Help pours in for baby born in stable

Pieter Oosthuizen of  has good news today: a job, a home, hands-on help, food- and cash-donations are pouring in for a desperate young Afrikaner family he recently discovered living in a stable. Best of all, the Afrikaner father got a job and a home for his homeless  family: people’s hearts were deeply touched by his little baby-boy ‘W’, who was born in a stableThe Little Boy in the Stable

Oosthuizen: ‘For the homeless young Afrikaans family whose baby was born in a stable, Christmas came early: their dad got offered work, the family got sufficient donations of nutricious food; their two little girls will go to a creche for the first time in their lives …

“Baie Dankie’ to Joppie and  Elsabe Brits of Fochville Gardening Services, who gave the father a job; Tina and Jimmy Cronje, who donated nutricious, sufficient food and many other items the family needed urgently; Mrs Twanette Keyser who showed up with a big box full of wonderful surprises; many thanks to Mr Eugene van den Berg for his financial donation – and Mrs Ilke de Villiers and Maeder Labuschagne, who not only gave donations but also helped the family move to Fochville and helped with all those ‘lose threads and outstanding bills’. Pieter says the two little girls this week will meet other children at their very first ‘real creche. ‘

Nearly one-million Afrikaners are homeless, desperate, and slowly starving to death. Your help is urgently needed!


ACCOUNT NAME: Farmitracker Aid NPO – NPC 2012/120171/08
BANK: First National Bank of South Africa

Shop number 56, Westgate Shopping Centre,
120 Ontdekkers Road,
Gauteng Province,
South Africa
FIRNZAJJ046 (zero,four,six)


All whites ‘eliminated’ from job market since January 2012

All ‘whites’ are now ‘eliminated’ from the job market’: as the ANC-party’s own mouthpiece trumpeted triumphantly on 9 January 2012: yet the vast majority of South Africans aren’t aware of the desperate poverty this law has plunged white Afrikaners into: in fact some are even joking about seeing ‘white beggars on the streets of Pretoria’ and describing them as ‘drunks and drug-addicts’. link 

However – the vast majority of these homeless Afrikaners are former working-class to middle-class artisan-families who have only recently ended up on the streets after they were fired from their government- and private-sector jobs: and many were forced to sell their homes and all their belongings just to keep their families fed each month.


Homeless Afrikaners get no government food-aid nor survival benefits:

This baby’s family is only one of nearly one-million Afrikaners who are equally desperate.  The ANC-regime ‘s sonamed ‘black-economic-empowerment laws increasingly bars sonamed ‘whites’ from the entire South African job-market, even when they are best-qualified for many jobs – in government service and also in the private sector.

The ANC-regime also refuses to help these homeless Afrikaners with food-aid and the experience at aid-agencies trying to get them government benefits is also recorded as dismal failures: most Afrikaners are also denied government benefit-payouts.

Afrikaner poor exploited by some owners of squatter-sites: forced to beg in traffic with their children:

AFRIKANER POOR BEGGING FOR FOOD above: There are increasingly desperate stories of many new little squatter camps, usually tents and old caravans, housing Afrikaner families. Many of the Afrikaner poor are exploited by the owners of the marginal, dismal sites they are squatting on, many Afrikaners are even forced to go and beg in public to pay their ‘landlords’. 

“Angels at Work” NPO  trains unemployable Afrikaners to become independent artisan-entrepreneurs:ANGELS AT WORK DASPOORT PRETORIA MAGDA STROEBEL INFO

 ABOVE: But others also are lucky to find safe havens with kind people, for instance at Magda Stroebel’s well-run non-profit  group’s camp Angels At Work at her Daspoort smallholding near Pretoria. For the past eight years, she has helped provide training and found jobs for a large number of homeless Afrikaners and has meanwhile also fought an emotionally-draining, valiant struggle in the law courts with the ANC-city council — which wanted to forcibly remove her neat little wooden cottages and dump her charges on the streets.

Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund NPO launched in The Netherlands:

Meanwhile international charities are also becoming aware of the plight of the Afrikaner people: one charity was launched by Afrikaner exiles in the Netherlands, the Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund non-profit organisation, which focuses on finding land-sites where homeless Afrikaners can be resettled and start their own subsistence kitchen-gardens and food-tunnels.

ARAF is a non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands in November 2011. Their aim is to re-train — (legally-unemployable under ANC anti-white job laws) — Afrikaner artisans as independent entrepreneurs, to enable them to set up their own businesses in support of their families. The need is urgent: the 800,000 Afrikaners wh in 2011 languished in desperate tent- and shack-camps were only getting two full meals a month and the levels of chronic malnutrition were manifesting themselves more each day.

ING account number 5237454 (
The Netherlands)

IBAN: NL82INGB0002678169
De Loper 47
3137DD Vlaardingen
The Netherlands

Donation to Account holder: Stichting Afrikaner – Reddingsactiefonds (ARAF)

history of the little Afrikaans boy who was born in a stable:

German photo exhibit of poor Boers:

ANC tried forced-removals of ‘poor whites’ to black townships in 2009 to alienate Afrikaner children from their own cultural history and Afrikaans language:


AfrikanerPoor in Wesmoot Gauteng PROTESTING AGAINST FORCED REMOVAL OF AFRIKANERS TO TOWNSHIPS Pictures above and below: In 2009 there were protests among Afrikaner poor-communities at the attempts made by the ANC-regime to forcibly remove all the Afrikaner poor in  Gauteng – including the many thousands  in the Wesmoot region near Brits (above) to move to  black townships, where their children would no longer be allowed to be educated in their own cultural traditions nor Afrikaans language, and their parents would  receive neither food-aid nor any kind of government benefits because as ‘whites’ they did not qualify.

Afrikaners in schools attacked by blacks Above: For Afrikaners it is proven to be dangerous in vast majority of black townships:  they are not only not welcome there, but their pretty blonde children often are targetted by international child-slavery gangs — and life in black townships is also much more violent than in Afrikaner-communities: the Centre for the Study of Conflict and Reconciliation found that “SA blacks resort only to extreme violence in conflict-resolution” and that their “criminality is very routinely accompanied by a very high level of armed violence” (‘guns and slashing weapons’), making SA one of the most criminally-violent societies on the planet.

Ruling ANC’s official policy of ethnic-cleansing of poor Afrikaners and denying them work under the ‘black-economic-empowerment’ laws. The Afrikaners are also under growing siege from armed militias countrywide – in the cou  ntryside and in the cities. The Afrikaner Journal asks: ‘isn’t it time for Genocide Watch to declare ALL the AFRIKANERS in the countryside and in the cities at risk of Stage 6 (preparation) of genocide?

Woolworths refuses to hire Afrikaner whites:

Too white to study medicine:

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

3 Responses to Help pours in for baby born in stable

  1. Dear Adriana, how delightful that good news is reported today!! You know, stories like these are not widely reported on in our local papers. Thank you for finding and publishing the stories (and now the good news as well!). SA greetings!

  2. What impressed me about this family is that the baby and the girls were so healthy. They obviously looked after their children as well as they possibly could despite this horrific hardship.

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