Afrikaner baby born in stable

Nothing highlights the grinding poverty of Afrikaners in South Africa better than the plight of this young family: denied all access to the job-market by the black-economic-empowerment laws of the ANC-regime, denied all government survival-benefits, even food-aid.  And living in a stable. At least one-third of the Afrikaner nation now lives in such dire conditions. This is just one small example :

This is the history of the little Afrikaans boy who was born in a stable

Pieter Oosthuizen of writes on Oct 14 2012 of the plight of a young Afrikaner family he took some food-aid to on Saturday – and whose name he does not want to reveal – which has been discovered living in the ruin of a stable. The Little Boy in the Stable  Above: their five-month son — Mr Oosthuizen writes ‘let’s call him W-junior’ — was born in this stable below. With the family too poor for transportation so that they can visit  birth-control centres, he also has two little sisters. This family lives just 50 metres away from a pig-sty and other farm-animals.

Little W -junior’s birth has not yet been registered: the family have no money nor any transport to go and do so. Die perdestal

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Above – The family shares the stable with farm-animals: fifty yards away there are pigs in a sty. A farmer gave the five-member family the stable to stay in for R600 a month.

The Afrikaner child’s father, 23,  is a child from a broken home: caused by the ANC-regime’s black-economic-empowerment laws which bar all whites from all jobs. He manages to scratch out a monthly R900 ($90) living by doing odd-jobs as a gardener.

When the baby’s young dad was thirteen years old – now ten years ago — he came home from school one day and found his family home empty: both his father and mother had abandoned him. His father had lost his job, and the constant quarrels and arguments with his wife made them abandon their children.

From then on, life was tough for the thirteen-year-old Afrikaner boy. He managed to cling on to living in the backroom of his former family home for two weeks – and then he was evicted by the authorities of the mine-owned company house the family had lived in.

Since that time, the Afrikaans youngster quit going to school – but learned the skill of survival: staying in abandoned houses or properties, hiding in the roofs whenever the police arrived or searched through the properties. He was a succesful loiterer – and was never caught by the police.

Since that time, he’s started to raise his own family. He and his wife – also a girl from a homeless Afrikaner family – now have three children. And they all live in this little stable… Sandpit kinders

As you approach the stable, you immediately notice the bricks and rocks used to keep the corrugated iron roof down, protecting the roof in adverse weather.

Their kitchen hold no food. Maybe five spoons of sugar, and a container of milk.. They fetch water with a wheel barrow and a plastic container from a long distance: the baby has no diapers nor milk necessary for a five month old boy to thrive on. The two little girls, plaing with a ball and in a sandpit, seem quite unaware of  the dire straits their family are in. They are just being children. 

The food shelf

The kitchen sink holds a few utensils and there is no hot water around.

The Kitchen sink

The bedroom holds two single beds, for five people to sleep upon.

The only bedroom

Playing in the sandit

Throwing the ballWhen running after a ball, the children seemed content with life for a short while.

Throwing the ball to the father.

Friends on the farm.

   And in this stable, the little boy was born.

The Little Boy in the Stable

The Little Boy in the Stable

Undoubtedly – there are millions of poor people just like this family. However we know about this family. We can make a difference. Farmitracker Aid has given food to the family that might last for ten days.

No cleaning products nor baby food; the baby needs stage 3 Infacare milk: we  simply don’t have sufficient funds to make this a sustainable project yet. The family does not have a refrigerater nor deep freezer for storage of fresh products.

That always must be taken into consideration when providing aid. Food donations should preferably consist of canned or dry foodstuffs like dried pulses, maize, soy mince and rice – those  will work better for this family. The baby has no allergies . The family has no no vehicle nor means of transport. They also have no way to get to any medical care.

Destitute Family, Donations, Food Donations

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