Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

By Adriana Stuijt. April 7 2014 –  Ever since 1994, when the ANC-regime came to power, as a retired SA-Dutch journalist I’ve been keeping track of the Afrikaner people’s growing destitution – deliberately created by the ANC-regime.  Following is a summary of this ongoing process of deliberate genocidal behaviour leading to the deaths of many Afrikaners as they drift into destitution.

Lately there have been a growing number of reports that Afrikaner people are dying of water-borne diseases such as cholera in these camps.  They are also dying of  other preventable communicable diseases such as TB – which during apartheid was kept so well under control that they had a 95% cure-rate. Many Afrikaners also die in fires in their squatter shacks because they have no access to electricity.  Many children also are maimed in such fires and have to spend the rest of their lives as crippled invalids.

Avoidable cholera-deaths in Afrikaner squatter camps reported:

CholeraDeathInBoerAfrikanerSquatterCampANCcouncilBlamedMar272014This is the latest such incident – a (medically-confirmed) cholera death at one of the poor-white camps run by the Nehemiah project: The people at the Afrikaner Journal are trying to alleviate the problem and desperately need help – especially clean water systems and solar-powered appliances – to be installed in these camps.

One may can contact them directly: 
Voice: +27825236699 – (082 523 6699)
Fax: +27867184596 – (086 718 4596) and via:
http://afrikanerjournal.wordpress.com  https://www.facebook.com/afrikanerjournal

Cholera deaths are avoidable with cheap clean-water system for families:

These cholera-deaths are totally unnecessary: they can be prevented by a simple device which cleans out 99% of all the harmful organisms from even the dirtiest drinking water: if any donors are willing to come forward to help the poor Afrikaner families with such life-saving, clean water devices it would be very helpful. (below)


ANC regime refuses clean-water reticulation to poor white communities:

For all this misery is ALL due to the deliberate neglect by the ANC-regime towards poor Afrikaners – they refuse to lay on the free municipal services to ‘ whites ‘’ , which they do always provide to poor black communities as soon as they have set up another little squatter camp anywhere – these camps get a set minimum quantity of municipal water and –electricity and ablution facilities which are being totally denied to the Afrikaner poor.  
I refer to the ‘Afrikaner poor’ because surveys have found that in most of these little camps, more than 98 percent of all the camp-dwellers are Afrikaners. That’s why it’s also been mainly the Afrikaner cultural structures putting up a valiant fight –  in the courts and with hands-on help –  to try and stop this tsunami of Afrikaner poverty.  It’s conservatively estimated that at least 1million of the 3,4million Afrikaner people now live in dire poverty, many in these camps and in backyard shanties.

People are being ethnically cleansed from traditional ‘Afrikaner’ areas and are forced to move to marginal sites –  which are moreover also encreasingly encroached upon by very aggressive, very demanding and very large black groups, often illegal foreigners from other African countries demanding free municipal services:


Afrikaner death toll rising:

The death toll among the Afrikaners – often horribly slaughtered and mutilated in hate-crimes –  is rising by the month: see http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports
Afriforum and Solidariteit and Helpende Hand have over the years all done wonderful work -  often financially supported by their trade-union members, mostly mineworkers, and by close-knit farming communities, to try and stop this headlong plunge into starvation and destitution.

Before 1994 there were about 20,000 ‘poor whites’ on the official records. Mostly with physical or mental disabilities who were drawing small pensions from the NP-government, and were staying in a low-cost group of well-tended flats in central Pretoria and similar social-housing sites in other cities as well. As a journalist I visited those flats in Pretoria many times. People there were ‘proud poor’- ashamed of their poverty, counting their pennies.  The building was guarded and the flats themselves were neat, clean and frequently inspected by the social welfare department to make certain things ran well there.  These flats also provided cheap housing for the nurses at the nearby hospitals and so it was a mix of empoverished poor people and nurses.  It worked.  
Just after 1994, when Mandela’s terrorists came back from their violence-ridden refugee camps like Camp Quatro in Angola and were bombarded to government ministers, the very first thing this group of males did was to start tearing down those flats and the social-welfare structure which ran them so well. That apparently formed an integral part of their propaganda campaign whch claimed that ‘ nothing good which was ever  done by the apartheid-government”. So they set about destroying any contrary vidence to  ‘prove’ the contents of their propaganda. 

  • Initially the local ANC-councillors and their social welfare Minister destroyed these flats by encouraging incursions of criminal gangs, mostly drug-dealers, who were setting up shop there and started dealing.
    That’s always the best way to destroy any well-ordered community and it worked.  Today, the human-trafficking and the drug-gangs  run the streets of South Africa. In central Pretoria in 2014 -  there’s hardly any white residents left unless they stand begging on street corners.
    These buildings themselves were eventually deliberately destroyed by a series of large fires. In the last fire which destroyed them, people with disabilities were plucked from rooftops by military and police helicopters to save their lives.  Those people were given no alternative housing by the Pretoria ANC-council: most of them ended up at the smallholdings of working-class Afrikaners, mostly mineworkers and government officials who used their old-age pensioners and their savings to buy these smallholdings.
    Often these people were put up in Wendy Houses – little backyard ‘play cottages’ for children. Many moved to to Daspoort, where people put them up in tents and eventually in cottages:
    Nobody ever thought that this would however become a permanent way of life – but that’s how these camps grew:  hundreds of thousands of well-educated Afrikaner workers were kicked out of government service due to the ANC’s ‘black economic empowerment’ laws. These are increasingly barring ‘whites’ from all permanent jobs.  This is a rout – a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign by the ANC regime targeting Afrikaners in their traditional towns, hamlets, smallholdings, farms and cities all over South Africa. Whenever an Afrikaner community balks and objects at the Africanisation of their schools and the destruction of their Afrikaner cultural rights, the ANC propaganda machine jumps into full gear and accuses these tiny Afrikaner communities of ‘racism’.  It’s a campaign which has worked well for the ANC over the years.
  • AfrikanerSquattersChasedOffBlackSquattersGetMunicipalServices2011

Poor whites are still targeted by violence in squatter camps

And even when these Afrikaner families move into a camp, they are not left alone: even though they are dirt-poor and starving, the murder-attacks continue.  The Afrikaner boys and girls are targetted by the large, organized ‘human-traffickers” gangs of black males who lay in wait and kidnap these youngsters — even from in front of their schools, sell them into sexual slavery and a brief life of deliberatel drug-addiction:




Political rights of Afrikaners in squatter camps:

And whenever there was an attempt by cultural organizations to organize the poor Afrikaners politically there was interference, not only from government officials screaming ‘racism’ and attacking these small communities physically such as at Kleinfontein  http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1029 –  but also from the ‘traditional Afrikaner” political structures from before 1994. They were  trying to hold on to their voters’ base and even made sure that exiled ‘whites’ would be allowed to vote at embassies overseas.  The mass-migration into squatter camps also created the problem of re-registering each new adult at these squatter camps.  It’s not known how many Afrikaners have been ethnically-cleansed off the voters’ rolls – many people have never re-registered at their ‘informal addresses’ in squatter camps. 

ANC knows ‘poor whites’  exist despitetheir denials:

The ANC in this  forthcoming presidential election in May, has even very cynically taken  poor Afrikaner squatter camp residents to their political meetings and promising them food-parcels and blankets if they sit in the front rows of election meetings and allow themselves to be photogrphed –  wearing ANC tshirts: However it was reported that none were given the promised life-saving food-parcels or blankets until Afrikaans news-media journalists raised a public row about it.
On the Afrikaner Genocide blog alone, more than 50 articles appear about this subject alone, with pictures, sources and newspaper article citations.  One often sees extended  Afrikaner families relying on granddad and grandmom ‘s tiny pensions for their survival.   It’s a losing battle: the ANC also tries to ‘encourage’ poor ‘whites’ to move to black townships where their children will become  alienated from their own culture and ‘Africanized’.  How is this social experiment of forced integration working out?

Peruse the records and make up your own mind. If you know of any long-term ‘success stories’ of the Western Afrikaners integrating in ‘black’ communities –  please urgently let me know at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl

Confirmed by clinic: Man dies cholera death in white squatter camp
Sarah Bezuidenhout’s starvation death in black squatter camp:
Louiza Preston’s death from TB:

picture album  on my blog censorbugbear reports on FB from 2013:
https://www.facebook.com/censorbugbear/photos_stream )

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Finally blinkers come off in S.A.


by Dan Roodt  Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (right) – Background: ”The Media Ombudsman has ordered the Afrikaans newspapers “Beeld’ and “Burger’ to publicly place an apology in their papers for slandering the Afrikaans-language-rights activist in their article ‘Writers Finished with Dan Roodt’.


Dear PRAAG supporter overseas,

Aug 9 2012 – Hillary Clinton has just visited South Africa. Her message was: Just follow Nelson Mandela. If that were even possible, for the 94-year old is reputed to be hardly functional anymore and living in a remote rural hamlet called Qunu in the old tribal homeland of the Transkei. It also happens to be the most backward and corrupt part of South Africa, so one hopes Hillary did not mean we should start acting like Mandela’s Xhosa people.

Just today, we published an amazing article by Claudia Meades on our website in which she gives Three reasons South Africa will fail. The gist of her article is that South African whites who have created by far the most successful economy on the African continent, pay most of the taxes but have no say in government. The black ruling class has arrogated unto itself a life of conspicuous consumption and jet-set splendour that is simply unsustainable. Seventy percent of municipal managers have been officially declared unfit to do their jobs, for lack of qualifications, yet they continue in their posts!

She draws on a lot of material from my friend Ilana Mercer’s book, Into the Cannibal’s Pot – Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa. That is a fine exposé of current conditions in South Africa, with a lot of well-researched historical material as well. I can freely recommend it.

We have such a strong national and international movement going now that I am getting optimistic that the current South African system of black domination will not last another five years. If you read the article by Claudia Meades too, you will notice the impatient tone and exasperation, which is how most SA whites feel at the moment. I am also heartened by the fact that many of the English-speaking whites are rallying to our cause now. For years, starting in the late 1990′s, we Afrikaners have been publishing and speaking out against this insupportable regime, yet it was easily dismissed as a stereotypical “right-wing Afrikaner” response. Increasingly, however, all whites feel the same and will surely come together to address the challenge we face, to restore our rights and some sanity to this country.

I am proud to say that about a week ago we spread the story about the vicious massacre of the Viana family in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg, via Twitter and Facebook. It gained such momentum that within a day it had spilled over to the two biggest news sites in the world, Mailonline.com and Huffingtonpost.com, with a combined readership of 140 million users.

No doubt many of you, our overseas supporters, participated in this campaign and I want to thank you all. Very soon the ghastly conditions of violence and unjust anti-white laws in South Africa will stand globally exposed, with change or even regime change becoming an option.

VIANA AmaroJose 12 mother Geraldine father Tony killed CHILD BOILED TO DEATH IN BOILING WATER BLACKS SMILE WHEN TESTIFYING As you will also read on praag.org, the bizarre Boeremag trial is nearing its end and so far 10 members of that group have been found guilty of high treason. They will face life-long prison sentences soon. An interesting article about the Boeremag was published on the website of the Russian State Radio, by Avigdor Eskin:  Boeremag defendants, leftovers of apartheid or freedom fighters? I urge you to read and disseminate it too, as the more popular it becomes the greater the chances that the Russian state media will publish more information about South Africa and Afrikaners. Our story needs to be told in every country in the world, especially in those countries or parts of countries where political correctness is not yet the norm.

Please also sign the petition on the front page of praag.org for the release of Clive-Derby Lewis who has already spent 18 years in jail for participating in the assassination of Chris Hani, the Communist Party leader, in 1973. He is an ex-Member of Parliament, a decent and patriotic man of English descent but who had embraced the Afrikaner cause, together with his Australian wife, Gaye, a long time ago. They both speak excellent Afrikaans, tinged with a slight English accent. He is now 76 years old and suffering from prostate cancer. I visited him in Pretoria Central Prison a few months ago and, despite his difficulties, he was in good spirits. He is much respected by the prison authorities and his fellow inmates, including the black ones who have elected him to all sorts of committees within the prison. A man like him does not deserve to spend his last months or years in captivity.

I firmly believe that our struggle will do a lot to free the whole world of the disastrous policies imposed in the West from the 1950′s onwards and which have so heavily impacted people of European descent, their identity, sense of justice and self-worth. South Africa is but a microcosm of the planet.

Until next time, with kind regards,

Dan Roodt