Zim farm boys try GoKart rekord to honour slain granddad

The wind-powered Campbell Dune Dancer will try to go faster than any GoKart has ever gone before:

Zimbabwean ex-farmer Ben Freeth, whose father-in-law-, colleague and friend Mike Campbell was brutally murdered by Mugabe’s thugs four years ago, has launched a fund-raiser in which his two young sons will attempt a Go-Kart speed record on the Makgadi-Kgadi saltflats in Botswana. 

Mike Campbell: background

Above: Mike Campbell and the Freeth family’s fight to keep their land: Campbell was murdered while he was being  thrown off his farm by a lynch mob on the orders of the black-racist Mugabe-regime four years ago.


The two Freeth boys built the ‘Campbell Dune Dancer’ themselves. It will be powered by a giant kite.

FREETH Ben Sons Joshua 12 and Stephan 10 try to break gocart record MakgadiKgadi salt flats Botswana raise funds for MikeCampbellFoundation murdered Zim farmer

The Freeth family set up the Mike Campbell Foundation http://www.mikecampbellfoundation.com/ to commemorate his slain father-in-law —  who also was his best friend and colleague and grandfather to his sons.

This month, Ben Freeth will be with his young sons Joshua 12 and Stephan 10 when they will attempt to set a new windpowered go-cart speed record on the ‘lifeless expanse of the Kalahari desert’ at the MakgadiKgadi saltflats in Botswana to raise funds for the foundation the family has set up in Mike’s name.

MakgadiKgadi saltflats Botswana:

Mike Campbell Foundation:  The Mike Campbell Foundation’s goal is to promote and protect the rule of law and to uphold basic human rights that should be fundamental to society. Our ultimate vision is the elimination of infringements of human rights in Zimbabwe and the entire SADC region. Our goal is to also support victims of human rights abuses, in particular displaced and dispossessed farm workers who are in dire straits as a result of gross human rights abuses arising from the programme of land seizures. These have devastated Zimbabwe, which formerly had the highest farming productivity in Africa. https://www.justgiving.com/Mike-Campbell-Foundation

The grandsons built the “Mike Campbell Dune Dancer” themselves – and it will be powered by a five-metre kite. The Freeth males will try to raise R130,000 for the foundation. 

Background: “Mugabe and the White African”


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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

One Response to Zim farm boys try GoKart rekord to honour slain granddad

  1. mrcalthrope says:

    Pardon please the interuption. Perhaps some one can know of a Grant Frederick Olmsdahl in South Africa. Many years ago I had a correspondance with him. He had been a photographer in the South African Army……due to the “turmoil” I lost contact with him..Thank you for the space, since this is the only way to ask of a South African person…sincerely, Allan………………….

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