Why NASA’s secrecy about ISS beams?

Why can’t people get honest explanations for the light beams from the International Space Station? And are these linked to the ‘strange cloud’ formations seen all over the world? What purpose do these beams serve?

  • also: NASA hiding exciting news about Mars  – “The Curiosity rover on Mars has had some exciting news, but NASA controllers have said that they’re keeping quiet about it until the facts have been checked. “This data is gonna be one for the history books. It’s looking really good,” John Grotzinger, principal investigator for Curiosity: link


ISS JULY 16 IMAGE STRANGE BEAM HEADED FOR NORTH MAERICAN CONTINENT LOOKED LIKE LASER Above: I copied this surprising picture on  July 16  2012 and saw this repeatedly after that date while watching the International Space Station’s ‘live streaming’ view from space on my home-computer in The Netherlands. Suddenly this beam shot down from above, bounced on a mirror in front of the camera, and then was beamed to a spot on earth below. It lasted about a minute – giving me plenty of time to copy several frames to my computer via the ‘Paint’ programme.  I’ve asked NASA for an explanation: have obtained none. The ISS was at that time travelling a trajectory across the Northern hemisphere — and I estimated that the beam went to a spot somewhere in the middle of the continent –  as can be seen because the clouds below were brightly lit up. Was it a communication device or some kind of powerful laser-beam? What purpose does it serve?
http://www.ustream.tv/nasahdtv — at Nasa International Space Station.

Question: Could these beams from the ISS and other satellites cause some of the mysterious increases in in ‘ UFO ‘ sightings all over the world? 

And what is this ‘CROSS-HATCHING’ cloud pattern on November 25 2012? ISS – CROSS HATCHING cloud pattern  25 November 2012 at 8:53 

ISS 25H21 uSTREAM 27275302 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/27275302




Strange clouds over Moscow:


Strange cloud over Ukraine:


Large object on upper left on Long Distance Image of Planet Earth by researcher Barry White, 4 December 2011:  Taken by the GOES Satellite on 12/04/2011.


November 19 2012: Peter Davenport, top researcher, MSNBC interview: “UFO’s exist’

We still cannot explain the Phoenix Lights’ and other phenomena”… 


“There really aren’t that many weather balloons, that’s an old saw, but up to 90 percent of the time the phenomena people report to us are not genuine UFOs, they are natural phenoma which we can verify. However the rest cannot be explained,’ said  Peter Davenport, a top researcher who said in the November 19 2012 MSN interview above that there are “unexplained phenomena which made him realise that UFO’s really do exist”. There’s also a wave of UFO activities all over the world right now, and governments don’t seem to want to admit these even occur. The March 13 1997 Phoenix Lights events were the most dramatic since the Rosswell crash. “





November 23 2012: This was filmed side-ways, with a light coming through the clouds towards the earth on the right.

 Below: Dome of the Rock light, Jerusalem January 28 2011

these are the 3 real footages caught on january 28th 2011 over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, around 01:00 AM. The first and second videos were caught respectively by Eligael Gedalyovich and a friend of him who you can see filming with his phone just few meters ahead of him on the first footage:   

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  1. Barbara Logan says:

    Hi Adriana Don’t know about space stuff, but am certainly most concerned about what is happening in South Africa. The latest information is that bank accounts are being frozen – my sister’s small business being one of them. What is going on there? Regards



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