Genocide of the Boer Nation: report:

Report on the genocide of the Boer people in South Africa. 

Boereleed Research Institute: Pieter Oosthuizen

June 2012 Constantia Kloof, Gauteng. South Africa 2195 Email:  BLNI (N.G.O) 2011/145451/08

  To Dr Gregory Stanton:

Dear Doctor Stanton, “I am sending you this report on the genocide of the Boer Nation, in the hope that you will publicize it as widely as possible, and also for safekeeping for the sake of history, and the realities that surrounded the lives of the Boer Nation in these days of June, 2012.

I do not expect this genocide to stop or subside. Instead the rhetoric now in public has reached a level of hatred, that must and will break loose like one of the great forces of nature. I don’t think anything will stop it, except a direct intervention of God, in a miraculous way. Those of us, that are working with the stories and realities of bloodied victims and corpses of the Boer Nation, are saddened beyond any human terminology every day. And yet, the bloodletting continues unabated, daily.

And more miraculous still, we still find sadness and tears every day for this multitude of victims, despite our emotional energy being drained daily by these circumstances.  On some of us, the emotional draining is taking an enormous toll on our health.  Myself and Institute researcher Edwin, we don’t sleep at night, always vigilant, and always expecting to taste the irontaste in our mouths, from blood wounds inflicted by a machete at night. Thare are the modus-operandi of these terrorists; machetes at night, inflicting head wounds so that the victims cannot see, and therefore cannot protect themselves.

I am writing you this letter, with the request that you preserve this report for the sake of our nation, and our descendants, should they one day be a nation that survived this carnage in South Africa, and should peace return to our land.

The situation in this country has become so unstable, because of the non-governance thereof, the plundering, and the exploitation of our soil, that major political rioting now is an ongoing daily fact of life. I expect escalating political instability.

International propaganda campaign

The international propaganda campaign that was waged very successfully against the Boer Nation has irreparably ingrained in the majority of the world population’s minds that the Boer Nation are ‘demons’, ‘evil’, ‘neo-nazi’s’ and all other terminologies of character-assassination. We are carrying the burden of this political propaganda with us – very much as the Jews of Europe once were forced to wear the Yellow Star by the nazi-regime before 1945.

I therefore do not expect any help from the international community, whose minds have been colonized by these pre-conceptions as with regards to the Boer Nation. Whether we survive or not, is entirely in God’s hands.

We as a nation are facing the second genocide as a nation – the first was in 1899 when we as a sovereign nation, were subjected to British colonial invaders with their scorched-earth-policy which destroyed our farms and forcibly removed our women, children and elderly to concentration camps – where they broke our will to resist by subjecting any of our females older than 10 years to a brutal organised rape-campaign, and where our Christian girls and wives were forced into sex-slavery for British soldiers.

And now, in 2012, we are facing extinction once more. This present South African government has not left us any options of survival, nor of peaceful living or enhanced life-expectancies. This government are finding new ways of strangling life out of us, with terror-based laws designed to deny us any means of survival or peaceful existence.

We are a wounded nation, and we have tried to improve our lot as well as humanly possible – but still the perpetrators are drawing ever closer, mistaking our deliberately abstaining from conflict  for weakness.

I fear that the ruling party has lost the peace forever with the Boer Nation. The history of National Strategy is clear that any nation fighting for survival is always the victor. And the lessons of Sun Tzu are also clea”r:  that once a besieged nation has been antagonized to the point where it has lost its tastee for wine, women or song, and focuses only on the enemy, the ensuing conflict is a foregone conclusion.

I fear that the Lions in the hearts of the Boer Nation have been awakened. And that was something which this government was explicitly warned against by a former prime minister Pieter W Botha.  I pray to God every minute that the dark clouds threatening to engulf this nation will pass us by. But it is the will of God that will prevail.  May God bless you and your family, in these dark days that are threatening not only the Boer Nation in South Africa, but civilizations across the world today.   Your sincerely  Pieter Oosthuizen

Report on the genocide of the Boer people in South Africa.

Background: the character-assassination of the Boers by inaccurately linking them to ‘apartheid’

No accurate perception of the political situation, and in particular that of the Boers, can be formed, without the consideration of some vital historical facts. The international perception surrounding the term ‘apartheid’ contains pretty damning and pre-conceived conclusions regarding the Boers, the legitimacy of the Boers as land-owners and previous governors of South Africa.

What is unbeknown to the international world, and many opinion-makers in the world, is that the term ‘apartheid’ was a clever piece of communist propaganda, known as the “Courtroom Technique”. This term includes smuggled-in pre-conclusions, and certain accusations, a judgment, a jury and an executioner, all-in-one. The terminology ‘apartheid’ is also an albatross-technique of character-assassination, used to discredit any person that differs from the official communist goal of governance in South Africa. It is this terminology that is used to implement widespread, and devastating governance measures in South Africa, under the auspices of ‘correcting apartheid flaws’. 

South Africa was targetted by the Comintern as far back as 1928 for a black-ruled communist government:

What is a less-well-known fact is that Africa, and particularly South Africa, was just another theater-of-war during the Cold War era, in the war between East and West. The least-known fact is that South Africa was targetted to have a black communist government installed as far back as 1928.

This decision was made by the Comintern in 1928. Bill Andrews was the chaiman of the South African Communist Party at the time. After he returned from the Comintern meeting, he immediately started implementing active measures throughout the South African society, including propaganda, psychological warfare techniques, the recruitment of moles in the Afrikaner (white) community, and the training of a fifth-column of communists in the legal profession to pave the way for the eventual take-over of South Africa.

This least-known fact about South Africa’s eventual take-over by communists in 1994, is conspicuous in its factual absence in the writings, memoires, and book by former KGB personnel, and writers on the subject of communism, like Brian Freemantle.

Even the books by the former KGB-archivist, Walther Mitrokhin, that defected to the west in the 1990’s contains no mention of KGB-activities in South Africa. This was the last deception by the communists like Mitrokhin and Bezmenov, in which they totally emitted the fierce preparation of the total society in South Africa, for the eventual take-over by communists.

This gigantic black hole in any writings about KGB-activities in South Africa, happened without anyone noticing, depite the fact that Doctor Pike earned his academic doctorate on the subject of KGB activities in South Africa. 

And for very good reason was South Africa singled out for eventual take-over by black communists after the Treaty of Riga in 1924. The failure of communism to take over Poland, was blocked by the French and Poles themselves, and 600,000 Russians had to remain in Poland as part of the treaty that stipulated that no such effort was ever to happen in Europe again by the communists.

And in the case of South Africa, it is a cut and dry case of South Africa having the largest metal and mineral base, as well as precious stones like diamonds and the like, of ANY nation in the world, in any country. Even in 2012, BHP Billiton estimates that the value of this yet-untapped wealth in South Africa is around $2,7 trillion dollars.

Add to this approximately 4700 kilometers of borders, largely surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic oceans, with relatively warm waters, ideal for launching submarines, as compared to the frozen Black Sea in winter, and the fact that almost 90 % of the world’ food passes around the Cape of Good Hope, due to the fact that the Suez canal has become too small for modern day large ships, the reasons for controlling South Africa is quite obvious. It is obvious why a master-strategy spanning almost 70 years, was deployed by the communists to take over the eventual control of South Africa.

The fact that the intelligence communities of Britain, the USA, South Africa, and Australia, were either formed or controlled by communists who were exposed at a later stage – and also were facts being kept under wraps. In Britain it was Sir Roger Holliss that controlled MI5, and in his earlier career, controlled the Communist Table, as well as Africa and South African intelligence for MI5. He controlled the South African intelligence community up until 1961, effectively. The moles allowed by him, and his co-conspirators, to infiltrate the South African society, as well as the communist preparation of the South African society for the eventual take-over, is obvious. Close associates of his, Kim Philby and his spy-ring, effectively established the CIA in America, and in Australia. Roger Holliss.htm

Even up until today, no mention is made in any analysis of the damage caused by these communist moles to societies like South Africa. No mentioned is made, or analysis is done from the elaborate archives of the former East German Secret Service, the STASI, of efforts made to undermine the legitimate government of South Africa, prior to 1994.

The United States of America exposed the communist mole entrenched in South Africa’s Defence Establishment:  Commodore Dieter Gerhardt in Simonstown. Gerhardt’s own statement said: ” It is no use apprehending someone like myself, for there are about 400 other moles entrenched in the Afrikaner community, that will ensure that South Africa gets a communist government”

With so much communist involvement, planning and preparation going into the eventual take-over of South Africa, it is clear that ‘Apartheid” was just a smokescreen for legalizing communist operations, activities, and terrorism in South Africa.

This was exactly one of the conclusions that senator Denton of the USA came to in a senate investigation and report titled “East German, and Cuban involvement in formenting terrorism in Southern Africa” during 1982. In this report, senator Denton came to the conclusion that the ANC does not have the interests of the South African population at heart, but rather that of international communist governments and terror groups. Despite this damning report and statements, South African leaders which obviously included communist moles, marched straight ahead in handing over South Africa to the communist ANC group.

Not even the ‘demise’ of communism, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, made the South African government change its way, and the path of self-destruction that followed was a communist government. Any doubt about the destructive powers of communist governance, can be adressed by remembering the more than 100million citizens of Russia, murdered by the communist regimes, and the more than 70million citizens murdered by the Red Chinese government in China, since 1917. North Korea is so secretive – nobody knows the bodycount of dead civilians in that country. A book titled: “The Black Book of Communism”, quickly destroy any apologetic of communism, that wishes to argue or debate on the behalf of communism.

This is a very condensed part of the least-known facts of the history of the Boers in South Africa, but it is exactly that part of history that is denied by the multiculturalists, the internationalists, the international community, the liberal west, the progressive movements, the black nationalists, and black consciousness-movements in the world. Unfortunately the denial of this history is not coincidental, but rather intentional, for this intentional denialist-mentality paves the way for arguments and actions that exploits South Africa’s mineral base and it’s people.

South Africa is exploited by usurpers, and illegal socioparasites from all around the world, that target this country, as part of the furthering the national strategies and values from countries abroad.

South Africa also is a police state, with the state control of the largest public broadcaster in both television and radio networks. This state broadcaster is under direct influence and control of the ruling party. The only other television station, called eTV is also toeing the official state-line with regards to politics and government policies.

The other television network are paid-for-channels – owned by Al Jazeerah.

The printed media are also under foreign control, and supports the official party-line, with a unanimous propaganda campaign, and psychological warfare techniques deployed by editors and journalists alike against ANY opposition to the failed communist governing ideologies of the country.

The same conspiracy to commit a genocide as shown by the media in South Africa, is being deployed and in operation by all academic institutions in South Africa.

Government funding is either cut off, or severly limited for any department in any university, should they publicize, or publish any research papers critical of government.

Afrikaans-language research papers get only half the amount published of those in any other language in SA:

In the case of the Boer Nation’s mother tongue, Afrikaans, any publication of research papers in Afrikaans received only half the amount of publications published in any other language. That despite the fact that the Boer Nation holds more that 46 % of all POST GRADUATE qualifications in South Africa, whilst only totalling only approximately 10 % of the population.

It is of no use to pay attention to ANY of these ‘researchers’ or ‘academics’ that are still holding the official propaganda line, of a country of harmony, and ‘one nation’ with no discord. The reality is much more severe than that propaganda being regurgitated by the closet-propagandists of the ruling party.

The question of whether the Boer population are subjected to a genocide or not.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Boer population are subjected to the most modern, most systematic, and systemic mass-slaughter in the world, at present in 2012.

Whilst follow a vertical barometer, where one activity of genocide always precedes another, the final one being denial, it is completely different in South Africa.  Genocidewatch also uses the perception of genocide that prevailed in 1945, with the discovery of dead bodies of the Jewish population in German concentratrion camps. That perception is outdated, because it focuses largely on dead people, and a subsequent body-count.

In 1947, the definition of genocide was expanded by the United Nations. A Polish lawyer, Lemke advocated the inclusion of new and novel approaches to view the destruction of a nation or culture group. Subsequently, the United Nation’s Convention on the Crime and Punishment for Genocide was tabled in 1947.

The advantage of these new perspectives, despite the intrinsic flaws surrounding the whole United Nations/Genocide’s flawed interactions and built-in deficiencies and definitional shortcomings, is that it is now possible to conclude and deduct from numerous other actions or incidents, that a genocide is taking place or has indeed occurred.

A genocide now takes places if a few separate and independent incidents has happened to the target population or victims.

A genocide now seems to have occurred, or are occurring, if:

1. A target group’s national character or identity was destroyed, or are being destroyed;

2. Summary executions occur of members of the target group;

3. Conditions of living are enforced upon the target group, that makes it hard or impossible to survive;

4. Protracted killings, mutilations and torture occurs within the target group. Especially the occurence of mutilations and torture amongst members of the target group, is indicative of a war, or genocide occurring in the target group.

All facts considered by modern scholars of genocide like Adam LeBor, and Daniel Goldhagen, and compared with the situation of the Boer people, the situation is grave.

The Boer people are caught up in conditions far worse than an actual war, or an actual genocide.

With various force multipliers available to government in South Africa, the Boers are caught up in the most modern genocide of our time.

Considering the separate aspects which individually indicates a genocide, Boer people are subjected to a stand-alone genocide in each and every case.

Considering that maps with our mineral resource, matches overlays of maps that of the killing-fields of Afrikaners, a hundred percent, it is safe to assume that Boers are subjected to a modern resource-based genocide in South Africa. And lastly; considering that Afrikaners are one of the most active Protestant-faith groups in the world, we must acknowledge that their slaughter has a religious undertone.

1. First incidence of genocide: Has the national character and national identity of the Boers been destroyed?

The answer to this question is unequivocally yes.

The proud history of the Boers and the statesmanship they exhibited, by establishing a sovereign and independent state at the Sandriver Convention in 1852, and again in 1854, was destroyed. First the one Boer Republic was established, and two years later the second one. This convention was the formation of the independent Boer Republics, internationally recognized by inter alia both Britain and the United States of America.

The ANC under the auspices of President Thabo Mbeki, replaced history with populist terror propaganda, named it “Turning Points in History” and abruptly started spreading this falsifications in schools. The first print distributed 50 000 of these propaganda booklets.

The names of regions, towns, and districts that are indicative of the statesmanship of the Boers, are destroyed, and renamed after obscure characters, that has no bearing on reality nor history whatsoever.

According to the United Nation’s Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide, this destruction of the history of the Boer’s, is the first and comprenhensive act of genocide that has been committed against the Boer Nation.

2. The second incidence of genocide: Has conditions of life been inflicted upon the Boer Nation, that was calculated to bring about their physical destruction, in whole or in part?

The answer to this second case of genocide, is also an unequivocal yes. Economic conditions of life have been inflicted upon the Boer Nation, that is bringing about their physical destruction in whole or in part.

Affirmative Action is effectively used by the ANC government to bar the Boer Nation in whole and in part, from having a gainful job or career in the formal economy of South Africa.

As a result an estimated 800 000 members of the Boer Nation are living in squatter camps throughout South Africa. The scourge of these economic conditions inflicted upon the Boers, goes much further than a state-induced famine. As a direct result, the suicides of the male Boers, aged between 30 to 35, and 35 to 40 years of age, is twice the number of the number of Boers being killed in brutal attacks on both farms, and in urban areas.

That level of suicides are not yet commonly known or even being spoken about by the community at large.

More and more young males are considering crime and robberies as a last resort to simply keep alive.

The sugar-coated law, but racist, and eventually, genocidal law as it is presented to the international community for public consumption, reads as follows:

“Employment Equity Act 1998 (South Africa)


Location: Republic of South Africa

Click this link to search this location with google maps

Subject Matter:

Economic Development | Employment and Training


Summary Information:

The Employment Equity Act 1998 (South Africa) (‘the Act’) was enacted by the South African Government to address racially-skewed employment rates in post-apartheid South Africa. The Act seeks to affect this by implementing affirmative action measures in order to ensure that black South Africans, women and people with disabilities have ‘equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.’ (s 2(b)). The right to equality is one that is also constitutionally-protected.
The Act also provides that employers must ‘take steps to promote equal opportunity’ and prohibits unfair discrimination, which it states does not include affirmative action in line with the Act. In addition, the Act prohibits the testing of employees to determine their HIV status, unless special circumstances exist.

Detailed Information:

The preamble to the Act states that it is being enacted:

that as a result of apartheid and other discriminatory laws and practices, there are disparities in employment, occupation and income within the national labour market; and

that those disparities create such pronounced disadvantages for certain categories of people that they cannot be redressed simply by repealing discriminatory laws.’
Nelson Mandela, then President of South Africa, stated in the explanatory memorandum to the Bill of the Act, ‘the special measures that we envisage to overcome the legacy of past discrimination are not intended to ensure the advancement of unqualified persons, but to see to it that those who have been denied access to qualifications in the past can become qualified now, and that those who have been qualified all along but overlooked because of past discrimination, are at last given their due.’ (cited in Dupper, 122).
Affirmative action provisions

The Act provides that employers must implement an ’employment equity plan’ that details what affirmative action steps that employer will take to achieve equitable representation of ‘suitably qualified’ black South Africans, women and disabled people throughout their workforce. A ‘suitably qualified’ person is one who is qualified for a job as a result of one of the following factors:

formal qualifications;

prior learning;

relevant experience; or

capacity to acquire, within a reasonable time, the ability to do the job (s 20(3)).
Lack of previous relevant experience is not something that an employer can take into account when assessing candidates. These provisions apply to employers with 50 or more workers, those with an annual income higher than a specified amount, any organs of the State, any employers bound by a ‘bargaining council agreement’, and any other employers who volunteer to comply with them. The Act does not apply to the National Defence Force, the National Intelligence Agency or the South African Secret Service. (s 4(3))

The Act also establishes the Commission for Employment Equity, whose functions include to advise the Government on Codes of Good Practice and to make awards recognising employers’ achievements, and provides for monitoring, enforcement and the bringing of legal proceedings for breaches of the Act. “

The prevalent famine, suicides, divorces and other drug addiction problems in the Boer Nation amongst the males aged 30 to 40 years of age, is a direct result of the economic conditions being inflicted upon this Boer Nation, by the ANC government; and as such it a clear cut case of a genocide being committed.

3. The third incidence of genocide: Was serious bodily and mental harm caused to members of the group?

Answering yes, would mean a third case of a genocide on it’s own.

And the answer is yes. Unequivocally.

Civilian claims against the police are in the order of R4 billion per year, in more than 8000 cases per year for assaults, destruction of property and shooting incidents.

Bear in mind that state-terror are present, when the following factors are present:

a. Violence;

b. Fear;

c. Intimidation.

These three factors are present in almost every single civilian claims against the police, now totalling in the order of a 130 000 cases for the past 17 years.

Violent acts by the police that causes violence, fear and intimidation to be present in these police assaults, constitute a separate, but nevertheless full-blown genocide against the Boer Nation, on it’s own.

This is then the THIRD case of an independent, and full-blown genocide being committed by the state in this regard, against the Boer Nation as such.

What is the prevailing situation in South Africa, is a de-facto case of state-sponsored terrorism against the Boer Nation, by the private law-enforcement of the ANC, called the “South African Police Services”.

Contained within these police actions against the Boer Nation, is a few other ominous facts:

a. The brutal actions of the police are ‘message generators’, as well as ‘violence-based communication process”. These are exactly the tactics that the SS of Hitler, and the KGB in Russia, used to terrorize the population as a whole.

b. Police brutality of the SAPS, (South African Police Services) are also used as a classic method of Marxist government’s struggle against a population. This classical strategic method of applying state force is known as the Dialectical Struggle of Ideas. In this struggle, any negative facts about the government that becomes known, must be cancelled or supressed by a state action, that proves exactly the opposite point. In most cases the arrests of prominent members of the Boer Nation, have proven to be unfounded, unsubstantiated media-stunts by the ANC. Later when the falsely accused Boers are released, no media attention is given or paid to their innocence.

c. It is also a stated goal of the ANC, to engage the civilian population of the Boer Nation in a Battle of the Communication of Ideas. This is stated in their 1997 resolutions taken at their Polokwane conference.

The psychological warfare techniques deployed in this case, must deal effectively with all “Boer dissidents”, that are critical of the failed ideological governance techniques used by the Marxist, ANC-regime. In this battle, the ANC deploys thousands of intelligence agents in the media, in political parties or movements, and in eavesdropping facilities hidden inside state, or police facilities around the country.

In another research document of the Boereleed Research Institute, titled: “South Africa: The world’s new gulag archipelago in 2012; “Systeme, regime de la terreur” the conclustion was made that the South African Police Services has migrated to being an organization that is largely made up of the tribal support base of the ANC. In this document the conclusion is arrived at that the police services is being used as a state-sponsored terrorist organization whose main aim it is to intimidate ‘political dissidents’, and to protect the criminal activities of transnational crime syndicates, like the drug trafficking of the Nigerian community. These criminal activities is an important source of income for the political support base of the ANC, and must therefore be allowed to continue uninterrupted, in order to prolong the political life of ANC-members.

This is the THIRD clear case of an independent and full-blown genocide being committed against the Boer Nation, according to the UN Convention on the crime and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by resolution 260 (111)A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.

4. The fourth incidence of genocide: Was there a conspiracy to commit genocide, OR direct and public incitement to commit genocide?

Again, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

In January of 2012, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, during the whole celebratory period of the ANC’s centenary festivals, sang the song, that the Boer Nation must be shot with cannons. In that letter that was prepared by me, I explained that particular crime, as committed by the President of South Africa. For the sake of completeness, I will repeat that letter in this document:

The song that was sung by President Jacob Zuma, at the ANC’s Centenary celebrations on the weekend of the 7/8 January in Bloemfontein, was translated correctly by Prof Groenewald.

The song as can be seen on Youtube at:


a. 17 June 2002 :Peter mokaba funeral:

b. 4 October 2008: bring my machine gun (speed up the process):

c. April 2010: Zuma urged to ban the song:

d. Sept 2011: song is banned by court:

e. Jan 2012: Zuma sings We will shoot them with cannons (speed up process even more? 250 attacks in 2012)

The song as can be seen on Youtube at


The translation of the actual word sang by the President is as follows:

Sizobadubula ngembayimbayi (Ons sal hulle skiet met ‘n kanon)

Bazobaleka, dubula ( Hulle sal vlug, skiet)

Ulibhunu sizokushaya (Jy is ‘n Boer, ons sal jou slaan)

Uzodutshulwa/ Uzobaleka ( Jy sal geskiet word/ Jy sal vlug)

Ikhabinethi sizodubula (Die kabinet sal geskiet word)

Nizobaleka, dubula ( Julle sal vlug, skiet)

Sizobadubula ngembayimbayi

Afrikaans: (Ons sal hulle skiet met ‘n kanon)

English: (We will shoot them with a cannon)

Bazobaleka, dubula

Afrikaans: ( Hulle sal vlug, skiet)

English: (They will flee, shoot)

Ulibhunu sizokushaya

Afrikaans: (Jy is ‘n Boer, ons sal jou slaan)

English: (You are a Boer, we will hit you)

Uzodutshulwa/ Uzobaleka

Afrikaans: (Jy sal geskiet word/ Jy sal vlug)

English: ( You will be shot/You will flee)

Ikhabinethi izodubula

Afrikaans: (Die kabinet sal skiet)

English: (The cabinet will shoot)

Nizobaleka, dubula

Afrikaans: (Julle sal vlug, skiet)

English: (They will flee, shoot)

The Zulu version of the song that was sung by Zuma:

Sizobadubula ngembayimbayi

Bazobaleka, dubula

Ulibhunu sizokushaya

Uzodutshulwa/ Uzobaleka

Ikhabinethi izodubula

Nizobaleka, dubula

English version of the song inciting genocide, sung by Jacob Zuma, South African President:

We will shoot them with a cannon (big gun)

They will flee, shoot

You are a Boer, we will hit you

You will be shot/You will flee

The cabinet will shoot

They will flee, shoot”

Afrikaanse weergawe van die lied wat die volksmoord van Afrikaners aanmoedig, soos gesing deur die Suid-Afrikaanse President, Jacob Zuma:

Ons sal hulle skiet met ‘n kanon

Hulle sal vlug, skiet

Jy is ‘n Boer, ons sal jou slaan

Jy sal geskiet word/ Jy sal vlug

Die kabinet sal skiet

Julle sal vlug, skiet

The song sung by President Jacob Zuma is a direct incitement to commit a genocide of the Boer nation in South Africa, with the use of modern military hardware of cannons.

President Zuma also incites the South African Parliament to shoot the Boers, and/or implicates the South African Parliament in totality in this regard. During the singing of this song by the President, the members of Umkhonto We Sizwe can also be observed participating in this incitement of the genocide of the Boer nation.

With the singing of this song, Zuma conveys the message to the black masses and supporters of the ANC that the shooting of the Boers with cannons is normal, legal, excusable, and justifiable.

The direct consequences of the singing of this song by the President, and observed by the black population, through the broadcast thereof by the national media and television network live, was that since that day up until today, the 7th of May 2012, more than 250 whites were murdered or attacked by the black population, as can be seen on the criminal website

The singing of this song in this manner on national television was a direct contributory factor to the highest number of whites slaughtered as yet; in a certain time frame; in the perpetual genocide of Boers in South Africa; that has been lasting since 1994.

This form of propaganda used and put in action by the President Zuma himself, as either head of state, or as head of the African National Congress, conveys the direct message and incitement to the genocide of Boers, and also conveys the message that this-to-be-continued genocide of Boers is normal, legal, excusable, and justifiable.

This action by President Zuma, is a crime of genocide in itself, whether the genocide was successful or not.

According to UN’s Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocides, this action must be prosecuted, regardless if the action was committed by a head of state, President, parliament, private group of persons or an individual.

The trial must take place in the jurisdiction of the area where it was committed; failing to do so must result in the extradition of the offender, for trial in an international court. The incitement to genocide is not a political crime, according to the UN convention, and is therefore an international crime against humanity, to be prosecuted internationally.

Article IX: [Trial of Genocide by an International Court]
The High Contracting Parties pledge themselves to commit all persons guilty of genocide under this Convention for trial to an international court in the following cases:

1. When they are unwilling to try such offenders themselves under Article VII or to grant their extradition under Article VIII.
2. If the acts of genocide have been committed by individuals acting as organs of the State or with the support or toleration of the State.

All those present and participating in the singing of the song; and therefore the crime of genocide; should be tried, or extradited for prosecution in an international court, and the relevant organizations or political parties disbanded, including the ANC, and Umkhonto We Sizwe.

Article X: [International Court Competent to Try Genocide]

Two drafts are submitted for this section:

1st draft: The court of criminal jurisdiction under Article IX shall be the International Court having jurisdiction in all matters connected with international crimes.
2nd draft: An international court shall be set up to try crimes of genocide (vide Annexes).

Article XI: [Disbanding of Groups or Organizations Having Participated in Genocide] The High Contracting Parties pledge themselves to disband any group or organization which has participated in any act of genocide mentioned in Articles I, II, and III, above.

Article XII: [Action by the United Nations to Prevent or to Stop Genocide]

Irrespective of any provision in the foregoing articles, should the crimes as defined in this Convention be committed in any part of the world, or should there be serious reasons for suspecting that such crimes have been committed, the High Contracting Parties may call upon the competent organs of the United Nation to take measures for the suppression or prevention of such crimes.

In such case the said Parties shall do everything in their power to give full effect to the intervention of the United Nations.

Article XIII: [Reparations to Victims of Genocide] When genocide is committed in a country by the government in power or by sections of the population, and if the government fails to resist it successfully, the State shall grant to the survivors of the human group that is a victim of genocide redress of a nature and in an amount to be determined by the United Nations.

According to Article 13, the targeted group, and all survivors of this genocide; as indicated by President Zuma, and referred to as “Boers” (the derogatory term describing the targeted group earmarked for a genocide; the “Boers”) are internationally legally, and according to the said act and UN Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide, directly entitled to reparations for EACH individual “Boer”.

Article XIV: [Settlement of Disputes on Interpretation or Application of the Convention] Disputes relating to the interpretation or application of this Convention shall be submitted to the International Court of Justice.

Clearly there is only one conclusion on the question of whether a FOURTH independent and complete incident of genocide occurred, or was perpetrated by the ANC government, or it’s office bearers. And that answer is again an unequivocal YES, with regards to the actions of President Zuma’s incitement to commit a genocide of the Boer Nation.

5. The fifth incidence of genocide: Were there killings of a member or members of the group called the Boer Nation?

With regards to the killings of a particular group, the question is really not about the number of persons killed, because of the intrinsic flaws and built-in definitional problems with regards to this convention on genocide.

These definitional ‘problems’ and ‘flaws’ was a piece of brilliant international engineering done by the 5 permanent members of the United Nations, in order to protect themselves against past atrocities committed by them.

The proof a genocide lies therefore not in the number of dead, but rather elsewhere in the blood trial.

The proof of a genocide lies in a confirmation whether:

a. Any members of the targeted group, was killed execution style; and

b. and if any torture or mutilations preceded the final killing of a member or members of the victim group, in this case, the Boer Nation?

There are several websites documenting the slaughter of the Boer Nation.

Prominent sites are and

In these particular sites it becomes clear that the massacres of the Boers is almost always accompanied by torture, mutilations, and an execution style killings by shootings into the head of victims.

The three year old Willemientjie Potgieter, from Lindley was shot execution-style in the head, after being chopped with a machete.

Prior to that, the one year old Micaela, from Gauteng was blinded after she was hit with a brick on the head, by illegal immigrants from Mozambique.

Recently another 76 year old Boer female, was burned all over her body with a hot clothes-iron, and also had hot water poured over her legs. Only after this hours-long torture, was she strangled.

Sometime ago, two elderly Boer ladies was tortured by having broken bottle glass-pieces stuffed into all of their bodily openings, from which they subsequently died.

There is sufficient proof of the torture and mutilations, that accompanies most of these murders of the Boer Nation, for any sane person to see, and for responsible persons to take the necessary action.

Without a doubt is the murders, tortures, and execution style killings sufficient proof of a genocide being committed against the Boer Nation. This is the FOURTH clear-cut proof of the genocide of the Boer Nation taking place at present.

There are several independent, and clear cut incidents of the genocide of the Boer Nation being committed in South Africa. The Boer Nation are now in their 212th year of being the targets, and victims of several oppressors that came along in their history.

The real question is if any sane person, that knows this, are going to choose a politically-correct viewpoint and actions?; or exert himself to the limit in exposing and fighting this genocide?

In the case of choosing denial, -the choice of being politically correct, and denying the genocide of the Boer Nation, the same atrocity is being committed that was done by the American Military and American Government, in denying the My Lai Incident in Viëtnam. The My Lain Incident was where the slaughter of innocent civilians by the military, was denied and hidden from the public, until it became a national disgrace for everyone involved in the denial. Clearly this was complicity in a genocide of civilians.

The Genocide of the Boer Nation has been proven:

1. The national identity and character of the Boer Nation are systematically being destroyed;

2. Conditions of life has been inflicted upon the Boer Nation, that is calculated to bring about their physical destruction, in whole and in part, by means of the racist and d iscriminatory affirmative action laws.

3. Serious bodily and mental harm has been caused of members of the Boer Nation; by brutal police violence and intimidation, as well as by private individuals from the black population.

4. There is a conspiracy to commit genocide, and there are direct and public incitement to commit genocide by the State President of South Africa himself, as well as by the private terrorist militias of the ANC, Umkhonto We Sizwe, as well as other members of the ANC.

5. There were and are continuing killings of members of the minority group which often refers to itself as the Boer Nation; these often are execution style killings and are accompanied by severe mutilations, gang-rapes and and (sexual) torture of victims.

We would also be surprised if the ICC would do something about this case, because a few people already tried this route in the past. A lawyer representing a farmer of Rustenburg filed a case against Zuma and others some years ago:

In April 2011 Paul Kruger of the Volksraadsverkiesingskommissie (Boer People’s Election Commission) also went to the ICC. As far as I know, this case is also still pending.

If we look at today’s Mail & Guardian (29/05/2012), we can see that the Kill Boer song has an impact on even the black women of this country:

In a 2007 article, Zuma said that Lethabong played a significant role in the arms struggle, and that weapons were delivered to four DLB’s (Dead letter boxes). Afrikaans: :


The ANC’s armed wing Umkhonto we Sizwe were never asked to lay down their arms:

Keeping in mind that MK was never asked to lay down their weapons, it is my personal view that the DLB’s still exists today. We can also be certain that MK is funded by the ANC, that is why an “Army of Harmony” was created in 2009:

Weapons and ammunition disappears on a frequent basis from government stores, even those kept by Zuma’s own protection unit:

12000 weapons were lost here:

8000 here:

380000 R5rifle ammunition lost here:


The Genocide of the Boer Nation: as reported to Dr Gregory Stanton of

To Master Secret Work: Nelson Mandela’s directive when he was the secret leader of the ANC’s armed wing:

 Nelson Mandela:

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

2 Responses to Genocide of the Boer Nation: report:

  1. I fully support the efforts to end this madness! I will study this document.

  2. Please be advised to watch for the genocide petition sites, I am certain some are legitimate, others may be data collectors so lets watch these sites and check against any statistics reported in SA, This is potential evidence!

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