SA students in danger from clubs-mafia

Clubbing students are very vulnerable to the extremely violent criminal underworld which rules SA ‘s club-land – warning by top crime-prevention company…

Andre Snyman, founder of, warns: “South African clubs are ruled by the criminal underworld. The story below details exactly the way in which the ‘mafia’ rules – countrywide.  Eblockwatch is working hard at creating a safety net for clubbing students so that they at least have systems in place if they need our help.  The scariest part? That students tend to believe that they are bulletproof…

New Mafia controls SA clubs

Students endangered by Mafia controlled SA clubs

“Cyril Beeka’s murder left a void now being filled by SPS…

“he heavies come in. They tell you about their service, and they tell you how it is going to work and how much it is going to cost. We are a small operation, and we employ our own doormen. We used to pay R250 per month to Pro Security – just to keep them off our back. But now the same service would cost R500 per week. On top of that they were insisting on inserting two or three of their people inside the club for security.”

“Cyril Beeka’s murder has left a void…. and this is now being filled by SPS. “They are now the new mafia – Lifman and the Sexy Boys – and all the clubs are signed up with them.”   Weekend Argus was unable to find any relevant registration for either Strategic Protection Services (SPS), or Altius Trading 470 on the website of the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).  Contacted for comment on Saturday, Lifman said only: “Pass me by, goodbye,” before ending the call….


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The Cape of Good Dope:

South African Police Crime:

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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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