Afrikaners face genocide in SAfrica – but Tutu and De Klerk are silent


Following is a summary of only some of the registered rural murders in 2008 — targetting South African whites (and to a smaller extent, also ethnic-Indians) who live on smallholdings and farms. Many were highly skilled people, often they also were leaders of their communities. Police claim these are all ‘only armed robberies’ – however the ferocity of these murders and the fact that so very little is ever looted, belies this claim.

With SA’s Nobel Peace-prize winners Desmond Tutu and Frederick de Klerk remaining dead-silent about the genocide of whites — which includes their being barred from the entire job market — that third SA Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela, started it all with his song, in which he sings of killing whites ("Ama – Bhulu"):


Ria_Abri_Henning_Marcelle2_Anika_10monthsMomMurderedOct102008SouthAfricaAfrikaner missionary Rianne Henning executed: tried to flee with her children, Honeydew smallholding – Oct 11 2008

Pictured on the left are the murdered Afrikaans missionary Rianna Henning and her husband Abri, children Marcelle (2) and Anika (10 months). This young mother was murdered execution-style on Oct 10 2008 at a Honeydew smallholding while the Fisherman’s Village Christian Mission was being attacked by a large group of black men who had held the missionaries inside the protected compound at gunpoint. See the story and picture on their website:

20081009 Hansie Spies, 75, farm Gravelotte, Harrismith – dead in hail of AK47 bullets,,5-83_2407545,00.html

20081008 Farmers Stefanus Kotze killed, Nick Engelbrecht injured in Garies farm attack,,2-7-1442_2404496,00.html

AttackedAfrikanerTeenParalysedFarmAttack 20081001 Heila Pienaar, 41, axed to death at scrap-metal yard, Waldrift smallholdings
Oct 01 2008 Beeld journalist Sonja van Buul reports from VEREENIGING that this young Afrikaans girl was lying for hours, bleeding from a fractured skull, next to her dead mom at the family’s scrap-metal yard at the rural Waldrift smallholdings near Vereeniging after the women were attacked and their skulls brutally crushed in. Mrs Heila Pienaar, 41, was axed to death and her daughter Charmaine, 18, was critically wounded and now a paraplegic. She was able to give an identification of the attacker at the hospital.,,3-975_2402957,00.html

RoyMunksHoedspruitFarmMurderJuly12008 20080701 Roy Munks, 65 was stabbed to death by attackers on Hoedspruit farm – not killed by a buffalo
Hoedspruit Sept 21 2008 – Rapport newspaper wrote that an initial ‘accidential-death’ ruling by a local inquest court has been changed to murder. Initially the court ruled that East-Rand businessman Roy Munks, 65, had been killed by a buffalo on his Hoedspruit farm. However, two robbers — arrested while breaking into a house confessed during questioning about another crime that they had killed Munks in July this year. The two alleged robbers who had ‘spoken out of turn’ during questioning by police, are now charged with Munks murder.,,752-795_2396862,00.html

20080815 Minister Dale Roberts shot – kneeling in prayer at Divine Connection Ministries,Uitzicht smallholdings
August 15 2008 – JOHANNESBURG, South Africa. Religious minister Dale Roberts (50) has died in a kneeling position inside his "Divine Connection Ministries" church while he was shot dead by black criminals. The church is located at the Uitzicht agricultural holdings in the west of Pretoria was attacked by a gang on Wednesday night. Roberts was shot in the shoulder and bled to death. Police called this a ‘robbery’ but only a kettle and some teabags were ‘robbed’.,,3-975_2385100,00.html

AndreBamDairyFarmerDoornpoortMurderAug2008 20080820 Chris and Andre Bam, dairy farmers, Doornpoort smallholdings Pretoria
KOPPIES, Free State, August 20 2008. The Volksblad newspaper reports the death in hospital of Chris Bam, 57, a retired local dairy farmer who was injured in an armed attack in which his son André also was killed at their smallholding in Doornpoort, Pretoria on July 28 2008.

AndreBamMurderedDairyFarmerDoornpoortAug202008 Chris Bam died of gunshot injuries at Akasia Hospital in Pretoria where he was under treatment since the armed attack and taken to Koppies for burial – as had been his son, who had played for the Griffons northern-Free State rugby team. The father and son had farmed in Koppies together and when the father decided to retire, the son also moved with him to the Doornpoort smallholding they had bought. The men were attacked there three weeks ago. Chris Bam, like his son, also was a sportsman, gaining his northern-Free State colours in cycling. Survivors are wife Veronica, daughters Adelle and Lindy and son Derik.,,5-83_2379758,00.html

20080301 Florist Willie Slabbert murdered on Meyerton farm 
Zuma Jacob 03/03/2007 Johannesburg – African National Congress deputy president Jacob Zuma, left, visited the relatives of an Afrikaner florist murdered on a farm in Meyerton, south of Johannesburg after reading about the family’s tragedy…something which was never done by fired SA president Thabo Mbeki – ever. The Afrikaner florist was found stabbed to death on his kitchen floor last Tuesday. His niece Daleen Kruger died of a heart attack shortly after hearing the news. Kruger’s brother Theuns is a quadriplegic after being shot in the neck and back in 1999. Earlier that week Zuma also had a visit with Afrikaner singer Steve Hofmeyr, who has launched a campaign to help impoverished Afrikaners, and talked about what frustrates Afrikaners. "Zuma feels about the Zulus, the way that I feel about Afrikaners," Hofmeyr is reported to have said after their meeting at Zuma’s home in Johannesburg. Zuma also twice visited a smallholding near Pretoria housing an Afrikaner squatter-camp. It would all have been much more effective if that guy writing the Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer slogan featured on top of our story, hadn’t been wearing a Zuma-tshirt…,,2-7-1442_2078012,00.html

20080802 Emilio Couto, 67, Doornpoort Pretoria smallholder, shot dead, armed gang
EmilioCouti_PortugueseSA_DoornpoortSmallholdingAug22008 July 4 2008 – PRETORIA. Virginia Keppler reports in Beeld that the unarmed 67-year old Portuguese-South African smallholder Emilio Couto was shot dead by a group of armed men at 2:20 Saturday-morning inside his Doornpoort homestead. Emilio’s wife Couto, 59 – whose mother Delores de Freitas was also murdered by black armed farm attackers 18 years earlier — was desperately trying to push close the bedroom door while the attackers were firing shots through the door.,,3-975_2369269,00.html

20080728 Afrikaner vegetable-farm worker Frik Coetzee, (ex-cop), shot dead on Barberton farm;,,3-975_2365776,00.html

20080726 Charles du Plessis, 62, dies from injuries after Sterkspruit farm attack , Nelspruit
HansDuPlessisSurvivedFarmAttackwhichkilledbrotherCharlesNelspruitJuly282008 Brother Hans, pictured here, miraculously survived – attackers gun failed to fire:,,3-975_2365760,00.html

BrigWillieRousseau_HopefieldJuly72008FarmMurder 20080717 Ret. Brig. Willie Rousseau, 76, killed on deserted farm road Hopefield
July 22 2008 — HOPEFIELD. The family of retired prison officer brig. Willie Rousseau, 76, of Jacobs Bay, described his murder on a deserted farm in the northern Cape as ‘senseless, barbaric and humiliating.
"We don’t forgive those responsible for this gruesome deed," said daughter Amanda Singleton.
He had been strangled.The GPS in his robbed bakkie showed it was in Malmesbury and police very quickly arrested two men travelling in it. One has confessed and took them to the old man’s body, said superintendent André Traut. Accused are Cedric Lottering and Ricardo Petersen, both of Saldanha Bay who appeared in the Circuit Court in Velddrif. A third man is still at large.,,2-7-1442_2361629,00.html

20080715 Jan-Daniel Venter, 21, law student, shot dead in farm attack, Blikkor, Komatipoort
‘July 16 2008. ‘ KOMATIPOORT, LI. ‘His wounded boerboel-dog was found stretched out and snarling cross his murdered young master Jan-Daniel Venter, 21 who was killed on the farm Blikkor near the Strydomblok Road outside Komatipoort. Venter lived there with his dad Jan, 50 and the two worked as contractors at a nearby farm, but Jan-Daniel was also a fulltime law student. His mom is police superintendent Elarda Venter, who heads the Modjadjis/Duiwelskloof-police station nearby. She was taking their other son Elardus, 17 back to boarding school after the school holidays and Jan-Daniel and his dad were watching the TV-programme Sewende Laan in the living room. Three armed men with a 9mm police revolver gunned the young man down and injured his boerboel-dog.,,3-975_2358144,00.html

20080714 Dr Paul Mouton shot dead Roodepoort rifle-range
DrPaulMouton_Roodepoort_July142008MurderedRuralRifleRange Jul 14 2008 — 74-year-old Dr Paul Mouton, dentist of Parkview, was shot dead at the rural Roodepoort Durban-deep Rifle Club shooting range. His own grandson Jonathan, 22, who arrived on the scene working as a Netcare 911 paramedic, still tried to save the well-known dentist’s life.
He was shot dead with four shots in his back during his weekly target-practice. Police capt. Lydia Mtila-Dikolomela said the only ‘stolen’ item was the Colt 9mm-parabbellium he probably was shot with. Mysteriously — his other three handguns and his wallet were left behind at the scene.,,3-975_2357616,00.html

20080421 At and Katerina Deysel killed on Lichtenburg farm
20080419 Johan Myburgh, 33, assassinated, Rietfontein farm, Groblersdal NW
20080419 NW farmer Lien Gronum stabbed to death, Geluk, Brits – 2 workers gone
20080418 Bronkhorstspruit farmshop-keeper Ivy White shoots robber with his own gun
20080405 Farmer Pieter Heynecke, 68, stabbed to death, Ventersdorp homestead
20080405 Smallholder Albert Johnson, 85, beaten to death, two blacks arrested
20080407 Wool-farmer Mrs Moki Makinana, 49, murdered on Ugie farm, EC
20080402 Phillipus Theunis Engelbrecht, Geluksvlei, Bethlehem shot dead
20080330 Ex-cop Marius van Greunen shot 7 times, Kameeldrift smallholding Pta
2008310 Hendrick vRensburg and grandson murdered, Bronkhorstspruit farm
20080320 Kobus Marais, 59, Bapsfontein smallholder killed, ‘hungry murderers’
20080307 Shirley Taylor, 65, killed at Alberton smallholding,
20080304 Ben Jansen van Rensburg, 58, murdered, Uitzicht farm, Pretoria
20080302 Alleyne Ross, 22, killed in Midrand smallholding attack by three blacks
20080820 Cassandré van Rooyen, 17, murdered, smallholding, Tarlton, Krugersdorp
20080218 Farm wife Bertina Genis, 58, missing after armed attack Messina
20080203 Afrikaans mom Elize Havenga raped, strangled, Rietfontein smallholdings
20080127 Indian-SA farmer Daya Moodley, 62, Port Shepstone, found torched in car
20080115 Retired farmer Danie Roos, 79, murdered in Balfour garden
20080115 Susanna van Zyl, 77, murdered Aberdeen smallholder selling meat
20080107 Farm attack victim Dieter Hinz, 42, shot, tied up, Krugersdorp farm


Link to GRUESOME SA Police forensic video with commentary in Afrikaans as the police examine the bodies of a four-member rural Afrikaner family — including two children in their uniforms — who had been hung on the rafters of their homestead in a vicious farm attack during which nothing had been stolen.