Feb 2012 attacks against whites soar

Summary: Zuma sang Kill the Boer, video, and attacks against whites soar… map of attacksATTACKS SOUTH AFRICA ON WHITES BY BLACK RACIST GANGS JAN 2011 TO FEB 2012 FARMITRACKER

Attacks since Jan 2011 to date, by black militia-gangs against white South Africans in towns and on farms: 624 in Gauteng, 50 Limpopo, 12 North West, 91 Free State, 71 northern KZN, 9 East London, 44 Port Elizabeth, 63 Cape Town, 7 North Cape, 2 in Karoo, and 3 against German/Afrikaners in Namibia, 1 in Botswana and 3 in Mozambique.

  http://www.farmitracker.com/ map up to Feb 16 2012

pres Jacob Zuma and his youth league pres Julius Malema sing KILL THE BOER on same stage, ANC-centenary party ´different versions´with same words…

Zuma and Malema sing Kill the Boer together at ANC centenary celebrations: video and report: the WORDS are the same, even though the ‘VERSIONS’ might differ slightly as ANC strugglesongs always do the message is identical…

February 2012 attacks

Feb 14 2012 Tuesday 9pm Nelspruit, Three black males attacked, shot and injured Marius Scholtz,42, the owner/co-editor of the Highveld Tribune community newspaper.

Scholtz Marius Highveld Tribune Owner attacked injured by three black males Feb 13 2012 CAROLINA while on fundraising run for charity http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2344

He was on a fundraising-walk to raise support money for the victims of the recent devastating flood which destroyed so many homes in this area last week. Mr Scholtz left for his walk on Monday-morning. On Tuesday he stopped 10km before Carolina to camp – and was attacked by three unknown black males approached him, overwhelmed him, took away his gun, and shot him in the right foot and lower-leg and left hand. The suspects then ran away without taking anything else.He now is at the Highveld Medi Clinic in Louis Trichardt. Information from tel Highveld Tribune journalist Adele Smit 0827720613. “The wounds on his leg keep bleeding and he will have to undergo surgery to find out why.” . https://www.facebook.com/groups/116736821700034/  Marius Scholtz: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001682523990  https://www.facebook.com/adele.m.smit

Ingrid Anna Niebuhr, 71, Afrikaner, long-time charity worker, ex-guest-house owner, Wakkerstroom: found with her throat cut and frantic stabbing wounds: probably killed Feb 9 2012

Niebuhr Ingrid Anna 71 murdered Wakkerstroom Feb 8 2012 family Brisbane Queensland Australia

Afrikaans farm-owner Mrs Reinetha Venter stabbed ten times, held hostage for an hour with daughter Rene: car torched: police takes TWO HOURS to show up… claims it was ‘just a breakin..’

VENTER Reinatha Modjadjiskloof farm attack car torched near homestead she stabbed ten times survives with daughter FEB 12 2012
2012-02-15 Duiwelskloof/Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo farm-owner Mrs Reinetha Venter, 59, sister of Villieria SAPS-commander colonel Gawie Alberts, was brutally attacked with her daughter Rene, 27, and held hostage for an hour. Her bleeding hands were tied behind her by 4 black male attackers whose leader was aggressive’, and her burnt-out car was found near her homestead. (journalist Beeld Hilda Fourie:)

Leon Durant  murdered Feb 14 2012 in his Meent Street home, Heatherpark, George, South Africa

GEORGE NUUS Feb 14 2012: The SAPS found a Meent Street,Heatherpark, George resident inside his home in critical condition after apparent ‘burglars’ assaulted him. The man has since then died of his injuries. Police are searching the scene for clues.GEORGE POLICE Phone: 044-8034400 Fax: 044-8034425)


Afrikaner freelance photographer Waldo Swiegers nearly gets ear torn off by traffic cop

SWIEGERS Waldo Pretoria photographer traffic cop nearly tears off his ear Feb122012_PIC DEAAN VIVIER BEELD

Pretoria free-lance photographer Waldo Swiegers shows the stitches he had to get after a traffic cop almost tore off his ear during an alleged road rage. http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2328

Louis dela Porte launches formal complaint to Independent Police Directorate: demands his illegally-seized firearms back from SAPS

Louis de La Porte launches complaint with Independent Police Directorate after his firearms were illegally seized by SAPS July 3 2011 http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2338

Mrs Vivien Tillett 90 English-Speaking White SA farm-woman, dies from brutal attack by two blacks Mtubatuba

TILLETT_Vivien90shegrandsonanddogbatteredbygangmtubatubakznfeb102011 PASSED AWAY NOV 2011COMPOSITE http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2327

Mrs Vivien Tillet, 90, above who was brutally assaulted by two black gunmen with fighting sticks on the family farm in northern Zululand on Thurs. Feb 9 2011, was so weakened by the attack that she passed away in November 2011. The fact was only recorded in a formal communication February 12 2012.
Her grandson Keith Lewis – who put up a fierce fight to protect his grandmother from the rape-threat issued by the attackers – sent an email today saying that after she was so badly injured, she needed a hip replacement shortly afterwards. “She was bed-bound thereafter, but was so weakened by her injuries that she passed away in November 2011. The frail old Mrs Tillett was dragged from her bed and into the backyard by her two large, young male Zulu-attackers; beaten over the head; had her ribs broken and an arm sprained. She was lying helplessly in a puddle of blood in the dark, waiting for her family to return. After the assault, she needed a hip-replacement: but she was too weakened to survive and passed away in November 2011.Zululand Observer journalist Cenessa Stork noted at the time that grandson Keith had fought back like a lion to try and protect his frail gran from the two attackers. “The men, armed with a gun and fighting sticks, had broken their locked gate, entered the house and attacked the young Keith with sticks. He also was shot at: the bullet grazed his face. Knowing his fragile grandmother was in her room, Keith fought back with everything he had.”
Threat to rape his gran: One of the Zulu men hissed at Lewis that they were going to rape his grandmother and then kill her. He then tried to lead the men away from his grandmother by staging an escape, hoping the two men would follow him and leave his grandmother alone. He ran outside up the dirt road towards town and waved down a police vehicle. Horror awaited father and son as they got home. Lewis Snr’s elderly mother had been dragged from her bed into the backyard. Beaten over the head, ribs broken and arm sprained, Tillett was lying helplessly in a puddle of blood in the dark, waiting in agony for her family to return.The attackers were nowhere to be found. They’d also bashed the old family dog. Doctor Jorgenson and helpful neighbours Peter and Alan Harrison spent the whole night with the family. The original article WAS on http://www.zululandobserver.co.za/Pages/m06story1.html http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2327

Shaiden Trickett, 7, shot, loses finger during crossfire jewellery robbery, Meyerton Feb 12 2012 Afrikaans youngsters Shaiden Trickett 7 was shot, loses finger in cross-fire by armed-robber gang, sister Astyn, 5 badly traumatised, Meyerton Pretoria TRICKETT Shaiden 7 and sister Astyn 5 traumatised from armed robbery shooting Feb132012 http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2334

Dozens of Bangaladeshi-shops torched by rampaging xenophobe SA youths gangs, Welkom area – anger about job losses due to mine closures

FS premier: dozens of xenophobic attacks against Bangladeshi shop-owners: foreigners rescued by SAPS 2012-02-08 Bloemfontein http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2336

Black-male militia gangs hide in kopjes, target white homeowners, ratepayers: crime is out of control, Kensington

Black-male youth gangs use park areas and kopjes as hideouts to target Kensington’s ratepayers and home-owners: school children also targetted http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/reports/view/2336

Environment campaigner photographer Snowy Smith fights back against black male attacker: entire Westville Durban apartment building attacked by armed gang  Smith Snowy Durban photographer attacked with ENTIRE APARTMENT BUILDING TENANTS WESTVILLE Feb52012 sun6am5 Feb 2012 Residents in entire two-storey apartment building held at gunpoint and attacked: Durban Westville photographer Snowy Smith on the second floor was attacked with a hammer – fights back: survives with leg-injury, he writes.  http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2009/02/tourist-mecca-durban-one-giant-faeces.html

Allen Hepburn (42) frantically stabbed to death, 5 Feb 2012 nothing stolen, Klipeiland smallholdings Bronkhorstspruit
5 Feb 2012 Allen Hepburn, born 24 May 1960, stabbed to death 5 Feb 2012, nothing stolen – Klipeiland smallholdings, Bronkhorstspruit. Mr Allen Hepburn, a resident of the Klipeiland Agricultural Holdings near Bronkhorstpruit, was brutally murdered at his house on Sunday morning while changig a flat tyre on his vehicle in front of his house

HEPBURN Alan 5 Feb 2012 stabbed to death Klipeiland agriholdings Bronkhorstspruit nothing robbed Mr Hepburn (born 24 May 1960), was stabbed 7 times and was found by his wife Marietjie, upon her return. Nothing seems to have been stolen. The extremely high level of violence used against Mr Hepburn indicates that this was no ‘ botched vehicle theft attempt.’ Another attack which will not feature on the Police’s farm attack statistics, since they do not recognise smallholdings as being part of the farming community. More information to follow as we receive it. Marius Avenant https://www.facebook.com/avenant.m  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WhiteGenocideSA/

Zuma slammed for Unconstitutional use of SA soldiers to police civilians in SA streets
5 Feb 2012 ‘There was no state of emergency announced by the SA president to use the SANDF – which is a Constitutional requirement before soldiers can start patrolling civilian areas. Two video clips show the brutality with which these xenophobic soldiers and police-officers attacked the shops of unarmed foreign traders, fired tear-gas and stun-grenades. And Johannesburg journalist Yusuf Omar reported that a human rights worker was arrested for photographing a South African soldier beating up a foreign shopkeeper with the butt of his R4 rifle. Video one by Adrian de Kock: Jan 12 2012 – The crowds in downtown Johannesburg’s Jeppe Street scatter after police threw a stun grenade into the unarmed group of people. The SA Police Service and the SA National Defence Force were ‘raiding’ the shops of unarmed foreign traders in the area, for reasons unknown: accompanied by the military, the local metro-cops and the fire brigade.


This mob of uniformed defence force and police-officers broke open the shops, using axle grinders and crow bars. without search warrants: Video. Adrian de Kock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcnwYfU5f-g


SA military patrolling the streets of Johannesburg, beating up and shooting at unarmed, fleeing foreign African refugees: January 12 2012 –

A taxi driver was dragged into a puddle and ordered to swim because he laughed at a police officer. A woman was pepper-sprayed and beaten with a stick because she wanted to close her shop. And a human rights worker had his phone confiscated and was arrested for taking photographs of a soldier beating a shopkeeper with the butt of his R4 assault rifle.Parts of down Joburg resembled a war zone on Thursday as the SA National Defence Force, the SAPS Tactical Response Team and customs officials took part in “Operation Festive Season” for a second day on Thursday- contact Yusuf Omar on (+27) 0822652133 or email yusuf.omar@inl.co.za

Military forces deployed in civilian areas are Constutitional violations: also in 2011:

January 24 2012 SA Pres Jacob Zuma has come under fire for flouting constitutional requirements over the deployment of the military in civilian areas.Letters sent by the Presidency to Speaker Max Sisulu informing Parliament about three major deployments last year authorised by Zuma showed that they were sent between three and six weeks after their respective deployments had commenced.

The constitution requires that only the president can authorise the deployment of the military, and also that Parliament must be informed “promptly and in appropriate detail” by the president about the deployment. Opposition Party Democratic Alliance wrote to Sisulu requesting him to act against Zuma for “repeated failure to respect Parliament’s standing in relation to defence force deployments”. DA MP David Maynier said letters from Zuma tabled in Parliament yesterday showed how constitutional provisions were violated during the deployments as Zuma “failed to inform Parliament about the details of deployments”.

SA SOLDIERS BREAK OPEN SHOPS OF FOREIGN TRADERS JOHANNESBURG PATROL STREETS ATTACK CIVILIANS Jan 13 2012 PIC 4Foreign trader, dragged through a puddle of water by a SA defence force soldier, is then ordered to swim through it in this gross abuse of power by heavily-armed SA military officers who patrolled the streets of Johannesburg, January 12 2012 alongside theSAPS  (from video)

The SA president also failed to comply with the Defence Act of 2002 in that he did not, as prescribed in section 18(4) of that act, provide any information as to expenditure incurred or expected to be incurred by the employment of the SANDF,” Maynier said. . journalist email: kwanele.butana@inl.co.za http://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/zuma-slammed-for-illegal-deployment-of-troops-1.1219077

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcnwUfU5f-g&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v-fcnwYfl

Destitute, homeless white women gang-raped, husband brutally beaten trying to flee from Lesotho rapists with his wife, Welkom
Posted: 1 Feb 2012 destitute women gang-raped, husband brutally beaten for trying to flee with his wife – Welkom. The destitute Afrikaner mining families in the delapidated gold-mine town of Welkom are increasingly under threat from roaming gangs of Lesotho ‘gold-dust hunters’ and crime-gangs: 2012-02-03

WELKOM residents under siege from illegal goldmine panners[WELKOM. Tom de Wet. A homeless, destitute couple who were sleeping inside their car near the St Helena disused mineshaft in Welkom, were brutally attacked by black males. And another young white woman also was gang-raped by sixteen black males, purportedly all from Lesotho. SAPS capt Stephen Thakeng said a 24-year-old woman was attacked and raped by 16 black males from Lesotho near the Freddies Nr 5 gold mine shaft. She was dumped in the veldt. She was able to reach the police and they arrested one of the men when she was able to identify him. The other 15 rapists are still at large.

Leading the investigation is SAPS Lt Mosele Mokeyane tel 057-391-6186 . Thakeng said the second attack occurred when the 27-year-old husband of a 22-year-old woman was beaten with steel pipes when he tried to flee with his wife. The couple had been homeless and had temporarily stayed with the man’s brother but were asked to leave the house: and the couple then moved into their car, parking it behind a supermarket in Sandania suburb near the old disused Pres Brand goldmine. A black man claiming he was a security official tapped on the window of their car and told them they were not allowed to be there. However before they could flee, two more black males showed up, bashing in the car-window with bricks, and beating the husband in the face while he was trying frantically to drive away. The man’s face was injured by the glass – and when the old car ‘s engine failed and he tried to push the car with his wife steering, the terrified couple were attacked. Three men raped the woman. The husband is in hospital, critically injured. W/o Moyane Monei investigates. Telephone 083-533-6375 .-

Boere Krisis Aksie self-defence teams’ site reports 74 black-racist attacks in January 2012–  including 25 murders, 29 attempted murders: as follows:

Feb 5 2012 – Hannes Engelbrecht writes: BOERE KRISISAKSIE’s e-mail of this week focuses on a tremendous increase in incidents and murders aimed at Afrikaner/Boers in South Africa for the period of January 21 till February 1, 2012.

It is our firm conviction that this escalation in genocide crimes against whites was brought about by the unruly ANC centenary celebrations at the start of January. This brings our total number of racist incidents against whites for January 2012 to 74 racial incidents aimed at whites,including 25 murders and 29 attempted murders/serious assaults. – as below:

VREDENDAL: Couple of 75 and 81 attacked by armed blackattackers on their farm.
BRENTHURST: Armed blackattackers in police uniform attack family in Tweedy Street, but alertneighbour foils their plans.
BEDFORDVIEW: Alert neighbour thwarts armed attack by blackson elderly woman in Main Street.
WINKELSPRUIT: Black attacker’sfirearm misfires as he tries to shoot young girl during hi-jacking.
CENTURION: Smartryk Treurnich(37) knifed to death by black attacker.
BRYANSTON: Paul Swanson murdered by black attackers.
STELLA: Elderly farmer Boet Cilliers tied to tree, brutally assaulted and shot execution-stylein the forehead by blackattackers.
RIVONIA: Gavin Osmond attackedby black who threw acid in hisface, damaging his eyes.
NELSPRUIT: Woman raped and shocked with electricity by black attackers.
POLOKWANE: Two armed men with police and army uniforms arrested as alleged ANC political hit squad members and paradedbefore angry residents.
KNYSNA: Vehicle found withmilitary uniforms and weapons inmain street. -Elderly farmer Corrie Potgieter (70) shoots armed black attacker.
POTCHEFSTROOM: Engineeringstudent stabbed in lungs withknife by armed attackers.
FOURWAYS: Alert domesticworker throws boiling water overblack attacker.
SELCOURT, SPRINGS: Woman andher baby locked up in cupboardby attackers, who flee whenneighbours arrive.
WINTERTON: Man who shot atthree robbers who forced him offthe road to rob him of R20 000 just drawn at bank, finds at police station that they had lain a charge of attempted murder against him. PRETORIA: Johan Geyer shot inthe back in Hazelwood Avenue bythree armed blacks. EDENGLEN: Young girl escapesdeath as armed attacker’s firearmmisfires. Security firm arrestattackers. NABOOMSPRUIT: Anita vanNiekerk (62) attacked and herthroat slit by five black attackers.Her grandchild undergoingcounselling. ROOSSENEKAL: Frans du Toit (38)shot dead in cold blood on hisgame farm. BLOEMFONTEIN: Alje vanDeemter (70) and Annemarie (70)brutally attacked by hammer-wielding black attacker. BRITS: Elderly shopkeeper ofRashoop shop shot dead in coldblood. PRETORIA: Johannes Slabbert shot dead in cold blood by blackattacker.
          His brother was shot two years ago in Lichtenburg.
NELSPRUIT: Stenger shot deadwhile being used as human shield by 4 armed black attackers duringshoot-out with Lomar.
POLOKWANE: Dr Tim Scholtz(65) wounded during armed attack by blacks in Rabie Street.
BRITS: Holidaymaker Frans vander Linde of Lichtenburg shotdead; wife assaulted.
NELSPRUIT: Man shot in thestomach by black attacker at TheRest. source: HANNES ENGELBRECHT BOERE KRISISAKSIE (BKA)
DETAILS ON http://www.farmitracker.com/reports/view/2254




The Farmitracker and Boere Krisis Aksie summaries are on http://www.farmitracker.com/reports/view/2290
Jacob Zuma’s singing his favourite genocidal song was described by a Zimbabwean journalist on: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2012/01/zuma-sang-kill-boer-in-bloemfontein.html


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