Gov’t wastes time on racial bean-counting…


With 40% of all graduates being white, it is absurd to insist that whites make up only 10% of the skilled labour force…’ says SA Institute of Race Relations:

“White students accounted for 40% of all degree recipients in 2007. In that year there were some 77,981 degrees awarded by South African universities. Black Africans made up the majority of degree recipients, with 34,364, or 44.1% of all degree awards.

White students had the second-highest number of degree awards. Some 31,686 white students were awarded a degree in 2007. This equated to 40.6% of all degrees. Indian students accounted for 6,820 degree awards in 2007 (8.7%), while coloured students were awarded 4,944 degrees in that year (6.3%).

  • This is according to the latest South Africa Survey published by the South African Institute of Race Relations.

The majority of degree awards were in business, commerce, and management sciences. Some 19,141 degrees were awarded in this field. Other popular disciplines included education (9,410 degree awards), health care and health sciences (7,126 degree awards), social sciences (6,493 degree awards), law (4,470 degree awards), and engineering and engineering technology (4,389 degree awards).

The University of South Africa awarded the highest number of bachelors and honours degrees. The institution awarded some 8,765 bachelors and honours degrees in 2007. The University of Pretoria awarded the highest number of masters and doctoral degrees. Some 1,265 masters and doctoral degrees were awarded by the university in 2007.

  • The universities of Stellenbosch and the Witwatersrand were the only other two universities to award more
    than 1,000 masters and doctoral degrees in 2007.
  • Mangosuthu University of Technology had the lowest output of any university in the country. The institution awarded 56 bachelors and honours degrees in 2007, and no masters or doctoral degrees.

The racial profile of graduates will probably need to be taken into account by the Government when assessing affirmative action policies, said the Institute researcher who drew up the report, Mr Kerwin Lebone.

  • ‘Wasting time on racial bean-counting
  • With 40% of all graduates being white, it is absurd to insist that whites make up only 10% of the skilled labour force,’ said Lebone. ‘The Government should perhaps pour its energy into ensuring that all South Africans have a decent education, rather than wasting time on racial bean-counting,’ Lebone added.