‘No bail’ demand for accused killer of George Clarkson, 21, of Hermanus

Petition against bail application Feb 20 2012 of Hendrik Kriel, accused of murdering 21-year-old George Clarkson on Dec 3 2011 at Hermanus, Overstrand.
To the Dept. of Justice and Constitutional Development
Magistrate’s Court
63 Main Road, Hermanus 7200
Private Bag X01, Hermanus 7200
tel 028 312 3713 – fax 028 313 3713

Re: Bail application hearing Monday February 20 2012
The undersigned submits this petition pertaining to the accused murderer Hendrik Kriel, 51. He was arrested on 3 December 2011 for the murder of George Clarkson, 21. The Bail hearing will be held on Monday the 20th February 2012.

We, the undersigned, lodge our opposition to granting the accused man, Hendrik Kriel, bail, and ask the Magistrate residing to deny his bail application.

* Note to Petitioners: please email a copy of your signed petition to garden.solution2@gmail.com


CLARKSON George 21 FARMITRACKER _murdered all by berserker white man Hendrik Kriel Dec 3 2012




About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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