Hatespeech against Boers: Jan 2013

Summary: Jan 2013 hatespeech against Boers: ANC-councillor Recato Eberwein hopes for ‘Genocide’ ; Witzenberg municipality’s traffic superintendent Winsten Koeries Dusautoir wants to ‘take up the AK47 against Boere’; the Claassen family finds death-threat graffiti on their De Deur farm wall; and two Dutch citizens wage a hatespeech pamphleteering campaign against the warnings by a Dutch political party that the Afrikaners are facing an all-out genocide. 

Top genocide expert: Afrikaners face genocide:

Dr Gregory Stanton of the US-based Genocide Watch organisation held a press conference in Pretoria in April 2012 after he was in South Africa on a fact-finding investigation. In this press conference below, the internationally-acknowledged expert on genocides worldwide, outlines the reasons for his organisation placing the Afrikaners at Level 6 out of 8 stages of genocide:  http://www.genocidewatch.org/SouthAfrica.html 

ANC-councillor in Heidelberg writes: Hope Genocide Will Happen: then we can get rid of Amabhunus’

9 Jan 2013 PAGEVIEW PICTURE of email from ANC-councillor in Heidelberg Recato Eberwein – who wrote to the Censorbugbear.org website, which reports on the Afrikaner Genocide: from  email address: amabhunu@izinja.co.za – as follows:


ENTIRE MESSAGE: “I personally hope genocide will happen. Then we can get rid of amabhunu’s that live in cuckoo land. Kill a Boer, Kill a Farmer. Skrik wakker, wit gedrogte’. PICTURES ATTACHED. BACKGROUND: He’s an ANC town councilllor in Heidelberg, and a portfolio Committee member in the Transport and Infrastructure Development department for ‘Sedibeng District municipality’; he also holds other posts, amongst others “Study Group Committee Member (Service Delivery and Infrastructure) at Lesedi municipality in Heidelberg, but also serves on portfolio committees in Vereeniging according to his Who’s Who in South Africa: http://www.whoswho.co.za/recato-eberwein-32227

Witzenberg West Cape traffic superintendent Winsten Koeries Dusautoir (below) wants “to take up AK47 against Boere” –

ANTI AFRIKANER HATESPEECH WITZENBERG MUNICIPALITY COP WANTS TO TAKE UP ARMS AND SHOOT THE BOERS JAN32012  Above: Witzenberg municipality traffic superintendent Winsten Koeries Dusautoir wrote on his personal Facebook page URL – http://www.facebook.com/winsten/koeries?ref=ts&ref=ts…  His comments are being investigated said Witzenberg municipal manager David Nasson. The municipality and the SA Local Government Association were investigating a complaint against the officer. By Jan 162013 the officer however  had not been charged and was still on active service. The officer himself ‘could not be reached for comment’ and all his postings were removed from his Facebook page, and his Twitter account closed down. The comments (above)  were, in Afrikaans: “It looks like we must again pick up our AK47s here in the fucking Western Cape. I am sick of farmers and the DA”. The comments continued: “The fucking farmers know who our leaders are, and now our leaders are being targeted,” adding the DA wants to make the Western Cape a province for “Boere”.The municipality covers Bela Vista, Ceres, Tulbagh and Wolsely.This comes amid tension in the Ceres fruit-growing area following a series of pay strikes.


Afrikaner Claassen family gets death-threat graffiti on wall after breakin Dec 24 2012 Walkerville De Deur


Above: 26 Dec 2012 Afrikaner Claassen family in Walkerville De Deur gets death threat graffiti on wall after breakin Dec 24 2012: “We Will Kill You” Twitter: @gerrieclas Vereeniging/Midvaal/Meyerton: Mr Claassen writes on December 24 2012 on Twitter: This was the ‘Christmas Message to my family on outside wall after breakin” bit.ly/YMleCA after they stole my electric cables and broke my door down! The farmily says they reported the death-threat and the breakin to the local police ‘but they didn’t do much’.


Hatespeech-pamphleteering against Afrikaner farmers by Dutch citizens Johan de Villiers and Emma Huismans (journalist) at The Hague Lower House of Parliament:  Dec 5 2012:

sloet Johan de Viliers PAGE2 pampheltteer Dutch parliament with EMMA HUISMANS http://status.idolbin/fprofile/55996363638 and http://www.facebook/Johan.villiers tr\;

Relevant to: Dutch party fears genocide in South Africa:


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