ANC ‘s ethnic-cleansing of poor Afrikaners

ANC conducts ethnic-cleansing campaign against  poor Afrikaners in their traditional suburbs countrywide:  but leaves black squatters alone

sources  Elaine Swanepoel (News 24), Dan Roodt (PRAAG), The Afrikaner & others

Sept 18 2012 – It’s clearly another test case: last year another impoverished Pretoria resident, Magda Stroebel, won the right to erect wooden structures for homeless Afrikaners on her property at Daspoort: winning a victory for Afrikaners city-wide.

AFRIKANERPOOR PTA BACKYARD SHACKS THAT IS ALL WE HAVE SEPT 19 2012This time, seven empoverished Afrikaners living in the backyard of their father and grandfather in Pretoria-North  will find themselves homeless and destitute after the Metro Council served them with a notice to demolish their shack-dwelling within three weeks. There are many hundreds of thousands  of poor Afrikaners living in identical conditions all across South Africa.

Fear now grips the Pretoria North suburb that their families all will be ethnically-cleansed from their neat little backyard shanties: and these families rely on another for their very survival as the ANC-regime denies them access to the labour market. Meanwhile, millions of SA blacks live in identical shanties – but are left alone. 

Countrywide phenomenon: evict poor Afrikaners from their shanties & tents

Moreover, Afrikaner squatter-camp residents countrywide are facing similar battles at community-council level: it’s obviously an official ANC policy to evict as many Afrikaners from traditional Afrikaner suburbs as they can.  Another recent example is the Coronation Park squatter camp in Krugersdorp.

 Despite the council having lost the previous court order against Magda Stroebel, they refuse to give in and now gave Mrs Ronel Fernandez (31), her two daughters, Melissa (12) and Jessica (9), her two brothers, her sister  and the sister’s three-year-old until September 15 to submit (expensive) building plans for their informal dwellings in Dorandia to the council for approval. Should they NOT comply they will be instructed to demolish their homes and their father, will incur a fine for non-compliance.

Another Afrikaner woman, Mrs Elsie Brits, also was recently forced to demolish her shanty:  article. And residents in the Krugersdorp area also waged an impressive battle against their forced eviction, when that ANC-town council tried to forcibly removed them to a local black township. Only two families made the move in the end.

At lest 800,000 of the 3million Afrikaners now are squatters

Millions of blacks live in ramshackle backyard shanties – but only the Afrikaner poor are ordered to ‘build their homes of bricks ’

“What do they expect us to do? We don’t have money for anything else!”, Fernandez said.  They received the notice on August 15, 2012, and Fernandez was forced to report to the Akasia municipal office to plead for an extension.
She says: ” The building plans will cost R10,000 per unit:  “To be assured of approval the houses will have to be made of brick. We don’t have that kind of money”, she lamented. 

Mrs Fernandez works as cashier at Prinsloo Batteries — in exchange for food.
Mrs Fernandez provides the food for her family: she works as a cashier at Prinsloo Batteries, in Pretoria North and receives food in-kind payments for her services. Her husband works for Global Composit Solutions as a handyman.

AFRIKANERPOOR PTA RONELFERNANDEZ THREATENED WITH EVICTION SEPT192012 Above: Photo of Ronel Fernandez: who says “ there’s “a multitude of poverty-stricken individuals who live in backyards, but who are not being forced to demolish their houses.”

She said: “ During a metro council meeting in March the mayor announced a plan that would have seen the council “provide better housing for backyard-dwellers. “ According to this plan a thousand people would have been given formal housing, from April 2012 onwards “Unfortunately we were not offered one of those houses”, Fernandez said.

An explanation as to why Afrikaners are being singled out for this harsh treatment,  the local building control officer Mr Maimane said it was ‘ unfortunately not possible to act against all the offenders because of the magnitude of the problem.” He claimed that ‘informal settlements like those in PretoriaNorth were ‘dangerous’ but did not elaborate why he believed this.  The opposition  Freedom Front Plus party ‘s local councillor Phillip van Staten reacted with  indignation: “The Metro council should expect to run into a wall of (legal) resistance, as a result of this decision”.

He refers to the council having lost a previous case against Magda Stroebel of Daspoort in 2011 and that the FF+ have already consulted with legal representation (regarding this latest threat to evict poor Afrikaners from their families’ backyards). Since the Stroebel-case the FF+ has submitted an urgent appeal to the council stop all evictions and to also provide council housing [for destitute Afrikaners]. After initial positive feedback from a meeting in the mayor’s office between the FF+ and  representatives of the city it however became clear that the “current actions of the council  indicate that their attitude over wendy-houses (wooden-shacks) in Afrikaner suburbs has still not been resolved,” Van Staden said.  He says the FF+ will arrange an emergency meeting with the effected members of the Dorandia community and an urgent letter will be handed in at the mayor’s office.”

Afrkaner poor squatter camp many new arrivals pitch tents KRUGERSDORP SUNETTE BRIDGES JULY 2 2012 FB Countrywide, hundreds of thousands of the country’s 3million Afrikaners now live in wooden structures like these above, or hide themselves iaway in tents in the countryside. They have to hide or cluster together in settlements like these because even the poorest Afrikaner families get attacked & their children kidnapped . By 2009, the Solidarity trade union counted at least 800,000 impoverished Afrikaners living in little squatter camps like these. Many cannot afford anything else: they are growing increasingly poor because the ANC-regime denies ‘whites’ access to the labour market. All these Afrikaners are well-educated and could contribute a great deal to the growth of the SA economy – yet the ANC-regime has decided to take this racist path instead.                                              ___________________________________________

Reactions from other ethnic-cleansing victims:
Magda Stroebel was lucky to have won her case against the council after a long and protracted legal battle. Ms Stroebel, who owns a property in Daspoort in Pretoria’s 
Wesmoot suburb can now legally operate her welfare organization Angels At Work and provide shelter for poor and destitute Afrikaners.  She is an excellent campaigner, raising food and funds for the families in her care mainly via internet appeals: as below:


Afrikaner families also attacked by increasingly violent armed militias:

Besides the council’s  pressure on poor Afrikaner voters to move out of the Pretoria voting districts, there now also are many organised youth-militias attacking Afrikaners and killing them without stealing much of value all over the country. latest reports 

Above and below:  Mrs Elsie Brits, another destitute Afrikaner mother who was subjected to the same treatment by the ANC council and was eventually forced to demolish her own house said: ““Where are those poor people suppose to go now?  “The ANC council is trampling on the human rights of white (Afrikaner) people!” Elsie’s story was covered in detail by the Journal.  report:

 Elsie Brits’ child suffers from malnutrition: but no govt food-stamps for poor Afrikaners: AFRIKANER POOR ELSIE BRITS DAUGHTER ELMARIE MALNOURISHED PRETORIA WESMOOS AFRIKANER JOURNAL JULY82012 AFRIKANERPOOR WESMOOT BACKYARDSHANTIES OF AFRIKANER FAMILIES STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE SPET192012 Hundreds of neat litte wooden shacks are filling up the backyards of poor Afrikaner families in Die Moot, Pretoria – the ANC wants to demolish these backyard shanties and thus effectively also destroy these Afrikaner vcommunities who wholly rely on each other for their very survival: the ANC regime refuses these Afrikaners access to the labour market: many of them can still find only odd-jobs in exchange for food as basically it’s illegal to ‘employ’ them. Dr Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action group says hundreds of thousands of Afrikaners now are ‘internal refugees in their own country’ because of this ethnic-cleansing campaign and the black-economic empowerment laws of the ANC-regime.


Pro Afrikaans Action Group warns: “The 3million Afrikaners are being turned into internal refugees in their own country..

Dan Roodt of the Pro Afrikaans Action Group commented that “this situation is the result of direct anti-white discrimination that resulted in extreme poverty experienced by the (white) Afrikaner communities, who now have to be content with living in wooden-huts (shacks). The city council is taking a hard-line approach against these people, while allowing, at the same time, shacks to be erected  by blacks without a word of criticism.  Afrikaans organizations will have to fight hard to prevent the destruction of these people’s homes.”

  • Question: is the ANC engaged in ethnically-cleansing Pretoria’s Afrikaners from the founding city of their forefathers? It is clear that the battle of the original residents of Pretoria, the poverty-stricken Afrikaner minority, against the racist housing policies of the African National Congress – is far from over.

The Afrikaner Journal notes that ‘this  regime is renowned  for its lies about ‘creating a better life for all’.  It is clear that the, ‘all’ they envision, falls within their qualified definition of ‘all’ that we have come to understand as, “Africans” or “African Nationals”.  We also find that the city’s attacks exclusively on Afrikaners is racist in the extreme. Black city dwellers living in identical conditions to poor Afrikaners but are not removed, harassed or forced to demolish their homes. 

  • The question must be asked: Is the city council perhaps implementing a policy of ethnic-cleansing against the Afrikaner minority and turning this beleaguered community into ‘Internally Displaced Persons’, as defined by the United Nations?

Should we Afrikaners be worried that the policies of the city and the state iare  linked to those that has resulted in a change in the Genocide Watch level for white Afrikaner farmers to that of level 6: Prepation for a genocide (15 August, 2012):

GENOCIDEWATCH STAGE SIX GENOCIDE AUG142012 DR GREG STANTON STATEMENT Above: Genocide Watch warned on 14 Aug 2012 that Afrikaner farmers were in stage 6 out of 8 of the “preparation stage’ of genocide. The next stage is all-out genocide, and stage 8 is ‘denial’.                                                                                    ________________________

The Afrikaner Journal wrote that it would not be unreasonable to insist that Genocide Watch broaden the group definition of people at risk in South Afric, to include all Afrikaners, whether they’re living on farms or cities – in light of the above and the growing number of violent house invasions being recorded over the past few months. “Is it unreasonable to present the argument that these are growing occurrences of human rights abuses, aimed at both rural and urban Afrikaners  in preparation of an all-out mass murder? And shouldn’t the world-community take note of this and moreover, do something about it”?  they concluded.


“Legally unemployable” Afrikaner accountant does freelance work from his Krugersdorp squatter-camp tent: another community putting up a fight against eviction:

ACCOUNTANT IN SA UNEMPLOYED AND LIVING IN A SHACK BECAUSE OF BEE FINNBAR O REILLY PHOTO REUTERS Reuters photographer Finnbar O’Reilly photographed ‘legally unemployable’ accountant Vernon Nel (above) in the tented home he shared with six other Afrikaners in the Coronation squatter camp in Krugersdorp: yet another of the many poor-Afrikaner communities waging a fierce battle against the ANC’s eviction frenzy. (below)


Sanctions demanded by Australian party against ANC-REGIME over its deliberate policy of empoverishment and cultural genocide of the Afrikaner minority
Australia Sept 19 2012 – Statement by Andrew Philips, the National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party. “ The new South African government’s racist policies and affirmative action has led to calls for sanctions against SA. The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, Andrew Phillips called upon both the Federal Labor government and the Opposition to unanimously support the re-introduction of sanctions upon South Africa. “It is becoming increasingly clear the situation in South Africa warrants international attention once again”, Phillips said. “Despite noble announcements by the African National Congress (ANC) of its intent to make South Africa an egalitarian society in which all people
could live in harmony and have equal opportunity-the reality is quite different.’ He refers to the Woolworths SA company hiring only “African Black candidates” for certain posts in job advertisements and to South African Airways’ statements that they will only  appoint black pilots to its cadet pilot training programme.

European MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong also called for EU to stop aid-funding to SA:

Phillips said “Australia is dragging its feet in recognising the reality of the New South Africa. Euro MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong have already called for the EU to cease giving millions in aid to South Africa and have already raised the issue of what can only be described as cultural genocide in that country.” The Australian Protectionist Party recognises the right of all people, irrespective of racial, cultural or religious background to a safe homeland, self determination and the opportunity to control their national destiny in an increasingly globalised world.

SA government has reduced Afrikaners below the poverty-line
“With the advent of so-called majority rule, minorities such as the Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin” Phillips said.

“The South African government has done little to protect the lives of the nation’s farmers and their families, actively promotes the on-going Anglicisation of the nation’s government sector with the current debate of the “Languages Bill” and has reduced an estimated 10% of the nation’s Afrikaner community to the poverty line through the introduction of a race based Affirmative Action policy – a situation President Zuma described as both “shocking and surprising”, yet has done nothing to address”.
“Australia was quick to take the moral high-ground against South Africa decades ago, now is not the time to expose our hypocrisy by refusing to re-introduce sanctions and apply meaningful diplomatic pressure upon the ANC regime,” Phillips said.

News Sept 18 2012

ANC-militiaIzinyoka ‘ (snake) systematically carries out slaughter of Afrikaner farmers in Trompsburg region, black residents warn:
Friday 14 Sept 2012. The chairman of Trompsburg township’s Madikgetla in the Free State, Bukelwa Mnweba, told Beeld Afrikaans paper that the ANC militia “Inzinyoka’ (Snake) has been carrying out a wave of deadly attacks against Afrikaner farmers in the region.

Fourie farm couple TROMPSBURG FS slaughtered like animals Johan and Cecile hacked to deat with hatchets Sept 9 2012 Some of the Izinyoka members even showed up at the Trompsburg magistrate’s court to support their three comrades Moeketsi Hlassa (27), Mvu­mvu Nkululeko (26) and Phinias Mothibi (28) arrested for the double-murder of Afrikaner farmers Johan, 71 and Cecilia, 72 Fourie on Sunday. The farming couple were hacked to death with hatchets.

Mnweba also said it was strongly suspected that the Inzinyoka attack-militia also murdered Jan and Johanna Greyling in 2006 and attacked farmer Phillip Henning in 2007. Black residents in Madikgetla township confirmed that the militia ‘targetted white farm-owners for attacks’.

One of the accused men, Phinias Mothibi was a farm-worker at the Fourie farm. He showed up the Monday after the murder before his arrest to ask for a half-bag of maize-meal and ‘offered his help to the family, ‘ according to the Fourie couple’s son Nico Kruger.

         Latest racist crimes and racism-incidents up to Sept 18 2012:

Sept 18 2012 03h45 Middelburg Afrikaans couple attacked: husband dead, wife critical:


Chinese shopkeeper, wife and baby daughter hacked to death: Warden Free State


 Ria Mills, 65, kiled execution-style on farm Mosselbay: mother of worldfamous inventor Dr Ceval Mills

Mills Ria with son Civl and husband Dr Neville Mills MRS MILLS SHOT ON FARM SEPT 15 2012                           

 Wartburg FS farmer, as yet unidentified, critically injured, KZN:

 black youths get military training in SAfrican sqauatter camps: PRAAG expose:


Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren threatened with death by three dreadlocked men, East London

Darren Kurt death threat three dreadlocked males East London Sept 16 2012

SA blood bank purging whites from all its jobs:

WHITES ALL BARRED FROM SA LABOUR MARKET 9 JAN 2012                           

FARMITRACKER SEPT172012 UPDATE sign up for daily alerts and updates from Farmitracker:

 Sept 14 2012: 91-yr-old Boer farmer Badie Badenhorst sustained serious head-injuries: attacker Olie Abrams phones SAPS confesses & kills himself  BADENHORST Badie 91 badly bruised head injuries survives farm attack by casual worker Olie Abrams who shoots himself dead afterwards after confessing to cops Venterstad Sept132012 Above: Sep 14, 2012 91-year-old Boer farmer Badie Badenhorst seriously injured, farm Tolpoort, Venterstad 2012-09-14

Afrikaner smallholder Andre Jordaan 50, killed by large black male gang: fired 7 shots through closed door  Jordaan Andre dead shot through closed door trying to defend family from huge black male gang SEPT132012 Above: Sep 13, 2012 Muldersdrift Afrikaner resident Andre Jordaan, 50, killed by a large black male gang – fired 7 shots through door which Jordaan was shoving closed to protect his family

 Shaun Mould, 44, electrician East Coast Elevators and popular biker, shot dead at home

Sep 13, 2012 Port Elizabeth biker Shaun Mould, 44, electrician at East Coast Elevators, shot dead at GreenshieldsPark home

Rudolph Meyer 53, Afrikaner farmer, mother 70 and daughters survive attack by six armed black males, Wartburg, Greytown

Meyer Rudolph 53 bashed over the head by six farm attackers Vierquellen farm WARTBURG GREYTOWN 2pm Sept 12 2012 Above: Sep 12, 2012 Rudolph Meyer, 53, attacked on Vierquellen farm 2pm by gang after a man first asked him for a job Meyer’s teen daughters and 70-year-old mother.

Secret militia training of black youths

Why do black youths get military training in SAfrican squatter camps?

Sep 14 2012 Muldersdrift, Gauteng – In  an exclusive expose, the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG) revealed that a secret youth-militia is being trained in squatter camps around Johannesburg. Report

(also: related articles on training of black youths in squatter camps and at Narysec: and

Dan Roodt writes that after their training these youths receive a monthly stipend R2,200 paid out to them in cash by people who travel in state-vehicles with government license plates. (note by editor: the ‘Narysec*’ recruits receive a stipend of only R1,320 per month)

Praag obtained first-hand information that the secret militia-training could be related to the government’s so-called National Rural Youth Service Corps, NASYREC* (details below this article) — however there were differences — other than Narysec, the secret youth militia is ‘purely military’, writes PRAAG, noting that a special focus in training the youth-militias in the use of automatic military carbines is seen. “Apparently the new youth-militia is under the control of specially-selected police officers,’ he writes.

NARYSEc BLACK MULDERSDRIFT CRIMINAL TRAINED AS SECRET MILITIA DAN ROODT ARTICLE  Above: Dan Roodt writes that the youth-militia-trainees received cash payouts of more than R2,100, whereas the ‘Narysec’ trainees received a monthly stipend of about R1,300 during training according to government documents. He also revealed that older men were also being recruited. Questions were also raised in the Western Cape ‘s political circles about the ANC youth league’s members getting militia-training under the guise of ‘rural census-takers: ANC youth league MILITARY TRAINING REPORT


Roodt: “It is known that a considerable number of SAPS-members are former members of Umkhonte we Sizwe, the ANC militia during its armed struggle (Spear of  the Nation). PRAAG has a secret security report in which it is described how a captain Mokwena of the Muldersdrift SAPS has been training black youths in squatter camps since Oct/November 2011 including at the Joe Slovo squatter camp near Lanseria airport.

Mokwena is involved in the community-policing forums in the area. According to the report ‘several meetings were held at the Joe Slovo Squatter camp in which youths were told that they are being recruited for the SAPS forum’. “Only youths with matric-certificates were being sought for training. They were also told that they would have to attend lectures and would receive a monthly salary for doing so.’ In the Joe Slovo squatter camp a police-forum member, Ms Ntshabeleng, helped captain Mokwena recruit about ten members from the squatter camp, and similar recruitments also took place in other squatter camps in the same area.’ PRAAG notes that the safety in the Muldersdrift area has become very tenuous for residents with the number of very violent crimes and murders rising.


Above: Dan Roodt also questions the recent release from SAPS custody of five squatter-camp youths  arrested for the horrific murder attack in Muldersdrift on the defenceless Botha family , in which thirteen-year-old Alyssa Botha was shot dead, her father Anton was shot in the abdomen and her sister Meghan in the leg. SAPS lt-col claimed there ‘was no evidence linking them to the murder: “A cellphone memory card belonging to one of the attacked Botha girls was found on one of the men, but the police were ‘investigating how the man had got hold of the memory card,” he told SAPA news agency.” The only items ‘robbed’ were the teen girls’ cheap cellphones. The gang had actually fled after running in shouting – shooting down the girls in the 7pm attack on Sept 5 2012 –  but had then returned to shoot the father in the stomach. A part of his liver, one kidney and a portion of his colon had to be removed and he is in serious condition at Krugersdorp hospital. There seemed no reason to attack the family: they are very poor. Original Afrikaans report  and

“ One can no longer speak of ordinary crime:  this is a war “

 He writes: “The Johannesburg English-language newspaper The Star reported on 11 September 2012 that 93% of all the households in one single street in Muldersdrift alone – a largely semi-rural area mainly occupied by Afrikaans-speaking working class-whites – was targetted frequently by violent crime-gangs. After the cold-blooded attack on the Botha family this week, during which the 13-year-old Allyssa Botha was murdered execution-style, the Bothas neighbours also were attacked by a black male gang using similiary aggressive methods. It’s also noted that very little of value is taken during such attacks. A security expert questioned by PRAAG said: “If 93% of all the households in one area are attacked like that, can one still be speaking about ‘crime’. Or is this a war. “

Roodt; “Is it sheer coincidence that this secret youth militia is being trained exactly in the same area and is operating here?” On 13 Feb 2011 at 10h00  Capt Mokwena addressed trainees for the youth-militia in the Joe Slovo squatter camp, telling them that ‘those who were trained in 2010 would be sent for training to Bloemfontein’. He also announced that only one youth per squatter camp would be selected, and that they would be about sixty all told from one area. They would leave 15 February 2011 for their six-month training session. Besides poor black youths, convicted criminals also are recruited for the SANDF, writes PRAAG. ‘A well-known criminal identified by his first name of Smanga, also was ‘selected’ for training in Bloemfontein, and his brother Mazambia is serving a sentence for armed robbery, while his second brother Tebogo is being sought by the Muldersdrift and Brits SAPS for armed robberies and break-ins. According to the security-document, Smanga left for training at Tempe SANDF-base in Bloemfontein on Feb 15 2012. Capt Mokwena visits the Joe Slovo squatter camp frequently since February 2011 and also told other youths recruited for the militia that they would get training ‘somewhere in the Cape’. On March 2011 Capt Mokwena visited the Slovo camp at 19h00 and said the youths sent for training to Bloemfontein would be back within that week and that ‘the Youth Desk’ would start Monday 7 March 2011. An alternative term also used was the ‘Task Desk’. While the ANC was in exile it showed a preference for using the word ‘Desk’, such as as in “Cultural Desk”, “Foreign Desk”, etc., The Joe Slovo squatter camp – similarly to other such settlements in the area – is widely viewed as an ‘ANC-fortress’ where no other other political party is tolerated. Residents will only discuss this if they can remain anonymous: political intimidation is rife and there even are rumours that known political opponents from other parties are killed. The criminal recruit Smanga was back on the Joe Slovo squatter camp on Friday 19 March 2011 at 19h30 according to the report. He told remaining recruits that; Mre than 40 black youths were trained at the SANDF base in Bloemfontein That they were trained in self-defence They were trained to use automatic carbines ( he showed photos where he was photographed with such weapons); That they get a certificate proving they were trained there; That the certificate can be used to join the SANDF and the SAPS;; That the next group of youths would leave for their training on 24 March 2011; That the next training session would take place in the Western Cape; That their official name is the ‘Task Desk’; That they still receive a salary; That the training is ‘very strict and that he cannot recommend anyone to undergo it’ He wore a uniform consisting of a brown shirt and green trousers, and on his photos he also wore a hat. Reportedly the youths were ‘shocked’ to hear about the strict military nature of the training and that some showed an unwillingness to continue with the project after the meeting. Calls requesting to speak to Capt Mokwena at the Muldersdrift SAPS station obtained no response. “


 Alyssa Botha, 13, murdered:

Botha Alysa Krugersdorp HighSchool PUppil murdered Muldersdrift smallholding Sept52012 BEELD Blacks with criminal records CAN legally get govt jobs in SA: but whites with clean police-records CANNOT


*NARYSEC: official SA government statement: training of black recruits: “to create sustainable job opportunities in the countryside’:


“The rollout of CRDP (Comprehensive Rural Development Programme)  to more rural sites on track and NARYSEC making gains ”

Headline of government document:

‘Momentum in war to create sustainable job opportunities in the countryside ‘

30 March 2011 “The Minister for Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr Gugile Nkwinti, together with MECs responsible for rural development in the provinces, considered and took several major decisions at yesterday’s MINMEC meeting, on issues ranging from bringing social and economic development to 160 rural wards throughout the country, jobs creation for rural youths to the speeding up of effective land reform as a lever for social and economic development in the country.

“The MINMEC meeting, constituted by the Minister Nkwinti and MECS responsible for rural development, took place yesterday in Ekurhuleni, West Rand.The meeting agreed on modalities for the effective implementation and management of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP) in rural wards, strategies to create sustainable, quality jobs linked to skills development for youths in rural areas and strategies to deal with challenges facing land reform. To rollout the CRDP sites to 160 rural wards by 2014, the meeting agreed on a RDP management model, which amongst others, spelt out the different roles for the Rural Development and Land Reform Ministry, the Premiers’ Offices, the MECs, the District and Municipality Mayors as well as the role of the community members and the civil society in the rural areas. Whilst the Ministry will be responsible for CRDP programme development, policy and legislation development, coordination and setting norms and standards, the provinces will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the CRDP with the Premiers being the CRDP champion at provincial level

The Districts on the other hand, will be responsible for the actual implementation of the CRDP at ground level.

The meeting furthermore agreed that MINMEC meetings should be held quarterly and one of the key functions of MINMEC should be to evaluate progress on the implementation of the CRDP and assess whether it is meeting its objective of creating sustainable, equitable and vibrant rural communities. Provincial Coordinating Forums, be constituted by District Mayors, Heads of Departments (HoDs) and be chaired by the MECs, should be established and meet once every two months for evaluating district reports, which are to be consolidated into provincial reports. At the district level, District Implementation Forums, constituted by Municipal Managers, Ward representatives and representatives from Council of Stakeholders and chaired by District Mayors will also meet once in two months, to look specifically at the implementation and coordination of the CRDP at local level.

National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC)

The MINMEC was also updated on the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC), a flagship project designed to play a key role towards the creation of 500 000 job opportunities in the rural areas. To date, the less than two years old NARYSEC programme has already enrolled 7,956 rural youths into a two-year character building (which includes discipline, patriotism, life skills, rights awareness) and skills development programme. From April 2011 the programme will be expanded to increase its intake from the current four youths per ward to six youths per ward. “One of the outcomes we want to achieve with NARYSEC is character development – the partnership with the military is a strategic one, as the military is one of the few institutions we have were discipline is instilled and enforced. Five hundred (500) of the NAARYSEC recruits were sent to De Brug military base in Bloemfontein, and for seven weeks these youths were exposed to character building, discipline and civic duty. Only two recruits dropped out of the programme – one indicating he has to go home to look after his sick grandmother whilst the other indicated he had subsequently been offered a job opportunity” the Minister informed the MINMEC meeting. “For seven weeks, these young people were GOING TO CHURCH & WERE NOT INDULGING IN ALCOHOL OR DRUGS. We may take these things for granted, but its importance and impact for me eloquently illustrated by one of the NARYSEC youths who requested not to be deplored to his community but somewhere else, as he had been involved in gangsterism in his hometown and does not want to go back to that life again” Minister Nkwinti reflected.

“Hard-skills training: bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, welders…

Besides the soft skills, NARYSEC recruits, who supposed to be from rural wards and minimum requirements is Grade 10, also receive hard skills training – for careers as bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, welders, etc. Throughout the two years’ intensive training, recruits get a stipend of R1,320 per month.

Community service is central to NARYSEC and the “graduates” are expected to play a very critical role in the rollout of the CRDP in rural wards and this will encompass undertaking household profiling, construction of houses and other infrastructure in rural areas as well as mitigating disasters in the rural areas. The 500 NARYSEC recruits who recently underwent the seven weeks training at De Brug are expected to undergo a household profiling training until 30 June 2011 whilst training in trades will take place from 1 July 2011 until 15 December 2011 and the allocation of NARYSEC participants to specific projects is scheduled for 15 December 2011. In terms of the mitigation of rural disasters, 200 NARYSEC participants are to be trained as environmental monitors.These recruits, with geography and maths, will be undergo training in environmental assessment training, understanding weather patterns and climate change, GPS training, introduction to environmental management (including environmental data collection), disaster management (including flood management), first aid and fire wise training. With regards to land reform, MINMEC deliberated on the Community Property Associations (CPAs) and its execution of its mandate in holding land on behalf of the community as well as the IMPACT OF LAND ACCUMULATION BY DISPOSSESION and what its impact is on the conditions for successful development.

How land reform can be a RADICAL AND RAPID MOVE from the past without impacting on agricultural production? Inquiries: Mr Eddie Mohoebi, Head of Communications Cell: 082 550 1445 Issued by: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform 30 Mar 2011


Woolworths boycotted over racist hiring

Afrikaner- and English-speaking South Africans team up & boycot Woolworths over its racist anti-white hiring policies

by Dan Roodt, Pro-Afrikaans Action GroupBoycotWoolworthsFacebookByPraag

Also: Solidarity trade union:  Boycot Woolworths FacebookBoycotWoolworths

Below this article: three Woolworths directors sell millions of Rands’ worth of shares after boycot kicks off

Dan Roodt, Afrikaans-language activist, writes on September 14 2012 – “Something extraordinary is happening in South Africa. Perhaps for the first time since the days of our much-loved and brutally assassinated leader Hendrik Verwoerd who managed to rally both Afrikaners and English-speakers behind him against the British Commonwealth, the UN and all comers, white South Africans are united in their opposition thw upmarket supermarket chain, Woolworths.

You could call it WAR – Whites Against Racism. Since 1994, South Africa has become the country in the world, apart from Zimbabwe, where anti-white racism has been pushed to its absurdist extremes. Woolworths, like many big corporations, have taken to advertising jobs with the proudly stated proviso: “Whites need not apply.” Of course it is not put as bluntly as that, and couched in the Orwellian weirdness of ANC newspeak like “employment equity”, abbreviated as EE, or the more sinister “transformation”, but the meaning is the same.

WOOLWORTHS HIRES TOO FEW WHITES CHARTS AND ARTICLE BY SOLIDARITY SEPT12 2012 ABOVE: Solidarity trade union kickstarted the Woolworths boycot by publishing detailed employment charts from the company.


PRAAG has been parrying with Woolworths about their arrogant anti-Afrikaans language policy since at least 2005. In South Africa as in some other places, “Afrikaans” is often a metaphor for “white”. Only whites care about the survival of Afrikaans culture, so being anti-Afrikaans or punishing Afrikaans is often a way of “getting the whites back”. When a white Jew was killed on 16 June 1976 in Soweto, it was done in the name of the rejection of Afrikaans. That is also why Afrikaans place and street names are being eradicated all over our country, even in the opposition stronghold of Cape Town and the Western Cape Province. The more nauseatingly liberal a minority of South African whites become, the more disdainful of our language they tend to be.
As a result PRAAG members have not been buying at Woolworths for some years now. So when I saw in the early hours of Tuesday morning that the Cape-based chain had recently placed race-exclusive ads for jobs, I immediately issued a renewed call for a boycott of Woolworths.

Since then, it has spread like wildfire. Whereas the ANC’s revolutionary takeover of our society has led to very conformist, left-wing, politically correct media – whether state-owned or private – the internet and social media have become the joyous outlet of white frustrations and intellectual ferment. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, the news of the Woolworths boycott spread like wildfire.
Why now? Why Woolworths and not Pick ‘n Pay or Checkers or Game or any of the other supermarket chains who all practise anti-white racism in some or other way? That was also the question that Woolworths’s communications manager asked me a few years ago. I told her that most of the other chains still had an Afrikaans sign here and there, or announcements in Afrikaans, or one or two whites on their staff. However, Woolworths has gone “all the way” in killing Afrikaans off totally and adopting an extremist and arrogantly anti-white stance in hiring.

“Woolworths bites the hand that feeds them: 79% of its clientele is white” – Retail industry writer Justin Harrison breaks the story: “Woolworths SA blatantly posting ads on their career site that were exclusive of whites’ –


 Above: Woolworths started rejecting white job applications in 2012. reported Retail industry writer Justin Harrison in a hard-hitting expose: above: writing: “I am calling all South Africans that oppose racism to boycot Woolworths’.                                           ______________________________________________

What makes Woolworths’s policy so incongruous is that they are actually biting the hand that feeds them. Apparently 79% of the upmarket chain’s clientele is white! But alienating one’s customers is not totally foreign to South Africa’s corporate giants who consider their relationship with the black government to be far more important than being in tune with the people who queue up in front of their cash registers.

  • Afrikaans media monopoly Naspers launched anti-white propaganda war against their own readers
  • The media group Naspers, which was once an Afrikaner company, our “National Press”, has recently become the purveyor of unethical sleaze journalism and a kind of Schadenfreude directed at their own readers or viewers. The more we get killed, raped and robbed, the more anti-white laws roll off the ANC government’s conveyor belt, the more jubilant Naspers’s moronic liberal pundits become.

 White solidarity:
Woolworths is the last straw, in a sense. It is part the company’s fault, part coincidence that it has triggered a sudden onset of white solidarity, a coalescence of what I called the other night on Radio 702 ‘the downtrodden, apathetic minority” who until now has been ostensibly content to endure whatever violence, injustice or insult this crazy system could hurl at it. The Woolworths boycott could have far-reaching political consequences.


“If whites can boycot their favourite store: they could also boycot rates, taxes, elections, electricity payments… “ – Dan Roodt

  • After all, if whites could manage to boycott their favourite store, dispensing TV dinners and expensively branded fruit and veggies, as well as department store clothes, they could perhaps start boycotting elections, taxes, electricity payments, who knows what?

Middle-class whites keep South Africa’s machinery going:
Middle-class whites in this country, including the two million real taxpayers who provide the state budget which the black Louis XVIs and Marie-Antoinettes spend like their God-given due, probably work harder than any other white population in the world. They keep the machine going: they fix the computers and the networks, they fight tooth and nail in the law courts, they balance the accounts, they plant at the beginning of the new season, they design, plan and project manage new buildings and developments. Take them out of the equation and you have a Zimbabwe, an Angola (but without the oil), a Tanzania or some African country in need of “infrastructure and development”. Or maybe even food aid.

At my children’s’ Afrikaans government school, they have a chant called the “Blou masjien”, the blue machine. I am often amazed to see those young, healthy, robust white children go into a circle on the sports field, hugging each other and screaming their lungs out.

Woolworths have alienated and insulted ‘the white machine’

Woolworths and its politically correct management have just alienated and insulted a far bigger grouping: the white machine.

  • The company down in Cape Town is some provincial English side, visiting our country, and we are the Springbok rugby team of old – without quota players.

Mark my words, Woolworths; we are going to thrash you. We are going to close you down. Not only Checkers and Pick ‘n Pay, but the whole world will take notice. We are going to eat you for breakfast without any of your products and then we are going to spit you out and look for the next target.

We have had it up to here with Black Economic Empowerment, transformation and all the other euphemisms for the Faustian pact that you corporate moguls have made with this vile and venal regime. We are gatvol. If you at Woolworths do not understand that word, look it up in a dictionary.

Woolworths please remove all Afrikaans words from your packaging: we don’t want to have anything to do with you

As Woolworths hates everything Afrikaans or really South African, please also remove all Afrikaans words from your packaging. I am talking about koeksister, biltong, droëwors, Boerewors, nartjie, malvapoeding, bobotie, sosaties and every other word or product that might be mistaken for having anything to do with white Afrikaners.

Do you get the message; you bunch of politically correct Quislings? We do not want anything to do with you, ever again .” Dan Roodt:



 The campaign can also be followed on Twitter #Woollies and #Woolworths 

Woolworths directors selling shares: Norman Thomson (R6m), Zyda Rylands (R3m), Simon Susman (R7m)

Release Date: 04/09/2012 17:02:00 Code(s): WHL
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Woolworths Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
(Registration number 1929/001986/06)
Share code: WHL
ISIN: ZAE000063863


In compliance with the JSE Limited Listings Requirements, the following information is

Director : Norman Thomson
Company : Woolworths Holdings Limited
Date of transaction : 3 September 2012
Nature of transaction : Sale of shares
Class of securities : Ordinary shares
Number of shares : 112,892
Selling price (weighted average) : R60.0091
Total value of transaction : R6 774 547.32
Highest price : R60.09
Lowest price : R60.00
Nature of interest : Indirect beneficial
Clearance obtained : Yes
Transaction completed on market : Yes

Director : Zyda Rylands
Company : Woolworths Holdings Limited
Date of transaction : 3 September 2012
Nature of transactions : Off market transfer of shares in terms of
the Woolworths Holdings Share Scheme
Class of securities : Ordinary shares

Number of shares : 57,582
Grant price : R56.80
Total value of transaction : R3 270 657.60
Nature of interest : Direct beneficial

Number of shares : 86,000
Grant price : R56.80
Total value of transaction : R4 884 800.00
Nature of interest : Indirect beneficial
Clearance obtained : Yes
Director : Simon Susman
Company : Woolworths Holdings Limited
Date of transaction : 31 August 2012
Nature of transaction : Sale of shares
Class of securities : Ordinary shares
Number of shares : 122,239
Selling price (weighted average) : R60.30
Total value of transaction : R7 371 011.70
Highest price : R60.90
Lowest price : R60.00

Date of transactions : 3 September 2012
Nature of transactions : Sale of shares
Class of securities : Ordinary shares

Number of shares : 307,535
Selling price (weighted average) : R60.0091
Total value of transaction : R18 454 898.57
Highest price : R60.09
Lowest price : R60.00

Number of shares : 104,488
Selling price (weighted average) : R60.6817
Total value of transaction : R6 340 509.47
Highest price : R60.81
Lowest price : R60.55
Nature of interests : Indirect beneficial
Clearance obtained : Yes
Transactions completed on market : Yes

Cape Town
4 September 2012

RAND MERCHANT BANK (A division of FirstRand Bank Limited)

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News Sept 3 2012 South Africa

Summary: Young Frenchwoman dies at SA diplomat’s house Paris; 95% of all SA-produced food is raised by Boers earning less than R300,000 ($30,000) yearly; Afrikaners increasingly besieged in their traditional Centurion suburbs; arsonist caught in the act of torching Free State farms; Edenvale up in arms about illegal businesses endangering residents

Frenchwoman 26 dies at SA DIPLOMATS HOUSE SAT SEPT 1 2012 AFTER COCAINE PARTY SAYS EUROPE1RADIO Above:  South African Embassy in Paris, France, 59, Quai d’Orsay 75343 Paris Cedex 07, Phone:, Fax:

95% of all SA-produced food is raised by Boer farmers earning -R300,000 a year – propaganda myth that ‘all white farmers are rich…’

Dr. Pieter Mulder, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, warns that the ‘broader South African population” stops with its unreasonable criticism of commercial farmers and start realising their important contributions.

“It is also necessary to squash the racist propaganda myth that ‘all white farmers are wealthy’ and that  it is ‘going well’with commercial farmers. More than Dr. Mulder was the speaker at the Dorper Sheep Breeders Association’s annual prize giving function at Hartbeespoort this weekend. The Dorpers are a black-headed sheep which were developed by Boer farmers during the 19th century specifically for South African conditions.The function was also attended by a visiting group of farmers from Brazil and farmers from Zimbabwe.

“The fact is that more than 50% of all South African commercial farmers have an annual turnover of less than (Euro) 30,000 each. Such a farm works to a loss or has a very low profit margin,” said Mulder.

ANC HATESPEECH RONALD LAMOLA GIVE ALL WHITE PROPERTY OR WE WILL TAKE IT BY FORCE MAY 3 2012 UWC MIKE SMITH ANC LAMOLA BLOOD ON HANDS WAR DECLARATION AGAINST FARMERS AFRIFORUM STATEMENT BLOOD ON HANDS JUNE20 2012 ERNST ROETS Above: More than 3,600 Boer farmers have already been murdered since 1994 in political hate-crimes: and under these horrific siege-conditions, which get worse every year, they and their families have to pay extremely large amounts for security each month – with electric fencing, farm-security groups and private security guards.

Due to this high expense, only 5,400 farmers — or approximately 12% of all the commercial farmers in South Africa – have a turnover of more than (Euro) 200,000 annually. “This is equal to the average business in the business sector,” according to Mulder.

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Patel recently said that 95% of all food which is produced in South Africa, is being produced by commercial farmers. “That makes these farmers of extreme strategic importance when the future and the political stability of South Africa in the future are discussed,” Dr. Mulder said.

40% of all cattle owned by black subsistence farmers: yet they only produce 5% of all the meat-production for the market:

He also pointed out that 40% of all cattle in South Africa are owned by small and subsistence farmers in South Africa. These farmers however only make a 5% contribution to meat production in South Africa. “With a little bit of effort and assistance this sector can be developed to make a larger contribution and at the same time help to alleviate poverty in the rural areas,” Mulder said.Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Mulder, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Freedom Front Plus leader, September 2 2012

Suspected arsonist who torched Free State farms arrested in Bethlehem
Mon 3 Sept 2012 – Bethlehem – A man has been arrested on suspicion of arson in Bethlehem, this as the Free State battled raging fires this weekend. Provincial agriculture spokesperson, Malcolm Procter says farmers arrested the man on Saturday while he was allegedly trying to start a fire:Procter says this past weekend was declared a red weekend due to the high probability of fires. He says 10 and a half hectares were lost in Rouxville, bringing to 202 000 hectares the total amount of land lost since the beginning of this year in the province.

Raw sewage in Hennops River through Centurion endangers tens of thousands of lives: danger of cholera, other water-borne infections, and pollution of irrigated crops:

31 August 2012 Suzette van Huyssteen –  Although it’s been known for months that the stinking foam floating in the Hennops River through Centurion, is caused by the municipality dumping raw sewage in it, no action is undertaken by the authorities to remedy the problem. Worried local residents such as Jurie Human said the once so pristine Hennops which runs through Irene, Centurion and Zwartkop estates, now is 100% sewage. “The muck clings to the river’s edges, it’s a health risk and the stench is unbearable. Who is responsible for this horrendous filth?”The Pretoria municipality ‘has launched an investigation’ they said, and they claimed that there was ‘no major sewage pipes into the river. They blame ‘neighbouring municipalities’. It seems the municipalities aren’t coordinating nor talking to each othera bout this either.


Afrikaners in Centurion are under siege:

Centurion residents cannot be safe even when withdrawing cash from local Standard Bank June 19 2012 Centurion Wierda Bridge parents and children targetted by smash grab attackers school parking lots Apr202012

Citizen-Policing Forum slams violent crimes and illegal businesses in Edenvale
Sept 3 2012 – At the Edenvale Community Police Forum’s (ECPF) monthly meeting held on Thursday, chairperson for the ECPF, Mrs Linda McKenzie, highlighted the recent spate of violent crimes in the community. (Charmaine Slater):

“I speak on behalf of the executive committee when I say that the ECPF is absolutely shocked at the brutal murder which took place in Hurlyvale,” she said.“My first reaction was ‘how many times do we need to tell the community not to employ workers off the side of the road’ but if we look at this situation, the resident had just moved up from Durban and was not aware of our warnings,” Mrs McKenzie said. “When you see a new neighbour moving into our area, go and introduce yourself. Inform them of the dangers and give them the sector vehicle numbers. Our condolences go out to the victim’s husband and family,” she said.

Stones nightclub: violence by bouncers:  and vendetta among residents running illegal businesses:

She also spoke about the recent incident at Stones nightclub in Edenvale after which Mr Danjay Singh died on August 2. A man has since appeared in court on charges of culpable homicide and was released on R5000 bail. This is one of two incidents of alleged assault by bouncers at the same venue. “The cases which have been opened against the bouncers are being investigated.  Let us hope that an end will be put this this type of behaviour, which is totally unacceptable,” Mrs McKenzie said.

Businesses operating illegally in Edenvale were also on the agenda for the meeting.“The ECPF asked the community to report any suspicions of illegal businesses which are being run from neighbour’s homes. This has turned into a vendetta among residents who feel that if they were reported then they will report someone else,” Mrs McKenzie said. She compared it to residents “acting like children”. “What some of the residents have forgotten is that when they angle grind, spray paint and hammer as early as 7am and on public holidays, this does upset the surrounding neighbours, who work every day and want to rest on the weekends and public holidays,” Mrs McKenzie said. She called on residents to accept it if they are reported and to “correct the wrong”.–raped-by-two-men-at-work