How do white SA farmers survive?

A South African farmer named Hendri has been making brief video clips on his farm to explain his daily life–  and how he deals with the senselessly violent attacks which white farmers have to deal with on a daily basis.

As these clips show, security is upmost in this farmer’s mind. He’s alert, aware, listens to every unusual noise, stays in touch with and is a very active member of the local farm-security unit.

Indeed: there’s no other country in the world where farmers have to work under such strenuous and dangerous circumstances.

The murder rate for SA farmers is 313 per 100 000 per year according to a statement in July 2007 by Freedom Front spokesman Pieter Groenewald  – about eight times higher than the reported national average murder rate. South African farmers are actually working under the most dangerous conditions in the world. How do they cope? Hendri explains:

Farm attacks in SA are also 7 times higher than any other country in the world. Since 1994 considerably more than 3100 farmers were killed. White Afrikans-speaking people are in most cases the victims – there is, however, a misperception that whites are the only victims: but many farm workers also get killed in these attacks.

From the now far less than 35,000 commercial farms operating in South Africa, the latest available statistic up to April 2011 was that 3,158 farmers have been murdered since 2004.

Commercial farming in South African contributes 2.6% of our total GDP (R113.4 billion) and employees around 10% of the total work force in South Africa of 1.76 Million people). Our farms produce the food we eat and contribute a large part of our global exports.

Jan 2012 farm murders summary

Summary of rural ‘farm-attack’ murders in South Africa, January 2012:

We use the SAPS’ modus-operandi definition of ‘attacks on rural farms, smallholdings and nature reserves’ even though the SA police no longer list these terrorist-style, very cruel and unnecessarily violent attacks against rural residents in a seperate crime-category.


  Afrikaner rural resident Frans van Biljon, 66, murdered driving between Bronkhorstspruit and Pretoria, forced off rural road, Jan 20 2012 This was listed as a rural (farm) murder.

Afrikaner farmer Koos Bisschoff, 71, (below) who was a disabled asbestosis sufferer, dies after brutal head-beating by five armed blacks Bischoff Koos 71 dies from headbashing by five armed blacks farm attack AVondale Rustenburg July 16 2012



Jan 29 2012: Afrikaner farmer Hendrik Cilliers, 77, tied to a tree, tortured, shot dead execution style: farm Erfdeel, 15km outside Stella, NorthWest –  as reported by Nico Strydom –

CILLIERS Hendrik Johannes 77 TIED TO TREE TORTURED AND EXECUTED WITH GUNSHOT TO HEAD it is just an ordinary robbery SAPS claims Jan 292012  77-year-old Afrikaner farmer Hendrik Cilliers ‘s badly bruised body was found tied to a tree on Sunday 18:30 about 30m from his homestead on his farm Erfdeel about 15km outside Stella, North West. SAPS spokesman brig. Thulani Ngubane said Mr Cilliers’ hands and feet were bound up tightly around the tree-trunk. His mouth was covered up with a t-shirt. Mr Cilliers was first brutally beaten because his body is covered in bruises. He then was shot dead execution-style with a headshot. .Mr Ngubane said that the old Afrikaner farmer lived alone on his farm. He claimed ‘some household goods’ were stolen but did not provide further details and later news reports do not indicate that robbery had been a motive: . link and link and link

Farmer and Nutrition expert Francois du Toit of Alzu Feeds murdered on his farm  Kwalata neer Roossenekal in Mpumalanga – January 23 2012.

DuToit Francois Roossenekal Limoppo murdered Jan22 2012 Transvaal Agricultural Union VP Henk vd Graaf said Mr Francois Du Toit, who worked as a nutrition expert at the Alzu Feeds company, was gunned down and killed as he opened his back door to investigate why his dogs were barking. A colleague who does not want to be identified told the ‘Landbou’ publication that there were probably three black males involved in the attack. After they murdered the Afrikaner man, they tied up his wife and children and fled with the couple’s cellphones – using their vehicles merely to escape in: the vehicles were found back on the farm after the murder.  Vd Graaf said the TLU is worried about the large number of farm-attacks thus far this year. “If this trend continues this will be a bloody year for our farmers,’ he said.  23 Jan 2012

Afrikaner famer Andries du Toit murdered in armed assault against his sleeping family by five black males, Klipplaatdrift, 2012-01-14 Ventersdorp:

also:  this farm was visited by mysterious govt officials only a week earlier: demanding access to search the homestead without a search-warrant – and  which was denied by the farm-wife. A week later, farmer Andries du Toit was murdered in an armed assault while asleep.  The farm is adjacent to the one where Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered. 2012-01-14

 Xhoi-San Afrikaans-speaking farm woman Let Hanekam gruesomely mutilated, stabbed 52x, throat cut, hair torched :

HANEKAM MRS LET MURDERED Afrikaansspeaking KhoiSan community in Northern Cape protesting against psycho killer of Mrs Let Hanekam 41 Jan202012 (2)  this was listed as a farm-murder because it had no links to any ‘family-feuds’ or ‘relationship arguments’. The woman was attacked by an apparently mentally-disturbed man who had attacked and killed before – and who has not yet been arrested.  farm Gunsfontein, Sutherland, North Cape 2012-01-20

Smallholders Frans van der Linden, 57, murdered, wife Elizabeth 52, brutally assaulted, Brits smallholding, Jan 21 2012

VanDerLinden Frans murdered wife assaulted children Yolandi 27 and fiancee Gerhard Coetzee hid Jan212012  Two black males appear in Brits lawcourt Jan 31 2012Daughter Yolandi van der Linden, 27, and her fiancee Gerhardt Coetzee, 26, hid  in fear, terrified that they would also be killed by the brutal black gang which attacked the family at 3am Sunday morning at their grandmother’s smallholding near Brits. The unarmed Mr van der Linden was shot at point-blank range and he died in the ambulance.


Unnamed black male farm-attacker killed, Alkmaar farm: Farmer Corrie Potgieter, 70, shoots dead one of three black farm-attackers who ambushed him at his Alkmaar, Nelspruit farm: dead man was found to be armed with a realistic-looking BB-pistol:

Smallholder Michael Stenger, 30 shot dead at Nelspruit smallholding: used as human shield by armed black-male gang – nothing robbed:

Stenger Michael with fiancee Rene Roestorf HE was shot dead when used as human shield by gang of armed blacks Sound Systems NELSPRUIT   2012-01-21 Nelspruit employee Michael Stenger was at work at the company Sound Systems when four armed black males arrived at 09:30 in a luxury BMW on Saturday Jan 21 2012 at the smallholding where the business is located. In the resulting firefight between his employer Charles Loram and the armed gang, Mr Stenger was killed: he was being used as a human shield by the gang. Forensic tests will have to determine who fired the fatal shot. Loram saw from his bedroom window that Mr Stenger had a black bag pulled over his head and when he stormed into his business with his .38, two gunmen fired shots at Loram. Mr Stenger was hit and the gang dragged Mr Stenger into an adjacent office, and held the injured man in front of them while exchanging fire with the owner.When Mr Loram ran out of ammo and rushed to his home to fetch his 9mm, the gang tried to get their BMW through the electric gates – but couldn’t.They then fled on foot. Mr Loram said he believes he injured two of them. When he returned to his office he found Mr Stenger – shot through the heart. Beeld newspaper surmises that Mr Loram may have shot dead Mr Stenger accidentially during the firefight – although offering no proof of this: it has to be established with forensic testing first. The police meanwhile have launched a ‘murder’ investigation and confiscated Mr Loram’s revolver and at least eight 9mm spent cartridges.An injured black suspect was arrested at Nelspruit police station when he lodged a formal charge claiming his red BMW had been ‘hijacked’. After checking the Sound Systems security cameras it was determined that the man had been amongst the armed robbers.Police arrested a black woman at a taxistand and questioned her about lending the red BMW to a man who claimed he wanted to attend a funeral with it. SAPS spokesman lt-col Leonard Hlathi said they released her. Mr Loram – who is a life-style trainer and dietician – was badly traumatised and unable to make a statement to the police.Mr Stenger was engaged to Ms René Roestorf and their wedding was planned for September.He leaves his mom Mrs Hannie Klokie and sisters Monika Stenger en Manuela Bergendahl. Beeld

Afrikaner farmer Frederick J van Zyl SNYDERS murdered: Merweville Western Cape
2011-12-13 Unarmed Afrikaner farmer Frederick J van Zyl-Snyders murdered, Merweville, WC: news was withheld by SAPS until Jan 12 2012 until a black male was arrested.  Nothing robbed. 2011-12-13

Jan 18 2012 – Farmer Johan Strydom murdered at Alkmaar smallholdings: Nelspruit homesteaders under siege from two heavily-armed, professional crime-syndicates run by ex-soldiers, ex-police-officers… farmers’ meeting hears:

NINJAS GANG TERRORISING komatie MOZ SA BORDER Above: Warfare by two heavily-armed crime-syndicates comprised of welltrained black military- and police-officials are targetting Afrikaner rural residents at Alkmaar, Hermansburg, Weltevreden, Hilltop, and Maggiesdal smallholdings near Nelspruit, the meeting heard: January 20 2012  – A businessman was shot in an arm, 15 armed robberies, five hijacked vehicles, a large variety of stolen loot and the loss of many thousands of rands worth of goods. Those are the results of a terror-campaign targetting smallholders in the Alkmaar, Lowveld region – and things are just as bad in other regions.The Alkmaar security committee held another emergency meeting about the situation over the weekend.It was found that the youngest victim of the syndicate was Johan Strydom, attacked on January 18 2012 on his smallholding near Alkmaar; shot in an arm arm and his 4WD Toyota singlecabbed bakkie hijacked to Mozambique.He is recovering at MediClinic Nelspruit.The meeting at Kwanyoni Lodge had a large group of very angry farmers making new plans to stop the assaults against them.



Still awaiting results of causes of two rural deaths at holiday resort from inquest court: Two Afrikaner tourists at rural Campherdrift holida resort, Annemarie van Loggerenberg and Willie Venter, were shot dead.

Listed, awaiting updated information about their medical condition: Two Afrikaner males left in critical condition, one man not expected to survive due to severe internal injuries: smallholding shooting, Garsfontein: Dozens of Afrikaner rural families attacked at the Garsfontein this month, in latest incident, the  De Beer, LaCock, and Geyer families were all attacked in same suburb within an hour of each other by the same heavily-armed group of black males:Mr Johan Geyer and has Mr Paul De Beer were still listed ‘in critical condition” on Feb 1 2012 —  because attackers used explosive bullets: SAPS manhunt launched in Menlo Park, Pretoria  — Mr Johan Geyer especially was critically injured: shot in the back while he was preparing food for his family in the kitchen; Jan 24 2012: 9pm. A local resident who saw the attack started chasing the gang and the police were called. — Ten minutes later, the same gang also shot and critically injured Mr Paul de Beer and attacked his wife in their drive way nearby. And thereafter Mr Jaco LaCock was also attacked in his nearby driveway, and his Mitsubishi Pajero hijacked. Mr LaCock was unharmed. — The attacks on the Geyer and De Beer family were confirmed by SAPS spokeswoman Annabelle Middelton.

Dutch MP fights for the rights of Afrikaans – and for the people who speak it:

One Dutch MP, Martin Bosma, has decided to start fighting for Afrikaans-language rights in South Africa: on the premise that if you fight for the survival of the language, you also fight for the survival of the people who speak it. He is getting considerable support from Dutch and Belgian MPs across a broad political spectrum: Dutch language union forms broad-based coalition of Dutch, Flemish MPs to fight for Afrikaans in SA:

Ellen and Fenna van Wyk, survive attack, Vastfontein A.H.

‘Let’s hope the arrested attackers don’t get bail – they will come and murder us…’Van Wyk farm attackers VASTFONTEIN PRETORIA April22011 arrested dripping wet arrwo Johan Muller


Ellen and Fenna van Wyk survive farm attack, Vastfontein smallholdings, Pretoria

Ellen van Wyk 50, and mom Fenna, 75, were held hostage on April 2 2011 at their riding-academy at Vastfontein smallholdings north of Pretoria when Ellen pulled the balaclava from one of the black attackers’ head and bit his nose. “His comrade pushed the pistol barrel between my eyes and pulled the trigger. I just heard a click. The gun did not fire.’

Two black male suspects were later arrested after an organised search by the local community: hiding inside a farm dam with their loot,  and were taken off by the police still dripping wet.(source: Hanti Otto)

Van Wyk Ellen 50 five_hour fight against farm_attackers April 22011 Van Wyk Fenna 70 captured for five hours by farm attackers VASTFONTEIN PRETORIAApril22011

Ellen, fifty, and 75-year-old mom Fenna were brutally assaulted during their ordeal. Ellen’s hands and feet were swollen and blue from the wire she was bound up with.  But they survived. Their ordeal started at 4pm when she walked to the stables to care for the horses.

She turned around and a man with a balaclava loomed up behind her. “He stormed me, pushed me against the wall, and I fought back.’ She pulled down the man’s balaclava and bit his nose. After the gun failed to fire, the attackers tied the fiesty Afrikaans woman up and locked her up in the feed store. She used her teeth to losen her bonds and untied herself. ‘My biggest fear was for my mom inside the house. I squeezed a piece of iron underneath one of my arms and when they opened the door , I bashed one man in his stomach with it.’

Then she was hit with a brick, breaking some of her teeth – and this time they bound her up very tightly with wire and then started kicking her all over her body: her back, her stomach, her face; they strangled her, then loaded her onto a barrel, all wound up inside a blanket, and rolled her to the house.
“I heard mom yelling out to me but I could not reply because my voice was hoarse because of the strangling’.

Mrs Fenna van Wyk was on the stoep of the house when two black men rushed her, and tied the old woman up with rags and thread to her bed. “They packed our stuff into bags. Every time they walked past I pretended to sleep’. At 20:55 Mrs Ellen van Wyk managed to somehow reach the alarm-button and security guards from the private security company came to their rescue. And at 15:00 the next day, neighbour Tarien Cooks told them the good news: their two attackers were captured. Another neighbour, Peet Dorfling, had followed their trail from the Van Wyk farm, found a rag and flashlight in the veld, and when he heard a ‘tinkling noise nearby’ he called in the help of other neighbours who then joined him in the search – and found the two black men hiding inside a farm-dam, together with looted silver- and copperware from the Van Wyk farm. The men were still dripping wet when they were handed over to the local police. “Thank goodness,’  responded Ellen van Wyk: ‘let’s hope they don’t get bail because they will then come and murder us both…’

Farmer Roy McGregor survives Sir Lowry’s Pass attack

Farmer Roy McGregor survives attack, Knorhoek, Sir Lowry’s Pass village
March 22 2011 – As only became known eight days later, Cape farmer Roy McGregor was brutally beaten and left for dead at Knorhoek farm above Sir Lowry’s Pass village near the N2 pass – a region which is being plagued by arsonists and attackers hiding in the mountains. Residents of estates on the Hottentots Holland mountains above Sir Lowry’s Pass Village reported a spate of arson attacks in the past fortnight. they are dismayed that culprit(s) are still on the lose.

McGregor Roy farmer left for dead Knorhoek SirLowryPass WC working on dam

McGregor lives at Firlands, outside Gordon’s Bay, but owns a farm at Knorhoek, on the slopes above the town. Eight days ago on March 14 2011, he was attacked on his farm while working with a bulldozer at the farm dam. He is recovering from his injuries. He says that he and other farmers and residents believe a dangerous criminal is to blame for the current spate of attacks and fires. (Crime statistics for Somerset West 2003_ 2009:

 Was he robbed though?

There were no indications in this article whether Mr McGregor was robbed – his vehicle was found nearby with signs of a ‘bizarre’ arson attack.

Fires started ‘as a diversion to lure farmers from their homes’…
Another farmer, who asked not to be named, reported three separate fires over the past fortnight. He believed these were started ‘as a diversion to lure farmers away from their homes so their homes could be broken into and robbed.’ Residents say the police’s initial response included the deployment of the “K9” sniffer dog unit, an expert police tracker, a helicopter and special forces – notably the police’s elite Special Task Force. Yet nobody has been arrested.  McGregor said he was “begging police to renew their efforts before more victims were attacked.”

No physical description of attacker provided:

“At about 5.50pm on Monday evening, I had been at Knorhoek Portion 10, waiting for my bulldozer to warm up. “I saw this guy walking towards me very casually, as if he was coming to ask me a question. I asked him what he was doing there, and he attacked me,” McGregor said. He does not remember the attack, but at some point lost consciousness.When he woke, he was covered with blood. (He did not provide an exact physical description of ‘this guy’, alas). “I had been left for dead. I ran and hid in a bush, then ran and hid, every 100m.”

Bizarre arson-attack on his Toyota 4×4

He was eventually found by a friend, who had been due to meet him, and was taken to Vergelegen Medi-Clinic in Somerset West. He remained there for two days, being treated for lacerations to his face and ears and damage to his skull and sinuses. His Toyota 4×4 had also been found bearing signs of a bizarre attack in which attempts were made the open his petrol cap; the windows were smashed and seats inside the vehicle were torched.

“The police have to do something. This community is living in fear,” McGregor said.  Another farmer, in charge of security for the Knorhoek area, confirmed several attacks and fires – and the police’s unsuccessful investigations thus far. Somerset West police referred all queries to the provincial police authorities, who said today they were “gathering information” and promised to respond to the Cape Argus’s queries. They had not done so by the time of going to press.


McGregor Roy farmer left for dead KnorhoekSIRLOWRYSPASS FORUMARTICLE