Letter to Genocide Watch, Dr Gregory Stanton: From Boereleed Research Institute:

May 24 2012 – Good morning Dr Stanton: Thank you for your e-mail.We (BLNI  Boereleed Research Institute as well as the whole Boer population) would dearly appreciate it if you can publically support our point of view that this is indeed an incitement of genocide.


Please allow me give some history on this song:

1. Peter Mokaba sang :”kill the boer, kill the farmer..”

2. Malema sang sang:” shoot the boer..”

3. Zuma sang: ”bring my machine gun..

Then in January 2012 Zuma sang:

“Sizobadubula ngembayimbayi….we will shoot with a cannon (or big gun)

Bazobaleka, dubula….they wil flee, shoot

Ulibhunu sizokushaya…you are a boer, jou will flee

Ikhabinethi izodubula….the cabinet will shoot (or sizodubula….will be shot)

Nizobaleka, dubula….you will flee, shoot  

The use of the word “cannon” is a clear instruction that more Boers should be killed. In Bloemfontein, in a true African traditional manner,  the ANC ‘s Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) military branch (MK) acknowledged the command from their president – the uniformed members are seen dancing together with the president. Each MK soldier gestured with their handsas if holding a weapon. Even people in the stadium acknowledge by gesticulating that they were “holding’ a weapon. This can be compared to Dingaan ordering  through song,  his Impi’s dancing around Piet Retief.

It can clearly be seen that the murders escalated on whites ever since the singing of that song in Bloemfontein on Jan 8 2012:  http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/

If we only take attacks in Bloemfontein itself over the past three years:

Jan 2010-May 2010     6 attacks

Jan 2011- May 2011    17

Jan 2012 May 2012      42 .

( We are not sure if these 42 murders included the seven (7) machete attacks that we found in this article: http://www.volksblad.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Dogters-hoor-hoe-pa-sterf-20120522

According the UN convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide of 1947, it is a crime of genocide to incite the killing of a target group or population. This incitement to commit genocide must be punished in the country, failing to do so, the perpetrator must be extradited and tried in an international court. This crime is not a political crime, but a crime against humanity, according to the United Nations.

Furthermore does this Convention dictate that the organization represented during this crime, must be disbanded, and compensation paid to all surviving members of the targeted group, whether the genocide was successful or not.

This incitement by Pres Zuma clearly included to kill a target group the Boers, with cannons. (or large guns).  This is the instruction given by the country’s President to commit a genocide. This instruction was given on live national television, and broadcasted to millions of black viewers instantaneously, and it was sung on the 100th anniversary celebrations of the ruling African National Congress in Bloemfontein on Jan 8 2012.

National television  is  a force multiplier in the modern era, which aids to the systemic mass-slaughter of unwanted segments of the population, creating atrocious conditions far worse than a genocide or actual war. This media force multiplier used by President Zuma to convey the instruction of genocide is further exacerbated by the alternative media like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other available social media networks active in the country.

The role of the media in conveying instructions to commit genocide, and the role of the media as a force-multiplier by oppressive governments, presidents, and political movements was acknowledged when the broadcasters working at Radio Rwanda, continuously broadcasted the message: “The graves are not yet full, the graves are not yet full”. This broadcaster was convicted and sentenced for the incitement to commit genocide, during the genocide in Rwanda.

In this regard the incitement by President Zuma is no different, than that of the radio broadcaster in Rwanda, but rather ominously, a rather far worse incitement, as it instructs the use of military canons, and as you know, South Africa possess one of the most accurate and deadly artillery systems in the world, designed and developed by Hedley Bull. This artillery system is commonly known as the G5 and G6 artillery system.

In this regard, it might be wise to notice that the United Nations acknowledges the fact, that if these particular crimes against humanity goes unpunished, it inadvertently leads to war, as the targeted group has to defend themselves against systemic mass-slaughters.

As such it would be wise to study the recent works of Daniel Goldhagen, on the modern-day systemic mass-slaughter of populations.

This song was then translated by a renowned professor of African languages, professor Manie Groenewald of the University of Johannesburg.

We know that proving a genocide with statistics is near-impossible, due to the built-in flaws of the Convention on Genocide.

However, the convention is very clear with regards to the incitement to a genocide by either a president, leader, political party, private group or individual, and makes absolutely no exception to any perpetrator, and states that incitement to a genocide is not a political offense, but a crime against the international community.

As such the Convention is very clear that a national court should try the perpetrator, and in failing to do so, the perpetrator should be extradited.

The singing of this song by President Zuma, links the revolutionary war of the ANC against Boers, prior to 1994, to a continuation of the revolutionary terror war against Boers after 1994. As such the ANC remain true to their revolutionary struggle slogan that states ‘war is continuation of politics with other means; and politics is a continuation of war with other means’. This act indicates that the Boers is the de facto target of a perpetual, and never-ending genocide in South Africa. This song is the most evident proof that the Boers are the legitimate targets of a perpetual genocide.

Similar songs was sung by ANC cadres, prior to 1994, in which the Boers was indicated as the enemy, to be killed with impunity, as part of the propaganda used for the  organizing, mobilization and influencing of ANC-terrorists. These songs prepared the ANC terrorists psychologically for the killing of their targets; the Boers.

Furthermore, this incitement goes hand-in-hand with the prevailing political system and oppression that the Boers are subjected to inside the country. The  Convention states that subjecting a targeted population group to economic conditions, that makes it difficult for them to survive, as a crime of genocide. In this regard, the Affirmative Action laws enforced upon the Boers, is a genocide. These laws prevent the Boer’s meaningful participation in the formal economy, and effectively bars them from the most jobs and careers.

The destruction of the targeted group’s, the Boer’s national identity and character is crime of genocide. This crime was committed by President  Thabo Mbeki and his government’s destruction of the Boer’s true history, and replacing it with terrorist propaganda in the form of “Turning Points in History”. 50 000 of these falsifications of history was then distributed into black schools. In this history, Boers are projected as demons; and portrayed a legitimate targets for a killing, by any person wanting to  do his black tribe a favour by ridding the world from evil.

We know that in the United Nation’s Commission for Human Rights, the ANC government is a member. We know that the ANC is a member of the ‘abuser’s club’ in this UNCHR, as indicated by the Human Rights Watch group. This is the group that systematically abuses human rights in their respective countries. These countries include inter-alia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Red China, North Korea, Zimbabwe; South Africa and others.

The question is: We know it is easy to rationalize the case for or against this abuse by President Zuma against the Boers.

And based on whose truth we hold dear, the genocide of the Boers will be made public, or nullified and swept under the carpet of rationalizations.

The BLNI is still of meaning that this matter should be handled by the ICC (International Criminal Court). Best regards,  Edwin Leemans

Executive Researcher Boereleed Research Insitute

011 475 8035 Constantia Kloof Edwin Leemans:


From Dr Greg Stanton GENOCIDE WATCH

Sent: 24 May 2012 07:24 To: exec@boereleed.co.za
Subject: FW: Boer Leaders Request Urgent Audience with Genocide Watch and U.N.

From: Gregory Stanton [mailto:gregoryhstanton@gmail.com]
Sent: 24 May 2012 04:37 AM – to: Edwin Leemans
Subject: Re: Boer Leaders Request Urgent Audience with Genocide Watch and U.N.

“Dear Mr. Leemans, Do you have proof that Zuma has actually ordered the shooting of farmers, or was it his singing of the Shoot the Boer song you refer to? If there is more proof than that, we will publish it even more widely than we have denounced his singing of the Shoot the Boer song. Greg Stanton”

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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