Malema and his EFF are Fascists warns Communist

South Africa, September 29 2014 – Senior Communist Party member Phatse Justice Piitso – quoting Vladimir Lenin and “his leader’ Samora Machel — warns that Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters are ‘the highest form of a Fascist movement"…

"The EFF and the five characteristics of fascism"


Above: A senior South African communist, ex-ambassador to Cuba Mr Phatse Justice Piitso, an ex-provincial secretary of the South African Communist Party, warns on 28 September 2014 (in his personal capacity:) that Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters "represent the most ideologically and politically backward tendency since the demise of the Hitler and Mussolini regimes…”

He writes: "The EFF has become a political architecture of the highest forms and expressions of a fascist movement."

He quotes Antonio Gramsci, the world renowned philosopher, as saying the following about fascism:

  • "Fascism is a movement which the bourgeoisie thought should be a simple instrument of reaction in its hands, but once called upon and unleashed is worse than the devil, no longer allowing itself to be controlled.
    "Fascism is a phenomenal feature of modern capitalism of sparking civil wars to keep domination of its exploitation. Fascism is a phenomenon that always raises its ugly head during times of worse stages of capitalist crisis".
    "The rise of fascism in the present epoch of our modern democracy is not just a thread to our country, but to the Southern African region, our continent, the world and the whole of the future of humanity. Fascism was never revolutionary and therefore the EFF is never to be revolutionary.

“Vladimir Lenin argues that national arrogance, racism, hooliganism, anarchy, tribalism and religious intolerance are the main characteristic features of fascist chauvinism.” Fascism is an unreasonable and exaggerated sense of patriotism and pride in ones own country, with corresponding contempt towards the authority and other nations.

What are the general characteristic values of a fascist movement?
A. It always assume itself a posture of being a movement of young people determined to undermine the authority, creating a mayhem of disrespect to others especially the older generations.
B. A seedbed of the highest forms of disorder, exaltation of force, strength, violence: slogans, symbols, costumes, insignias and military fatigue.
C. Theoretical bankruptcy, ahistorical world outlook, glorification of the past historical events, and the past is always seen as a source of inspiration to the present.
D. It always assume the most revolutionary posture more than the revolution itself. Flaborous* behavior, excessively provoked as if the revolution is indebted to them.
E. The Commander in Chief, the cult of a leader:  The Commander in Chief is the embodiment of the nation, of its will, and of the state. He must be obeyed without question.  The leader is the alpha and the omega, the blind followers have absolute discipline, sacrifice and blind obedience.
F. The worse enemy of the struggle of the working class, upon seizure of state power,  it (fascism) always connives with monopoly capital to consolidate its class interests.

“Widespread persecution, killings and worst forms of exploitation and oppression of the working class.”

Over the ages of our history, human societies have always asked themselves the question why such hogwash movements, are able to embellish themselves, as the most revolutionary representatives of the wishes and aspirations of the majority of our people. Why are they able to occupy the political centre stage as the most revolutionary presidium than the revolution itself?.

  • “EFF seeks to turn South Africa into an arena of hooliganism and anarchy: “

Phiiso warns: “Our people have to open their watchful eyes to the pandemonium of the Economic Freedom Fighters -  which seeks to turn our country into an arena of hooliganism and anarchy. The EFF has become a political architecture of the highest forms and expressions of a fascist movement.  The movement represents the most ideologically and politically backward tendency ever in history since the demise of fascist dictatorships in Germany and Italy.

“In our modern times (of) democracy we cannot allow our national democratic revolution to be an emulation of Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini.
— What we need is to learn and teach others that the rise of fascism always correspond with the crisis of the capitalist mode of production. Therefore the realm of our society is to reflect deeply about the sharpening contradictions within the capitalist economic relations and how they manifest themselves in our own concrete material conditions.

“History proves that fascism has always promised workers a living wage, but through its arrogance deteriorated their living standards into painful torments of starvation and underdevelopment. It has always transform the working class into pariahs of the capitalist society.
The episode of anarchy and hooliganism within the corridors of our legislative chamber is reverberating the revolutionary words of our leader, the late President of the Republic of Mozambique Cde Samora Machel when he said:

  • "after independence we took off our guns and exchanged our uniform for suits and ties, we made mistakes. We looked elegant but the bourgeoisie had the guns".


Pictures above and below: Phiiso warned: "The events taking place at our legislative chamber is a living testimony that the historic enemy of our people has unleashed all its artilleries to ambush our national democratic revolution.  Counter revolution seeks to undermine our legislative chamber as a theatre of our struggles for socio economic transformation of society.



Phiiso admonishes: “Our task is to expose the common acts of hypocrisy by the Democratic Alliance and the EFF. Both serve the interests of monopoly capital to undermine the struggle for the total liberation of the people of our country.  The foundations of our democratic republic are anchored on the true history and genesis of the struggle of the people of our country against imperialism and Apartheid colonialism. Our constitution remains to be a catalogue of the best ethos humanity across the globe seeks to represent.
The past twenty years of our democracy have proven that the motive forces of our national democratic revolution are the bedrock of our struggle for socio economic transformation. Our people have indeed become the custodians of the struggle of our future generations to come.


Above and below:  Phiiso wrote: “The outcomes of our recent national general elections was indeed a testimony that the overwhelming majority of the people of our country have confidence in the African National Congress. Our people have indeed given our movement an overwhelming mandate to lead our struggle for the construction of our ideal national democratic society.”


Phiiso: “We congratulate the heroic people of our country for remaining true to the traditions and culture of our national liberation movement.
Our people are the fortress of our struggle for the achievement of the objectives of our national democratic revolution.  Our victory during the national general elections was indeed a confirmation that the veins and blood streams of the vast majority of our people are still decorated with the black, green and gold colours of our glorious national liberation movement. It was indicative that the ANC still carries the wishes and the aspirations of the great majority of the people of our country. The ANC remains the only political formation capable of taking forward our struggle for the achievement of the better life to all our people.”

* Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity.

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