Crime reports July 29 2010


News summary: two elderly Afrikaans ladies had fingers broken by 4 burly attackers but still fight back fiercely; SAPS bomb squad searches an Afrikaans school in Vrede after a bomb threat ; two young Afrikaner boys were attacked in their sleep in Potchefstroom by 4 armed thugs; a Bloemfontein minister’s wife is torched to death but ‘police suspect no crime’…

Breedt Johanna torched to death Bloemfontein Bayswater Serenitas July 28 2010———————-

 July 28 2010 – In the latest crime-reports to www.Farmitracker.comwhich was launched from May 1 2010 to track ‘unreported crimes’ during the World Cup 2010 — reported that two elderly Afrikaans ladies had their fingers broken by four burly attackers but had fought back fiercely; an SAPS bomb squad and sniffer dogs were called in to search the premises of an Afrikaans school in Vrede, Free State after a bomb threat against local Afrikaners – but nothing was found. 64-year-old Afrikaans minister’s wife Johanna Breedt, left, described by a daughter as always ‘immaculately groomed and dressed’, apparently killed herself by setting herself alight in Bloemfontein – the local SAPS said that ‘no crime was suspected’… In Potchefstroom, two Afrikaans teenagers were attacked with their parents inside their own home; and an Afrikaans youth, 18, was publicly humiliated by the SAPS. The kind of news you don’t get to read in the mainstream news media… and that’s why will continue to track the uncensored news…


Burger family, Potchefstroom, attacked at home, July 22 2010.

Burger family Potchefstroom Christiaan 12 JanHarm 10 tied up robbed July232010 Four armed black men invaded the home of Mr Botha Burger and his wife Adele at 3am on July 22 2010, dragged their two young sons Christiaan, 12 and Jan-Harm, 10, from their beds, and tied them up with their parents while their home was looted of some electronic bling and jewellery.

The family home was looted and the bling – including a TV set, two cameras, a laptop computer, cellphones and jewellery – was loaded onto the family bakkie and the gang drove off.  When things quieted down Jan-Harm screamed for help through the open bathroom window to their housekeeper, who lives on the same erf but had somehow not noticed anything untowards whatsoever. She cut them loose and Mr Burger used the housekeeper’s cellphone to contact their security company. His bakkie was found abandoned alongside the road to Parys. Apparently the gang had gained access to the house by bending the burglar-bars in front of the livingroom windows. Another house-robbery als was reported the same week when a resident discovered that a window had been forced open and his TV set stolen. No-one was arrested in either case.



Lizamore newspaper couple – founders of Barberton Times – brutally murdered, Pinetown KZN –

  • he had just complained of an extortion racket targetting the elderly…

 Lizamore Graham 62 and Kate 50 founded Barberton Times murdered Pinetown KZN July 24 2010 NELSPRUIT – The founders of Barberton Times, Mr Graham Lizamore (62) and Ms Kathleen (Kate) Lizamore  (50), were brutally murdered in their home in Pinetown in KwaZulu-Natal last week. The couple had been working in the media industry for many years and got Barberton Times off the ground in 2001. They moved from the Eastern Cape to Durban barely two months ago where Ms Lizamore started working for Independent Newspapers. Their decomposing bodies were discovered on top of a toilet in a bathroom on Friday. Preliminary reports suggest that Mr Lizamore was strangled. A refuse bag was covering Ms Lizamore’s head – indicating that she might have  suffocated. The bodies were later moved to the bedroom where they were carefully examined. No signs of forced entry could be found to their home in Moseley Park. A TV and even a handbag remained untouched in the lounge. The couple was last seen by a neighbour in the complex on Wednesday. Phone calls by family members remained unanswered and a sister of Mr Lizamore went to their home on Friday where she made the gruesome discovery at about 14:30. She was severely traumatised and is currently being hospitalised.The houses are situated close to one another and neighbours said that one could easily have heard screams from that distance. Two cases of murder are being investigated. Ms Michélle Sephton, who was part of the Barberton Times team, described Mr Lizamore as a patient, kind person who had so much love to give. "Kate and Graham were an inspiration to many and made Barberton Times rise out of the ashes like a phoenix, despite many Barberton residents saying that it was an impossible task. They were true pioneers in more ways than one."    

 Gray complained about money being extorted from the aged. Perhaps this is why they were killed…’


New Afrikaner squatter camps mushroom as SA sheds 60,000 jobs:

Afrikaner poor in South africa are denied food aid from ANC regime who says its racist to feed hungry whites (2) The need amongst South Africa’s 3-million Afrikaners now is reaching crisis proportions, with scores of new tented squatter camps mushrooming over the past two months. South Africa shed another 60,000 jobs over the past two months, especially in the gold-mining sector: and it is now  being reported on Farmitrackercom that tens of thousands of new Afrikaner squatters have set up little camps on marginal land-sites, filled with homeless, unemployable young families with small children. These desperate Afrikaner families still are still being denied all food-aid and even disability benefits from the South African government because they are ‘whites’.

SA president Jacob Zuma ‘s office two weeks ago had to personally intervene with ‘denialist’ officials of the SASSA social-welfare agency, forcing them to meet officials of the Helping Hand agency of the Solidarity trade union which organisations are trying to help more than 600,000 poor Afrikaners survive. Zuma’s intervention came after SASSA officials had announced that they knew ‘nothing of any poor-white problems’ and had therefor not budgeted for providing any emergency food-aid nor social-welfare payouts to poor whites.

Zuma’s office ordered SASSA to meet with representatives of Helping Hand to inform themselves of the true extent of this rapidly-growing problem. Zuma himself has already visited Afrikaner squatter camps twice over the past two years and during both visits had  told the news media that he was ‘shocked at the extent of white poverty. ‘ 


Margaret Snyman 72; and Griet Swart 86, had their fingers broken by 4 black attackers – but still fought back…

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Two elderly Afrikaner residents of an old-age home, Mrs Margaret Snyman, 72 and her friend Mrs Griet Swart, 86, were attacked outside at 4pm outside their retirement residency complex by four young black men who had amazingly enough, first signed their names in the register of the guard-house of the heavily-protected, gated community of Herfsoord …

When the two Afrikaans women returned from their shopping trip at 4pm at Mrs Swart’s cottage, a vehicle stopped behind them, four black men jumped out and tackled the two old women, trying to rip off their jewellery. Mrs Swart, who was driving, wasn’t having this and smacked the two black men attacking her with her kierie (walking stick). They then threatened to shoot her butd she shouted at them: “What are you waiting for?” The  witnesses who told the local newspaper of the incident said the the old lady continued defending herself so fiercely that one of the other men assaulting her friend in the passenger seat rushed to help the other two deal with Mrs Swart. One of the attackers then broke her finger to rip off her ring, as they also did with her friend. The angry women were taken to the Emfuleni Medi-Clinic for treatment and trauma treatment. Herfsoord chairman Fred van Rensburg also confirmed the attack. He said the four attackers had actually registered in the security gate’s identity register telling the guard that they were fetching one of their employees. "This has never happened here before and we have tightened our security measures,’ he said. Mrs Snyman also had her handbag stolen about a month earlier – and it is believed that the same crime-gang. The lo9cal police said they are ‘investigating’.


previously unreported murder :

Deon Verwey, 49, Afrikaans resident, Jeffreys Bay – stabbed in bed with screwdriver

 Verwey Deon 49 Jeffreys Bay WC home stabbed in sleep July242010Afrikaner widower Deon Verwey, 49, a resident of the world-famous surfing town of Jeffreys Bay, died after he was stabbed with a screw-driver while asleep in his bed on June 17 2009, Sunday-morning between 2am and 2.30am . His sister Annetta van der Merwe and SAPS inspector Petra Els  both said  Verwey was asleep in his bed when someone gained access to his house through a window and stabbed him.

Die Burger journalist Mariska Spoormaker reports that Verwey had left a trail of blood as he then struggled from the bedroom to the backdoor where he screamed for help. His feet were tied with some kind of cable, said his sister. However the police ‘could not confirm this’. Mrs van der Merwe, who lives next door to her brother, said she and her friend J H Potgieter had heard him screaming for help. They ran to his home and discovered he had been stabbed. They took him to Humansdorp hospital in her car but he was dead on arrival.  His daughter Michelle, 23, who also lives in Jeffreys Bay, said her father’s death was ‘so unnecessary. He was a kind loving person who never hurt anyone,’ she said. Ten years earlier on 30 June 1999 Michelle had also lost her mom Laura in another violent tragedy: she was shot dead by a boyfriend. SAPS inspector Marianette Olivier said nobody was arrested for Deon Verwey’s murder.  She claimed that ‘items were missing from the house but we need to establish exactly what.’ Anyone with information may contact the police at insp. Dobela tel 042 200 6600, 042 200 6600, or 083 739 2810, 083 739 2810 . Published in Kouga Express.

Afrikaner woman torched in Bloemfontein


2010-07-27 Mrs Johanna Breedt, 64, Bayswater, Bloemfontein, torched to death: police ‘do not suspect a crime’.

 BLOEMFONTEIN. The SAPS ‘do not suspect a crime’ in the torching-death of Mrs Johanna Breedt, 64, of the Serenitas Retirement Centre in Bayswater. Volksblad journalist Earl Coetzee reports that ‘it appears as if a flammable liquid was poured over Mrs Breedt in a field at Polhymnia Street before she was set alight.’  Her distraught husband Rev Johan Breedt reportedly is inconsolable and says he doesn’t know what could have happened.

SAPS LtCol Annelie Wrensch said that from the evidence found at the Breedt home and that of a friend, her death ‘may not have been crime-related’.  As required by law, an inquest into her death was opened.


Breedt Johanna torched to death Bloemfontein Bayswater Serenitas July 28 2010 A worker at a private residence right next to the field went to investigate why their dogs were barking so much – and when she saw the burning woman, she alerted her homeowner Mr Mos Grobler, the SAPS and the fire department. A member of the Bloemsec-private security company who was patrolling the street  also rushed in to help douse the flames. Mr Grobler said that initially he did not  recognise the burnt woman  – until he noticed her car parked nearby, and her cellphone near the scene, and realised that it was Mrs Breedt – a close family friend.

She was still alive when paramedics from ER24 rushed her from the scene to the Bloemfontein MediClinic with 100% burn wounds: she died shortly after 9pm. Medical personnel said her burn wounds were ‘the worst any of them had ever seen’. Her distraught and crying husband, Reverend Johan Breedt,  stood helplessly at the scene and was reportedly inconsolable. He told the journalist that he ‘doesn’t know what happened at all and is awaiting information from the SAPS”. Their two daughters, Mrs Marina Wessels and Ms Daleen Breedt, were with their father, and their eldest daughter Mrs Marisa van Niekerk was expected to arrive from Hongkong.

Daughter Daleen  said “she was a phenomenal mom. A homemaker par excellence and always well-dressed and immaculately groomed.’

SAPS Lt-Col Annelie Wrensch said that according to evidence found at the Breedt home and that of a friend, the indications are that her death may not have been crime-related. An inquest into her death has been opened.

White squatter camps mushroom countrywide


President’s office orders ‘denialist’ officials from SASSA welfare agency to hold an emergency meeting with the Helping Hand charity over the problems of Poor Whites… with new campsites with Afrikaner squatters mushrooming…


The social-welfare agency SASSA has publicly refused to acknowledge the existence of ‘poor whites’ – and thus also was constantly denying all food-aid and other social-welfare benefits to many hundreds of thousands of poor Afrikaners who now wage a desperate battle for survival in the country of their birth.

The ‘poor-white’ problem is growing very rapidly now, with new reports flooding in daily  from across the country of new marginal land-sites where destitute, homeless Afrikaner families have set up their tents and caravans – and are in desperate need of food, clean water, clothing and housing.

Reported updates

AfrikanerSquatterCampsMushroomJuly272010 FARMITRACKER REPORT Latest update, July 26 2010 (above, new listing)  “Afrikaner poor in desperate need: Brakpan – Heidelberg campsite:  26°20’59.49"S, 28°20’30.85"E

Mark Pullen LOCATION OF SITE:  26°20’59.49"S, 28°20’30.85"E … Mark Pullen writes on Facebook: “This is a squatter camp with whites that we visited on the weekend, they need clothes, food and what ever else you can spare, at this point like Dolf the minister that heads the camps says money would be better spent with deeds and goods. This camp is on the Brakpan road between Brakpan and Heidelberg. Pullen reports: "we have started collecting for them and they needs a lot of things, books for the school-going kids that cannot get to school because of transport and money issues, food because of lack of jobs and also a transport problem. So if you have anything and don’t know how to get the goods to them contact me directly and we can make a plan to assist you to get your goods there. To contact him access: Mark Pullen Facebook .  Elsewhere, reports are also flooding in of people trying to help the desperate and often very hungry and cold residents of newly-established Afrikaner squatter camps, especially in the Gauteng region but also in Claremont in Johannesburg.


Why is SASSA denying food-aid and disability benefits to Afrikaner poor?

Pres. Jacob Zuma – who visited the Bethlehem squatter camp for poor Afrikaners twice over the past two years, was deeply moved by the deprivation which greeted him both times. He also promised government help during his visits – yet this week his office still had to intervene in getting these poor whites any help from social-welfare agency SASSA – with the Zuma office forcing a meeting between ‘denialist’ SASSA officials and the private charity Helping Hand of Solidarity trade union

This trade-union-run charity runs on private donations only – and is waging an increasingly desperate struggle to help feed the by now considerably more than 600,000 of the 3-million unemployable Afrikaners who are trying to survive in marginal little squatter camps countrywide. The poverty among these working-class Afrikaners has grown by more than 195% since 1994 – which is the most rapid rate of poverty experienced by any indigenous South African minority. 

This rapid poverty is due mainly to the ANC-regime’s socalled ‘black-economic-empowerment’ laws which are barring access to the job market to the majority of ‘whites’. They are also still actively being denied social-welfare and food-aid assistance from government agencies – despite Pres Zuma’s public promises.

  • However the minority group which has suffered the most from these racist ANC-laws were the working-class Afrikaners:  the skilled artisans and engineers who ran the railways and harbours; the nurses who ran the public hospital wards and -clinics, the police-officers, the teachers at the government schools, the technicians who ran the municipal sewerage plants and maintained the Eskom electricity networks, the working-class Afrikaner artisans in the mines and semi-state industries… and many are members of the Solidarity trade union.

AfrikanerSquatterBabiesBornAtFountainofYouthSquatterCampJoppieRuach Picture by Finbarr O’Reilly, Reuters news agency:  This poor Afrikaner woman delivered her baby inside her shack.  The social-welfare agency SASSA denied the existence of ‘poor whites” and refused to give them food-stamps for their daily survival needs…


Helping Hand  this month also opened up its 100th regional branch –  all are run by  unpaid local volunteers who know the conditions in the local Afrikaner squatter camps well. These branches are also desperate for government help because a growing number of Afrikaner families now appeal to them for daily food-aid, shanty-houses, blankets, children’s school uniforms and even for medical assistance: poor Afrikaner women often complain  of being refused treatment or of being treated very rudely, especially at the government hospitals’ maternity wards.

AfrikanerPoorZumaForcesSASSAagencyMeetHELPING HANDJuly242010

Two white couples gruesomely murdered, KwaZulu Natal


2010-07-23 Two white English-speaking couples were murdered in KZN this week: newspaper couple Kate and Graham Lizamore in Pinetown; and Jennifer and Christopher Early (from the UK) at their Hibberdene smallholding.

Lizamore newspaper couple found brutally slain p2 IndependentSat July242010PINETOWN, KZN. The decomposing bodies of newspaper couple Kate Lizamore, 50, and Graham Lizamore, 62, were discovered in their Pinetown home on July 23 2010. They were murdered: a plastic bag was pulled over her head and his hands and feet were tied behind him. Her sister Mrs Patricia Hayes of Pietermaritzburg had alerted the couple’s colleagues and police after she was unable to reach them on their cellphones. They had moved from the East Cape five weeks earlier. Mr Lizamore ‘s hometown was Gonubie, EC.


He wrote on his facebook page on July 8: “ Durbs makes everything good and bad people behind you” ..

On April 26 he also wrote: “ Happy birthday dear Katey, my wife and closest companion, who is always the first to come to the aid of those who need help no matter the time nor circumstance. Enjoy today and countless more…”


Independent Newspapers confirmed that their employee Kathleen (Kate) Lizamore and her husband, Graham had only been living in KZN  for one month and a week after moving from the Eastern Cape. Kate Lizamore’s colleagues said she had not been at work since Wednesday and Mrs Hayes had called the newspaper to find out if her colleagues had heard from her because she had been unable to get hold of the couple since Monday.

The Mercury newspaper reported that on Friday, Mrs Hayes had ‘managed to get the police to check on them at their house in Rushbrook Road South, in Mosley Park, only to discover that the house had been locked.” KwaZulu-Natal Police spokesman Vincent Mdunge said on inspection police had found them dead. "Their bodies were slumped in the toilet. The man had his hands tied behind his back with a rope and the wife’s head was covered with what looked like a refuse bag. Their bodies were already in a state of decomposition."

A neighbour said she had last seen the couple on Wednesday. The Lizamores were having some painting work done at their home by the local complex caretaker. The neighbour said they were busy painting when she heard what sounded like an altercation between Graham Lizamore and the complex’s caretaker. She said she locked herself in her house and after a while there was silence. That same night the complex caretaker and his girlfriend, who had been living with him on the premises, packed up their belongings and left. There were blood stains on the curtain of their flatlet. Mdunge said they were still investigating and had not established the cause of death. It  was not clear if they had been strangled. "Because of the level of heat their bodies were already in a state of decomposition but they were fully clothed. Nothing was stolen from the house. There is also no evidence of forced entry".

The couple had arrived in Durban last month and Kate Lizamore had got a job with Independent Newspapers Special Projects. Kate Lizamore’s line manager, Vinesh Naidoo, said they were all shocked by her death. She had worked at media houses across the country. Graham Lizamore had been employed by the then Argus group, which became Independent Newspapers after it was bought out by Irish entrepreneur Sir Anthony O’Reilly. He had worked in editorial sections of the Cape Argus and Star titles. He also worked for Johnnic Communications, now the Avusa group, overseeing the relaunch of the old Kei Mercury community newspaper in King William’s Town. Graham Lizamore had also been accredited with the launches of The Barberton Times, The Natural Farmer, The Coastal Profile and The Mpumalanga Tourist.


Three sugar-cane workers arrested for loathsome double-murder of Jennifer, Christopher Early from UK on their Hibberdene, KZN smallholding

Early Christopher and Jennifer July 19 2010 murdered Hibberdene KZN MercuryFrontPage HIBBERDENE, KZN. July 23 2010 – A convicted burglar who had been jailed for breaking into a Hibberdene smallholding  – and who was released from prison in June – was amongst three sugar-cane workers arrested at a kampong 12 km away; suspected of murdering the retired white English-speaking couple Christopher (69) and Jennifer (62) Early, who are originally from the United Kingdom. The kampong is 12km away from the smallholdings. The Early couple had been found dead inside their crashed, torched car.

Beeld newspaper journalist Dries Liebenberg reports on July 23 2010 that the 23-year-old suspect was jailed for breaking in at Hibberdene – the same region where Mr and Mrs Early were hacked to death. A team of detectives from Port Shepstone descended on the Silver Hill kampong at a sugar-cane farm co-operative at 4pm on Fridayto arrest the man. SAPS lt.col. Zandra Hechter said the kampong is located about 12km from the Early smallholding. The couple’s .22 and .38 special handguns, their two cellphones and various other items from the Early household were found with the suspects. The SAPS believe that Mrs Early was shot dead with the couple’s own .22 handgun. Mr Early was hacked to death with a machete – police believe he had surprised the attackers inside the homestead while they were holding his wife captive. The men are scheduled to set remand court appearance date on Monday July 26. The SAPS is also investigating whether the attack-gang can be linked to any other armed robberies in the region. 2010-07-23 Dries Liebenberg