Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

By Adriana Stuijt. April 7 2014 –  Ever since 1994, when the ANC-regime came to power, as a retired SA-Dutch journalist I’ve been keeping track of the Afrikaner people’s growing destitution – deliberately created by the ANC-regime.  Following is a summary of this ongoing process of deliberate genocidal behaviour leading to the deaths of many Afrikaners as they drift into destitution.

Lately there have been a growing number of reports that Afrikaner people are dying of water-borne diseases such as cholera in these camps.  They are also dying of  other preventable communicable diseases such as TB – which during apartheid was kept so well under control that they had a 95% cure-rate. Many Afrikaners also die in fires in their squatter shacks because they have no access to electricity.  Many children also are maimed in such fires and have to spend the rest of their lives as crippled invalids.

Avoidable cholera-deaths in Afrikaner squatter camps reported:

CholeraDeathInBoerAfrikanerSquatterCampANCcouncilBlamedMar272014This is the latest such incident – a (medically-confirmed) cholera death at one of the poor-white camps run by the Nehemiah project: The people at the Afrikaner Journal are trying to alleviate the problem and desperately need help – especially clean water systems and solar-powered appliances – to be installed in these camps.

One may can contact them directly: 
Voice: +27825236699 – (082 523 6699)
Fax: +27867184596 – (086 718 4596) and via:
http://afrikanerjournal.wordpress.com  https://www.facebook.com/afrikanerjournal

Cholera deaths are avoidable with cheap clean-water system for families:

These cholera-deaths are totally unnecessary: they can be prevented by a simple device which cleans out 99% of all the harmful organisms from even the dirtiest drinking water: if any donors are willing to come forward to help the poor Afrikaner families with such life-saving, clean water devices it would be very helpful. (below)


ANC regime refuses clean-water reticulation to poor white communities:

For all this misery is ALL due to the deliberate neglect by the ANC-regime towards poor Afrikaners – they refuse to lay on the free municipal services to ‘ whites ‘’ , which they do always provide to poor black communities as soon as they have set up another little squatter camp anywhere – these camps get a set minimum quantity of municipal water and –electricity and ablution facilities which are being totally denied to the Afrikaner poor.  
I refer to the ‘Afrikaner poor’ because surveys have found that in most of these little camps, more than 98 percent of all the camp-dwellers are Afrikaners. That’s why it’s also been mainly the Afrikaner cultural structures putting up a valiant fight –  in the courts and with hands-on help –  to try and stop this tsunami of Afrikaner poverty.  It’s conservatively estimated that at least 1million of the 3,4million Afrikaner people now live in dire poverty, many in these camps and in backyard shanties.

People are being ethnically cleansed from traditional ‘Afrikaner’ areas and are forced to move to marginal sites –  which are moreover also encreasingly encroached upon by very aggressive, very demanding and very large black groups, often illegal foreigners from other African countries demanding free municipal services:


Afrikaner death toll rising:

The death toll among the Afrikaners – often horribly slaughtered and mutilated in hate-crimes –  is rising by the month: see http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports
Afriforum and Solidariteit and Helpende Hand have over the years all done wonderful work -  often financially supported by their trade-union members, mostly mineworkers, and by close-knit farming communities, to try and stop this headlong plunge into starvation and destitution.

Before 1994 there were about 20,000 ‘poor whites’ on the official records. Mostly with physical or mental disabilities who were drawing small pensions from the NP-government, and were staying in a low-cost group of well-tended flats in central Pretoria and similar social-housing sites in other cities as well. As a journalist I visited those flats in Pretoria many times. People there were ‘proud poor’- ashamed of their poverty, counting their pennies.  The building was guarded and the flats themselves were neat, clean and frequently inspected by the social welfare department to make certain things ran well there.  These flats also provided cheap housing for the nurses at the nearby hospitals and so it was a mix of empoverished poor people and nurses.  It worked.  
Just after 1994, when Mandela’s terrorists came back from their violence-ridden refugee camps like Camp Quatro in Angola and were bombarded to government ministers, the very first thing this group of males did was to start tearing down those flats and the social-welfare structure which ran them so well. That apparently formed an integral part of their propaganda campaign whch claimed that ‘ nothing good which was ever  done by the apartheid-government”. So they set about destroying any contrary vidence to  ‘prove’ the contents of their propaganda. 

  • Initially the local ANC-councillors and their social welfare Minister destroyed these flats by encouraging incursions of criminal gangs, mostly drug-dealers, who were setting up shop there and started dealing.
    That’s always the best way to destroy any well-ordered community and it worked.  Today, the human-trafficking and the drug-gangs  run the streets of South Africa. In central Pretoria in 2014 -  there’s hardly any white residents left unless they stand begging on street corners.
    These buildings themselves were eventually deliberately destroyed by a series of large fires. In the last fire which destroyed them, people with disabilities were plucked from rooftops by military and police helicopters to save their lives.  Those people were given no alternative housing by the Pretoria ANC-council: most of them ended up at the smallholdings of working-class Afrikaners, mostly mineworkers and government officials who used their old-age pensioners and their savings to buy these smallholdings.
    Often these people were put up in Wendy Houses – little backyard ‘play cottages’ for children. Many moved to to Daspoort, where people put them up in tents and eventually in cottages:
    Nobody ever thought that this would however become a permanent way of life – but that’s how these camps grew:  hundreds of thousands of well-educated Afrikaner workers were kicked out of government service due to the ANC’s ‘black economic empowerment’ laws. These are increasingly barring ‘whites’ from all permanent jobs.  This is a rout – a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign by the ANC regime targeting Afrikaners in their traditional towns, hamlets, smallholdings, farms and cities all over South Africa. Whenever an Afrikaner community balks and objects at the Africanisation of their schools and the destruction of their Afrikaner cultural rights, the ANC propaganda machine jumps into full gear and accuses these tiny Afrikaner communities of ‘racism’.  It’s a campaign which has worked well for the ANC over the years.
  • AfrikanerSquattersChasedOffBlackSquattersGetMunicipalServices2011

Poor whites are still targeted by violence in squatter camps

And even when these Afrikaner families move into a camp, they are not left alone: even though they are dirt-poor and starving, the murder-attacks continue.  The Afrikaner boys and girls are targetted by the large, organized ‘human-traffickers” gangs of black males who lay in wait and kidnap these youngsters — even from in front of their schools, sell them into sexual slavery and a brief life of deliberatel drug-addiction:




Political rights of Afrikaners in squatter camps:

And whenever there was an attempt by cultural organizations to organize the poor Afrikaners politically there was interference, not only from government officials screaming ‘racism’ and attacking these small communities physically such as at Kleinfontein  http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1029 –  but also from the ‘traditional Afrikaner” political structures from before 1994. They were  trying to hold on to their voters’ base and even made sure that exiled ‘whites’ would be allowed to vote at embassies overseas.  The mass-migration into squatter camps also created the problem of re-registering each new adult at these squatter camps.  It’s not known how many Afrikaners have been ethnically-cleansed off the voters’ rolls – many people have never re-registered at their ‘informal addresses’ in squatter camps. 

ANC knows ‘poor whites’  exist despitetheir denials:

The ANC in this  forthcoming presidential election in May, has even very cynically taken  poor Afrikaner squatter camp residents to their political meetings and promising them food-parcels and blankets if they sit in the front rows of election meetings and allow themselves to be photogrphed –  wearing ANC tshirts: However it was reported that none were given the promised life-saving food-parcels or blankets until Afrikaans news-media journalists raised a public row about it.
On the Afrikaner Genocide blog alone, more than 50 articles appear about this subject alone, with pictures, sources and newspaper article citations.  One often sees extended  Afrikaner families relying on granddad and grandmom ‘s tiny pensions for their survival.   It’s a losing battle: the ANC also tries to ‘encourage’ poor ‘whites’ to move to black townships where their children will become  alienated from their own culture and ‘Africanized’.  How is this social experiment of forced integration working out?

Peruse the records and make up your own mind. If you know of any long-term ‘success stories’ of the Western Afrikaners integrating in ‘black’ communities –  please urgently let me know at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl

Confirmed by clinic: Man dies cholera death in white squatter camp
Sarah Bezuidenhout’s starvation death in black squatter camp:
Louiza Preston’s death from TB:

picture album  on my blog censorbugbear reports on FB from 2013:
https://www.facebook.com/censorbugbear/photos_stream )

Ethnic cleansing of poor  Afrikaners continues 2012:
Poor Boer families protest peacefully against ANC-policies 2011:
Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaners in Pretoria:
Afrikaner poverty and hunger are spreading 2009:
ANC’s ethnic-cleansing of poor whites 2012:
Afrikaner cultural leaders Dan Roodt and Steve Hofmeyr warn of Afrikaner genocide:
The secret war against the Afrikaners of Middelburg, Mpumalanga:
SA communists ask to visit Afrikaner squatter camp:
   “White poverty gets little sympathy in South Africa”:

Boer girls’ fighting spirit featured in USA programme

Teen sisters Juane and Nicci Grobler, both jiu-jitsu trained and very street-smart  – put up such a gutsy fight against four ruthless, armed hijackers on April 22 2009 in Germiston, thus saving a friend’s life, that the two Afrikaans girls now feature as shining examples for farm-women in Montana, USA to follow. Their fight will be described in the US National Rifle Association’s programme ‘Refuse to be a Victim’, in Montana on 17 Sept 2011…

Grobler Sisters of Germiston Juane and Nicci fought back and won from hijackers 2009
The teenagers, Juane 16, left and Nicci, 17,  used their street-smarts and their well-honed jiu-jitsu skills to fight off four armed male hijackers when attacked in their car in Germiston, near Johannesburg on August 22 2009 (election day) at around 7.30am.  The girls fought back as hard as they could against four armed black men to stop them from abducting one of their teen friends. Nicci held the driver of the gang in a head-lock while he was trying to drive off in her car, and was dragged 300 metres until her friend was thrown from the car. She survived bruised and with a broken nose.  Two girls, pitted against four ruthless, dangerous criminal males.


From instructor for the National Rifle Association in Montana, USA:
Scott Nordstrom serval@bresnan.net
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 10:12 PM
kalahariannie@live.nl Adriana Stuijt
Event Using Censorbugbear Materials
Ms. Stuijt,
I am an instructor for the National Rifle Association’s crime prevention program,Refuse To Be A Victim, in Montana, USA. I am producing a National Preparedness [disaster, mainly] Month event in our state capital on 17 sept 11.
Flash mobs, SA crime epidemic, UK riots:
I will be discussing disaster safety then, in light of the South African crime epidemic, UK riots, and the flash-mob crimes here in the States. I will be using some photos from your site to illustrate the consequences of not being prepared for crime events.  As always, I refer to the plight of the Afrikaners in RSA in re crime targeting as well as South African best-practices for crime amelioration that I have gleaned from various sites.
I am especially focusing on your photo of the Grobler sisters’ successful defense from hijackers in 2009, in Germiston. Our state’s equivalent to Germiston, Butte, has a relatively high crime rate. Citizens there tend to “solve” the crimes themselves as the police department there is rumored to be corrupt. So the Grobler sisters’ triumph will resonate for my attendees!
The Montana farm women very pleased to get such useful information and learn what the Boer farmers have to contend with:
In 2010, I used some of your material, and material from Mike Smith’s blog and the oldWhy South Africa Sucks sites for a presentation, for the state farm women’s organization, on farm safety. The women were very pleased to get such useful information, especially being made aware of what Boer farmers must contend with in the Republic.
I just wanted to send this e-mail to let you know that your site is very valuable and that your postings are being given distribution in the States. Our state is nearly all White, with about 12% Native American.  Over the last couple of years,   Progressiveshave been trying to stir up ethnic conflict between the Indians and the Whites here –how reminiscent of what was done to South Africa.
I tell my attendees that the RSA elected their “Obama” in 1994, we elected ours in 2008; so the RSA, in a way, depicts our future.
Wishing you the best. May God save the Boers,
Scott Nordstrom  NRA RTBAV Instructor  6937 Green Meadow Drive Helena, MT 59602 USA serval@bresnan.net


The organised, fearless defence put up by the two Germiston sisters saved their friend from dangerous armed hijackers

24 Apr 2009 – Juane Grobler (16) and her sister Nicci (17 y/o jiu jitsu champ beat three hijackers April 22 2009 April 22, 2009 – Election day, GERMISTON).
Two South African sisters used their street-smarts and their well-honed jiu-jitsu skills to fight off four armed male hijackers when they were attacked in their car in Germiston, near Johannesburg at around 7.30am.

The girls, 16-year-old Juané Grobler and sister Nicci, 17, (in the pic in hospital with a broken nose), fought back against four armed men to stop them from abducting one of their teen friends. Nicci held the driver of the gang in a head-lock while he was trying to drive off in her car, and was dragged 300 metres until her friend was thrown from the car. She survived bruised and with a broken nose. The girls also feel they’ve won from four very ruthless criminals.
Local journalist Gloria Edwards of the Afrikaans-language daily Beeld interviewed Nicco in hospital afterwards, and reported that the girl still was fighting mad. Nicci, South Africa’s 2008 under-17 champion in the Brasilian jiu-jitsu championships, had her nose broken in three places, but also managed to rescue her friend Estie de Kock, 16, when five Afrikaans teen girls were attacked earlier on election day outside a home in the working-class mining community of Germiston, near Johannesburg. The teen jiu-jitsu champion was dragged some 300 metres holding the hijacker-driver of her Ford Fiesta in a head-lock until they threw her sixteen-year-old friend from the car.
The four hijackers kicked her friend Estie de Kock, 16, out of the car before fleeing with it – but it was traced shortly thereafter to a nearby township by police. Nothing else was ‘robbed’ because the girls fought back fiercely. Not one member of the gang has thus far been arrested for the attack.

The day had started placidly for the five teens – the Grobler sisters, the twins Simone and Estie de Kock, 16, and another friend Marlecia Marais, 18, were just getting out of Nicci’s car outside a friend’s house when they were suddenly attacked at about 7.30 am. on Second Street, Lambton in the working-class mining town of Germiston.
One man had stuck his head into the driver’s window to grab Nicci’s keys – but she immediately clipped him with a solid bash across the face and wouldn’t hand over her keys. 
Meanwhile Marlecia Marais and Simone de Kock jumped from the passenger seats and started yelling loudly for help, while three other black men surrounded their car, all grappling with Nicci’s keys. They clearly didn’t expect her to fight back, she said. “They grabbed my hands holding the car keys, but I kicked out at them as I ‘d been taught to do,’ she said.

Both she and her sister Juané immediately formed a fighting team, and kept on kicking and yelling at the men, warning them to ‘leave them alone, to go away’. “They were clearly shocked that we were fighting back,’ the girls told the Afrikaans journalist from a hospital after their fight.

One man then pulled out a pistol however, which forced the girls to back off – and the four men then took off in the car with Estie de Kock, 16, still in the rear seat.
Nicci then dove into the open window at the diver’s side, got the driver into a head-lock and tried to grab the keys away from him. She wanted to stop them from abducting her friend at all costs, she said from her hospital bed. “All I could think of was to protect my friend, and my car,’ she said.
She was dragged some 300 metres while hanging on to the driver with a head-lock, and wouldn’t let go until Estie was kicked out of the car by the guys on the back seat. Their mom Mel Grobler was proud: saying that her girls ‘were raised streetwise.’  http://jv.news24.com/Beeld/Suid-Afrika/0,,3-975_2506851,00.html
(alas: the link no longer works. – but it can still be found on Google)

LISTEN TO THE NARRATION on the video below by US producer on Afrikaner Genocide, Aug 31 2011 – includes warning by Genocide Watch that whites are in penultimate stage of genocide in South Africa and Zimbabwe from Aug 20 2011:


Skilled Boers denied work: starve in SA streets

Many tens of thousands of skilled Afrikaner workers are forced to search for food, and sleep on streets of their beloved Pretoria – the city of their forefathers: with black-ruled South Africa’s bevy of anti-white laws;  the ruling-ANC regime denies whites ALL means of survival such as jobs, food-aid:

Poor Afrikaners on streets of Pretoria strangers in own land Afrikaner whites have become strangers and outcasts in their own land: denied any rights to food-aid, denied government benefits, and especially denied access to the job market. Just as the nazis did to the Jews, the ANC regime also created genocidal laws denying whites all the means of survival in South Africa, the land of their birth. Many tens of thousands of skilled but legally-unemployable teachers, medical workers, municipal workers, electronic-engineers, mining engineers, IT-specialists and office workers are not allowed to work n South Africa at all: only because of their paler complexion: they are barred by LAW from the labour market because of the ethnic group they belong to, and because of the language they speak. This picture and many others were taken on August 24 2011 on the streets of Pretoria by military-analyst Pieter Oosthuizen, author of the book about the Afrikaner Genocide – he has been keeping a detailed record of the ongoing genocide of his people. view

http://www.neo-genocide.com/anc/streets-of-famine-the-genocide-of-afrikaners and http://www.farmitracker.com/



 Solidarity trade union has a long register of names of top-skilled, experienced people who are available for work – but refused jobs in the country of their birth because they are white: Are you looking for a reliable, well-trained, hard-working employee (anywhere in the world)? Contact Solidarity at:  http://www.solidaritysa.co.za/Home/home.php

There also are many job-seekers at  http://www.boerentrepreneur.com



 Sleeping inside a plastic bag: one of the security measures whites in South Africa need to take if they want to survive each night.

Pictures by PIETER OOSTHUIZEN, http://www.neo-genocide.com/anc/streets-of-famine-the-genocide-of-afrikaners

Afrikaners sign up enmasse for own elections

Volks Council registration drive Daspoort smallholdings July 23, 2011 – 

Pretoria, South Africa, 24 July, 2011, J. Maré of the Afrikaner Journal noted that a great many Afrikaners at the poverty-stricken Daspoort smallholdings registered for the Volksraad council elections later this year. These Republican Council-elections are held for the first time since 1902 to chose leaders from the Afrikaner community itself. People came from all over the Wesmoot region to register. http://bit.ly/qkjobR

DASPOORT VVK REGISTRATION DRIVE 23 JULY 2011 AFRIKANER JOURNAL PIC International negotiations for the restoration of the former Boer Republics on 6,5% of total SA land surface:

The purpose of electing their own Volksraad is so that this body of elected Afrikaner/Boer leaders would start international negotiations for the re-institution of the former Boer Republics: with the borders still being worked out but its proposed total surface area taking up no more than 6,5% of the total South African land-surface roughly on the same territories which were occupied by the Boer Republics of the Transvaal, the Free State and Vryheid. http://bit.ly/nU36YK Also: Twelve ways to deny genocide: http://www.genocidewatch.org/a​boutgenocide/12waystodenygenoc​ide.html Hundreds of thousands of destitute Afrikaners get no food aid at all from the ANC-regime: why not? http://bit.ly/duoZOM Gruesome slaughter of Afrikaner/Boers: photos: http://www.censorbugbear.org/photos


Forced removals, ethnic-cleansing campaigns by ANC-regime to cleanse all the original Afrikaner/Boer inhabitants from greater Pretoria…

VVK officials, representatives of the Doulos Ministries for the poor, the charity Angels At Work and the Afrikaner Journal were also on hand. This registration drive was held in the smallholdings region of greater Pretoria – traditionally regions where Afrikaner/Boers have lived in permanent settlement ever since the Great Trek  — and which now are rapidly becoming known as the Afrikaner Killing Fields . More defenceless, working-class Afrikaners are being killed, attacked, terrorised and mutilated by heavily-armed black youth militias in this region around Pretoria than in any other region of the country. This is also the region facing a forced removal campaign by the local ANC-run city council of all its original Afrikaner/Boer inhabitants – the people whose forebears founded Pretoria.

Lively debates about Afrikaner self-determination:

AFRIKANERS SIGNING UP FOR VOLKSRAAD ELECTION DASPOORT 23JUL2011 AFRIKANER JOURNAL Mare noted that the response to the call for registration was so great that VVK officials Charl De Jager & Jacques Maré ran out of registration forms. “The atmosphere was electric and lively debates about self-determination could be heard throughout the day”. Despite their impoverished circumstances, community members have shown a great deal of resilience in resisting the relentless onslaught by the ANC Metro-council to kick them out of their humble wooden cottages.

“This was just another step in the fight for dignity – placing their names on the voters’ roll for the VVK so that their voices could be heard by a council which was elected from amongst their own nation.”

Ethnic-cleansing campaign of impoverished Afrikaners pending

This community in Daspoort faces forced evictions by the ANC city council.The ANC has  made a test-case for one property owner and identified the homes which they want demolished. It is just a matter of time before the order will be given to destroy the lives of this embattled community. The case has been pending since 2009.

Magda Stroebel. founder of the Angels At Work welfare organization,  is due to appear in court again on the 29th of this month to face trumped-up charges of violating certain building regulations. She is however providing shelter to many people who simply don’t have anywhere to go, writes Mare.

Magda and George Stroebel, facing trumped-up charges by the ANC Metro Council

Picture left: Magda and George Stroebel, facing trumped-up charges by the ANC Metro Council to force the ethnic-cleansing of poor Afrikaner families from their Wendy House homes at Daspoort…Picture: The Afrikaner Journal

According to Ms Stroebel, the council has yet to announce its intent to move them and provide suitable homes for them within their communities and  rehouse these desperately poor people among those who share their language and cultural identity.  The council, obliged to act according to the SA constitution, must always offer alternative housing for those people before they evict them.  Thus far the council has offered no suggestions on solving this dilemma. Not only does the ANC-regime create a humanitarian crisis, but this situation can very easily turn into severe ‘human rights’ violations by the newly elected ANC council, noted Mare.

In addition,  these Afrikaner land-rights activists claim,  the ANC is biased in their approach towards members of different race groups. The Afrikaners say that the ANC’s court-case is based on bogus ‘regulations’ with their submission to the Pretoria law court that the neat, backyard wendy houses housing these people ‘violate building regulations.” Activists warn that this law-suit instead is targetting one specific racial minority and that the wendy houses are merely used as an excuse: pointing out that the same ANC-council meanwhile does not intervene when black people arrive enmasse from other countries and erect dangerous, unhealthy and dilapidated structures anywhere they like. The ANC-council then choses to ignore all the ‘health- fire- and safety risks’ posed by such black shanty towns.

'Vryheid * Eenheid * Geregtigheid'  - VVK Emblem  - 'Freedom  * Unity  * Justice'  - VVK EmbleHow does the VVK fit into the picture?

The VVK (The independent registration council for the Volksraad elections) was founded to facilitate the registration of all eligible persons  on the voters’ roll for a future election to create a legitimate Afrikaners/Boer governing council. (“Volksraad”). This elected body will be the governing body that will make executive decisions on behalf of the Afrikaner/Boer nation and will furthermore be the mouth piece and administrative body of all matters connected to this group of people.

The Volksraad (as it will be known), would serve as the modern equivalent of a similar governing body that ran the Boer Republics during the Afrikaners’ fifty years of internationally-recognised autonomy in their independent, internationally-recognised Boer Republics in the late nineteenth century. The Boer republics did not have political parties: instead they were governed by a Volksraad (council), consisting of democratically elected representatives from the Afrikaner/ Boer population.

The need for a new Volksraad Council became clear after 1994 when the Afrikaners/Boers found that their political voice in the ‘New South Africa’ has been reduced to a mere whisper. The situation has deteriorated to such en extent that not one political party in the present-day ANC/SACP/Cosatu trade union-ruled country represents the Afrikaners – although they are 6% of the total SA population – in the present-day parliament. The ANC has since 1994, created the most polarized society in the world: passing many anti-white, genocidal laws to suppress, impoverish and ethnically-cleanse the Afrikaner nation from all their traditional towns and farms.  The National Council (Volksraad) also will deal with the following emergency issues in addition to the issue of self-determination:

Genocidal anti-white ANC laws cause severe poverty and exodus of Afrikaners

ANC anti-white employment laws have resulted in severe poverty among an estimated 800,000 of the 3-million Afrikaners. Most of these people are literally living like animals in makeshift structures and shacks all over the country.

The Journal reported in an earlier article that the ANC regime has managed to marginalize  Afrikaners by introducing legislation to bar members of this group, from almost all economic activity through their black-racist, anti-white job reservation legislation.The effect of these ANC-laws is increase of 150% in severe poverty amongst the Afrikaners.

Extrapolated at this present rate – if no new anti-white employment laws are passed – the ANC will keep on deliberately harming and impoverishing this small, very visible minority as follows:

  • 25% of all Afrikaners (1 084 556) will be destitute, seven years from now,
  • 50% of all Afrikaners (2 133 444) will be destitute, fifteen years from now,
  • 75% of all Afrikaners (3 256 302) will be destitute, twenty years from now,
  • 100%  of this group will be living in absolute squalor by 2034 – a mere twenty-three years from now” source

The Afrikaner Diaspora (Boer Political refugees)
The ANC has managed to purge the South African society of its most valuable asset – trained/educated Afrikaners that could have  contributed to the welfare of this country. An estimated 1 million ex-pat Boers are living in exile in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Many countries have rightfully acknowledged their status as refugees and the number of Afrikaner refugees have soared.
There are 170 South Africans with legal political-refugee status in Germany, 111 in the USA, 46 in Ireland, 33 in Canada, 24 in the UK, 18 in France and 15 in Australia.(From our information, it is also believed that some ten applications are also pending in New Zealand.)  – Source: SA’s 604 overseas refugees

Afrikaner Poverty – the ‘white minority’ of South Africa lives in growing squallor, chronic hunger and have become  Internal Displaced Persons


Those many hundreds of thousands of Afrikaners/Boers who cannot flee from this systematic genocide, have become internal displaced persons in the country of their birth.  They live in squallor,  in little camps in and around all the major cities. It was in one of these communities that registration for the council election took place this week.


The UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) describes the position of displaced Afrikaners very aptly, in this quote from their website dedicated to IDP’s:

Internally displaced people, or IDPs, are often wrongly called refugees. Unlike refugees, IDPs have not crossed an international border to find sanctuary but have remained inside their home countries. Even if they have fled for similar reasons as refugees (armed conflict, generalized violence, human rights violations), IDPs legally remain under the protection of their own government – even though that government might be the cause of their flight. As citizens, they retain all of their rights and protection under both human rights and international humanitarian law.

Stop Discrimination! - United Nations Information Center - Schoeman St, Pretoria, South Africa - Photo, The Afrikaner Journal

Picture right: ‘Stop Discrimination!’banner at the UN Information Center, Schoeman St, Pretoria, South Africa

The United Nations published a report in May 2010 in which John Holmes, its Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, noted the following:

More than 27 million people were uprooted by violence within their countries in 2009, the highest number since the mid-1990s. He noted that ‘the term Internally Displaced Persons and other jargon “do not come close to doing justice to the truly awful experience of being displaced – disoriented, traumatized, confused, fearful, disempowered, dependent, helpless,”

The six countries with the largest IDP populations are Sudan, with nearly 5 million; Colombia, with between 3.3 and 4.9 million; Iraq, with almost 2.8 million; the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with nearly 2 million; Somalia, with 1.5 million; and Pakistan, with 1.2 million.

Africa is the region witnessing the greatest volume of internal displacement, with a total of 11.6 million IDPs in 21 countries, while South and South-East Asia saw the biggest jump in numbers of IDPs from 3.5 million in 2008 to 4.3 million in 2009.Source: Internal displacement at highest level since mid-1990s, finds UN-backed report

Under the UN definition of internally-displaced persons, the destitute Afrikaners should also be recognised as such. In which case the UN would be obligated to recognize this status and make relief-efforts available for this small minority.

Charities helping Afrikaners are persecuted by ANC regime

In addition to this, in May 2011 a summary from  criminology-site Farmitracker.com has also been noted another ominous trend –  namely the ANC-regime’s deliberate refusal to provide any kind of food-aid to Afrikaner charities to help keep these communities alive; and the regime’s very deliberate persecution of private individuals and private charities daring to help destitute Afrikaner internal refugees. The Daspoort community’s pending removal threat is just one example of many similar persecutions against poor white communities countrywide. Many charities and individuals are waging an increasingly desperate battle to keep alive these hundreds of thousands of destitute Afrikaners – all internal refugees floating around the countryside. Afrikaners flood internal refugee camps


No alternative accommodation has been arranged by the Pretoria City council official Johan Jacobs after he demanded the forced-removals of hundreds of poor-Afrikaner residents being housed in neat little Wendy houses located at the Daspoort smallholding at 929 Keyter Street near Pretoria. Jacobs showed up with his demands before the pending court-case on July 29 2011.


The matter has been lagging in the courts for the past two years: but Pretoria city officials were never on hand to testify and now the final decision about the issue will allegedly be taken on July 29. It’s no surprise therefore that the city has decided to take matters into their own hands before that date – arriving on Monday-morning and ‘ordering’ charity-chief Stroebel to start breaking down the little cottages. The structures are neat, clean and even have fire-prevention installed: all the legal requirements for healthy housing have been met. Yet the Afrikaners at this smallholding face constant harassment from the city council. It’s beginning to look very much like an ethnic-cleansing campaign targetting a specifically interesting group of Afrikaners: they voted enmasse for the Democratic Alliance at the last municipal election, and it would be to the advantage of the ANC city council to remove these DA-voters from their voting district altogether. Clearly they pay no attention to the legal requirements for squatters: namely that they must be given suitable alternative accommodation before they can even be moved.They couldn’t wait for the court to decide on July 29.They are forcing the issue now.

Angels at Work “charity chief Magda Stroebel urgently needs help, call her at 082 969 7405 / 012 377 1141 of 076 234 4150. Many poor whites are going to end up homeless today. This cannot be allowed to happen. Clearly the ANC-run city council of Pretoria has now decided to start its ethnic-cleansing campaign of poor Afrikaners on the Pretoria smallholdings in earnest: starting at Daspoort. The city council official claims he has ‘given a court order to her lawyer ‘ – but she knows nothing about it. He has not produced any court-order. It is illegal to force people out of their ‘alternative accommodations’ unless the city has suitable accommodation to house them in. THAT’S THE LAW ALSO FOR WHITE SQUATTERS. If the Pretoria city council gets those Wendy houses torn down before the court makes a decision on July 29, thousands of other poor Afrikaners in the Daspoort region will also be forced to move. This is undoubtedly an ethnic-cleansing campaign to clear these Afrikaners – who massively voted for the Democratic Alliance at the last municipal election – out of this voting district. If there are any legal people in the vicinity of her Daspoort smallholding, please go and help her right away. And if they succeed: where are those people going to find a roof over their heads – in the middle of the winter?
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‘Afrikaner guilt for apartheid’ claims hide the ANC’s own guilt about its own vicious terrorism against its own people

Freedom Front Plus MP Koos van der Merwe writes:  2011-07-24.  The perceived ‘guilt of the Afrikaner for apartheid’ hides one very important factor in these claims, namely the fact that the ANC’s guilt during this era is always ignored. And what was that guilt?

Ex-pres FW de Klerk revealed the following information in August 1996 to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission about the cruelties carried out in the name of the African National Congress leaders:

Necklacing: (torching people to death with a petrol-filled tyre around their necks): 505 people died and 36 people were severely injured in ‘the most brutal and inhumane manner imaginable,’ according to De Klerk. Let’s also recall the inciting calls by Winnie Mandela on 12 April 1986: “Together, hand in hand, with our boxes of matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country” (Business Day, 21 Februarie 1994). On 4 Mei 1986,  Radio Freedom broadcast an ANC-propaganda call, saying: “Let us take our weapons, both rudimentary and sophisticated, our necklaces, our grenades, our machine guns, our AK47’s, our limpet mines and everything we can get, let us fight the vigilantes…together with the police and the army”. (Business Day, 21 Februarie 1994).

On 5 January 2010, the following written information was provided to me by genl. Johan van der Merwe, former police-commissioner, providing reliable details for the time-period Sept 1984 to  April 1992:

  • Persons killed by members of the security forces during unrest: 455; and persons injured by the security forces: 1,633
    Persons killed by rioters:: 8,825; and injured by rioters: 18,428
    Persons killed while alive in the necklace-method: 406
  • Police officers killed between 1980 to 1993: 922

“Amnesty International in Nov 1992 ( as quoted in Business Day 1Dec1992; The Citizen, 15Jan1993) published details about the harrowing situation which existed in the ANC-exile camps in Angola, Tanzanië, Uganda and Zambia, recording routine incidents of physical abuse, organised rape, routine tortures and illegal executions of their own people in this same twelve-year period. These all were atrocities committed by the ANC against their own people inside their own exile-camps.”

Commented Van der Merwe: “We must exercise caution to not sullify the Afrikaner past — without also understanding and balancing this by holding these incidents up to the circumstances in which events occurred. We must always look at both sides of that same coin. And it’s also important to recognise the great many good things which were also acknowledged by ANC leaders such as pres Jacob Zuma as having occurred during apartheid: Zuma admitted openly in Beeld, 6 April 2008 that ‘apartheid also had its many sides.’


Background documents VVK

(some only in Afrikaans – Google Translate has been found to be helpful for foreign visitors)


Die Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) se kortbegrip van die pad na vryheid

Accord on Afrikaner Self-determination between the Freedom Front, The African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party.
Artikel 235 van die Grondwet, wet 108 van 1996

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Minorities

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)

The United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Vrede van Vereeniging


Ethnic cleansing of Afrikaners: Pretoria

Petition lodged at the ICC in the Hague – Afrikaner Claims of Genocide, to be investigated

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) kills Afrikaners

Destitute elderly – forcefully removed and teargassed by local council.

UN delegation to investigate the possibility of genocide in South Africa.

Afrikaner extermination – The evil face of the ANC

Championing Europe’s Leadership in the Fight Against Extreme Poverty: – The South African perspective

Poverty in South Africa is a man-made disaster


It’s War…BLACKS don’t want WHITES in TOWNSHIPS –

Bruno van Staden, 66, murdered, smallholder

‘The five-member black male gang also robbed 2 black workers at the smallholding next door: but dropped the robbed jewellery when they fled…’

July 21 2011 – PRETORIA. Mr Bruno van Staden, 66, was shot dead with four shots to his body in his bedroom at his Kameeldrift smallholding at 7.30pm. The pensioner’s wife Alexis, 55, was ordered at gunpoint to get out of the bathtub. She apparently remained unscathed.

Hilda Fourie of Beeld quotes lt-col Lungelo Dlamini as saying that the same five-man gang probably also attacked a gardener and a maid in the smallholding next door earlier in the day.This five-member gang ‘must have dropped the robbed jewellery as they fled,’ said Dlamini. ‘They’d tied up the black workers in the cooling room’.

The Van Staden couple’s son-in-law Johan Lamprecht said they live in a flat on the smallholding. Their son Bruno and their grandson Juan-Gé Lamprecht also have seperate cottages nearby. At around 7.30pm someone knocked at the front door and Mr Van Staden opened it. A black man stood there pointing a gun at his face. It’s not entirely clear what happened next –  but the Afrikaner pensioner then was then shot dead with four shots in the upper body – at close range.

“It all happened in front of my mother-in-law. She saw it happen”. Their loot: two cellphones and Mr van Staden’s firearm… http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Bende-van-5-skiet-man-20110721

ANC confiscates whites’ guns: arms black youths

The ANC-regime is arming its youth league, while the besieged white minority is rapidly being disarmed of their 1,2-million legal self-defence weapons: the murder-gangs get free reign with Chinese AK47s; and why were 600 members ANC youth league comrades given arms and military training just to conduct a ‘rural census’ in the ‘National Rural Youth Service’ ?

MALEMA brought his body guards with their AK47s inside the Equality Court at his hatespeech trial DID NOT GET ARRESTEDIn November 2010, the ANC-Communist regime made a shock-change in the firearms registration act: all legal guns had to be re-registered by July 31 2011. No attempt is made to also confiscate the millions of illegal AK47s in the hands of warlord-ruled criminal gangs from the  Peoples’ Republic of China. Even the brand-new AK47s brought into the Equality court in a shocking display of witness-intimidation by ANC youth leader Julius Malema’s ‘private security team  on June 19 2011. The ‘untroubled’ judge merely ordered them out of his courtroom but said he ‘otherwise saw no problem with the guns’. Witnesses – already terrified – were forced to walk past this gang of armed thugs on their way into and out of the court-room. Not once did any member of the SA Police make any attempt to question the guards, ask for their gun-licenses not attempt to confiscate the guns – even though it is illegal for private security guards to display guns in public. links: ANC youth league given military training at Saldanha  –  ANC youth leader body guard on criminal charges –  Is SA raising a children’s militia?vengeful black cops victimise white gunowners –  genocidal gun-toting black gangs target white families  –  Malema trial witness intimidated with inaccurate police claim of illegal gun-cachewhy is the regime’s ‘National Rural Youth Service’ getting military training just to carry out a ‘rural sensus’?

Afriforum and the Transvaal agricultural union have launched a combined court-applicationa asking that the firearms-registration act be declared unconstitutional – source

This week the civil-rights movement Afriforum and the Transvaal Agricultural Union launch an urgent application asking that the Firearms Registration Act, requiring re-registration of all the country’s legal firearms, be declared unconstitutional. Attorney and firearm-specialist George Nell described the entire process as ‘alarming’. Mr Nell said it is ‘very worrying’ that more than half of all the reregistration applications are being turned down, and that 90% are again turned down on appeal. White families are increasingly forced to hand over the only self-defence weapons and ammunition which they still could use legally against the country’s many tens of thousands of criminal gangs who are turning the farms, streets, homes and businesses of South Africa into besieged war-zones with their illegal AK-47s.

Only 43,000 of the 1,2m gun-reregistration applications have been approved thus far:  After the shock-announcement, white gun-owners were thrown into immediate confusion: with the police issuing a constant stream of conflicting statements: in November 2010, the police announced that people could still re-register their firearms at the same central administration office. Statement_1 – However by January 1, 2011, the police changed its mind, suddenly closed its administration office in Pretoria, sent its office-manager Brig Jacob Bothma on force leave, replaced him with a black woman who is ‘never there’ – and announced that people now would have to get their firearms registered at their nearest local police-station: statement_2  Many gun-owners now are terrified of being arrested: their registration-applications have gone ‘missing’ – and the picture below very clearly shows why.

FIREARM_REREGISTRATION APPLICATIONS STACKS WAITING JUNE222011BEELD_pretoria officeDeliberate chaos for legal (mostly white) gun-owners: thus far, 43,000  processed gun-applications —  (out of 1,2-million : Afriforum claim or 880,000: police claim)  —  have been approved: and . Moreover, ninety percent of the appeals for the turned-down applications also were rejected out of hand. Nobody really knows the number which still await decisions: many tens of thousands of files are stacked up in high piles in the corners of the central administration office in Pretoria, waiting for the poorly-educated administrative personnel to examine them all by the July 31 2011. Some applications were found torn up and dumped in waste-baskets, others were sprayed with water. Picture from Beeld

“ The head of the firearms-registry office in Pretoria Brig Jaco Bothma was sent on forced leave, no reasons given – and replaced by Col Miriam Magwani who is ‘never there’.. Afriforum spokesman Nantes Kelder.

Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie exposed the horrific chaos in the Pretoria office of the central firearms registration office – and the best way to do that was with this dramatic photograph of the stacks of applications, just waiting. She noted that many tens of thousands of unprocessed applications are stacked in the corridors and offices of the central fire-registration office. SAPS captain Dennis Adriao claimed however that these ‘more than 500,000 files were completed’ and were ‘awaiting transport to a ‘storage place’. However AfriForum spokesman Nantes Kelder denied this: he their sources are well-informed – and they all confirmed that these are the pictures of the unprocessed applications. “The only completed applications are inside blue and pink containers in a hallway. There is no control at that office.’ “If it looks liks this in the office, it can be very accurate when people say their re-applications  ‘have gone missing. How do you find a file in such chaos?”

Applications found torn up in waste-baskets, sprayed with water…

Besides the large piles of applications lying about, chaos is also created by the minister’s claimed ‘ 600 railway-officials’ who were brought in to ‘catch up with the backlog’. The minister claimed that these ‘600 officials’ were rushed into the melee to try and make the July 31 2011. However police captain Adriao said there are no 600 railway officials: ‘a small group of officials were brought in to perform administrative tasks – but it most certainly was not 600 people’. And they aren’t doing a very good job either, said Adriao: ‘after their first night-shift officials of the central registry found torn-up applications in the rubbish-bins’. Some of these applicatons also were wet from water sprayed across them.’The railway police have no training whatsoever in applying the Law on Firearms control.’ There is a lack of management and control at that office’.The Afrikaner who headed the office, Brig Jaco Bothma, was sent on enforced leave. No reasons were given.His job was taken over by a black female officer, col Miriam Magwani.An agenda from a September 2010 noted that Mangwani ‘is never present at her job’.”It’s difficult to work for the head of a department when she’s never there,’ said Kelder.In fact in the September meeting is was requested that ‘Brig Bothma look into the reasons for Ms Mangwani’s constant absence and to appoint someone who does present for work each day.’Kelder and Beeld also tried hard to get hold of Mangwani to find out what the problem could be. However to no avail. Kelder says he ‘suspects that Mthethwa perhaps does not realise the reality of this massive backlog of applications. It seems that he is constantly being given the wrong information’.However the police minister’s spokesman Zweli Mnisi mere said they had ‘confirmed the statistics and stand by them.’


White families who desperately need their legal guns to protect them against heavily-armed criminal gangs, now face arrest by aggressive gaggles of cops and publicly shamed in a ‘trial by media’ by the police-minister for owning ‘illegal guns-caches’ link 

The results for these gun-owning families are horrific: many people whose re-applications for their legal weapons are still sitting inside those stacks of unopened envelopes somewhere, could find themselves being raided by a massive police raid amidst a blaze of publicity – a ‘trial-by-media’ initiated by the police minister himself. These families’ sonamed ‘illegal gun-caches’ are confiscated and the owners branded as ‘criminals’ in trials-by-media,  with the minister of police triumphantly posing next to the ‘illegal caches’ in pre-arranged press conferences. These taxpaying, hard-working families then invariably are named and shamed publicly before they have even been charged in a court of law. Some are even thrown in a police-cell overnight: in one instance, even with their minor children.

The arming of the ANC youth league: Wall of aggression against Afrikaner youth leaguehead  Charl Oberholzer when he tried to find out why the ANC’s National Rural Youth Service was founded and why 600  ANC youth league members were given militiary training at Saldanha Naval base:


On May 3 2011, the civil rights movement Afriforum youth league national chairman Charl Oberholzer, above, walked into the office of the country’s Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Department, Lindiwe_Sisulu,  to hand in a petition  asking the minister to explain,  under the Freedom of Information Act,  why 600 civilian ANC-youth league members underwent militia-training at Saldanha military base at the expense of the taxpayers to create the mysterious “National Rural Youth Service’, and what use this militia-group could possibly have to require them to undergo military-training.  The young Afrikaner’s delegation ran ‘into a wall of aggression’ at Sisulu’s office. Their petition for information was ‘rejected as unnecessary’ by this unnamed, obviously very aggressive government official (right), who told Oberholzer that ‘the Minister did not have time to have to explain themselves to Afriforum youths”.  http://www.facebook.com/notes/afriforum-youth/

source documents:




Malema body guard MALEMA GUARD Adriaan Snyman on trial for planning cash heist[3] Afrikaans pupils attacked by black striking teachers


Youth militias South Africa, ANC gives military training and weapons to youth league, ANC arms its youth league, whites disarmed in deliberate chaos, firearms registration office, whites demonised legal arms-ownership, Firearm Registration Act

SA journo Jani Allan: give Afrikaners refugee status

Afrikaners must get political-refugee status in USA – exiled journalist Jani Allan  – http://bit.ly/liwN7I

Ever since the controversial and widely demonised South African journalist Jani Allan issued a hard-hitting, hour-long call on an ultra-conservative US radio broadcaster’s programme to grant political asylum to the besieged Afrikaners,  a total of 380 South Africans have aready been granted political-refugee status in Western countries – most of them in the U.S.A. and Canada.

While it was unlikely that he knew of  Ms Allan’s call, this week the South African immigration lawyer Chris Watters spotted these interesting facts from the latest UNHCR charts from 2010 issued on World Refugee Day. He wrote: ‘A total of 380 South Africans  have fled the country (since 1994) and have been legally accepted as refugees. ‘And some 214 others also have applications still pending.”

He wrote in his article, headlined ‘Brandon Huntley revisited: ‘This is not some residue of persons who fled apartheid and who forgot to return to South Africa. These are people who require protection as refugees currently because they have been able to persuade the refugee authorities in their host country, that they cannot be adequately protected by the South African government, its police or the courts. To ‘demystify’ the language of refugee law, these are people who have been able to persuade the relevant authorities that there is a reasonable chance that if they are returned to South Africa, they will be persecuted in South Africa on account of their race, religion, nationality, political views or membership of a particular social group. And that persecution can be either by the SA government or someone on its behalf or even a non-state party that the government is unable or unwilling to control that persecution. And the persecution cannot be some minor irritation or inconvenience. The ‘fear of persecution’ requirement usually means that the refugee must have shown that there is a serious chance of serious physical harm if he or she is returned to the country of origin.” (He retrieved these facts from World Refugee Day and the UNHCR’s release this week of global refugee data. His entire comment  on


Miss Allan ‘s conservative political views when she worked at a South African radio station shortly before she fled the country, also saw her targetted by a fire-bombing of her own apartment. Ms Allan has since then fled to the USA – after first trying to get settled in the UK. She needed to escape from the violence and also the demonisation-campaign she was subjected to by the pro-ANC news media in her home country. However, she hasn’t exactly been sitting still either: while she was still was in the middle of obtaining her green-card immigrant status, she issued a parting shot on the radiio show of Jeff Rense. And while he must be one of the most conservative broadcasters in the USA, his interview with Jani Allan logged millions of listeners.

Ever since that time, Miss Allan has lived in retirement.  Her last act as a journalist was to issue a call to help save her fellow white South Africans – but especially the Afrikaners — from almost certain genocide. 



Allan Jani South African radiojournalist fled to USA after firebombing of her flat South African columnist, radio journalist and stunning photo-model Jani Allan has had a very lively career: stunningly beautiful, always outspoken and controversial, her last act as a journalist was to issue a hard-hitting call for Western countries, including the USA, to help rescue the besieged Afrikaners in her homeland from certain genocide at the hands of the ANC-regime.. (Picture of Jani Allan by the late Pierre Oosthuysen, SA press photographer and artist)


380 Political refugees from South Africa by 2010: 214 applications pending (2010 UNHCR)


These are people who require protection as refugees (… ) because they cannot be adequately protected by the SA government, its police or the courts…’http://bit.ly/jbeLBm

WATTERS Chris immigraiton lawyer South AfricaA total of 380 South Africans  have fled the country (since 1994) and have been legally accepted as refugees. ‘And some 214 others also have applications still pending,’ writes Immigration lawyer Chris Watters.
He wrote in his article, headlined ‘Brandon Huntley revisited: ‘This is not some residue of persons who fled apartheid and who forgot to return to South Africa. These are people who require protection as refugees currently because they have been able to persuade the refugee authorities in their host country, that they cannot be adequately protected by the South African government, its police or the courts. To ‘demystify’ the language of refugee law, these are people who have been able to persuade the relevant authorities that there is a reasonable chance that if they are returned to South Africa, they will be persecuted in South Africa on account of their race, religion, nationality, political views or membership of a particular social group. And that persecution can be either by the SA government or someone on its behalf or even a non-state party that the government is unable or unwilling to control that persecution. And the persecution cannot be some minor irritation or inconvenience. The ‘fear of persecution’ requirement usually means that the refugee must have shown that there is a serious chance of serious physical harm if he or she is returned to the country of origin.” (He retrieved these facts from World Refugee Day and the UNHCR’s release this week of global refugee data. His entire comment  on

Dutch political commentator Bernard Hammelburg: “The violent crimes against the whites are extraordinarily vicious:

Dutch political commentator Bernard Hammelburg said at Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep — at the time when the Huntley case hit all the international news headlines: wit the ANC-regime reviling him,  that Mr Huntley ‘s fears were undoubtedly was correct:” things are not ‘right’ for the whites: of the 4-million whites who lived there, 800,000 have already fled the country. The violent crimes against the whites are extraordinary vicious.’  Hammelburg also noted that there was a ‘bullying campaign’ against Boer farmers who were attacked and killed in large numbers and are not getting any protection from the SA Police’. More: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2009/09/open-letter-to-canadian-journalist.html



Lotter, Alice and Helen, tortured to death, Allanridge Free State farm March62009 Wednesday, 9 June 2010 Tortured Lotter farm women’s gardener guilty in Free State “Most cruel, violent crimes I’d ever seen while on the Bench…’ said a High Court judge …Fri Mar 6 2009 1:48:00 am

Meintjies, Janine, mother of 2, died 25/12/2010 from hammer attack 24/12/2010 DUNDEE smallholdings Janine Meintjies passed away 25/12/2010 from injuries sustained due to a knife and hammer attack on her smallholding in Dundee on the evening Friday 24/12/2010.Sat Dec 25 2010 8:48:00 am

Ella Horne, 82, bludgeoned, bitten and repeatedly hurled to the floorAug 14, 2009: While she was bludgeoned, bitten and repeatedly hurled to the floor by a young assailant who screamed: “Who is this God you call for?”Fri Aug 14 2009 12:30:00 pm

Nigel, teacher Lorna Nienaber shot dead, daughter Win-Ellen survives 3 shots Nigel: Aug 3 2010 – teacher Lorna Nienaber, 49, shot dead at backdoor, Van Oudtshoorn Street; daughter Win-Ellen, 23, survives 3 shots NIGEL, Gauteng. Wed Aug 4 2010 1:22:00 am

Kruger Marzanne, 1, recovers sight after severe attack by 3 black builders April22 2010 Attacked Afrikaans baby Marzanne Kruger recovers eyesight after brutal April 22 2010 assault by three Mozambiquen males Sat Aug 14 2010 8:54:00 am

Lotter Helen and Alice, farm women, tortured KILL BOER in their blood on farm wall FS

TWO AFRIKANER FARM WOMEN ALICE AND HELEN LOTTER TORTURED, MUTILATED FOR HOURS IN ANNANDALE, FREESTATE ANNANDALE, FREE STATE – “Pieces of human tissue the size of a man’s hand were ripped from their bodies’ Fri Mar 6 2009 1:11:00 am

Norman, Andriette Afrikaans singer and boyfriend Marcel Olivier locked in Namibian cell 2 nights Idols” singer Andriette Norman, boyfriend Marcel Olivier locked up 2 nights in cockroach-infested, overcrowded Namibian police cell – they didn’t have ‘the correct stamp’ … Mon Jan 3 2011

Frazer Magda,Post mistress, Afrikaans, killed with hammer, two black males, Highlands North Balfour Post Office

Magda Frazer, killed with hammer by two black males, Highlands north PO manager, Jan 15 2011 2011-01-16 Greater Johannesburg – Mrs Magda Frazer, 42, Afrikaans post-office manager … Sun Jan 16 2011 1:09:00 am

Jager, de Doris, 50, Joburg High Court stenographer, executed,driveway Feb42011 Johannesburg; High Court stenographer in Agliotti- and Selebi cases; Doris de Jager, 50 murdered execution style by four-member gang, nothing robbed: Feb 4 2011 2011-02-06 Johannesbur … Sat Feb 5 2011

Food-consignment confiscated in ANC-harassment targetting Afrikaner shop owners, Vanderbijlpark Food consignment confiscated from Afrikaner-owned shop – court orders it returned after illegal harassment by ANC-run municipality. The ANC-regime will do everything it can to stop Afrikaners from making a survival-living: it has barred them from the entire job-market by law, and targets Afrikaners who try to run little shops as a survival-strategy: 2011-03-31 Mrs Janine and Hester Snook Wed Mar 30 2011

Piet Smit, police reservist, injured: firefight with 5 armed black robbers leaves 3 dead Police reservist Piet Smit injured in firefight: 3 armed robbers shot dead 2011-05-27 When an Afrikaner family was attacked by five armed robbers at 7:30pm May 26 2011 Sat May 28 2011 7:30:00 am