Hatecrimes against whites in South Africa by blacks

Hatecrimes against Afrikaners in South Africa:
January 2015 as recorded on the archive

Whites – Afrikaans- and English-speaking White South Africans – are being murdered and mutilated in horrifically violent attacks by large black gangs in urban areas (towns, suburbs and townhouse complexes) and on farms and smallholdings.


3 killed in same family:
father Martin van Breda, 54, mother Theresa 54, son Rudi 22 murdered: children Marli 16 critical and Henri 20 injured:


weapon used: an axe. Crime scene: A Stellenbosch high-security estate Date: 30 January 2015; Unusual Details: politicised cops try to pin triple-massacre on family member – very similar to the Shrien Dewani case) http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3126

  • (Shrien Dewani case: thrown out of South African court by judge: British businessman Shrien Dewani was cleared of murdering his wife during their South Africa honeymoon, after the judge threw out the case.Judge Jeanette Traverso said the evidence presented by the prosecution fell "far below the threshold" of what a reasonable court could convict on.She said the evidence of the prosecution’s main witness was "riddled with contradictions".http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-30375335

Mike O’Reilly shot 4 times in his back by black attackers on his Schoemansville Hartbeespoort driveway. Several days later he died in hospital



Hendrik Havenga (53) His decomposing body was found in a ditch in the black township of Gcilima, near Southbroom (KZN) on Tuesday. 29 January 2015:

Mr Havenga died from a gunshot wound to the head.Mr Havenga was reported missing on 22 January after he had gone to a farm near Ramsgate, reportedly having made an appointment to arrange for the building of a wall with an unknown person. The police and Wolf Security launched a search around the entire area. There’s no reports of valuable items missing.


Charles Henderson murder: Police Krugersdorp/Muldersdrift police arrested four of six black male torturer-murderers for the murder of Afrikaner smalholder Charles Henderson, 61:
The black male gang reportedly had tied the couple together and then tried to cut off the head of Charles Henderson of Muldersdrift with a garden spade: he died of ‘severe cutting injuries to his upper body’. Pictures were published of the blood-smeared floor and a woman’s hat at the Henderson couple’s Muldersdrift smallholding.The attack reportedly was ‘frantic, motiveless" when Henderson was murdered with a garden-spade. Beeld daily newspaper reported that he and wife were tied together and then they started hacking at his neck and upper-body with a garden spade. His widow required plastic surgery because she was viciously kicked in her face and smashed with a brick. Just before he died – still tied to his traumatised, bleeding wife, he sighed to her: "Ek kan nie meer nie’… (I can’t take it any more).


Susan Kotze, 79 ELLISRAS (Lephalale ) farm woman on 12 January 2015. One black male arrested for murdering Mrs Susan Kotze.
Apparently she was ‘extensively tortured’ before she was strangled to death with a coat hanger.  Just a small amount of cash was ‘robbed; and 22-year-old man had fled in her old bakkie which was found abandoned. The police are not looking for any other suspects in this particular case.

http://www.saps.gov.za/newsroom/msspeechdetail.php?nid=3713 Media enquiries: Colonel Ronel Otto- 082 451 7176

 4 Jan 2015 Rustenburg Six black male gunmen shot dead Willem Skippie de Klerk (30) on 4 Jan 2015 while the unarmed Afrikaner was trying to protect his family


http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3030 and http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3069

André du Preez,  3 Jan 2015 shot dead through open window by outside black male gunman: Hartbeespoort NW no robbery



Leon Snyman,  Hartbeespoort, (married to a black woman, Elize who also seriously injured but survived: Hartbeespoort attack wave by black male gunmen



Malcolm "Stick" Green, 68, shot dead by four black males, died in son’s arms from a single gunshot. Ladysmith farm 4 Jan 2015,


(Seven years earlier cousin David Green also died in farm attack KZN)

Martie Bester, 68, torched to death inside her house, farm Erfbloem, Theunissen/Welkom 11 Jan 2015, bible thrown on her body, signs of torture to the body


Mr Toon & Mrs Rinie Swanepoel. Cruel mental torture before death reported by South Africa Today: "Black comrades executed the Afrikaner couple who were tied up with their faces close to one another,
and shot them like dogs, first the wife, then the husband, while others sat and watched and ate the woman’s home-baked biscuits she was well-known for in the area.


Clive Bowers, 13 January 2015, Bundo Lodge Holiday Estate, White River, Lowveld by black males at 23h30: first sprayed with pepper spray, then he was shot dead.
Apparently this gang is being sought for the large number of plasma-tv ‘robberies": they use the chemicals to make ‘recreational street drugs’ from.


Johan Fourie 67, 1 Jan 2015 Farm Taaibosch Kroonstad reported by Kroonnuus, Elsje Waldeck

Unidentified farmer 69, shot dead execution style 5 Jan 2015 Estcourt KZN

Afrikaners Who Survived Attacks by armed blacks in hatecrimes in January 2015:


Farmer Prieur du Plessis attacked on his farm: January 31 2015: he was illegally arrested by a huge gaggle of 20 heavily-armed cops for an aerial self-defence warning shot against 2 blacks who threatened to kill his family, Ficksburg farm:


Johannes and Janet van der Merwe critically injured on Brits smallholding Jan 29 2015


Survived: Afrikaner cop Sgt Jan van Staden stabbed 2mm from heart with stake by black berserker John Maropane

Jan 27, 2015

Survives shot in face: nothing robbed, Manfred Kruger 64 bird collector Bonaero Park, Kempton Park 31 Jan 2015

Since June 2012, we have reported that some 134 new internal refugee camps were formed by white, mostly Afrikaner homeless families: their homelessness is being caused by well-organized, violence-driven ethnic cleansing of once-thriving Afrikaner towns together with the results of the ANC regime’s anti-white job laws, the Black Economic Empowerment acts and its many amendments barring whites from the job  market.

  • latest Afrikaner agricultural towns under siege in January 2015— Belfast, Dullstroom, Maschadodorp, Waterval-Boven in Highveld being destroyed, turned into ‘ghost towns’ without rule with Malema-style anarcy and sabotage by POLITICISED police force: http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3141

Hatecrimes, hatespeech:Sexist, inhumane comments towareds critically injured family-massacre victim Afrikaner girl Marli van Breda 16:radio show Sol Penduka and Brendon Lombard suspended, but not fired

Page 1 of January crimes 2015 http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports.

The archive was started on 1 June 2012. Up to 1 February 2015 it has logged 3,005 hatecrime incidents. The largest number of hatecrimes were carried out against one of the country’s smallest and most visible minority: the Afrikaners, by the country’s largest majority group, namely black Africans of whom 99.4 percent were males between the ages of 16 to 55. These crimes are marked by extreme ferocity and cruelty towards the victims, indicating a high level of hatred — although in 98 percent of all these incidents, the black attackers had not been personally known to their white victims.


(We urge family members to contact us if we have omitted any cases from this January 2015 archive, or if we have committed errors. Contact us at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl archivist).

We have logged MANY more non-lethal attacks and other hatecrime incidents on the archive in the months of January 2015 than are recorded above. For all the details please visit http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports

Black-racist protestors gang-rape white woman in revenge at SA platinum mine

Black-racist job-rights protestors in Rustenburg dragged a white Afrikaans woman from her car at their roadblock, took her to site near the Nr 2 shaft of a Rustenburg platinum mine, and gang-raped her. The condition of the gang-raped woman remains unknown: police did not report the ‘incident’.  Also that day, 3,000 Xhosa-speaking mineworkers chased out 100 African foreign shopkeepers… but SA cops, ANC-regime deny it’s ‘xenophobia’…

“One of the (black) ladies who were collecting money from cars that needed to go past their blockade, said that a white woman was dragged out of her car and raped somewhere close. Something in her voice said she was glad about it…”
Headline: ‘Rape must never again be a form of protest”- 19 February 2012, 21:34

BRITS WOMAN DIES AFTER ASSAULT –     http://www.sapa.org.za/public/browse.cfm

South Africa – “I thought I was too of macho man to shed a tear, but yesterday, during my bed time prayer,I lost it. I actually growled with tears flooding down my cheeks. I still can’t get my head around it: Women and girls raped as a form of protest, so I was told.
    I started hearing this kind of stories when I arrived at one of the fiery blockades in Bapong where some of Bapo Ba Mogale Unemployed blocked a road. There, one of the ladies who were collecting money from cars that needed to go past their blockade, said that a white woman was dragged out of her car and raped somewher close to a bridge next to shaft2 of Lonmin Platinum mines. Something in her voice said she was glad about it. I tried not to let my emotions cloud my reasons for being there.
     Having deeper knowledge of the plight of this community, I explained that the protest was fruitless since what we want is with us at the moment. What the protesters want is for government to come to Bapong and listen to our plight. The NW government has been in this Bapong community for more than a month now, but it seemed like it was the first time they heard of it when I told them.
    The protests of Bapo Ba Mogale Unemployment Forum were sparked by Lonmin’s disregard of its agreement with local community regarding employment and procurement. Almost 98% of Lonmin employees are not local residents. In the recent past, Lonmin was not fazed to bring a bus full of prospective employees from Eastern Cape while locals were denied opportunities. Contract in the mine are also given to people outside of this community.
    There are talks going around that Lonmin deliberately denies locals opportunities because of its own generalised misconceptions. For an example it is said that Bapo community cannot last three months in employment. Lonmin seems to ignore the fact that it was its duty to train local on jobs that are appropriate.
     For an example, with dedication, all management jobs could have been occupied by locals. Local people are more educated to work at the same level as a miner, for an example.
    I state the above to show that protest were genuine in this regard, only if there was no response from government. The uneployment forum had two protest in the past, which they called round one and round two respectively. The current protest, called round three was proposed in 2011 when Lonmin failed to employ the number that they promised to employ.
     Another aspect of the strike is lack of effective communication from Lonmin. First they told representatives of Bapo that the gave Bapo 500Million, during December they said the’y employ about 2500 people before Christmas and there are many who say the saw reports on Beeld newspaper to confirm all the above. But by January the nothing was accomplished.
By the time NW gvnt’s chief Director started chairing meetings with various organisations (legal,illegal, known or unknown), including leaders of the protesters, the unemployed alredy gave Lonmin a dealine to comply with their promises. The Chief Director introduced himself, his mission which is the project of building the community.
     He said that  he will be in the community until May/June when proper leadership structures would be in place. He then asked priest to mediate and ward councillors to play oversifght in this project. Councillors became too busy to attend everyday and only three Priests were able to mediate.
    The mistake came when priest started preaching peace in the midst of a revolutionry spirit of the unemployed group and also to meet the group without the Chief Director.This caused emotions to cloud the process and outburst led to conclusion that government does not care.
     I must mention here that the Chief Director promised to support these groups and even go eith them to negotiations and (protest if need be). All they needed was to choose leaders who’ll represent them. As I said, the problem was that priests were talking peace and to the group it meant givi-up on their fight even before confrontation. They refused to give a list of leaders to priests and the rest is history as they say.
     But after I explained this story to those I met o Friday, one of them promised me that if what I said was true, they’ll stop protesting as soon as Monay, the 20th Feb 2012. He is one of the most influenttial people in the group during protests and on the most wanted list of police regarding the current protests. He, however, was not part of the leadership that met with priest at Segwaelane Hall for elections.
      I asked him to be part of leaders as of the said Monday and he agreed. Later police came and arrested some of those protesters, leaving me frustrated there as I tried to stop them from doing so. Police can be useless sometimes; arrests cannot help protesting communities. What police need is a proper training on serving the community. There is no way that communities, that include taxi owners, can allow unemployed people to hold a community ransom.
      There are genuine reasons for people to allow protests to take place and police must learn to establish those reasons and mediate! Bapo Ba Mogale community have been protesting for almost a week, but all police do is come after a lot of vandalism and arrest whoever looks suspicious. For police service to work we no longer need armed reaction, but proactive policing.
Later I established that the guy I wanted to help in the stopping of the protest was able to ellude the police.      

     When I got home I heard more reports of rape as a form of protest.

It is shocking! I want to express my deepest sympathy to rape victims of this protest. It must never happen again, that rape becomes some form of protest. My advice to Bapo Ba Mogale Unemployment Forum is to stop the current protests and continue the project started by the Chief Director of Local Government and Traditional Affairs. The project is waiting and the protest simply extends its delay.



                         BRITS WOMAN DIES AFTER ASSAULT –

3000 mineworkers gather at Implats: chase off, terrorise 100 black-African shopkeepers:
Rustenburg, Impala Platinum Mine, Lonmin: – Nearly 100 foreign business owners have been displaced after their shops were looted and vandalised during a strike at the Impala mine in Phokeng, North West police said on Sunday.
“Approximately 32 shops were looted, belonging mostly to foreign nationals in close proximity to Freemanville, close to Impala mine,” said police spokesperson Brigadier Thulani Ngubane.”The owners are now staying with friends and relatives in Ziniaville, Rustenburg,” he said. Ngubane said not all business owners who had been affected had opened cases.He said the situation at the Impala mine and Freedom Park was that all local businesses belonging to foreigners in Freedom Park were looted on Thursday and Friday, said Ngubane.

He denied that the attacks were xenophobic, and he copied the propaganda-claims by the strikers, saying that ‘ the violence had been targeted at businesses, rather than the foreigners who have a monopoly on shops in the area.”
On Saturday, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) urged strikers to return to work. Implats has already agreed to re-employ 17,200 workers who were dismissed for striking illegally.

(ed. comment: AS THE ARTICLE ABOVE VERY CLEARLY INDICATES: Most of these workers are Xhosa-speakers from the Eastern Cape.)

The NUM and Implats have yet to discuss the disparities in the bonuses given to miners, excluding the rockdrill operators, and issues of reinstatement. The union said that if Implats failed to meet its commitments when all workers returned to work, it would call a general strike at the company’s operations.The NUM appealed to its members to “disregard advice from anti-revolutionary forces in and around Rustenburg”, Seshoka said.”The NUM strongly condemns the violent behaviour demonstrated by criminal elements taking advantage of the volatile situation and appeals for calm as well as to the law enforcement agencies to make decisive intervention whenever violence raises its ugly head,” he said.