War threats, hate crimes soar against SA whites: June

Updated with name-list of victims up to June 22 2012:

June 26 2012. By Adriana Stuijt. The violence and public threats of war by ruling-party leaders against Afrikaners, Boers and white English-speaking South Africans escalated considerably in June. The catalyst was the ‘declaration of war against farmers’ issued by ANC youth leader Ronald Lamola. ANC LAMOLA BLOOD ON HANDS WAR DECLARATION AGAINST FARMERS AFRIFORUM STATEMENT BLOOD ON HANDS JUNE20 2012 ERNST ROETS


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Leading Afrikaners head 2,000 countrymen into protest against hatecrimes

 Afriforum ‘s meeting with ANCYL shook the Afrikaners to the core:

Lamola’s declaration of war so alarmed the civil-rights organisation Afriforum that they held an urgent meeting with Lamola and his comrades this week – and the Afrikaners’attempts to get clarification on Lamola’s statement (‘Land Reform needs an act as forceful as war’ were reportedly treated so brutally and rudely that they came away with the realisation that the African National Congress’ younger generation had ‘extensive war plans’, they said: 

    Charl Oberholzer of Afriforum Tweeted: “Just finished ANCYL meet: they are highly aggressive and have much bigger plans than our people had realised’.
    And his colleague Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg on his face book page: “After leaving the ANCYL meeting one realises Lamola isn’t a stupid idiot like Malema. This clever lawyer from Brooklyn means everything he says and is very clearly aware of the impact his words are making. I fear you will have to start trading your Rands for Dollars’.   “Die Vryburger” writes that the Boere-Afrikanervolksraad has called an emergency-meeting for this Saturday – also related to widespread claims of new, organised troop-movements at the Lesotho and other borders by the SANDF.

Criminal charges of intimidation and incitement to murder against Lamola by DA-MEC Anthony Benadie :

Also, the Mpumalanga legislature’s DA-leader in Mpumalanga and MEC for Rustenburg lodged a criminal charge of intimidation and incitement to violence against Lamola – and the Rustenburg SAPS commanding officer came to the police station on Sunday specifically to assist the MEC in laying the charge: 


“Afrikaners must defend themselves against this war declared against them by Lamola” – TLU, Verkenners, Afriforum:

The Transvaal Agricultural Union of SA and the Verkenners (Afrikaans Scouts) movements both issued statements in quick succession, condemning Lamola’s war-talk. Both groups responded by saying that ‘Afrikaners and Boers now had no other choice left except to get ready to defend themselves against a war which was declared against them.’

The hatecrimes against Afrikaners, Boers and white English-speaking South Africans also have become more more violent and aggressive in June. Every day this month there have been an average of four violence-driven riots, ranging from Olifantshoek in the Northern Cape to Botrivier in the Western Cape. 

Hatecrimes against whites soared in June:

The farmitracker.com criminologists meanwhile have listed the following confirmed hatecrime-and other incidents thus far this June: and more daily incidents of black-racist hate-attacks against South African whites are still being investigated:

JUNE1_22 2012 FARMITRACKER SUMMARY ATTACKS AGAINST AFRIKANERSEach of the above cases can be accessed on http://www.farmitracker.com 


ANCYL Act of War statement

  •  http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/Land-reform-needs-an-act-as-forceful-as-war-ANCYL-20120619

Afriforum ‘Afrikaners, farmers have no choice but to defend themselves against wartalk’

June hatecrimes summarised on:

    Afriforum’s Charles Oberholzer, Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg and others held an emergency meeting with ANC youth league Lamola and his colleagues about the ‘Wartalk threat’. Afriforum issued the following update on its results: writing that ‘Afriforum Youth will continue its steps against Lamola after his refusal to apologise.  The deputy-president of ANCYL refused to apologise for his recent comments in public threatenng the safety of farmers. He indicated that he ‘had no intention to stop making such statements. IN reaction AfroForum Youth told him that a formal charge of hatespeech would be lodged against Lamola in the Equality court. It has also been noticed that a criminal charge of intimidation and incitement to violence has also been lodged (by DA-MEC Anthony Conradie at the Rustenburg SAPS.)



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    Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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