election. On the evening of November 22 1977 Jeanne Cora Smit phoned the secretary at her husband’s constituency office to tell him that “his guests are waiting for him.” As she put the phone down she was shot three times. As Robert Smit walked through the door sometime later he was shot in the neck, and then again, from close range, in the head. The bodies were discovered early the next morning. Robert Smit had also been stabbed once in the back, and his wife 14 times with a stiletto. The letters “RAU TEM” had been written – in red spray paint – across the fridge and kitchen walls. From early on rumours started circulating that someone high-up in the ruling Afrikaner establishment had ordered the assassination. Particular suspicion fell on ‘Lang’ Hendrik van den Bergh, the head of the Bureau for State Security (BfSS), and a man who had once claimed to know everything that was going on in South Africa.  It was reported at the time that Smit had stumbled on a high level scandal – involving some kind of foreign currency racket – and was planning on blowing the whistle following his election to parliament.

    In 1997 Roy Allen – a former member of the Security Branch (SB) Bureau and Police Special Task Force (STM) – was named, by Beeld, as the police’s “main suspect” in the murders. Below, Allen vehemently denied the allegations both then and again in 2006 when they re-surfaced. In the following article Allen provides his view of the murder and explains why he believes two deceased former colleagues were involved in the killings. – James Myburgh, Politicsweb Editor

Roy Allen on the Smit murders

“The news of the Smit murders in 1977 was a bolt out of the blue. Both I and my girlfriend were astounded, as we searched for a motive…. Ida had worked for Dr Smit for about 6 to 8 months in the preceding year, when he was the chief of Santam International. They worked from a two person office in the Johannesburg CBD. I had met him on one or two occasions whilst picking Ida up from his offices. He seemed like a very nice guy.

Before this Ida had worked as a secretary to P.W. Botha when he was Minister of Defence. She had a Top Secret clearance from the Military, which made her suitable for employment in such a confidential post with Dr Smit. She was also later to work as the secretary of Fanie Botha, the then Minister of Labor, before going on to work for Prof Wiehahn when he was conducting the inquiry that became known as the “Wiehahn Commission”. She never discussed the nature of her work at any of these “jobs” with me, and was fanatically loyal towards her government bosses.

Try as I might, I could not bring anything into the context of the political set up that existed within the RSA at the time, to work out what the words “RAU TEM” meant. I could only infer that these cryptic letters had meaning for some person/s involved with the Smits – as this was clearly a message or warning of sorts. After a while however, the whole thing passed and receded into history.

At the time I had wondered, could it have been Col Dries Verwey – my commander at the Police Special Task Force? I was thus not totally surprised when his driver asked me in the ensuing days, if I had been involved with Verwey in the murders. This seemed to bear out what I had been thinking. His driver knew Verwey very well. He was also aware that I had conducted extra-judicial operations with him in Cape Town.

My suspicions that Verwey could have been involved are NOT founded on any clues at all – for instance there were no ‘Smit briefcases’ in Verwey’s office safe, as has been alleged – rather just a well developed gut feeling/sixth sense.

  • Dries Verwey and Phil Freeman
    You ask then “why” did I think this way? A valid question… It was because I had been witness to the cold menace of Verwey’s anger and privy to some of the goods and devices that accompanied him from his D-4 Section, at Security Branch (SB) HQ. In his special room at SB HQ he had silenced weapons of many different types and calibres, poisoned bottles of exotic Portuguese liquor that were popular in Mozambique/Angola at the time, Zambian police officer uniforms and cell keys, and transistor radios that were ‘loaded’ with deadly explosives that would blow up anyone switching them on.
  • There were also parcel bombs made in seized copies of Mao Tse-Tung’s “Little Red Book”. These bombs were made with surgical precision, with the “Pentolite” poured into the hollowed out inside in molten form… The way the pages were surgically cut and glued, the placement and affixing of the micro-switch and the ‘arming’ device, was like looking at the innards of a Swiss timepiece…
  • This was typical handiwork of Phil Freeman, who was a perfectionist. And when Verwey and Freeman had both been at BfSS, they had worked very closely together, as well as in the Security Police, long before the inception of BfSS.
  • To give an example of Freeman’s attention to detail: Back in 1972 I still smoked. After lighting a cigarette, I would let the match burn 3/4 and then grip the burnt end and let the rest burn out. Phil said that this was a unique characteristic that would link me to any location where I had smoked a cigarette, and that I should desist from such identifiable habits!!!
  • At the time I was doing “jobs” with another BfSS member, and wherever we went, my “Tag” that I spray-painted in red at the scene, was a Russian “Hammer and Sickle”. Being left handed I did it the wrong way around – i.e. a mirror image of the correct way. Phil cautioned me about this idiosyncrasy as it could lead directly back to me. He was a very, very focussed and astute man, who had he remained in the British Military after WW-2, would have surely ended up as Chief of Special Operations for the British Forces.
  • Only the oldest former Security Branch members will recall the early Sixties -“Rivonia”, “Lilliesleaf” etc – when the SB arrested Mandela and his fellow terrorists at “Lilliesleaf” farm. They had been blowing up power pylons, and sabotaging State infrastructure. Two of these “rats”, Goldreich and Wolpe, were detained at “Marshall Square” in Johannesburg. Whilst in the cells, they “duped’ a young constable into allowing them to escape in exchange for a brand new car (costing about R1200 and R1,500 in cash) At the time the monthly wage for a Cst was about R70 – before deductions…..)
  • They escaped to Lesotho disguised as priests, and from there flew on a chartered single-engined A/C to Gaborone in Botswana. From Gaborone, they were due to fly to Tanzania – or Tanganyika as I think it was still called at the time. A CAA (Central African Airways) aircraft, a DC-3 Dakota was flown to Gab’s. Whilst on the ground in Gab’s it was set alight one night and burned to the ground. This was done by Phil Freeman and “another”. (At the time I was in Std 8 at school.) This was long before the inception of the South African Special Forces…
  • The SA Police, in the early Sixties had “Hard Men” to conduct operations like this. (They had attended courses in France, and practiced their ‘skills’ with the French in the Algerian insurgency.)

Whilst Phil never admitted to me that he was involved in the DC-3 sabotage, we came very close to destroying the private jet of a mining conglomerate at D.F. Malan Airport in Cape Town in 1973/4. It had been put at the disposal of student leaders to travel between Cape Town and Johannesburg. This was due to weather and ‘other’ reasons that sometimes delayed the departure of the SAA flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, which sometimes caused the student leaders to miss their connecting flight to conferences in Europe – only arriving a day late.

  • Phil had made a “fire brick” to destroy the aircraft with. It had the consistency of hard fudge and was a mixture of aluminium or magnesium and sulphur. Placed on the wing – it burned at an extremely high temperature (5000 C) – and would melt the aluminium wing structure like butter, passing through the wing fuel tanks and ensuring the total destruction of the aeroplane. I am sure that this was the method that was used to destroy the CAA DC-3 in Gaborone. (As the way Phil talked at the time, was the way one talks about something that you have already done before..)
  • Phil was a master of whatever he chose to do. He was an electronics buff and also a perfectionist on the lathe. He made a silencer in 1974 that was the quietest silencer that I had ever heard..
  • Phil even had a kiddies dummy/teat over the end of the silencer, to allow the projectile to exit and then to immediately close after the projectile, to stop any ‘air noise’.
    It was around 1974 and I was getting itchy feet with the inaction at BfSS – not the fault of the Organization – solely mine, as I was the square peg in a round hole. Around this time Phil had been working with Jan Breytenbach from the SADF.
  • They were experimenting with shaped charges at the Naval shooting range in Simonstown (Redhill comes to mind.) Jan Breytenbach was with the SADF Infantry base at Oudtshoorn at the time, and Phil encouraged me to join the Army and go and work for Jan.

I was happier re-joining the SAP, as at least it was a culture that I was familiar with – and I was hoping to go and fight in Rhodesia. So I re-joined the SAP in about April 1975 – the Security Branch. However before I could arrange to volunteer for service in Rhodesia, the South African Prime Minister John Vorster withdrew the SAP from that country ….
Fortunately, shortly after my return to the SAP, David Protter attacked the Israeli Embassy in Fox St Johannesburg, and as a consequence of the SA Police’s poor showing during the siege the “Sanheidrin” decided that the SAP needed an SAS/GSG/SWAT type of anti terrorist unit. This was the conception of the Task Force.
After successfully completing STM selection, Phil ‘gifted’ me with a MAT-49.

It was a French version of the British ‘Sten’. Phil had made a silencer for it from a car shock-absorber – which screwed onto the end of the barrel. It was extremely quiet, with ‘low velocity’ ammunition. It now resides at the bottom of the Hartebeespoort Dam, in small pieces….

In Cape Town, Phil had modified a pellet gun to the proportions of a “sawn-off” shot gun. Only cut very short. Inside the “shotgun like” tube you place a very thin glass tube containing cyanide or some gas. At the end of the barrel, there was a very fine copper gauze. (To arrest the fragments of the glass capsule so that they do not end up in the face of the dead target.) The way to use it, was to place it in a folded newspaper. Get up close to the target in the bus or Metro, and discharge the device at his face. The whooshing noise and surprise would cause him to inhale quickly, inhaling a deadly lungful of cyanide gas – resulting in instant death. This was never used on humans, but he told me that he had tested it on a dog, and it had worked 100%.
Phil had a direct line of communication to General Hendrik van den Bergh – the head of BfSS – as is borne out by the following:

  • At BfSS in Cape Town, Phil was the Technical Chief, and fell under the jurisdiction of the Regional Representative. On one occasion Phil required a substantial amount of money for some ‘Black’ Z Squad operation – He required about R400 – which in 1972 was a lot of money! Not even the regional Representative, Hennie Botha, knew what the operation was about, but he was curious, and insisted that Phil provide him with the detail op the operation, before he would authorize the funds. Phil refused to provide any details of his operation so Hennie refused to authorize payment of the monies to Phil. That evening Phil got in his Ranchero and drove throughout the night to Pretoria, where he saw General Van den Bergh the next morning. The Regional Rep was overruled by Van den Bergh and Phil was back in Cape Town later that evening. Hennie Botha never ‘f***ed’ with Phil again…

The Smits
Killing the enemy, I expressly do not use the word ‘murder’, was probably something that came easily for ‘Delta Victor’ (Verwey). He received the SA Police’s highest medal for bravery for some operation in Zambia/Botswana. It was done in the Commissioner’s office, as no mention was made about it in ‘dispatches’. He was heavily involved in the Portuguese PIDE effort in Mozambique against FRELIMO, and this was a ‘no holds barred’ war by a desperate and cruel Portuguese Military Dictatorship. (I do not criticize his/the Portuguese’ actions, and I would have followed a similar course of action, had I been involved at the time).
His other partner in the “Smit affair” was most probably Phil Freeman. I have thought about long and hard about the Smit murders since 1996 when the allegations of my involvement – as well as that of Phil and Verwey – arose in the SA media. The following is a possible set-out for what transpired:
    Phil drives up from Cape Town and meets Verwey at a motel on the East Rand where a room is booked in a false name. He would have used his subsidized vehicle with false plates. This way, there would be no air ticket records, and Phil would have disconnected the speedometer on his BfSS subsidized vehicle so as not to have to explain excessive mileage.
    Phil travels overnight, arriving mid morning and sleeps for most of the day. Verwey arrives late afternoon, and they go over the final planning for the mission in the motel room – consuming takeaway food Verwey supplied. Verwey has a stolen car that they use for the mission, and he provides the weapon/s. (There would be no drinking before the “Ops”).
    After completion of the mission, they return to the Motel, to shower and get rid of their bloodstained clothing. Both have one celebratory ‘dop’ of Whisky, and then Verwey drives the car to a remote area adjoining a black township on the West Rand, where he torches the vehicle. Phil then drops him off at his ‘official’ vehicle safely parked somewhere in Springs or environs.
    Verwey goes back home to Pretoria and Phil drives back to Cape Town, arriving in the early hours – and phoning in ‘sick’ to take the day off to rest. Phil would not have left the contaminated clothing in the stolen vehicle they set alight, just in case it did not burn out properly. He would have taken it with him, and stopped somewhere in the middle of the desolate Karoo. He would have completely burnt it out with petrol, then stirred the ashes and burnt it again.)

It was only about 10 years after the Smit murders, whilst I was stationed in Oshakati with the SADF, that an old friend from my SB days in Cape Town, now a Major with the SB in Oshakati, mentioned to me that he had been approached by the investigating team in the Smit murders in 1977 about my possible involvement in the murders.

They apparently thought I might have done it if Robert Smit (who was a real ‘ladies man’) had been having an affair with Ida, whilst she worked for him. They wanted to clandestinely search my apartment in Silverton, where Ida and I were living in 1977/8. I am unaware if they did, in fact, do so.

Phil Freeman was a fierce anti-Communist and a true patriot of South Africa and Western values. He was neither a criminal nor a thug!! I personally cannot see him becoming involved in something like this, just for the sake of protecting corrupt members of the National Party who might have been transferring Government monies to off-shore accounts for their personal enrichment. He was vehemently opposed to both the Broederbonders and the Freemasons, who seemed to have a 50/50% following in the SA Police/BfSS at the time.

The whole matter changes radically however, if he were told that Smit was working for the Soviet Union. Then he would not have had any qualms in killing them both.

Many earlier versions allege that there were four individuals involved: Dries Verwey, Phil Freeman, myself and another founder-member of the Police Special Task Force.

  • However, only two persons were required for this operation. Two would be the safe number in the event of unforeseen complications – which could possibly overwhelm a lone operator. Additional unneeded team members would only serve to complicate matters and potentially compromise the security of this “event”.

Later allegations by ex “NI” and SAP clowns like Taai Minnaar, Ponnie Van Vuuren, Vuil Oosthuizen and others, of “cleaner squads” sanitizing the scene after the “event” – and Smit’s briefcase being seen in Verwey’s safe – are utter rubbish! Crooks like Minnaar were solely motivated by greed and self enrichment.

I also discount the view that the murders were carried out by a foreign hit squad. History is littered with examples of instances where somebody employed another to kill someone. And after the killing the murderer kept returning for more ‘silence money’, before eventually spilling the beans. There was all the more reason for the ‘hired killers’ to come out and own up to the story after the National Party transferred power to the ANC in 1994. Yet all that has been heard is a deathly silence.

In around 1977/8 Phil and his wife emigrated from the RSA to Brittany in France. They returned to South Africa sometime in the mid-1980s. I was in the SADF in South West Africa at the time and only remade contact with him in the early 1990s. I last saw Phil in Cape Town in 1992/3, when I was working for the Military in Pretoria. My work took me to Cape Town over a weekend, from time to time, and I would invariably enjoy a Sunday lunch and visit, with Phil and his charming wife, before flying back to Johannesburg. Phil never referred to this matter during the course of our conversations. The ‘protocols’ in the intelligence services are, never to raise sensitive subjects like these – unless they were raised by the ‘operator’.

In conclusion I am, sadly, of the opinion that the Smit murders will never be solved. This is a pity for their children who would like some closure on the matter – and my heart goes out to them…..

The reasons that I believe this are twofold:
    It was the “perfect murder”, executued by professionals,
    The perpetrators are all dead

My main purpose for compiling this narrative is simply to offer a possible explanation of how this criminal event could have occurred.
I believe that the persons mentioned above were in all probability the perpetrators of the murders. And by association with them I include myself. (The fourth member has been- unfairly and wrongly – dragged along due to his association/friendship with me… Exactly as I was due to my association/friendship with Verwey/Freeman…) I am quite frank when I state unequivocally, that had I been involved I would now admit to it and face the appropriate sanction. As an Atheist, my imminent mortality does not bother me, in the least…. It is rather more an issue of what is right…..Hopefully, somebody reading this, and who had some knowledge of the ‘matter’ will, on reading this, decide to break the ‘log-jam’ and tell what they know. Possibly a Police investigating officer at the murder scene, or some other bureaucrat within the Civil Service who had privy to this matter?
I believe that “you’ owe it to yourself, South Africa and the Smit children…….
Roy Allen – Australia

[1] Editor’s note: Dries Verwey was reported to have started drinking heavily after the Smit murders. He died on October 26 1980. The circumstances of his death are contested. It was reported in 2006 that while he was supposed to have committed suicide, the suspicion was that he had been taken out. His widow subsequently denied this, saying he had died of a heart attack – and this was reflected on the death certificate. Phil Freeman died in a shooting accident in his garden in the early 1990s. Foul play was not suspected in his death.


Cuban Nationalist Movement fugitive Virgilio Paz Romero denied Smit murders:

On November 22 2011, The Cape Times published an article citing ” former fugitive, Virgilio Paz Romero, with ties to the Cuban Nationalist Movement and now living in Miami, who spoke out for the first time in an exclusive e-mail interview with the Cape Times. He admitted involvement in another killing, but categorically denied involvement in the Smit murders, saying: “I’m not hiding from anyone. I did my time for the conspiracy I was involved in. I’m sure that if I had been a suspect of the South African government for whatever reason, they would have found a way, through the American government, to find me.” In a phone interview with the Cape Times, former foreign affairs minister Pik Botha, 80, who was friends with the Smits, said: “No sufficient evidence was ever found to trace the murderers. It remains one of the most haunting criminal mysteries in our country.”

ct smit1

NO ANSWERS: Investigators at the home of politician Robert Smit after he and his wife Jean- Cora were murdered in 1977. The killers were never found. Photo: Gallo Images

Botha had heard allegations that Smit was murdered to prevent him from speaking out about an overseas slush fund he had come across.  “Again, we don’t have evidence, but I’m inclined to think yes, it’s a possibility,” he said.  The source, 58, claimed he was present at the killings and that Romero, who he referred to as Virgilio Paz, was there. “There were five people involved. They were flown in the week before. They flew out the night of the murder. I drove two to Lanseria Airport. Three stood watch around the house,” the source said. Aside from Romero, others present included a man from the US, a third man who appeared to be Mexican and a fourth known as McDougal. The source said Jean-Cora was standing at a telephone table when the “Mexican” man shot her. “(The man from the US) sat waiting for Robert. They had taken out the lights above the stoep so Robert wouldn’t be able to see his shooter. The light was shining in front of Robert, so he was silhouetted when he was shot. I stood on the stoep,” the source said. Smit was dragged from the point where he was shot along a passage and around a corner.

The source’s claims of who was behind the murders tallied with an article by Joe Trento, in the Sunday News Journal, Delaware, on February 24 1980, republished on the site www. politicsweb.co.za two years ago. It said in 1973 SA’s Bureau for State Security (Boss) and its counterpart based in Chile, called Dina, had started hiring CIA-trained “anti-Castro fanatics” to do contract killings. A “hit team” had been formed and the article said “known victims” of the team included the Smits, as well as exiled Chilean leader Bernardo Leighton and his wife Ana, who were seriously wounded in an attempted assassination in Rome on October 6, 1975. “The Sunday News Journal investigation shows the Smit killings were carried out by members of the Cuban Nationalist Movement under orders of elements of [Boss].” The article said Boss officials “did not want Smit releasing details of who had been paid off abroad by the South African Information Ministry”. It said Smit had been about to speak out about a scandal he had come across after lobbying the World Bank to lend money to SA, but hearing from friends that more than R70 million had been deposited in US accounts in the name of SA. According to CIA and State Department sources, Smit had discovered the names of over 20 American politicians, including US senators, right-wing journalists and publishers who had received payoffs and bribes.

“Some of these people were known to be supporters of the Pinochet regime in Chile, which is said to have had close ties with South Africa. “Both governments had a strong interest in keeping their names secret.” The Sunday News Journal article said the bullets recovered from Jean-Cora matched those recovered in the failed assassination on Leighton and his wife. This led investigators to look into whether Romero, suspected to be behind the Leighton shooting, was behind the Smit killings. Romero was also involved in the killing of Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and his colleague, Ronni Moffit, in a car bombing in Washington on September 21, 1976. The article said a witness in the bombing told the publication Romero and his counterpart, Dionisio Suarez, had been using CIA-supplied counterfeit money and South African gold Krugerrands while on the run. Two days ago Romero, who spent seven years in jail in the US for the Letelier incident, also denied links to the Leighton case. “I have never been to South Africa, nor do I remember who Robert Smit was. Whatever we did was done for ideals, not money, Krugerrands or any other currency,” he said.

Yesterday Torie Pretorius of the National Prosecuting Authority, who looked into the Smit murders in the 1990s, said it remained an open case. He said at the time investigators had worked with the Smit children, Robert, then 14 and Liza, then 13. Liza had received death threats. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission found the Smits “were killed by members of the security forces and that their deaths constitute a gross violation of human rights”. caryn.dolley@inl.co.za  http://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/palazzolo-files/new-claims-made-about-who-killed-robert-smit-1.1428897#.UibBRX-NB1o

TRC Final Report

267 Paragraph Numbers 425 to 435 Volume 2 Chapter 3  Subsection 46

Killing of own forces

425 Killings were also recorded inside the state or the security forces themselves; the victims were those whose loyalties were questioned or who represented a ‘weak link’ in the chain. A large number of the victims were askaris.

Robert and Jean-Cora Smit — 426 Mr Robert Smit, a former government representative at the IMF in Washington and National Party parliamentary candidate, and his wife Jean-Cora Smit, were shot and stabbed to death in what has been described as “an extremely professional hit” on 22 November 1977. The letters ‘RAU TEM’ were painted in red at the scene of the murder. Despite apparent intensive investigations the killings have remained unsolved for over twenty years.

427 During this period there have been persistent allegations that the killings were carried out by the South African security forces. A number of possible motives have been put forward: that Dr Smit had uncovered massive corruption and fraud involving extremely high-level government sources; that he was in possession of information relating to South Africa’s nuclear programme; or that the reason for the killings related to South Africa’s sanctions-busting activities, in which Dr Smit had been involved. Several people confirmed at the time that Dr Smit was in possession of information he had described as “explosive”.

428 Particular suspicion was directed at former members of BOSS’s alleged Z-squad and the SAP’s Special Task Team. Three names, Dries ‘Krullebol’ Verwey, Jack Widdowson and Roy Allen have repeatedly been associated with the killings. Verwey subsequently died in uncertain circumstances; both Widdowson and Allen, identified by two independent sources as having been in the area at the time of the killings, were named in the 1992 Steyn report as being connected to ‘third force’ activities. In addition, it is known that Dr Smit was due to meet with a Mr McDougal on the evening of his death. McDougal was the codename of a former Z squad operative, Phil Freeman, who has been named as a possible suspect in the Rick Turner killing.

429 Further allegations were that the investigation into the killings, conducted by members of the East Rand Murder and Robbery Squad, sought to cover up security force involvement. The investigation was conducted by the same SAP officer later responsible for the cover-up around RENAMO secretary general Orlando Christina’s killing. This officer was part of a joint SAP–SADF committee set up to assess the implication of Christina’s death and which recommended the killing of a number of people associated with Christina’s killing in order to conceal the then covert link between the SADF and RENAMO. Thus, while no evidence exists regarding this officer’s role in the Smit killings, his role in activities amounting both to cover-up and further unlawful actions has been established.

430 The Commission received no amnesty applications in respect of the Smits’ killings. Recent attempts by their daughter Liza to investigate her parents’ death, and her subsequent submission to the Commission, have been associated with death threats and possible attempts on her life. This tends to suggest a contemporary interest in ensuring that the facts surrounding the killings remain hidden, and points to a political agenda or at least one in which powerful – possibly financial – interests are vested.

431 While the Commission did not make significant headway in respect of these killings, it should be noted that the Attorney-General’s investigation confirms a politically motivated killing involving the security forces. http://sabctrc.saha.org.za/reports/volume2/chapter3/subsection46.htm