Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaner Boer Christians in South Africa

The disappearance of Afrikaner Boer Christians in South Africa


23 March 2015 – The spokesman for the last Afrikaner president FW de Klerk warns:

"The Afrikaner heritage is viewed as a ‘source of deep embarrassment which must be eliminated’.

Summary of statement by Dave Steward, of the FW de Klerk Foundation
23 March 2015:

“The traditional Afrikaans-Christiaan character of Potchefstroom and Stellenbosch university’s campuses are plowed under by forced "Africanisation" under the black-ruled regime of South Africa. Historically, Potchefstroom was undisputably an Afrikaans university. Yet, a deadly struggle is under way at the Potchefstroom campus to save its Afrikaans character.’ 

"Although Potchefstroom’s new vice-chancellor Prof Dan Kgwadi claims that he ‘is a friend of Afrikaans’ (*the language), his determination to bring all three campuses – Mafikeng, Vaal Triangle and Potchefstroom –  into line with the racial demographics of South Africa, will cause the death of the Afrikaans character at Potchefstroom’.

"Current developments on the campuses of NWU, Stellenbosch and UCT are raising core questions, not only about the future of our universities, but also about the nature of our multicultural society. The question is whether there should be space for cultural, linguistic and intellectual diversity – and the free academic institutions on which such diversity depends – or whether we must all conform to the ANC’s racial ideology of demographic representivity?
     "There is a deadly struggle under way at North-West University to determine whether its Potchefstroom campus will retain its unique Afrikaans character as a semi-autonomous unit of the university. NWU’s new Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dan Kgwadi, insists on introducing a unitary system on the university’s three campuses – Potchefstroom, Mafikeng and Vaal Triangle -  and in appointing single deans to run faculty affairs on all three campuses.  Prof Kgwadi is determined progressively to bring the student bodies and faculties of all three campuses more closely into line with the (racial) demographics nationwide.
Although he claims that he is "a friend of Afrikaans", his approach would inevitably lead to the demise of the Afrikaans character of the Potchefstroom campus -   and in all likelihood to the loss of many Afrikaans-speaking students and faculty.  "At Stellenbosch University there has been intense debate on the need to remove the names of DF Malan, HF Verwoerd and BJ Vorster from university buildings and institutions.  "There is little disagreement that they all implemented unacceptable policies that make the retention of their names extremely distasteful for multi-racial students and faculty in 2015.On the other hand, there is a view that historical figures should be judged within the context of their times. Few historical heroes would survive scrutiny if subjected to current norms:  Napoleon would be viewed as a mass murderer; Churchill as an unreconstructed imperialist and our own (Zulu) King Shaka as a ruthless despot…  (although nobody is suggesting that Durban’s international airport should no longer be named after him). Skeptics also warn against the danger of political correctness and double standards. There is no similar debate at the University of the Free State demanding that Bram Fischer’s name should be dropped from university buildings – even though he was a Stalinist
who would have imposed a far more repressive system on South Africa than anything that (assassinated prime-minister Dr Hendrik ) Verwoerd ever contemplated. There is a view that historical names should be retained, not as a mark of approval, but because they are inextricably part of our history.
"History should not be a popularity contest:  it should tell us where we have come from – and enable us to learn from the experiences of previous generations. The implications of the Stellenbosch debate go much further than the retention of the names of previous Afrikaner leaders. For most of its existence Stellenbosch University was undisputedly an Afrikaner institution. It was the spiritual and intellectual heartland of the Afrikaner people – where generations of young Afrikaners developed their own unique traditions and intellectual identity.  Now, 21 years after (*the official end of apartheid in) 1994, the university’s residual Afrikaner heritage is viewed by many as a source of deep embarrassment.  Efforts are under way to eliminate it as rapidly as alumni donors will allow. The goal is to move as unobtrusively as possible toward greater demographic representivity – in expiation of the guilt still felt by many well-intentioned white Afrikaans-speakers – and in compliance with the increasingly insistent demands of the ANC government. That is why the names of Malan, Verwoerd and Vorster are being removed from university buildings.
"However, it is not only the cultural identity of Stellenbosch University that is being challenged. Students at UCT are demanding that the statue of Cecil Rhodes should be removed because of its unacceptable association with "colonialism". Rhodes was a deeply flawed politician – and there is no doubt that he was a colonialist. However, he did donate the land on which UCT was built – and was responsible for instituting Rhodes scholarships.  For better or worse he had an enormous impact on the history of southern Africa.

Rhodes statue:
"The protests against Rhodes are, however, only a salvo in a broader battle for the radical transformation of the university and the replacement of what is regarded as its excessively "white, Eurocentric ethos. " The University of Cape Town’s ethos is, however, not just about the remnants of its colonial origins: it centers on the pursuit of academic excellence – in which race plays absolutely no role. It is committed to achieving the highest standards within an environment of untrammeled academic freedom. These values have enabled UCT to become the most highly rated university in Africa and one of the top 125 universities in the world. Now it is being confronted, once again, by a government and protesters who view its culture as inappropriate and insist that race should be the primary consideration in the appointment of faculty, the admission of students and the determination of the university’s culture.
–  It is quite understandable that black students, who now comprise a 60% majority at UCT, should want the university to reflect (only) their values and culture.

Don’t English-speaking and Afrikaans-speaking minority-students also have rights under the Constitution?

— However, do the white English-speaking students – who used to predominate on the UCT campus – and the Afrikaans-speaking students at Stellenbosch and Potchefstroom not also have a right to study in a non-racial environment that accommodates their cultures, their values and their heroes? In our multicultural society, is it expected that minorities must conform with the values and language and cultural preferences of the majority wherever they might find themselves? Should there not be space for universities that cater on a non-racial basis to the special cultural and language needs of minorities – as there are in other multicultural societies?
— " Is there not a place for universities like UCT that, in their pursuit of academic excellence, focus on merit rather than race? Demographic representivity will inevitably result in the imposition of what the (ruling African National Congress party), the ANC calls ‘(*black) African hegemony’ in all our universities.  It will negate the constitutional right to education in the language of one’s choice – and, because faculty will be appointed on the basis of race rather than merit, will in all likelihood have a very negative impact on academic standards.  "Our Constitution recognises our right to academic freedom; to use our cultures and languages and to receive education in the language of our choice. We should insist on these rights with all the vigor with which liberal universities defended academic freedom and non-racialism under apartheid."

The history of Potchefstroom University:

  • founded in the Boer Republic of the Transvaal in 1869 with funds raised with interest-free shares amongst the Boer congregations of the Reformed Church of South Africa by Reverend Dirk Postma.

     The university’s Afrikaans name used to the "Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education). It was founded in 1869 in the formerly independent Boer Republic in the Transvaal (‘ZAR’: up to 1902) as the ‘Theological School of the Reformed Churches in South Africa;   ("Theologische School van de Gereformeerde Kerken van Zuid-Afrika." – ref:

–  In 1951 it was officially recognised as an autonomous university.
— However under ANC-hegemony since 1994, it merely became part of the "North West University’ as a sonamed ‘semi-autonomous’ campus joined up with its campuses in Mafikeng, Mankwe, Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle. It’s ‘Afrikaner-Christian" educational aspect ended at Potchefstroom.
In total, North West university by 2006 had 33.000 students. By 2015 sixty percent of North West University’s student body and 70% of its educators and staff were black-African.
–  From 2006, Its ‘traditional Afrikaner’ aspect started eroding rapidly when Potchefstroom lost its autonomy and many of its Afrikaner educators lost their jobs under the black-economic-empowerment laws. For a while it maintained its ‘Afrikaans-language’ character but in 2015, under its new (black) vice-chancellor Prof Dan Kgwadi, whiling claiming to be ‘is a friend of Afrikaans’ (*the language),
also publicly stated his determination to bring the remaining three campuses – Mafikeng, Vaal Triangle and Potchefstroom — under ‘black-African’ control, or as he described it, ‘into line with the racial demographics (6 percent Afrikaner and 94% *African (under current SA law this refers to Chinese, Black African, Coloured and Indian minorities). The spokesman of South Africa’s last Afrikaner president, David Steward, warned in a statement on 23 March 2015 that ‘this will cause the death of the Afrikaans character at Potchefstroom’.

By 2006, the university had 8 faculties: (Afrikaans titles:  Letteren en Wysbegeerte (founded in 1921); Natuurwetenskappe (1922); Theology (1930: headed by the in Dokkum, the Netherlands born Rev Durk Postma); Pedagogiek (1935); Economiese en Bestuurswetenskappe (1942); Regte (1966); Techniese wetenskappe (1983); and Gesondheidswetenskappe (1999).
Each jaar at the start of the academic year at Potchefstroom, a uniquely ‘Afrikaner’ festival is held. The ‘Aardklop Festival’ is similar to the ‘Oeral’ festival on the Dutch island of Terschelling north of Amsterdam.

Pictures: The Student Memorial at Potchefstroom University of Boer students who died in the British Invaders’ Second war against the Boer Republics’ – their Second Freedom War — at the Theological University Potchefstroom:   They were commandants Karel David Coetsee, Calman Efraim Lion Cachet, Jacob Philippus Maré, Johannes Abraham Venter and Jan Christoffel Kruger.

2014 black-racist murders of whites: Jan, Feb & March

January, February and March 2014: black-racist murders of white South Africans in hate-crimes:

January 2014: killed:  Neels Strydom 32; Riaan Labuschagne 29; Joan Pieters 59; Johan van der Schyff 28; Ronnie Uys 29; SAPS detective Basil Crouse 47; Joe Herholdt; Boetie Cornelissen 27;  Douglas Pierce 39; Barend Oosthuizen 69; Geoff Stuart 71; Hapie Schoeman; Hannetjie Ellis 73; Henk de Villiers; Gerhard Fourie 68; Christiaan Theunissen 17; Leon Clur;

February 2014: killed: Tom Benecke 65; Charlotte Kruger 66; Ina Marincowitz 59; Prof Adriaan Smit; Francois Meyer; Dirkie vd Walt 30; Basil Botha; Sterkloop Lydenburg Afrikaner woman suffocated; Mike de Beer 89; Hennie Wagner 47; Shirleen Victor Booysen; Hendrik Frederick Nortman; Lien Nortman 72; Sarel Pretorius; Clinton de Menezes 43; Alice Farinha 67; Neville Ross, 75;  Ben van der Westhuizen 24; Mike Smith ex-parabat; Elizabeth Els 20; Rob Meek

March 2014: Killed: Deon van Heerden 23; Daniel Menezes 68; Ounooi Badenhorst 76; J.R. Buhrman 77; Leander Dercksen 22; Rudi Lettau 17; Hazel Huggins 85; Charles Wait 40; Genée Katzan 75 and Mr Katzan 79; Johan vd Nest 50; Lettie Rupping 87; Giel Lourens 80; Des Venter; Danie Schreuder 56; Gerhard Venter; Annemarie van Zyl;  Derek Woods 53; and three-member Schutte farm family slaughtered




Mystery death Afrikaner Neels Strydom 32 found dead Feb 24 2014 – was reported missing 22 feb 2014 Elsburg OB 1897/02/2014. Neels resided in Gannet Street Elsburg & was on foot when he left on the 22 February at 3.30 Pm. A withdrawal was made from his bank account. "It is with deep regret that we extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Neels who was found deceased. Missing people of South Africa Pink Ladies –
Assistant mine-manager Riaan Labuschagne 29, shot dead by black men inside office of Golden Falls Mining company, Holpan, Windsorton, Kimberley: nothing robbed, journalist Lecrecia Prins writes on 27 February 2014 (pagegrab)
Mrs Joan Pieters, 59, found murdered: cut throat: Virginia, Free State
Johan van der Schyff, 28 Feb 2014 dad of two primary pupils, shot dead Monday morning at their Garsfontein town house, reports Garsfontein SAPS 012-3485900
White man shot dead in attack by 7 blacks in Qora, Transkei: Feb 23 2014: (details still awaited)
An unidentified man was found dead with tied-up feet in Stilfontein home North West 24 Feb 2014 SAPS sergeant Kealeboga Molale confirmed that the man,
estimated around 45 years old. His body was found Sunday. "His family got worried when they didn’t see him again, they went to his home where they found him on the floor in the living room.His feet were tied up and his face was hidden beneath a mat. No-one was arrested.
Mystery death: Ronnie Uys, 29, 4 Feb "Pink Ladies Missing Persons" South Africa reports he was reported missing on 29 January 2014 driving from Doornrandjies "It is the policy and protocol of this org to wait until SAPS give go ahead or it appears in the media. Let the family first say goodbye."
Mystery death: (14?) Top detective SAPS w/o Basil Crouse, 47, found dead
Missing Southport woman found murdered, tied up in car boot KZN
Joe Herholdt at Greytown: (reported by Juanita Herselman Gilson: Feb 18 2014 Greytown KZN – "One of our well-known citizens was stabbed to death on his erf. Four youths walked onto Mr Joe Herholdt’s erf and stabbed him to death outside – and then dragged him inside his home. Please consider his family during this stressful time and believe that the Lord will watch over them’. Boere Krisis Aksie
Murder 11: Boetie Cornelissen 27, shot dead Friday Feb14 2014, reports #SabieValleyNeighbourhoodSecurity Karin Cornellissen reports the couple were watching TV around 21h00 when they heard a noise from their neighbouring house. Mr Cornelissen went out the front door and was shot in the chest when he confronted the robber. SAPS confirmed investigation. –
White motorbiker, security-guard Douglas Pierce, 39, killed by shots in his back during during road-rage’ incident North Riding Randburg: murder-suspect motorist, reportedly an attorney, arrested by Roodepoort SAPS to appear in court Monday Fb 17 2014.
Empoverished Afrikaner car-guard Barend Oosthuizen, 69, Feb 14 2014: dies in hospital after he was gunned down with his car-guard daughter in the Absa-bank car-park: Brakpan, East Rand:
White English-speaking South African Geoff Stuart 71, Munroe Drive, Munster, north of Port Edward KZN south coast: Feb 13 2014
Dead from deliberate ANC-government neglect: Brandfort Afrikaner pensioner Hapie Schoeman: dies: ‘municipal ambulance refused to transport a white man to hospital"after breaking hip, forced to wait 8 hours, finally taken there with a hearse:
‘culpible homicide’: Well-known Rustenburg car-guard Hannetjie Ellis, Feb 1 2014: nicknamed "Aunt Speedy the Carguard’ dies from hit-and-run accident: red Audi ‘full of people’ chases away:
Henk de Villiers Feb 8 2014: shot dead by five-member black male gang who shot their Mnandi rental home at Centurion full of bullet holes.
Wife Rina de Villiers, 55, was badly beaten up and was not killed because she pretended to be dead.
Afrikaner businessman Gerhard Fourie 68, shot dead Hartswater North Cape smallholding: nothing robbed from the owner of SA Ground-Nut Marketing, Hopetown: SAPS seeking two black males: Hartswater is an agricultural hamlet with 10,200 residents.
Culpible homicide: Hit-and-run death: 17-year-old Grade-12 pupil Christiaan Theunissen was run down and killed on the ‘safe’ zebra-crossing in front of his High School Elsburg Feb 5 2014 — just after his dad had dropped him off: a female motorist ran him down.
His bereaved parents have donated his organs ‘so that he can perhaps help someone’. The Afrikaans news report in Beeld does not say whether the woman will be charged with culpible homicide.
Afrikaner dad Leon Clur Feb 3 2014 in Hectorspruit: " Leon Clur shot in the head, Feb 3 2014: Hectorspruit in front of his wife Marli Clur and their children. He died at the Mediclinic Nelsrpuit. Very little was ‘robbed’. – also:
Neels Strydom 32; Riaan Labuschagne 29; Joan Pieters 59; Johan van der Schyff 28; Ronnie Uys 29; SAPS detective Basil Crouse 47; Joe Herholdt; Boetie Cornelissen 27;
Douglas Pierce 39; Barend Oosthuizen 69; Geoff Stuart 71; Hapie Schoeman; Hannetjie Ellis 73; Henk de Villiers; Gerhard Fourie 68; Christiaan Theunissen 17; Leon Clur;


Killed in February 2014: Tom Benecke 65; Charlotte Kruger 66; Ina Marincowitz 59; Prof Adriaan Smit; Francois Meyer; Dirkie vd Walt 30; Basil Botha; Sterkloop Lydenburg Afrikaner woman suffocated; Mike de Beer 89; Hennie Wagner 47; Shirleen Victor Booysen; Hendrik Frederick Nortman; Lien Nortman 72; Sarel Pretorius; Clinton de Menezes 43; Alice Farinha 67; Neville Ross, 75;  Ben van der Westhuizen 24; Mike Smith ex-parabat; Elizabeth Els 20; Rob Meek

Afrikaner man Tom Benecke 65 missing since Jan242014: found murdered and dumped in a cave near Randfontein mine. Two black men arrested.
Lydenburg Afrikaner resident Mrs Charlotte Kruger 66, dies of suffocation during violent raid targeting her and husband Japie 70, Lydenburg security complex by 2 black males (PAGEGRABS ATTACKED)
Mrs Ina Marincowitz 59, raped & murdered by her Black gardener and his comrade in Stormsrivier. They dumped her body next to the road. (Sunette Bridges, AWAITING MORE DETAILS)
Mystery-death: Prof Adriaan Smit, Plot 3, Nylstroom CPF sector 3: found naked, wallet missing, car-keys missing, BUT SAPS says it’s a natural death
Francois Meyer: shot in the face
Dirkie van der Walt 30; Black Rock Hotazel North Cape, stabbed to death with broken bottles by a black mob in Black Rock, Hotazel, North Cape — (report by Annina Lamprecht Nel (saps explosives section) – and Gawie Maritz: who writes: " Sunette ek ken die man. Dit was Dirkie van der Walt. Hulle het drank gaan aflaai by die bottelstoor so twintig meter van die huis. Toe hy uitgaan om die drank te ontvang het hulle hom met bottels aangeval en gesteek." Black Rock security: tel 0537125209
Basil Botha, shot dead by 2 blacks in his home at Welverdiend. Nothing ‘robbed’.
An elderly Afrikaner couple attacked by 3 black men in Sterkloop near Lydenburg this morning. Both assaulted. The lady suffocated to death. (Lydenburg newspaper confirmed, awaiting names).
Afrikaner Mike de Beer, 89, fatally shot in his face by three black gunmen
Hennie Wagner, 47, shot dead in Dan Pienaarville, Krugersdorp Jan 19 2014;
Mrs Shirleen Victor Booysen dies Jan202014: was frail after Nov202011 Grabouw farm attack
Hendrik Frederik Nortman, 74, dies of torture ordeal Vanderbijlpark suburban home & wife Lien, 72, who was gang-raped, died Sunday-morning January 19 2014 in the hospital ICU. She sustained a broken back and broken ribs in the horrific assault by the seven black males who murdered her husband.
Top Merino sheep farmer Afrikaner Sarel Pretorius murdered, wife badly injured, 2 black attackers being sought, farm Platfontein, Barkly East
Unidentified long-time Houghton resident, shot dead in hit by two Zulu-speaking men: nothing robbed: (name withheld pending notification of kin overseas)
leading London artist Clinton de Menezes 43, unarmed, shot dead in his fierce fight to stop black male gunmen from attacking his family and friends: KZN:
Alice Farinha murdered (xenophobic crime by homeless white Afrikaner man taken in by good samaritan: Chrissiesmeer hamlet: Ermelo Court January 14 2014
Neville Ross, 75, music teacher, English-speaking, found murdered, wrapped in blankets: 15 Cecil night Street, Krugersdorp
Ben van der Westhuizen 24, killed near Vryheid while the mechanic was test-riding a repaired motorbike: nothing robbed
Mike Smith, ex-parabat, Durban life guard, shot dead at his The Bluff home Durban
Elizabeth Els 20, Port Elizabeth: killed Jan 2 2014:
Rob Meek murder: Jan 1 2014 midnight; top architect, ex-parabat, English-speaking white South African murdered in front of family
Piet Riekert, farmer, Dinokeng nature reserve midnight

details on


March 2014: Killed: Deon van Heerden 23; Daniel Menezes 68; Ounooi Badenhorst 76; J.R. Buhrman 77; Leander Dercksen 22; Rudi Lettau 17; Hazel Huggins 85; Charles Wait 40; Genée Katzan 75 and Mr Katzan 79; Johan vd Nest 50; Lettie Rupping 87; Giel Lourens 80; Des Venter; Danie Schreuder 56; Gerhard Venter;  Annemarie van Zyl; Derek Woods 53; and three-member Schutte farm family slaughtered

Deon van Heerden 23 March 2014.Finsbury smallholding, shot through heart and stabbed, fingers also broken on torture mrder. Plot between Carltonville and Randfontein Reports DR Prinsloo:
Daniel Menezes, 68, dies in Kroonstad hospital after face was crushed in hijacking six weeks earlier:
Ounooi Badenhorst, 76, chairwoman of Smithfield community forum: murdered with headshot at Smithfield FS home night of Mar31-April 1 2014
J R Buhrman, 77, found murdered in De Emigratie farm homestead, Ermelo. Nothing seems to be robbed.
Leander Dercksen 22 murdered in Brits farm attack, dumped along roadside
Culpible-homicide death: March 28 2014: Afrikaans high school pupil Rudi Lettau 17, deliberately run down and killed by metro-cop in
Mrs Hazel Huggins, 85, was found tied up on the floor and murdered. SAPS w/o Alwin Labans said her body was found Friday-morning March 28 2014 in the retirement village of Kruger Gardens in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth by a nurse who investigated at 07h30 after Mrs Huggins failed to show up for an appointment.
Biker Charles Wait, 40, Uitenhage: culpible homicide: flung off scooter and killed: taxi driver said his ‘brakes failed’
Genee Katzan and husband 75 and 79, Parktown North: 16 March 2014 (Sunette Bridges report): shot in their beds during attack.
Mrs Katzan was shot dead at scene, unnamed husband died at hospital:
Johan van der Nest, 50 of Birchleigh – found bludgeoned, died in Tembisa Hospital, where family finds him in morgue ten days after reporting him missing:
Lettie Rupping 87, livestock farmer, found murdered along road between Mbekweni and Oxton, Whittlesea, East Cape, confirmed by SAPS spokesman colonel Sibongile Soci.
Afrikaner pensioner Giel Lourens 80, stabbed to death at his backdoor, Lewisham, Krugersdorp: Reported by Krugersdorp News journalist Amoryn Golden
Des Venter shot dead in cold blood at Cullinan farm: 14Mar2014 – @SAPoliceService ‘Too Tired To Patrol’: Afriforum spokesman Ian Cameron writes: "Only five cops at Cullinan station even have drivers licences. Yet they claim to have capacity? @afriforum : "The SAPS is indirectly engaged in leaving a blood-trail in the country themselves", said Cameron of Afriforum. "Every week we receive complaints about the poor service from the Cullinan- and Bronkhnorstspruit police stations’. It was also communicated to the community that ‘The Police Are Too Tired to Patrol’. There’s a manpower shortage but due to the police’s ‘exhaustion’ another murder could have been prevented but wasn’t, or at least suspects could have been arrested.’
Danie Schreuder 56 " farm foreman beaten to death like an animal" died at Upington hospital: brutally bludgeoned with the butt of an air rifle, his partner and five-year-old son survived (*Sunette Bridges claim that ‘the attackers apparently hammered a steel pen into his skull’ appears to be inaccurate according to the currently available information. A page grab of the SAPS report to the news media is attached.
Gerhard Venter, a businessman in Pietersburg was assaulted on Friday morning March 7 2014 by a black worker who bashed him over the head with a steel bar, reported Rory Smythe. The Pietersburg private hospital said they could ‘do nothing for him’. He was transferred to Wilgers hospital in Pretoria in a critical condition. The prognosis for his survival is poor. Report by Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)
Annemarie van Zyl, crime-statistician stabbed to death by ‘disgruntled black ex-colleague who had been fired by her boss, Kempton Park: works at crime-statistics research company. She was stabbed dead in front of her 2 little daughters as she was opening up the Sparta, Kempton park office she was working at on March 7 2014.
Derek Woods, 53, dies two days after he was shot three times by black male attackers outside DeLaSalle Holy Cross College junior school while outside fetching his children, Victory Park on Feb 28 2014: (was followed from FNB-bank, Randburg).
Three-member German Schutte family slaughtered, mutilated by frenzied black male attackers in Richmond, South Africa: — Father Eckard Schutte who would have celebrated his 76th birthday on the day he died with his throat cut; the mother Elizabeth was repeatedly stabbed in a frenzied attack and then she was torched; and the son Lutz Schutte – who was visiting from Germany – was bludgeoned to death.