Black KZN student: ‘we’re born to kill’

We’re born to kill: will wipe out all Indian students on campus’ (…) We already started with whites…’ writes a black Westville University student:

also: Anti-White hatespeech grows dramatically in 2012: \

2012-02-19 Black students rioted last week at the Westville University campus in KwaZulu, assaulting students and lecturers, rampaging through campus and destroying property. In addition, one black student who called himself by two names – namely Siyanda Myende and Shle Shlobo – wrote on the campus’ facebook page this past Wednesday:

“Indians will never understand black people because there are too many racial differences.We are born to kill and tomorrow we will wipe out all the Indians on campus. Don’t show up because you will go straight to heaven.’

“For whites we have already started with T.Blanch so we are continuing from there tomorrow this is our country we don’t need whites and Indians at UKZN’.

KZN students reacted in anger at the blatant hate speech – and in response to the outrage the University says they will  investigate this and a case has been alledly been opened against the student. The threats to kill Indians and Whites were amongst the many blackracist attacks and hatespeech targetting lecturers and students at the Westville University campus in last week’s rioting and ‘strikes’.  BLACK RACIST COMMENT ONE WESTVILLE UNIVERSITY FACEBOOK FEB 13 2012

A second posting by the student, who wrote under the name Siyanda Myende and then changed the name to Shle Shlobo, also posted an apology saying: “I was wrong, I am sorry for that, human error. I will be quit until the sun set.”

The inciteful words were condemned by other students, most of them Indians –  who commented on the facebook page in response:
Nazareen Ebrahim wrote: Siyanda, why are you making these horrible horrible comments and inciting hate in people? This is not why people are using this forum to chat.  There is no place for racism anywhere int heworld and people who express such terrible sentiments will not win.”Kuvesan Krishanthan Naicker wrote: Apologising isn’t gonna do it man, you really don’t know how many people have ween what you’ve said and how its angered them, myself included. I’m sorry, you have no sympathy or respect from me. “

Another posting by Shle Shlobo read: A case has been opened, I have recieved a call, unfortunately, today it my last day on this earth.”  Yashmikha Govender responded: Are you looking for pity after thratening our lives?! Seriously?!

Shle Shlobo posted again:” who ever commented last night made a racism status, and all started with someone who was brutally confused what the strike was all about c.”

Magan Soobramany replied: “That gives u no right to make the statement you did buddy … I can’t seem to sympathise with u.”
Vikarshan Goobiah had this to say: siyanda, u shall bare the fruits of ur unkind words. such remarks cannot b tolerated and in my opinion us should not b included in any university if thats the way your mind works and thinks. we Indians may [be] the Minority but we have every single right as you do. in the laws eyes we no differnt from any other race group, so your hate speech has only done harm to you and your fellow followers and not to us.


The row erupted  after large black gangs describing themselves as ‘strikers’ destroyed Westville campus property and created a dangerously chaotic situation for lecturers and students when they erupted into anger, claiming to be over the lack of financial aid by the university and the lack of student housing.  The SAPS had to use water-cannon, teargas and rubber bullets after students were assaulted and intimidated and a lecturer injured during an assault.

LookLocal writes: “On Tuesday 14 February four students were arrested for public order disturbance and malicious damage to property (MI2P). Three were released because of a lack of evidence and one that is being held in custody is not a UKZN registered student.  On the evening of Tuesday 14 February, students stoned the RMS building and the front glass doors and windows of the main admin block. The Westville SRC president, Lucky Nkalanga, was arrested on an assault charge that was reported earlier in the week.
“During the past two days, we have been dealing with severe racist remarks posted on our face book wall. The University has concluded the investigation into this and is finalising the charges. The individual that started this verbal attack is not a UKZN student,” said Mbadi. “We are also extremely disappointed at the level of racist comments by our students in response to the posting. We encourage all students to embrace the diversity of cultures in our rainbow nation and promote tolerance and mutual respect as articulated in the UKZN PACT. The University is committed to the principles enshrined in our Constitution, notably non-racialism and non-sexism. The University’s Transformation Charter serves as a reminder to all staff and students to contribute to a socially cohesive institutional culture,” added Mbadi. Executive management said they “regret the inconvenience, and in some instances pain and suffering experienced by some staff and students that did not participate in the protest action.”

“At no point did we close our doors to the Wesville SRC. During the protest action, the president of the Westville SRC refused to attend a meeting with the executive director student services that led to the rest of the SRC refusing to engage. In an attempt to avert a protest we have held several meetings with all the SRCs to try and address their issues,” said Madi.

The University is “engaging with government to seek additional funding for financially needy and academically sound students”. Accommodation has been made available for all sponsored students, provided that they provide an original copy of a letter from the sponsor or an affidavit from a parent or guardian. “Every attempt will be made to catch up on lost time,” concluded Mbadi.

The university spokeswoman also claims they will ‘investigate’ the racist hatespeech-matter. “We will use our internal punishment system to investigate this’, she said.

BLACK RACISTS WESTVILLE REPORT BY LOOK LOCAL Feb 16 2012–Racist-remarks-fly-as-students-vent-their-anger

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2 Responses to Black KZN student: ‘we’re born to kill’

  1. AM says:

    I studied at Westville University from 1996-1999. I was one of the very few white students there. Even then there was intolerance toward Indians (with graffiti like “Indians, go back to India”). There were also student strikes characterised by intimidation – reasons for strikes were usually about 2 things: 1. to study for free (following annual increase in student fees); 2. to protest against failing a year (one should just be promoted to the next year even if one is incompetent in a subject). There was always destruction of property (vicious cycle of stupidity: damaged property = increased student fees). During the strikes the black students formed human chains to stop any students from trying to get away and to force them to participate in the march. Those who managed to escape (usually the White and Indian students) had bricks thrown at them or through their car windows. Once I jumped onto a bus to get away (I didn’t have a car) and the rioters threw bricks through the windows of the bus. Everyone was trying to lie down inside the bus, and the bus driver was so traumatised that he declared he would never drive the route to the university again. Those were the days. And it was much worse prior to my student days ie during the apartheid era.

    • Thank you so much for your valuable input. Many such reports were actively suppressed in the English language news media I worked for. I was a medical journalist and thus not writing about student affairs, but many of my colleagues were only writing from the “ANC’s point of view and never reported such incidents. It’s actually amazing that under those circumstances, so many students still managed to graduate!

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