Find murderers of farmer Albert van Deventer, please

My father, Albert van Deventer (63), was shot dead on his farm, Langwater, close to Vaalwater on the evening of 13 March of last year (2010). My mother, Hannetjie van Deventer (64), was beaten and tied up.

Mercifully she eventually untied herself and went looking for help at the neighbors’ farm. A lot of my father and mother’s possessions were stolen during the attack of which my father’s single cab bakkie, and safe etc was part of. The bakkie with most of the stolen goods on the back was in an accident close to Nylstroom on that same morning, caused by the attackers. 

Two suspects were arrested shortly after the attack, of whomh one was given bail and the other suspect was locked up in Nylstroom/Modimolle prison. In a very ridiculous and careless way the suspect in prison escaped a few months later and has still not been found. The police have mentioned to me that they are looking for at least two other suspects other than the one that escaped, but it is almost a year after the attack and nothing has happened yet. For the most part we would like to see these attackers caught, as we do not want the same thing to happen to another family in the future, and I am sure that our family will find closure in a horrible chapter of our lives if they are caught.

I am in possession of photographs of the suspect that escaped, as well as one of the other suspects that the police are looking for. Please scroll down for the photographs. I hereby ask if you will distribute this letter and the photographs to your membership base, and hopefully in doing so we will get some helpful information in bringing these criminals to book. I would also please ask that in the communication to your whole membership base that you mention that the public especially farmers doing construction on their properties, especially thatching, be very careful of these people doing the work. The attackers of my father was doing thatching on his and my mom’s new house, and I have talked to a few farmers in the Vaalwater area that mentioned that these same people did work for them as well. I have heard rumors that one of the suspects is in the Pretoria area. I really hope that you will be able to help us, and that I do hear from you soon.

Kind regards Elmari Silvestri Tel: 0822532381

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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