White SADF soldiers not War Vets? ANC

June 5 2011. Intense anger has erupted amongst the many tens of thousands of white, pre-1994 SADF veterans who fought from the age of 17 to 55 years in the fierce South African border wars  against armed, communist infiltration. The  communist ANC-regime now refuses to qualify white ex-soldiers as  ‘’ war veterans’.  They will get no benefits, no access to badly needed free health care….

Afrikaner war veteran South Africa


If anyone wishes to enquire whether they qualify for benefits: contact:

The veterans are planning to ask Afriforum to sue the communist-ANC regime in the Constitutional Court about the issue. (to join the class-action law-suit write to:  grensoorlog@groups.facebook.com )

The overwhelming majority of white South African males were required to serve in the Defence Force from the age of 17 to 55 years before 1994: the first two years were intensive military training, thereafter they had to serve another six years (720 days) in the Standing force.  The majority of these men today remain inordinately proud of their military skills and successes: they did their duty  which was to defend their country and all its people from armed aggression. Many of the soldiers also say they were winning the border-wars: but the National-Party politicians sold out this finely-honed fighting force in a political cop-out  and handed them over – unarmed – to their enemies:



Long years of military service

Many of these many tens of thousands of white male draftees today are traumatised and permanently disabled from their long years of  military service – their veterans-association has a list of 7,500 totally destitute , physically-disabled white war-vets who need help now. Yet these white men will not be eligible for any benefits under the new Military Veterans Act, says ANC-deputy-minister Thabang Makwetla – who confirmed his black-racist approach by adding that the white soldiers ‘were not disadvantaged by doing military service and are not entitled to state-benefits…’

Afrikaans journalist Pieter du Toit recorded his comment in ‘Die Burger’  newspaper when Makwetla addressed the defence portfolio committee in parliament.  His spokesman Ntime Skhosana, asked for further clarification,  also showed the present regime’s black-racist prejudicial views when he said: “remember that (white) military draftees only had to serve two years and then were discharged to go back to their universities or get jobs…’   He implied that they ‘had it easy’.

However the vets’ spokesman, ret. Lt-Gen Godfrey Giles, who chairs the veterans’ organisation, reportedly was  ‘shattered’ by the decision to exclude white males from the benefits system under the new Military Veterans Act.  He also is the deputy chair for the umbrella body, the SA Military veterans’ association. He said his organisation has a database of 7,500 destitute, white military veterans who are in urgent need of medical and financial help.

The ANC-regime’s proposed new Act would provide a wide range of help to war-vets including health care and pension benefits – yet Makwetla now claims that these white veterans – who were drafted into military service – would be excluded from these benefit-packages. 

Giles slammed Makwetla’s claim as ‘absolute rubbish and noted: “the subject was not even mentioned in the consulation process and shows a very weak knowledge of the genuine needs of these ex-soldiers, many of whom fought hard in defence of their country in the South African border-wars.  The needs of these white war-vets is indeed very great: many now sleep at bus-stops and live in squatter-camps’.

‘ White males carried a heavy burden of military duty between 17 and 55 years of age ‘

The handful of white South African males indeed carried a very heavy burden of military duty before 1994: they received their first callups at the age of 17 for basic training camps which lasted two years. And for a full six years thereafter, white males also had to serve a total 720 days in the Standing forces. From the age of 17 to 55, white males were obligated to do military duty of some kind:  most white males spent most of their weekends away on military- or commando-duties. Once they reached the age of 55, many also continued this duty to their country by unpaid volunteer service in the Active Civilian Militias and in the local military  commando units.

Neverhteless, said Makwetla, the law is being drawn up with the understanding that  ‘none of the pre-1994 military draftees ‘were considered to be members of the Active defence force and would therefore excluded from the legal definition of ‘military veterans’. They were ‘still taking further legal advice on the matter,’ he claimed. 

Afrikaner war veterans excluded from ANC War Veterans Act pensions

The pre-1994 South African Defence Force:

At the age of 17, all white SA males were called up for two-year military training – and for twelve years thereafter, they were obligated to serve another 720 days (six years) in the Standing SA Defence Force of that time. After this active military-service, all white South African males had the option of serving another five years in the Active Civilian Force. They still were also called up for 12 days active duty in the Commando units which protected their own regions. The official government viewpoint noted that ‘the entire SA Defence Force thus is a civilian militia.’  White males were obligated to do military duty; non-whites volunteered: such as the Afrikaans-speaking Khoi-San volunteer soldiers of the Cape Corps, an outstanding infantry batallion – who excelled in their military actions in Namibia and in the SA Navy.  The first volunteer unit for black soldiers, 21st bn, was launched in 1974 at Lenz near Johannesburg.  The SA Defence Force also served and died as Allied soldiers during the two World Wars and in the Korean war. South Africa also created Armscorps, its own military-industrial complex which became the biggest on the African continent – to help pay for its defence budget, which by 1987 had soared to R5,000-m – 13.7% of its total expenditure.

(source: ‘This is South Africa’, ISBN 0-7970-0654-0, Jan 1987 Perskor, for Dept of Information)

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

25 Responses to White SADF soldiers not War Vets? ANC

  1. If the communists had overrun this country the ANC would not have been in the gravy train position they are now in. They should be grateful that their negotiations were with the dissipated and degenerate National party and not with hardened, communist rulers.
    Our mistake was positioning the ANC with the communists and then thinking after the dissolution of the USSR in 1988 that the communists were no longer a threat. De Klerk and cohorts, thought we would be dealing with true followers of the ANC Freedom charter and with ethical leaders such as Mandela. We have been sorely mistaken.
    On that basis alone – those currently looting the country should be grateful and if not willing to honour their obligations to those those who defended the country against international communism; they should at least provide some pension for those who saved the country from “true commissars”.

    • jacques van zyl says:

      Hi there.
      I would like to find out I heard from my friend that you can claim your pension from the SANDF as I did my national service in 1986 to 1987 and was on the border in Oshakati and lost friends due to a stupid war.

      Is it true and how do we claim as I am no longer in South Africa.

      Thank you.
      From Jacques van zyl.

  2. M. A. Whare says:

    As far as I am concerned the Nationalist Party was a total failure. I recall being called to a “So called ” Church parade in Oshakati , only to be informed of the “Swart” and “Rooi” gevaar by the then Chief of the Army Gen. Constant Viljoen . What a church service that was. I went back to my base in Okatope totally disgusted. To think I almost lost my home , my family, and my career by either doing what was required by Law or facing a prison sentence. And Makwetla wants to tell me I am not a veteran . To hell with him and De Klerk and all the other bastards who used us as cannon fodder in the name of democracy! All we have today is organised chaos and corruption and crime. “The African Way “!!!

  3. M.A.Whare says:

    How dare this idiot Mtwetla make a statement that white South Africans are excluded from a Military Veterans Pension. He was not even born when I had to serve this great country. Not out of choice ,but out of loyalty to what was indoctrernated into my soul ! The law required us “White Naai” to be there or face a prison sentence. To hell with De Klerk and his vision of democracy ,Traitor!
    All he did was place us back into the dark ages. Him with his millions and a lost wife who he betrayed , just as he did the nation. I remember being called to a “Church Parade” in Oshikati only to be told about the “Swart ” en die “Rooi Gevaar” by the then Chief of the Army Gen. Constant Viljoen, then going back to my base in Okapope and thinking to myself “What the (^%*#@) was that all about . It had nothing to do with God , Jesus or Religion’. You Mr.Mtwela are wrong and need to seriously look at your register of veteran Cadres . They were all stealing on the streets of Joburg!!!! You will compensate us for our sasrifice or there will be a class action suit against your department !

  4. Jerry says:

    Hi, a friend of mine told me that all men that serviced in the army up to 1994 might be eligible for a once off payment from the government do you know about this and if so can you please give me more info.

    • We don’t know. Last we heard the SADF draftees are not considered ‘veterans’ by the ANC and thus not entitled to such benefits under the new act. But the ANC-machine runs on pure emotion and rumours, so next week they might change their minds. I would not hold my breath if I were you though.

      • I heard from someone that he received an amount of R36000.00 from the SADF. My son would be so thankful if he could be as lucky!! Can you confirm, please?

        the ‘Night of the Generals’, 23 senior SADF officers were fired by De Klerk…. AND THE REST were terrified of meeting the same fate:

        Twenty-three senior army officers, including two generals and four brigadiers, were immediately retired or suspended as a result of an internal investigation into covert military activity, F. W. de Klerk announced at a hastily convened press conference on Dec 19. In addition, an unspecified number of civilian collaborators were fired. These are the key paid informers, some of whom are believed to have been infiltrated deep within the upper ranks of the African National Congress (ANC) . Without them, the security forces are blind, ignorant of the plans the revolutionaries are making. With their support gone, their very lives are at risk!
        De Klerk’s action followed apparently conclusive evidence uncovered by Gen Pierre Steyn that officers and civilian collaborators were involved in criminal and unauthorised actions and had misled their commanders and ministers. De ‘Klerk said there was no evidence pointing to anyone wanting to violently overthrow the government. He also denied that the evidence indicated the existence of a formal “third force ” .
        The purge was aimed at ridding the security forces of elements who might pose a problem when an interim government is setup and joint control over the security forces is instituted and absorption of MK members starts taking place, informed government officials told The Citizen (21112192). Particularly targeted are Permanent Force members who had fought against Swapo and the ANC.
        So great was the speed with which De Klerk acted that even the army’s public relations office was not informed of the press conference. In addition, many of the officers disciplined were on holiday and were unaware of their suspension. Steyn was appointed on Nov 18 to investigate covert military actions following disclosures by the Goldstone commission of military intelligence dirty tricks. The axed officers included: Major-General Chris Thirion, Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, who had a reputation of being one of the more progressive of the younger generation of generals; Major-General Hennie Roux, Chief of Army Intelligence; Brigadier Ferdie van Wyk, director of Army Communications, who master-minded Project Echoes, a clandestine operation launched in April to discredit the ANC by linking MK to the IRA; Brigadier Tolletjie Botha, Director, Directorate of Covert Collection, which was raided in November by investigators of the Goldstone commission, including UN personnel; Brigadier Oos van der Merwe, Director of Army Intelligence; Commander Jack Widdowson of the Navy.

        None of these men, who were placed on compulsory retirement, had been linked to any criminal or illegal activities” stressed De Klerk:except:
        He named only three other officers, Colonel At Nel, Col Chris Prinsloo and Commandant Stephan Snyders, who were all put on compulsory leave.
        Louw said that they, together with four civilian members, would be investigated by a board of inquiry into their possible connections to “illegal and/or criminal or unauthorised activities”. Another member of the permanent force was still subject to investigations
        “I do not doubt the loyalty of the named officers,” said Brig van der Merwe.
        “The steps taken are unjustified. I believe that the Board of Inquiry set up to investigate the three named officers will find them not guilty of any illegal or criminal activities and that there will be no prosecutions. ” According to one source in Military Intelligence, the sudden axing of so many senior officers was having a ” terrible effect on the soldiers’ morale. They cannot believe what they are seeing ” ( The Citizen 30/12192 ). General Kat Liebenburg, Chief of the Defence Forces, Lt-Gen George Meiring, Chief of the Army and Lt-Gen Joffel van der Westhuizen, Chief of Staff, Intelligence, were not affected by the purge, despite their hawkish reputation and their known hostility to the ANC. The decision not to sack them can be seen as an attempt to avoid any rebellion in the Defence Force.
        The purge, the biggest in South African Defense Force (SADF) history, followed a series of investigations, inquest hearings and trials in which military intelligence officers were implicated in dirty tricks ranging from blackmail to possible murder. There are already indications that the next ax will fall on middle ranking policemen, especially those involved in the police’s counter-insurgency unit. De ‘clerk’s action against the senior defence force members had raised his credibility internationally and strengthened the government’s position at the negotiating table, Constitutional Development Minister Roelf Meyer said in Washington on Dec 22. The purge had been planned in advance and timed to take place during the Christmas break when the army officers were on leave and dispersed around the country, making it difficult for them to organise a coherent counter-response, according to The Weekly Mail (23/12192). It was part of a deal struck with the ANC to allow joint control of the security forces and for MK members to be enrolled in the new national army .
        The report was only declassified in 2006.

        Oud general Meiring bedank die manne wat deelgeneem het aan die Grensoorlog: op 4 januarie 2012:
        Oud-generaal sê dankie aan lede
        deur Oudgenl. Georg Meiring
        2011-12-10 16:12
        Sedert die vroeë 1960’s het die lede van die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie (SAP) en die Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag (SAW) al hoe meer betrokke geraak by wat algemeen bekend was as die “Grensoorlog”.
        Die “oorlog” is nou bykans 23 jaar gelede verby en aangesien daar geen spesiale skrywe was aan die oudlede om hulle te bedank vir hul opofferinge tot vrede in ons mooi land nie, doen ek dit nou.
        Ek was die laaste hoof van die SAW en wil namens die SAW en die hele Suid-Afrika aan alle oudlede, insluitende burgerlike werknemers, my uiterste dank en waardering oordra vir jul prysenswaardige diens gelewer. In die besonder vir dienspligtiges, hul ouers, meisies, eggenotes, broers en susters. Aan al die troepies, die leierskader en almal wat bygedra het om operasies ’n sukses te maak: Jul moed het gelei tot vrede in Suid-Afrika en Namibië. Min mense besef wat die prys van vrede is.
        Ons het nooit ’n operasie verloor nie!
        Ons het altyd ons bes gedoen; ons het sukses behaal, want ons saak was reg; daar was geen alternatief nie, ons het beskik oor die vermoë en ons beplanning, voorbereiding en uitvoering was doeltreffend. Ons het saamgewerk en GEGLO.
        Daarom is ek trots om te sê ek was die hoof van die beste weermag in Afrika en onder die heel bestes ter wêreld.
        Ons moes dikwels onder moeilike omstandighede funksioneer en ons betrokkenheid in die konflik het soms bloed en trane gekos. Ons wat aan die hoof van die aksies was, het dit egter raakgesien en dit met meegevoel en deernis saam meegemaak. Verliese was nie aanvaarbaar in ons kultuur nie, maar konflik lei tot verliese en aan al die naasbestaandes van oudlede van die SAW wat die hoogste prys betaal het, sê ek: Julle leef vandag in vrede en ons sal hulle wat die opoffering gemaak het, nooit vergeet nie.
        Ek is dankbaar dat julle met jul militêre agtergrond, vaardighede en ervaring ’n bydrae tot die samelewing gelewer het en ek moedig julle aan om met dieselfde doelgerigtheid, goeie oordeel en deursettingsvermoë jul onmisbare bydrae tot die sosio-ekonomiese ontwikkeling van ons land te lewer en steun aan ons veterane te gee waar nodig. Ek wens almal voorspoed toe met wat julle ook al aanpak.
        Aan almal dus wat deur die jare julle kant gebring het, ek SALUEER julle.

  5. 2 SSB says:

    Fuck De klerk and the ANC we went to war to defend our country and lost good friends on the border to secure our land for what. Fuck this place its run by idiots and its in a fucking mess.Please our old Generals stand up and do something , but not like the SLEG drunk AWB members.

    61 Mech 1988 Operation Hooper

  6. Danie Matthee says:

    Dagsê aan alle ou SAW Oorlogs veterane (Oumanne)

    Elkejaar in Augustus op Vroue dag is daar ‘n 50km “Fun Walk” vanaf Memel tot in Newcastle. Ek wil van die geleentheid gebruik maak om alle SAW Soldate wat in die Bosoorlog en Oorlog in Angola gesneuwel het te herdenk/vereer en alle Suid Afrikaners weereens bewus maak van die opoffering wat alle ou SAW Sodate gemaak het om op die Grens en Angola vir hul land te veg. Ons word ook as Oorlog kriminele deur die huidige regering gebrandmerk en die van ons wat NDP’s was word dan ook nie as Oorlog veterane geklasifiseer nie omdat ons nie permanente diens gedoen het nie.

    Hoe ek dit wil doen is om die 50km aan te pak met “full Army Kit” (Browns, Boots, Webbing, boshoed en dalk ‘n nagemaakte R4).Ek wil dan ook van die geleentheid gebruik maak om van die Ouman Plakkers te versprei aan alle “Oumanne” (SAW Oorlog Veterane) wat die dag daar is. Ek het die “go-ahead “ van sommige lede wat Kolonel Jan Breytenbach, Ariel Hugo (61Meg), Vic Sargent (Forgoten Soldiers) en Johan Schoeman (www.warinangola.com) insluit gekry. Kolonel Jan Breytenbach stel voor dat ons dit doen met ‘n paar “oumanne” wat saam in ‘n seksie stap. Dus as daar enige iemand is wat volgende jaar (2012) die 50km vasbyt saam my wil doen kontak my asb per e-pos by http://www.danie.matthee@lanxess.com

    Groete Danie Matthee

    Hi all old SADF War Veterans (Oumanne)

    Every year in August on Woman’s Day there is a 50km Fun Walk from Memel to Newcastle.I wants to use this opportunity to commemorate/honor all SADF Soldiers that died in the Bush war and War in Angola. I also want to make the public aware of the offerings all old SADF Soldiers made on the border and in Angola. We are also been burn marked as War Criminals by the present government and all “NDP’s” are not recognise as War Veterans due to the fact that we didn’t served permanently in the SADF.

    The way I want to do this is to do the 50km walk with full Army Kit (Browns,Boots,Webbing, Bushhat and maybe a R4 replica). I also want to use the opportunity to spread some of the “Ouman “ stickers to all “Oumanne” (SADF War Veterans) present that day. I received the go-ahead by some members which include Colonel Jan Breytenbach, Ariel Hugo (61Meg), Vic Sargent (Forgotten Soldiers) and Johan Schoeman (www.warinangola.com)
    Colonel Jan Breytenbach suggested that a few “oumanne” do the 50km walk in a “seksie”
    So if there is anyone that wants to join me in the 50km “vasbyt” next year (2012) please contact me on my e-mail at danie.matthee@lanxess.com

    Greetings Danie Matthee

  7. Rick says:

    We sacrificed 2 long and tough years for what? Only to be sold out by De Klerk,we never lost the war,he just handed everything over to the pathetic Anc.

  8. Johan Muller says:

    Hi, my son is in argentina and he met somebody there that said he knows people that got compansation for the angolan war where I also was in ’75-’76. can someone comment on that, will try and find out more about it.

    Johan Muller

  9. Antonio Jose says:

    I just whant follow-up comment.

    Thank you

  10. Russell Travers says:

    I served in both army and navy. The army was a nightmare and the navy a way to escape the nightmare. Eventually I deserted and spent 7 years in Sweden as a refugee. Exile. Shelter under some auspice of the Geneva convention on human rights. I regret it now. I should have stayed in the army and just finished it and done what was asked. Saw some stupid meaningless shit in both branches. Things got weird in Sweden with the assassination of Palme in 86. All SA ex military types investigated by various sneaky intelligence groups. Never settled down. Still hyper-aware, sometimes no sleep… Decades have passed. Not a veteran? I don’t know about that. One thing I do know though is that the anc are a useless bunch of lying corrupt thieves who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag! They make me laugh though, so stupid. I think they’ll have a fight on their hands soon… then we can talk about veterans. Love you all – vasbyt. (Don’t worry ’bout the bosbefok, own your pain. Make it work for you.)

  11. Evert says:

    I did my one year National Service in South West Africa at Walvis Bay during 1976 and thereafter did more then 720 days call-ups including some border duty afterwards. We have endured being away from our loved ones fought a war to free our country from our enemies. Many days of fear, many cold nights of guard duty and many scenes of pain as you hear of your buddies being being killed or injured. We endured the strict disciplining of our officers. This was all so that the National Party politicians can sleep comfortable at night. All I say is we deserve some kind of a recognition and also be considered War Vets next to our MK counterparts

  12. frikkie says:

    Only the terrorists of yesteryear are liable for benefits from the terrorist organisation of yesteryear that is the current regime of today ,namely the ANC.

  13. The SA-Navy taught me to smoke, drink, eat and f*ck HEAVILY. I am now a wreck at 52! Please pay my early pension.

  14. LPR says:

    I feel sorry for those ex soldiers that now need medical care that they cannot afford. But for me … fuck recognition, financial compensation, FW deKlerk, the ANC, Mandela etc. Come up with a sound plan to take control of our own destiny in SA again and I will join in!

  15. Alister Ernest Mather says:

    First of all, thank you for this platform !
    I sustained a hearing injury at my final stage of Basic Training (Commercial Warfar at Boshoek 5 SAI in 1980. Todate this injury has progressively got worse. I was sent to One Military Hospital thereafter s reclassified G3K2 because of the hearing injury. I completed compensation forms before I was drafted out. I have heard todate nothing, my hearing is progressively getting worse. Can someone please advise – is there any recourse / compensation for what I endured.

  16. Glen says:

    The ANC forgot all about communism, Stalism ,Maoism and all the nonsense that these nitwits and control freaks thought out at their time and taught the ANC. The first thing they thought about when they took power was getting their dirty little fat hands on money, women (preferably white),overseas travels, liquor, revenge and the like.This ‘most useless liberation army’ according to the Soviets will grant rest of the nation (other race groups) nothing. If the ANC rules ‘until Jesus comes’ as they have stated,then I feel sorry for them when He does come. The old guards children are embarrassed by their parents behaviour but the parents don’t give a damn. Where does that leave the rest (non-black) hard working tax payers?
    Should we let these power money hungry paranoid idiots rule us with our own money?
    There is a saying ..money talks……

  17. Ernst Conradie says:

    And everyone is still missing the boat!

    Who is the only person that survived the fall of 5 governments! Go back in time and trace this! I have found only 1!!!

    Pik Botha! This fuckhead is still making money out of Angola as we speak! And this by using the sons of a nation!

    If you ever followed his speaches from his early days as Vice Minister of Housing, youngster in parlement, to his speeches to the press at the height of the Bush War, then and then only will you know who he realy is!!

    Diedricks, Vorster, PW Botha, De Klerk etc were all his pones in a much bigger game!

  18. Annonomus says:

    I like to say, they make our country like a second Zimbabwe. Just pay out our money. Please. We worked hard for that.

  19. G vd merwe says:

    ons sal net al hoe meer vertrap word en sal so bly totdat daar weer n verantwoordelikke regering aan bewind kom. waar is SOLIDARITEIT (unie) Wanneer mens hulle nodig het?

    • Lukas vd Merwe. says:

      Nee. Hierdie solidariteit het ‘n pion van die liberale kommuniste geword. Dit gaan net om geld. Toe ek nog lid was van die Blanke mynwerkers unie, het hulle goed geweet waterkant die brood gebotter was. Nou, jammer dat die unie so verval het.

  20. susan says:

    Hi my man het in 1990 tot 1998 weermag gewerk maar nog nooit pension gekry ni kan hy klium indja wat kan hy dun en wie kontak hy asb

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