Jeanette Odendaal: callously executed by black cop

ODENDAAL Jeanette witness Baloyi shows HOW SHE WAS EXECUTED BY COP Kempton Park Car-guard describes black cop’s callous execution of Jeanette Odendaal, 45, parked at Kempton Park police station – while she was frantically trying to call 10111…

Accused police sergeant Monape Phineas Kgogale applies for bail on May 4 in Kempton Park Regional Court Two:

‘s It’s very difficult to piece together the many different versions published about the callous, execution-style murder of a gay Afrikaner woman, Ms Jeanette Odendaal, allegedly by a black SAPS sergeant outside the Kempton Park police station on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 7.30pm. The SA Police Force have confused matters considerably — by issuing conflicting statements and by trying to mislead the news media about the court venue of the accused suspect on Friday to avoid him being photographed.

What scared Jeanette Odendaal so much that she was trying to phone 10111 while seated in her car outside a police station?

ODENDAAL Jeanette witness Baloyi shows HOW SHE WAS EXECUTED BY COP Kempton ParkLocal Kempton Park journalist Gerhardt Theron interviewed ‘a close female friend’ of the murdered woman, who reportedly is gay and lived with a female partner. Read. His unnamed female informant gave him important background information, namely that Ms Odendaal had frantically ‘tried to call for help on 10111 on her cellphone – just moment before a black police sergeant walked up next to her car and fired a shot’.

The key State witness,  car-guard Sipho Baloyi was also interviewed by Beeld journalist Wolfram Zwecker and described the exact manner in which Ms Odendaal had been shot dead. He reportedly was terrified.

“It won’t help: the woman already is dead…’

Baloyi told Zwecker that Ms Odendaal parked outside the police station at around 7.30pm. “I still helped her pull in nicely and she gave me R12 but remained seated inside the car. I saw her talking on the cellphone. The next moment she switched on her engine while she was talking, the car jumps forward and hits the bumper of a police car in front of her. Then she backed up and hit a car behind her. I knew there was trouble so I ran into the charge office and shouted to them that a woman had hit their car and ran out again.’

So what happened next? asked Zwecker. Baloyi replied: ‘A policeman walks outside, stands next to the white woman’s car – I was standing right next to him – and fires of a shot. I got a huge fright.’ And nothing happened after that said Baloyi: nobody came outside to try and help the shot Afrikaner woman or to get her an ambulance. After a while Baloyi went back inside the charge office asking them to help her — and somebody tells him: “It won’t help, the woman already is dead’.

Zuma: ‘it’s the SAPF and Police Minister’s problem’ – Police Minister: ‘we live in a very violent society…’

  Pres Jacob Zuma finally issued a statement about the horrific two murders by police officers against two unarmed citizenTatane Andries Shot at close range by police Ficksburg collapses and dies Pic WillemvanderBergVolksblads this week: commenting the death of of clean-water activist Andries Tatane, right, in Ficksburg, and also about Jeanette Odendaal’s in Kempton Park.

Odendaal Jeanette EXECUTED BY COP dad Dick Odendaal and his wifeWhile Zuma said he ‘condemned the police action’ and said the ‘ANC was worried about the police action in Ficksburg,’ he also handed all the responsibility to the Minister of Police and the SA Police Force. They will have to ‘solve the problem’, said Zuma.

  The murdered woman’s father Dick Odendaal, left, who is from Middelburg, showed up with his wife Ella at the Kempton Park police station to hold a meeting with the Transvaal head of police Mzwandile Petros. They then met the police minister, Beki Cele.

Pic left: Bongiwe Gumede, Beeld.

Cele told the assembled news media in the Odendaal couple’s presence that ‘the police come from our society and we live in a very tense and violent society. ‘ He criticised the news media for not attending the funeral of a murdered policeman in the same week.



Jeanette Odendaal called 10111 before a black SAPF sergeant shot her dead outside Kempton Park police station
on April 28 2011.

Odendaal Jeanette EXECUTED BY COP PHONED 10111 BEFORE HE SHOT HERBy Gerhardt Theron, Kempton Express. The unarmed Afrikaner woman was calling 10111 on her cellphone just moments before a black Kempton Park police-sergeant shot her at close range, killing her. She was parked outside the police station inside her car on Tuesday night.

“The fact that Jeanette Odendaal was on her cellphone inside her car with her window rolled up, calling the 10111 emergency number, showed she was ‘in distress’,  said a close girl-friend in an exclusive interview with Kempton Express journalist Gerhardt Theron.  The girlfriend did not want to be identified publicly. She spoke to Theron at the Kempton Park Police Station on Friday, April 29 while  the Commissioner of Police spoke to Odendaal’s father Nick Odendaal and also to her female partner in a blaze of media attention.  Print, radio end television media swamped the station as national police commissioner Bheki Cele and Gauteng Police Commissioner Mzwandile Petros, spoke to the family.

The female friend told Theron that ‘it looked as if the bullet entered through Odendaal’s shoulder, came out of her chest and then ricochetted from the car back into her stomach.” Odendaal lived in Aston Manor with her female partner and had no children. The black sergeant has been with the force for 17 years.

Killer cop case postponed –
The case against SA Police Force sergeant Manape Phineas Kgoale, 38, was postponed during his remand hearing in regional court 2 in Kempton Park. After three hours of confusion Kgoale appeared briefly and had his case postponed to May 4 for a bail application. He was not asked to plead, however he is facing a charge of
murder. The court also heard he might be charged with a schedule 5 or 6 offence, depending on whether he had previous convictions.Up until a few minutes before Kgoale appeared, court officials deliberately sent reporters on a wild goose chase looking for him around the courthouse. Relatives of Odendaal and police officers also were at court: the latter showed up to ‘show support for their colleague’.  Kgoale’s family refused to comment.–killed-by-policeman

More than 1,000 people fell victim to excessive police violence last year…

The SA independent police directorate also admitted Friday that more than 500 people were shot dead and/or assaulted by police members in the previous book year. ALSO – some 566 people died while they were in police custody.


SA state owns 64,976 of 85,000 ‘Boer’ farms

239-million sub-Saharan people suffer severe hunger, warns a left-wing German think tank – which blames it on ‘climate change’… while understating the dramatic loss of food-production in South Africa on the rest of the sub-continent…

The growing famine in South Africa is caused entirely by the ANC-regime

Open letter to Heinrich Böll Foundation

Dr Antonie Katharina Nord
Regional Director
Heinrich Böll Stiftung / Heinrich Böll Foundation
Regional Office Southern Africa
The Avalon Building I
123 Hope Street
Gardens, 8001
Cape Town

Tel. +27 – (0)21 – 461 62 66

From Adriana Stuijt,
Retired SA journalist
Skype Adriana Stuijt
tel 31 519 701266


The FAO World Hunger Map ignores the threat of famine in SA: however the left-wing Heinrich Böll foundation warns of 239-million people suffering ‘severe hunger’ in Sub-Sahara… does it really stop at the South African borders?FAO HUNGER MAP IGNORES GROWING FAMINE IN SOUTH AFRICA


Subject: 239-million sub-Saharans suffer ‘severe hunger’

April 30 2011 – Your report claims that 239-million sub-Saharans suffer ‘severe hunger’ and that this seems to be caused primarily by ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’.

Then why, with so many people suffering ‘severe hunger’ (including some 14-million inside SA itself at last count) – is the South Africa regime so very stupidly killing off its best food-producing farmers and turning all the farm-land into totally unproductive, State owned wasteland?

Less than half-a-percent of the total South African land surface now is under irrigated crop-production. The country has to import massive amounts of food – yet the ANC-regime still continues with its wilful destruction of a once flourishing, well-organised and highly-educated commercial agricultural sector.

State already owns 64,976 of the 85,000 commercial farms and 5,448 agri-holdings – but doesn’t know it bcause its records are in chaos:

90% of all the ‘redistributed farms’ are idle:

In South Africa, one can only fully understand why its food-production has dropped so rapidly over the past 19 years when it is realised that a total of 1,155,508 land parcels in the SA Deeds Registration System already are state-owned land by 2010 –  of which 1,085,084 are urban sites, 64,976 sites are farms and 5,448 are ‘agricultural holdings’.

  • The government itself admitted in March 2010 that a full ninety percent of all these state-owned land parcels, their socalled ‘redistributed farms’, produce no excess food whatsoever.

Six percent of entire land-surface suitable for food-cropping:

In 1994, there were more than 85,000 privately-owned, food-producing farms in South Africa, which employed more than 1,6-million workers, who lived on the farms with their families. These farms produced excess-food on less than FIVE PERCENT of the entire surface of the country.

By 2001, fifty-six percent of all the total land-surface in South Africa already belonged to the State – which in turn allocates land-use-rights certificates to black families;  while 44% of the land including in the cities and towns, was in the hands of white people. 

By 2010, the Grain-SA Cooperative reported a membership of only 1,000 grain-producing farmers in the entire country. The rest of the members in TAU and Agri-SA produce other food-crops and products from livestock – while many farmers also turned to the lower-overhead wildlife-farming and game-lodge tourism and hunting industry. The CIA observations from space have also registered the fact that less than 0,5% (one-half of a percent) of the entire South African land-surface is still being used for irrigated agricultural-production.

South Africa is a very arid country with irregular supplies of running surface-water in many regions, and where less than six percent of its entire land surface has ever been suitable for viable agriculture in its entire registered food-cropping history, ever since the arrival of the VOC-ships at the Cape of Good Hope. The country’s agricultural production is largely reliant on the eleven-year drought/excessive rainfall cycle caused by the El Nino/El Nina weather phenomenon in the southern hemisphere. The commercial farmers (“Boers”) have successfully adapted their production-methods to this phenomenon over the past two centuries, preserving water in farm-dams for times of drought and devising ingenous ways of dry-land food production.

Food production on 90% of ‘redistributed farms’ is non-existent:

Yet despite the fact that 90% of the 5,9-million hectares of ‘redistributed farms’ now lay totally idle and produce no food whatsoever – according to the ANC minister in March 2010 –  the South African government is still going full-steam ahead with its land-nationalisation programme. And this is done despite the fact that the government does not even know the exact extent of state-owned land-sites because of its faulty record-keeping at the  SA Deeds Registration System, as was pointed out by the Chief Surveyor-General of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform on 31 March 2011. He urged in  a report to the parliamentary committee that “the many discrepancies discovered in the land-ownership of specific land-parcels be urgently investigated and corrected”.

2011: Only 14,000 privately-owned, registered commercial farms remain:
However what this careful survey of the disreputable records in the SA Deeds Registration Office did reveal, was that there’s considerably more land owned by the State than they realise: that from the original 85,000 privately-owned food-producing farms (“Boer farms”) , only about 14,000 farms and smallholdings now are registered as being ‘white-owned commercial agricultural sites’- all the other farms are in the hands of the State already.

Farming in South Africa is the most dangerous job in the world:

Producing excess food under the present dangerous conditions in the countryside also has many farmers pull out and sell up – especially after the farmer or a member of his household has been murdered. It clearly is increasingly difficult for these farmers to continue producing food while large numbers of armed gangs from the cities endanger their families and attack their homesteads. putting their farms under virtual siege.

Out of 3,800 rural murders targetting whites, 1,489 were commercial farmers:

Out of the more than 3,800 murders recorded in rural regions of South Africa since 1994 up to April 27 2011, a total 1,489 were commercial farmers, registered members of either the TAU or Agri-SA.

By 2006 12,4-million black people got poverty-grants, food-aid

By 2006, South Africa’s shrinking number of taxpayers already paid R56.8-billion in poverty-grants to 12.4-million poor black recipients (one-fifth of the black population).

0,5% of entire SA land surface is under irrigated food-cropping:

By 2010, the Grain-SA Cooperative only had about 1,000 grain-producing farmers left in the entire country. They still produce an impressive amount of food under the most dangerous farming conditions in the world – but not nearly enough to feed the entire South African population. The country now needs to import grain-products in massive quantities from off-continent. The CIA observations from space have also recorded that less than 0,5% (one-half of a percent) of the entire South African land-surface is still being used for irrigated agricultural-production.

More reduction of farm-land by proposed Security of Tenancy Bill

This handful of commercial farmers, besides having to work in their remote fields under these dangerous conditions, also face even more loss of farm-land by the newly proposed  “Security of Tenancy Bill’.   The Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAU) notes on 16 March 2011 in its submission to the parliament’s  Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform that the proposed “Security of Tenure Bill ‘ makes it clear that the SA Constitution’s written guarantee that ‘ all are equal before the law’ does not apply to (white) farmers: “they are the only group of people of whom it is expected to grant permanent residence on their property. Nobody else in the public or private sector has to comply with this rule.”

By 2001, 56% of all of South Africa’s land already belonged to the State which granted land-use access to some 1-million ‘new black farmers’ and their families. Fourty-four percent of all the land, including in the cities, was in the hands of white people. And at the same time, food-production and the income it generates for the state, has also dropped dramatically:

5,9-million hectares of ‘redistributed farms’ (90%) are unproductive:

SA’s Minister of Rural Development and Land Affairs Gugile Nkwinti warned on March 2 2010 at a press conference that 90% of all the ‘redistributed farms’ were  unproductive, with 5,9-million hectares of these formerly white-owned, productive farms laying idle, its once so modern, well-developed, multi-billion Rand infrastructures stripped and vandalised by looters. He blamed the entire problem on ‘foreign-land ownership’ however – threatening to crack down hard, saying:

“We have not talked about the revenue that the state has lost because farms totalling 5.9 million hectares, which were active and accruing revenue for the state, were handed over to the people. And more than 90% of those farms are now not functional. They are not productive, and the state loses revenue. We cannot afford to go on like that,” he said. Nkwinti said the “proposed reform of the land tenure system would address both the foreign land ownership question and the status of the government when it pumps new money into land owned by failing farmers.” he ANC still will continue to try and shift 82million hectares of ‘formerly white-owned land’ to blacks by 2014 although he believed it was an ‘unrealistic target’. They would now be focusing, he said, “on reviving the development of a ‘sustainable emerging black farming’ community.”

  • The TAU also submitted: 
    “Article 9(3) of the Constitution determines explicitly that there may be no unfair discrimination on grounds of ethnic or social descent. However, this Bill discriminates against the agricultural community as identifiable social group. This discrimination is unfair and not acceptable to the agricultural community.
  • “Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees property rights. The proposed Bill on Security of Tenure undermines property rights and goes even further than the expropriation process, which at least make provision for a set procedure and compensation. Restitution targets have already been reached in 2001. Independent demographic experts have determined in a survey for the Development Bank at that time that 56% of all land belonged to the State and black people and only 44% was in the hands of white people.

‘The Government must say once and for all whether they want a commercial farming industry in South Africa:’

The TAU said in its submission to parliament that ‘it wants to know what the real purpose of this Bill is. It makes no economic sense and is totally out of step with international norms. The Government must say for once and for all whether they want a commercial farming industry in South Africa and whether they want this country to be the only country in Africa that is self-sufficient in terms of food production. All legislation should be judged against this background.” TLU statement

Less than 350,000 farm-workers on 14,000 food-producing farms:

The number of tax-paying farm-workers, according to the SA revenue statistics in 2009, have dropped from the original 1,6-million in 1994 to below 350,000 by the end of 2008. The proposals in the Security of Tenancy Bill are also rather vague as to whether all these original 1,6-million farm-workers and their large, extended clans and their descendants would also be able to claim-tenancy rights on farms – or whether it only applies to the current number of tax-paying workers. At any rate, this Bill will result in an even greater reduction of the rapidly-shrinking, viable farm land in South Africa.

The TAU said that (of the 3,800 whites recorded as having been murdered in rural regions by armed militia-gangs), about 1,780 were commercial farmers – members of the Agri-SA and TLU unions. They have been murdered and terrorised off their farms and smallholdings by these gangs, while the rest of the farmers are facing heavy pressure to ‘sell’ their Land Deeds to the state. A large number of these farmers who ‘sold’ their land willingly, have thus far also never been reimbursed for handing over their registered Deeds to the ANC-government: essentially their land was simply stolen from them.

The government’s great many foreign-aid-funded schemes to replace these efficient farmers with thus far, some 1-million ‘new black farmers’ are proving to be a resounding failure. These 1million farmers are primarily subsistence: producing food for their own extended clans but selling very little excess food for use by the rest of the population.

South African regime feeds 14-million poor black people:

The South African population has thus also become increasingly reliant on food-aid from the ANC-regime. Annually it is now feeding 14-million destitute black people, including at the schools.

So by removing its most efficient excess-food producing agricultural sector, the ANC regime has now gained an increasingly needy population which is unable to look after itself, and requires massive amounts of food-aid and government-benefits to survive. It only took them twenty years.

There has not been any kind of countrywide, sustained ‘weather’ disaster which could have caused this dramatic collapse of South African agriculture.

  • Ever since its agricultural records were maintained from the 17th century, it has been recorded that South Africa goes through eleven-year drought cycles. The Boer farmers have over the centuries, successfully adapted their production to this fact and created a very well-organised agricultural community over the years, based on a system of Dutch-style farming cooperatives where the food-requirements for the following season were carefully recorded and the farmers advised by agricultural-experts on the crops to produce the following season. It also had a flourishing Veterinary preventive-medicine and science programme, based at Onderstepoort, to maintain healthy livestock and to protect the human population from infection by animal-related diseases such as rabies.

The mismanagement under the ANC-government – which insists on firing white veterinary-scientists with years of experience and not replacing them with qualified personnel solely for racist reasons – has caused a severe reduction in the services which Onderstepoort is able to produce at the moment: and the results have been frequent outbreaks of for instance, foot and mouth disease and similar infections amongst livestock.

This growing famine in South Africa is caused entirely by the ANC-regime:

Before 1994, the SA agricultural community produced so much excess food that most of the southern African region also imported food from South Africa throughout the entire apartheid-era.  Food is still being exported from South Africa today to other African countries, but this export has dropped by more than 60% since 1999.

I saw no evidence throughout this period of the progressive collapse of the South African commercial agricultural sector that the present food-deprivation amongst the SA population could, in any way shape or form, have been caused by ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’. 

On the contrary, the growing famine in South Africa is entirely caused by the present government. The report by the Chief Surveyor-General of the Department of rural Development and Land Reform, presented to the SA parliamentary committee on March 31, 2011, is presented at:



FAO world hunger map ignores famine in South Africa

Rural murders by militia-gangs 1994 to April 27 2011 specifically targetting whites: (updated daily)

Murders of whites in rural and urban areas of South Africa: 

SA Land Deed Registration Survey report to Parliament, March 2011:

Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa, objections to proposed Land Tenure Tenancy Bill: 

239-million Sub-Saharan people suffer severe hunger:

SA agriculture collapses, famine spreads:

Largest migration of hungry, empoverished people in Southern Africa in its entire history: warning”

Jeanette Odendaal called 10111 before execution

Jeanette Odendaal called 10111 before a black SAPF sergeant shot her dead outside Kempton Park police station
on April 28 2011.–killed-by-policeman

Odendaal Jeanette EXECUTED BY COP PHONED 10111 BEFORE HE SHOT HER April 29 2011 – The unarmed Afrikaner woman was calling 10111 on her cellphone just moments before a black Kempton Park police-sergeant shot her at close range, killing her. She was parked outside the police station inside her car on Tuesday night.

More than 1000 people fell victim to excessive police violence last year…

The SA independent police directorate also admitted today that more than 500 people were shot dead and/or assaulted by police members in the previous bookyear.  In addition there have also been 566 people dying while they were in police custody. The SA police this year also got renamed to the SA Police Force, instead of SA Police Service.

This came to light In an exclusive interview by a close girl-friend of the murdered Afrikaner woman with Express journalist Gerhardt Theron.  “It showed she was in distress,” said the friend, who did not want to be identified publicly.

She spoke to Theron at the Kempton Park Police Station on Friday, April 29 while  the Commissioner of Police spoke to Odendaal’s father Nick Odendaal and also to her female partner in a blaze of media attention.  Print, radio end television media swamped the station as national police commissioner Bheki Cele and Gauteng Police Commissioner Mzwandile Petros, spoke to the family. The female friend told Theron that ‘it looked as if the bullet entered through Odendaal’s shoulder, came out of her chest and then ricochetted from the car back into her stomach.” Odendaal lived in Aston Manor with her female partner and had no children. The black sergeant has been with the force for 17 years. He appears in court today.–killed-by-policeman


2,784 black babies tested with new TB vaccine

SATVI BABY INNOCULATIONS 2,784 non-white babies from the poorest Cape Town communities hold the key to finding a new TB vaccine – but could these babies really give their ‘ informed consent ’ as ethics rules demand?


Experimental TB inoculation trials now enter phase two in Cape Town
 SATVI BABY INNOCULATIONS POOR COLOURED PEOPLE WORCESTER CAPE 2011-04-29  Worcester,  Cape Town.  – Baby Leroy Muller sat on his mom Sarie’s lap while receiving the last innoculation in the trials to find a new vaccine for Tuberculosis today. He was the 2,784th baby to be given the experimental vaccine under the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative.
(source story: Elsabé Brits, pictures: SATVI).

The research was launched in July 2009 under the auspices of the Institute for Infectuous Diseases and Molecular Medicine at Cape Town University medical school. Innoculation-manager Dr Michele Tameris said that while the innoculation test-phase (one) now has been completed, the babies will be monitored until April next year. Half of the babies were given the vaccine – the others a placebo. Tameris said that ‘if the new vaccine is proven to be effective, the next phase will start involving 25,000 people worldwide.’

  Babies from the poorest Afrikaans-speaking populations in the towns of Worcester,  Robertson, De Doorns, Touwsriver, Montagu, Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor, Wolseley, Tulbagh, Prince Alfred Hamlet, Rawsonville, Villiersdorp and Ceres participate in the trials. This region is known for its very high prevalence of Tuberculosis – among the world’s highest.

Ms Brits interviewed parent Francis Gordon of Ceres, who was there with baby Connor on the last day of the innoculation-stage . She said ’  it is a good thing to participate.’ And baby Hanico Spannenberg’s mom said he’s not really aware of anything other that ‘at this stage of his life he is just eating, drinking and crying.”

Quotes on the SATVI website:

SATVI PERSONNEL“Quite simply put, we are trying to ascertain why some of the babies, despite having been vaccinated at birth, still develop TB. We are part of the war against TB.’  Ben Kagina, PhD student

“SATVI is committed to high ethical standards necessary for conducting research involving human participants. We ensure that the safety of study participants comes first, and make sure that all are well informed of their rights before, during and after trials. A dedicated Regulatory Affairs team ensures we comply with local, national and international standards. In addition, all personnel receive rigorous training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and/or Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), which includes consenting of and appropriate communication with study participants. Our activities are overseen by the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee, which complies with regulatory frameworks nationally and internationally.

2 Afrikaners dead in police incidents

Two Afrikaners died due to police action this week, and an Afrikaner in Kempton Park was cursed and beaten up by a black officer when he’d gone to talk to a detective there…


Jeanette Odendaal shot dead by cop outside Kempton Park police station
28-APR-2011 source: Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi, Sowetan ” I heard a gunshot then a loud banODENDAAL JEANETTE SHOOTING Apr272011 Kempton Park police stationg. A tall black policeman got out of his car pointing a gun at the female white driver of a VW Golf.”
An incident outside Kempton Park police station where a police officer allegedly shot and killed a 45-year-old woman is said not to have been sparked by a car accident. An eyewitness told Sowetan newspaper yesterday that a shot was fired at the woman before her car collided with the officer’s car. “I heard a gunshot then a loud bang. A tall black policeman got out of his car pointing a gun at the driver of a VW Golf,” the eyewitness said. He said the officer was saying something but he could not hear what he said. The eyewitness said the officer then pulled Jeanette Odendaal out of her car and put her on the pavement. This version contrasted with that given by the police, who claim the officer was inside the station when he heard a loud bang.
Lt Col Tshisikhawe Ndou said ‘once outside, the 38-year-old sergeant noticed the woman had crashed her car into a parked duty vehicle”. source

Police refused to let journalists take a look at the cars…
However Sowetan reports its eyewitness as saying that the cars were driving in the same direction before a shot was fired.
“I was at the police station to collect a car that needed panelbeating. I was about 500 metres away from the incident and saw clearly what happened. I think something else sparked the shooting and definitely it was not the collision,” he said. Police did not allow reporters to view the cars.

Odendaal’s family, who live not far from the station, said they were still in shock and could not comment. The black officer was arrested and will appear in court tomorrow. The Independent Complaints Directorate spokesperson Moses Dlamini said: “It is not clear at this stage what the deceased was doing at the police station”. The DA said it was dismayed to learn of a second death after Andries Tatane who died two weeks ago in Ficksburg at the hands of the police. DA Shadow minister of police Dianne Kohler-Barnard said any police service should work in the best interests of the people it serves to protect them and not to work against them.


Olivier Frederick 19 POLICE CLAIMED HE SUICIDED IN WESTONARIA POLICE CELL APR52011 28 April 2011  – Westonaria SAPS station. Frederick Olivier, a young Afrikaner man who was looking forward to his hoped-for first job at the local gold-mine, was arrested on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, allegedly when ‘police received a complaint of disturbing the peace.’

He was dumped in the holding cells of Westonaria police station for ‘public drunkenness’, said constable Lienkie Lefekane ‘for the obligatory four-hour drying out period.  Olivier, claimed Lefekane, was then “discovered hanging in his cell when police officers checked on him.”  The police did not say whether Olivier was in the cell alone that Tuesday-night.

According to Olivier’s father Ollie, this version of events makes no sense. His son had bruises on his face which looked as if he had been beaten up. He didn’t have those bruises when he was taken into custody by the Westonaria police.  “My son had a bright future ahead of him,” says Olivier. “He was hopeful of getting a job on the mine, where he recently applied, and was supposed to get engaged in September. Why would he do something like this?”

Olivier has his suspicions about his son’s death in custody. “I have photographs of my son in his casket. He looks as if he’s been beaten up. He had no mark on his face when he was arrested.” Meanwhile, Lefekane insists that there was “nothing untoward regarding this case. He was arrested for drunkenness, and he committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell.
A case has been opened and is being investigated,” says Lefekane.


Morné Pieterse cursed, beaten by SAPS Welkom
PIETERSE MORNE beaten by cop WELKOM POLICE STATION Welkom. 2011-04-27 An Afrikaner resident of Welkom who wanted to talk to a detective to help with a crime-investigation, was cursed and beaten instead.  Pieterse ‘s eyes now are blackened after he and his girlfriend Rhona went to the police station on Friday at around 7pm, looking for a specific detective they wanted to talk to, to give him information they had about a certain crime.
(source: Tom de Wet). A black female clerk in civilian clothes cursed Rhona, shouting that they would have to contact the detective themselves, and to ‘fkoff’ out of her police station. Then a male uniformed police officer jumped over the counter and beat Pieterse in the face several times. The couple then asked other police officials at the station to help them lodge a formal complaint against the cop who had assaulted him – but nobody wanted to help. Eventually the detective they’d enquired after, came to the police station. And then Pieterse was beaten by the same cop again – in front of the detective, who intervened. Pieterse has lodged a formal complaint at the Virginia SAPS against the Welkom police man.SAPS captain Stephen Thakeng said ‘a senior officer will be appointed to investigate the complaint. If a guilty person can be identified strong action will be taken.’


Louwrens Gebhardt, 18, killed in Westonaria: case moved to Protea,  Soweto mag. court
The murder case of the three black male adults who are accused of murdering the captain of the WeGebhardt Lourens 18 capt Westonaria HS rugby team KILLED Nov72010stonaria High School team, Louwrens Gebhardt, 18, has been transferred out of the Westonaria Regional Court, to the Magistrate’s court in Protea Soweto – purportedly because the investigating police feared that the murdered young man’s father —  a retired police officer — ‘could influence the court proceedings in Westonaria.

(source: Johan Meyer, ) Moreover, two of the three black adults who were charged with Gebhardt’s murder, Sibusiso Ntuli (19) and Ndiphiwe Mkhungekwana (19). were given a mere R2,000 bail. AfriForum has since decided to become involved with the case after it seemed like no progress has been made in it since he died in November. The three suspects handed themselves in to police in March and April. The 22-year-old Mdingi’s bail application was refused as he was considered a flight risk. The three accused face charges of murder and assault.

Nantes Kelder, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum said  the possible reasons for this decision raises concern. The investigating officer Danie Nortjé, told Kelder that they had the case transferred because the dead youth’s father, a retired police officer, “may have an influence on the court proceedings in the Westonaria regional court. 

Said Kelder: “The fact that Nortjé said that, is a slap in the face of the independent judiciary,because this means he is drawing into question the integrity of the magistrate and other staff members of the court,” Kelder said. “AfriForum will continuously monitor the court case to ensure that everything runs smoothly,” Kelder added.–case-transferred-to-Soweto

Fiery debate on Afrikaner survival: Dutch daily

Fiery debate about Afrikaans and the plight of the Afrikaner people in Dutch finance daily:

Bosma Martin Nederlandse MP pleit vir oorlewing van Afrikaans  –  Dutch MP Martin Bosma , right, apparently stepped on a lot of very old anti-apartheid activists’ toes – judging from the often volatile responses he’s getting to his mildly-worded April 20 article, praising the brilliant uniqueness of the Afrikaans language’s poetry, pleading for its survival and for the survival of all the people who speak it in South Africa. He warned that Afrikaans was plowed under by a deliberate anglicisation policy under the ANC-regime.

ATTACKS ON WHITES BEFORE_DURING_AND_AFTERWC2010 Top Afrikaans authors Dr Dan Roodt and Breyten Breytenbach today are battling it out on the pages of NRC, with Afrikaans-language activist Roodt writing a hard-hitting article which agrees with Bosma’s comment that things are not going well with the Afrikaners and their language under the ANC-regime. Breytenbach sneered disparagingly at Bosma’s statement that ‘Afrikaans is Dutch’ – saying that ‘Afrikaans is brown, a creole language created in the mouths of slaves, servants and Boers, a language which was hijacked by the apartheid-regime to prove their ethnic-European origins with’.

 Queen Wilhelmina sent a Dutch warship to rescue Paul Kruger from imprisonment and humiliation by the British… the ANC wants to rename Queen Wilhelmina Street in Pretoria after  its church-street bomber Abobaker Ismael, who killed 19 people and injured/maimed more than 200…

Afrikaans-language activist and author Dr Dan Roodt writes that Bosma ‘was entirely correct.’  ” The new South Africa”, writes Roodt, ‘to the Afrikaner means pro-black-anti-white discrimination, murders on Boers and sprawling squatter camps.  The survival of Afrikaans is a lot more than the survival of a language and its literature”, he warned.

“The young, brave Queen Wilhelmina (of the Netherlands)  sent the Dutch warship Hr Ms Gelderland in 1900 to Delagoa Bay (Maputo) to fetch the old, romantic Boer Republic president Paul Kruger, saving him from incarceratiion and humiliation by the British.

mandela terrorist 2 Church Street bomb Pretoria he signed off on,jpeg ”  Now the black nationalistic regime is planning to change the well-known Queen Wilhelmina Street in Pretoria: they want to replace it with the name of  Aboobaker Ismael, the man who committed the vile Church Street bombing on 20 May 1983 in that very same Pretoria (left).

“Not far from Oom Paul’s bronzed-eyed guardian statue on Church Square, nineteen people were killed by the Church Street Bomb, and more than 200 people were injured and/or mutilated by the only ‘military triumph’ the ANC has ever ever booked.

Things are not going well with the Afrikaners.

AFRIKANERS_PRETORIA-WAITING_FOODHANDOUTSFREEDOMFRONT “Things are not going well with the Afrikaners. Pres FW de Klerk handed over the entire flourishing country, with its army, police, economy and its central bank on a silver platter to a gang of inexperienced ex-terrorists and expats from Londen and Eastern Europe. From the ANC and his followers not one word of thanks was ever spoken. “On the contrary, like hungry crocodiles they insist on ever-more: more power, more money, more rights, ad absurdum.

“Last week the governing ANC party defended its youth league leader Julius Malema in his hatespeech trial for singing the song “Shoot the Boer”, claiming that it ‘forms part of their’culture’.  However we Boers feel at first-hand the results of this hatespeech slogan,  as we are being murdered way out of proportion to our small numbers by blacks. “The ANC and Malema claim the right to shout “culture’ whenever they call for genocide. Measured by the number of murders and rapes, South Africa has meanwhile become the most dangerous country on earth under their rule…

The vast black majority, politically in power and economically nearly in charge – applies draconian anti-white empowerment laws… against a defenceless, small minority…

“The black-economic-empowerment laws of the ANC is being applied in the most draconian way – worse than in any other country in the world, astonishingly to protect a vast majority – a majority with all  the political and nearly all the economic power — , against a very defenceless, small minority.

 Afrikaner youths face destruction of their language rights_culture_and_job_rights_underANCThe hundreds of thousands of top educated Afrikaners are now sitting unemployed, destitute in squatter camps – plakkerskampe -and small wonder: 

” Over the Easter weekend I spoke with my nephew and niece. First year students at the University of Pretoria, which is being rapidly, structurally anglicised just like they are doing to the five other Afrikaans-language universities. In some subjects, Afrikaners and indeed all white people of European origin are being actively discriminated against: a black student with an average final year exam score of  fifty percent is admitted for a medical education. A brilliant Afrikaner student with an average 90 percent score is barred from studying for this subject.

Afrikaners have become second-rate citizens:

HateSpeechAgainstWhitesOnWallEastCape2008“Our children are no longer allowed to study at the universities which we have built ourselves, financed ourselves and founded ourselves. For the Afrikaners, the New South Africa means racial discrimination, farm murders and squatter camps. Afrikaners have become second-rate cizitens. We are discriminated against only because of our skin colour. What does one call that again? According the definitoon of the United Nations that’s referred to as apartheid.

“Writer NP van Wyk Louw, one of our greatest poets, was an enlightened Philosophe. Policitically he described himself as a ‘liberal nationalist’  – yet sometime during the fifties he wrote:

  • the demands of freedom, equal rights, equal chances for all is, when put abstractly, nearly self-evident. That is, if we take as its starting point  normal humanity. However when it ‘s applied in South Africa this would mean that the small, relatively well-educated Afrikaner nation, together with the English-minority, will slide down as helpless minorities tinto a mass of blacks.’

“How profetic were these words. Not only single right remains self-evident for us Afrikaners today, not even the right to Life or equal treatment.,” concludes Roodt.


White Crosses Monument of Boer Murder victims gets more crosses June 4
FIELD OF CROSSES STOP BOER GENOCIDE Pietersburg. Mrs Lita Fourie of the Tabita organisation writes that the Boer-Murder White Cross Monument located on a kopje on the highway between Pietersburg and Potgietersrus will be upgrated with more crosses of murder-victims on June 4. She writes: “We will also use the day to pay homage to each Boer farmer, wife and child who was murdered in a farm-attack. New crosses will be planted, maintenance will be done of the existing crosses. Please contact me if you want to help: Tel Lita Fourie 0725427352.

Upset Afrikaner woman Jeanette Odendaal, shot dead by police-sergeant for fender-bender with police car as she arrived to place a complaint at police station:

2011-04-27 Sapa, KEMPTON PARK. An unnamed police-sergeant has shot dead an Afrikaner woman, Mrs Jeanette Odendaal, after she accidentially ran into a parked police-car outside the station on Tuesday-night. The police’s independent complaint directorate’s spokesman Moses Dlamini said the sergeant was arrested and scheduled to appear in Kempton Park magistrate’s court on Friday April 29 2011. A car-guard who saw Mrs Odendaal’s car hit the policecar and then stall, rushed inside to warn the cops – and the sergeant walked outside and shot Mrs Odendaal, still seated in her little Gholf car, in the chest. She was declared dead when the emergency services showed up. It’s not known why Mrs Odendaal was parking at the police station.

News April 27 2011

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Henri Boshoff, 54, top military-analyst Institute of Security studies, dies in mystery crash
Boshoff Henri military analyst INSTITUTE_SECURITY_STUDIES-dead in accident April 25 2011 –
PRETORIA. Top military-analist Henri Boshoff of Institute of Security Studies crashed his car into a guard-rail to avoid an “unexpected detour barrier’ which had been erected at 7am in Duncan Street, Pretoria:  April 25 2011: Bossie Boshoff, 54, whose hard-hitting reports through his work at the Institute for security studies have become increasingly critical of the ANC-regime, died in a mystery accident on 25 April 2011 when his car hit a guard-rail in Duncan Street after he’d tried to evade an unexpected road-detour on his way home to Brooklyn from the Union Buildings. Boshoff was a much-loved Afrikaans community leader throughout his adult life: he was returning to his home in Brooklyn at 7am from the Union Buildings, where he had just attended the annual Australian Legation’s wreath-laying ceremony for the South African soldiers who had died in the battle of Gallipoli in Turkey in world war one. He was also involved in the community-policing forum. Until 2000 he served in the Army, and was involved in organising the SANDF peacekeeping operations in Africa, where he was referred to as “Mr Fix-It”.


Philine Steytler, wife of FS-Agriculture president Louw Steytler, killed in culpible-homicide road accident, Luckhoff
Steytler Philine wife of Louw Steytler AgriFREESTATE killed Apr232011 LUCKHOFF April 23 2011 – LüCKHOFF, FS: Opened culpible homicide case results awaited: 2011-04-23 (source: Vicus Bürger) Mrs Philine Steytler, wife of Free State Agriculture president Louw Steytler, died at 10pm on the road between Koffiefontein and Luckhoff while the couple ‘s car was pulled off the berm – and she’d stepped out fetching soft-drinks from the boot. Mr Steytler had just returned from the FSA regional meeting at the Tri-Hunt guesthouse in Brandfort and had fetched his wife in Bloemfontein to go their farm Nevada near Lückhoff. When the couple pulled off the berm to get soft-drinks, the driver of a Nissan Hardbody bakkie struck their car at high-speed and the Rav4 drove across Mrs Steytler.
She died at the scene. SAPS lt col Thandi Mbambo, polisiewoordvoerder said the Nissan occupants sustained ‘slight injuries’. Mrs Steytler is survived by her husband, by her sons Louw, JVA and Luke, daughter Louise, 21, a B-Com student at Stellenbosch, her parents Lukie and Louise Loock of Luckhoff. No information was released by the SAPS about the driver of the car which crashed into the parked off-road vehicle. Farmitracker will keep this report onder ‘Attacks’ until the inquest or police-investigation determines whether the driver was culpible for homicide or not.


Grobler, Flip and Pop, farmers brutally attacked by three knifemen, Klopperbos farm Hammanskraal

Grobler Flip and Pop 17APRIL 2011 BADLY ASSAULTED KLOPPERBOS HAMMANSKRAAL (source: Gerhard Pretorius, Beeld). – Three black men brutalised and badly beat up 72-year-old homesteader Flip Grobler and his wife Pop, 70 on Sunday 17 April, 2011. Mr Grobler had undergone a heart-bypass operation only two weeks earlier and suffered another heart attack.
The knifemen held the couple at knifepoint for an hour at their Klopperbos, Hammaskraal homestead. Mrs Grobler was repeatedly kicked on her body, leg and in the face. The couple were tied up with wire. The knifemen escpaed with money, four firearms, clothes and used their bakkie as a get-away car – which they then crashed against a tree. Mr Grobler had undergone a heart-bypass only weeks before and the ordeal and beating caused him to have another heart-attack.Mrs Grobler said due to his frail condition, she was trying to draw the attackers’ attention away from her husband. “I wouldn’t have seen my husband alive today. When I came out of the bathroom I found the men dragging my husband around. So I tried to get their attention away from him and they started kicking and beating me. The couple have now moved in with their daughter Ms Mari Taut. Mr Grobler was discharged from hospital three days after the attack, but he’s reportedly ‘not doing well,’ the family said. It is suspected by Marius Mok, deputy-chair of the Praesidium neighbourhood watch, that the same three knifemen also attacked a farm worker on a neighbouring farm a few days later.The worker was admitted to hospital with injuries when he was attacked with a spade.


Andries Tatane, unarmed clean-water activist, shot dead by two SAPS bullets, Ficksburg, FS

TATANE WILLEM KILLED BY SAPS FICKSBURG APR142011 beeld WvdBerg25 April 2011  FICKSBURG FS The SABC photographer who filmed the entire scene which recorded the way in which a large group of black SA policemen assaulted and beat up peaceful, unarmed ‘clean-water’ activitist Andries Tatane has told City Press newspaper that he heard the words: “Shoot him” ring out – and then Tatane suddenly collapsed with blood spurting from his chest and died shortly thereafter.

Two rubber bullets recovered from Andries Tatane’s chest…
Tatane Andries Shot at close range by police Ficksburg collapses and dies Pic WillemvanderBergVolksblad2011-04-18 Ficksburg – Volksblad newspaper journalist/photographer Willem van der Berg, who also took the powerful photographs which recorded Tatane’s death, cradled by his Molefi Nonyane, also was the first one to reveal that two rubber-bullets were removed from the chest of Tatane (34), after he was killed during a demonstration in which many thousands of local residents had marched to demand clean water delivery by the municipality on April 14 . (source: Volksblad: Willem van der Berg)
Eight SAPS members of Bloemfontein were arrested: two are expected to be tried for murdering Tatane, the others for assault with the intent to cause serious injury.  The Independent Complaints directorate’s managing director Francois Beukman immediately confirmed the Sunday after the shooting that the police-officers were identified by witnesses and that the investigative task-team had questioned 14 police officers from Saturday-afternoon after the forensic examination revealed the bullets.   The unarmed man was brutally beaten by a large number of police officers who surrounded hm from all sides before he was shot. both pictures were taken by Volksblad photographer WILLEM VAN DER BERG.

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Bevan Bezuidenhout, 11, missing in Roodepoort:
Bezuidenhout Bevan, 11, missing 24 MARCH 2011 This child’s father from Princess, Roodepoort is desperately searching for his eleven-year-old son Bevan Bezuidenhout who went missing on March 24 2011 from Leiman Road. (source: journalist Tihan van der Walt). The last time Sean Bezuidenhout saw his son Bevan was on 24 March — the day he disappeared from Leiman Road in Princess. Bevan was born on 30 November 2000. He speaks Afrikaans, English and some Nguni languages. He wore blue shorts with red stripes, a black vest with red and white stripes and black tekkies with orange patterns. Anybody with information regarding young Bevan’s whereabouts can contact his father, Sean on 076 888 1780; his grandmother, Sylvia on 082 967 5656 or his grandfather, Rodney on 082 668 8680.


Illegal gold-miners endanger hospital, old-age home, two suburbs in Welkom
Welkom illegal miners chop open roadway to loot steel rods underneath 2011-04-23 WELKOM. Only meters from homes of Afrikaner families in Naudeville and St Helena, illegal miners are breaking up roads and tearing up the land around the old St- Helena mine’s Nr 2 shaft in their desperate search for gold-dust. (report and picture: Tom de Wet) The plunderers even chopped open a tarmac-road to get to the steel-rods underneath. The gold-panners, referred to as ‘zama-zamas’ apparently are very desperate people who will go to any length to make money, said DA councillor Karen Meyer. “The circumstances in which they live and work, and the fact that they even cut open a roadway to get to the steel beneath, is proof.’ She joined worried residents and police in visiting the site around the worked-out goldmine and said it’s just ‘an unacceptable situation’. “I am shocked about the massive extent of this problems. My largest source of concern is the safety of the residents. “These criminal activities take place right next to the St Helena hospital, the retirement centre St Knights haven of St Francis, the St. Andrews School, the Pines children’s home and two residential areas, namely St Helena and Naudéville. The lives of children, the elederly and the ill all are being endangered by these unacceptable mining-activities and these cannot be tolerated’.


Tortured Afrikaner smallholder Chris Bronkhorst, 67, dies after 8 months due to maltreatment in hospice:
Bronkhorst Chris tortured smallholder dies from maltreatment in hospice May242011 April 24 2011 – Family-friend Marius Avenant writes; “I am sad to say that we have been informed this morning that Chris Bronkhorst has died early this morning after a long suffering. Rest in Peace Chris. You will be remembered.” On September 29, 2010, four black males attacked Bronkhorst, a pensioner, 67 years old, who was already partially disabled from a stroke. He was brutally tortured with melting plastic and he was whipped repeatedly with a sjambok in his Walkerville smallholding home. Some details of the sexual-tortures meted out to the mentally-confused man were so gruesome that they have never been published. The attack was only confirmed to the news media four days later, on November 2 2010, by the SAPS – and only after the family had told the news media about it. Shocking images have since emerged of Chris Bronkhorst’s maltreatment in a public hospice and his continuing suffering due to the maltreatment at the hospice where he was moved after his wounds were healed at the Milpark Hospital a month earlier. When he arrived at the hospice, all his wounds had healed: Family friend Magda Cracknell wrote: “There were no pressure sores on his body when he was moved to the hospice.. Within weeks, a leg had to be amputated because of untreated pressure sores. The traumatic attack caused a severe shock to his body and he has lost his zest for life. On November 20 2010 he was taken back to the intensive care unit with a stroke and complications.” Family members and friends said he was ‘surrounded by uncaring hospice staff.”The police-report of the scene where Bronkhorst was tortured noted that “There were blood spatters against the kitchen wall where they had bashed him against it. He was also lashed with a sjambok’. His wife also found that the black attackers also had dripped melting plastic on his hands – it is summised because they were “angered about not finding any firearms in the gun-safe”.  The forensic signs also showed that Mr Bronkhorst was roughly dragged from the kitchen to the living room and tortured there – so gruesomely that not all the details have been published. She didn’t understand why they needed to torture him after they did not find anything of value. “He was disabled, they could just have taken anything they wanted: he was unable to defend himself and was at home, alone. The torturers only took some cheap bling, a cellphone, a watch and cash – total value: about R10,000… SAPS spokesman capt Shado Mashobane has merely confirmed the ‘incident’ and said “nobody was arrested”. And due to the maltreatment at the hospice, if somebody is arrested they would probably only be charged with culpible homicide – since it could not be proven that the Afrikaner had died because of the wounds the suspects had inflicted on him.. Mrs Bronkhorst’s sister Caroniena Cameron asked Beeld: ‘what kind of people melt burning plastic on someone’s hands. Those are not human beings doing such things…’ original attack as described by Beeld:



Pretoria High Court May 4 2011: Judgment of black male who admitted to assaulting, raping and killing Mrs Ines Christina Maree, 83, in Lyttelton Pretoria.
Maree Danie son of murdered InesChristinaMaree93_KilledbyCollenMonarengPTAHICOURTAPR22011 “The spirit of the devil came over him” and made him assault and rape the friendly 83-year-old Afrikaner woman in 2007, Collen Monareng, 37, a black Tembisa man told the Pretoria High Court.
Collen Monareng, 37, admitted he beat and raped the geriatric Afrikaner woman Ines Christina Maree so badly in her Lyttelton home that she died two months later in hospital.
Her life was worth a bottle of sparkling wine, a kettle and an iron – the only items Monareng stole after he broke into her home and attacked and raped her. He described her as “a friendly old woman who greeted him and his fellow job seekers while they stood outside her home nearly daily for about two years” Monareng said “she even fed his homeless friends when they asked her for food.”Apart from saying the “spirit of the devil” came over him, Monareng said he had no idea why he assaulted and raped her. Her son Danie, picture, says he will never forgive Monareng.


Black-racist appointment of High Court Judge in West Cape is Unconstititional, top expert warns
Henney Robert only black applicant among 7 for WC High Court appointed 2 posts left open The April 12 2011 appointment of Western Cape High Court Judge Robert Henney, picture, was unconstitutional warns president of Cape Bar Council. The rejection of 6 skilled white judge-candidates over this one succesful black candidate– while still leaving two of 3 posts vacant on the WesternCape High Court Bench – is racist and unconstitutional because the Supreme Court of Appeal’s president and deputy-president were not present during the April 12 2011 interviews, the deliberations and the decisions. Their presence is required under Section 178 of the
SA Constitution, said Senior Council Alasdair Sholto-Douglas SC: “The ‘Cape Bar Council is deeply dismayed that the JSC filled only one of the three vacancies on the Western Cape High Court, for which it interviewed seven shortlisted candidates on 12 April 2011. Mr Henney was the only black candidate. The remaining six candidates were white. One was a woman. All six of these white candidates have served as acting judges in the Western Cape High Court on numerous occasions. “ Entire statement issued by Alasdair Sholto-Douglas SC, Chair Cape Bar Council, April 20 2011 :


5 women killed in North West: muti mass-murderer on the loose:
WITCHDOCTORS ADVERTISING JOHANNESBURG 2007 Madibeng Pulse editor Cynthia Dreyer reports that ‘extremely worrying news has come to light that there may be a serial killer on the loose in the western areas of North West. However, the culprit could move to another area if he feels that he is being pursued by police. Brigadier Ngubane of the North West Communications has sent this message to all women in North West Province to heed the warnings at the end of this report. It could save your life and that of your family and friends:
“The communities of Lichtenburg, Blydeville, Boikhutso and surrounding areas, the South African Police in the North West would like to issue out a warning about the suspect/s that have allegedly raped, and murdered women between January 2010 and April 2011. “The police recently found the half naked body of a woman in a decomposed state at Blydeville Cemetery on Friday 15 April 2011 at around eight in the morning. The body was found with a cut off left index finger and the right ear. It is suspected that the victim was raped before being killed. The suspect is unknown at this stage and the police investigation continues. “The body is the fifth one to be found in the area, especially around Blydeville. The other four (4) bodies of women with ages ranging between 16 and 40 were found in Blydeville Extension 1 between January and September 2010. All victims were raped before being killed. “The police cannot rule out the possibility that crimes might have been committed by the same suspect. ” The tel  for Lichtenburg Police Station is (018) 632 8258, alternatively Crime Stop can be contacted on 08600 10111. The Investigating Officer is Warrant Officer Monyayi, 083 353 1279.


Springs ratepayers set up War Room to ‘combat the ever-increasing crime”
Ratepayers in the mining town of Springs in South Africa have set up their own War Room to combat the ‘ever-increasing crime’, reports Amanda van den Barg on 21 April 2011. “The Selection Park and Clydesdale Citizen-policing-forum have combined forces and set up a War Room to protect the residents in their communities inside a radius of about 20km². The War Room walls are covered in detailed maps of the entire Selection Park area, as well as the smallholdings of Edelweiss, Daggafontein and Struisbult — and a radio to communicate with unpaid volunteer-members while they are out on patrol.
Louis Hennings, chairman of the CPF, hopes to install 300 CCTV cameras to  monitor the Selection Park area all of which will be linked to plasma screen TVs in the War Room.“The War Room will also be used for their monthly meetings with police, and with the maps being used to plot criminal activity, any special operations with police will also be organised from there.“As it stands, our members take up shifts to patrol the whole of Selection Park and the cameras would make a huge difference to our own efficiency,” he says. Meanwhile the question must be asked over and over again: why do people still pay their rates and taxes to the ANC-regime when the taxpayers still have to spend all their free time and all their money to do their own policing?