Boeremag set up by Crime Intelligence


August 18 2013: It was briefly reported in The Times that the Pretoria High Court judge Eben Jordaan dismissed an application by the Boeremag treason trialists for ‘a special entry on the court record of an irregularity during their trial.’ The trial has already lasted since 19 May 2003. Thus far only 54 court-days were actually spent hearing testimony.

  • Jordaan on Friday dismissed the application by the 20 Afrikaner men who last year were convicted of treason – and whose sentencing process is now under review. Jordaan reportedly said ‘he would only give reason for his ruling at a later stage.”  

” Irregularity ” :


The ‘irregularity’ refers to testimony by retired SAPS crime-intelligence captain Deon Loots that  SA State had lured the group of Afrikaner males into a trap; that it was the SAPS which had created the ‘treason plot’ out of whole cloth, including writing their documents. Loots, who was the lower-ranking crime-intelligence officer in the case, testified that he was ordered to ‘handle’ the chief agent-provocateur in the Boeremag case. 21 of the 22 Afrikaners have now been found guilty of treason based on the evidence then before the court in a trial which has already lasted more than ten years — the first trial-date was 19 May 2003. The total number of court-days thus far: 54. The rest of the court-time was wasted in postponement-appearances.

   The agent provocateur J.C. Smit gave the  Boeremag men the most damning documents which eventually convicted them: but which were written by the police themselves:

Captain Loots didn’t come forward during their trial: however he threw the sentencing stage into disarray when evidence was being submitted in mitigation of sentencing.

Loots testified that the 22 Afrikaner men were lured into the organization by an agent-provocateur from the SAPS crime-intelligence division; that the ‘Boeremag-22′  were even given materials and instructions for making bombs from the SAPS stores; and that Loots’ commanding officer, the top intelligence officer of the SAPS, actually wrote their most ‘damning’ documents which had convicted them, himself.

The Boeremag Treason Trial was never fair.”  said Deon Loots: who was the former police-handler of  J.C. Smith, the agent-provocateur who infiltrated the Boeremag and incited them with materials and documents provided by the South African Police Service.

  • On May 7 2013, his jilted wife ‘shot down his testimony in court’- but provided no documented proof: SAPS Colonel Miranda Loots depicted her former police captain husband “as a jealous man”. Although she is not medically-qualified, the judge allowed her to dismiss expert-medical documentation provided to the court, and which backed up Loots’ claim that he had quit the police “because of post-traumatic stress”. One could also say that Colonel Loots is desperate to keep her job: under the SA law, white police officers are increasingly dismissed due to the requirements of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act. Her YouTube testimony:


SA Police crime-intelligence cops who lured Afrikaners into the fake ‘Boeremag’ Treason Trial – were offered lower sentences in exchange for ‘their faked-up testimony’:

Oct 7 2012 – PRETORIA, South Africa: South African journalist Jacques Pauw writes in the Afrikaans weekly Rapport that after an expensive nine-year-trial in which 20 members of the socalled ‘Boeremag’ rightwing group were found guilty and one man died due to the filthy conditions in prison, there now is overwhelming evidence that the Boeremag treason-trialists were lured into a trap set up by white cops in the Crime-Intelligence unit who wanted to keep their jobs.

ANC CRIME INTELLIGENCE COPS TRAPPED AFRIKANERS INTO BOEREMAG plots Pauw writes (above)  that ‘police-spies planted evidence, lured Boeremag-members and incited them to carry out crimes.’ The main police-agent infiltrated into the Boeremag, JC Smith, even was given bomb-making training for the specific purpose of teaching this knowledge to the Boeremag members. Pauw has obtained the evidence from signed, sworn statements from people directly involved in the operation.

Further details: Confidential discussions between the accused men and their legal representatives were tapped, recorded and monitored by crime-intelligence from a special room called the ‘war-room’.

Boeremag treason trial could be declared invalid:

Constitutional expert Prof Pierre de Vos said in reaction to the new evidence obtained by the newspaper’s researchers that ‘if these claims are true the Boeremag case could be declared invalid. The accused could even be released’.  The nine-year trial cost some R100million, the records consist of 50,000 pages and several rooms were needed to store  all the police-evidence. The state called 159 witnesses.

The investigation which was launched by the Media-24 team also obtained an independent copy of a sworn statement by a former intelligence-unit officer in which ‘specific claims are made’, writes Paul in his article.

These specific claims include ‘police deviance’ such as an agent-provocateur giving the Boeremag members bomb-making material. A leading Pretoria advocate confirmed to Pauw that he was representing  “senior and trustworthy” SAPS-members who describe in signed, sworn statements on how the crime-intelligence unit incited, misled and encouraged the Boeremag members to carry out specific crimes.

White Afrikaans-speaking crime-intelligence officers had to orchestrate a ‘Boeremag Conspiracy’ to keep their jobs:

Media 24 ‘s team has a signed sworn statement signed in August 2012 by Captain Deon Loots, a former crime-intelligence officer and handler of a police agent inside the Boeremag  – in which present and former colleagues in the unit were pointed out and identified as the men who had directed a campaign against the Boeremag. Bugs were planted in the cells of the accused men – (who throughout their long trial were kept in isolation-cells to protect them from other ‘prisoners’). Bugs and mini-video recorders were also placed in the consulting rooms whenever they spoke to their legal representatives throughout the ‘’ Boeremag campaign’ .

Loots said all those crime-intelligence police officers — all white (Afrikaans-speakers) — wanted to ‘assure their future with the new management inside the SAPS. They used their ‘investigation against the Boeremag to accomplish their goal’.  Loots said in his statement that he has been investigating the rightwing among the Afrikaners since 1994 for the crime-intelligence unit.

He recruited a police-snout JC Smith for this purpose and was this man’s handler throughout his infiltration of the Boeremag and throughout his testifying at the trial. The (Afrikaner) judge had ruled that JC Smith’s testimony had been ‘credible:”

  • Damning Document 12 was written on Crime-Intelligence police-computer:
    BOEREMAG ANDRE DU TOIT CONVICTED OF TREASON JULY 272012 THE CITIZEN ARTICLE WITH PICSLoots said in his sworn statement that the infamous ‘Document 12’ which Judge Eben Jordaan described as ” the Boeremag’s masterplan for a violent government takeover by the rightwing’ — was in fact typed on his own computer. Loots said ‘it was edited and changed by another police officer before it was handed over to the Boeremag”: The judge (Jordaan) however found that “Boeremag-leader Mike du Toit had been ‘in possession of Document 12’ and had discussed it with-  and distributed amongst other ‘conspirators’. 

Boeremag was driven, orchestrated and controlled by SAPS

“The Boeremag was driven, orchestrated and controlled entirely by SAPS-members.  Rightwingers were encouraged to ‘create the correct climate’,  Loots said. 

Pretoria lawyer Paul Kruger — who represented 13 of the Boeremag members — confirmed to Paauw that his defence-team ‘constantly suspected that we were being listened to during our consultations’. And a listening-device was found in December 2003 in the cell of accused Boeremag member Lets Pretorius in the Pretoria Central prison’s maximum-security section, where he was kept in an isolation cell. Kruger obtained a signed, sworn statement from a prison-official who confirmed this.

  • Two experts on the subject of listening devices also confirmed that it was a “highly sophisticated, sensitive instrument in good working order’.

BOEREMAG FREE THE BOER PRISONERS PRETORIA HIGH COURT JULY 23 2012 AWAITING JUDGMENT                Above: family members and friends awaiting judgment  of the Boeremag Treason trial July 23 2012, Pretoria High Court: family members also suffered a campaign of disinformation and police-harassment throughout the trial, many have said.

Loots: ‘Tried for years to warn superior officers of manufacturing of evidence in Boeremag-trial’

When Loots was asked why he decided to only make his statement only now, he said he ‘tried for years to bring his concerns to the attention of his superiors but his statements were constantly dismissed’. Deon Loots also confirmed that an agent who was infiltrated in the Boeremag was trained in the use of explosives for the purpose of handing over his knowledge to the treason-trialists. Concerning Document 12, Loots said: “that document was adjusted and changed on my laptop computer and edited by another police officer.’ “That document was not generated amongst rightwingers but was dished out to them,’ he said. Bugs and mini-video-recorders were placed in the cells of the accused, the court-cells and the consultation rooms to monitor the Boeremag treason-trialists, he confirmed.A senior SAPS-officer in fact travelled to the USA to purchase the latest technology in this field.

“I personally watched the monitors while the accused discussed their case and the state’s evidence with their legal counsels’,  he said. Everything recorded was stored on a computer and sent to the socalled ‘war-room’ in the crime-intelligence headquarters in Erasmus Kloof, Pretoria.

  • Loots said due to the constant monitoring, this allowed the State to ‘always be one step ahead of the defence and thus counter their strategies in court’.

The Boeremag Trial Never was Fair ‘: said the handler of the main police-infiltrator:
To conclude, Loots said: ‘This case was never fair and the position of trust between the accused and the legal representative was injured/damaged.’ None of the state-witnesses, especially the infiltrating-agents and the police officers, drew up their own sworn statements: these were changed by a senior intelligence officer to ‘make sure that the contents confirmed the events’.
“And then they had to sign this document like ‘parrots’,” he said.

Loots left the SAPS at the end of 2001 – but continued as the handler for JC Smith. Due to his marriage with a higher-ranking SAPS-member – Colonel Miranda Loots — he was still able to find out until 2010 ‘what went on in the inner-circle’, he testified.

Police witnesses in Boeremag Treason-trial fraud scandal were offered immunity in exchange for ‘testimony’:


Above: The Boeremag trialists were subjected to horrific conditions while awaiting their trial in police-cells. Yet despite many appeals to Amnesty International, this international ‘human rights’ organisation has never said a word about this treatment of people who were at the time of their imprisonment, still on trial and thus considered to be ‘innocent until proven guilty”.

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