Afrikaners attacked most in old Boer Republics

Attacks peak every December 16 – not one day passes without eight violent attacks against Afrikaner families – on average:

Among the incidents on the independent criminology-website Farmitracker shows daily human-rights violations and physical attacks against Afrikaners and other ethno-European-SA families, invariably carried out by young, armed black males :

An average of eight daily attacks against ‘whites’ were carried out by armed black males this past year in greater Pretoria

In the old Transvaal region of greater Pretoria, an average eight daily attacks were carried out, invariably by armed black males against socalled ‘whites’ in the greater-Pretoria/Magalies/Brits/Krugersdorp area this past year alone: both years the attacks peaked in July and on December 16: (the Afrikaners’ Day of the Vow commemorations). Twelve attacks were logged on Dec 16 2010; fifteen on Dec 16 2011: so the attacks on the Day of the Vow showed an increase.  Hardest-hit among the victims are the working-class, low-income Afrikaner smallholders. Despite the fact that the Afrikaners represent less than 6% of the entire SA population, they are attacked proportionally higher by criminally-violent black gangs and by hatespeech from government officials than any other minority in South Africa. Meanwhile, the xenophobic attacks by black South Africans against people of Asian, Chinese and Indian descent have shown a decline this past year, although they do still occur and remain underreported in the news media, there were less incidents in 2011.

Usually the only items ‘robbed’ during attacks against Afrikaners are their cellphones to stop them from calling for help: often they are found discarded at the crime scene later.

MAP Greater Pretoria: December 26 2011:


some of the latest attacks below:

Good Samaritarian Mrs Johanna vd Walt stops to report an injured man on the road: waits next to him for an hour, gets him taken to hospital – and then gets confronted at her job by a black cop with angry relatives of the man who accuse her of killing him: life in the New South Africa… 

PORT ALFRED, Dec 24 2011 – Good Samaritarian Mrs Johanna vd Walt was confronted by the relatives of a black traffic victim she had found alive lying on Bathhurst Road, Port Alfred, South Africa: the black police detective who is investigating the case showed up with the relatives at her work-place: accused her of killing the man in front of the relatives: who however was alive when an ambulance took him to hospital: and it’s unknown what he died of: Mrs Van der Walt is now terrified of her life. link

Alan Marsden and family survive hijacking, Kempton Park Dec 24 2011 (below)

Marsden Alan and Heidi Kempton Park couple hijacked with 3 kids Dec 24 2011 driveway one month before emigration to UK

Lubbe family suffers armed robbery in Rayton,  Pretoria Dec 24 2011 (below)

LUBBE JACKIE three armed robberies within a month in Rayton home Dec 2011 Confusion reigns over future lack of job-rights for white women: ANC makes conflicting statements:

Luthuli House Johannesburg Dec 23 2011

Bloemfontein Appeals court orders SAPS to reinstate Afrikaner police officer illegally fired seven years ago

Bloemfontein High Court Dec 23 2011

Joubert family survives invasion of 3 armed black males, Rayton Pretoria Dec 22 2011 (below)JOUBERT RIAAN FARM HOUSE ATTACK 3 BLACKS STOLE SOME WINE GLASSES DEC 22 2011

Featured on Dutch state-TV: farmer Joost van der Bosch, son of murdered Dutch dairy farmers Kobie and Johannes v d Bosch:

‘ he is terrified 24 hours a day on the farm, fears reprisals from his parents’ killer,’  he says: Boschkop, Pretoria   Dec 22 2011

VAN DEN BOSCH couple murdered on dairy farm

Marisca and Gerhard Fourie, son Quintin, 4, survive knife attack by two blacks –unarmed Afrikaner family just sat in their car at a traffic light on the corner of Struben and Andries Street, Pretoria Dec 22 2011 …


The two black Free State  ‘youths’ are charged with tying up and dumping Free State farmer Thinus Uitenweerde inside a shallow grave, where the helpless Afrikaner then was stoned to death. This horror happened on the farm Aliesrust in Reitz, Free State on July 31 2011. The case is being postponed endlessly: these alleged killers, described as ‘sturdy, adult-looking males’, are however being tried under the Children’s Act. The two accused had first invaded the homestead to tie up the farmer’s wife and mother before ambushing and killing Uitenweerde.

BETHLEHEM. The Bethlehem magistrate court has been postponing this case every two weeks because the two reportedly ‘sturdy, adult-looking’ black males accused of this brutal murder are purportedly said to be only 16 and 17 years respectively. They are thus being charged under the Children’s Act. This means that the entire case will not only be heard  behind closed doors,  these ‘children’ also have to be kept in a youth-prison facility and are brought to court for a bi-monthly court-appearance. The case seems to be dragging on and on… and eventually, the news media will simply lose interest… and that’s where it will end.


‘ His feet and wrists were tied up, his face was covered with a scarf, he was dumped in a shallow grave: and his skull was crushed by large stones ’

2011-08-02 REITZ – Afrikaner farmer Thinus Uitenweerde, 55, was tied up, dumped in a shallow grave next to his homestead, and stoned to death on July 31 2011 at 1pm.

Volksblad journalists M J Lourens and Jana van der Merwe write in Volksblad daily that his body was discovered by police on the farm Alliesrust. His disabled wife Magriet and his 84-year-old mom Bella are in hospital: both women were brutally assaulted and then tied up. The assault took place on July 31 2011 at 1pm. The two frail women were only found 22 hours later.

UITENWEERDE Thinus stoned to death farmer 55 Alliesrust farm Reitz FS

Hardly anything of value was looted, but it’s being described as an ordinary ‘robbery’ – do robbers usually stone their helpless victim to death inside a shallow grave?

The ANC-censorship-controlled news media said it was an ‘armed robbery’ because two cellphones, an old hifi set and the murdered farmer’s wallet were found in the possession of two black ‘youths’. The two ‘youths’ were arrested several hours later in the local Petsana township. The police found the body in the grave: they had launched their search for the farmer after Mr Uitenweerde’s son Martin, who lives in Bethlehem, tried to phone his dad and grandmom. The Bethlehem police tracker-dog unit was called in and rushed to the farm. When Martin Uitenweerde showed up, the police was already on the scene. He heard his mom call for help from inside the house.The police searchers found his body about 100m from the homestead near a ruin where the attackers had tried to hide the grave with leaves and sticks. The son burst into tears when police discovered the gruesome find: Mr Uitenweerde’s skull was ‘probably crushed by the large stones from the ruin” . His feet were tied with a black shoe-lace, his hands with a nylon rope and they had put a scarf around his face.’

Martin said his father was ‘a man on his own, a very helpful man, He would help anybody whenever it was possible for him to do so.’


Martin Uitenweerde, son of the murdered farmer, sits weeping in the veld after police told him that his father’s body was found in a shallow grave. Pictures by M J Lourens of Volksblad newspaper.

UITENWEERDE THIS HOMESTEAD July312011 stoned to death

                                   Uitenweerde family’s humble homestead: clearly these were not ‘wealthy white farmers’…

image Uitenweerde

Free State Bloemfontein map



Isak Jacobus Nienaber, 52 found murdered in car-boot, stabbed, strangled: keys still in ignition – Isak Jacobus Nienaber found dead in car-boot, stabbed, strangled, Oosteinde, Bloemfontein: last spotted driving away from Die Dekke restaurant, Curie Ave, Bloemfontein: Fri Oct 7 2011 crime tracker last 500 incidents up to Oct 12 2011

Laptop disappears from blind Afrikaner student’s room after visits from insistent black census-taker – A specially adapted Laptop disappears from blind student’s room after visits from Census-taker 2011-10-16 Volksblad journalist Jana van der Merwe notes that Gavin Harding, a sight-disabled ..Fri Oct 14 2011

Jan, Maryna Prinsloo: Lakeview Welkom: heads blown up with explosives RELATIVE SOUGHT? Jan and Maryna Prinsloo found dead at Lakeview, Welkom rental home: heads grossly mutilated with explosives Thu Oct 20 2011

Farmer Sean Schutte killed, brother Sean critically injured: farm attack with semi-automatic attack carbine, Ladybrand, FS Ladybrand farmer Louis Schutte injured – air-evacuated to Bloemfontein Nov 1 2011 – his brother Sean, 36, was shot dead at close range with two shots to the heart. Wed Nov 2 2011

Male nurse charged two months after Oct 15 2011 rape of white cancer patient – Male nurse charged two months after Oct 15 2011 rape of white cancer patient 2011-12-21 BLOEMFONTEIN – A male nurse accused of raping a white cancer patient at a city hospita …
Sat Oct 15 2011

Afrikaner woman Elsie van der Merwe beaten black and blue, Langenhovenpark – Afrikaner woman Elsie vd Merwe of Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein brutally assaulted link Wed Oct 26 2011

Komatipoort border-farm family fights off armed attack by gang: black Mozambique couple escape – Komatiepoort farm family fights back against vicious gang — Somali-pirate style kidnap gangs wearing SANDF-uniforms operate without interference across the Mozambican-South Africa …Wed Nov 16 2011

Thaba Nchu man, 29, found hanging in rented room with his hands tied:Thaba Nchu man found hanging in rented room with his hands tied: 2011-11-16 Bloemfontein – The decomposed body of a man has been found hanging in his rented room in Thaba Nchu …Wed Nov 16 2011

Stefanus Bruwer Meyer (49) vermis in Humansdorp: kontak Leon Rossouw, tel 083-410-0910 Stefanus Bruwer Meyer, 49, ‘n oud-weermaglid wie se linkerbeen geamputeer is en met krukke rondbeweeg, word vermis: Fri Nov 25 2011

Volksblad Afrikaner newsteam cursed, threatened by six Zuma bodyguards, ordered to hand in camera memory chip – NOV 25 2011 – Volksblad Afrikaans journalist and -photographer were cursed by six Zuma bodyguards, ordered to hand over camera memory chip in BLOEMFONTEIN –
Fri Nov 25 2011

Afrikaans farm couple Bennie and Lettie de Ru attacked on farm De Erf for second time– Farmers Bennie and Lettie de Ru attacked a second time near Bloemfontein Sunday Dec 4 2011. Volksblad newspaper reports that Afrikaans farming-couple Bennie and Lettie de Ru wer .Sun Dec 4 2011

3 black murderers of unarmed Louis Pulzone get low prison sentences despite execution-style murder in Uitsig home – Three black murderers get low sentences: despite execution-style murder of the unarmed Afrikaner Louis Pulzone, 60, in Uitsig Bloemfontein on Fri Dec 9 2011

Afrikaans drama teacher Petro Müller’s home invaded: Eighth Ave, Arboretum Well-known Afrikaans drama teacher Petro Müller had a breakin at their Eighth Avenue, Arboretum Bloemfontein home – the same day they departed on holiday. Volksblad journalis …
Wed Dec 21 2011

Heineke, Philiip, tied up, hanged Storeroom Bainsvlei farm near Bloemfontein – Bloemfontein – A 50-year-old Bainsvlei farmer was found dead – tied up and hanged in a storeroom on his farm near Bloemfontein by his wife, police said on Thursday. Inspector Harr …
Thu Jun 22 2006

Vanden Berg Stonnie, Bloemfontein, survives attack by gardener June92010
Wednesday, 9 June 2010 Boer woman saved from attacker by child Stonnie van den Berg of Bloemfontein kept a cool head, saving herself and the five-year-old girl in her care… 2010-06-0 …
Wed Jun 9 2010

Japanese photographer Tomayo Saito robbed after WC2010 game in Bloemfontein: 3 youths sentenced
Drie ‘promising youths’ were given 5-year suspended sentences for robbing Japanese photographer Tomayo Saito after the Japan-Cameroon game in Bloemfontein. Mon Jun 28 2010

Hannetjie van der Walt, 78, strangled to death Bloemfontein Jan 29 2009
Bloemfontein – A Bloemfontein painter who allegedly strangled the elderly woman who hired him to paint her home has been arrested, Free State police confirmed.uperintendent Thu Jan 29 2009

Breedt, Johanna, 64, torched, Bayswater, Bloemfontein SAPS: no crime suspected
2010-07-27 Mrs Johanna Breedt, 64, Bayswater, Bloemfontein, torched to death: police ‘do not suspect a crime’. note: WE WILL MAINTAIN THIS REPORT ON FARMITRACKER AS A SUSPECTED MURDER UNTIL INQUEST RULING …Wed Jul 28 2010

Bloemfontein Park Road SAPS beat up citizen who brings them a drug-dealer with his drugs
Barries Fourie attacked by Park Road SAPS, Bloemfontein: he tried to hand over a suspected drug-deal with the drugs… 2010-08-02 01:20 BLOEMFONTEIN – Pieter Steyn reports Mon Aug 2 2010

Bloemfontein barman Marius van Niekerk found NOT GUILTY of murdering black patron Gareth Wotshela – racist hatespeech during trial
Bloemfontein barman Marius van Niekerk is found not guilty of murdering Gareth Wotshela, trainee-manager of Metcash in Hamilton, in June 2009. August 6 2010 – BLOEMFONTEIN REGIONAL COURT Fri Aug 6 2010

Butler Don, 55 director RADM Construction, murdered Bloemfontein
Don Butler, 55, director, RADM Construction, Bloemfontein, shot dead execution-style Aug 21 2010 BLOEMFONTEIN. Don Butler, 55, was gunned down at the East End premises Mon Aug 23 2010

UK tourist gangraped, Happy Valley Nature Reserve, Bloemfontein
White UK tourist gang-raped in Happy Valley Nature Reserve, Bloemfontein January 13 2011 A British tourist was raped while taking a walk in the Happy Valley nature reserve in Bloemfontein Wed Jan 12 2011

Pulzone, Louis, 60, unarmed man killed execution-style, Genl.DeWet suburb, Bloemfontein
2010- 10-07 Louis Pulzone, 60, shot dead in his Bloemfontein suburban home Genl De Wet 2010-10-08 The unarmed Mr. Louis Pulzone (60) of President Brand drive Fri Oct 8 2010

Holtzhausen Monya 23 raped by 2 black men, Estoire smallholdings, Bloemfontein
Monya Holtzhausen, 23, raped by two males 2010-10-28: mom of toddler, Estoire smallholdings, Bloemfontein 2010-10-28 Frail Afrikaner rape-victim Monya Holtzhausen, 23, Fri Oct 29 2010

Bloemfontein youths Reino Myburgh, Reinier vd Walt beaten up by five black cops
2010-10-39 Afrikaner youths Reino Myburgh and Reinier van der Walt were attacked in Bloemfontein by 5 cops in SAPS vehicle white Volkswagen Polo, with registration number DSR213FS  Fri Oct 29 2010

Steyn, Barend 73 farmer murdered Bloemspruit AH, Bloemfontein Nov 7 2010
2010-11-07 Barend Steyn, 73, ex-railway worker and farmer, murdered on Bloemspruit smallholding FS Bloemfontein – A blood-stained sock, a pillow and a rag were silent witnesse .Sun Nov 7 2010

Smith Manie Afrikaner newsman and wife Caroline shot injured home-invasion Fleurdal Bloemfontein
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 Afrikaner newsman Manie Smith attacked in Bloemfontein Volksblad newspaper IT-chief Manie Smith, wife Caroline injured by gun-shots from two black attackers …Mon Nov 22 2010

Henning Amelia SAPS reservist clerk Bloemfontein, raped, stabbed to death Bloemfontein EYES STABBED OUT SAPS reservist Amelia Henning, 36, raped, murdered, Hospitaal Park, Bloemfontein OFS Nov 23 2010: Local SAPS reservist, charge-office clerk Mrs Amelia Henning was raped and stabbed Fri Nov 26 2010

Nel, Kitty, 93, Afrikaner stroke-victim denied public hospital treatment BLOEMFONTEIN – PICTURE
November 8 2010 – ANC denies impoverished Afrikaners proper medical care at public hospitals: BLOEMFONTEIN NATIONAL HOSPITAL: Mrs Kitty Nel of Petrusburg, 93, nearly comatose Mon Nov 8 2010

Mostert, Anna, 57 dies of internal bleeding – waited for an hour for ambulance Bloemfontein
Anna Mostert, 57, Dec 13 2010 – dies of internal bleeding: waited over an hour for government ambulance. Park Road, Bloemfontein 2010-12-15 Earl Coetzee reports in Volksblad …

Hall; Desire, Afrikaans labour broker shot dead execution-style partner Madeleine Bezuidenhout injured at height of anti-labour-brokers’campaign by Cosatu: Two Afrikaans labour-brokers gunned down in Bloemfontein: Desiré Hall (42) killed; Madeleine Bezuidenhout, 52, injured – only a week after Cosatu declared war on labour-brokers …Fri Dec 24 2010

Unnamed Shannon garage-owner stabbed, stoned to death, Shannon Free State smallholding
Garage owner stabbed stoned to death, Shannon, Free State Jan12011 THE unnamed owner of a garage in Shannon in the Free State was stabbed and pelted to death with stones Sat Jan 1 2011

Grobler, Lodie, Afrikaner shop mgr. Ladybrand, stabbed to death – Lodie Grobler, 27, Cambridge Wholesalers manager, Ladybrand, stabbed to death by supposedly ‘berserker’ worker Jan14_2011

De Beer, Alette, 72, stabbed by school-boy who had a knife in each hand, Jan 15 2011 Waterbron AH Freestate

Alette de Beer, 72, Jan_15_2011, knifed by youth who ‘begged her for an odd-job’, Bloemfontein Waterbron AH ‘Trust no-one’warns feisty gran after fighting back against young black male assailant.Sat Jan 15 2011

Smith, Annetjie, 62, beaten, chained up, Zastron
Smith, Annetjie, 62, Zastron: chained up after brutal beating, left behind for dead, Pic: Charl Devenish Volksblad 2011-02-15 Zastron … Sat Feb 12 2011

Theron family, 4 members: SAPS ‘suicide’ claim: inquest decision awaited: SAPS’ ‘suicide claim’ of four-member Afrikaans family not yet determined by inquest court:  (Note: Farmitracker places this report under ‘attacks’ until the inquest court decision has been made…Tue Apr 19 2011

Philine Steytler killed in culpible-homicide road accident, Luckhoff – Philine Steytler killed in culpible-homicide road-accident, Luckhoff 2011-04-23  Mrs Philine Steytler, wife of Free State Agriculture president Louw Steytler …dies in mystery crash: Sat Apr 23 2011

Van Deemter, Alje and Annemarie, 70, survive hammer-attack, Bloemspruit smallholding – Alje en Annemarie van Deemter, attacked by hammers, Bloemspruit AH  Bloemfontein 2011-05-09 Jana van der Merwe Bloemfontein – In die soveelste wrede aanval op ’n Vrystaatse kleinhoewe…Sun May 8 2011

Fuls, Günter: bitten until the blood ran by assaillant Ms Dineo Modisane, who threatened to kill him and cursed him as a ‘racist’ Günter Fuls viciously bitten by Ms Dineo Modisane, cursed as a ‘racist’ – she also threatened to kill him: charge laid but police still haven’t arrested her. …Tue May 24 2011

Sasolburg cops part of murder-attack gang: but are still working warns judge C J Musi:
Reign of terror targets whites from police-stations: Judge C J Musi who jailed Sasolburg Club 40 manager Ignatius Michael Grobler’s killer expressed concern that part of the murder-gang made up of Sasolburg police officers, are still working. Fri Jun 3 2011

5-member gang terrorising businesses in Odendaalsrust etc arrested in East Cape Freddies Ns 5 Shaft Odendaalsrust attack gang from Dec 2009 arrested in East Cape 7 Jul 2011 Free State gang from Eastern Cape heavily sentenced for a spate of robberies and murder …
Thu Jul 7 2011

Afrikaners beaten in Koffiefontein after objecting to antiwhite hatespeech in Post Office – White woman beaten in Koffiefontein after objecting to anti-white hatespeech in PO 2011-07-12 Previously a white man was also beaten up by a young black man while withdrawin …
Tue Jul 12 2011

Vosloo family threatened with murder by long-time gardener Oupakie Majafa – get interdict to stop the assailant from bothering them: Vosloo family threatened with murder by gardener – get interdict 2011-07-1 Mike van Rooyen ’n Onderwyseres van die Hoër Meisieskool Oranje in Bloemfontein Fri Jul 1 2011

Anna-Marie van Noordwijk, 53, editor of historical Harrismith Chronicle, survives facial shotgun blasts in farm-attack: Editor Anna-Marie van Noordwijk, 53, of Harrismith Chronicle, survives facial shotgun-blasts in farm-attack 2011-09-02 — Eight people arrested 14 September 2011: Thu Sep 1 2011

R30,000 fine for three culpible-homicide deaths by black fire-engine driver who killed Morgan Rees, Tanya Janse van Rensburg and Kylie Steyn, 8 THREE ‘ACCIDENTAL’ DEATHS: Black municipal fire-engine driver who killed Morgan Rees,18, Tanya Janse van Rensburg, 19 and Kylie Steyn, 8, fined a mere R30,000 – how to get away with a triple-murder: Sept 1 2011 -…
Thu Sep 1 2011

Asian-SA paediatrician rape at Pelomoni Hospital, Bloemfontein:

The Asian-SA Pelomoni Hospital doctor who was brutally raped on ward last year has been left in lurch by ANC-justice system – #RapeCrisis Pelomoni Bloemfontein hospital doctor who was brutally raped last year left in lurch by ANC-justice system: …Tue Nov 8 2011

Asian-SA Pediatrician gang-raped at Bloemfontein hospital – 3 arrested youngest 16:  Pediatrician screamed but ‘nobody heard’ while she was gang-raped in Bloemfontein hospital Nov 3 2010 – Medical personnel held an angry demonstration outside the Pelonom …
Thu Nov 4 2010

Pelonomi Hospital doctor in Bloemfontein was ‘raped by Lesotho youth ‘ – was not a gang-rape CLAIM IN COURT
“Boy” from Lesotho claims he ‘acted alone’ when raping female doctor at Pelonomi Hospital, Bloemfontein 2010-12-08 BLOEMFONTEIN. A ‘slender boy’ from Lesotho, 16  Wed Dec 8 2010 Paediatrician raped at Pelonomi Hospital Bloemfontein by three black males – protests

Furious medics, doctors from 3 hospitals demonstrate against gang-rape of Pelonomi Hospital paediatrician in Bloemfontein 2010-11-10 BLOEMFONTEIN MAGISTRATE’S COURT – Fri Nov 12 2010

Somalian shopkeepers survive torching by large black xenophobic mob, Botshabelo Free State
Somalian shopkeepers torched by large black mob, Botshabelo, Free State 2011-06-01 Johannesburg – The Afrikaans Naspers group Sun Jun 5 2011


Many more can be found on:


other news this week:

  • 350 black SANDF soldiers trained by Cubans to assist customs officials at: Johannesburg Airport Dec 23 2011 view 

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