Afrikaner poverty soars by 400%

“ The time to phase out the ANC-regime’s alternative action laws has arrived – the Afrikaners are being impoverished at a rate of 400% – the highest impoverishment-rate for any SA minority… ’ –Adv Anton Alberts, Freedom Front party…

White Poverty and little sympathy in South Africa Reuters photog Finnbar OReilly 

Prof Lawrence Schlemmer’s report on white poverty:

Although the ANC-regime has not even researched whether its own black-economic-empowerment laws could cause the dramatic 400% rise in the impoverishment rate of the country’s 3,5-million white Afrikaners – labour minister Mildred Oliphant vehemently denied this in parliament last week. The black-economic-empowerment laws from this year will bar 93% of all the whites from the SA. labour market from this year. White male breadwinners were already barred since 2003 by the ‘broadbased black-economic-empowerment Act Nr 25899’.

 White women — and even the white disabled — also face the poverty-axe from the ANC regime’s draconic, nazi-style black-economic-empowerment laws this year:

Below, ANC-newspaper New Nation journalist Gaongalelwe Tiro interviewed employment specialist Andile Tihoaele as gloating about it: quoting him as saying:  ‘white women would be the biggest losers once the BEE-amendment bill was enacted early next year…This represents a victory for the black business lobby which has been fighting for their exclusion.’

WHITE WOMEN LOSE OUT ARTICLE ANC PAPER NEW AGE CROWS VICTORY JAN62011 The ANC and the ‘eight stages of genocide’ poverty increased by 400 percent worse than any other group in SA April152012

Above: Afrikaner-impoverishment rose by 400% since 1994 – the fastest such rate for any minority in the country, warned Freedom Front MP Advocate Anton Alberts.

Poor Afrikaners are not ‘entitled’ to government benefits or food-aid stamps: because the ANC-regime claims ‘there are no poor whites’

Yet the Afrikaners are not ‘entitled’ to survival-benefits from the government – not even food-aid stamps; despite the fact that SA president Jacob Zuma personally visited two Afrikaner squatter camps with a large media contingent – and promised that the Afrikaners would also get government help. That was two years ago.

 Freedom Front Plus MP Adv Anton Alberts warns that the ANC-regime is in total denial about the grinding poverty suffered by the Afrikaner minority. “Specifically labour minister Ms Mildred Oliphant, who told parliament that ‘there was no correlation between ‘affirmative action’ and white poverty ’in response to our formal questions about the issue,” said Alberts.

We asked the Minister, against the background of Pres Jacob Zuma’s visits to white squatter camps, to also make good the president’s promises to also help those white communities. We asked whether the government had at least done a study to establish the link between affirmative action and white poverty.

“The Minister’s illogical reply was shocking: she stated clearly that she has not done such a study ‘ because there is no correlation’. The question remains which means she then used to establish that there was no correlation if she had not undertaken a study on the subject? Did her response simply come from the sky like some kind of revelation?” he asked.

Alberts also slammed the fact that the Minister refused to carry out such an investigation – but that ‘ if such research were to be undertaken it would include all the people living beneath the poverty-line’.

“This viewpoint of this Minister stands in shrill contrast with the solemn undertaking by her own President —  who publicly undertook to ‘look into the problem of white poverty”.

Alberts pointed out that at the moment the Black Economic Empowerment laws greatly discriminate against white male breadwinners since 2003. “That fact alone would justify a special study to determine whether this law is a fair law or whether it has an effect on white poverty. It has been the FF+ ‘s own experience at white squatter camps, as well as the research undertaken by independent groups, that there is a direct causal effect between black-economic-empowerment laws and poverty of the Afrikaners. That fact alone should provide enough grounds for the Department to launch an investigation.’

Alberts said he would provide the existing independent research which has been done to the Minister and discuss this urgent issue with President Zuma once again. “The time to phase out affirmative action has arrived,’ he concluded.” Spokesman FF+: Kol. Piet Uys : of 0861 700 700 / 012-6650564

Law barring 93% of the white male breadwinners from the South African labour market: No 53 of 2003: Broad-based black economic Empowerment Act 2003 No 25899 WHITE MEN EXCLUDED FROM LABOUR MARKET BB BEE  53 OF 2003 LAW GAZETTED 25899 9 JAN 2004 SIGNED

‘Draft bill” barring white women and white disabled workers from the South African labour market from 9 Dec 2011: (“the ANC-regime has never had any of its ‘draft bills’ rejected in parliament because of its overwhelming majority) 

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment 2011 GG34845 9 December 2011


    Documentary research into Afrikaner poverty:

White Squatter Camps in South Africa:

Afrikaner Squatter camps Feb 2012 MAP on Farmitracker comAbove: The rapid increase of ‘white’ squatter-camps: Afrikaners are growing impoverished at the rate of 400% annually:  new squatter camps recorded from Jan 2010 to Feb 2012: 

“White poverty” paid off for Reuters photographer Finnbar O’Reilly, who sold his striking series of photographs of dirt-poor Afrikaners to many leading international publications, including to the Yew York Times: “White poverty in South Africa: Little Sympathy” . The picture below is of accountant Vernon Nel, living in a tent he shares with six other people. He’s legally unemployable: white males were rapidly barred from the SA labour market after 2006 by the ANC regime’s black-economic-empowerment laws:


SA demographer Prof Flip Smit: June 24 2010: ‘600,000 Afrikaners in poverty’:  Chantelle”, commenting on this  article:  – Junie 25, 2010 “ My husband was a worker at Aurora (Padmodzi gold mines, owned by the Zuma/Mandela families) until three weeks ago. There have not been any salaries paid from them for the past few months. We now are homeless and jobless and some nights we don’t even have money to buy bread and milk for the baby, Dean. We have nicknamed Dean the Pamodzi baby. “

Research by SA Prof Lawrence Schlemmer: 18 Jan 2010: “Today 430,0000 white people out of a total ‘white’ population of 4,5m, are too poor to live in ‘traditional white areas’.

WHITE POVERTY Prof Lawrence Schlemmer 18Jan2010 studyresearch by Prof Lawrence Schlemmer: 18 Jan 2010: Today 430,0000 white people out of a total ‘white’ population of 4,5m, are too poor to live in ‘traditional white areas’.

 Afrikaans anti-apartheid activist author Breyten Breytenbach: Sept26 2011: documentary

Dutch journalist  Elles van Gelder gloats: “Now the whites are also begging in South Africa”: she visited the Eagles Nest Squatter camp and interviewed a clearly very traumatised Afrikaner veteran of the Angolan war:  also:

Solidarity trade union: ‘The reality of white poverty”:

ANC creates new white underclass in South Africa (Dutch)

Witte Armoede Google results Dec 23 2011

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