News Sept 18 2012

ANC-militiaIzinyoka ‘ (snake) systematically carries out slaughter of Afrikaner farmers in Trompsburg region, black residents warn:
Friday 14 Sept 2012. The chairman of Trompsburg township’s Madikgetla in the Free State, Bukelwa Mnweba, told Beeld Afrikaans paper that the ANC militia “Inzinyoka’ (Snake) has been carrying out a wave of deadly attacks against Afrikaner farmers in the region.

Fourie farm couple TROMPSBURG FS slaughtered like animals Johan and Cecile hacked to deat with hatchets Sept 9 2012 Some of the Izinyoka members even showed up at the Trompsburg magistrate’s court to support their three comrades Moeketsi Hlassa (27), Mvu­mvu Nkululeko (26) and Phinias Mothibi (28) arrested for the double-murder of Afrikaner farmers Johan, 71 and Cecilia, 72 Fourie on Sunday. The farming couple were hacked to death with hatchets.

Mnweba also said it was strongly suspected that the Inzinyoka attack-militia also murdered Jan and Johanna Greyling in 2006 and attacked farmer Phillip Henning in 2007. Black residents in Madikgetla township confirmed that the militia ‘targetted white farm-owners for attacks’.

One of the accused men, Phinias Mothibi was a farm-worker at the Fourie farm. He showed up the Monday after the murder before his arrest to ask for a half-bag of maize-meal and ‘offered his help to the family, ‘ according to the Fourie couple’s son Nico Kruger.

         Latest racist crimes and racism-incidents up to Sept 18 2012:

Sept 18 2012 03h45 Middelburg Afrikaans couple attacked: husband dead, wife critical:


Chinese shopkeeper, wife and baby daughter hacked to death: Warden Free State


 Ria Mills, 65, kiled execution-style on farm Mosselbay: mother of worldfamous inventor Dr Ceval Mills

Mills Ria with son Civl and husband Dr Neville Mills MRS MILLS SHOT ON FARM SEPT 15 2012                           

 Wartburg FS farmer, as yet unidentified, critically injured, KZN:

 black youths get military training in SAfrican sqauatter camps: PRAAG expose:


Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren threatened with death by three dreadlocked men, East London

Darren Kurt death threat three dreadlocked males East London Sept 16 2012

SA blood bank purging whites from all its jobs:

WHITES ALL BARRED FROM SA LABOUR MARKET 9 JAN 2012                           

FARMITRACKER SEPT172012 UPDATE sign up for daily alerts and updates from Farmitracker:

 Sept 14 2012: 91-yr-old Boer farmer Badie Badenhorst sustained serious head-injuries: attacker Olie Abrams phones SAPS confesses & kills himself  BADENHORST Badie 91 badly bruised head injuries survives farm attack by casual worker Olie Abrams who shoots himself dead afterwards after confessing to cops Venterstad Sept132012 Above: Sep 14, 2012 91-year-old Boer farmer Badie Badenhorst seriously injured, farm Tolpoort, Venterstad 2012-09-14

Afrikaner smallholder Andre Jordaan 50, killed by large black male gang: fired 7 shots through closed door  Jordaan Andre dead shot through closed door trying to defend family from huge black male gang SEPT132012 Above: Sep 13, 2012 Muldersdrift Afrikaner resident Andre Jordaan, 50, killed by a large black male gang – fired 7 shots through door which Jordaan was shoving closed to protect his family

 Shaun Mould, 44, electrician East Coast Elevators and popular biker, shot dead at home

Sep 13, 2012 Port Elizabeth biker Shaun Mould, 44, electrician at East Coast Elevators, shot dead at GreenshieldsPark home

Rudolph Meyer 53, Afrikaner farmer, mother 70 and daughters survive attack by six armed black males, Wartburg, Greytown

Meyer Rudolph 53 bashed over the head by six farm attackers Vierquellen farm WARTBURG GREYTOWN 2pm Sept 12 2012 Above: Sep 12, 2012 Rudolph Meyer, 53, attacked on Vierquellen farm 2pm by gang after a man first asked him for a job Meyer’s teen daughters and 70-year-old mother.

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