Hate-attacks Oct 2011–Oct 15 2012

Shock-revelations were published here this month, also here and here in addition to here that the ANC-regime’s crime-intelligence section created an artifical rightwing group called the Boeremag  in which their agent-provocateurs lured conservative Afrikaners in faked ‘bomb-attack-plans and treasonous threats against the state’. Agent-provocateurs of the State even taught Boeremag members to make and plant bombs and brought them bomb-making material from police resources. After a 10-year-trial during which these Afrikaner men were mostly in isolation cells in trial-awaiting custody, 20 of these Boeremag men were imprisoned for life. (click on headlines to locate original items below).

Ongoing battle for control of SAPS and SANDP by communists:

SA cops join gangsters, hire out their guns: in WC last year 87 cops arrested but only 20 were fired:

Oct 04, 2012 SA cops join gangsters and other ‘criminals’ and murder-squads, hire their guns out to people to commit crimes Lat year in the Western Cape 87 officers were arrested…

 boeremag accused innocent SET UP BY STATE SECURITY AGENTS TO GET THEIR HANDS ON SLUSH FUND MONEY JUNE142012 THE STAR PIET RAMPEDI BOEREMAG FRAUD Barry Bawden paid R500D to lure innocent Afrikaners into BoeremagTreasonTrialOct132012

Also on Oct 12 2012 – in the ongoing internal power-battles for communist control of the  SA Police and Defence forces — the entire Cato Manor SAPS Organised crime Unit fights back against false allegations of fraud in the ANC-media . Uniquedly, this accused group of top-cops which has the best arrest-record in the country, has opened a facebook page in which they counter-act the communists’ accusations against them: http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/413


Summary of other hate-crimes ( as identified under the Rome Convention) from Oct 2011 to Oct 15 2012 :

Total number:   428 includes 323 against whites (of which 106 were incidents of severe dehumanisation, sadistic torture, humilation etc even against small children and frail elderly people); 24 new white refugee camps were identified; 9 more white-owned farms were invaded by black communities;  100 xenophobia attacks (mainly against black-foreign Africans and Asian foreigners by black-South African gangs) were recorded; 87 police-criminality incidents were placed on record; 124 institutions were identified as practicing racism against whites: (companies such as Woolworths refusing to hire white workers); there were 97 propaganda attacks against whites since Oct 2011 up to the present which often killed for them to be killed; 37 major incidents of industrial sabotage against SA infrastructure were archived and since Oct 2011 this site registered 126 proven in cidents of unrest and violent protests(previous month  


Genocide Watch Prof Greg Stanton warns Afrikaners, other whites to flee SA to escape genocidal violence being planned

17:36 Oct 07, 2012 email from Dr Gregory Stanton Oct 6 2012 to Afrikaans campaigner/singer Sunette Bridges warns Afrikaners and other whites (4million people) to leave South Africa if at all possible as they are facing an imminent genocide..


‘White’ (mostly Afrikaner) farmers attacked at the rate of 99 per 100,000: worldwide average: 9.3

11:30 Oct 11, 2012  White commercial farmers attacked three times the national murder rate: they are the most endangered group in the world

Former consultant in Mandela administration describes genocide of whites in SA

17:47 Oct 08, 2012 Former consultant in Mandela administration describes genocide of whites in communist-dominated South Africa – —- http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/africa/item/13121-south-african-tells-of-genocide-in-communist-dominated-south-africa…

Johnson Jeanette Afrik Dementia sufferer BEATEN TO DEATH OCT122012 WATERVAL BOVEN HOSPITAL Afrikaner dementia-sufferer Mrs Jeanette Johnson 84 dead from mystery headwound, bruises: Waterval Boven hospital SAPS investigates

01:31 Oct 17, 2012 Afrikaner dementia-sufferer Mrs Jeanette Johnson 84 dead from mysterious head-injury at Waterval Boven hospital – she’d arrived unscathed: -…

MIDDELBURG FARMERS organise against genocideOct162012 Middelburg farmers arrest three farm-attackers in fierce firefight, injure most-wanted list killer Moses Sithole

Oct 16, 2012 Middelburg farmers organise against genocide: arrest three farm attackers: fierce firefight Friday, Keerom: arrest 3, injure known killer MosesSithole:…

South African Police gangs which attack Afrikaner families – summary of known incidents:

Oct 16, 2012 South African Police gangs who attack Afrikaner families: summaries of reports:

 Ruling African National Congress party uses Facebook to spy on Canadian SA exiles

15:15 Oct 16, 2012 Ruling ANC-party monitors South African Canadian exiles’ private anti-crime-websites on FB Canadian Action Group Against White Genocide in…

ROUX Koos 67 stabbed to death Oct52010 Edelweiss Springs SAPS only shows up week later after journalist enquiry Afrikaner Koos Roux 67 dies from stabbing by two black males, at smallholding: wife survives attack

18:00 Oct 15, 2012

Afrikaner Koos Roux, 67, owner of JR Garden Service in Edelweiss, Springs savagely stabbed to death at smallholding; motiveless attack

Death squad active: IFP member Siya Dlamini, Cebisile Shezxi and councillor Themba Xulu shot dead in public in front of cops

16:09 Oct 15, 2012 Death squad active: Inkatha Freedom Front member Siya Dlamini shot dead in front of cops, TV crew outside Ntuzuma Magistrate’s Court — ————-…

Five-year-old Belinda van Rensburg: gun to her head while black gunmen screamed she’d be shot dead 0

15:36 Oct 15, 2012 FIVE-year-old Belinda van Rensburg had a gun held to her head with black gunmen screaming her to shut up or she’d be shot dead. — The Van Rensburg…

Afrikaner baby born in a stable – Afrikaner poverty 0

14:04 Oct 15, 2012 Nothing highlights the grinding poverty of Afrikaners in South Africa better than the plight of this young family: denied all access to the…

Coordinated attacks: SA National Defence Force and SA Police battle against thousands of fired miners: Westonaria and Rustenburg 0

15:38 Oct 14, 2012Oct 14 2012 – There were clearly well-coordinated attacks by militia-gangs organised by the striking mining-communities against the SA Police stations in the gold- and platinum-mining regions: two police stations and their forces surrounded and under siege…

Police seek more suspects in farm-murder of Ria Mills, 65 killed execution-style, mother of world-famous disabled inventor Dr Ceval Mills 0

08:00 Oct 14, 2012 Police seek more suspects in murder of Mrs Ria Mills, Great-Brakrivier, George Sept 16 2012: the mother of the world-famous quadruplegic inventor…

SA police brutality: Amnesty International publishes report with incomplete list of blacks-only police-victims 2012 0

04:33 Oct 14, 2012 SA Police brutality 2012: Amnesty International publishes an incomplete report showing only a few dozen black victims of police-criminality:…

Ex pro-apartheid police-operative Barry Bawden paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into Boeremag Treason trial – Rapport 03:14 Oct 14, 2012 Former apartheid-operative Barry Bawden of the ex-Civil Cooperation Bureau was paid R450,000 to lure Afrikaners into Boeremag Treason trial…

Are Afrikaners in religious group being killed by Satanists? killed Michaela Valentine, Pastor Reg Bendixen, Natacha Burger, Joyce Boonzaaier

02:33 Oct 14, 2012 Are Afrikaners in religious group “Overcomers Through Christ’ being killed off by Satanists? Michaela Valentine, Pastor Reg Bendixen, Natasha…

8-member armed,uniformed cop-gang attacks Afrikaner factory owner Deon & Ria Nel screaming: ‘you fking white dog’. 14:43 Oct 13, 2012

8-member armed,uniformed cop-gang attacks Afrikaner factory owner Deon Nell and terrorised wife Ria, screaming: ‘you fking white dog’.– police…

Jordaan Ian attorney murdered TeasersBossLollyJackson killed tortured to death torched Sept202012

Afrikaner estate-attorney Ian Jordaan abducted, tortured, body found torched: handled estate murdered Teasers strip club boss Lolly Jackson 0

08:18 Oct 13, 2012 Afrikaner attorney Ian Jordaan was abducted, tortured, murdered 6 hours after he had rejected R8million debt-claim as executor of the estate…

“Boeremag-type new ‘sting operation?” Cornelia de Wet in Middelburg Prison for past 4 months without charges under claims of treason with Leeuwag

07:12 Oct 13, 2012 Cornelia de Wet has been in Middelburg prison without trial for past 4 months: ex-member of conservawtive Afrikaner ‘AWB Leeuwag ‘in Middelburg,…


hairdresser Siobhan Natasha Smit 20 culpible homicide death N2 deliberately run over by white hit-run bakkie

06:25 Oct 13, 2012

hairdresser Siobhan Natasha Smit, 20, culpible-homicide death Somerset-West by white hit/run bakkie N2 highway 2012-10-12 Cape Town. Young Gordon’s…


Eduan Park Pietersburg plagued by hammer-attackers/rapists: 2 women bludgeoned and raped; Leon van Rensburg 31 permanently brain-damaged

17:57 Oct 12, 2012 Reign of terror by hammer-attackers: Eduan Park, Pietersburg: two women bludgeoned & raped; Leon van Rensburg 31 permanently brain-damaged after…

Leon van Rensburg 52 kidnapped/hijacked from HILLCREST Durban: found back in Underberg – survives ordeal with permanent brain damage: needs urgent financial help.

17:47 Oct 12, 2012

Marikana SAPS-massacre masks murderous battle between two trade unions, warns Solly Mapaila SA Communist party

16:12 Oct 12, 2012 Marikana:SA Communist Party Solly Mapaila accuses ANC militias supporting the AMCU-union of murdering National Union of Mineworker leaders “…

HAARHOFF Bridget pic craignieuwenhuizen BEELD Oct122012 assaulted official Waltloo license centre Silverton SAPS

Afrikaner Bridget Haarhoff 37 assaulted by supervisor Waltloo License Testing Centre Silverton

10:30 Oct 12, 2012 Bridget Haarhoff, 37, assaulted by a supervisor, Waltloo Driver’s License Testing centre, Silverton, Pretoria 2012-10-12


Video: JP Fehlhaber 8 run down injured on school-crossing by woman who runs over his foot and then yells at him

02:08 Oct 12, 2012 VIDEO: Eight-year-old JP Fehlhaber, 8 run down, injured on green-light school-crossing by woman in Toyota who then yells at the injured Afrikaans…

White SA citizen Ryno Shaw refused help from SA Embassy in Vietnam 0

01:14 Oct 12, 2012

BOTHA Paule-Henry 42 missing11Oct2012 WC OBSERVATORY dsappeared after job

Afrikaner Paule-Henry Botha 43 missing after jog Observatory Cape Town 11 Oct 2012 pic

17:00 Oct 11, 2012 Paule-Henry Botha 43, Missing after jog Observatory Cape 11 October 2012: Missing Adults: If you see him phone Woodstock SAPS 021 443 3117/21…

Greytown KZN shopkeeper set alight by four black male attackers: victim name unknown 0

16:07 Oct 11, 2012

Greytown KZN shopowner set alight by four armed attackers, Oct 11 2012 Four armed black males set fire to a shop-owner’s arm in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal…

‘White’ (mostly Afrikaner) farmers attacked at the rate of 99 per 100,000: worldwide average: 9.3

11:30 Oct 11, 2012  White commercial farmers attacked three times the national murder rate: they are the most endangered group in the world.

White man 28, arrested for what is suspected to be a  pipe-bomb explosive, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria no ‘terrorism motives’ suspected

04:10 Oct 11, 2012  White man, 28, arrested in Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria for ‘suspected pipe bomb’, intimidation threat 2012-10-10’ GARSFONTEIN PRETORIA A captain…

Suzette Beneke 49 survives stabbing biking in Suiderberg Pretoria:”I could see the hatred in their eyes’, she said

17:00 Oct 10, 2012

Barnard Greetje 49 survives attack taxidrivers mob Burgersfort We will Kill the Whites Oct92012 Dutch citizen Greetje Barnard 59 attacked by mob of taxidrivers who shouted: ‘We will kill all the whites in Burgersfort’

12:50 Oct 10, 2012 Burgersfort SAPS commanding officer Colonel Ronnie van Niekerk confirmed the complaint lodged on Oct 9 2012 by Mrs Greetje Barnard, 59, a Dutch…

Injured: Afrikaner pupils Max Klopper, Theuns Luus, Ruben Kruger, JP Prinsloo; accused: Elias Mzimande: court date Oct 11 2012 0

05:31 Oct 09, 2012

Injured in Middelburg: Afrikaner pupils Max Klopper, Theuns Luus, Ruben Kruger, JP Prinsloo: accused assailant Elias Mzimande in court Oct 11…

Trucker assistant Gary Stewart 42: dies Oct 8 2012 in coma: brain damage: striker threw brick N2 Cape Town 0

14:21 Oct 08, 2012 Trucker’s assistant Gary Stewart, 42, died on October 8 2012 in coma in Cape Town hospital: he sustained deadly brain damage from a striking trucker’s thrown brick… Suzette Beneke 49 survives stabbing while biking: six months after son Eugene was beaten into coma Journalist Hilda Fourie writes in Beeld Oct…

Leon van Rensburg 52, of Hillcrest Durban: found back in Underberg after kidnapping/hijacking: Hillcrest Durban 2012-10-12 The Witness reports…

BOEREMAG TRIAL AWAITING PRISONERS FORCED TO SLEEP IN CHAINS WITH LIGHTS ON DENIED FOOD AND OTHER SONAMED PRIVILEGES Boeremag Treason Trialists were incited, given bomb material, orchestrated, controlled and run by SA Crime Intelligence Division 0

17:18 Oct 07, 2012 ex- SA POLICE CRIME INTELLIGENCE Capt Deon Loots says the socalled ‘Boeremag Rightwing Terrorist group’ was “created, orchestrated, incited…

Elizabeth Louw 96, hogtied with shoelaces: then suffocated, strangled together with young white gardener GERT MARKS

18:00 Oct 06, 2012 96-year-old Afrikaner lady Elizabeth Louw and gardener Gert Marks strangled to death, Klerksdorp 2012-10-07 Klerksdorp/Mahikeng:

FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE BLOODBATH – promotional clipboard pamphlet threat at Afrikaans music festival 0

14:17 Oct 06, 2012

#Fifteen Minutes Before Bloodbath’ — pahmphlet threat issued against Afrikaners at Aardklop music festival: – Boere Krisis Aksie :Oct 6 2012:…

Farmer Willem Cloete 28 was protecting his pregnant wife while two neighbours pursued and held gunfight with TEN black male farm attackers, Middelburg 0

22:00 Oct 05, 2012 Ten black male militia with military-issue weapons attack farm of Willem Cloete 28: fiercely defended by neighbours Johan and Hansie van Rensburg:…

Afrikaner families Swanepoel and Steyn held hostage at gunpoint for 4hrs

20:23 Oct 05, 2012 Swanepoel and Steyn families held hostage for 4 hrs: house emptied of all belongings Oct 6 2012 — Reporter: Jana van der Merwe, Volksblad:…

Afrikaner farm worker Gidius Gertenbach 39 missing since Dec 22 2011 near Nelspruit 0

16:19 Oct 04, 2012 Farmworker Gidius Gertenbach (39) missing since Dec 22 2011 enroute to job Nelspruit – Witrivier He spoke to his mother on 22 December 2011…

Environmental scientist Donald Gibson, son of English-speaking SA DA politician Douglas Gibson: in coma from beating 0

14:40 Oct 04, 2012 Environmental scientist Donald Gibson, son of white English-speaking SA envoy Douglas Gibson, brain damage after beating October 13 2012 By…

Anzunette du Plessis 33 murdered in Claremont WC while maid was in nearby park with 2 yo daughter

14:00 Oct 04, 2012 Anzunette du Plessis, 33, murdered in Claremont while maid was in nearby park with her two-year-old daughter 2012-10-05 Richard Roberts CLAREMONT…

Mrs Surina Kriegler 62 killed in Elsburg East Rand home: details awaited

06:00 Oct 04, 2012 Mrs Surina Kriegler 62, murdered in Elsburg, Johannesburg home: all her valuables left alone — NOTE – SAPS CONFUSION ABOUT HER NAME:

Afrikaner Christian Mikaeila Valentine-Baillie, 25 killed: throat cut for no apparent reason

05:00 Oct 04, 2012 Afrikaner Mikeila Valentine (nee Baillie) , 25: throat cut, Oct 4, Ruimsig Heidelberg Mrs Valentine’s husband had left home early on OCTOBER…


Afrikaner farmer Johan Greyling 79 SURVIVES KNIFING by ambushers at homestead March 3 7am 06:00 Oct 03, 2012 Afrikaner farmer Johan Greyling 79 repeatedly slashed with knife by ambushers at #Marquard farm Bethlehem hospital 2012-10-03 Marquard…

Peter Kohler-Barnard, son of DA opposition party spokeswoman on policing, car hijacked in Morningside KZN

19:00 Oct 02, 2012 Democratic-Alliance party’s spokeswoman on policing Mrs Diane Kohler Barnard’s son Peter hijacked October 3 2012- Morningside, Durban –

Carlyle Dorothy hijacked dumped in car booot Oct22012 DURBAN KZN EBLCKWATCHRESCUE

Irish-born Mrs Dorothy Carlyle 59 kidnapped, beaten, stabbed, dumped in carboot for 10 hrs while kidnappers partied , firing off guns at her car:

14:30 Oct 02, 2012 Rescued from partying kidnappers at KwaMashu, KZN: Irish-born Mrs Dorothy Carlyle 59 hijacked, beaten, stabbed, in her carboot for 10 hours…

Mrs Ugeshnie Govender 34 survives 17hr kidnap ordeal: hijacked enroute to Crossmoor Secondary School

10:00 Oct 02, 2012 Mrs Ugeshnie Govender 34 survives hijacking Frida 10am while enroute to Crossmoor Secondary School to pick up her children October 3 2012 By…

Afrikaner Johan Coetzee survives beating by 3 black males Potgietersrus

01:00 Oct 01, 2012 Potgietersrus, Limpopo, Oct 1 2012 Afrikaner resident Johan Coetzee was attacked after watching rugby with some friends — and was walking…

Afrikaner farmer HK Grobler 79 beaten up by 4 black males, Lichtenburg farm attack

01:00 Oct 01, 2012 Disabled Afrikaner farmer HK Grobler 79 injured in armed attack by 4 black males Lichtenburg: no arrests: Mondaymorning 1-2am attack: “My dad…

White man Richard Dovey 37 survives attempted murder by 7 black men who threatened to kill him

17:01 Sep 30, 2012

White man Richard Dovey 37 survives beating by 7 black man at rented farm house: “We are going to kill you’, they shouted 2012-10-01 Bloemfontein…





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