Dutch media slams ANC over ethnic-cleansing Afrikaans from map

“Cleansing Afrikaans names from the SA map also suppresses the millions of people who speak this beautiful language “ – Dutch columnist Rob Hoogland, March 31 2012

March 31 2012 – Criticism of the ANC-regime is growing rapidly in The Netherlands: which for years had been its staunchest and most active supporter.

PRETORIA STREET NAME CHANGES MAR302012 (2) This week main-stream Dutch news media concentrated on the battle waged by Afrikaners in Pretoria against the ANC-regime’s ongoing ethnic-cleansing of all Afrikaans- and Dutch names from the map of South Africa. Dutch MP Martin Bosma of the Party for Freedom (PVV) focussed attention on the problem by asking questions in Dutch Parliament.  And the Federasie vir Afrikaanse Kultuurverenigings (FAK) sent a letter to Dutch premier Mark Rutte, asking him to help save the many Dutch-Afrikaans cultural-historic names.  PRETORIA STREET NAMES CHANGED UNILATERALLY MARCH 30 2012 FREEDOM FRONT PLUS PRETORIA NAME CHANGES ENRAGE DUTCH“Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaans/Dutch from SA map also suppresses the millions of people who speak it…”

Influential Dutch political commentator Rob Hoogland also asked in his column in Telegraaf daily on March 31 2012 ‘whether the Dutch should perhaps also change  the place-names in The Netherlands which were named after for instance, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko etc: writing below) that the Afrikaans language – and the people who speak it — ‘are also being increasingly being suppressed by these useless measures (name-changes). This is a beautiful language which is spoken by many millions of South Africans, including many people of colour, a fact which is often forgotten…”  He noted that he often ‘drove too fast on the Steve Biko Road, and I hate that road even if it had been named after (Dutch singer) Corry Konings.’

He pointed out that the African National Congress party now has been on control of South Africa, and are making all the ‘classic post-revolutionary error’ by ethnically-cleansing hundreds of (Afrikaans/Dutch) names from the South African map. 


Last week, criticism also rained down on the ANC  from various Dutch media-sources including from the influential agricultural magazine Boerderij, and even from state-broadcaster NOS .

Each ran critical stories. highlighting the failing policies of the ANC-regime: slamming its proposed ‘forced land-sale’ law; the ANC’s proposed Pretororia street-name changes for Dutch queen Wilhelmina; the Zuma-regime’s active encouragement of the murderous attacks against Afrikaner farmers with its struggle-song Shoot the Boer — and the regime’s very clear failure to protect its commercial farming-community. These interesting facts were noted amongst others by avid Dutch blogger Bart Bouwman. 


Listen to the Dutch radio broadcast criticising the ANC’s ‘land-reform’ policies by Koert Lindijer- although he has his facts wrong, claiming ‘the majority of farms are still in white hands’…   (The official land-registries show in fact that 64,976 of the original 85,000 ‘Boer’ farms were already  in State-hands by May 2011 –  article: )– 

Vuyk Riet murder P1 TELEGRAAF Mar232012 by Joel Roerig critical of authoritiesA new wind started blowing at the Ministry over the past year –  it’s now apparently the policy that black children may only be fostered by black families. The SA authorities’ refusal to support Mrs Vuyk’s orphanage probably created horrific tension between her and her accused murderer Leonard Gina…’ De Telegraaf daily writes:

On Saturday March 24, De Telegraaf also ran a full-page article about the gruesome murder of Dutch missionary Riet Vuyk in Ubombo, KZN by journalist Joël Roerig – who visited the Ubombo region and interviewed the locals about her horrific murder and the circumstances leading up to it. The newspaper blamed the dedicated Dutch protestant woman’s murder on tensions with a local black man over the care of five black orphans. De Telegraaf did not mince its words:  quoting one of Riet’s friends who blames her murder directly on the ANC-regime’s ‘apparent policy change which now allow only black-African orphans to be cared for only by black-African families – a policy which probably led to friction and her murder  this month,” Roerig noted below:

Vuyk Riet moord THUMB P3 Telegraaf Artikel Mar232012 Writes De Telegraaf journalist Joël Roerig, who travelled to Ubombo to report on Mrs Vuyk’s gruesome murder: “  “It  appears to be policy now that black children must be cared for only by black families. Jacob Zuma held a controversial speech recently in which he blamed the Christians for the emergence of orphans and old-age homes’. Mrs Vuyk, who had five black children in her care in the Jan Vuyk orphanage, told her friend Mtshali that the public prosecutor had refused to charge a neighbour called Mr Gina – who now is the main accused in her murder – after he had assaulted the frail Dutch woman in a row over the care of the orphans: one of which he fostered and received foster-care benefits for . “It’s because I am white,’ Mrs Vuyk told her friend after the authorities refused to prosecute the man. Concluded De Telegraaf: “These strange flipflops of the authories clearly created enormous tensions between Mrs Vuyk and her neighbour Mr Gina.  Mrs Vuyk’s English-speaking white friend Mrs Rozanne Hay, who now lives in the UK but often visited the local prison with Mrs Vuyk when she lived in SA,  said “Riet was getting enormous opposition from the social workers – and their criteria were changing constantly. Especially during the past year. It now appears to be policy that black children may only be cared for by black families.’  (The Telegraaf article is reproduced in the documents below)

Dutch criticism of ANC-regime’s agricultural policies also grows:
The Dutch agricultural magazine ‘Boerderij’ (Farm) also attacked the ANC-regime about their criminal lack of protection for besieged Afrikaner farmers, writes Dutch blogger Bart Bouwman.  http://www.boerderij.nl/Home/Nieuws/2012/2/Europese-Conferentie-over-Afrikaanse-moorden-op-boeren-AGD580382W/

He dedicated his blog to ‘that all too sweet ANC-regime’ —  link  — writing: On Wednesday the Dutcn national broadcaster NOS Radio 1 airs a critical programme about the ‘agricultural reform’ in South Africa. The two interviewed farmers from Lindley in the Free State- one white, one black – both slam the ANC ‘s proposed policy of forcing white farmers to sell their land, as happened in Zimbabwe. “It must be done differently – on a voluntary basis – both farmers said. Moreover, the NOS agrees with this statement. The Dutch journalist interviewed two farmers: the first one, a white farmer named Diettrich, spoke in English, the black farmer spoke in Afrikaans.The Afrikaans text was not translated but the English was: so farmer Diettrich when you read this: please NEVER speak English to Dutch journalists again to ‘make their jobs easier’.Rather speak Afrikaans. However, according to the NOS, it’s the ANC which gets the blame,” Bouwman noted.

Dutch public broadcaster deeply insulted over ANC-attitude towards Pretoria street name-changes, equating Verwoerd with the Dutch Queens Wilhelmina and Beatrix…

The NOS already was felt itself deeply insulted by the ANC-regime over another matter: namely the ANC-regime’s considering Pretoria’s street-names of Dutch Queens Wilhelmina (1898-1948) and Beatrix (1980-to present) equally undesirable as the streets named after people such as Hendrik Verwoerd. “I already noted this in my November 2011 blog. One cannot mention Dutch Queen Beatrix’ name as having been any integral part of Pretoria’s apartheid-past. On the contrary, the Dutch Royal family have very good personal friendships with (Desmond) Tutu and (Nelson) Mandela. Dutch princess Mabel even heads The Elders Foundation, founded in 2007 by Mandela. Dear ANC, with this attitude you strike at the very heart of Dutch monarchists. And that’s exactly the group which because of their conservatism, thus could also become very pro-Afrikaner…’

Top Dutch agricultural magazine sides with Transvaal Agricultural Union – slams ANC-refusal to protect white farmers and its proposed law to force farmers to sell their land:

He also referred to a very critical article about the growing struggle of the commercial farming community in South Africa to stay afloat under the ever-changing ANC-policies – the latest being the proposal to ‘encourage land reform by forced-sales of farms’.  The largest and most authoritative agricultural magazine in the Netherlands, Boerderij – also directly blames the ANC-leadership for its grotesque lack of security for white farmers.

“Boerderij’ directly blames the ANC-regime’s demolishment of the very effective Commando System (under Thabo Mbeki)  for the violent attacks, rapes and murders which Afrikaner farm-families have to endure on a daily basis: and which can be seen in the daily harrowing incidents described on the independent criminology-site http://www.farmitracker.com 

Writes Bouwman: “Boerderij is critical, saying that the ANC does too little to protect the farmers – indeed they point out that the ANC indeed supports the attackers of white farmers with their ‘struggle song ‘Kill the Boer,’  and ‘Shoot the Boer.’  The magazine published a large photo of a tractor with the Afrikaans text:  “Sonder die boer kan jou ma jou nie voer.” (Without the farmer, your mom can’t feed you’. Bouwman: “That was very appropriate for this magazine which four years ago also pushed a campaign with the motto: ‘Wie een boer laat stikken, heeft straks niks te bikken.'(If you let your farmers get beaten there will be nothing for eatin’’.

In fact Bouwman points out that “Boerderij’ – probably the largest official mouthpiece for agriculture in The Netherlands – had also openly started supporting the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa. “I think it’s a historic step. This means that the ‘official mouth piece… for Dutch agriculture now supports the Afrikaner farmers.” 

These critical articles are very meaningful: De Telegraaf has more than 2m readers a day; the NOS, the state-broadcaster, won a prize in 2011 for the ‘most trustworthy news’, and the weekly Boerderij is the largest agricultural magazine in The Netherlands.

“Die dagblad De Telegraaf het meer as 2 miljoen lesers per dag, die NOS (onafhanklike staatsnuusdiens) het in 2011 ‘n prys gewen vir die “mees betroubare nuus” en die weekblad Boerderij is die grootste landbouweekblad van Nederland,” Dutch blogger Bart Bouwman.

Bouwman entire blog is on:  http://bit.ly/GLMUM0



Bouwman blog:  http://bit.ly/GLMUM0

http://www.detelegraaf.nl Mar 24 2012 Saturday Edition: page TA5


Below: Train-commuter, Dutch citizen Joris de Vries, who works at the Cape Town offices of a foreign airline company, was struck in the eye by a large stone thrown by a black commuter on a passing train. A fellow passenger had to help him get an ambulance; the first hospital refused him medical care; at the second one he was put on a waiting list despite his critical injury, and at a third hospital, which diagnosed that he’d also sustained several cracks in his skull, concluded his eye would have to be removed. De Vries flew back to The Netherlands instead. The Cape of Good Hope’s world-famous, centuries-old spirit of hospitality has clearly died under the ANC-regime. http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2473


  Web of lies around murder of Dutch protestant missionary Mrs Riet Vuyk revealed in Dutch news media:VUYK RIET MURDER OFFICIAL WEB OF LIES AROUND LOCAL TENSIONS LEADING TO HER DEATH RE ORPHANAGE Vuyk Riet murder P1 TELEGRAAF Mar232012 by Joel Roerig critical of authorities Vuyk Riet moord P2 Telegraaf Artikel Mar232012

Vuyk Riet moord P3 Telegraaf Artikel Mar232012 BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS MORE THAN 1M EARN MORE THAN AVERAGE WHITE SALARIES 2000  2011                                      

 http://www.detelegraaf.nl Mar 24 2012 Saturday Edition: page TA5


Weekblad Boerderij, Bylae Vandaag, 16 maart, bladsy 16. (Beslaan hele bladsy – A3 formaat)

**Dagblad De Telegraaf, Saterdagbylae vir abonnees, 24 maart, bladsy 5. (Beslaan hele bladsy – A2 formaat)

   *** Die Nederlandse emigrasie na Suid-Afrika, A.P. du Plessis (Universiteit Utrecht/Universiteit van die Oranje Vrystaat) (1955) Teerhuis en Klinkenberg, Amstelveen/Amsterdam

– Tussen 1945 en 1954 was daar 400.000 Nederlandse immigrante in Suid-Afrika. Die immigrasiegolf het egter tot 1968 geduur…

Afrikaners arrested on fake charges: abused in jail

Afrikaners are often arrested on fake charges, raped and/or racially abused while in police custody: there have also been incidents recorded where they are denied their legal human rights in the judicial system: for instance being denied bail and  pro-bono legal representation, a criminologist’s independent archives reveal:  link

Some of these incidents are listed below

Afrikaans ‘coloured’ teacher Robert van Eeden, 46, De Kuilen Laerskool, arrested for ‘hugging pupils’: brutally raped in police van Kuilsrivier SAPS
2012-03-24 KUILSRIVER – Burger newspaper journalist Julian Jansen reports that a 46-year-old De Kuilen primary school teacher was arrested on trumped-up claims by three parents — angered because he’d sent their children to the headmaster’s office for failing to complete their history-assignments in time —  that he was ‘hugging his pupils’ on 9 March 2012.  The SAPS then ignored his screams while he was being raped in the back of the police van enroute to Pollsmoor Prison.

Van Eeden Robert 46 Afrikaans teacher Laerskool De Kuilen picked up on fake charges RAPED IN POLICE VAN Kuilsrivier Mar232012 Not allowed to apply for bail – magistrate said ‘there was no time, the prison van was waiting: ‘

He had reported with his attorney André de Klerk- to the Kuilsrivier police station and then at the Blue Downs magistrate’s court – during which De Klerk submitted a request asking that Mr Van Eeden be allowed to apply for bail. However the magistrate was impatient, said ‘there was no time for a hearing as the police van is already waiting to leave for Pollsmoor Prison’ and had to be there on time.During the trip to Pollsmoor Mr Van Eeden was raped – and was threatened to be killed by the rapists ‘if he dared to speak’.
Apparently the police officers driving the van ignored his screams. Mr Van Eeden, who has been teaching for 21 years without any kind of incidents nor complaints about his behaviour, is facing three charges of ‘hugging pupils’ submitted by parents in Kuilsrivier. Mr Van Eeden incurred the wrath of these parents because the children’s history tasks had been completed too late: and Mr Van Eeden had asked them to talk to their problems with the headmaster. The education department suspended Mr Van Eeden after the three parents’ complaints were received.Moreover, when he appeared in court, the acting magistrate advocate Cecelia Brümmer, had also denied Van Eeden’s application for pro-bono legal representation. He then submitted an urgent application in the High Court – demanding he be given access to the written statements by the three complaining parents to the police. He was finally granted bail on 14 March, of only R1,000 ($100). Mr van Eeden, described as ’emotional due to the trauma’, now is on strong medication. He told the journalist that he did not want to speak about the criminal charges against him. He also does not want to speak about the rape-ordeal, he said. “The charges came as a great shock. I love children and would never stoop so low as to abuse them in any way. I do give them little hugs, yes probably some 100 times a day’. The West Cape education department Paddy Attwell confirmed that Mr Van Eeden was charged with ‘sexual assault’ under article 17 (1)(b) of the Employment Act for Educationalists; alternatively under article 18(1)(q) for allegedly ‘behaving in an inappropriate, scandalous or unacceptable manner’.
Even though he was not convicted in any criminal trial on this case, he was suspended after his internal hearing about this. Mr Van Heerden was ordered to reappear in the Blue Downs court on May 3 2012.

Afrikaner SAPS serg Ignatius le Roux kept in illegal custody for 3 years on trumped-up charges: released Feb 31 2012
Afrikaner SAPS serg. Ignatius le Roux kept in illegal custody for 3 yrs on false charges: released Feb 31 Jan 2012 after magistrate investigates the charges and finds that he had been incarcerated on trumped-up charges. Releases him. Tue Feb 28 2012

LE ROUX Ignatius ex SAPS sergeant falsely accused AND KEPT IN CUSTODY FOR THREE YEARS in Benoni RELEASED FEB26 2012                              http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2383

Two senior Afrikaner officers of 121 Battallion cleared of trumped-up charges by Appeal Court NOT GUILTY OF CONSPIRING TO MURDER BLACK MAJOR M MANEKWANE —

Labuschagne Ferdinand Maj. SADF 121Bn NOT GUILTY OF TRUMPEDUP ATTEMPTED MURDER APPEALS COURT –  Two senior Afrikaner officers of 121 Battallion cleared of trumped-up charges by Appeal Court NOT GUILTY OF CONSPIRING TO MURDER BLACK MAJOR M MANEKWANE Fri Oct 17 2008

Sasolburg cops an integral part of murder/farm-attack gang waging reign of terror against rural Afrikaners: yet they are still  working warns judge C J Musi
Reign of terror targets whites from police-stations: A judge who jailed Sasolburg Club 40 manager Ignatius Michael Grobler’s killer this week is worried: Judge C J Musi noted …Fri Jun 3 2011

Short, Gerhardt and Rene, arrested on trumped-up charges: not guilty of attempted murder, De Wildt, Magalies“TODAY WE ARE GOING TO ARREST A BOER’ hatespeech against arrested men: De Wildt, Brits, Sept 9 2009 Sun Aug 15 2010 

Le Grange Joseph, son Pieter, friend Hendrik vdWesthuizen  – got unfair trial because of anti-Afrikaner prejudice of Judge Frans Kgomo Three Afrikaners in Prieska had unfair trial because of anti-Afrikaner judge Frans Kgomo – Supreme court of appeal rules…Thu Sep 18 2008 http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/743

Pretorius, Lets, Afrikaners abused in prison radio interview Feb 8 2008
Pretorius, Lets, trial-awaiting Afrikaners are racially-abused in Pretoria high security prison – radio interview Feb 8 2008 RACIST ABUSE IN PRISON: listen to the radio intervie …Fri Feb 8 2008 5:55:00


Ratte: 10 arrested Afrikaners spat at by muslim while in police-custody outside Witbank court room
Israeli pro-Boer activist Avigdor Eskin — on fact-finding mission in South Africa – also attends arrested Boers’ court-appearance in Witbank…….Mon Oct 11 2010

Ratte, Willem, decorated 32Battallion leader, again arrested on trumped-up weapons charges
Cmdr Willem Ratte arrested again – OCT 11 2010  Ratte was teaching unemployed Afrikaners a new artisan trade at the internal-refuge … evidence emerged that the police had planted weapons and searched an adjacent farm to locate some marijuana.
All these charges were dropped later but he had to go on a hunger-strike before they would do so: Mon Oct 11 2010

Cwele, Sheryl, wife of Intelligence/Security minister Siyabonga Cwele, charged with luring white women into drug-running syndicate PIETERMARITZBURG (Sapa) – Sheryl Cwele, wife of Intelligence/Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, recruited Afrikaans woman Tessa Beetge as a drug-mule,

“Whites punished too lightly for crimes”says new depy-police minister Maggie Sotyu
In a public rant outside parliament, brand-new deputy-police minister Maggie Sotyu shouted that ‘whites are punished too lightly for crimes, all whites are criminals…;010-11-09 Fri Nov 12 2010


Why are Pretoria cops so violent against Afrikaners and Foreigners?
Disabled Boer couple assaulted by racist cops: and Many other incidents:
Fri Jun 24 2011

Two racist Indian-SA cops who massacred 4 unarmed white men were sentenced to 205 years combined prison Wednesday, 29 September 2010 Racist cops who massacred 4 whites sentenced to 205 years…….
Massacre of four white men by two Indian-SA cops who picked a racist fight
Wed Sep 29 2010

Olivier – two Afrikaans smallholders, arrested for self-defence killing of armed attacker who tried to kill him at Kameeldrift Sept20 2010  DENIED BAIL HEARING -2010-09-20 Two Afrikaner smallholders arrested after alleged death of farm-attacker – Uitzicht, Kameeldrift 2010-09-23 09:43 Pic: Mrs Elize Olivier burst into tears Fri Sep 24 2010


Scheepers, Roelien, teacher Ermelo, kidnapped, drugged by Nigerians, VICTIM gets charged…
This thoroughly disjointed story by Rapport journalist Willem Pelser seems to imply that 32-year-old teacher and mom of two, Roelien Scheepers, was locked up by a Nigerian criminal/dru …
Sun Aug 15 2010


City Press newspaper found guilty of spreading political propaganda against Afrikaners
Blackwash group organiser Andile Mngxitama – importantly, a policy adviser of the ANC-run European Union-funded Foundation for Human Rights – has been found guilty of spreading anti-Afrikaner propaganda.
Mon Jul 12 2010

Afrikaners increasingly targetted, abused, humiliated by black-racist ANC-officials
Summary: anti-white racism crimen-injuria complaint against Black SAPS brig Vuyokazi Ndebele
Sat Oct 22 2011

Zimbabwe journalist incites genocide against Afrikaners, writes: ‘ANC needs to kill the Boers: it’s the only way Power will be theirs’… by Caesar Zvayi -He attended the 100th-anniversary celebrations in Bloemfontein as one o …
Thu Jan 19 2012

Homeless elderly Afrikaners Chris and Chrissie Knoll chased from shelter by SAPS with teargas Nelspruit
Elderly, homeless Afrikaner couple Chris and Chrissie Knol chased from shack by municipality twice – with teargas. 2
Mon May 2 2011

Afrikaners beaten in Koffiefontein after objecting to antiwhite hatespeech in Post Office
White woman beaten in Koffiefontein after objecting to anti-white hatespeech in PO 2011-07-12
Previously a white man was also beaten up by a young black man while withdrawing cash and being subjected to hatespeech …
Tue Jul 12 2011 

Khabisi Mosunkutu, ANC-politician, death threats to Afrikaner politicians Aug 13 2008
“We will find places for your children in the orphanage’ – death threat by ANC politician Khabisi Mosunkutu (Gauteng provincial former agricultural-minister) August 13 2008 …
Wed Aug 13 2008

Social welfare agency SASSA refuses aid to 600,000 Poor Whites,
Social-welfare agency SASSA refuses to admit that there any ” poor whites “…refuse food-aid, social-welfare benefits to more than 600,000 of the 3-million Afrikaner whites Sun Jul 25 2010


Fourie Johan sr.superintendent SAPS Limpopo, NOT GUILTY of trumped-up theft charges, lodges charge with Human Rights Commission Senior Limpopo detective Johan Fourie fights to get job back – years after he was cleared of deliberately trumped-up ‘theft’ charges Pietersburg – December 2, 2008 — Senio …
Tue Dec 2 2008

Afrikaans mom Yolanda Mostert; farmer Wikus Ras attacked, arrested by traffic cops on trumped up charges Afrikaans mom and farmer badly mauled by Mpuma traffic cops 2011-10-26 ERMELO. Mrs Yolanda Mostert allegedly was badly mauled by the infamous ‘red-hat traffic brigade’ in fron …
Wed Oct 26 2011

Nylstroom: Du Preez family arrested on farm, SAPS commander shouting: “Shoot dead anyone who resists…’ NO CHARGES LODGED, RELEASED:
Nylstroom Court rules that the Du Preez family was arrested on trumped up charges after viewing the video: Du Preez family was arrested by a huge SAPS contingent Sun Aug 15 2010

Bouwer, Adv. Marius, SAPS anti-corruption unit, awarded R600,000 damages FALSE SAPS ARREST, TORTURE Afrikaner ex-commander of SAPS anti-corruption unit arrested ON TRUMPED UP MURDER-CHARGE AND FALSE CLAIMS OF MEMBERSHIP OF ‘BOEREMAG’ (which is not illegal in SA) Thu Dec 18 2003


Van der Mescht Sakkie firearm-control-officer Rustenburg false SAPS arrest
Sakkie van der Mescht dumped in Rustenburg cell, threatened with gang-rape – forced to sign fake ‘confession’ 23/07/2008 Linda de Beer, Beeld – Rustenburg – Wed Jul 23 2008

Afrikaans SAPS widow Margaretha (Liza) de Bruin sues gov’t for repeated false arrests
Afrikaans SAPS widow Margaretha Liza de Bruin sues SAPS for repeated false arrests 2011-11-02 source: Beeld journalist Hanti Otto – Margaretha (Liza) de Bruin, the widow of an SAPS sergeant who was killed while on duty …Wed Nov 2 2011



To find more incidents on Farmitracker.com  — use its search engine and find them under  ‘trumped up’ and ‘fake charges’  etc


AFRIKANERS OFTEN ARRESTED ON TRUMPED UP CHARGES SUMMARY FARMITRACKER                                 search on: http://boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker 

Zuma sings Shoot the Boer: now Afrikaners get killed daily

Daily murders of Afrikaners soar — ever since Jacob Zuma sang Shoot the Boer in Bloemfontein in Jan 2012:  Photoalbum Jan 2012 to present:

summary of latest incidents: Selcourt man murdered after taking gardener home; IT-expert Kobus Zwart stabbed to death after leaving his job; Trevor and Laura Rees murdered in Farrarmere, Benoni; Mrs Kleingeld beaten up at her Pretoria smallholdings; Harrismith farmer Tjokkie Venter stabbed in face;  elderly Afrikaner couple survive brutal attack in Somerstrand PE;  and ‘flash-mob’ rioting breaks out countrywide

Zuma sang repeatedly: “We are going to shoot them, they are going to run, Shoot the Boer, shoot them, they are going to run, Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run, the Cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun, the Cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun …’   January 8 2012, Bloemfontein


An Afrikaner man from Selcourt took his gardener home and was found torched to death inside his bakkie near Grootvlei gold mine, Springs at 9am – pic:

Afrikaner man torched in car Blesbokspruit nature reserve Springs March 21 2012 Grootvlei mine https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=348566355190310&set=a.295762777137335.72828.100001108447359&type=1&theater

IT-expert Kobus Zwart, 36, disappeared after leaving from his Midrand job enroute to his Alberton home: was found stabbed to death – on road between Balfour and Standerton. The SAPS did a wonderful job: they traced his bakkie all the way to Ulundi in KZN where the local police found ‘three very drunken males’ in possession of it, and three other males were also arrested with his laptop computer and …

ZWART Kobus Beeld story IT expert of Midrand found stabbed to death on Balfour Standerton Road Mar22 2012 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.116299738396580.16515.116298045063416&type=3

Early Saturday-morning, March 24, Mrs Kleingeld was brutally beaten up by a large group of black males on her smallholding near Pretoria.  She is now in Montana Hospital, with a broken nose and badly bruised face, writes Jaypee Smuts.  “Police are trying to locate her husband who is on an overseas trip at the moment, to inform him of the armed robbery attack on his wife”.

Kleingeld Mrs Plt 94 Byenes poort Roodeplaat Dam Pretoria assaulted badly nose broken Mrch 23 2012 http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2463


Harrismith farmer Tjokkie Venter, 36, stabbed in face, beaten with steel bars by squatters on farm:
2012-03-21 08:02 Harrismith  farmer Tjokkie Venter, 36, is in hospital after being stabbed in the face and beaten with an iron bar when he was demolishing a steel structure on a farm which was bought by the SA National Road Agency SANRAL which plans to widen the N3 freeway. People who are living illegally on the State-owned farm assaulted Mr Venter and his father on Tuesday evening on the farm Gegund – after the two Venter men had been demolishing a steel structure on the farm Uitvlugt, belonging to Sanral. Local citizen-defence unit member Piet Roetz said the Venters were assaulted ‘by people who claimed the farm belonged to them, not to Sanral’.
The farm house and storage sheds were already demolished. Albert Venter alerted the police to the assault and SAPS sergeant Majang Skalkie said ‘a charge of criminal violent assault is being investigated. Thus far nobody was arrested.


Elderly Afrikaner couple attacked in Somerstrand, Port Elizabeth, threatened with torture by boiling water: Humewood police Phone: 041-5045057 Fax: 041-5045208) The search for all the armed black males who attacked an elderly Afrikaner couple and tortured them at their Somerstrand home on March 19 is continuing. SAPS captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said one suspect was arrested shortly thereafter near the crime-scene and two other males were also captured in the victinity carrying a bag with contents. The 81-year-old victim who was assaulted with the coloured carer, called ‘Katie’, were both dragged to a bedroom and beaten with the 80-year-old wife and tied up.The old woman was threatened with torture by boiling water if she didn’t want to give them the keyus to the safe – which they knew was on the premices. The gang fled after stealing several historic Kruger Coins, jewellery and money. SAPS Director Ronald Koll of the Humewood police station said a week earlier that they ‘believe they had arrested the master-brain behind the wave of armed house-robberies in the area, which is highly favoured by retired couples. http://afrikaans.news24.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Bejaarde-paartjie-in-PE-aangeval-20120322

Trevor Rees and wife Laura murdered at home, Farrarmere, Benoni March 20 2012: all set to travel to family in Australia:
The elderly Benoni couple who were found murdered in their home in Farrarmere, Benoni, Trevor and Laura Rees, both in their eighties, were all set to travel to visit their son and grandchildren in Australia when they were murdered. Their death was so ‘senseless,’ said reverend Willem Mostert of the Farrarmere Anglican congregation to which the Rees couple belonged. Their son Glenn Rees – who also is an Anglican Minister, lives north of Melbourne in Australia. A family friend Dianne van Niekerk said the son was travelling to
South Africa to make the funeral arrangements of his parents. Forensic experts examined the crime scene in Masefield Street two days after their bodies were found. SAPS captain  Alfred Nakana of Benoni said it looks as if the killers had jumped across the back wall and found Mr Reed in the hobby-room where he did his woodwork. He was bashed over the head with a hammer and stabbed several times with a knife. Rev Mostert said he saw the couple the previous Thursday when he helped them with the documentation for their travel to Australia. Mostert became concerned when he did not hear from them and contacted security company officials and the police, who broke down the door and discovered the bodies. 

Flash-mob attacks soar: Evaton xenophobia: 1,000-strong flash-mob mob attacks “caused by criminals who spread rumours of ‘satanism’ at Living Waters Church
22 march 2012 SAPA Criminals may have been the source of a “satanic” rumour at Living Waters Church in Evaton, south of Gauteng, police say. “While we were busy with unrest at the Living Waters Church,  two supermarkets and at least six foreign traders were looted,” police spokesman Constable Tshifhiwa Mitileni said. The crimes and the accompanying violent protests, which have been going on since Tuesday, have pushed Evaton into the “red” making it a ‘high crime’ zone, he added. The Evaton protests were triggered by a rumour that the church was satanic and that children were being kidnapped by church leaders.Mitileni said there had never been any complaint about the church before and police were puzzled by the protests.“If this was the case why has nobody ever laid a charge or complained to us about children disappearing.” The 1,000-strong crowd of protesters were also not all from Evaton but appeared to have arrived from surrounding areas.“There is something else at the bottom of this but we will find out what it is,” he said.
On Tuesday eight people were arrested. There were more arrests but the exact number of arrests could not be confirmed on Thursday.“Today people are going back to work and the situation is quieter,” Mitileni said.

EVATON cops protect Rivers of Living Waters Church from 1000 mob attackers March 21 2012 Above: Evaton cops were protecting the Church of the Living Waters congregegation (above)  which was being attacked by a huge flash-mob – while other gangs were looting two supermarkets and attacking the shops of six foreign traders…

Large armed flash-mob crowd burns tyre-barriers, surround and besiege Ratanda Heidelberg police station: torch library, community hall, 5 houses, municipal offices: MEC tells cops to use force
22 March 2012 RATANDA township in Heidelberg was tense but stable yesterday as community members and police faced off in front of the police station. A large rolling-mob of well-organised residents who kept in touch with each other ‘flash-mob’ style – went on the rampage since Monday. By Thursday, the violence had not yet abated.
The mob used the excuse that they were angered by Lesedi local municipality mayor Lerato Maloka reportedly failing to attend a community meeting at the weekend. This led to residents vowing to stop council vehicles from entering the township.During the protest march a library, multipurpose centre, community hall, five houses belonging to ward councillors and municipal offices were burnt down. Several Somali-owned shops were also looted.Residents told Sowetan that they were unhappy about the way the council was handling electricity billing in the area.Most of residents use prepaid electricity.A community leader who only identified himself as Kenny said: “If you buy electricity for R200, they give you R150 worth of electricity and say R50 is going to your debt to the municipality. But the money they take never reflects on our bills. The municipality also charges us money for rent but it is not the same for everyone …”


PHOTOALBUM of murdered, attacked Afrikaners on face book page of KALAHARI ANNIE:


SA flawed: will blow up, malfunction: hedgefund warns

South Africa – the world’s largest platinum & palladium producer — is set to ‘blow up’ and malfunction within 15 years:  US hedgefund warns the country’s  human capital is decaying…

London – Reuters: “South Africa is flawed and set to “blow up” within the next 15 years with more serious consequences than Libya, says Toscafund’s chief economist and partner Savvas Savouri – speaking for one of the UK’s most high-profile hedge funds.
It tips commodity-rich Russia and Australia to benefit.

Chief economist and partner Savvas Savouri, who has been researching South Africa’s economy, cites emigration of professional workers and what he sees as a “lack of centralised leadership” when it comes to dealing with problems such as the Aids epidemic.

South Africa is flawed – socially, politically and demographically. The blow-up will be much more serious than the Middle East and North Africa – and Russia, Australia will benefit…

TOSCAFUNDSAVVAS SAVOURI WARNS OF SOUTH AFRICAN BLOW UP COUNTRY IS FLAWED MAR42012 reuters“It’s socially, politically and demographically flawed. It will malfunction within 15 years. It will go the way of MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) but the blow-up will be much more serious,” Savouri told Reuters in an interview in early March 2012. “Professional whites and blacks are leaving in hordes – the human capital is decaying,” he said. 

Savouri said a “malfunction” in South Africa, which is the world’s biggest producer of platinum and a major producer of palladium alongside Russia, would push commodity prices higher, benefiting rival commodity-rich countries. “Clearly Russia and Australia will win out. The surge in commodity prices will benefit them,” he said.

SA financial services industry lawless
Savouri, who is known for being outspoken in his predictions, also said in January that the SA financial services industry was practically “lawless”.

— I have confirmed the accuracy of the above-mentioned Reuter report with Mr Savouri. He wrote me in response to my enquiry: –  “Dear Adriana – Thank you for your email. I was indeed quoted correctly and quite frankly take no pleasure in having to air serious structural concerns about South Africa’s economic future. It’s all so sad but true.Best wishes Sav – Savvas Savouri.”

contact info:
Toscafund Asset Management LLP
7th Floor | 90 Long Acre | London | WC2E 9RA
T: +44 (0)20 7845 6100
F: +44 (0)20 7845 6101


url links to South Africa’s collapse:

SA regime crackdown on news media, creating ‘new Stasi’ security structures:

— Stasi Bill : http://www.info.gov.za/view/DownloadFileAction?id=156569

Protection of Information Bill: (dubbed the ‘Secrecy Bill”)

Protection of Information Bill, written by two white SA Communist Party members
The African National Congress has a two-thirds majority in 400-seat National Assembly – the bill passed by 229 votes to 107, with only two ANC-MPs choosing not to vote: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-15822105

The new amendments to the ANC’s  ‘black-African job-rights bill’ now ELIMINATES all white people including disabled ones: ‘
— “The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Amendment Bill eliminates all white people including the disabled whites: ‘The definition of black people is now clear and aligned with the Constitution. There has been widespread criticism that white women were “benefitting disproportionately” from black economic empowerment with their black counterparts relegated to the bottom rung of the drive to redress societal inequalities. The Black Management Forum has been leading the calls for white women to be excluded after it came to light that they were the fastest rising category of people in terms of employment equity.  White women found guilty of ‘fronting’ could face jail terms of up to 10 years…In terms of the proposed amendments, those involved in fronting could face jail terms of up to 10 years or be fined 2%-10% of annual turnover depending on the seriousness of the incident. In addition, contracts awarded to guilty companies could be cancelled.Further, the amended law requires the government and its agencies (and its tender companies) to comply. The auditor-general will audit and report on BEE compliance for government departments.Stock exchange-listed companies will be required to submit annual reports to the B-BBEE Commission, which the amendments propose. The commission’s function would include supervising adherence to the act.It would further receive and investigate complaints relating to B-BBEE, and maintain a registry of major empowerment transactions. “The proposals are a bold move and demonstrate government’s commitment to ensure successful implementation of BEE,” Tlhoaele said.
The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Bill closes many loopholes in the current BEE Act – a move that is long overdue.”

Nr 53 of 2003 of the ‘Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 2003’ barred the majority of often very highly-skilled white males from the entire SA job market.

March 2012: 1,3-million SA blacks earn more than average white salaries:

SA State already owns majority of land:

66 bankrupt municipalities face mob-anger

“I tell you we have plans: next is the white school…’ Black pro-ANC demonstrator after helping to torch Grabouw classrooms, burning tyres and throwing rocks at motorists on N2 highway…


May 19 2012 – Grabouw,  Western Cape. The violent attacks on motorists and pupils in Grabouw were planned by the ANC – to destabilise the well-run Democratic-Alliance municipalities, warned DA provincial leader Theuns Botha. He named the organising ANC-task team members as Marius Fransman and Fezile Calana, the provincial ANC’s treasurer. “Local activists are roped in to organise violence ‘service delivery protests’,  said Botha – who has signed and sworn statements proving his claim that an ANC-associate John Michaels tried to bribe DA-councillors to submit motions against the DA in local councils. “If the bribery fails, they rope in local activists to help destabilise DA-run town councils,’ he said (article above in Burger daily.’

In Grabouw, the problems according to activists, ‘started at a school: too many Xhosa and Sotho children crammed into what was once a hostel – and exploded into a bloody racial war in the breathtakingly beautiful town of Grabouw”. Residents, coloured and African, had initially planned to fill buses and taxes to stage a protest in Cape Town. But in the dead of night, black-African residents started mobilising, said a woman. “We call it a set-up’. ‘Tyres started burning and rocks were placed in the road. It was time. People were singing and the police came’. “I tell you, we have plans: next is the white school…’

RACIAL VIOLENCE GRABOUW THE NEXT SCHOOL WE WILL TARGET WILL BE THE WHITE SCHOOL MAR202012Ogies Mpumalanga violence: Phola township erupts into violent protest

20 march 2012: The situation in Phola near Ogies in Mpumalanga remained tense on Monday night after roads were barricaded with rocks, burning tyres and metal, SABC radio news reported. At least 32 people were earlier arrested for public violence and are expected to appear in the Ogies Magistrate’s Court today. Residents claimed to be ‘upset because the local mine, Klipspruit Colliery, was not employing black-African locals.’
http://www.jacarandafm.com/kagiso/content/en/jacaranda/jacaranda-news?oid=1568971&sn=Detail&pid=6182&Phola-remains-tense OGIES Phola township violence March 20 2012 

Heidelberg rioting: 8 injured: torched: two houses and Checkers supermarket: Ratanda township

Parys Broadcaster: March 20 2012 13h00: Facebook:  “We are not exactly talking politics here but does anybody know what is going on NOW in Heidelberg about 80km away from us?  We hear there are problems:”


Corruption Watch:  – Ratings Africa:

66 of 283 RATED municipalities are in financial distress:
Lack of management experience and -skills threaten the financial stability of many municipalities, according to the latest Ratings Afrika Municipal Financial Stability Index released in February 2012. The Western Cape and other region’s DA run municipalities scored tops overall. The the Eastern Cape scored 4th overall – behind the Western Cape, KZN and the Northern Cape.  The lowest scoring province overall was the Free State, with a score of 36 out of 100.

This follows a report released but the National Treasury last month that indicated that 66 of the country’s 283 municipalities were in financial distress by last June. Political interference in the financial management of municipalities was cited as an issue by the Treasury. “Proper procedures are undermined. The result is that the management of municipal finances deteriorate.” The report cited under spending of capital budgets and overspending of operation budgets as reasons for service delivery deteriorating. Midvaal, the only DA-governed municipality in Gauteng, was ranked the best municipality in the province by Ratings Afrika. This is the latest in a string of accolades for Midvaal that includes awards for job creation, service delivery and quality of life. Johannesburg was rated the worst-performing metro in the country with a ranking of 26 index points. DA-governed Cape Town, by contrast, was rated the top performing metro with a ranking of 63 index points. The difference between these two metros is like night and day. While Johannesburg falters as a result of billing chaos and inability to collect revenue, Cape Town prospers through sound financial management and the roll-out of services for all.
The worst municipality in the Eastern Cape was Kouga (Jeffreys Bay)with 67,4% of pending on staff costs and only 6% on maintenance.
Buffalo City Metro also performed poorly, which is not surprising as the institution has not had a permanent CFO for several years and has a history of under-spending on its capital budget.– Summary by Lance Weyer, Democratic Alliance Proportional Representative Councillor, Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality

JOHANNESBURG VILE LIQUIDITY POSITION THREATENS STABILITY Johannesburg worst-run metropolitan area in South Africa. 

Ratings Afrika’s Municipal Financial Sustainability Index lists Joburg as worst metro in SA, hit hardest by poor service delivery and almost non-existent infrastructure maintenance. Another metro Durban/eThekwini, is also in hot water due to allegations of billions wasted on shoddy housing projects and irregular tenders. What’s going down in your municipality?! Do you have information about mismanagement of funds in your municipality? Have you been asked for bribe to get services or process a tender application? If you’ve witnessed an act of corruption, report it on our Incident Reporter at http://www.corruptionwatch.org.za/content/make-your-complaint

Anatomy of Drakenstein municipality while it was under ANC-control:

Feb 22 2012: Colleagues, I would like to use this opportunity to set out a few home truths about what has happened in Drakenstein Municipality over the past few years. The fact of the matter is that we (of the DA) inherited an administration in financial meltdown. And don’t just take my word for it. Since 2007, the financial stability rating of the Municipality had steadily declined on all indicators according to municipal ratings agency, Ratings AfrikaBy 2011, ratings for the Municipality’s financial position, operating performance and liabilities management had all dropped, in some cases by as much as half.   Of particular concern was the Municipality’s liquidity, which declined to the extent that Ratings Afrika identified this as the single “biggest threat to the financial stability of the Municipality”.  It is clear from this downward trend that if the ANC had remained in charge of Drakenstein for another five years, the Municipality would almost certainly have fell into serious financial trouble”. Rest of the above speech by Adv. Gesie van Deventer, the Democratic Alliance’s executive mayor of Drakenstein, tabling the 2011/12 Adjusted Budget, Council chambers, Paarl


KZN villagers angered over murder of missionary Riet Vuyk

KwaZulu, South Africa. March 20 2012. uBombo community rallies at magistrate’s court over Dutch missionary Riet Vuyk’s brutal murder – call for life sentence and no bail for accused killers 

VUYK Riet murdered March 8 2012 UBOMBO KZN murdered by three black men she was helping She ran Aids orphanage Accused Leonard Gina (45), Sandile Ngwenya (23) and Thokozani Mabika (30) appeared on charges of murder, housebreaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances and kidnapping.The case was remanded to Monday, 19 March and the suspects are being held at the uBombo SAP. The Organised Crime Unit in Richards Bay investigates the case.


Google page view above shows the uBombo, KZN community members protesting outside the uBombo Magistrate’s Court on Monday, calling for life imprisonment for three Zulu men who allegedly killed Dutch charity-worker Riet Vuyk.

The Zululand Observer wrote: “She fed them and yet they mercilessly killed her. Calls for life sentences were raised outside the uBombo Magistrate’s Court on Monday as three suspects arrested in connection with the murder of the 68 year-old missionary made their first court appearance. Community members rallied to voice their opposition to the trio’s bail applications. The case was remanded to Monday, 19 March and the suspects are being held at the uBombo SAP. The Organised Crime Unit in Richards Bay investigates the case.

VUYK HUIS stichting Riet Vuyk VUYK RIET Het Kompas ChrisGeref gemeente Zoetermeer nl

The suspects reportedly broke into the Jan Vuyk Children’s Home (above)  last Saturday, an orphanage Vuyk opened in 2005. They fatally hit her on the head with a hammer. She was kept overnight in a bush with both hands and legs tied before being dragged hundreds of metres in rough terrain the following day and thrown over the cliff, nearly 30km from uBombo town. The forensic evidence submitted in court testimony will reveal whether she was alive or dead when she was thrown over the cliff.  The bakkie was found overturned by police outside Hluhluwe on Monday. Ngwenya was apprehended two days later at Mtubatuba and led police to the body of Mrs Vuyk on Friday. Shortly afterwards Gina and Mabika were arrested at the homestead of a sangoma (traditional healer) at Candover near Mkhuze.  Before she was murdered, Mrs Vuyk had reportedly also had a problem with Gina: she had opened a case of assault against Gina, who was a driver at the orphanage – and drove her bakkie while she was absent in The Netherlands. Mrs Vuyk’s grieving son arrived at uBombo on Wednesday as preparations for her memorial service were finalised. http://www.zululandobserver.co.za/Pages/f11story1.html

Mensenrechten: Nederland hoorzitting

Den Haag, Nederland. In reactie op de Hoorzitting op Maandag 19 Maart over het Mensenrechtenbeleid van de Nederlandse Parlementscommissie voor Buitenlandse Zaken –  stuurde ik de hiervolgende vraag aan deelnemend mensenrechten-expert  Prof. Tom Zwart, Hoogleraar Utrecht Universiteit, in Mensenrechten, (email: T.Zwart@law.uu.nl )


“ Geachte Prof Zwart:  Gezien uw aanzien als een erkend expert in de Rechten van de Mens tijdens de hoorzitting over het Mensenrechtenbeleid van de Nederlandse parlementscommissie voor Buitenlandse Zaken, zou ik graag uw advies willen vragen. Wat denkt u bedoelt de democratisch-verkozen president van een land als hij voor al zijn verzamelde partijleiders tijdens hun 100ste verjaardagfeestvieringen het volgende lied zingt:

Power for us, Come together all the winners, “We are going to shoot them with the machine gun, They are going to run, You are a white man (‘boer’), We are going to hit them with the machine gun, Shoot the boer, The Cabinet is going to shoot them with the machine gun, Shoot the boer, they are going to run, ‘The power is ours’.

De zinnen worden dikwijls herhaald tijdens deze dreunzangen –  en hierbij wordt ook veelvuldige lichaamstaal gebruikt zoals de handen die ‘een machine-geweer aan het schieten zijn’  e.d.  De president van Zuid-Afrika, Jacob Zuma, zong dit lied in Bloemfontein vroeg in januari 2012: dit was de meest belangrijke vergadering van de African National Congress-partij in vele jaren — en waarop alle landelijke partijleiders en oud-gedienden, de ‘cadres’ van Umkhonte we Sizwe, allen aanwezig waren. Er waren hiertijdens geen zgn. ‘blanke regeringsleiders uit andere landen’ uitgenodigd.



Nadat Zuma dit had gezongen – de reportage met dat lied werd veelvuldig via de staats-TV en –radiozenders uitgezonden — stegen de moordcijfers op de kleine ‘blanke’ minderheid in de twee-en-een half maanden erna zoals volgt:

WHITES ATTACKED MAP1 SINCE JAN 2012 AFTER ZUMA HATESONG JAN 2012 BLOEMFONTEIN Met de landelijke moordcijfers van 58 perdag  zoals registreerd door de ZA politie — moet ook in acht genomen worden dat  de zgn. ‘blanken’ maar een zeer kleine minderheid vormen (nu naar schatting minder als 5% wegens emigratie). Zoals hierboven gezien kan worden op de kaart van http://www.farmitracker.com     worden ‘blanken’ nu met een gemiddeld van acht per dag aangevallen/vermoord in zeer duidelijke ‘haataanvallen’ – gepaard gaand met martelingen en dikwijls zeer beledigende haatspraak. Haatspraak zoals ‘white bitch I am going to kill you/rape you’ e.d.

     Officiële ZA politie-moordstatistieken tot 1 April 2011

                             (deze statistieken worden jaarlijks bekend gemaakt)

MURDER STATS SAPS APRIL2003 TO APRIL 2011 Hierboven – De ZA moord-statistieken van April 2003 tot Maart 2011 reflecteren geen ‘ras-demografische’ gegevens: en er zijn veel gemelde incidenten van overlevenden dat de ZA politie weigert om zulke details van anti-blanke ‘haatspraak’ in het proces-verbaal te zetten.

“ Wij Afrikaners zijn Wegwerp-Mensen geworden: ‘  Dr Dan Roodt, voorzitter PEN-PRETORIA;

Bijv. werd zo’n incident (hieronder) op 11 maart jl nog beschreven door de Afrikaner-academicus Dr Dan Roodt, de voorzitter van PEN-Pretoria. Hij schreef dat Afrikaners ‘wegwerp-mensen’ waren geworden die zelfs door de politie niet meer als mensen worden gezien:  link

AFRIKANER LIVES ARE WORTH NOTHING we are throwaway people ROODT DR DAN PRAAG http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2012/03/afrikaners-throwaway-humans.html

De gemiddelde moordcijfers in ZA belopen nu 58 personen per dag – uit een bevolking van 50-miljoen waarvan maar 5% nu nog zgn. ‘blanken’ zijn naar schatting – vanwege de emigratie. 

Er zijn ongeveer 3,5miljoen mensen in ZA die zich ‘Afrikaners’ en/of “Boeren’ noemen – zij dragen dus meestal noord-Europese/Britse achternamen en zijn grotendeels protestantse Christenen. Het is deze zeer kleine, opvallende minderheidsgroep die nu ook vooral sedert het beëindigen van de FIFA wereldbeker 2010 in ZA reusachtig door deze ‘misdaadbenden’ worden vermoord, dikwijls veelvuldig verkracht, en gepaardgaande met veel haatspraak en martelingen. Het bleek dat de moordaanvallen tegen blanken op het platteland hetzelfde bleven tijdens de WK – maar dat de aanvallen in de steden en het platteland dramatisch omhoog gingen nadat alle toeristen teruggingen naar huis na de WK 2010.


Ook worden de zgn. werkersklas- ‘blanken’ vooral in de Vrijstaat, Gauteng en Limpopo nu uit veel van hun ‘traditionele’ woongebieden zoals bijv. de mijnstad Welkom, verjaagd door misdaadbenden en er zijn dikwijls ook veel opvallende incidenten waar Afrikaners onder ‘valse voorwendsels’ zoals in verkeersincidenten worden gearresteerd, zelfs in de politiecellen verkracht worden en dan zonder aanklachten weer vrijgelaten worden:   http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2012/02/paraplegic-afrikaner-rapedwelkom-saps.html

Er wordt meestal zeer weinig van ‘werkelijke waarde’ uit de woningen van de slachtoffers gestolen tijdens deze misdaden, die door goed-georganiseerde jeugdige misdaadbenden — meestal gewapend met vuurwapens zoals AK47s of politie-pistolen e.d. — worden gepleegd: gestolen wordt er naar verhouding tot het grote geweld, zeer weinig:  meestal alleen hun mobieltjies (die dikwijls daarna buiten weggegooid worden), of hun voertuigen waarmee gevlucht wordt en die dikwijls ge’crasht’ teruggevonden worden.

Er zijn ook de afgelopen paar jaar veel politieagenten gearresteerd die deelnamen aan deze gewapende aanslagen op ‘Afrikaner’-gezinnen in de steden en in het platteland. Men hoort en ziet ook veel ‘haatspraak’ in de sociale media zoals Face book – zelfs door regeringsambtenaren, o.a. politieagenten tegen ‘blanken’.  http://www.censorbugbear.org/black-racism/sa-cop-well-commit-a-genocide-i-hate-whites

ANTI AFRIKANER HATESPEECH MUST STOP WARNS ANGLO AMERICAN CHAIRMAN FUND MGR CLEM SUMTER  http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2011/12/black-racist-attacks-by-cops-against.html

Men kan op de ZA Politie’s eigen forensische fotos van de misdaadtonelen zelf ook zien dat er ook dikwijls zeer waardevolle, kleine eigendommen gewoon achtergelaten worden zelfs in veel gevallen ook vuurwapens.

De fotos laten ook zien dat er dikwijls persoonlijke items bovenop de dode slachtoffers wordt gegooid, zoals de familiebijbels of de nummerplaten van hun autos; ook fotoalbums. Dikwijls worden de gezichten van de slachtoffers in de familiefotoalbums weggekrabd.  Dikwijls worden mensen gemarteld met brandende cigaretten, strijkijzers, heet water wordt in hun kelen afgegooid, zij worden opgehangen, de kinderen, zelfs de allerkleinsten krijgen kogels door hun hoofdjes, en deze aanvallen zijn altijd ver vooraf bepland, soms dagen vooraf worden reeds werkers en buren ondervraagd over de leefgewoonten van de slachtoffers. 

Waarschuwing: dit zijn forensische fotos van misdaadtonelen. Ze kunnen dus zeer schokkend zijn:


Er zijn sommige politieagenten en kriminologen die deze misdaden sedert januari 2010 op een prive-website zetten omdat ze niet door de overheid toegelaten worden om de details aan de nieuwsmedia te verschaffen. http://www.farmitracker.com

Er gebeurt echter nog meer met deze kleine bevolkingsgroep: de regering van Zuma heeft nu bijv.l wetgeving aangenomen hetwelk vanaf dit jaar, de toegang tot de arbeidsmarkt voor zgn. ‘blanken’ reusachtig beperkt: zoals hieronder gezien kan worden.

WHITE MEN EXCLUDED FROM LABOUR MARKET BB BEE  53 OF 2003 LAW GAZETTED 25899 9 JAN 2004 SIGNED hierboven: GG25899 blanken mannen uitgesloten uit arbeidsmarkt, wetgeving 9 jan 2004

 hieronder: blanke vrouwen en blanke gehandicapten uitgesloten uit arbeidsmarkt:  9 Dec 2011 GG34845: Broadbased Black Economic Empowerment Amendment 2011

WHITE WOMEN EXCLUDED FROM SA JOB MARKET ORIGINAL GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCEMENT GAZETTE DEC 2011 Deze doelbewuste onthouding van de arbeidsrechten van deze kleine minderheidsgroep heeft ook al tot het gevolg dat een-derde van de 3,5-miljoen Afrikaners  – waaronder de best-opgeleide mensen in ZA zoals onderwijzers, verpleegsters, spoorweg- en mijn-ingenieurs – nu al (zonder recht op regeringsuitkeringen of voedselhulp van de regering) in honderden plakkerskampjes moeten zien te overleven.

Deze Afrikaner-mensen zitten volkomen vast in ZA: zij hebben niet, zoals Engelstalige blanken, andere landen waar zij hun werk op de arbeidsmarkt kunnen aanbieden: omdat zij reeds o.a. sedert 350 jaar geleden in ZA werden neergezet door de Nederlandse VOC, hebben zij geen familie- of economische banden met Europa of het Verenigd Koninkrijk meer —  en kunnen dus niet ontkomen aan de gevolgen van deze strenge arbeidsbeperkingen.

Afrikaner Squatter camps Feb 2012 MAP on Farmitracker com Ook ontkomt deze zeer kleine minderheidsgroep niet  aan de wetgeving die de ZA regering ook nog heeft neergelegd op zelfstandige ‘blanke’ entrepreneurs, die onder de wet zelfs in de kleinste maatschappijtjes met 20 werkgevers gedwongen worden om ongekwalificeerde ANC-leden in dienst te nemen als ‘mede-directeurs’. 

Hun armoede wordt nog verergerd – met geconstateerde, groeiende ondervoedingsproblemen in de kampen – omdat de ANC-regering deze bevolkingsgroep regeringsuitkeringen weigert en zelfs voedselhulp krijgen zij niet van de regering. Dit werd o.a. in een documentaire in Nederland neergezet door de Nederlandse journaliste Saskia Vredeveld: “White Poverty in the New South Africa” (IKON) U kan een video bestellen en het zelf met haar bespreken: Saskia Vredeveld: tel 031 641 35594  sam@peacefield.demon.nl http://www.nposales.com/?article=17121&template=program

Etniese zuivering van de landkaart van Zuid-Afrika; verwijdering van Afrikaans uit het onderwijs:

Ook de taalrechten van deze kleine minderheid worden onder druk gezet: zo mogen hun kinderen, zelfs de meest-begaafden, dikwijls geen universitaire opleiding meer krijgen op de paar universiteiten waar ‘Afrikaans’ vijf jaar geleden nog onderricht werd: maar nu verboden wordt.

Ik zou graag uw advies als expert in mensenrechten willen vragen hierover deze combinatie — de doelbewuste onthouding van het recht op werk voor een kleine minderheidsgroep, de onderdrukking van hun taal- en onderwijsrechten, het lied van de ZA President hetwelk oproept om deze bevolkingsgroep uit te moorden: zelfs aan zijn eigen cabinet: de weigering van voedselhulp en -regeringsuitkeringen aan 1miljoen van de 3,5miljoen Afrikaners die nu in plakkerskampen moeten zien te overleven. Zij zonderen zich af in kleine kampjes omdat hun kinderen ook dikwijls gekidnapt worden door ‘misdaadbenden’ om ze als ‘sex-slaven’ aan het werk te zetten. Ze zijn ook de meest ‘herkenbare’ bevolkingsgroep in Zuid-Afrika en hoeven dus geen Gele Ster te dragen om ze voor buitenstaanders te identificeren. Ook de landkaart van Zuid-Afrika – waar de Afrikaners hun geschiedenis hebben neergezet door het groot aantal dorpen en steden die zij hebben gesticht – wordt nu ‘etnisch gezuiverd’ door de ANC-regering. Dit alles tesamen genomen – duidt dit niet op een groeiende volksmoord? Vooral samen met de haatspraak en actieve deelneming van gewapende bende-aanvallen op Afrikaner-gezinnen door politie-agenten?

Ik weet dat het voor Nederlanders zeer moeilijk zal zijn om te beoordelen omdat de slachtoffers ook m.i. tot het minst-geliefde volk ter aarde behoren.

Men hoort de opmerking ‘eigen schuld dikke bult’ veelvuldig in Nederland vooral – zelfs nadat het kleinste Afrikanerkind met een kogel door het hoofd geëxecuteerd wordt.

Maar iemand met uw juridische opleiding zal zich ongetwijfeld zonder vooroordeel over deze feiten kunnen buigen. De uwe

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White Squatter Camps in South Africa:



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