Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

By Adriana Stuijt. April 7 2014 –  Ever since 1994, when the ANC-regime came to power, as a retired SA-Dutch journalist I’ve been keeping track of the Afrikaner people’s growing destitution – deliberately created by the ANC-regime.  Following is a summary of this ongoing process of deliberate genocidal behaviour leading to the deaths of many Afrikaners as they drift into destitution.

Lately there have been a growing number of reports that Afrikaner people are dying of water-borne diseases such as cholera in these camps.  They are also dying of  other preventable communicable diseases such as TB – which during apartheid was kept so well under control that they had a 95% cure-rate. Many Afrikaners also die in fires in their squatter shacks because they have no access to electricity.  Many children also are maimed in such fires and have to spend the rest of their lives as crippled invalids.

Avoidable cholera-deaths in Afrikaner squatter camps reported:

CholeraDeathInBoerAfrikanerSquatterCampANCcouncilBlamedMar272014This is the latest such incident – a (medically-confirmed) cholera death at one of the poor-white camps run by the Nehemiah project: The people at the Afrikaner Journal are trying to alleviate the problem and desperately need help – especially clean water systems and solar-powered appliances – to be installed in these camps.

One may can contact them directly: 
Voice: +27825236699 – (082 523 6699)
Fax: +27867184596 – (086 718 4596) and via:
http://afrikanerjournal.wordpress.com  https://www.facebook.com/afrikanerjournal

Cholera deaths are avoidable with cheap clean-water system for families:

These cholera-deaths are totally unnecessary: they can be prevented by a simple device which cleans out 99% of all the harmful organisms from even the dirtiest drinking water: if any donors are willing to come forward to help the poor Afrikaner families with such life-saving, clean water devices it would be very helpful. (below)


ANC regime refuses clean-water reticulation to poor white communities:

For all this misery is ALL due to the deliberate neglect by the ANC-regime towards poor Afrikaners – they refuse to lay on the free municipal services to ‘ whites ‘’ , which they do always provide to poor black communities as soon as they have set up another little squatter camp anywhere – these camps get a set minimum quantity of municipal water and –electricity and ablution facilities which are being totally denied to the Afrikaner poor.  
I refer to the ‘Afrikaner poor’ because surveys have found that in most of these little camps, more than 98 percent of all the camp-dwellers are Afrikaners. That’s why it’s also been mainly the Afrikaner cultural structures putting up a valiant fight –  in the courts and with hands-on help –  to try and stop this tsunami of Afrikaner poverty.  It’s conservatively estimated that at least 1million of the 3,4million Afrikaner people now live in dire poverty, many in these camps and in backyard shanties.

People are being ethnically cleansed from traditional ‘Afrikaner’ areas and are forced to move to marginal sites –  which are moreover also encreasingly encroached upon by very aggressive, very demanding and very large black groups, often illegal foreigners from other African countries demanding free municipal services:


Afrikaner death toll rising:

The death toll among the Afrikaners – often horribly slaughtered and mutilated in hate-crimes –  is rising by the month: see http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports
Afriforum and Solidariteit and Helpende Hand have over the years all done wonderful work -  often financially supported by their trade-union members, mostly mineworkers, and by close-knit farming communities, to try and stop this headlong plunge into starvation and destitution.

Before 1994 there were about 20,000 ‘poor whites’ on the official records. Mostly with physical or mental disabilities who were drawing small pensions from the NP-government, and were staying in a low-cost group of well-tended flats in central Pretoria and similar social-housing sites in other cities as well. As a journalist I visited those flats in Pretoria many times. People there were ‘proud poor’- ashamed of their poverty, counting their pennies.  The building was guarded and the flats themselves were neat, clean and frequently inspected by the social welfare department to make certain things ran well there.  These flats also provided cheap housing for the nurses at the nearby hospitals and so it was a mix of empoverished poor people and nurses.  It worked.  
Just after 1994, when Mandela’s terrorists came back from their violence-ridden refugee camps like Camp Quatro in Angola and were bombarded to government ministers, the very first thing this group of males did was to start tearing down those flats and the social-welfare structure which ran them so well. That apparently formed an integral part of their propaganda campaign whch claimed that ‘ nothing good which was ever  done by the apartheid-government”. So they set about destroying any contrary vidence to  ‘prove’ the contents of their propaganda. 

  • Initially the local ANC-councillors and their social welfare Minister destroyed these flats by encouraging incursions of criminal gangs, mostly drug-dealers, who were setting up shop there and started dealing.
    That’s always the best way to destroy any well-ordered community and it worked.  Today, the human-trafficking and the drug-gangs  run the streets of South Africa. In central Pretoria in 2014 -  there’s hardly any white residents left unless they stand begging on street corners.
    These buildings themselves were eventually deliberately destroyed by a series of large fires. In the last fire which destroyed them, people with disabilities were plucked from rooftops by military and police helicopters to save their lives.  Those people were given no alternative housing by the Pretoria ANC-council: most of them ended up at the smallholdings of working-class Afrikaners, mostly mineworkers and government officials who used their old-age pensioners and their savings to buy these smallholdings.
    Often these people were put up in Wendy Houses – little backyard ‘play cottages’ for children. Many moved to to Daspoort, where people put them up in tents and eventually in cottages:
    Nobody ever thought that this would however become a permanent way of life – but that’s how these camps grew:  hundreds of thousands of well-educated Afrikaner workers were kicked out of government service due to the ANC’s ‘black economic empowerment’ laws. These are increasingly barring ‘whites’ from all permanent jobs.  This is a rout – a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign by the ANC regime targeting Afrikaners in their traditional towns, hamlets, smallholdings, farms and cities all over South Africa. Whenever an Afrikaner community balks and objects at the Africanisation of their schools and the destruction of their Afrikaner cultural rights, the ANC propaganda machine jumps into full gear and accuses these tiny Afrikaner communities of ‘racism’.  It’s a campaign which has worked well for the ANC over the years.
  • AfrikanerSquattersChasedOffBlackSquattersGetMunicipalServices2011

Poor whites are still targeted by violence in squatter camps

And even when these Afrikaner families move into a camp, they are not left alone: even though they are dirt-poor and starving, the murder-attacks continue.  The Afrikaner boys and girls are targetted by the large, organized ‘human-traffickers” gangs of black males who lay in wait and kidnap these youngsters — even from in front of their schools, sell them into sexual slavery and a brief life of deliberatel drug-addiction:




Political rights of Afrikaners in squatter camps:

And whenever there was an attempt by cultural organizations to organize the poor Afrikaners politically there was interference, not only from government officials screaming ‘racism’ and attacking these small communities physically such as at Kleinfontein  http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1029 –  but also from the ‘traditional Afrikaner” political structures from before 1994. They were  trying to hold on to their voters’ base and even made sure that exiled ‘whites’ would be allowed to vote at embassies overseas.  The mass-migration into squatter camps also created the problem of re-registering each new adult at these squatter camps.  It’s not known how many Afrikaners have been ethnically-cleansed off the voters’ rolls – many people have never re-registered at their ‘informal addresses’ in squatter camps. 

ANC knows ‘poor whites’  exist despitetheir denials:

The ANC in this  forthcoming presidential election in May, has even very cynically taken  poor Afrikaner squatter camp residents to their political meetings and promising them food-parcels and blankets if they sit in the front rows of election meetings and allow themselves to be photogrphed –  wearing ANC tshirts: However it was reported that none were given the promised life-saving food-parcels or blankets until Afrikaans news-media journalists raised a public row about it.
On the Afrikaner Genocide blog alone, more than 50 articles appear about this subject alone, with pictures, sources and newspaper article citations.  One often sees extended  Afrikaner families relying on granddad and grandmom ‘s tiny pensions for their survival.   It’s a losing battle: the ANC also tries to ‘encourage’ poor ‘whites’ to move to black townships where their children will become  alienated from their own culture and ‘Africanized’.  How is this social experiment of forced integration working out?

Peruse the records and make up your own mind. If you know of any long-term ‘success stories’ of the Western Afrikaners integrating in ‘black’ communities –  please urgently let me know at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl

Confirmed by clinic: Man dies cholera death in white squatter camp
Sarah Bezuidenhout’s starvation death in black squatter camp:
Louiza Preston’s death from TB:

picture album  on my blog censorbugbear reports on FB from 2013:
https://www.facebook.com/censorbugbear/photos_stream )

Ethnic cleansing of poor  Afrikaners continues 2012:
Poor Boer families protest peacefully against ANC-policies 2011:
Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaners in Pretoria:
Afrikaner poverty and hunger are spreading 2009:
ANC’s ethnic-cleansing of poor whites 2012:
Afrikaner cultural leaders Dan Roodt and Steve Hofmeyr warn of Afrikaner genocide:
The secret war against the Afrikaners of Middelburg, Mpumalanga:
SA communists ask to visit Afrikaner squatter camp:
   “White poverty gets little sympathy in South Africa”:

Afrikaners denied all survival-rights

While fund-raisers are held as far afield as Poland and The Netherlands to help the one-million destitute, often homeless Afrikaner families survive in their bleak little squatter camps, the South African government has made laws which deny all survival rights to Afrikaners: This small 3,5m strong minority is denied food-aid, land-rights, most jobs and even denied public housing in their own historic suburbs . The 3,5-million Afrikaners are being deliberately starved to death. Poverty is rife amongst all the people of South Africa –  however while at least 15-million black South African residents receive monthly survival benefits including food-aid for themselves and their children through the US-Aid programme,  Afrikaners are being deliberately denied such benefits. And they are not allowed to work for a living. In a recent shocking incident in Kimberley, some 600 children at an Afrikaans-language primary school who already suffer from chronic malnutrition and rely on school meals for their survival, reportedly were collapsing and falling asleep at school because the ANC-regime had stopped their school meals without any advance warning. At this school, Afrikaans speaking children of Afrikaner- and Khoi-San extraction are all suffering the same fate.

AFRIKANERS HUNGER MALNUTRITION amongst hundreds of Kimberley schoolkids reports Volksblad Above: Afrikaner- and Khoi-San children attending the Vooruitsig Primary School in Kimberley were denied school-meals by the ANC-regime’s Education Department. The headmaster has lodged an appeal against the department’s decision.

http://www.volksblad.com/NoordKaap/Nuus/Kinders-ly-weens-swak-voeding-20120718  http://sa.usaid.gov/south_africa/


Inside South Africa:

  Farmitracker Aid (Pty) Ltd – Article 21 non-profit) NPC 2012/120171/08 – Bank: FNB, Account 62367886391, Branch Code: 250841. http://www.facebook.com/farmitrackeraid 


 Donate: Poland:  Afrykanerzy‘, run by unpaid volunteers Krystian Zielonka, Thomas and Matthew Ropiaka Sitkiewicz. Email: din@din.org.pl  Account number 94160014621843040570000002 (Poland) Reference: Name of account: Pride and Modernity (IBAN) PL94160014621843040570000002 (BIC) PPABPLPK
AFRIKANER POOR COLLECTION IN POLISH PUB      http://afrykanerzy.din.org.pl/





Afrikaner children deliberately alienated from their heritage:

The country’s so-called ‘whites’ also are denied any rights to work for a living under the ANC regime’s black-economic empowerment laws. Another major human-rights violation is the fact that Afrikaner whites are increasingly being forced to swear off their own cultural heritage and Afrikaans language, especially if they want public housing. For instance, the ANC regime recently decided to grant ‘public housing rights’ to 15 Afrikaner families – but they had to move into the black township of Kagiso. (below) Afrikaner children thus are being deliberately removed from their own cultural environment. And hundreds of Afrikaans-language places of education have been closed down or anglicised by the ANC-regime.

The Afrikaner-rights organisation PRAAG recently lodged a formal complaint detailing such human rights violations by the ANC-regime at the Commonwealth human-rights commission:


POOR WHITES 15 FAMILIES IN BLACK TOWNSHIP KAGISO l KoekieVDBerg r AnnemarieKapp FOTO24 Nicolene Olckers

Above: Mrs Koekie van der Berg and Mrs Annemarie Kapp were amongst the 15 Afrikaner families who were given public housing in the black township of Kagiso amidst a blaze of publicity. Their children are thus also being removed from their own Afrikaans heritage and forced into another culture. Black residents also objected to the whites in their midst. Picture: Nickolene Olckers

SA regime hides atrocities against Afrikaners:

The SAPS are also not investigating any human-rights violations in SA as ‘hatecrimes’ as described under the Rome Statute —  but as ‘ common crimes ‘ .  Moreover, the ANC-leadership refused to meet international genocide expert Prof Greg Stanton during his recent visit to South Africa to discuss these issues:  http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.nl/2012/07/how-do-white-sa-farmers-survive.html

SA hatecrimes summary from Jan 2010 to Aug 6 2012:  While millions of homeless SA children of all races now are at great risk from hunger, sexual predation and child-slavery gangs: the ANC regime does provide food-aid and benefits to black destitute residents – but not to poor Afrikaner whites. They also put pressure on Afrikaner-charities usch as Helping Hand of Solidarity Trade Union to no longer help whites, but instead to use their donated funds in black communities. Another fact which has emerged this month is that the ANC-regime’s police are under orders to not report nor investigate any hatecrimes even though they are obligated under the Rome Statute to do so.


Above: Amongst the latest dehumanising hatecrimes recorded in SA from June 1 2012 to Aug 1 2012, were 180 hatecrimes targetting the ‘white’ community: victims included Afrikaners and Jewish community members: Another 400 Afrikaner farm-families were left destitute and homeless internal refugees in their own country after the ANC took their land and refused to pay them the agreed-to sales price. And this past week, the SA Jewish Board of Deputies also issued a statement denouncing the anti-Jewish hatespeech of leaders of the co-ruling Cosatu Trade Union movement in South Africa.  Details on http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports 

A trend also was noticed: many Afrikaners were often brutally assaulted, tortured and/or killed during socalled ‘armed robberies’, but inevitably, their black staffers, while also tied up, were left unscathed.


Famine in Zimbabwe: South African grain-transports looted by hundreds of black women arriving in minitaxis at night:

FAMINE IN ZIMBABWE AND SOUTH AFRICAN MAIZE DEPOTS LOOTED BY WOMEN WITH BUCKETS AND MEN WITH LARGE TRUCKS http://www.volksblad.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Mieliediwe-se-planne-gefnuik-20120725



Summary Hatecrimes June 2012


July 26 2012: Top US genocide expert Prof Gregory Stanton comments at Pretoria press conference July 26 2012: video:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=ylKgntJcP4s&feature=youtube.be&a

The South African government is a signatory to the Rome Statute, and thus can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and hatecrimes against Afrikaners (‘ white Boer farmers ‘) at the International Criminal Court: 

GENOCIDE WATCH JULY 26 2012 PRETORIA PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT YOUTUBE LINK STANTON http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.nl/2012/07/saps-refuses-rome-statute-complaints.html

Jul 25, 2012 Hatespeech against whites by black ANC-cadres in Sasolburg fuel-from-coal plant:

SASOL SECUNDA SUMMARY BLACK WORKERS WANT TO KILL ALL THE WHITES facebook SASOL SECUNDA I HATE WHITES LETS GO KILL THEM ALL MPHOZA MOFAMERE 20 JULY 2012 07H24  Above: Sasol Secunda technician Rembuluwani Kevin Ramuntshi: “I want to kill all the whites” (facebook) : Three black males – one technician who works at the Sasol Secunda plant, other two hail from Sasolburg :


Poor SA children at great risk of starvation, sexual predators, child-sex slavery kidnapping gangs:

Simia Carolus 16; Gereldo Carolus 10 and Andre Adams 10 – just disappeared in George: possible sex-slavers’ victims?


2. Afrikaans infants die of starvation in tented squatter camps: but get no govt food-aid nor help from International Red Cross: singer Sunette Bridges records many new arrivals on July 2 2012 at the Krugersdorp tented squatter camp: crammed with new arrivals who get no govt food-aid  08:35 Jul 30, 2012 Afrikaans infants dying of starvation in Krugersdorp squatter camp: Dutch journalist “Poor Whites in South Africa ” by prize-winning documentary-maker (IKON-TV Netherlands):

Donations from abroad to http://www.myafrikaans.org


3. Ekurhuleni ANC council promises to transfer Boksburg Benoni metro-homes to empoverished Afrikaners and Coloured people on long-time waiting lists: instead of to rich ANC-cadres Jul 30, 2012


4. Kidnapped Afrikaans teen Louise De Waal was alive when she was torched: trial of white sexual predator referred to as the “Sunday Rapist’ in court:
forensic court evidence

SA regime hides atrocities against Afrikaners:

SAPS not investigating human-rights violations in SA as ‘hatecrimes’ as described under the Rome Statute —  but as ‘ common crimes ‘ :

1. Farm murders East Cape: Farmer Boy Jordaan shot dead in mielie field Barkley East; Mrs Helena Gous from Ugie murdered: “violence like carnage of late 1990s” warns  DA MP Annette SteynDA-MP Annette Steyn Jul 31, 2012 –


2. Black male killer of KZN dairy farmer Loraine Karg, coworkers Hilda LInyane and Shayi Mhlongo – sentenced to life in KZN prison


3. Afrikaner legal student Wannie Heimans fights back with bare hands against two knifemen who tried to kill girlfriend  Jul 25, 2012
The SAPS have confirmed that 22-yo legal student Wannie Heimans tore into two armed black male attackers with his bare hands,…

4. Seventy-one-year-old white woman bludgeoned to death; but her black gardener and maid, while also tied up; escape without a blemish

5. Afrikaner woman Yvonne Rossouw, 62, brutally assaulted by 3 black males: but her 2 black maids, also tied up, were left unharmed

6. Mrs Louisa Putter was bashed unconscious, she then was hung up on a clothes line, and her face was slashed with a razor while she also was beaten: NOTHING ROBBED:

PUTTER Louisa article attack Fri July 27 2012 Daspoort Pretoria – Above: The SAPS is not investigating this very clear hatred-related attack against an Afrikaner woman as a hatecrime as specified under the Rome Statutes: although SA is a signatory to the international treaty:


7. Horrific torture-massacre of 3-member Portuguese-South African Viana family revealed in Vereeniging court: Boy, 12 was ‘drowned in boiling water’ by two black males who laughed in court when the triple murders were being described”: 

VIANA AmaroJose 12 mother Geraldine father Tony killed CHILD BOILED TO DEATH IN BOILING WATER BLACKS SMILE WHEN TESTIFYING                                                                                               http://praag.org/?p=838


8. Impoverished Afrikaans boy, 12, Michael van Vuuren, succumbs to 82% burn wounds from suspicious Wendy House fir SAPS investigates:


9. Eben Meyer, 47 was completely comatosem possibly drugged, when he was ‘beaten to death because he was fighting against’ 17 black prisoners in Durbanville police cell: two black male prisoners charged – SAPS involved in incarceration of the Afrikaner man – who was alllegedly so drunk (possibly drugged in a bar?) that he could only lie down on the ground – was not being investigated: http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/196


Rioting, deadly political violence and peaceful protests by black communities in South Africa:

1. SA Asian families survive attacks with giant boulders Lenasia: attacks by violent black squatter group:

2. Rioting West Cape: Milnerton July 30; Philippi July 26 2012 

3. Nelson Mandela hometown Qunu: residents destitute, unhappy, complain of poor service, frequent riots in nearby Umtata 08:50 Jul 30, 2012 Nelson Mandela’s hometown Qunu: residents unhappy destitute, complain of poor services, town delapidated:


4. Nearly 50 political murders in South Africa: “fierce battles over total control of tender-companies since World Cup 2012′ –  claims SA Institute for Race-Relations


5. Three-hundred black protestors block roads with burning barricades, stone and extort cash and loot from motorists
Mariannridge Pinetown Dassenhoek


Previous attacks and hatecrimes from June 1 up to July 23 2012:

Farmitracker June 1 2012 to July 23 2012 total 150 attacks against whites                                                                  NeoGenocide:FarmitrackerReports


Farmitracker.com detailed update from June 1 2012 to June 10 2012:

Attacks against Afrikaners from June 1 2012 to June 6 2012: details:

Attacks against Afrikaners from June 1 2012 to June 4 2012:

Archives Jan 2010 to May 31 2012:

Month of June 2012 thus far:

Month of June 2012:

Strasbourg European Parliament highlights SA farm murders in meeting with 46 MPs on July 4 2012:

‘Not one Euro to corrupt ANC-regime’: MECs from 12 EU-countries lodge opposition to development-aid funds for SA:

War threats, hatecrimes against SA whites  June 6 2012


Wave of slaughter plunges Afrikaners into mourning in June 2012:

June 6 2012: Leading Afrikaners protest against their genocide: Pretoria:

June 6 2012: Genocide of the Boer Nation: report to GenocideWatch.org by ‘Boereleed Instituut’ – kriminoloog Pieter Oosthuizen:

SA State Broadcaster bans two ads for racist reasons:

Angry Boers demonstrate in Delmas after murder of five-month-old Afrikaans baby and his daymother;

South African Police Service*, official crime statistics: (the very latest ones for up to April 2011 were only released in SEPTEMBER 2011:




White genocide, full-blown communism looming in South Africa