Hatecrimes against whites in South Africa by blacks

Hatecrimes against Afrikaners in South Africa:
January 2015 as recorded on the archive

Whites – Afrikaans- and English-speaking White South Africans – are being murdered and mutilated in horrifically violent attacks by large black gangs in urban areas (towns, suburbs and townhouse complexes) and on farms and smallholdings.


3 killed in same family:
father Martin van Breda, 54, mother Theresa 54, son Rudi 22 murdered: children Marli 16 critical and Henri 20 injured:


weapon used: an axe. Crime scene: A Stellenbosch high-security estate Date: 30 January 2015; Unusual Details: politicised cops try to pin triple-massacre on family member – very similar to the Shrien Dewani case) http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3126

  • (Shrien Dewani case: thrown out of South African court by judge: British businessman Shrien Dewani was cleared of murdering his wife during their South Africa honeymoon, after the judge threw out the case.Judge Jeanette Traverso said the evidence presented by the prosecution fell "far below the threshold" of what a reasonable court could convict on.She said the evidence of the prosecution’s main witness was "riddled with contradictions".http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-30375335

Mike O’Reilly shot 4 times in his back by black attackers on his Schoemansville Hartbeespoort driveway. Several days later he died in hospital



Hendrik Havenga (53) His decomposing body was found in a ditch in the black township of Gcilima, near Southbroom (KZN) on Tuesday. 29 January 2015:

Mr Havenga died from a gunshot wound to the head.Mr Havenga was reported missing on 22 January after he had gone to a farm near Ramsgate, reportedly having made an appointment to arrange for the building of a wall with an unknown person. The police and Wolf Security launched a search around the entire area. There’s no reports of valuable items missing.


Charles Henderson murder: Police Krugersdorp/Muldersdrift police arrested four of six black male torturer-murderers for the murder of Afrikaner smalholder Charles Henderson, 61:
The black male gang reportedly had tied the couple together and then tried to cut off the head of Charles Henderson of Muldersdrift with a garden spade: he died of ‘severe cutting injuries to his upper body’. Pictures were published of the blood-smeared floor and a woman’s hat at the Henderson couple’s Muldersdrift smallholding.The attack reportedly was ‘frantic, motiveless" when Henderson was murdered with a garden-spade. Beeld daily newspaper reported that he and wife were tied together and then they started hacking at his neck and upper-body with a garden spade. His widow required plastic surgery because she was viciously kicked in her face and smashed with a brick. Just before he died – still tied to his traumatised, bleeding wife, he sighed to her: "Ek kan nie meer nie’… (I can’t take it any more).


Susan Kotze, 79 ELLISRAS (Lephalale ) farm woman on 12 January 2015. One black male arrested for murdering Mrs Susan Kotze.
Apparently she was ‘extensively tortured’ before she was strangled to death with a coat hanger.  Just a small amount of cash was ‘robbed; and 22-year-old man had fled in her old bakkie which was found abandoned. The police are not looking for any other suspects in this particular case.

http://www.saps.gov.za/newsroom/msspeechdetail.php?nid=3713 Media enquiries: Colonel Ronel Otto- 082 451 7176

 4 Jan 2015 Rustenburg Six black male gunmen shot dead Willem Skippie de Klerk (30) on 4 Jan 2015 while the unarmed Afrikaner was trying to protect his family


http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3030 and http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3069

André du Preez,  3 Jan 2015 shot dead through open window by outside black male gunman: Hartbeespoort NW no robbery



Leon Snyman,  Hartbeespoort, (married to a black woman, Elize who also seriously injured but survived: Hartbeespoort attack wave by black male gunmen



Malcolm "Stick" Green, 68, shot dead by four black males, died in son’s arms from a single gunshot. Ladysmith farm 4 Jan 2015,


(Seven years earlier cousin David Green also died in farm attack KZN)

Martie Bester, 68, torched to death inside her house, farm Erfbloem, Theunissen/Welkom 11 Jan 2015, bible thrown on her body, signs of torture to the body


Mr Toon & Mrs Rinie Swanepoel. Cruel mental torture before death reported by South Africa Today: "Black comrades executed the Afrikaner couple who were tied up with their faces close to one another,
and shot them like dogs, first the wife, then the husband, while others sat and watched and ate the woman’s home-baked biscuits she was well-known for in the area.


Clive Bowers, 13 January 2015, Bundo Lodge Holiday Estate, White River, Lowveld by black males at 23h30: first sprayed with pepper spray, then he was shot dead.
Apparently this gang is being sought for the large number of plasma-tv ‘robberies": they use the chemicals to make ‘recreational street drugs’ from.


Johan Fourie 67, 1 Jan 2015 Farm Taaibosch Kroonstad reported by Kroonnuus, Elsje Waldeck

Unidentified farmer 69, shot dead execution style 5 Jan 2015 Estcourt KZN

Afrikaners Who Survived Attacks by armed blacks in hatecrimes in January 2015:


Farmer Prieur du Plessis attacked on his farm: January 31 2015: he was illegally arrested by a huge gaggle of 20 heavily-armed cops for an aerial self-defence warning shot against 2 blacks who threatened to kill his family, Ficksburg farm:


Johannes and Janet van der Merwe critically injured on Brits smallholding Jan 29 2015


Survived: Afrikaner cop Sgt Jan van Staden stabbed 2mm from heart with stake by black berserker John Maropane

Jan 27, 2015

Survives shot in face: nothing robbed, Manfred Kruger 64 bird collector Bonaero Park, Kempton Park 31 Jan 2015

Since June 2012, we have reported that some 134 new internal refugee camps were formed by white, mostly Afrikaner homeless families: their homelessness is being caused by well-organized, violence-driven ethnic cleansing of once-thriving Afrikaner towns together with the results of the ANC regime’s anti-white job laws, the Black Economic Empowerment acts and its many amendments barring whites from the job  market.

  • latest Afrikaner agricultural towns under siege in January 2015– Belfast, Dullstroom, Maschadodorp, Waterval-Boven in Highveld being destroyed, turned into ‘ghost towns’ without rule with Malema-style anarcy and sabotage by POLITICISED police force: http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/3141

Hatecrimes, hatespeech:Sexist, inhumane comments towareds critically injured family-massacre victim Afrikaner girl Marli van Breda 16:radio show Sol Penduka and Brendon Lombard suspended, but not fired

Page 1 of January crimes 2015 http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports.

The archive was started on 1 June 2012. Up to 1 February 2015 it has logged 3,005 hatecrime incidents. The largest number of hatecrimes were carried out against one of the country’s smallest and most visible minority: the Afrikaners, by the country’s largest majority group, namely black Africans of whom 99.4 percent were males between the ages of 16 to 55. These crimes are marked by extreme ferocity and cruelty towards the victims, indicating a high level of hatred — although in 98 percent of all these incidents, the black attackers had not been personally known to their white victims.


(We urge family members to contact us if we have omitted any cases from this January 2015 archive, or if we have committed errors. Contact us at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl archivist).

We have logged MANY more non-lethal attacks and other hatecrime incidents on the archive in the months of January 2015 than are recorded above. For all the details please visit http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports

Malema and his EFF are Fascists warns Communist

South Africa, September 29 2014 – Senior Communist Party member Phatse Justice Piitso – quoting Vladimir Lenin and “his leader’ Samora Machel — warns that Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters are ‘the highest form of a Fascist movement"…

"The EFF and the five characteristics of fascism"


Above: A senior South African communist, ex-ambassador to Cuba Mr Phatse Justice Piitso, an ex-provincial secretary of the South African Communist Party, warns on 28 September 2014 (in his personal capacity:) that Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters "represent the most ideologically and politically backward tendency since the demise of the Hitler and Mussolini regimes…”

He writes: "The EFF has become a political architecture of the highest forms and expressions of a fascist movement."

He quotes Antonio Gramsci, the world renowned philosopher, as saying the following about fascism:

  • "Fascism is a movement which the bourgeoisie thought should be a simple instrument of reaction in its hands, but once called upon and unleashed is worse than the devil, no longer allowing itself to be controlled.
    "Fascism is a phenomenal feature of modern capitalism of sparking civil wars to keep domination of its exploitation. Fascism is a phenomenon that always raises its ugly head during times of worse stages of capitalist crisis".
    "The rise of fascism in the present epoch of our modern democracy is not just a thread to our country, but to the Southern African region, our continent, the world and the whole of the future of humanity. Fascism was never revolutionary and therefore the EFF is never to be revolutionary.

“Vladimir Lenin argues that national arrogance, racism, hooliganism, anarchy, tribalism and religious intolerance are the main characteristic features of fascist chauvinism.” Fascism is an unreasonable and exaggerated sense of patriotism and pride in ones own country, with corresponding contempt towards the authority and other nations.

What are the general characteristic values of a fascist movement?
A. It always assume itself a posture of being a movement of young people determined to undermine the authority, creating a mayhem of disrespect to others especially the older generations.
B. A seedbed of the highest forms of disorder, exaltation of force, strength, violence: slogans, symbols, costumes, insignias and military fatigue.
C. Theoretical bankruptcy, ahistorical world outlook, glorification of the past historical events, and the past is always seen as a source of inspiration to the present.
D. It always assume the most revolutionary posture more than the revolution itself. Flaborous* behavior, excessively provoked as if the revolution is indebted to them.
E. The Commander in Chief, the cult of a leader:  The Commander in Chief is the embodiment of the nation, of its will, and of the state. He must be obeyed without question.  The leader is the alpha and the omega, the blind followers have absolute discipline, sacrifice and blind obedience.
F. The worse enemy of the struggle of the working class, upon seizure of state power,  it (fascism) always connives with monopoly capital to consolidate its class interests.

“Widespread persecution, killings and worst forms of exploitation and oppression of the working class.”

Over the ages of our history, human societies have always asked themselves the question why such hogwash movements, are able to embellish themselves, as the most revolutionary representatives of the wishes and aspirations of the majority of our people. Why are they able to occupy the political centre stage as the most revolutionary presidium than the revolution itself?.

  • “EFF seeks to turn South Africa into an arena of hooliganism and anarchy: “

Phiiso warns: “Our people have to open their watchful eyes to the pandemonium of the Economic Freedom Fighters -  which seeks to turn our country into an arena of hooliganism and anarchy. The EFF has become a political architecture of the highest forms and expressions of a fascist movement.  The movement represents the most ideologically and politically backward tendency ever in history since the demise of fascist dictatorships in Germany and Italy.

“In our modern times (of) democracy we cannot allow our national democratic revolution to be an emulation of Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini.
– What we need is to learn and teach others that the rise of fascism always correspond with the crisis of the capitalist mode of production. Therefore the realm of our society is to reflect deeply about the sharpening contradictions within the capitalist economic relations and how they manifest themselves in our own concrete material conditions.

“History proves that fascism has always promised workers a living wage, but through its arrogance deteriorated their living standards into painful torments of starvation and underdevelopment. It has always transform the working class into pariahs of the capitalist society.
The episode of anarchy and hooliganism within the corridors of our legislative chamber is reverberating the revolutionary words of our leader, the late President of the Republic of Mozambique Cde Samora Machel when he said:

  • "after independence we took off our guns and exchanged our uniform for suits and ties, we made mistakes. We looked elegant but the bourgeoisie had the guns".


Pictures above and below: Phiiso warned: "The events taking place at our legislative chamber is a living testimony that the historic enemy of our people has unleashed all its artilleries to ambush our national democratic revolution.  Counter revolution seeks to undermine our legislative chamber as a theatre of our struggles for socio economic transformation of society.



Phiiso admonishes: “Our task is to expose the common acts of hypocrisy by the Democratic Alliance and the EFF. Both serve the interests of monopoly capital to undermine the struggle for the total liberation of the people of our country.  The foundations of our democratic republic are anchored on the true history and genesis of the struggle of the people of our country against imperialism and Apartheid colonialism. Our constitution remains to be a catalogue of the best ethos humanity across the globe seeks to represent.
The past twenty years of our democracy have proven that the motive forces of our national democratic revolution are the bedrock of our struggle for socio economic transformation. Our people have indeed become the custodians of the struggle of our future generations to come.


Above and below:  Phiiso wrote: “The outcomes of our recent national general elections was indeed a testimony that the overwhelming majority of the people of our country have confidence in the African National Congress. Our people have indeed given our movement an overwhelming mandate to lead our struggle for the construction of our ideal national democratic society.”


Phiiso: “We congratulate the heroic people of our country for remaining true to the traditions and culture of our national liberation movement.
Our people are the fortress of our struggle for the achievement of the objectives of our national democratic revolution.  Our victory during the national general elections was indeed a confirmation that the veins and blood streams of the vast majority of our people are still decorated with the black, green and gold colours of our glorious national liberation movement. It was indicative that the ANC still carries the wishes and the aspirations of the great majority of the people of our country. The ANC remains the only political formation capable of taking forward our struggle for the achievement of the better life to all our people.”

* Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity.

statement posted on:

ANC’s silent approval of rape culture in South Africa

Why did chairman Desmond Tutu ‘s Truth and Reconciliation Commission stop  thousands of female exiles from testifying publicly about their rape ordeals in exile camps?

The ANC’s ‘patriarchal power’ through sexual terrorism is the underlying cause for the epidemic of sexual violence in South Africa 

By Adriana Stuijt, retired journalist. Dokkum, the Netherlands.

Expert: “Often in African Conflicts, Husbands are being Forced to Watch their Wives being Raped…’

24 September 2014. With sexual violence against women and children reaching epidemic proportions  under the ANC-regime, I want to raise — once again — the ANC’s culture of sexual-violence which was created during the terrorist movement’s ‘exile years’ before it was handed over the control of South Africa in 1994 by the FW de Klerk cabinet.

Many thousands of exiled women and men suffered horrific sexual abuse in the camps of the ANC and PAC in amongst others, Angola and Tanzania. Yet these tortured former freedom fighters have never been allowed to speak up publicly about their ordeal. 

Sexual violence continues to infect South Africa …

Tutu ‘s Truth and Reconciliation Commission refused to have these victims  testify publicly… and thus this culture of ANC leaders’ exercising their ‘patriarchal power’ through sexual violence continues to spread like a plague across all of South Africa.

The countrys official rape statistics remain the world’s highest – even though only one out of every 24 sexual abuse cases were actually reported (in Gauteng by 2004: SA parliamentary statement by MP Meshoe).


Sexual violence is clearly out of control and the SA Police Service’s attitude towards rape victims still often remains uncaring. This attitude also actively discourages victims of rape to report their plight, knowing that the many thousands of monthly perpetrators of rape will hardly ever be caught and punished.

The failure of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to lance this festering sore was  already raised ten years ago at the Peace and Justice Conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague held from March 25 to 27 2004, which workshops I attended as a journalist.

I reported on the remarkable testimony on this issue by Zambian participant Dr Chiseche Mibenge, 28, one of the many women from across the world present when the issue of the failure of the truth and reconciliation commission was discussed and evidence submitted.

One of the experts on the TRC procedures in South Africa, Andreas O’Shea, was also invited to testify, but dropped out at the last minute without any explanations.

Ms — who was completing her PhD on the subject of ‘Sexual violence during Conflicts’ at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University at that time — was very critical about this failure of the SouthAfrican Truth and Reconciliation Commission to reveal the truth. Now a Professor at Lehman University, she published a book in 2014: Sex and International Tribunals, the Erasure of Gender from the War Narrative,’ (University of Pennsylvania Press), in which she also made a comment very relevant to the situation for white South Africans today:

  • Often in African Conflicts, Husbands are being Forced to Watch their Wives being Raped…’  (below)
  • Order SexRapeAsAWeaponOfWarAgainstWomenAndMenProfChisecheMibenge

Above: order and read Prof Chiseche Mibenge’s book https://www.facebook.com/chiseche.mibenge?fref=ts

Ten years earlier, as a young Utrecht University student, she had also spoken up at the two-day Peace and Justice Conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague, slamming the South African TRC’s censorship, and noting: 

  • "They did not allow ANC-women to testify at the TRC about the sexual violence although many, if not all, had suffered horrific sexual violence at the hands of the ‘freedom fighters against apartheid’ in the exile camps in Angola, Tanzania etc. These women were barred from testifying ‘for political reasons,” she said. 
    She attacked the TRC and the SA government for sweeping these horrendous traumas suffered by these camp-inmates under the carpet.

"During the TRC in South Africa, the overwhelming number of witnesses testifying had been women, yet they were censored – they failed to testify about the sexual violence they themselves had suffered in the ANC’s exile camps. We only heard their testimony about how their male relatives, male friends and male comrades had suffered at the hands of the ‘apartheid police,’"she told the Peace Palace workshop. “But nothing about the sexual violence these women had suffered in the exile camps of the ANC and the PAC.”

“The South African TRC had not served its intended function of ‘lancing and disinfecting’ the traumatic psychological wounds…. this healing process, which the TRC was designed for, still has not been allowed to take place,’ she said.

Separate hearing on sexual violence against female freedom fighters held behind closed doors:

She noted that while the South African government ‘later on’ convened a seperate hearing on the sexual violence targetting female freedom fighters in the camps of the ANC and the PAC – these women were only allowed to testify behind closed doors. "This secret testimony has never been made public,’ she said in 2004 – warning that these women’s traumas thus remain a festering, putrid sore.’

I agreed with her wholeheartedly – also speaking at this workshop, which was also addressed by Frank Kobukyeye of the Rwandan Conflct Management Group, and Mr Jacob Finer of Boston US, at that time the convener of Bosnia’s TRC. A South African expert on the TRC procedures was also invited, but begged off at the last minute.

“The putrid sore of sexual terrorism in SA ‘s patriarchal society continues to fester: Tutu’s  TRC did not serve its purpose of healing and cleansing South African society…”

As the record has shown since then, this culture of sexual and criminal violence has continued under the rule of ANC-hegemony.

I wrote ten years ago:  "This violence is threatening to plunge the country into chaos because there seems to be no way in which the South African authorities seem able to put a stop to it.  Their poor policing capabilities remain totally inadequate to cope with the ongoing wave of sexual violence targetting women and children of all races in South African society’. “

Ten years ago, the Peace and Justice Conference in The Hague heard testimony showing that the violence in the countryside had already caused a 50 percent drop in food production in South Africa by 2004.

I continued my article ten years ago: "The violence is threatening to tear South Africa apart, and the Truth Commission has not served its intended purpose of diffusing the hatred felt by black South Africans towards especially the Afrikaners,’ the workshop members were told.

"There is a vast increase in hate-speech, instigated by local ANC-level leaders, who even encourage the use of slogans such as Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer " under the Mbeki regime,” I wrote at the time.

Not publishing the women’s testimony means that the ANC “approves of sexual violence as their means of exercising patriarchal control…this is their message to SA males’ …

Ms Mibenge also agreed in a chat with me after the workshop at the Peace Palace that her research showed that the sexual violence targetting women and children in South Africa had by then reached an ‘astonishingly high’ level. She also felt ‘strongly’ that the SA government should release its secret report on the sexual violence targetting female reedom fighters in ANC and PAC camps during their fight against apartheid – pointing out that their censorship of this report indicated ‘a level of public approval’  by the ANC government of the sexual violence. 

Shocking: rape of 35,000 children and infants by 2004:


"By remaining quiet about this episode of the ANC’s turbulent history, the current government is also sending a powerful message to its males -  namely that it approves of the use of sexual violence as a tool to maintain control over the population.

Ms Mibenge: "It was truly shocking that the rapes of on average 35,000 children are now being reported in South Africa, even of very small infants."


Only one in every 24 cases of sexual assault were reported in Gauteng” MP rev Meshoe: 26 February 2013: http://www.pmg.org.za/hansard/20130226-second-reading-debate-spatial-planning-and-land-use-management-bill

31 March 2010, Utrecht: PhD Defended: “Show me a Woman! Narratives of Gender and Violence in Human Rights Law and Processes of Transitional Justice,” Chisenge Mibenge. Chiseche’s research asks the legal profession to examine the gender biases in the transitional justice processes. “Some years ago I interned at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. I observed the cross examination of a female witness regarding the torture of men in her village. Not once was she asked about her own suffering during the conflict. At the close of her two day testimony, the Judge made the standard ‘thank you for your contribution to international justice’ speech. He then unexpectedly said: Madam I’ve read your pre-trial statements and I know that you were gang raped by soldiers. Did you report this crime?’ She replied that she had. He asked what had happened to these men and she replied ‘Nothing your Honour.’ http://chisechemibenge.com/presentations/interviews/ 

Prof Chisenge Mibenge: “Sex is a weapon of war against women and men” . http://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/book/15147.html and  http://www1.cuny.edu/mu/forum/2013/08/30/sex-and-international-tribunals-lehman-professor-writes-sex-back-into-the-narrative-of-war/ order and read  Prof Chiseche Mibenge’s book https://www.facebook.com/chiseche.mibenge?fref=ts

Sexual violence in South Africa: The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world. Sexual violence is the use of force or manipulation to get someone to engage in unwanted sexual activity without his or her consent.[1] An estimated of 500,000 rape cases take place in the country, every year.

Police negligence in farm-murders a large problem:

Bernadette, widow of murdered farmer David Hall, testifying to the South African Human Rights Commission:

"police negligence in farm murders adds to the problem"


Caption above: two of the five farm-attackers went on trial: they were acquitted and can never be tried again, because somehow, the SA Police Service (SAPS) ‘had lost the forensic evidence’. The widow testified that she was ‘treated like a criminal by the court’ . She was never informed of her rights as a witness before or during the trial… Now, the widow often sees her husband’s murderers in town, she testified to the South African Human Rights Commission on 15 September 2014.

by Ernst Roets, Afriforum, 17 September, 2014 –

"FOCHVILLE — 20 February 2012 began as an ordinary day in the lives of David and Bernadette Hall. The Halls were milking cows on their farm, Buffelshoek, near Fochville.  There they were overpowered by five black male attackers at 6am.

Bernadette was tied up and assaulted with a blunt object. David was less fortunate. 

  • After a fight with the robbers, who were just too many for him, he was finally on his knees. The lawn outside the dairy is where David breathed his last breath.  (Bernadette testified in court that two shots were fired through his brain while he sat on his knees in front of his murderers).

The community was furious. Lt-Gen Zukisa Mbombo, Commissioner of Police for the North West Province, said at the time that ‘the police would not stop their search until the suspects were behind bars.’


    “He will never have the privilege to stand back and see what he achieved in his life,” said Bernadette this week, testifying at the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). “He will not see his children get married and he will never meet his grandchildren.”

    What is even worse, is the fact that the assailants are still walking around as free people and that Bernadette sees them from time to time.
    Below: she testified that ‘their faces are engraved in my brain”….
    The case was not thoroughly investigated. Several forensic pieces of evidence, including a jacket, cigarette butts and the cables that were used to tie up Bernadette, were found at the scene. Initially, the police did not confiscate these items  until they were confronted about it by farmers in the community. This proved to be in vain …
    (Two of the ) attackers were caught and charged with murder in court.  (above) There, however, the State could not prove a case against them because there was "no evidence against them:"
    Nobody knows what became of the (forensic) evidence that was found at the scene.  Virtually the only evidence against the attackers was the fact that Bernadette identified them during an identification parade.  “I was there. I saw how they murdered my husband. I know who they are,” she later said. “


The Halls’ vehicle in which the attackers fled, was also found, but no fingerprints were taken on the vehicle.

The two assailants were acquitted.  And – because of the legal principle "autrefois acquit" (double jeopardy) these assailants can never be charged with the same crime again, even if the evidence should suddenly emerge.



Above: Bernardette Hall testifying at the Human Rights Commission, 16 Sept 2014 (video on YouTube Afriforum)

“I was treated like a criminal during the trial. It was very traumatic,” she explained. Her rights as a victim were never explained to her. Nobody helped her to prepare for the trial. In the court, she was attacked and humiliated by the assailants’ legal representatives.

But Bernadette is still on the farm. “Why do you not move to town?” one of the human rights commissioners asked her. “To farm is in my blood,” she replied.
“Since I was a little girl, I told my parents that I wanted to be a farmer. Nothing can replace the smell of rain and soil on the farm. One does not suddenly decide that you want to farm. "Farmers are born; people are not made into farmers.”

And then the dramatic statement: “I would rather stay on the farm and be killed than stay in town. I will not survive it.”

Today Bernadette is actively involved with AfriForum’s campaign against farm attacks. She not only supports it, but also takes initiative and arranges her own actions.


It is clear, though, that the police are not the only culprits in the fight against farm murders, but that the prosecution authority is just as guilty. The SAHRC was very much aggrieved by Bernadette’s story. Yet, she is no exception.

Nearly all the victims with whom AfriForum are communicating, complain that their cases are not followed up, that files and evidence disappear, that investigators do not answer their phones or do not return calls and that victims are treated like criminals in court. AfriForum has undertaken to submit a further report in this regard to the SAHRC.


Autrefois acquit: double jeopardy: “ Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction. In common law countries, a defendant may enter a peremptory plea of autrefois acquit or autrefois convict (autrefois means "in the past" in French), meaning the defendant has been acquitted or convicted of the same offence.[1]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_jeopardy



ANC-regime ignores trauma of Somali ex-captives

ANC regime ignores trauma suffered by Somali captives Debbie Maritz and Bruno Pelizzari

- Their Somali captors ‘abused the captured Afrikaner Christian woman while the couple were held captive from  Oct 26 2010 to June 21 2012


Nothing illustrates the ANC-regime’s lack of compassion towards its 3,4-million Afrikaner citizens better than the uncaring way in which they treated Somali captives Debbie Maritz and Bruno Pelizzari – showing no concern for their well-being during their captivity; refusing the prosecute the Somali pirates when they were captured by the Dutch Navy – and ignoring the couple’s traumatic plight thereafter…

September 22 2014 – by Adriana Stuijt a.j.stuijt@knid.nl  " The lack of compassion with which this white couple was treated by the ANC-regime after their 20-month ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates, is indescribable.
      They were simply expected to ‘get on with their lives’ – even though they are poor. The couple did not even get sufficient trauma-treatment from their ‘government’ nor did they receive any financial compensation for their ordeal.

The couple have since split up, undoubtedly from the stress: as ‘whites’ they have to somehow survive in a country where ‘whites’ like them aren’t even allowed to hold down fulltime jobs – by law.
Debbie Maritz has been particularly traumatized: she told the Afrikaans news media that she was raped repeatedly by her captors and that they never gave her anything to wear except the swimsuit she was captured in. They treated this kind-hearted Christian Afrikaner woman with contempt. The Afrikaans woman reportedly now is in dire straights, trying to survive on the tough streets of Boksburg, unable to forget the terror of her ordeal. 

Yet when the Dutch marines moved in and rescued Peter Eldridge – the Richard’s Bay-based owner/skipper who had lodged himself in a tight corner of tchained himself to the yacht, determined not to get captured, the impoverished couple were worked for him as the crew were marched off at gunpoint during the firefight. Now that five of the Somalis, captured during the firefight, have been convicted and sentenced ten years in a Dutch prison, shouldn’t the Dutch government also be held partially responsible to try and get the couple – but especially Debbie – back on their feet?

Then there’s the South African regime – which has refused to prosecute the five captured Somali pirates after the Dutch Navy had offered to turn the pirates over to the South African authorities. That’s not surprising: the ANC regime also openly refuses to help any Afrikaner even when they are slowly starving to death in little squatter camps. At least one-third of the Afrikaner nation of 3,4million people are suffering severe poverty, according to Solidarity Helping Hand charity, which is struggling to keep these families alive.

These ‘whites’ are not allowed to work, not allowed to own land, must hand over any meagre profits of businesses they may be running to “ANC-cadre partners”, the Afrikaners are not allowed to even educate their own children in their home language of Afrikaans… Nothing highlights the lack of concern shown towards the Afrikaners by the ANC regime better than their horrendous neglect of the badly traumatized Debbie Maritz after she and Bruno were rescued by Somali military forces.

The South African regime couldn’t even be bothered to negotiate for this impoverished Afrikaner couple’s release.

I call on the international community to please help Debbie Maritz and Bruno Pellizari. Debbie is a badly traumatized woman whose ordeal was described far too briefly to the international community: after they had made their money out of the dramatic story of their release… everybody just ignored her, including her own government…

Somali security forces have rescued a South African couple kidnapped by pirates in the Indian Ocean’. http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/06/21/12343356-south-african-sailors-freed-by-somali-pirates-after-20-months?lite

Dutch marines kill 2 pirates off Somali coast


April 4, 2011 Mike Corder THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch marines killed two pirates and captured 16 others during an operation to free a hijacked Iranian fishing boat off the coast of Somalia, the Defense Ministry said Monday.
The deadly firefight marked the first time Dutch forces have killed suspected pirates while patrolling the Gulf of Aden as part of an international anti-piracy flotilla. Marines from the frigate HMS Tromp opened fire on the pirates on the hijacked Iranian boat Sunday after they shot at two Dutch inflatable speedboats sent to investigate the fishing vessel, the ministry said. Ten suspected pirates were captured as they tried to flee in a high-speed skiff and six more were detained on the fishing boat. The bodies of two suspected pirates killed in the firefight also were recovered on the vessel. Dutch Defence Ministry spokeswoman Marloes Visser said the pirates, some of whom were wounded in the shooting, were being questioned on board the Tromp. The injured were receiving medical treatment, but it was unclear if the captives would be taken anywhere for trial. "It is not yet clear what will happen next. Prosecutors will have to decide," Visser told The Associated Press. Wim de Bruin of the national prosecutor’s office said Monday he had no information on the case. Even as Dutch marines searched the Iranian dhow, another group of pirates approached, apparently intent on hijacking the boat, the Defense Ministry statement said. The crew of the Tromp fired warning shots to force the second group of pirates to flee. The dhow and its crew were allowed to sail away from the scene of the attacks after the Dutch intervention.After years of tentative action against pirates, the international armada sent to protect shipping in the gulf has become more assertive and willing to prosecute captured hijackers rather than let them go. Last month, the Indian navy attacked in self-defense a fishing boat, which had been used by pirates as a mothership. Sixty-one pirates were captured and were taken to Mumbai, India’s financial capital, to be prosecuted. And in 2009, U.S. Navy SEAL sharpshooters killed three pirates who were holding the American captain of the Maersk Alabama ship.
Last year, five Somalis were convicted of attacking a Dutch Antilles-flagged cargo ship with automatic weapons and a rocket-propelled grenade, in the first piracy case to come to trial in Europe in modern times. They are serving five-year prison sentences in a Dutch jail,

Five of 11 pirates who captured South Africans Debbie Maritz and Bruno Pellizzari were arrested by the Dutch Navy: however, the ANC regime refused to prosecute them in South Africa so the Dutch put them on trial in Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

Five more Somali men suspected of hijacking a South African yacht last year (and captured a South African couple during a firefight) also awaiting trial in a jail in the Netherlands.
Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz release pending: October 20 1011: "To SA yacht crew members said to be ‘safe in Mogadishu after misunderstanding with Somali pirates with a religious agenda’.
The two Afrikaner Christians were captured from the yacht Choizil since October 26 2010.The couple’s capture was described by Peter Eldridge, skipper of the yacht, testifying to Dutch police.Jan 10 2011 – Peter Eldridge, skipper of the yacht Choizil, has described his ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates who seized his yacht and kidnapped his crewmates, Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz, to Dutch police and court officials. It has also been reported that the captured Durban couple, after a ‘misunderstanding with Somali pirates with a religious agenda’ , are said to be ‘safe’ in Mogadishu.The couple have no money. The skipper managed to escape with the help of Dutch Marines when his yacht was seized by Somali pirates but they dragged away his two hapless crewmates: two empoverished Afrikaners who had hitched a ride with him to get back to South Africa. Brono Pelizzari and Debarah Calitz were dressed only in their swim suits when they were captured.Pelizzari’s sister Vera said last night they had learned of the sentencing on Friday, but it did not change the fact that her brother and Deborah were still being held captive after nine months. Tanya Waterworth writes in the Cape Argus that the families issued the plea to the pirates holding them, al-Shabaab and All Somalia to "show humanity – release our family from this emotional famine that has been imposed on us.”

The desperate plea will be circulated in the Somali media on Monday. In the emotional plea for their return, Pelizzari highlighted the work being done by South Africa’s Gift of the Givers charity in the famine-stricken city of Mogadishu and its immediate surrounds.

“Every night we have heard on the news how South Africa, through the Gift of the Givers and the generosity of many South Africans, are assisting Somalia in its famine crisis and saving countless lives.

“These two South Africans are people of Africa and innocent of any offence to their brothers and sisters of Somalia.

“We ask the pirates holding them, al-Shabaab and all Somalia to show humanity – release our family from this emotional famine that has been imposed on us,” they said in their the plea. Deborah Calitz’s daughter, Kerri, said the families were hoping the media plea would help get her mother freed.

“The pirates’ sentencing does not help us at all – my mom and Bruno are still being held.” – Independent on Saturday

South African authorities refused to prosecute the five Somali pirates after their capture by the Dutch Navy:

Five of the twelve pirates were tried after they were captured by the Dutch navy. The South African authorities refused to prosecute them after the the Dutch navy rescued the South African skipper and his yacht and towed it to Richard’s Bay harbour.  The captain of the yacht, Peter Eldridge, submitted testimony to the Dutch authorities and the law courts about the cruel circumstances in which he and his two crew-members were attacked. Eldridge refused to leave his yacht and was rescued by the Dutch navy.  The Dutch captured five of the pirates but others managed to drag away the two Afrikaner crew-members, Bruno Pelizzari and his life-partner Deborah Calitz. They have been in captivity ever since October 26, 2010, ‘somewhere in Mogadishu’.
In January this year,  Peter Eldridge, skipper of the yacht Choizil, returned to South Africa after described his ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates to Dutch police and court officials.

It has also been reported that the captured Durban couple, both Christians, were nearly killed shortly after their capture – due to ‘a ‘misunderstanding with Somali pirates with a religious agenda’ but that they were said to be ‘safe’ in Mogadishu since that time.

The South African authorities claim that they are ‘negotiating for their release". The couple have no money for ransom and neither do their family. The most important thing now is to get Bruno and Debbie back safely,’ said SA yachtsman Peter Eldridge after testifying at the trial of five captured Somali pirates in The Netherlands, which led to their imprisonment on August 12 2011 in Rotterdam.He positively identified the accused men as being among the armed pirates who had hijacked the Choizil. “I then went before the magistrate and said virtually the same things, and was then asked questions by the lawyers.” He said that giving evidence there and knowing that some of the men had been arrested had not helped him in dealing with the trauma of the incident. “It is probably something I will never get over… The most important thing now is to get Bruno and Debbie back safely,” he said at the time. – The Mercury http://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/skipper-describes-hijacking-to-cops-1.1009939

South African international relations spokesman Saul Kgomotso Molobi: “kidnappers made no contact with South African government…’ (which has an embassy in Mogadishu).

According to Sail World’s purportedly ‘well-placed source’ in February this year a man named Andrew Mwangura in Kenya, and whose links with the piracy-industry in Somalia have in the past were said to be ‘extremely accurate’, the abducted couple Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz were moved to Mogadishu after their capture.

  • South African International Relations spokesman Saul Kgomotso Molobi said on 12 August 2011 that ‘the kidnappers had not made contact with the South African government nor with the relatives of Bruno Pelizzari and his partner, Deborah Calitz. ‘They have not sent any ransom demands so we don’t know what they want,’ he said. However, Molobi said hope for the couple’s safe return has not faded, as pirates sometimes took a long time to make ransom demands. ‘We believe they are alive. “

Urgent plea from families of captive South Africans to free Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz after nine months captivity.. Five Somalian pirates sentenced to Dutch prison sentences http://bit.ly/qLbnPH  – http://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/frantic-appeal-on-kidnap-by-pirates-1.1116982

The pirates were tried in Rotterdam the Netherlands after they were captured by the Dutch navy.

  •  The South African authorities refused to prosecute them after the the Dutch navy rescued the South African skipper and his yacht and towed it to Richard’s Bay harbour.
    The captain of the yacht, Peter Eldridge, submitted testimony to the Dutch authorities and the law courts about the cruel circumstances in which he and his two crew-members were attacked. Eldridge (tied himself to the ship) and refused to leave his yacht and was rescued by the Dutch navy. 
    The Dutch captured five of the pirates but others managed to drag away the two Afrikaner crew-members, Bruno Pelizzari and his life-partner Deborah Calitz. They have been in captivity ever since October 26, 2010, ‘somewhere in Mogadishu’.
    In January 2012,  Peter Eldridge, skipper of the yacht Choizil, returned to South Africa after describing his ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates to Dutch police and court officials (in Rotterdam).
    It has also been reported that the captured Durban couple, both Christians, were nearly killed shortly after their capture – due to ‘a ‘misunderstanding with Somali pirates with a religious agenda’ but that they were said to be ‘safe’ in Mogadishu since that time. The South African authorities claim that they are ‘negotiating for their release".
    The couple have no money for ransom and neither do their family. All the presents that Bruno and Debbie had bought for family back home and their money were found. When they came back we repeatedly told them we didn’t have any money and that we were South African,’ he said. The pirates stayed on the yacht while a mother ship carrying drums of fuel delivered food and tea to them.
    The three South Africans were used as human shields by the muslims:
    On November 7, the pirates holding Eldridge and the couple hostage on the yacht, spotted a French warship on the horizon. ‘There were two boats. One was from Amsterdam. Their helicopters were hovering overhead. The pirates then began firing at the warship with their AK47s and launched rockets.’
    Eldridge was told to contact the French vessel. Eldridge was able to inform them over the radio that there were eight pirates on board. ‘Afterwards, the pirates made us sit on the side of the yacht, facing the warship. They had guns to our heads,’ he said.
    The pirates motored the yacht until the motor seized and it ran aground on the Somali coast. The couple were forced ashore but Eldridge refused to leave. ‘One of the pirates came back,’ he said. ‘He ripped the microphone from the radio and started beating me. I refused to go. I lodged myself so he couldn’t pull me out. He then discharged his weapon. I was uninjured. He then left.’
    Eldridge made contact with the warship again and was rescued.
    At time of writing, no contact has been established with the kidnapping pirates, and no ransom demand has so far been made. Plettenberg Bay/Sail-World Cruising
    Richards Bay yachtsman Peter Eldridge, owner of the yacht Choizil, was exhausted after returning from the Netherlands, where he was interviewed by police and court officials on his hijacking by Somali pirates near Tanzania on Oct 26 2010,  reported Bronwyn Gerretsen. Mr Eldridge’s yacht was pirated on the high seas near Tanzania by AK47-wielding pirates on October 26. He, along with his crew, Durban couple Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz, were held hostage for 13 days before the yacht was run aground. Eldridge was left on the yacht after he refused to disembark, but Pelizzari and Ms Calitz were taken hostage. Five Somali pirates – among those who hijacked Eldridge – were arrested by the anti-piracy task force and put on trial in the Netherlands law courts.
    Eldridge was returned to Richard’s Bay by a Dutch warship after his ordeal, and last week was flown to the Netherlands to testify. He was first interviewed by Dutch police, to whom he related details of the incident.
    “The most important thing now is to get Bruno and Debbie back safely,’ said SA yachtsman Peter Eldridge after testifying at the trial of five captured Somali pirates in The Netherlands, which led to their imprisonment on August 12 2011 in Rotterdam.
    He positively identified the accused men as being among the armed pirates who had hijacked the Choizil. “I then went before the magistrate and said virtually the same things, and was then asked questions by the lawyers.”
    He said that giving evidence there and knowing that some of the men had been arrested had not helped him in dealing with the trauma of the incident.
       “South Africa has not interfered with Somalia by sending soldiers”..
     South African International Relations spokesman Saul Kgomotso Molobi said yesterday that ‘the kidnappers had not made contact with the South African government nor with the relatives of Bruno Pelizzari and his partner, Deborah Calitz. ‘They have not sent any ransom demands so we don’t know what they want,’ he said. However, Molobi said hope for the couple’s safe return has not faded, as pirates sometimes took a long time to make ransom demands. ‘We believe they are alive. South Africa has not interfered with Somalia by sending military to that country, so we are taking this as a good sign that hostages from South Africa will not be harmed. In one incident, pirates made a ransom demand four weeks after the kidnapping so there’s no reason to lose hope.’ http://www.sail-world.com/Cruising/international/Hope–for-kidnapped-South-African-cruising-sailors/77547
    Eldridge’s account of couple’s capture:
    In a blow by blow account of the traumatic hijacking off the Tanzanian coast on October 26, Peter Eldridge, 61, explained that he was prepared to sink his yacht, SY Choizil, if the pirates made it their ‘mother ship’ to rob other vessels. ‘I had made peace that … if they were going to go ahead with their plan to make it their mother ship, I was prepared to sink with my yacht and the pirates,’ he said.  Eldridge refused to leave his yacht when the pirates  took his crew hostage on November 7 2011. Eldridge, an experienced yachtsman, had lived on his yacht on the coast of Dar-es- Salaam for several years. ‘I decided to sail to Richards Bay in November because it was a good time to sail. I approached Bruno and Debbie to be my crew and they agreed because this would allow them to visit their families back home,’ Eldridge said at the Zululand Yacht Club. He said the issue of piracy was fully discussed in Dar-es-Salaam with the couple before they set sail in October. ‘We believed that in the likely event of being attacked, we would be robbed and then the pirates would leave us,’ he said. 
    On October 26, 160km from the Tanzanian coast, two motorboats pulled up on either side of the yacht. He was quickly able to send out a mayday signal. Twelve pirates, armed with AK47 guns and RPG rockets, boarded the yacht. ‘Communication was poor but they demanded the satellite radio and any cellphones we had. They disconnected the fixed radio and removed it.’ The three were held at gunpoint while the vessel was searched.
    ‘All the presents that Bruno and Debbie had bought for family back home and their money were found. When they came back we repeatedly told them we didn’t have any money and that we were South African,’ he said. The pirates stayed on the yacht while a mother-ship carrying drums of fuel delivered food and tea to them. On November 7, the pirates spotted a French warship on the horizon. ‘There were two boats. One was from Amsterdam. Their helicopters were hovering overhead. The pirates then began firing at the warship with their AK47s and launched rockets.’

previous reports:
Urgent plea from families of captive South Africans to free Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz after nine months captivity.. Five Somalian pirates sentenced to Dutch prison sentences
http://bit.ly/qLbnPH  – Aug 12 2011 – After the criminal court in Rotterdam sentenced five Somali pirates to up to 7 years in a Dutch prison for capturing two South Africans during their attack on a South African yacht , the family of the captives issued a plea to the Somalis to release the young couple after nine months of captivity.

Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

Why are so many Afrikaners dying in squatter camps?

By Adriana Stuijt. April 7 2014 –  Ever since 1994, when the ANC-regime came to power, as a retired SA-Dutch journalist I’ve been keeping track of the Afrikaner people’s growing destitution – deliberately created by the ANC-regime.  Following is a summary of this ongoing process of deliberate genocidal behaviour leading to the deaths of many Afrikaners as they drift into destitution.

Lately there have been a growing number of reports that Afrikaner people are dying of water-borne diseases such as cholera in these camps.  They are also dying of  other preventable communicable diseases such as TB – which during apartheid was kept so well under control that they had a 95% cure-rate. Many Afrikaners also die in fires in their squatter shacks because they have no access to electricity.  Many children also are maimed in such fires and have to spend the rest of their lives as crippled invalids.

Avoidable cholera-deaths in Afrikaner squatter camps reported:

CholeraDeathInBoerAfrikanerSquatterCampANCcouncilBlamedMar272014This is the latest such incident – a (medically-confirmed) cholera death at one of the poor-white camps run by the Nehemiah project: The people at the Afrikaner Journal are trying to alleviate the problem and desperately need help – especially clean water systems and solar-powered appliances – to be installed in these camps.

One may can contact them directly: 
Voice: +27825236699 – (082 523 6699)
Fax: +27867184596 – (086 718 4596) and via:
http://afrikanerjournal.wordpress.com  https://www.facebook.com/afrikanerjournal

Cholera deaths are avoidable with cheap clean-water system for families:

These cholera-deaths are totally unnecessary: they can be prevented by a simple device which cleans out 99% of all the harmful organisms from even the dirtiest drinking water: if any donors are willing to come forward to help the poor Afrikaner families with such life-saving, clean water devices it would be very helpful. (below)


ANC regime refuses clean-water reticulation to poor white communities:

For all this misery is ALL due to the deliberate neglect by the ANC-regime towards poor Afrikaners – they refuse to lay on the free municipal services to ‘ whites ‘’ , which they do always provide to poor black communities as soon as they have set up another little squatter camp anywhere – these camps get a set minimum quantity of municipal water and –electricity and ablution facilities which are being totally denied to the Afrikaner poor.  
I refer to the ‘Afrikaner poor’ because surveys have found that in most of these little camps, more than 98 percent of all the camp-dwellers are Afrikaners. That’s why it’s also been mainly the Afrikaner cultural structures putting up a valiant fight –  in the courts and with hands-on help –  to try and stop this tsunami of Afrikaner poverty.  It’s conservatively estimated that at least 1million of the 3,4million Afrikaner people now live in dire poverty, many in these camps and in backyard shanties.

People are being ethnically cleansed from traditional ‘Afrikaner’ areas and are forced to move to marginal sites –  which are moreover also encreasingly encroached upon by very aggressive, very demanding and very large black groups, often illegal foreigners from other African countries demanding free municipal services:


Afrikaner death toll rising:

The death toll among the Afrikaners – often horribly slaughtered and mutilated in hate-crimes –  is rising by the month: see http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports
Afriforum and Solidariteit and Helpende Hand have over the years all done wonderful work -  often financially supported by their trade-union members, mostly mineworkers, and by close-knit farming communities, to try and stop this headlong plunge into starvation and destitution.

Before 1994 there were about 20,000 ‘poor whites’ on the official records. Mostly with physical or mental disabilities who were drawing small pensions from the NP-government, and were staying in a low-cost group of well-tended flats in central Pretoria and similar social-housing sites in other cities as well. As a journalist I visited those flats in Pretoria many times. People there were ‘proud poor’- ashamed of their poverty, counting their pennies.  The building was guarded and the flats themselves were neat, clean and frequently inspected by the social welfare department to make certain things ran well there.  These flats also provided cheap housing for the nurses at the nearby hospitals and so it was a mix of empoverished poor people and nurses.  It worked.  
Just after 1994, when Mandela’s terrorists came back from their violence-ridden refugee camps like Camp Quatro in Angola and were bombarded to government ministers, the very first thing this group of males did was to start tearing down those flats and the social-welfare structure which ran them so well. That apparently formed an integral part of their propaganda campaign whch claimed that ‘ nothing good which was ever  done by the apartheid-government”. So they set about destroying any contrary vidence to  ‘prove’ the contents of their propaganda. 

  • Initially the local ANC-councillors and their social welfare Minister destroyed these flats by encouraging incursions of criminal gangs, mostly drug-dealers, who were setting up shop there and started dealing.
    That’s always the best way to destroy any well-ordered community and it worked.  Today, the human-trafficking and the drug-gangs  run the streets of South Africa. In central Pretoria in 2014 -  there’s hardly any white residents left unless they stand begging on street corners.
    These buildings themselves were eventually deliberately destroyed by a series of large fires. In the last fire which destroyed them, people with disabilities were plucked from rooftops by military and police helicopters to save their lives.  Those people were given no alternative housing by the Pretoria ANC-council: most of them ended up at the smallholdings of working-class Afrikaners, mostly mineworkers and government officials who used their old-age pensioners and their savings to buy these smallholdings.
    Often these people were put up in Wendy Houses – little backyard ‘play cottages’ for children. Many moved to to Daspoort, where people put them up in tents and eventually in cottages:
    Nobody ever thought that this would however become a permanent way of life – but that’s how these camps grew:  hundreds of thousands of well-educated Afrikaner workers were kicked out of government service due to the ANC’s ‘black economic empowerment’ laws. These are increasingly barring ‘whites’ from all permanent jobs.  This is a rout – a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign by the ANC regime targeting Afrikaners in their traditional towns, hamlets, smallholdings, farms and cities all over South Africa. Whenever an Afrikaner community balks and objects at the Africanisation of their schools and the destruction of their Afrikaner cultural rights, the ANC propaganda machine jumps into full gear and accuses these tiny Afrikaner communities of ‘racism’.  It’s a campaign which has worked well for the ANC over the years.
  • AfrikanerSquattersChasedOffBlackSquattersGetMunicipalServices2011

Poor whites are still targeted by violence in squatter camps

And even when these Afrikaner families move into a camp, they are not left alone: even though they are dirt-poor and starving, the murder-attacks continue.  The Afrikaner boys and girls are targetted by the large, organized ‘human-traffickers” gangs of black males who lay in wait and kidnap these youngsters — even from in front of their schools, sell them into sexual slavery and a brief life of deliberatel drug-addiction:




Political rights of Afrikaners in squatter camps:

And whenever there was an attempt by cultural organizations to organize the poor Afrikaners politically there was interference, not only from government officials screaming ‘racism’ and attacking these small communities physically such as at Kleinfontein  http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1029 –  but also from the ‘traditional Afrikaner” political structures from before 1994. They were  trying to hold on to their voters’ base and even made sure that exiled ‘whites’ would be allowed to vote at embassies overseas.  The mass-migration into squatter camps also created the problem of re-registering each new adult at these squatter camps.  It’s not known how many Afrikaners have been ethnically-cleansed off the voters’ rolls – many people have never re-registered at their ‘informal addresses’ in squatter camps. 

ANC knows ‘poor whites’  exist despitetheir denials:

The ANC in this  forthcoming presidential election in May, has even very cynically taken  poor Afrikaner squatter camp residents to their political meetings and promising them food-parcels and blankets if they sit in the front rows of election meetings and allow themselves to be photogrphed –  wearing ANC tshirts: However it was reported that none were given the promised life-saving food-parcels or blankets until Afrikaans news-media journalists raised a public row about it.
On the Afrikaner Genocide blog alone, more than 50 articles appear about this subject alone, with pictures, sources and newspaper article citations.  One often sees extended  Afrikaner families relying on granddad and grandmom ‘s tiny pensions for their survival.   It’s a losing battle: the ANC also tries to ‘encourage’ poor ‘whites’ to move to black townships where their children will become  alienated from their own culture and ‘Africanized’.  How is this social experiment of forced integration working out?

Peruse the records and make up your own mind. If you know of any long-term ‘success stories’ of the Western Afrikaners integrating in ‘black’ communities –  please urgently let me know at a.j.stuijt@knid.nl

Confirmed by clinic: Man dies cholera death in white squatter camp
Sarah Bezuidenhout’s starvation death in black squatter camp:
Louiza Preston’s death from TB:

picture album  on my blog censorbugbear reports on FB from 2013:
https://www.facebook.com/censorbugbear/photos_stream )

Ethnic cleansing of poor  Afrikaners continues 2012:
Poor Boer families protest peacefully against ANC-policies 2011:
Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaners in Pretoria:
Afrikaner poverty and hunger are spreading 2009:
ANC’s ethnic-cleansing of poor whites 2012:
Afrikaner cultural leaders Dan Roodt and Steve Hofmeyr warn of Afrikaner genocide:
The secret war against the Afrikaners of Middelburg, Mpumalanga:
SA communists ask to visit Afrikaner squatter camp:
   “White poverty gets little sympathy in South Africa”:

2014 black-racist murders of whites: Jan, Feb & March

January, February and March 2014: black-racist murders of white South Africans in hate-crimes:

January 2014: killed:  Neels Strydom 32; Riaan Labuschagne 29; Joan Pieters 59; Johan van der Schyff 28; Ronnie Uys 29; SAPS detective Basil Crouse 47; Joe Herholdt; Boetie Cornelissen 27;  Douglas Pierce 39; Barend Oosthuizen 69; Geoff Stuart 71; Hapie Schoeman; Hannetjie Ellis 73; Henk de Villiers; Gerhard Fourie 68; Christiaan Theunissen 17; Leon Clur;

February 2014: killed: Tom Benecke 65; Charlotte Kruger 66; Ina Marincowitz 59; Prof Adriaan Smit; Francois Meyer; Dirkie vd Walt 30; Basil Botha; Sterkloop Lydenburg Afrikaner woman suffocated; Mike de Beer 89; Hennie Wagner 47; Shirleen Victor Booysen; Hendrik Frederick Nortman; Lien Nortman 72; Sarel Pretorius; Clinton de Menezes 43; Alice Farinha 67; Neville Ross, 75;  Ben van der Westhuizen 24; Mike Smith ex-parabat; Elizabeth Els 20; Rob Meek

March 2014: Killed: Deon van Heerden 23; Daniel Menezes 68; Ounooi Badenhorst 76; J.R. Buhrman 77; Leander Dercksen 22; Rudi Lettau 17; Hazel Huggins 85; Charles Wait 40; Genée Katzan 75 and Mr Katzan 79; Johan vd Nest 50; Lettie Rupping 87; Giel Lourens 80; Des Venter; Danie Schreuder 56; Gerhard Venter; Annemarie van Zyl;  Derek Woods 53; and three-member Schutte farm family slaughtered





Mystery death Afrikaner Neels Strydom 32 found dead Feb 24 2014 – was reported missing 22 feb 2014 Elsburg OB 1897/02/2014. Neels resided in Gannet Street Elsburg & was on foot when he left on the 22 February at 3.30 Pm. A withdrawal was made from his bank account. "It is with deep regret that we extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Neels who was found deceased. Missing people of South Africa Pink Ladies – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=623281317744332&set=a.373558899383243.84891.373550099384123&type=1&theater
Assistant mine-manager Riaan Labuschagne 29, shot dead by black men inside office of Golden Falls Mining company, Holpan, Windsorton, Kimberley: nothing robbed, journalist Lecrecia Prins writes on 27 February 2014 (pagegrab)
Mrs Joan Pieters, 59, found murdered: cut throat: Virginia, Free State
Johan van der Schyff, 28 Feb 2014 dad of two primary pupils, shot dead Monday morning at their Garsfontein town house, reports Garsfontein SAPS 012-3485900
White man shot dead in attack by 7 blacks in Qora, Transkei: Feb 23 2014: (details still awaited)
An unidentified man was found dead with tied-up feet in Stilfontein home North West 24 Feb 2014 SAPS sergeant Kealeboga Molale confirmed that the man,
estimated around 45 years old. His body was found Sunday. "His family got worried when they didn’t see him again, they went to his home where they found him on the floor in the living room.His feet were tied up and his face was hidden beneath a mat. No-one was arrested.
Mystery death: Ronnie Uys, 29, 4 Feb "Pink Ladies Missing Persons" South Africa reports he was reported missing on 29 January 2014 driving from Doornrandjies "It is the policy and protocol of this org to wait until SAPS give go ahead or it appears in the media. Let the family first say goodbye."
Mystery death: (14?) Top detective SAPS w/o Basil Crouse, 47, found dead
Missing Southport woman found murdered, tied up in car boot KZN
Joe Herholdt at Greytown: (reported by Juanita Herselman Gilson: Feb 18 2014 Greytown KZN – "One of our well-known citizens was stabbed to death on his erf. Four youths walked onto Mr Joe Herholdt’s erf and stabbed him to death outside – and then dragged him inside his home. Please consider his family during this stressful time and believe that the Lord will watch over them’. Boere Krisis Aksie https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000560469577&ref=ts&fref=ts
Murder 11: Boetie Cornelissen 27, shot dead Friday Feb14 2014, reports #SabieValleyNeighbourhoodSecurity Karin Cornellissen reports the couple were watching TV around 21h00 when they heard a noise from their neighbouring house. Mr Cornelissen went out the front door and was shot in the chest when he confronted the robber. SAPS confirmed investigation.
whiteriverpost@mwebbiz.co.za –
White motorbiker, security-guard Douglas Pierce, 39, killed by shots in his back during during road-rage’ incident North Riding Randburg: murder-suspect motorist, reportedly an attorney, arrested by Roodepoort SAPS to appear in court Monday Fb 17 2014.
Empoverished Afrikaner car-guard Barend Oosthuizen, 69, Feb 14 2014: dies in hospital after he was gunned down with his car-guard daughter in the Absa-bank car-park: Brakpan, East Rand:
White English-speaking South African Geoff Stuart 71, Munroe Drive, Munster, north of Port Edward KZN south coast: Feb 13 2014
Dead from deliberate ANC-government neglect: Brandfort Afrikaner pensioner Hapie Schoeman: dies: ‘municipal ambulance refused to transport a white man to hospital"after breaking hip, forced to wait 8 hours, finally taken there with a hearse:
‘culpible homicide': Well-known Rustenburg car-guard Hannetjie Ellis, Feb 1 2014: nicknamed "Aunt Speedy the Carguard’ dies from hit-and-run accident: red Audi ‘full of people’ chases away:
Henk de Villiers Feb 8 2014: shot dead by five-member black male gang who shot their Mnandi rental home at Centurion full of bullet holes.
Wife Rina de Villiers, 55, was badly beaten up and was not killed because she pretended to be dead.
Afrikaner businessman Gerhard Fourie 68, shot dead Hartswater North Cape smallholding: nothing robbed from the owner of SA Ground-Nut Marketing, Hopetown: SAPS seeking two black males: Hartswater is an agricultural hamlet with 10,200 residents. http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/2123
Culpible homicide: Hit-and-run death: 17-year-old Grade-12 pupil Christiaan Theunissen was run down and killed on the ‘safe’ zebra-crossing in front of his High School Elsburg Feb 5 2014 — just after his dad had dropped him off: a female motorist ran him down.
His bereaved parents have donated his organs ‘so that he can perhaps help someone’. The Afrikaans news report in Beeld does not say whether the woman will be charged with culpible homicide.
Afrikaner dad Leon Clur Feb 3 2014 in Hectorspruit: " Leon Clur shot in the head, Feb 3 2014: Hectorspruit in front of his wife Marli Clur and their children. He died at the Mediclinic Nelsrpuit. Very little was ‘robbed’. https://www.facebook.com/vveiga2
https://www.facebook.com/lclur1/photos – also: http://maroelamedia.co.za/blog/nuus/man-voor-gesin-by-braai-doodgeskiet-twee-rowers-sterf-ook/
Neels Strydom 32; Riaan Labuschagne 29; Joan Pieters 59; Johan van der Schyff 28; Ronnie Uys 29; SAPS detective Basil Crouse 47; Joe Herholdt; Boetie Cornelissen 27;
Douglas Pierce 39; Barend Oosthuizen 69; Geoff Stuart 71; Hapie Schoeman; Hannetjie Ellis 73; Henk de Villiers; Gerhard Fourie 68; Christiaan Theunissen 17; Leon Clur;


Killed in February 2014: Tom Benecke 65; Charlotte Kruger 66; Ina Marincowitz 59; Prof Adriaan Smit; Francois Meyer; Dirkie vd Walt 30; Basil Botha; Sterkloop Lydenburg Afrikaner woman suffocated; Mike de Beer 89; Hennie Wagner 47; Shirleen Victor Booysen; Hendrik Frederick Nortman; Lien Nortman 72; Sarel Pretorius; Clinton de Menezes 43; Alice Farinha 67; Neville Ross, 75;  Ben van der Westhuizen 24; Mike Smith ex-parabat; Elizabeth Els 20; Rob Meek

Afrikaner man Tom Benecke 65 missing since Jan242014: found murdered and dumped in a cave near Randfontein mine. Two black men arrested.
Lydenburg Afrikaner resident Mrs Charlotte Kruger 66, dies of suffocation during violent raid targeting her and husband Japie 70, Lydenburg security complex by 2 black males (PAGEGRABS ATTACKED)
Mrs Ina Marincowitz 59, raped & murdered by her Black gardener and his comrade in Stormsrivier. They dumped her body next to the road. (Sunette Bridges, AWAITING MORE DETAILS)
Mystery-death: Prof Adriaan Smit, Plot 3, Nylstroom CPF sector 3: found naked, wallet missing, car-keys missing, BUT SAPS says it’s a natural death
Francois Meyer: shot in the face http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/view/2069
Dirkie van der Walt 30; Black Rock Hotazel North Cape, stabbed to death with broken bottles by a black mob in Black Rock, Hotazel, North Cape — (report by Annina Lamprecht Nel (saps explosives section) – and Gawie Maritz: who writes: " Sunette ek ken die man. Dit was Dirkie van der Walt. Hulle het drank gaan aflaai by die bottelstoor so twintig meter van die huis. Toe hy uitgaan om die drank te ontvang het hulle hom met bottels aangeval en gesteek." Black Rock security: tel 0537125209
Basil Botha, shot dead by 2 blacks in his home at Welverdiend. Nothing ‘robbed’.
An elderly Afrikaner couple attacked by 3 black men in Sterkloop near Lydenburg this morning. Both assaulted. The lady suffocated to death. (Lydenburg newspaper confirmed, awaiting names).
Afrikaner Mike de Beer, 89, fatally shot in his face by three black gunmen
Hennie Wagner, 47, shot dead in Dan Pienaarville, Krugersdorp Jan 19 2014; http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/2067
Mrs Shirleen Victor Booysen dies Jan202014: was frail after Nov202011 Grabouw farm attack
Hendrik Frederik Nortman, 74, dies of torture ordeal Vanderbijlpark suburban home & wife Lien, 72, who was gang-raped, died Sunday-morning January 19 2014 in the hospital ICU. She sustained a broken back and broken ribs in the horrific assault by the seven black males who murdered her husband.
Top Merino sheep farmer Afrikaner Sarel Pretorius murdered, wife badly injured, 2 black attackers being sought, farm Platfontein, Barkly East http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports#gVaRlVdSWVPgUJxt.99
Unidentified long-time Houghton resident, shot dead in hit by two Zulu-speaking men: nothing robbed: (name withheld pending notification of kin overseas)
leading London artist Clinton de Menezes 43, unarmed, shot dead in his fierce fight to stop black male gunmen from attacking his family and friends: KZN:
Alice Farinha murdered (xenophobic crime by homeless white Afrikaner man taken in by good samaritan: Chrissiesmeer hamlet: Ermelo Court January 14 2014
Neville Ross, 75, music teacher, English-speaking, found murdered, wrapped in blankets: 15 Cecil night Street, Krugersdorp
Ben van der Westhuizen 24, killed near Vryheid while the mechanic was test-riding a repaired motorbike: nothing robbed
Mike Smith, ex-parabat, Durban life guard, shot dead at his The Bluff home Durban
Elizabeth Els 20, Port Elizabeth: killed Jan 2 2014: http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/2000
Rob Meek murder: Jan 1 2014 midnight; top architect, ex-parabat, English-speaking white South African murdered in front of family
Piet Riekert, farmer, Dinokeng nature reserve midnight http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/1998

details on


March 2014: Killed: Deon van Heerden 23; Daniel Menezes 68; Ounooi Badenhorst 76; J.R. Buhrman 77; Leander Dercksen 22; Rudi Lettau 17; Hazel Huggins 85; Charles Wait 40; Genée Katzan 75 and Mr Katzan 79; Johan vd Nest 50; Lettie Rupping 87; Giel Lourens 80; Des Venter; Danie Schreuder 56; Gerhard Venter;  Annemarie van Zyl; Derek Woods 53; and three-member Schutte farm family slaughtered

Deon van Heerden 23 March 2014.Finsbury smallholding, shot through heart and stabbed, fingers also broken on torture mrder. Plot between Carltonville and Randfontein Reports DR Prinsloo:
Daniel Menezes, 68, dies in Kroonstad hospital after face was crushed in hijacking six weeks earlier:
Ounooi Badenhorst, 76, chairwoman of Smithfield community forum: murdered with headshot at Smithfield FS home night of Mar31-April 1 2014
J R Buhrman, 77, found murdered in De Emigratie farm homestead, Ermelo. Nothing seems to be robbed.
Leander Dercksen 22 murdered in Brits farm attack, dumped along roadside
Culpible-homicide death: March 28 2014: Afrikaans high school pupil Rudi Lettau 17, deliberately run down and killed by metro-cop in
Mrs Hazel Huggins, 85, was found tied up on the floor and murdered. SAPS w/o Alwin Labans said her body was found Friday-morning March 28 2014 in the retirement village of Kruger Gardens in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth by a nurse who investigated at 07h30 after Mrs Huggins failed to show up for an appointment.
Biker Charles Wait, 40, Uitenhage: culpible homicide: flung off scooter and killed: taxi driver said his ‘brakes failed’
Genee Katzan and husband 75 and 79, Parktown North: 16 March 2014 (Sunette Bridges report): shot in their beds during attack.
Mrs Katzan was shot dead at scene, unnamed husband died at hospital:
Johan van der Nest, 50 of Birchleigh – found bludgeoned, died in Tembisa Hospital, where family finds him in morgue ten days after reporting him missing:
Lettie Rupping 87, livestock farmer, found murdered along road between Mbekweni and Oxton, Whittlesea, East Cape, confirmed by SAPS spokesman colonel Sibongile Soci.
Afrikaner pensioner Giel Lourens 80, stabbed to death at his backdoor, Lewisham, Krugersdorp: Reported by Krugersdorp News journalist Amoryn Golden
Des Venter shot dead in cold blood at Cullinan farm: 14Mar2014 – @SAPoliceService ‘Too Tired To Patrol': Afriforum spokesman Ian Cameron writes: "Only five cops at Cullinan station even have drivers licences. Yet they claim to have capacity? @afriforum : "The SAPS is indirectly engaged in leaving a blood-trail in the country themselves", said Cameron of Afriforum. "Every week we receive complaints about the poor service from the Cullinan- and Bronkhnorstspruit police stations’. It was also communicated to the community that ‘The Police Are Too Tired to Patrol’. There’s a manpower shortage but due to the police’s ‘exhaustion’ another murder could have been prevented but wasn’t, or at least suspects could have been arrested.’ http://www.afriforum.co.za/
Danie Schreuder 56 " farm foreman beaten to death like an animal" died at Upington hospital: brutally bludgeoned with the butt of an air rifle, his partner and five-year-old son survived (*Sunette Bridges claim that ‘the attackers apparently hammered a steel pen into his skull’ appears to be inaccurate according to the currently available information. A page grab of the SAPS report to the news media is attached.
Gerhard Venter, a businessman in Pietersburg was assaulted on Friday morning March 7 2014 by a black worker who bashed him over the head with a steel bar, reported Rory Smythe. The Pietersburg private hospital said they could ‘do nothing for him’. He was transferred to Wilgers hospital in Pretoria in a critical condition. The prognosis for his survival is poor. Report by Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)
Annemarie van Zyl, crime-statistician stabbed to death by ‘disgruntled black ex-colleague who had been fired by her boss, Kempton Park: works at crime-statistics research company. She was stabbed dead in front of her 2 little daughters as she was opening up the Sparta, Kempton park office she was working at on March 7 2014.
Derek Woods, 53, dies two days after he was shot three times by black male attackers outside DeLaSalle Holy Cross College junior school while outside fetching his children, Victory Park on Feb 28 2014: (was followed from FNB-bank, Randburg).
Three-member German Schutte family slaughtered, mutilated by frenzied black male attackers in Richmond, South Africa:
http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/2209 — Father Eckard Schutte who would have celebrated his 76th birthday on the day he died with his throat cut; the mother Elizabeth was repeatedly stabbed in a frenzied attack and then she was torched; and the son Lutz Schutte – who was visiting from Germany – was bludgeoned to death.


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