Ex-Mandela consultant warns of white genocide

Former Mandela Supporter Sonia Hruska Discusses Genocidal anti-white violence in South Africalink

Hruska Sonia WARNS AMERICANS OF AFRIKANER GENOCIDE IN PUBLIC APPEARANCES OCT62012 Above: The “New American” and ‘Front Page Magazine’ in the USA write that Sonia Hruska worked in the Mandela Administration as a consultant and was an early supporter of him, until she realized the train to utopia wasn’t running on schedule. “After about six years,” Hruska said, “I realized something is seriously wrong; the communist elements are taking over, it’s not what we (South Africans) were promised.”


One-million whites, (mostly Afrikaners) are in total destitution and denied jobs under SA law; many whites are cruelly tortured to death…

also: Genocide Watch warns whites to leave South Africa


Saturday, 6 October 2012  Written by  Christian Gomez –  The New American.  APPLETON WISCONSIN –   On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, the Fox Valley Conservative Forum, which meets regularly for a luncheon on Tuesdays, hosted a talk by South African Sonia Hruska (pictured above).  Hruska, who now lives in the United States, discussed the ongoing genocide against white (‘Afrikaner’) people in her country under the largely communist-controlled ANC government of president Jacob Zuma.

Born in Victoria, South Africa, to a nontraditional Afrikaner family, with a right-wing father and a left-wing mother, Hruska would go on to work in politics as a consultant in the presidential administration of’(South Africa’s first black president) Nelson Mandela from 1994 to 2001.  “I was the coordinator between the different spheres of government, civil society and state organizations, to actually implement the new government policies,” Hruska said.

As an early supporter of Mandela and the dream of a rainbow South Africa, Hruska truly believed in establishing a country where, regardless of the color of one’s skin or ethnicity, one could live in harmony and equality. Unfortunately, as she described, the opposite came true.

“After about six years,” Hruska said, “I realized something serious is wrong; the communist elements are taking over, it’s not what we were promised.” She explained the change that followed:

Whites were getting excluded through affirmative action and black economic empowerment. And at the same time, the Chinese got “black’ status; so the (4million) whites were excluded and the Chinese were included under affirmative action as “blacks”. We now find that a white is not allowed to enter, for instance, into management, but a Chinese person may buy a mine or buy shares in a mine, and the same [is true] with banks.

A business owner in SA can get 25 years in jail for employing a white person:

As a business owner, I can get 25 years in jail time if I do employ a white person, for instance. It is totally ridiculous; you cannot have imagined that affirmative action —  [the black-economic empowerment laws of South Africa favour the fast black majority and deny the small white minority access to the job market] — could have gone so far.

What began as a quest to end the white discriminatory policy of apartheid has transformed into a kind of “reverse racism,” where “whites are now totally excluded from the economic sector,” according to Hruska.

Atrocious killings of white South Africans launched under ANC-rule in South Africa;

ANTI WHITE HATE SPEECH SATAWU STRIKERS SA FOR BLACKS ONLY OCT62012 Above: South African trade unions also are plunging the country into widespread violent strikes each day where many innocent people are attacked in impromptu roadblocks each day  for the past three months. The SA communist-party alligned trade union movement Cosatu promised to make the country ‘ungovernnable and is clearly succeeding. Strikers of the truckers’ union Satawu on Oct 6 2012 carried the above sign: “South Africa, for Blacks only’. Leaving no doubt that Genocide Watch’s warnings are based on daily reality.  Google:  Strikes South Africa


Hruska said ‘the newly empowered African National Congress (ANC) government has slowly curtailed the rights of whites, and now some black South Africans have gone as far as committing atrocious killings of whites —  to the point where the situation has been classified as “Stage Six genocide” by Genocide Watch .  Over the last decade, at least 3,000 white – overwhelmingly Afrikaner —  farmers have been murdered in South Africa:  http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.nl/2012/10/genocide-watch-warns-afrikaners-to.html

Favourite ANC party song “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer’ ruled hatespeech by two High Court rulings: but they stil sing it

A favorite (party-political) song among the ruling ANC is “Dubula iBhunu,” which means, “kill the white farmers, the Boers.” Former ANC Youth League chief Julius Malema  and SA president Zuma both sing Kill the Boers! The Racists! in public – the song inciting followers to kill white farmers (Boers) is sung at major ANC party functions: even though the song was ruled as “hate speech” by  (two) South African court (s).  Law Library: “Kill the Boer’ ruled hatespeech


Said Hruska”“‘Kill the Boer’ is a hate song. ‘Kill the Boer, kill the farmer,’ is actually instigating armed groups to carry out these attacks (against whites) ,” Hruska explained.

In a video shown at the Forum, a group of black South Africans were seen chanting:



Kill the Boers — our fathers. Kill the Boers — young man.Communist Party — victory.Joe Slovo — our father.Communist Party — victory.

ANC MANDELA COUPLE JOE SLOVO MY FAVOURITE PIC TELLS WHOLE STORY Joe Slovo (above right: with Nelson and Winnie Mandela),  born in Obeliai, Lithuania,  was the General-Secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP) from 1984 to 1991. Slovo also  served as the president of the African National Congress . In 1994 he joined Mandela’s new cabinet, serving as minister of housing until he died in 1995. The current leader of the SACP is Blade Nzimande, who also serves in President Zuma’s cabinet as the minister of higher education and training.

Zuma also is a member of the SA Communist Party: but Hruska said whites like her ‘never realised it’…

In fact, Jacob Zuma originally joined the SACP in 1963, before becoming the leader of the ANC and the current president of South Africa. “[The] ANC is actually communist — we never realized it,” Hruska said.

Even now, Zuma remains a strong supporter of the SACP and the international communist movement. From December 3-5, 2010, the 12th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties was held in Pretoria [The ANC wants to rename the Afrikaner-created city to Tshwane]. President Zuma attended and delivered a speech.

Zuma called for unity amongst the SA communist parties:

The Times of South Africa quoted Zuma urging a call for unity among the various official Communist parties in attendance: “A majority of communists part ways because once they believe in something they have a culture to believe in it seriously. Unity is crucial.”

Hruska: ‘Zuma’s call for Communist Party unity was well received and reechoed amongst the many foreign party delegates present. Following the conference, Zuma left for a visit to Cuba, where he met with Fidel and Raul Castro, the leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba.”



Many white victims of violence are totally destitute and hiding their children away from raids from sex-slavery gangs

The widespread violence and killings in South Africa have led many victims to lose everything and go into hiding, with some living in makeshift shanty dwellings or in the fields by rivers. Out of the nearly four million whites living in South Africa, nearly one million live in economic destitution.    Hruska described how in some cases, young white individuals, especially white females, because of their popularity, have been kidnapped and prostituted as sex slaves. “Human trafficking is not illegal in South Africa and many young white teenage girls are drugged and sold for sex acrss the country.  The police do nothing about this; in fact, in some cases they are involved in the prostitution of those women. Those who do escape,” Hruska explained, “go into hiding seeing as there is no government assistance for them and because they are too embarrassed to tell their family or friends.”

Heinous torture meted out to white ‘crime’ victims:

Although a majority of those murdered, nearly 80 percent, Hruska said, are seniors (over the age of 60), the killers do not discriminate against age. “It’s heinous torture,” Hruska explained. “Even children as young as two months old get burned with hot water, get wrapped in newspaper and burned.”  She continued, “There is no easy way of saying exactly how these people are tortured. The standard would be a hot iron, electric iron, boiling water … and these are carried out for hours.”
(daily-updated race-related crime-reports in South Africa:
http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports )

In the case of one family, Hruska detailed, the black mob broke into a home and waited for the white family to get home. When they arrived, they took them and raped the mother, in front of the father and son to see, and then once they killed her they killed the father, and finally the son by way of boiling water.

The government denies that such murders are occurring or that they are aimed at the white farmers. Instead they are reported as ‘robberies’ despite nothing being stolen, Hruska explained. “The murders occur now at a rate of at least one per day,” she said.

Don’t deny this genocide, she urged: even though Mandela and ANC are sacred-cows in news media:

After her talk, she stayed for an additional hour speaking to the people and answering questions.
Her main message to the world, she told “The New American” was, “Acknowledge it. Don’t deny it,” She realizes the difficulty in speaking about this unique situation, especially due to its racial dynamic and the politically-correct state of society.

“You cannot criticize Mandela or the ANC; they are sacred cows,” Hruska explained. Stll, the truth needs to be told, regardless of how difficult it may be for some to hear or accept.

Her main objective is not only to create greater awareness about the genocide but also to help find the victims of rape and economic destitution and provide them with the necessary post-traumatic support and assistance to help them cope with the trauma and either rejoin society, or leave the country if they so desire.

Sadly, much of this has gone unreported in the mainstream media — and that which has made press headlines is often heavily sanitized. 

Hruska plans to continue doing her part to create further awareness and help victims. By the time the world and media acknowledge the atrocities it may be too late for some. Saturday,06 October 2012


South African Tells of Genocide in Communist-dominated South Africa





About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

23 Responses to Ex-Mandela consultant warns of white genocide

  1. adri joubert says:

    “thanx for your’e honesty. . . “who let the dogs out. . .Who let the dogs out . . .remember song now!

  2. Francis Janssen says:

    I do believe all that has been said. We are living in a very bad country at this time of my life I see I read and hear when is the out side world going to do something about this and stop making the black Gods they are not. They are killers

  3. Francois says:

    They want war , whe wil Give them war but they are cowards they attack when you are alone or a child or elderly so like barbarick animals but what can I say , it is in there nature ,

  4. Siegfried says:

    I hope the people of the world will open their eyes. That public awareness may grow.
    Most of all…
    I hope that this situation will come to a halt.
    S.A. Is a beautiful country.
    I hope the people there can live safely and in peace.

  5. Doreen says:

    This is so scary I wish that our white people will stand together and fight back!

  6. Maxi van Rooyen says:

    We are so happy to see web sites like these popping up all over the world. I live in South Africa, and every word is true.
    The ANC even banned television and radio to report on ANY farm attacs and violence against white people.

  7. Patricia says:

    Why is nothing being done by the UN? Everybody is talking about the atrocities in SA, but nobody is prepared to help us!!! We live in fear every second of everyday, living behind burglar bars, electric fencing, safety gates and alarms. Our children don’t lead normal lives anymore, because we fear an attack any minute. We are prisoners in our own homes!! Maybe the UN, and all the other countries prefer to turn a blind eye??? Meanwhile, we are being murdered, raped and tortured by barbarians. Old women od 91 and 96 are being raped and murdered!! How sick are thesy? I will not compare them to animals, because that would be an insult. Please help us!!!!!!!

  8. Karen says:

    I am realy scared to stay in S.A with my 4 daughters,I just feel that it is unsafe,I am forever fighting with people because they are racist but I am not so sure if I must do that still,because it does not seem to help.Where are this world going to?we are one country why can’t we stand together as one country?as one nation?

  9. Dylan says:

    Please, we beg of you to help us. I’m also a South African male with a 6 month old daughter and I fear for her safety as well as my wife’s. We don’t know what else to do. Please world, open your eyes and see what is happening with our white South Africans. Please….?

  10. They are barbarians. What can you expect from them ,they are not civilsed

  11. adri says:

    why is our tax money good enough? We are allso ‘Afrikaners’. What opsitions should we look? Thismust be revealed in the public to show the ‘white afrikaners’ what is happening? Please let me know!

  12. Eugene says:

    Opression is nothing new to the Afrikaner after 40 odd years off the good life the time has come to find the real Afrikaner the humanbeings that God made us to be. Not the scared people we are made out to be.

  13. Venessa says:

    How can one get out of this country. I worked for Government for 6 years and was forced to resign recently because I’m white. I was unemployed now for 5 months and with my new job, I’m barely able to support my children since I’m a single mother. In fact I need to move now because I’m unagle to pay rent. I just wasted my energy and time working for Government. Where will I live with my children, and this because I’m white. If there is no foture for me, what about my kids? I need to get out of SA

  14. shauny says:

    I’d just like to say to all those white people who thought that they were very clever working for the ANC like Hruska. You lot were very much well aware that the ANC were trouble from the word go.

    You were warned many times over about the coming genocide but carried on like nothing was going to happen. You lot were in fear of loosing your big houses and mercs.
    Most Commie White South Africans left the country very shortly after Mandela took power. The few that remained were there for self interest before they left.

    Now those that are stuck there have this belief that it will come right because its Sunny Souf Effrica.
    I have news for you. You are not wanted and it is going to get worse. The white people who have left and want to go back are finding that they are been stripped of their Citizenship. Very cleverly done, and I am not talking out my rear contact Home Affairs and see what happen once you adopt a country not very nice.

    Its very strange that those who worked for the ANC are all living abroad now. So you must have been aware that trouble was gonna follow or you would have stayed put.

  15. RYan says:

    Time to stand together, just remember battle of blood river, 3000 Zulu warriors died while 3 boers injured. Time to come together for the whites. Or we can just leave the country and they will all die of aids and starvation anyway then come back and take it back.

    • I do want to issue a warning: remember that we have learned our lessons from the Boeremag trial – where 20 innocent Boers ended up in prison – set up by the Crime Intelligence Afrikaner thugs who wanted to keep their jobs and thus CREATED a socalled ‘Treason trial’ out of whole cloth. How did they find the naive people who followed the police infiltrator? Easily: on the internet. So please people: learn your lesson. Communicate privately with each other: otherwise, ZIP.

  16. W.C.Ehlers says:

    Weet nie wie die outeur was nie..
    I am the last, the last of my Race; blue in the eyes and fair of the face…
    I know not the Year, I know not this Place…
    Ruins surround me as I quicken my pace……
    … The dark ones are watching, with hate in their eyes; the difference in Me, I can see they despise…
    The legends I know, fill me with sadness; apparently our people became infected with madness!
    They aborted their Young, they neglected their Kin; they opened their borders and let strangers walk in!
    White Family and Child, were once held supreme; but an alien race promised a Utopian dream…
    Where all kinds live together, happy and free; coloured and White in ‘equality’…
    But the tales I was told, spoke of murder and hate; and the dream was a farce, and we realised too late…
    To be proud of your Race in a treacherous time, became punishable by death, the ultimate crime!
    So our Folk in their weakness, broken, downhearted… polluted their blood as their courage departed!
    All over the World, our numbers declined; no thought for the future, to their fate they resigned…
    Society crumbled, our Race disappeared; and none remained safe, all human contact was feared…
    Buildings and monuments, became rubble and rust; civilisation was lost, and all turned to dust…
    We once were a proud folk, so I was told; dashing and brave, fearless and bold!
    But we slaughtered our Brothers, and decimated our breed; and only weakness was left, to safeguard our seed!
    And I now alone, walk the ruins of Earth; no more of my kin, will EVER give birth!
    The future is dead, and the past is forgotten; and all that survives, is decaying and rotten!
    So with tears in my eyes, and dark thoughts in my mind; I look forward to death, as I am the last of my kind!
    Blue in the eyes, and fair of the face; the light has gone out, and extinguished my Race!
    Now darkness and chaos, are all that survive; and greatness and goodness, no longer will thrive!
    The Planet will die, deathly quiet will descend; and the dark void of Space, is our ultimate end!

  17. Marra says:

    Scared every day, and exactly how do we get out of here? Not every body have money just move to another counrty. I keep my kids indoors as we can get an attack at any time as we live on a farm, if i have to yell no one wil even hear me or my kids.This is so sad why cant we just live in peace and harmony? I want to see my kids grow up and have kids of there own but we will be hunted like rats and have already been hunted.
    South-Africa is full of blood and still no help? When will people stop denying this? We dont need HERO’s we need peace and Harmony. The only thing left for us to do, is to pray together. God know our futher and how this will play out in the end.

  18. dave garcin says:

    I lived in zimbawe for six years and did my national service up there in 1977 I returned to South A frica realising that ther were horible changes on the come having seen only some of the problems that were happening up there and could 2 and 2 together and see that same was happening in country on a much bigger scale and can only say that the lady who wrote this mesage is telling the truth and thank her for her honnesty

  19. jaco says:

    This is very good to see!!!! And we nEed more articles like this!!!!! I have travelled all over the world and people don’t even know that there ARE white people living in south africa!!!! If this genocide continues they will be right in thinking so!!!!!! We need international help!!!!!!!! Please don’t look away!!!!!

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