Mrs Pat Joffe, 76, stabbed: left to bleed to death: Mnandi smallholdings, Centurion

Mnandi smallholdings, Centurion: Mrs Pat Joffe, 76, former treasurer, SA Rhodesian Ridgeback Club: assaillant may be known to cops – yet no arrests: not even announced to the news media!

Friday Jan 6 2012: 76-year-old Mrs Pat Joffe’s mystery farmmurder : not reported by police~to news media: they first claimed she was shot: but coroner found the old lady had instead been stabbed, beaten, locked in a bathroom, the key removed while she was still alive… and then she was simply left to bleed to death: 

It was only through a small notice on the face book page of the SA Rhodesian Ridgeback club that residents at the Mnandi smallholdings in Centurion near Pretoria learned that the club’s retired treasurer, 76-year-old Mrs Pat Joffe, was brutally murdered on her smallholding. The SA Police have not reported her gruesome murder to the news media at all thus far…

Her long-time friend Mrs Liz Megginson writes:” Pat Joffe was my friend for many years and I am trying to get her album of photos. .. The police initially thought that she was shot, as her wounds were deep, but the first part of the coroner’s report suggests that she was stabbed.

Also assaulted by a groom just before Christmas:

She was also beaten, then locked in a bathroom and the key removed. I assume from this that she was still alive when she was put in there and probably bled to death. Just before Christmas a groom who worked for someone else who stabled a horse at the site, had he grabbed her and left bruises on her arms.

Pat had just turned 76 on the 16th December, but was very slim, fit and active and was still able to ride. I shall keep in touch, as I do believe these things should be recorded.  No one has informed the press. I am not sure if this should be made public, or not?

We have lost several people in the dog world, through farm murders, some very brutal…. “

It is believed the case is being handled by Lyttelton police station:   (Phone: SouthAfrica_27_0_12-6448600). Centurion does not have a police station.

First announcements of Mrs Joffe’s cruel death:

JOFFE Mrs Patricia badly beaten shot dead Jan 6 2012 Mnandi smallholdings CENTURION

 The first formal crime report of Mrs Jóffe’s death on : at this stage the police thought she ‘d been shot dead:  JOFFE MRS Patricia FARMITRACKER FIRST REPORT SAYS SHE WAS SHOT BUT SHE WAS STABBED AND LEFT TO BLEED TO death

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