All 3 streams polluted at Kya Sands, South Africa

Mysterious 3-metre-high towers of foam are polluting the Klein Pampoenspruit and feeding into the Klein Jukskei river, warn residents such as business-management consultant Gavin Tonks, who sent pictures of the pollution to the Radio 702 news pages. Residents in Kya Sands north of Johannesburg are reportedly  deeply worried about the high pollution levels in the three streams in the area.


Heinz Brenner, 71, dies from Linden attack

The killer wore blood-drenched white gloves and shouted: ‘something is wrong in the house…’

Heinz Brenner, 71, was attacked on Feb 9 2011 at his 6th home in Linden, Johannesburg. He died on March 1 2011 from the brutal beating he received by a black man who wore white gloves.


Brenner Heinz dies in March 2011 from Linden attackMarch 31 2011 –  A Linden family are reeling in shock after burying their husband and father who was left brain dead and surviving on life-support for three weeks after he was attacked on February 9 2011 at his Sixth Street home in Linden, north of Johannesburg.

The brutal murder of 71-year-old Heinz Brenner, comes soon after the kidnaping and death of 65-year-old Georgie Jacklin, whose body was found three weeks ago in Sasolburg.  (source: Karishma Thakurdin)
One of the daughters Ms Julie Brenner said her family was distraught by the brutal nature of her father’s death. They  hoped to see the perpetrator brought to book. Brenner said her father was attacked and left in a coma on Wednesday 9 February 2011 around 3pm after she and her mother had left the house to run errands. “When we returned about an hour later, the front door was locked from inside. Moments later an unknown man wearing white gloves which were drenched in blood, opened the door shouting ‘something is wrong in the house’,” she said.

Ms Brenner said they were too shocked and confused to react .  The black suspect yanked both Brenner and her mom into the house, yelling, ‘something is wrong inside’. He demanded their valuables, before locking them in the bedroom cupboards. “When I heard silence, I escaped from the cupboard, let my mom out and began looking for my dad,” she said.Brenner found her father in the garage lying in a pool of blood and gasping for air. “He was so badly beaten up, I barely recognised him,” she said.An emotional Brenner described her dad as a positive, kind-hearted and hardworking person.Linden police constable Carol Mulamu confirmed that the suspects were  at large and a case of murder was being investigated.

Anti-ANC protest, Zandspruit, Randburg

Zandspruit, Randburg squatters threaten election boycot: oppose local ANC-candidate…

ANC spokesman Dumisa Ntuli warns: “those who undermine the ANC through protests would face the consequences…

Thousands of Zandspruit squatter camp residents near Honeydew, north of Randburg set up burning-tyre roadblocks in violence-driven protests, demanding the removal of white Johannesburg ANC-councillor Maureen Scheemann from the list of candidates. The ANC in turn issued a stern warning that ‘those who undermine the ANC through protests would face the consequences.’ Eighty-eight people were arrested for public-violence, said Honeydew Maj-Genl Oswald Reddy.

 Zandspruit2 protest March302011 The residents blame Scheemann for the lack of water-reticulation and other free municipal services to their squatter camp. A police officer was injured by stones pelted by protestors. And the main road from Pretoria to Johannesburg was blocked for hours by their burning-tyre blockades. Residents looted a supermarket and stole 150 crates of cool drinks worth R20,000, said the shopowner who would only identify himself as Tony. “It’s very unfortunate because I help the community a lot. I donate money to the creché and this is how they thank me,” Tony said as quoted by Sowetan:

Police cruelty on Sowetan video:

Sowetan ‘s website also showed a video with the story which included the shocking scene of a  black police-officer firing a shot with a rubber-bullet at very close range at an unarmed man, whose damaged arm then needed treatment. They also showed police officers firing at protestors from a high vantage point into Beyers Naude drive, which was blocked and littered with stones. video on:

Residents went on the rampage in an well-organised manner, showing up at 5:30am with piles of outer-tyres which they proceeded to torch in a staggered set of road-blocks. Five people also were injured when police fired rubber bullets at the protestors. They looted several businesses. It’s not known if any of these squatter-camp residents ever tried to phone Mrs Scheemann directly about all their woes: the councillor for Ward 100 for the city of Johannesburg can apparently be reached at telephone number 083-279-1128, according to the citizen-policing forum website:

ANC provincial spokesman Dumisa Ntuli said the ANC had ‘scheduled a meeting with the community but no one came forward (to put themselves up for election). The ANC Gauteng has closed the list process for candidates selection and names have been sent to the IEC. We don’t expect any disciplined member of the ANC to organise protests based on the selection of candidates.”

Zandspruit Randburg protests against ANC_councillor March302011He also issued a sternly-worded warning: ‘Those who wanted to undermine the ANC processes through protests would “face the consequences. No one should mobilise against the outcomes of the selection of candidates. Our candidates have been tested … they enjoy overwhelming support from members of the communities who participated enthusiastically in the selection process,” he said.

Five people murdered at Zandspruit in February:
They have to walk about a kilometre to the main road and wait for an ambulance because ambulances won’t drive into their area. The squatter-camp is crime-ridden: in February alone, five people were murdered. Also, their  toilets won’t flush and authorities take three months to fix them. This creates health hazards.
Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesmann Nana Radebe confirmed that “paramedics could not drive into the area because it was difficult for them to locate addresses.”

Sowetan also quoted political analyst Elvis Masoga as saying: “Communities thought they would have the last say on nominations but they were wrong. The ANC has failed to explain its policy of involving communities.” It’s not entirely clear what he meant. One thing is for sure: judging by the large number of violence-driven protests against unpopular  ANC-candidates countrywide over the past few months, the party is in for a rough ride at the forthcoming electoins.

community policing forum:

for comment: The councillor for Ward 100 for the City of Johannesburg can be reached at telephone number is 083-279-1128.

Avril Gordon locked in, tortured for months – Avril Gordon, 52, tortured, starved, chained, locked up for months in PE flat

2011-03-31 Port Elizabeth. – For many months, Mrs Avril Gordon, 52, was locked up in her flat, half-starved, beaten with a chain and a wooden pole, burnt with boiling water and tortured so badly that she required emergency plastic surgery repair to her face. She was rescued by neighbours who heard her constantly crying, weeping and moaning  – and kicked open the door…

A top detective described the long-term torture of Mrs Gordon as ‘worse than any murder, rape or robbery-scene I’d ever investigated in my 32-year-career.’ Her second husband – whom she married only six months ago after a tortuous two-year relationship  —  SA Air Force sergeant Frederick Gordon, 42, was arrested last Thursday and is being held in the St. Albans prison until his scheduled remand-appearance in Port Elizabeth magistrate’s court on Thursday, March 31 2011.

Gordon Avril tortured locked up for 2 yrs PE ZA March312011 Beeld pic

The detective told Beeld newspaper: “I had never looked into such painfilled, desperate eyes until I saw that woman’s eyes. She suffered all this in a two-year-period and it’s a wonder she’s survived, said col Mark Howland of the Humewood police station. The emaciated Mrs Gordon underwent intensive plastic surgery two days ago to try and repair the damage to her carved-open nose and torn upper lip.  “I went through a pure hell which I would not wish on my worst enemy. But from now on, things can only get better and I am looking forward to a future with my children and grandchildren,’ said Mrs Gordon from her hospital bed.

She was in a relationship with the sergeant for two years before the couple married in November last year and moved into an apartment block in Forrest Hill. “He was incredibly jealous and constantly accusing me of affairs with other men. I wasn’t allowed to work,’ she said.

Investigating officer sergeant Paul Roelofse said the torture ‘had been going on for months but increased in intensity in the two weeks before his arrest’ We received statements from neighbours who listened day and night to horrific weeping and moaning and hitting sounds from the adjacent flat’. Neighbours tried knocking on the door – and said Gordon initially refused to open the door, and told them through a window that ‘his wife was asleep’. However the neighbours heard the woman moaning pitiously at that point – and kicked open the door.  What they found inside  the flat left the neighbours in tears and weeping, said sergeant Roelofse.

Open Bible had clumps of her hair and skin stuck to the pages:

“Mrs Gordon was sitting in a corner, weeping, and with her face literally bashed apart. Only the upper part of her nose was still intact.
She was covered from head to toe in cuts, slashing wounds, she had missing teeth and horrific burn wounds where boiling water was poured on her. She was never taken to any hospital and had to treat her pain with headache-powders. The flat itself was a pig sty full of beer-bottles, blood-spattered walls, a bloodied chain and a lock.
“The worst part was the Bible laying open with clumps of her hair and skin from her skull stuck to the pages.’

daughter Vallery Figueira who rushed  from Johannesburg to be with her mom,  said: “I would never have recognised her in the street.” As soon as her mom recovers, her three daughters will take her in and start taking care of her, she said.

George Savvides, 63 shot dead, Wonderboom

George Savvides, 63, shot dead through bedroom door, March 30 2011 Wonderboom

March 30 2011 – Greek immigrant George Savvides, 63, was shot dead through his bedroom door while trying to stop a gunman at his Wonderboom, Pretoria home.

 Sawides George Wonderboom shot dead through front door March302011 Savvides livingroom window broken in George Savvides shot deadMarch302011Wonderboom

The two black males, one armed with a spanner, the other with a handgun, broke in through the living room window (source: Hilda Fourie, Beeld)


A shot was fired through the door and hit Mr Savvides in the heart. His wife Emmerentia heard him say:  ‘they have me” before he died.  She said her husband was pushing the bedroom door closed to stop the black gunman from getting inside. The men merely grabbed a handbag and a cellphone before rushing away again. “What are a cellphone and a handbag worth? The most valuable thing they took was my husband’s life,’ she said.

The couple’s home is located in Date-palm Avenue in Wonderboom, Pretoria – four blocks away from the home of 62-year-old Mrs Rienie van der Linde (details below) in Van der Schyffstreet : who was attacked in her driveway for a second time within four months by two black men who had shot her in the upper leg.  She blamed the large number of illegal squatters living in an adjacent empty site and the local councillor had promised ‘to have it cleaned up’.

Mrs Savvides said she woke up at 3:30am when ‘an unknown man turned on my bedroom light’. She and her husband sleep in seperate bedrooms. She saw two black men: one with a heavy-duty spanner and another with a handgun. “I started screaming for my husband at once,’ she said. In response one black man ‘tapped her on an arm with the spanner and grabbed her handbag’.

“My husband opened his bedroom door, I saw the gunman move into the hallway and saw my husband close his door and that’s when the man fired the shot. My husband was shot through the heart. I heard him say ‘they got me’. I rushed to him, felt his forehead and then phoned the police – or tried to, because nobody answered the 10111 emergency number.’ She then pushed an emergency alarm on her cellphone and the police arrived within minutes.

Local SAPS spokesman Lt-col Lungelo Dlamini said ‘a murder investigation has been opened’.  He had no comment about the complaint that there was no reply at the 10111 number. Investigators found that the two men had broken in through the living room window.

Rienie vd Linde, 62, survives second armed attack – Annlin near Wonderboom, Pretoria

2011-03-24 For the second time within four months, Mrs Rienie van der Linde, 62, was attacked by an armed gang and was lucky to survive. She was shot in the upper left-leg and treated at hospital after she was attacked by one of the gunmen in the driveway of her Annlin, Pretoria home as she was leaving for work at 5:30am. Four months earlier she also was beaten black and blue by an armed gang in exactly the same spot, said husband Frik, 72.  (source: Hilda Fourie, Beeld). She managed to get away and rang her frontdoor bell – and just as her daughter Marlisa, 34, was busy making up her bed she heard the shot. When she ran to the backdoor a man also stood there with a gun – pointing it at the daughter’s face. The man walked inside, took a laptop computer – he walked straight to it as if he knew exactly where to find it – and jumped across the fence. The family’s erf is adjacent to an empty lot frequented by vagrants. SAPS Pinky Tshinyane, confirmed the ‘house robbery’. The local town councillor meanwhile has undertaken to have the empty lot next door cleaned up and the illegal occupants removed.

Primrose cracks down on prostitution

The Primrose SAPS made important arrests in the fight against drugs and prostitution in the area.

PRIMROSE, South Africa. For years the Primrose community has pointed fingers at the Primrose SAPS, accusing them of not taking a stand against drugs and prostitution in the area. The Primrose police however have been cracking down hard of late to clean up the area. Col Themba Dense, station commander for the Primrose SAPS, thus was a very happy man after a joint operation by the East Rand Flying Squad and the Primrose police  nabbed four men for drugs-possession and also caught a suspected prostitute, 32, and her male client, 43. (source: Logan Green)

“The community provided us with certain information about these four houses where drugs were being dealt and we acted on their leads,” said Denge. “These arrests are very important because drugs lead to prostitution and through these good arrests we are in a position to reduce prostitution and make Primrose the safest area in Gauteng.”

A few hours later, an SAPS patrol caught a suspected prostitute (32) and a male client (43) red-handed. “Our members saw a vehicle parked next to the road near Beaconsfield Avenue,” added Denge. He said that the members saw that the car “was moving”, inspected the scene and caught the occupants having sexual intercourse. “They were arrested and charged with public indecency.”

Denge added that the Primrose SAPS are certain that the woman is a prostitute. “Her male client is not a Primrose resident and when given his rights to contact his family he said that he was embarrassed and that his family must not know,” said Denge. Col Dense said the arrests send a message that the Primrose police do not tolerate prostitution.





Johannes Senekal, 70, murdered: Roodepoort a.h.

Johannes Senekal murdered at Roodepoort smallholding: police refused to open murder-docket:

 The suspected killer, with a scratched face, stood at the murder-scene next to two investigating police officers, but they never questioned him…’

 2011-03-30 – Two police-officers investigating the murder-scene of 70-year-old smallholder Johannes Senekal  in Roodepoort on 21 March, refused to open a murder-docket: claiming there had been ‘no crime’. Yet the murder suspect — the now duly arrested casual worker Jabulani Khambuli, 23, of Diepsloot — stood right next to the investigating police team with a scratched face – and they never asked the worker any questions. (source: Amanda Roestoff, Beeld).

Mr Senekal was murdered in the double-story smallholding home of his niece, Magdel Daniel and her husband Kobus on March 21 2011. The Daniel couple were in Warmbaths (‘Bela-Bela’) at the time: another worker phoned them and warned that ‘Uncle Boetie wasn’t breathing any longer’. The Daniel couple phoned the police, paramedics and neighbours. They told Beeld newspaper that the worker who alerted them had become suspicious because the lights weren’t on, and Mr Senekal was lying half underneath his bed with cuts to his chin – and electronic equipment was strewn all around him. Missing were his two cellphones, his wallet and a camera.

Mr Daniel was phoned back by the police upon the arrival of the two investigating officers, a sergeant and a captain: who informed them that there ‘had been no crime’ and “that they would not be opening a murder-investigation docket.”
The police sergeant allegedly said in this telephone conversation that “there were ‘no signs of any struggle or forced entry-signs at the house; that they refused to open a murder-investigation docket; and that they would not let  the coroner remove the body.’

The Daniel-couple immediately rushed back to Roodepoort – and discovered that casual worker Khambuli had been ‘painting’ at the house when it was a holiday, yet that he had most definitely not been asked to work that day. The couple contacted the private detective-agency of ex-SAPS detectives Bushie Engelbrecht and Piet Byleveld, who launched an independent investigation.

Questioning of witnesses revealed that the suspected murderer had been standing at the murder-scene with scratch-marks on his face, and yet the police never questioned him.

Khambuli was arrested the following Thursday-afternoon and made a full confession in front of a Roodepoort magistrate, who postponed the murder-case to 5 April for a bail-application. Meanwhile Beeld was given the undertaking by the police’s provincial PRO Lt.kol. Lungelo Dlamini that ‘an internal investigation will be launched into the handling of the case by the two police members at the scene’. A memorial service wase held for the murdered man in the NG church Muldersdrift on March 30 2011.