ANC’s silent approval of rape culture in South Africa

Why did chairman Desmond Tutu ‘s Truth and Reconciliation Commission stop  thousands of female exiles from testifying publicly about their rape ordeals in exile camps?

The ANC’s ‘patriarchal power’ through sexual terrorism is the underlying cause for the epidemic of sexual violence in South Africa 

By Adriana Stuijt, retired journalist. Dokkum, the Netherlands.

Expert: “Often in African Conflicts, Husbands are being Forced to Watch their Wives being Raped…’

24 September 2014. With sexual violence against women and children reaching epidemic proportions  under the ANC-regime, I want to raise — once again — the ANC’s culture of sexual-violence which was created during the terrorist movement’s ‘exile years’ before it was handed over the control of South Africa in 1994 by the FW de Klerk cabinet.

Many thousands of exiled women and men suffered horrific sexual abuse in the camps of the ANC and PAC in amongst others, Angola and Tanzania. Yet these tortured former freedom fighters have never been allowed to speak up publicly about their ordeal. 

Sexual violence continues to infect South Africa …

Tutu ‘s Truth and Reconciliation Commission refused to have these victims  testify publicly… and thus this culture of ANC leaders’ exercising their ‘patriarchal power’ through sexual violence continues to spread like a plague across all of South Africa.

The countrys official rape statistics remain the world’s highest – even though only one out of every 24 sexual abuse cases were actually reported (in Gauteng by 2004: SA parliamentary statement by MP Meshoe).


Sexual violence is clearly out of control and the SA Police Service’s attitude towards rape victims still often remains uncaring. This attitude also actively discourages victims of rape to report their plight, knowing that the many thousands of monthly perpetrators of rape will hardly ever be caught and punished.

The failure of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to lance this festering sore was  already raised ten years ago at the Peace and Justice Conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague held from March 25 to 27 2004, which workshops I attended as a journalist.

I reported on the remarkable testimony on this issue by Zambian participant Dr Chiseche Mibenge, 28, one of the many women from across the world present when the issue of the failure of the truth and reconciliation commission was discussed and evidence submitted.

One of the experts on the TRC procedures in South Africa, Andreas O’Shea, was also invited to testify, but dropped out at the last minute without any explanations.

Ms — who was completing her PhD on the subject of ‘Sexual violence during Conflicts’ at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University at that time — was very critical about this failure of the SouthAfrican Truth and Reconciliation Commission to reveal the truth. Now a Professor at Lehman University, she published a book in 2014: Sex and International Tribunals, the Erasure of Gender from the War Narrative,’ (University of Pennsylvania Press), in which she also made a comment very relevant to the situation for white South Africans today:

  • Often in African Conflicts, Husbands are being Forced to Watch their Wives being Raped…’  (below)
  • Order SexRapeAsAWeaponOfWarAgainstWomenAndMenProfChisecheMibenge

Above: order and read Prof Chiseche Mibenge’s book

Ten years earlier, as a young Utrecht University student, she had also spoken up at the two-day Peace and Justice Conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague, slamming the South African TRC’s censorship, and noting: 

  • "They did not allow ANC-women to testify at the TRC about the sexual violence although many, if not all, had suffered horrific sexual violence at the hands of the ‘freedom fighters against apartheid’ in the exile camps in Angola, Tanzania etc. These women were barred from testifying ‘for political reasons,” she said. 
    She attacked the TRC and the SA government for sweeping these horrendous traumas suffered by these camp-inmates under the carpet.

"During the TRC in South Africa, the overwhelming number of witnesses testifying had been women, yet they were censored – they failed to testify about the sexual violence they themselves had suffered in the ANC’s exile camps. We only heard their testimony about how their male relatives, male friends and male comrades had suffered at the hands of the ‘apartheid police,’"she told the Peace Palace workshop. “But nothing about the sexual violence these women had suffered in the exile camps of the ANC and the PAC.”

“The South African TRC had not served its intended function of ‘lancing and disinfecting’ the traumatic psychological wounds…. this healing process, which the TRC was designed for, still has not been allowed to take place,’ she said.

Separate hearing on sexual violence against female freedom fighters held behind closed doors:

She noted that while the South African government ‘later on’ convened a seperate hearing on the sexual violence targetting female freedom fighters in the camps of the ANC and the PAC – these women were only allowed to testify behind closed doors. "This secret testimony has never been made public,’ she said in 2004 – warning that these women’s traumas thus remain a festering, putrid sore.’

I agreed with her wholeheartedly – also speaking at this workshop, which was also addressed by Frank Kobukyeye of the Rwandan Conflct Management Group, and Mr Jacob Finer of Boston US, at that time the convener of Bosnia’s TRC. A South African expert on the TRC procedures was also invited, but begged off at the last minute.

“The putrid sore of sexual terrorism in SA ‘s patriarchal society continues to fester: Tutu’s  TRC did not serve its purpose of healing and cleansing South African society…”

As the record has shown since then, this culture of sexual and criminal violence has continued under the rule of ANC-hegemony.

I wrote ten years ago:  "This violence is threatening to plunge the country into chaos because there seems to be no way in which the South African authorities seem able to put a stop to it.  Their poor policing capabilities remain totally inadequate to cope with the ongoing wave of sexual violence targetting women and children of all races in South African society’. “

Ten years ago, the Peace and Justice Conference in The Hague heard testimony showing that the violence in the countryside had already caused a 50 percent drop in food production in South Africa by 2004.

I continued my article ten years ago: "The violence is threatening to tear South Africa apart, and the Truth Commission has not served its intended purpose of diffusing the hatred felt by black South Africans towards especially the Afrikaners,’ the workshop members were told.

"There is a vast increase in hate-speech, instigated by local ANC-level leaders, who even encourage the use of slogans such as Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer " under the Mbeki regime,” I wrote at the time.

Not publishing the women’s testimony means that the ANC “approves of sexual violence as their means of exercising patriarchal control…this is their message to SA males’ …

Ms Mibenge also agreed in a chat with me after the workshop at the Peace Palace that her research showed that the sexual violence targetting women and children in South Africa had by then reached an ‘astonishingly high’ level. She also felt ‘strongly’ that the SA government should release its secret report on the sexual violence targetting female reedom fighters in ANC and PAC camps during their fight against apartheid – pointing out that their censorship of this report indicated ‘a level of public approval’  by the ANC government of the sexual violence. 

Shocking: rape of 35,000 children and infants by 2004:


"By remaining quiet about this episode of the ANC’s turbulent history, the current government is also sending a powerful message to its males -  namely that it approves of the use of sexual violence as a tool to maintain control over the population.

Ms Mibenge: "It was truly shocking that the rapes of on average 35,000 children are now being reported in South Africa, even of very small infants."


Only one in every 24 cases of sexual assault were reported in Gauteng” MP rev Meshoe: 26 February 2013:

31 March 2010, Utrecht: PhD Defended: “Show me a Woman! Narratives of Gender and Violence in Human Rights Law and Processes of Transitional Justice,” Chisenge Mibenge. Chiseche’s research asks the legal profession to examine the gender biases in the transitional justice processes. “Some years ago I interned at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. I observed the cross examination of a female witness regarding the torture of men in her village. Not once was she asked about her own suffering during the conflict. At the close of her two day testimony, the Judge made the standard ‘thank you for your contribution to international justice’ speech. He then unexpectedly said: Madam I’ve read your pre-trial statements and I know that you were gang raped by soldiers. Did you report this crime?’ She replied that she had. He asked what had happened to these men and she replied ‘Nothing your Honour.’ 

Prof Chisenge Mibenge: “Sex is a weapon of war against women and men” . and order and read  Prof Chiseche Mibenge’s book

Sexual violence in South Africa: The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world. Sexual violence is the use of force or manipulation to get someone to engage in unwanted sexual activity without his or her consent.[1] An estimated of 500,000 rape cases take place in the country, every year. 

Media silenced about Afrikaner genocide: SEE ALL THE VIDEOS…

Breaking:  ANC youth league decides to keep genocidal hatespeech-spouting president Julius Malema as its president until JUNE 2014: “Malema won’t go”

please ‘share’ and copy this important summary and all these videoclips and photograph-albums of farm-murders targetting the Boers and Afrikaners with all your friends

Warning: Videos and picture albums below show gruesome details of the horrific slaughter carried out against South Africa’s Afrikaners.

 Below is  a clip from the guerilla warfare documentary  ‘War of the Flea’. It reveal details of the shocking genocide targetting the Afrikaners of SA:

The movie’s total length is  93 minutes. Has anybody seen this documentary about a ‘silent genocide’ on their TV-screens anywhere in the world? We haven’t either. Compare this to the worldwide mass-media hysteria during  ‘apartheid’ and draw your own conclusions…

This genocide is  being carried out under ANC-rule in the Democratic New South Africa  against the white minority – the majority of the victims are Afrikaners – as can be seen on the criminology-site

It was shown at an international conference in the European Parliament in februari 2012, presented by  vice-president of the Transvaal Agricultural Union Henk Van de Graaf:

Euro-MPs shocked at gruesome genocidal attacks against Afrikaners and Boers of South Africa:

TLU depy chairman Henk van de Graaf interviewed on European Parliament TV about his formal genocide charge against ANC regime

Feb 2 2012 – Brussels – EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT. BRUSSELS. South African farmers represented in the Transvaal Agricultural Union have lodged a formal genocide-complaint against the ANC-government for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. TAU deputy-chair Henk van de Graaf also was interviewed by European Parliament TV and various Belgian TV-stations about his lodging formal genocide complaint against ANC-regime.                                                                               

“Nine years ago, the SA government dismantled the volunteer-rural defence-force commandos and did not replace them with adequate rural policing…and the farm murders against Afrikaners are 700% higher than against any other farming-community in the rest of the world’ – Henk van de Graaf

“The farm murders are not ordinary crimes but fit into the context in which the ANC-regime wants to rid itself of especially its Afrikaner- and other white farmers purely for political reasons. This is in other words, a genocide and a crime against humanity.’

This was the shocking message by the South African Henk van de Graaf, the deputy-chairman of the Transvaal Agricultural Union. He was addressing the European parliament’s international conference, attended by more than 50 European parliamentarians and other high-level functionaries from Great-Britain, France, Italy, Flanders and Austria.

“The farm-murders are encouraged in a deliberate atmosphere of violence created by the ANC-regime against its (white) farmers. The ANC is for instance constantly telling unproven stories about farm-workers being poorly treated – even though the evidence is always sorely lacking for their claims.

January 2012 – a murderous month for Afrikaners: “Thus far in January 2012, a total of 17 Afrikaner people were murdered – of whom at least six on farms,” he said. “The Afrikaners are calling on the world to help stop the genocide, the farm murders, in South Africa. To this end the Transvaal Agricultural Union has lodged a formal genocide complaint at the International Criminal Court,” Van de Graaf concluded.

 Afrikaner farmers are unjustly – without any kind of proof – arrested and accused of crimes while ANC-leaders sing genocidal hatespeech song Kill the Boer…’  Henk vd Graaf, Transvaal Agri-Union


Caesar Zvayi – Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe’s pet-journalist –  also incited genocide against Afrikaners: he became so inspired by  the South African president singing the Kill the Boer song at the ANC centennary celebrations on Jan 2 2012 that he wrote:  the ‘ANC needs to kill the Boers: it’s the only way Power will be theirs’…

    Zuma video – singing Kill the Boer in Bloemfontein with Julius Malema singing along –  Feb2 2012 

Van de Graaf told the Euro-MPs above: “Farmers also are unjustly and without any kind of proof, arrested and accused of crimes: one statement by (suspended) ANC youth leader Julius Malema was: ‘Shoot the Boers, they are all rapists’.

Private-land ownership in SA stood at only 33% of the agricultural land in 2001 – yet ANC leaders constantly scream that ‘whites own 80% of all the land’ …

(note: viable farm-land in semi-arid SA has never been more than 6% of its total land-surface…)

“The ANC is also constantly claiming that ‘the whites own 80% of all the land – when in  fact the private-farmland ownership only was 33% ten years ago in 2001 – and has been rapidly dropping ever since. Meanwhile the extent of the farm murders indicates that this is a genocide: with the Transvaal Agricultural Union verifying 1,554 murders, this statistic is very understated,” said Mr Van de Graaf.

Thus far in January 2012, a total of 17 Afrikaner people were murdered without any apparent motives – of whom at least six, probably more on farms — and Afrikaners are only 3-million people in a population of 50-million South Africans… where the daily murder rate countrywide is 43…

“Thus far in January 2012, a total of 17 Afrikaner people were murdered – of whom at least six on farms,” he said. “The Afrikaners are calling on the world to help stop the genocide, the farm murders, in South Africa. To this end the Transvaal Agricultural Union has lodged a formal genocide complaint at the International Criminal Court,” he concluded.

‘ Euro-MPs intend to keep the Afrikaner Genocide-issue on the agenda’:

Euro-MP Philip Claeys, who hosted the conference, said ‘we will do our utmost to continue to place this problem on our agenda over the next months.

SA musician and activist, Steve Hofmeyr, speaks on genocide and farm murders in a post-apartheid South Africa. 

In 2003 South African Carte-Blanche M-Net featured two-part documentary on what was then referred to as the ‘plaasmoorde  — the Farm Murders – and award-winning investigative journalist Susan Puren – CNN’s African journalist of the Year 2002 — also interviewed Genocide Watch president Gregory Stanton: below:

Here’s what Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch – the international campaign to prevent genocide — had to say about the violence targetting Boers: 



GENOCIDE WATCH REASON FOR UPDATING SA TO STAGE SIX GENOCIDE SEPT 20 2011                                              




Picture albums: (shocking: not for young people or sensitive people)

other links:

Caesar Zvayi – Mugabe’s pet-journalist –  incites genocide against Afrikaners, writes: ‘ANC needs to kill the Boers: it’s the only way Power will be theirs’… by Caesar Zvayi – Pro-Mugabe Zimbabwe journalist attended the 100th-anniversary celebrations of ANC Bloemfontein Waaihoek, South Africa

Jan 2012: murderous month for Afrikaners

Ten Afrikaner farmers murdered, six urban Afrikaners murdered, dozens more Afrikaner families attacked by black armed-militia gangs: January 2012 was a murderous month after SA president Jacob Zuma sang Kill the Boer song for tens of thousands of leading ANC-members at Waaihoek… map, update Jan 30 2012:

BLACKRACIST ATTACKS AGAINST SA WHITES MAP FARMITRACKER COM JAN 2011 TO JAN 27 2012 The SA president Jacob Zuma sang banned hatespeech song “Kill the Boer’ in Bloemfontein at the ANC’s centenary celebrations:  link


Jan 29 2012: Afrikaner farmer Hendrik Cilliers, 77, tied up, tortured, shot dead execution style: farm Erfdeel, 15km outside Stella, NorthWest  as reported by Nico Strydom – 77-year-old Afrikaner farmer Hendrik Cillier ‘s body was found Sunday 18:30 about 500m from his homestead on his farm Erfdeel about 15km outside Stella, North West.SAPS spokesman brig. Thulani Ngubane said Mr Cilliers’ hands and feet were bound up tightly.His mouth was covered up with a t-shirt. Mr Cilliers was shot dead execution-style with a headshot. His face showed numerous bruises as if he had been tortured.Mr Ngubane said that the old Afrikaner farmer lived alone on his farm. He claimed ‘some household goods’ were stolen but did not provide further details. link and link

Sandton man Gavin Osmond suffered extensive eye-damage from an attempted hijack Wed-night in Rivonia by a young white male.  Mr Osmond was waiting inside his car for a red robot to turn green when a ‘nice-looking, well-dressed’ white guy gesticulated to him to roll down his window. The young man then told Mr Osmond that he ‘wanted his car’ and threw acid into his face. Mr Neville Dean who posted the incident wrote that Mr Osmond’s face was burned extensively and that the membranes were burned off his eyes. “He was temporarily blind for a few hours. He is undergoing daily treatments and it will be several months before his eyes recover properly. “ He published the incident with the warning: ‘do not wind down your window for anyone. Tell your friends and family to be careful;’  link

Explosive bullets used to shoot down, critically injure two Afrikaner family-men in Menlo Park:

Three Afrikaner families were attacked by the same armed gang of black males whose explosive bullets caused serious internal damage to two of the attacked men; at least nine Afrikaner farmers were murdered thus far in Jan 2012 —  and dozens of Afrikaner farm-families also put up fierce fights, surviving many attacks by black gunmen – especially in the Nelspruit region:  Afrikaners there are being targetted by two socalled ‘crime-syndicates’ who cross the border from Mozambique; also more Afrikaners also being brutally murdered or barely survived attacks by black attackers in the cities;

Black cops profile Asian-South African citizens for ‘raids on foreigners’

Meanwhile xenophobia is as rife as ever, with black SA cops also profiling long-time citizens Asian-SA families, throwing them in jail with their small children in their excessive zeal to throw illegal Asian immigrants out of the country; Since Jan 2011, there have been at least 300 xenophobic attacks, including torching of people, by black-racist South Africans who target black African refugees:

latest details about xenophobic attacks 

Parys foreign traders attacked, shops looted by large mob

Pro-Mugabe journalist calls on ruling ANC to ‘kill all the whites…’

this month a pro-Mugabe journalist of Zimbabwe also started inciting ANC-members to kill all the Boers; ANC-lawmaker ordered physical attacks on the last three remaining Afrikaans schools in Fochville; a beserker killer slaughtered a farm-woman in the usually so peaceful Northern Cape; where a Kimberley lawyer who is probing  ANC-frauds in salt-mine permits survives yet another attack on his life; and in KwaZulu-Natal, backwards residents went on a witchhunt and torched a terrified elderly black couple to death.

Famine looms in South Africagrain-silos emptied out for export:

Meanwhile, the ANC-regime has also taken the stupid decision to export the country’s maize/corn supplies for short-term profit: the essential staple-food was always stored by farmers in silos to supply the country’s 50-million residents through the winter-season. Now, the grain-silos are expected to be emptied out within the next three months. The country’s few remaining grain-farmers are deeply worried: 

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  KIll the Boer, kill the White man – they don’t have much protection in Africa… feed them to some starving pigs or crocodiles. There’s only 4-million white people in SA: it is not hard to exterminate these bloody devils from Europe – all of them including the satanic white Jew Helen Zille ‘ ––  writes Vinny Muhammad, who lives in London in the UK and was born in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape – it was posted on the  ANC Youth League face book on January 21 at 2:10pm. (since our publication, the posting was deleted, however the original posting and his  face book profile were “print-screen-copied” by more than a dozen of our members :



Afrikaner urban families De Beer, LaCock, and Geyer famiiles were all attacked in same suburb within an hour of each other by the same heavily-armed group of black males:

Mr Johan Geyer and Paul De Beer are in critical condition because attackers used explosive bullets: SAPS manhunt launched in Menlo Park, Pretoria
Mr Johan Geyer was critically injured: shot in the back while he was preparing food for his family in the kitchen; Jan 24 2012: 9pm. A local resident who saw the attack started chasing the gang and the police were called.
— Ten minutes later, the same gang also shot and critically injured Mr Paul de Beer and attacked his wife in their drive way nearby. And thereafter Mr Jaco LaCock was also attacked in his nearby driveway, and his Mitsubishi Pajero hijacked. Mr LaCock was unharmed.
— The attacks on the Geyer and De Beer family were confirmed by SAPS spokeswoman Annabelle Middelton.
A police vehicle from Garsfontein SAPS then chased the armed gang into  Atterbury Road — but the attackers have fled in the stolen Pajero. The SAPS units from  Brooklyn-, Garsfontein- and Villieria were called up to lodge search teams with the metropolitan cops and the Hi-Risk security service.  Nobody was arrested that evening. Mr Geyer’s wife said the bullet which hit Mr Geyer was explosive as it also ripped apart his stomach and liver. Doctors said that Mr Paul de Beer’s injuries were also ‘extensive’.

Farmer Corrie Potgieter, 70, shoots dead one of three black attacker who ambushed him at his Alkmaar, Nelspruit farmhouse: dead man was found to be armed with realistic-looking BB-pistol –

numerous attacks on Afrikaner smallholders in Nelspruit region: Karino, Hermansburg, Cairn, Cromdale, The Rest and Alkmaar smallholdings targetted all month:

Nelspruit – A 70-year-old Mpumalanga pensioner has shot dead a black man who tried to break into his farmhouse armed with a BB-air gun.

Jan 26 2012 Corrie Potgieter of a farm near Karino west of Nelspruit heard his gardener, Fana Mashalela, talking to someone outside the house at about 07:30 on Thursday morning. He peeped out the bedroom window and saw two unkn own black men standing with Mashalela. He went to fetch his shotgun from the safe and walked to the bedroom window. The black men were gone then — but the farmer became suspicious, fearing an ambush when he saw Mashalela on his knees on the veranda.The next moment one of the attackers jumped up from underneath the window sill and pointed a pistol at Potgieter. Potgieter fired a shot which hit the robber in the face. He died on the scene.When police arrived, they found a BB-pistol  next to his body. Police sergeant Gerald Sedibe said Mashalela had told him there were three attackers. The other two had run away. The attack was one of several armed incidents targetting Afrikaners on smallholdings around Mbombela over the past few weeks: worst-hit areas were Karino, Hermansburg, Cairn, Cromdale, The Rest and Alkmaar, said Vernon Lancaster of Hi Tech Security in Mbombela. report on

Farmer Tolla Mostert saved by lone hero-cop sgt Moeketso Motete, who captures 3 armed black-male farm attackers on Tolla Mostert’s farm De Hart, Ladybrand – second farm attack within month:

Jan 27 2012 –  ’n Dapper polisieman van die Ladybrand-polisiekantoor het man-alleen twee vermeende aanvallers op ’n plaas in die distrik vasgetrek.Sers. Moeketsi Motete het Saterdag (21 Januarie 2012) uitgegaan na die plaas De Hart van mnr. Tolla Mostert waar hy teen drie vermeende aanvallers te staan gekom het. Hy het daarin slaag om twee van hulle vas te trek, berig Volksblad. Boere in die omgewing is egter geskok dat die polisie slegs een beampte gestuur het vir só ’n voorval.“Een is beter as niks. Daar is egter al gesê plaasaanvalle is ’n prioriteit. Vanweë die erns daarvan sal ’n mens graag wil sien dat die polisie mense daarvoor beskikbaar stel,” sê mnr. Reuter Sorour.

Sorour, wat op die plaas Uitkyk boer, was in Desember ook amper ’n slagoffer van ’n plaasaanval. Volgens brig. Billy Jones, Vrystaatse polisiewoordvoerder, stel die polisie ondersoek in oor hoekom slegs Motete na die toneel gestuur is. article

Smallholders Frans van der Linden, 57, murdered, wife Elizabeth 52, brutally assaulted, Brits smallholding, Jan 21 2012

VanDerLinden Frans murdered wife assaulted children Yolandi 27 and fiancee Gerhard Coetzee hid Jan212012 Daughter Yolandi van der Linden, 27, and her fiancee Gerhardt Coetzee, 26, hid  in fear, terrified that they would also be killed by the brutal black gang which attacked the family at 3am Sunday morning at their grandmother’s smallholding near Brits. The unarmed Mr van der Linden was shot at point-blank range and he died in the ambulance.


Connecticut USA student-radio-station reports on Genocide targetting Afrikaners in South Africa: plans protest meetings:

The commentator said: “They are slaughtering, raping, mutilating and killing the Boer farmers in South Africa because they are whites. The black leaders of South Africa don’t want them there, they want them dead. The youth leader of the ruling ANC Julius Malema is openly singing for their genocide with the hatespeech song. Why do people say there is ‘claimed’ to be a genocide, but these things are happening right now. Why isn’t anybody saying anything about this? There was widespread publicity about the blacks attacking people about immigration/xenophobia issues. But why are they covering up the genocide against the Boers? “

Smallholders Neville Joseph and visiting Ferreira family-members attacked during braai at Nelspruit smallholding: Mr Joseph survives shooting – Jan 21 2012 – Rest Nelspruit smallholdings: attack reported first by neighbour Carly Kennedy Jansen (attack confirmed by Nelspruit SAPS only a day later):  The black men arrived when these two families were having a barbeque together. Mr Neville Joseph heard the gunmen speaking to each other in Zulu, telling each other that they would rape the women and kill the Afrikaner men. The black attackers had however told the families in Afrikaans and English that they ‘would not be harmed’. Mr Joseph and Mr Ferreira started struggling with the gunmen when they realised their true intentions: Mr Joseph was shot and injured and the gunmen fled.

Joseph Neville and ferreira family attacked by three blacks Jan 22 2012 Nelspruit Rest smallhold                                                         

Expat South Africans protest against planned secrecy bill which will turn every journalist and citizen into an enemy of the State: New York Protest to STOP the Protection of State Information Bill

New York Expat South Africans protest against ANC's secrecy Bill           


Farmer and Nutrition expert Francois du Toit of Alzu Feeds murdered on his farm  Kwalata neer Roossenekal in Mpumalanga – January 23 2012.

Transvaal Agricultural Union spokesman Henk vd Graaf said Mr Francois Du Toit, who worked as a nutrition expert at the Alzu Feeds company, was gunned down and killed as he opened his back door to investigate why his dogs were barking. A colleague who does not want to be identified told the ‘Landbou’ publication that there were probably three black males involved in the attack. After they murdered the Afrikaner man, they tied up his wife and children and fled with the couple’s cellphones – using their vehicles merely to escape in: the vehicles were found back on the farm after the murder.  Vd Graaf said the TLU is worried about the large number of farm-attacks thus far this year. “If this trend continues this will be a bloody year for our farmers,’ he said.  23 Jan 2012

Smallholders Alje and Annemarie Van Deemter, 70, survive fourth armed attack at Bloemspruit smallholdings, Bloemfontein since Sept 2011:

Jan 22 2012 – Source: Marius Avenant: 70 year old Alje van Deemter and wife Annemarie  again survived a brutal attack in their farmhouse in the crime-ridden Bloemspruit area on Saturday morning – the fourth since Sept 2011. Mr van Deemter’s arm was seriously injured as he tried to prevent being hit on the head with a hammer. Mrs van Deemter had a knife held against her throat. The attacker(s) wore face masks.  No further information is available at this stage, since the media and the news do not consider it important enough news to publish much regarding black on White attacks. It will probably only reach the news in a couple of days when the news will have lost its impact. Bloemspruit police: (PhoneSouthAfrica_051-5034003 FaxSouthAfrica27051-5033978)   

Afrikaner urban resident 62-year-old Anita Jacobs van Niekerk survives having her throat cut in her Pietersburg home.
Jan 24 2012 –  Mrs van Niekerk was attacked at 23h00 in her house after the terrorists gained access by bending the burglar bars.
Her 4yo grandson asleep in the house was unarmed. She was taking care of him since her daughter, the child’s mother, was murdered 2 years ago.
Mrs van Niekerk survived the attack, but will likely not be able to swallow normally again, and will have to have her vocal cords re-attached. These are the attacks carried out by mindless black criminals in response to the “Kill the Boer” song sung by the leadership of the ANC – including Jacob Zuma himself.

 Smallholder Michael Stenger, 30 shot dead at Nelspruit smallholding: used as human shield by armed black-male gang – nothing robbed

Stenger Michael with fiancee Rene Roestorf HE was shot dead when used as human shield by gang of armed blacks Sound Systems NELSPRUIT 2012-01-21 Nelspruit employee Michael Stenger was at work at the company Sound Systems when four armed black males arrived at 09:30 in a luxury BMW on Saturday Jan 21 2012 at the smallholding where the business is located. In the resulting firefight between his employer Charles Loram and the armed gang, Mr Stenger was killed: he was being used as a human shield by the gang. Forensic tests will have to determine who fired the fatal shot.

 Loram saw from his bedroom window that Mr Stenger had a black bag pulled over his head and when he stormed into his business with his .38, two gunmen fired shots at Loram. Mr Stenger was hit and the gang dragged Mr Stenger into an adjacent office, and held the injured man in front of them while exchanging fire with the owner.When Mr Loram ran out of ammo and rushed to his home to fetch his 9mm, the gang tried to get their BMW through the electric gates – but couldn’t.They then fled on foot. Mr Loram said he believes he injured two of them. When he returned to his office he found Mr Stenger – shot through the heart. Beeld newspaper surmises that Mr Loram may have shot dead Mr Stenger accidentially during the firefight – although offering no proof of this: it has to be established with forensic testing first. The police meanwhile have launched a ‘murder’ investigation and confiscated Mr Loram’s revolver and at least eight 9mm spent cartridges.An injured black suspect was arrested at Nelspruit police station when he lodged a formal charge claiming his red BMW had been ‘hijacked’. After checking the Sound Systems security cameras it was determined that the man had been amongst the armed robbers.Police arrested a black woman at a taxistand and questioned her about lending the red BMW to a man who claimed he wanted to attend a funeral with it. SAPS spokesman lt-col Leonard Hlathi said they released her. Mr Loram – who is a life-style trainer and dietician – was badly traumatised and unable to make a statement to the police.Mr Stenger was engaged to Ms René Roestorf and their wedding was planned for September.He leaves his mom Mrs Hannie Klokie and sisters Monika Stenger en Manuela Bergendahl. Beeld

Jan 18 2012 – Farmer Johan Strydom murdered at Alkmaar smallholdings: Nelspruit homesteaders under siege from two heavily-armed, professional crime-syndicates run by ex-soldiers, ex-police-officers… farmers’ meeting hears:

   NELSPRUIT SMALLHOLDINGS IN WARFARE FROM TWO LARGE CRIME SYNDICATES FROM MOZAMBIQUE Jan202012 Christopher de Wet articleWarfare by two heavily-armed crime-syndicates comprised of welltrained black military– and police-officials are targetting Afrikaner rural residents at Alkmaar, Hermansburg, Weltevreden, Hilltop, and Maggiesdal smallholdings near Nelspruit, the meeting heard: January 20 2012  – A businessman was shot in an arm, 15 armed robberies, five hijacked vehicles, a large variety of stolen loot and the loss of many thousands of rands worth of goods. Those are the results of a terror-campaign targetting smallholders in the Alkmaar, Lowveld region – and things are just as bad in other regions.The Alkmaar security committee held another emergency meeting about the situation over the weekend.It was found that the youngest victim of the syndicate was Johan Strydom, attacked on January 18 2012 on his smallholding near Alkmaar; shot in an arm arm and his 4WD Toyota singlecabbed bakkie hijacked to Mozambique.He is recovering at MediClinic Nelspruit.The meeting at Kwanyoni Lodge had a large group of very angry farmers making new plans to stop the assaults against them.

People are urged to join the crime fighting campaigns in their regions: contact  Ben Strydom at SouthAfrica_27_083-234-3772
“We live in fear. This syndicate is carrying out a reign of terror and we have no rights. We cannot trap the criminals, we aren’t allowed to shoot them in self-defence when theya re shooting at us,’ said one of the farmers.There reportedly are two different crime-syndicates operating in the area now – waging virtual warfare against smallholders in Alkmaar, Hermansburg, Weltevreden, Hilltop, Maggiesdal around Nelspruit.

 Even the crime-prevention chief of the SAPS was targetted by crime-syndicates at her smallholding – she survived…VENTER LT COL SAPS NELSPRUIT ATTACKED SMALLHOLDING SEPT5 2011

Building-contractor Brendon Shawinsky, 33, brutally assaulted by gang with steel pipes, bats, broken bottle and a knife, by criminal ‘crime-enforcer gang’ at Bloemfontein club:

Shawinsky Brendon 33 building contractor  badly beaten knifed SecondAvenueCafee Bloemfonteinalso: club-patrons endangered by violent crime-syndicate running SA clubbing-scene  – 2012-01-22 Building contractor Brendon Shawinsky, 33, now fears for his life from mobsters after he was brutally beaten by a large group of men who  knifed, bashed and stabbed him and knocked some of his teeth out on Friday-night in Bloemfontein. He now fears for his life from this crime-‘enforcer’ gang at a local club, where he’d gone to congratulate a friend on his birthday . Volksblad

Brits farmer Frans van der Linde murdered, wife critically injured: not expected to survive, reported to Censorbugbear Reports face book

22 January 2012 – Frans van der Linde and his family were at his mother’s smallholding at Brits, with his daughter Yolandi and her fiancee, when 3 armed blacks broke into the house they were staying in and murdered him. His wife was seriously injured in the attack.

Unidentified white man’s decomposing body found buried in brick flower-bed: Bluewater Bay, Port Elizabeth: 
Jan 22 2012 – Bluewater Bay: PORT ELIZABETH: Builders discovered the decomposing body of a white man buried in a brick flower-bed at a Bluewater Bay home. –He was recently murdered. 2012-01-22

Afrikaner urban resident Frans van Biljon, 66, murdered driving between Bronkhorstspruit and Pretoria, forced off road, survived being stabbed 8 times Frans Jan 20 2012 – van Biljon, 66 murdered enroute between Bronkhorstspruit, Pretoria – forced off road, murdered – source: Madelein Hamman of “Die Volkskommando Boschhoek, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa 2012-01-20


Afrikaner urban resident Pottie Potgieter, 73, (left) attacked, tightly tied up, beaten, left for dead – and only found barely alive 4 days later: loses hand to gangrene
Jan 19 2012 – WINBURG – WELKOM – Free State – Mr Pottie Potgieter (73) was attacked and tied up in his house on Saturday at about 11h00 Winburg : lost a hand due to too-tight wires wound around his wrists, left on for four days while he waited for help…

Afrikaner farmer Eddie Cressy, 65, survives FOURTH attack on his farm Beginsel, Clarens since first one on Dec 16 2009 MJ Lourens

Farmer Nicolaas Jacobs, 64, rescued injured from car-boot by SAPS: kidnapped by two black males from farm Frisgewaagt 2011-12-04 Nigel 2011-12-03

Two urban Afrikaners killed/missing: Douglas Simpson of Barkly West dead: father-in-law Peet Theron 72 missing,possibly kidnapped: Witbank
SAPS claim Simpson committed suicide after disappearance of Theron but they have no proof: since they cannot find him : it’s also clear the police are not interested in finding out what really happened: blame it on ‘family”. 2012-01-13: Witbank, 2012-01-12

Afrikaner farmer Frederick J van Zyl SNYDERS murdered: Merweville Western Cape
Unarmed Afrikaner farmer Frederick J van Zyl-Snyders murdered, Merweville, WC: news was withheld by SAPS until Jan 12 2012 until a black male was arrested. Nothing robbed. 2011-12-13

Afrikaner farmer Andries du Toit murdered in armed assault against sleeping family by five black males, Klipplaatdrift, 2012-01-14 Ventersdorp: this farm was visited by mysterious govt officials only a week earlier… demanding access to search the homestead without a search-warrant – and  which was denied by the farm-wife. A week later, farmer Andries du Toit was murdered in an armed assault while asleep.  2012-01-14

Two Afrikaner tourists Annemarie van Loggerenberg and Willie Venter, shot dead, Wright Street, Campherdrift, George holiday resort
2012-01-18 Two Afrikaners found shot dead: Annemarie van Loggerenberg (35) and Willie Venter (39), Wrightstraat, Campherdrift, George: inquest court decision awaited as to the cause of the two deaths.


ANC-lawmaker orders physical attacks on three Afrikaans schools- Fochville over lie they refuse to teach in English
Hundreds of people ordered to descend on Fochville Afrikaans schools – ” Gauteng Legislature statement by Sithembele Tshwete 17 January 2012

 Afrikaner farmer Koos Bisschoff, 71, asbestosis sufferer, dies after brutal head-beating by five armed blacks

Bischoff Koos 71 dies from headbashing by five armed blacks farm attack AVondale Rustenburg July 16 2012


Botha Allison two coloured men who nearly cut her throat and left her for dead at Noordhoek might get bail

2012-01-22 Two men who tried to cut throat of Mrs Alison Botha and left her for dead might get paroled  In 1994, Mrs Alison Botha, above, was attacked by two coloured men at Noordhoek and so brutally assaulted that she was left behind for dead. Now the men who raped her, mutilated her and left her behind to die may actually get parole despite their having been sentenced to a lifetime in prison: Port Elizabeth, 2012-01-22 (Petition against parole-application on face book )

 SAPS Constable Morne Croeser, below: questionable court ruling: Croeser was jailed for killing wife Erika at holiday resort: court claimed he ‘repeatedly stabbed himself ‘…

CROESER MORNE SAPS constable stabbed himself to hide his murdering his wife court rules Jan 17 2012 Pietermaritzburg

SAPS Constable Morne Croeser, above: questionable ruling: was jailed for killing wife Erika at holiday resort: court claimed he stabbed himself repeatedly to cover up wife murder: he was however in critical condition in hospital with ‘numerous stabwounds’ for three months recovering from the ‘repeat-stabbings’… .  Also see:  –  Albert Falls, Msinsi Nature Reserve 2012-01-17

Xhoi-San Afrikaans-speaking farm woman Let Hanekam gruesomely mutilated, stabbed 52x, throat cut, hair torched : picture of protesting community, Sutherland, below:

Afrikaansspeaking KhoiSan community in Northern Cape protesting against psycho killer of Mrs Let Hanekam 41 Jan202012

above: farm Gunsfontein, Sutherland, North Cape 2012-01-20

Black SAPS members engage in racist-profiling: long-time legal residents, Asian-SA families were detained with their small children, threatened by Sandton cops at gunpoint in ‘raids on foreigners’

Legal, taxpaying Asian-SA families were detained with their small, terrified children by rude Sandton cops who had raided their homes in Marlboro Park at gunpoint, kicking down gates and doors to get inside. One wonders first of all if they even had legal arrest and search-warrants, and secondly why would they be targetting perfectly legal Asian-South African families, people who pay their taxes and help support the SA economy — while there are millions of black illegal aliens who are constantly abusing SA hospitality?

ASIAN PATEL FAMILY THREATENED AT GUNPOINT BY SANDTON COPS SA CITIZENS SAID BLACK COPS SAID THEY WERE FOREIGNERS Sandton police (Phone SouthAfrica27011-7224200: Marlboro Gardens, Sandton, South Africa, 2012-01-19 



Beeld presumes Mr Stenger was shot dead by his employer when used as a human shield by armed gang in firefight:

Zimbabwe journalist incites genocide against Afrikaners, writes: ‘ANC needs to kill the Boers: it’s the only way Power will be theirs’… by Caesar Zvayi
, pro-Mugabe Zimbabwe journalist. He attended the 100th-anniversary celebrations of ANC
Bloemfontein Waaihoek, South Africa 2012-01-19

 14 black residents of Lindelani, KZN arrested for torching to death elderly black couple, accused of witchcraft
Lindelani, KZN, South Africa 2012-01-13 and also:

Zuma sings Kill the Boer; at Waaihoek, Bloemfontein and inspires a Zimbabwean journalist to write: ‘ANC should kill all the Boers…’

ANC undermines Afrikaners’ human rights with CRLRC commission

The Commission for Promotion and Protection of Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRLRC) undermines human rights and “ behaves like an extension of the ruling African National Congress party… ‘ warns the civil rights organisation Afriforum.

Afrikaans Schools Campaign to save AFrikaans education by AfriforumADD

Kallie Kriel, Afriforum – 19 January 2012 – The Civil rights organisation AfriForum has accused the supposedly independent “Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities” (CRL) of functioning purely as an extension of the ANC.  

The ANC and its cadres deployed in the CRL Rights Commission regard the Constitution’s provisions relating to minorities merely as temporary concessions that had to be made in order to gain political power. Now that the ANC has gained control of almost all power structures and constitutional institutions, these provisions are being undermined … ‘ 

ANC-lawmakers order attack against Afrikaans schools in Fochville:

“The Commission is consciously undermining minority communities’ rights, while it should be promoting community rights in terms of its mandate as set out in section 185 of the South Africa’s Constitution.”

He points out that the government’s education authorities specifically target only the Afrikaans schools for their actions.
“There is not one example anywhere in the country that the minister of education intervened in the language-policies of single-medium English-language secondary schools to force non-English pupils into an English-language school.”

And while Afriforum and the Afrikaans parents in Fochville have sympathy for the masses of children in this country who have no access to good education, this claim is merely abused in order to undermine the Afrikaans-language educational facilities’ policies.
The government is constantly dragging in the racism-card despite the fact that Afrikaans-medium schools consistently accommodate Afrikaans-speaking pupils of colour as part of their policies.

“The government is creating an artificial ‘need for English-language education’ to promote its own anti-Afrikaans agenda’, said Kriel.

Afrikaners have clearly-established Constutional rights to their own Afrikaans-medium schools:

Afrikaans Schools Campaign to save AFrikaans education by Afriforum AfriForum’s criticism of the CRL Rights Commission comes after the Commission launched an attack on AfriForum’s new campaign for the protection of Afrikaans-medium schools in a press release.

AfriForum launched its “Save Afrikaans schools” campaign after all three Afrikaans-medium schools in Fochville had been forced by the Gauteng Department of Basic Education to relinquish their status as Afrikaans-medium schools at the start of the 2012 school year.

Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, pointed out that ‘ the right of existence of single-medium schools is recognised in section 29 of the Constitution. “It is therefore unthinkable that an institution like the CRL Rights Commission – that was established in terms of the same Constitution – is now supporting the government’s ideologically driven efforts to do away with Afrikaans-medium schools,” said Kriel.

Kriel pointed out that the parties to the constitutional negotiations agreed to include provisions for the establishment of a CRL Rights Commission in the Constitution owing to the call for regulations for the protection of minority groups.

“It is becoming increasingly evident that the ANC and the cadres it deployed in the CRL Rights Commission regard the Constitution’s provisions relating to minorities merely as temporary concessions that had to be made in order to gain political power. Now that the ANC has gained control of almost all power structures and constitutional institutions, these provisions are being undermined,” he added.

Afriforum has to increasingly turn to the United Nations and other international platforms to protect minority rights in South Africa…

Kriel said because the ANC government is using the CRL Rights Commission, which is supposed to safeguard community rights, against minority groups like Afrikaners, AfriForum has to increasingly turn to the United Nations and other international platforms to protect minority rights in South Africa. “Cultural communities’ right to culturally oriented mother-tongue schools is recognised internationally and AfriForum has already appointed an international politics expert to explore international instruments that can be used for the protection of Afrikaans schools,” said Kriel.

According to Kriel, AfriForum has already set aside R50,000 to fight against the government’s actions to undermine Afrikaans schools in Fochville.

AfriForum encourages the public and, in particular, parents to support the “Save Afrikaans schools” campaign and to donate R10 to the legal action by texting the word ‘skool’ to 38655.

The campaign was stepped up today with a full-page advertisement on page 9 of Beeld Afrikaans daily newspaper:  Statement issued by Kallie Kriel, CEO: AfriForum, January 19 2012



Julius Malema star rising inside ANC-executive

South Africa  is seen by foreign analysts as a ‘potentially unstable country’- from this year –  due to the growing populism within the party and Zuma’s leadership struggle: which is reflected in the fact that their top-populist leader, the ‘suspended’ youth league president Julius Malema still retains his ANC-derived income; was voted in as a paid member of the most influential ANC-executive council in the country… and held a rousing meeting this week at Thaba Nchu: a Free State town where SA Pres. Jacob Zuma most definitely was not welcome a day earlier…

“ South Africa potentially unstable in 2012’ due to growing populism and  Zuma’s leadership-struggle ”

January 8 2011 – South Africa is a potentially unstable country in 2012, warned risk analysis group Eurasia, noting:  ‘growing populism and the ruling ANC’s internal leadership struggle stand in the way of economic growth,” said Anne Fruhauf, Eurasia’s Africa analyst. “Zuma’s need to maintain alliances makes it difficult to decisively deal with controversial debates, like the nationalization of mines,.”  The warning coincided with a ‘private visit’ by International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde to President Zuma on Saturday – on the sidelines of the ruling party’s multi-million Rand, lavish, year-long ANC’s centenary celebrations kicked off this week with the public torturing of a sacrificial bull. Lagarde warned  the eurozone debt crisis ‘was taking a toll on Africa and the rest of the world”, In fact the IMF ‘s report scheduled for Jan 25 release would ‘likely lower the global growth forecast from the 4.0% estimated in September.” Meanwhile, South Africa’s ruling party blithely continues its year-long self-aggrandising feasts… and is planning new laws barring its most skilled and best-educated work-force, namely its whites, from the entire workplace. Eliminating whites


Meanwhile – the top populist rabble-rouser which is causing such concern overseas, Stalinist-Marxist hatespeech-spouter  Julius Malema , continues his meetings;  continues singing ‘ Kill the Boer’ despite two court orders ordering him to stop; and most importantly, is allowed to retain his multi-million Rand source of income through his tender-company in Limpopo. And inside ANC-ranks, it’s money which buys more influence… in other words, the ANC allows Julius Malema to flourish… why?

   In December 2011 Malema was voted in — with 592 votes — by the official ANC-delegates to  the influential Limpopo province’s ANC executive committee. The news-media over-emphasized the fact that Malema had gained this position with ‘the third-largest number of votes”: however the fact that he now is serving on one of the most influential executive committees in the country, seems to have escaped the news media’s notice…

   Malema has very powerful friends: amongst others he enjoys the public support of his tribal kinsman Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe; from ANC executive member Winnie Mandela, from the ANC’s Sports Minister  Fikile Mbalula; from ANC provincial secretary Soviet Lekganyane; from ex-SA president Thabo Mbeki (the Xhosa-tribal leader thus continues his own relentless campaign to undermine the rule of Zulu-tribesman Pres Jacob Zuma); and Malema’s  support amongst the majority of ANC-followers – namely its youths – remains high. There were no indications that ‘supporters were bused in from Limpopo’ for his latest meeting: at Thaba Nchu in the Free State this week. This meeting turned out to be an important psychological victory for Malema, for whereas SA Pres Jacob Zuma had to cancel a public meeting when some 700 ANC-supporters rioted on January 3 2012: torching two ANC-councillors’ homes and a pub, Malema was received with open arms…

   A day after the riots in Thaba Nchu, Julius Malema held a rousing meeting with 1,000 local supporters — who frequently his favourite genocidal hatespeech song Kill the Boer and showed no sign that they opposed him.

   To summarise, contrary to all the ANC-propaganda, there is no indication  that Malema’s influence was diminished by his allegedly ‘temporary suspension’ as ANC youth league president.

Indeed: he continues to act as if he still retains this position: and his source of income which he derives from the ANC-party has also not dried up: on the contrary, he now draws a salary as executive ANC-member in Limpopo; and importantly he also continues his lucrative tender-contracting company: which he would not be able to do if he had really fallen out of favour with the ANC.

   People who believe the ANC-propaganda that Malema’s support is waning, should examine all these facts – and reconsider.

MALEMA JULIUS TRIUMPHANT THABA NCHU MEETING JAN62012 KILL THE BOER SINGING  Above: translated from the original Afrikaans newspaper article by NASPERS journalists Willem van der Berg and Pieter Steyn who were present at the meeting in Thaba Mnchu – which was attended by 1,000+ enthusiastic Malema-supporters:  at the meeting, Malema was openly supported by Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula: by ANC provincial secretary Soviet Lekganyane, by the SA Communist party leaders —  and also very significant is the fact that Malema enjoys the full support of his tribal kinsman across the border:  Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.


MALEMA JULIUS ELECTED TO ANC POST BBC 20 DEC 2011  The British Broadcasting Corporation noted (above) on 20 December 2011 that the suspended youth leader of South Africa’s governing ANC, Julius Malema, has been elected to a leadership position in the pary. ANC delegates voted Mr Malema onto the party’s executive committee in his home province of Limpopo. Malema secured 592 votes for election to the executive committee. ANC provincial secretary Soviet Lekganyane also supported the move. 

The BBC was of the opinion after his election to this influential executive council that ‘his support was crumbling’.  However they merely repeated ANC-propaganda, which is notorious among local journalists for its “ untruthful “ content: the fact remains that Malema now has a paid position in one of the most important ANC executive councils, and has very influential friends countrywide.

The BBC also noted:ANC provincial secretary Soviet Lekganyane argued that Mr Malema’s suspension could only come into effect after his appeal is heard.  “For now he is a member of the ANC with full rights and duties protected by the ANC constitution,” he said.

Yet only a month earlier,  the ANC’s disciplinary committee had found Mr Malema guilty of three of four charges brought against him, which included disrupting a national ANC meeting, and of bringing the party into disrepute by calling for regime change in democratic Botswana – a position which contravenes party and government policy.

Significantly: The ANC did NOT find him guilty of hatespeech for singing the song Kill the Boer (even though two SA high courts had ruled him guilty of this offence and one had even ordered him to stop singing it and to stop inciting others to sing it.) He has ignored these court-orders – singing it again at a Thaba Nchu meeting a month later – and clearly the ANC supports him in his contempt of SA High Court orders. The ANC-regime clearly believes that it should remain a higher authority – above the country’s law courts.

He was however found guilty of “provoking serious divisions within the party by praising Thabo Mbeki”-  who was sacked as party leader and ousted as South Africa president by the ANC three years ago, noted the BBC.

ANC executive council ‘s all-important tribal divisions ignored as politically-incorrect by suppressed, censored SA news media:

What the BBC failed to note, because the ANC-propaganda denies it  – but which is very relevant if one wants to try and ANC PRO NEWS MEDIA CITY PRESS ADVERTunderstand these divisions —  is the fact that the ANC executive is divided along tribal divisions: Zuma is a Zulu, Malema a member of a northern-Limpopo tribe which in turn is supported by Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe; and Mbeki is a Xhosa tribal leader. Malema also received the avid and relentless support of Nelson’s ex-wife Winnie Mandela, who has a considerable following inside the executive council.

It is important to note that the ANC-regime also increasingly dictates what the news media may and may not publish. And it’s going to get worse with the new Publication Control Act, signed recently. Increasing, foreign correspondents who want to retain their ‘accreditation’ in the country, slavishly repeat ANC-party propaganda – and many supposedly ‘independent’ SA publications such as and especially the Naspers Afrikaans newsmedia – slavishly publish ANC-propaganda, and some even run ANC-propaganda campaigns(left):

Republic of South Africa, Protection of Information Act: voted in on 22 Nov 2011:


Former CNN-Johannesburg bureau chief Charlayne Hunter-Gault on Protection of Information Bill  http://www.theroot/views/south-africa-putting-gag-its-people

229 ANC-MPs voted for POI-bill, written by two SA Communist Party MPs: two ANC-MPs did not vote:

22 nov 2011:

image Download the original bill from

Afrikaners attacked most in old Boer Republics

Attacks peak every December 16 – not one day passes without eight violent attacks against Afrikaner families – on average:

Among the incidents on the independent criminology-website Farmitracker shows daily human-rights violations and physical attacks against Afrikaners and other ethno-European-SA families, invariably carried out by young, armed black males :

An average of eight daily attacks against ‘whites’ were carried out by armed black males this past year in greater Pretoria

In the old Transvaal region of greater Pretoria, an average eight daily attacks were carried out, invariably by armed black males against socalled ‘whites’ in the greater-Pretoria/Magalies/Brits/Krugersdorp area this past year alone: both years the attacks peaked in July and on December 16: (the Afrikaners’ Day of the Vow commemorations). Twelve attacks were logged on Dec 16 2010; fifteen on Dec 16 2011: so the attacks on the Day of the Vow showed an increase.  Hardest-hit among the victims are the working-class, low-income Afrikaner smallholders. Despite the fact that the Afrikaners represent less than 6% of the entire SA population, they are attacked proportionally higher by criminally-violent black gangs and by hatespeech from government officials than any other minority in South Africa. Meanwhile, the xenophobic attacks by black South Africans against people of Asian, Chinese and Indian descent have shown a decline this past year, although they do still occur and remain underreported in the news media, there were less incidents in 2011.

Usually the only items ‘robbed’ during attacks against Afrikaners are their cellphones to stop them from calling for help: often they are found discarded at the crime scene later.

MAP Greater Pretoria: December 26 2011:


some of the latest attacks below:

Good Samaritarian Mrs Johanna vd Walt stops to report an injured man on the road: waits next to him for an hour, gets him taken to hospital – and then gets confronted at her job by a black cop with angry relatives of the man who accuse her of killing him: life in the New South Africa… 

PORT ALFRED, Dec 24 2011 – Good Samaritarian Mrs Johanna vd Walt was confronted by the relatives of a black traffic victim she had found alive lying on Bathhurst Road, Port Alfred, South Africa: the black police detective who is investigating the case showed up with the relatives at her work-place: accused her of killing the man in front of the relatives: who however was alive when an ambulance took him to hospital: and it’s unknown what he died of: Mrs Van der Walt is now terrified of her life. link

Alan Marsden and family survive hijacking, Kempton Park Dec 24 2011 (below)

Marsden Alan and Heidi Kempton Park couple hijacked with 3 kids Dec 24 2011 driveway one month before emigration to UK

Lubbe family suffers armed robbery in Rayton,  Pretoria Dec 24 2011 (below)

LUBBE JACKIE three armed robberies within a month in Rayton home Dec 2011 Confusion reigns over future lack of job-rights for white women: ANC makes conflicting statements:

Luthuli House Johannesburg Dec 23 2011

Bloemfontein Appeals court orders SAPS to reinstate Afrikaner police officer illegally fired seven years ago

Bloemfontein High Court Dec 23 2011

Joubert family survives invasion of 3 armed black males, Rayton Pretoria Dec 22 2011 (below)JOUBERT RIAAN FARM HOUSE ATTACK 3 BLACKS STOLE SOME WINE GLASSES DEC 22 2011

Featured on Dutch state-TV: farmer Joost van der Bosch, son of murdered Dutch dairy farmers Kobie and Johannes v d Bosch:

‘ he is terrified 24 hours a day on the farm, fears reprisals from his parents’ killer,’  he says: Boschkop, Pretoria   Dec 22 2011

VAN DEN BOSCH couple murdered on dairy farm

Marisca and Gerhard Fourie, son Quintin, 4, survive knife attack by two blacks –unarmed Afrikaner family just sat in their car at a traffic light on the corner of Struben and Andries Street, Pretoria Dec 22 2011 …


The two black Free State  ‘youths’ are charged with tying up and dumping Free State farmer Thinus Uitenweerde inside a shallow grave, where the helpless Afrikaner then was stoned to death. This horror happened on the farm Aliesrust in Reitz, Free State on July 31 2011. The case is being postponed endlessly: these alleged killers, described as ‘sturdy, adult-looking males’, are however being tried under the Children’s Act. The two accused had first invaded the homestead to tie up the farmer’s wife and mother before ambushing and killing Uitenweerde.

BETHLEHEM. The Bethlehem magistrate court has been postponing this case every two weeks because the two reportedly ‘sturdy, adult-looking’ black males accused of this brutal murder are purportedly said to be only 16 and 17 years respectively. They are thus being charged under the Children’s Act. This means that the entire case will not only be heard  behind closed doors,  these ‘children’ also have to be kept in a youth-prison facility and are brought to court for a bi-monthly court-appearance. The case seems to be dragging on and on… and eventually, the news media will simply lose interest… and that’s where it will end.


‘ His feet and wrists were tied up, his face was covered with a scarf, he was dumped in a shallow grave: and his skull was crushed by large stones ’

2011-08-02 REITZ – Afrikaner farmer Thinus Uitenweerde, 55, was tied up, dumped in a shallow grave next to his homestead, and stoned to death on July 31 2011 at 1pm.

Volksblad journalists M J Lourens and Jana van der Merwe write in Volksblad daily that his body was discovered by police on the farm Alliesrust. His disabled wife Magriet and his 84-year-old mom Bella are in hospital: both women were brutally assaulted and then tied up. The assault took place on July 31 2011 at 1pm. The two frail women were only found 22 hours later.

UITENWEERDE Thinus stoned to death farmer 55 Alliesrust farm Reitz FS

Hardly anything of value was looted, but it’s being described as an ordinary ‘robbery’ – do robbers usually stone their helpless victim to death inside a shallow grave?

The ANC-censorship-controlled news media said it was an ‘armed robbery’ because two cellphones, an old hifi set and the murdered farmer’s wallet were found in the possession of two black ‘youths’. The two ‘youths’ were arrested several hours later in the local Petsana township. The police found the body in the grave: they had launched their search for the farmer after Mr Uitenweerde’s son Martin, who lives in Bethlehem, tried to phone his dad and grandmom. The Bethlehem police tracker-dog unit was called in and rushed to the farm. When Martin Uitenweerde showed up, the police was already on the scene. He heard his mom call for help from inside the house.The police searchers found his body about 100m from the homestead near a ruin where the attackers had tried to hide the grave with leaves and sticks. The son burst into tears when police discovered the gruesome find: Mr Uitenweerde’s skull was ‘probably crushed by the large stones from the ruin” . His feet were tied with a black shoe-lace, his hands with a nylon rope and they had put a scarf around his face.’

Martin said his father was ‘a man on his own, a very helpful man, He would help anybody whenever it was possible for him to do so.’


Martin Uitenweerde, son of the murdered farmer, sits weeping in the veld after police told him that his father’s body was found in a shallow grave. Pictures by M J Lourens of Volksblad newspaper.

UITENWEERDE THIS HOMESTEAD July312011 stoned to death

                                   Uitenweerde family’s humble homestead: clearly these were not ‘wealthy white farmers’…

image Uitenweerde

Free State Bloemfontein map



Isak Jacobus Nienaber, 52 found murdered in car-boot, stabbed, strangled: keys still in ignition – Isak Jacobus Nienaber found dead in car-boot, stabbed, strangled, Oosteinde, Bloemfontein: last spotted driving away from Die Dekke restaurant, Curie Ave, Bloemfontein: Fri Oct 7 2011 crime tracker last 500 incidents up to Oct 12 2011

Laptop disappears from blind Afrikaner student’s room after visits from insistent black census-taker – A specially adapted Laptop disappears from blind student’s room after visits from Census-taker 2011-10-16 Volksblad journalist Jana van der Merwe notes that Gavin Harding, a sight-disabled ..Fri Oct 14 2011

Jan, Maryna Prinsloo: Lakeview Welkom: heads blown up with explosives RELATIVE SOUGHT? Jan and Maryna Prinsloo found dead at Lakeview, Welkom rental home: heads grossly mutilated with explosives Thu Oct 20 2011

Farmer Sean Schutte killed, brother Sean critically injured: farm attack with semi-automatic attack carbine, Ladybrand, FS Ladybrand farmer Louis Schutte injured – air-evacuated to Bloemfontein Nov 1 2011 – his brother Sean, 36, was shot dead at close range with two shots to the heart. Wed Nov 2 2011

Male nurse charged two months after Oct 15 2011 rape of white cancer patient – Male nurse charged two months after Oct 15 2011 rape of white cancer patient 2011-12-21 BLOEMFONTEIN – A male nurse accused of raping a white cancer patient at a city hospita …
Sat Oct 15 2011

Afrikaner woman Elsie van der Merwe beaten black and blue, Langenhovenpark – Afrikaner woman Elsie vd Merwe of Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein brutally assaulted link Wed Oct 26 2011

Komatipoort border-farm family fights off armed attack by gang: black Mozambique couple escape – Komatiepoort farm family fights back against vicious gang — Somali-pirate style kidnap gangs wearing SANDF-uniforms operate without interference across the Mozambican-South Africa …Wed Nov 16 2011

Thaba Nchu man, 29, found hanging in rented room with his hands tied:Thaba Nchu man found hanging in rented room with his hands tied: 2011-11-16 Bloemfontein – The decomposed body of a man has been found hanging in his rented room in Thaba Nchu …Wed Nov 16 2011

Stefanus Bruwer Meyer (49) vermis in Humansdorp: kontak Leon Rossouw, tel 083-410-0910 Stefanus Bruwer Meyer, 49, ‘n oud-weermaglid wie se linkerbeen geamputeer is en met krukke rondbeweeg, word vermis: Fri Nov 25 2011

Volksblad Afrikaner newsteam cursed, threatened by six Zuma bodyguards, ordered to hand in camera memory chip – NOV 25 2011 – Volksblad Afrikaans journalist and -photographer were cursed by six Zuma bodyguards, ordered to hand over camera memory chip in BLOEMFONTEIN –
Fri Nov 25 2011

Afrikaans farm couple Bennie and Lettie de Ru attacked on farm De Erf for second time– Farmers Bennie and Lettie de Ru attacked a second time near Bloemfontein Sunday Dec 4 2011. Volksblad newspaper reports that Afrikaans farming-couple Bennie and Lettie de Ru wer .Sun Dec 4 2011

3 black murderers of unarmed Louis Pulzone get low prison sentences despite execution-style murder in Uitsig home – Three black murderers get low sentences: despite execution-style murder of the unarmed Afrikaner Louis Pulzone, 60, in Uitsig Bloemfontein on Fri Dec 9 2011

Afrikaans drama teacher Petro Müller’s home invaded: Eighth Ave, Arboretum Well-known Afrikaans drama teacher Petro Müller had a breakin at their Eighth Avenue, Arboretum Bloemfontein home – the same day they departed on holiday. Volksblad journalis …
Wed Dec 21 2011

Heineke, Philiip, tied up, hanged Storeroom Bainsvlei farm near Bloemfontein – Bloemfontein – A 50-year-old Bainsvlei farmer was found dead – tied up and hanged in a storeroom on his farm near Bloemfontein by his wife, police said on Thursday. Inspector Harr …
Thu Jun 22 2006

Vanden Berg Stonnie, Bloemfontein, survives attack by gardener June92010
Wednesday, 9 June 2010 Boer woman saved from attacker by child Stonnie van den Berg of Bloemfontein kept a cool head, saving herself and the five-year-old girl in her care… 2010-06-0 …
Wed Jun 9 2010

Japanese photographer Tomayo Saito robbed after WC2010 game in Bloemfontein: 3 youths sentenced
Drie ‘promising youths’ were given 5-year suspended sentences for robbing Japanese photographer Tomayo Saito after the Japan-Cameroon game in Bloemfontein. Mon Jun 28 2010

Hannetjie van der Walt, 78, strangled to death Bloemfontein Jan 29 2009
Bloemfontein – A Bloemfontein painter who allegedly strangled the elderly woman who hired him to paint her home has been arrested, Free State police confirmed.uperintendent Thu Jan 29 2009

Breedt, Johanna, 64, torched, Bayswater, Bloemfontein SAPS: no crime suspected
2010-07-27 Mrs Johanna Breedt, 64, Bayswater, Bloemfontein, torched to death: police ‘do not suspect a crime’. note: WE WILL MAINTAIN THIS REPORT ON FARMITRACKER AS A SUSPECTED MURDER UNTIL INQUEST RULING …Wed Jul 28 2010

Bloemfontein Park Road SAPS beat up citizen who brings them a drug-dealer with his drugs
Barries Fourie attacked by Park Road SAPS, Bloemfontein: he tried to hand over a suspected drug-deal with the drugs… 2010-08-02 01:20 BLOEMFONTEIN – Pieter Steyn reports Mon Aug 2 2010

Bloemfontein barman Marius van Niekerk found NOT GUILTY of murdering black patron Gareth Wotshela – racist hatespeech during trial
Bloemfontein barman Marius van Niekerk is found not guilty of murdering Gareth Wotshela, trainee-manager of Metcash in Hamilton, in June 2009. August 6 2010 – BLOEMFONTEIN REGIONAL COURT Fri Aug 6 2010

Butler Don, 55 director RADM Construction, murdered Bloemfontein
Don Butler, 55, director, RADM Construction, Bloemfontein, shot dead execution-style Aug 21 2010 BLOEMFONTEIN. Don Butler, 55, was gunned down at the East End premises Mon Aug 23 2010

UK tourist gangraped, Happy Valley Nature Reserve, Bloemfontein
White UK tourist gang-raped in Happy Valley Nature Reserve, Bloemfontein January 13 2011 A British tourist was raped while taking a walk in the Happy Valley nature reserve in Bloemfontein Wed Jan 12 2011

Pulzone, Louis, 60, unarmed man killed execution-style, Genl.DeWet suburb, Bloemfontein
2010- 10-07 Louis Pulzone, 60, shot dead in his Bloemfontein suburban home Genl De Wet 2010-10-08 The unarmed Mr. Louis Pulzone (60) of President Brand drive Fri Oct 8 2010

Holtzhausen Monya 23 raped by 2 black men, Estoire smallholdings, Bloemfontein
Monya Holtzhausen, 23, raped by two males 2010-10-28: mom of toddler, Estoire smallholdings, Bloemfontein 2010-10-28 Frail Afrikaner rape-victim Monya Holtzhausen, 23, Fri Oct 29 2010

Bloemfontein youths Reino Myburgh, Reinier vd Walt beaten up by five black cops
2010-10-39 Afrikaner youths Reino Myburgh and Reinier van der Walt were attacked in Bloemfontein by 5 cops in SAPS vehicle white Volkswagen Polo, with registration number DSR213FS  Fri Oct 29 2010

Steyn, Barend 73 farmer murdered Bloemspruit AH, Bloemfontein Nov 7 2010
2010-11-07 Barend Steyn, 73, ex-railway worker and farmer, murdered on Bloemspruit smallholding FS Bloemfontein – A blood-stained sock, a pillow and a rag were silent witnesse .Sun Nov 7 2010

Smith Manie Afrikaner newsman and wife Caroline shot injured home-invasion Fleurdal Bloemfontein
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 Afrikaner newsman Manie Smith attacked in Bloemfontein Volksblad newspaper IT-chief Manie Smith, wife Caroline injured by gun-shots from two black attackers …Mon Nov 22 2010

Henning Amelia SAPS reservist clerk Bloemfontein, raped, stabbed to death Bloemfontein EYES STABBED OUT SAPS reservist Amelia Henning, 36, raped, murdered, Hospitaal Park, Bloemfontein OFS Nov 23 2010: Local SAPS reservist, charge-office clerk Mrs Amelia Henning was raped and stabbed Fri Nov 26 2010

Nel, Kitty, 93, Afrikaner stroke-victim denied public hospital treatment BLOEMFONTEIN – PICTURE
November 8 2010 – ANC denies impoverished Afrikaners proper medical care at public hospitals: BLOEMFONTEIN NATIONAL HOSPITAL: Mrs Kitty Nel of Petrusburg, 93, nearly comatose Mon Nov 8 2010

Mostert, Anna, 57 dies of internal bleeding – waited for an hour for ambulance Bloemfontein
Anna Mostert, 57, Dec 13 2010 – dies of internal bleeding: waited over an hour for government ambulance. Park Road, Bloemfontein 2010-12-15 Earl Coetzee reports in Volksblad …

Hall; Desire, Afrikaans labour broker shot dead execution-style partner Madeleine Bezuidenhout injured at height of anti-labour-brokers’campaign by Cosatu: Two Afrikaans labour-brokers gunned down in Bloemfontein: Desiré Hall (42) killed; Madeleine Bezuidenhout, 52, injured – only a week after Cosatu declared war on labour-brokers …Fri Dec 24 2010

Unnamed Shannon garage-owner stabbed, stoned to death, Shannon Free State smallholding
Garage owner stabbed stoned to death, Shannon, Free State Jan12011 THE unnamed owner of a garage in Shannon in the Free State was stabbed and pelted to death with stones Sat Jan 1 2011

Grobler, Lodie, Afrikaner shop mgr. Ladybrand, stabbed to death – Lodie Grobler, 27, Cambridge Wholesalers manager, Ladybrand, stabbed to death by supposedly ‘berserker’ worker Jan14_2011

De Beer, Alette, 72, stabbed by school-boy who had a knife in each hand, Jan 15 2011 Waterbron AH Freestate

Alette de Beer, 72, Jan_15_2011, knifed by youth who ‘begged her for an odd-job’, Bloemfontein Waterbron AH ‘Trust no-one’warns feisty gran after fighting back against young black male assailant.Sat Jan 15 2011

Smith, Annetjie, 62, beaten, chained up, Zastron
Smith, Annetjie, 62, Zastron: chained up after brutal beating, left behind for dead, Pic: Charl Devenish Volksblad 2011-02-15 Zastron … Sat Feb 12 2011

Theron family, 4 members: SAPS ‘suicide’ claim: inquest decision awaited: SAPS’ ‘suicide claim’ of four-member Afrikaans family not yet determined by inquest court:  (Note: Farmitracker places this report under ‘attacks’ until the inquest court decision has been made…Tue Apr 19 2011

Philine Steytler killed in culpible-homicide road accident, Luckhoff – Philine Steytler killed in culpible-homicide road-accident, Luckhoff 2011-04-23  Mrs Philine Steytler, wife of Free State Agriculture president Louw Steytler …dies in mystery crash: Sat Apr 23 2011

Van Deemter, Alje and Annemarie, 70, survive hammer-attack, Bloemspruit smallholding – Alje en Annemarie van Deemter, attacked by hammers, Bloemspruit AH  Bloemfontein 2011-05-09 Jana van der Merwe Bloemfontein – In die soveelste wrede aanval op ’n Vrystaatse kleinhoewe…Sun May 8 2011

Fuls, Günter: bitten until the blood ran by assaillant Ms Dineo Modisane, who threatened to kill him and cursed him as a ‘racist’ Günter Fuls viciously bitten by Ms Dineo Modisane, cursed as a ‘racist’ – she also threatened to kill him: charge laid but police still haven’t arrested her. …Tue May 24 2011

Sasolburg cops part of murder-attack gang: but are still working warns judge C J Musi:
Reign of terror targets whites from police-stations: Judge C J Musi who jailed Sasolburg Club 40 manager Ignatius Michael Grobler’s killer expressed concern that part of the murder-gang made up of Sasolburg police officers, are still working. Fri Jun 3 2011

5-member gang terrorising businesses in Odendaalsrust etc arrested in East Cape Freddies Ns 5 Shaft Odendaalsrust attack gang from Dec 2009 arrested in East Cape 7 Jul 2011 Free State gang from Eastern Cape heavily sentenced for a spate of robberies and murder …
Thu Jul 7 2011

Afrikaners beaten in Koffiefontein after objecting to antiwhite hatespeech in Post Office – White woman beaten in Koffiefontein after objecting to anti-white hatespeech in PO 2011-07-12 Previously a white man was also beaten up by a young black man while withdrawin …
Tue Jul 12 2011

Vosloo family threatened with murder by long-time gardener Oupakie Majafa – get interdict to stop the assailant from bothering them: Vosloo family threatened with murder by gardener – get interdict 2011-07-1 Mike van Rooyen ’n Onderwyseres van die Hoër Meisieskool Oranje in Bloemfontein Fri Jul 1 2011

Anna-Marie van Noordwijk, 53, editor of historical Harrismith Chronicle, survives facial shotgun blasts in farm-attack: Editor Anna-Marie van Noordwijk, 53, of Harrismith Chronicle, survives facial shotgun-blasts in farm-attack 2011-09-02 — Eight people arrested 14 September 2011: Thu Sep 1 2011

R30,000 fine for three culpible-homicide deaths by black fire-engine driver who killed Morgan Rees, Tanya Janse van Rensburg and Kylie Steyn, 8 THREE ‘ACCIDENTAL’ DEATHS: Black municipal fire-engine driver who killed Morgan Rees,18, Tanya Janse van Rensburg, 19 and Kylie Steyn, 8, fined a mere R30,000 – how to get away with a triple-murder: Sept 1 2011 -…
Thu Sep 1 2011

Asian-SA paediatrician rape at Pelomoni Hospital, Bloemfontein:

The Asian-SA Pelomoni Hospital doctor who was brutally raped on ward last year has been left in lurch by ANC-justice system – #RapeCrisis Pelomoni Bloemfontein hospital doctor who was brutally raped last year left in lurch by ANC-justice system: …Tue Nov 8 2011

Asian-SA Pediatrician gang-raped at Bloemfontein hospital – 3 arrested youngest 16:  Pediatrician screamed but ‘nobody heard’ while she was gang-raped in Bloemfontein hospital Nov 3 2010 – Medical personnel held an angry demonstration outside the Pelonom …
Thu Nov 4 2010

Pelonomi Hospital doctor in Bloemfontein was ‘raped by Lesotho youth ‘ – was not a gang-rape CLAIM IN COURT
“Boy” from Lesotho claims he ‘acted alone’ when raping female doctor at Pelonomi Hospital, Bloemfontein 2010-12-08 BLOEMFONTEIN. A ‘slender boy’ from Lesotho, 16  Wed Dec 8 2010 Paediatrician raped at Pelonomi Hospital Bloemfontein by three black males – protests

Furious medics, doctors from 3 hospitals demonstrate against gang-rape of Pelonomi Hospital paediatrician in Bloemfontein 2010-11-10 BLOEMFONTEIN MAGISTRATE’S COURT – Fri Nov 12 2010

Somalian shopkeepers survive torching by large black xenophobic mob, Botshabelo Free State
Somalian shopkeepers torched by large black mob, Botshabelo, Free State 2011-06-01 Johannesburg – The Afrikaans Naspers group Sun Jun 5 2011


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other news this week:

  • 350 black SANDF soldiers trained by Cubans to assist customs officials at: Johannesburg Airport Dec 23 2011 view 

ANC and ‘eight stages of genocide’

It is very difficult to get away with genocide, notes the Afrikaner Journal: ‘ the perpetrators must inevitably always name and communicate their intent so that these atrocities can be committed…’

Genocide is not a one-time event – it is a very slow process, according to the international watchdog Genocide Importantly, at each of its first five stages, the looming genocide can still be prevented–  if the local and international political will is present.  Does the international community have the political will to intervene before stage 7 – the all-out genocide of the Afrikaner and Boer people ?

ANC-regime does not arrest criminal cops for killing and attacking white Afrikaners:

Since January 1 2011, at least 990 black-racist attacks have been logged against whites – and the majority of these victims were Afrikaners and Boers.  By comparison, 170 ‘xenophobic’ attacks were logged in this same time period against black-African refugees, estimated to number at least 11-million and all but one of those attacks were carried out by black-racist South Africans. There was one exception: the recent murder of a Malawian man, for which a Boer now is being hunted with a large pack of heavily-armed reactionary cops. By comparison, the authorities seem to condone the hundreds of monthly attacks against ‘whites’ – it is seen that for instance, the large organised gang of black police-officers who actively participate in armed gang-attacks against white smallholders in the Sasolburg region, are still working, packing their guns, noted  judge C J Musi recently. 


Genocide Watch – The eight stages of Genocide:


Thanks to Genocide Watch founder Prof Gregory Stanton’s relentless efforts, ever since the legal expert was sent to investigate the Pol-Pot genocide in Cambodia for the U.S. State department — to document each stage of genocide in order to try and prevent it (he has proven repeatedly that at each stage, genocide can still be prevented) It has therefore become easy to identify actions that can lead to mass murder.

The ANC’s language and actions of genocide:

Boer farmers should be prepared to fight and to leave the country GenocideWatchPresident Jacob Zuma and his youth leader Malema, with other ANC  leaders, have helped to establish the ANC’s reputaAfrikaans pupils attacked by black striking teacherstion as an organization that promotes genocide:

1. It refers to all white people as ‘Boers’ – and uses this specific word as a curse, calling upon its supporters to Kill and Shoot Boers, with Zuma exhorting his followers to ‘Bring my Machinegun’  (Classification).
2. It promotes and defends its hate speech against Boers, singing songs like: ‘Kill the farmer Kill the Boer ’ , ‘Shoot the Boer’, invade Afrikaner schools screaming ‘Feel it It’s War; and defending ‘mass murder’ in a law-court against the Constitution  – (Preparation)
3. Calling the Boers ‘rapists’ , ‘criminals’ and ‘cockroaches’ – (Dehumanization).
4. As was also done to Europe’s Jewry under nazi-rule, the ANC has also made many Neuremberg-style laws to actively stop this small, highly-skilled and highly visible minority from making any kind of survival-living for their families – laws which prevent the vast majority of  ‘whites’, even the most-skilled –  access to the entire job market (AA/ BEE), also refuse them equal access to public housing, medical care, welfare services –  even food-aid; Afrikaner war-veterans are even excluded from veterans-benefits. (Organization/ Polarization, stages 4 and 5).

6. ‘We are now in the last few phases — and some activist are convincingly arguing that we have in fact, already reached the seventh phase – that of extermination’, noted Afrikaner Journal .

This can be be seen in a slow-motion (strangle-hold) effect, which all the above actions by the ANC-regime are having on this community. Even now, as I’m writing this, there are an estimated 800 000 members of this minority living in abject poverty. This equates to almost one-third of this population of people, noted Afrikaner Journal

So… how does the ANC plan to get away with genocide?

The ANC’s plan:
The ANC is relying on several conditions that will make it possible to bring its demonic plans into action.
It is relying on the international community’s goodwill. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994 the ANC has been basking in the sympathy of the world.

It will be very difficult to solicit support against this barbaric organization. At the moment the world cannot see that the ANC can do any wrong.

The democratically-elected nazis showed us that ‘functioning democracies’ are no guarantee against extermination and mass murder: ‘

‘Look’, they will exclaim, ‘ there can be no genocide, because South Africa is a functioning democracy ! ’  – as if democracy is a guarantee against extermination and mass murder.

  • They (the international community) conveniently forget that the nazis also were elected to power by democratic means.

The ANC furthermore relies on the world’s instinctive reaction to injustice, especially the fact that some sort of retribution should (or is expected) to follow  perceived injustice. Punitive measures, to some degree, will be tolerated. But who determines how far punitive measures can be taken before the organization implementing these measures, can be seen to have become the aggressor and  morally responsible for the outcome of their actions?

The ANC buzz-words ‘reconciliation and integration  against racism’ hide the slow genocide of the Afrikaner people

They will claim that their actions are geared towards ‘reconciliation’ and ‘integration’ – both of these buzz-words are always used to counter their perceived ‘effects of racism’. Many (amongst the ANC) will refuse to see or admit that legislation aimed at this aforementioned goal, is nothing else but pure racism — camouflaged as ‘measures to promote racial harmony’.

The fact that ‘redress and restitution’ cannot be built on the destruction of the minority-communities seems not to be an issue for concern – at least not for those who won don’t want to know the truth about the ANC’s plans.

The ANC’s excuses to not prevent this genocide:

The ANC will claim that they ‘didn’t have the resources, the manpower,  the organizational skills’ etc. to prevent genocide
They will claim that they ‘could not control the masses or prevent the invasions and -murders’.
They will claim that they were ‘helpless, incapable of stopping the ‘disadvantaged’ from ‘claiming what is ‘rightfully’ and ‘historically’, theirs.

This is how they will justify the genocide of the Afrikaner, and all other persons of ethnic European descent.

(This was a summary. The entire article can be found on: )


The land should be shared among those who work it…ANC GENOCIDE WITH NATL RURAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS MILITARY TRAINING

July 1 2011: Deputy-Agriculture Minister Pieter Mulder warned white farmers to ‘safeguard themselves against attacks and landgrabbing by the ANC Youth League..’.

Deputy-minThulas Noresi, Rural Development, Land Reform Dept’s explanation for the military training of the National Rural Youth Service Corps specifically to  ANC youth league members  “

Face book and


‘We will rape white whores, burn white kids especially those in Pretoria and the Vrystaat… what Malema said silently we shall kill them, Police will stand together, our leader will lead us to take our land over. Households will be broken into and families will be slaughtered… You f-ing white pigs… ‘

 ANC youth league genocidal speech MBATETI Thato_Malema_Facebook_FanPage_Screenshot “You f–ing white pigs. Malema is our leader. He will kill Zuma within the next 6 weeks,” Thato Mbateti wrote on the Facebook fanpage with more than 12,000 supporters. The alleged Malema supporter then went on to graphically call for the “taking back” of “stolen” land and the murder of Whites in South Africa. “3000 farmers dead since ’94 … we lost more than that … we r far from being even … So kill da boer, kill da farmer,” Thato Mbateti wrote. He noted:  ‘Malema is our leader. He will kill Zuma within the next 6 weeks. Look ahead my fellow black people. We will then take our land, and every tresspasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and rape them till the last breath is out. White kids will be burned, specially those in Pretoria and Vrystaat. Men will be tortured while I take a video clip and spread it o n YouTube. Collen we shall stnad together and rape those fuckers. Its true what Malema said: silentwe we shall kill them. Police will stand together. Our leader will lead us to take our land over. Mandela will smile again. White naaiers, we codming for you. Households willb e broken into and families will be slaughtered.’The posting was placed shortly after a South African High Court ‘s banning the ANC ‘battle song’, “Shoot The Boer” for its ‘incitement of violence against an ethnic group’.  Malema came under fire in September 2008 for proclaiming that the ANCYL would “kill for Jacob Zuma”…


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Afrikaner war veterans excluded from ANC War Veterans Act pensions