Black-racist attacks by cops against Afrikaners increase

23,39% of the 1,980 serious crimes logged against ‘whites’ in South Africa between Jan 2010 up to Dec 2011 were conducted by ‘feral black-racist cops”: MAP BELOW

SAPS criminality against minorities Jan2010 to Dec 2011

Censorbugbear-Reports first noted this black-racist cop spouting his genocidal language on Julius Malema’s face book page on Nov 19 2011. And after we published and alerted the civil rights movement Afriforum, the Freedom Front Party also raised the issue with the authorities. Black-racist SAPS member Juda Dagane is being investigated by the chief of the forensic laboratory service, LtGen. Khomotso Phahlane, for writing: “I hate whites’. This was confirmed by national SAPS spokesman capt Dennis Adriao to Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie. link

DAGANE, JUDA  NOV 19 2011 CALLS FOR WHITE GENOCIDE FACEBOOK JULIUS SELLO MALEMA NOV 19 2011 Dagane: ‘When the black Messias (Nelson Mandela) dies, we will teach the whites a lesson. We will commit genocide against them. I hate whites’.

The man claims on his Face book page that he is a ‘forensic examiner. However according to Adriao, the man is a clerk in the SAPS’ forensic-department in Gauteng. Senior researcher Dr. Johan Burger of the Institute for Security Studies told Hilda Fourie that he was ‘pleased that the police is investigating the case, because in addition to the fact that Dagane’s comments on Face book are hatespeech, it also is against police regulations. “

PETITION AGAINST DAGANE’S HATESPEECH BY FREEDOM FRONT PLUS: Left: Jean Kriek, the  Freedom Front Plus youth leader in Gauteng, DAGANE JUDA SA COP SAYS THEY ARE STARTING A GENOCIDE, who launched a petition against the officer’s hatespeech, said that comments like Juda Dagane’s, combined with actual killings of Afrikaners, are cause for real concern. “The fact that his comments were on Julius Malema’s face book page just confirm that Malema’s song ‘Kill the Boer’ incites violence against white people. If it did not why would Dagane have made such an outrageous statement? Dugane is a member of the South African Police Force, a body that is supposed to serve and protect us. This is not only a statement that incites violence, but a racist statement as well. The youth are our future and if this is is the kind of youth the ‘new South Africa’ produces, we do not want any part of a socalled ‘rainbow nation’.

Dagane wants to start ‘Black Apartheid”…

Dagane also mentioned that he wanted to launch a system of ‘black apartheid; that a genocide must be launched against white people, and that he personally hates white people. “Whites have no place in our hearts and minds. Viva Malema,’ the man concluded. On his last notation on his own Face book wall on 7 December 2011 he noted: “Who says a policeman cannot be political? I am a staunch supporter and card-carrying member of the ruling African National Congress. The police law allows this.’ Burger confirmed in the article that it’s accurate that a police – officer may be a member of a political party – but he may not occupy an official position or become an office-bearer of a political party, and neither may an active-duty police officer make any public political statements.“Since the member identified himself on Face book as a police-officer, his actions are against SAPS regulations,’ Burger was quoted as saying. “And when statements are made on Face book they are public statements.’ Dagane was asked to comment but did not respond.

Black racist cops attack Afrikaners:

23,39% of the 1,980 serious crimes logged against ‘whites’ in South africa between Jan 2010 up to  Dec 2011 were conducted by ‘feral cops: SAPS criminality against minorities Jan2010 to Dec 2011

Black SA cops turning into feral criminal gangs: 2 white sisters raped by black officers in police uniforms: Paulshof
Two white sisters raped by black police officers and their friends in uniforms at two seperate venues, Paulshof Johannesburg,
Friday: 9 Dec 1am after leaving a party:

Magdel Steyn was brutally accosted by metro-cops – the incident was put on video by angry onlookers while the Afrikaner woman was merely trying to park her car: the incident was featured on the Carte-Blanche TV programme of M-Net and Afriforum lodged formal charges against the cops involved


 Black SA cops turning into feral criminal gangs: 4 Chinese visitors robbed, beaten up in Douglasdale
Chinese visitors charge SAPS with robbery, assault, false arrest:  Black SA cops are turning into feral criminal gangs: visitors ‘beaten, robbed and falsely charged
Douglasdale, Randburg, South Africa


Dylan Sherman was attacked by black cops from the Honeydew tactical SAPS unit on Dec 4 2011:

Sherman Dylan attacked by black cops of Honeydew tactical unit Dec40211

Afrikaans youth traumatised after attack by feral cops at road block Lichtenburg
Dec 2 2011 Catherine Faurie wrote on Face book: My son was assaulted by the police for no reason.They stopped him and ordered him to get out. They then beat him and kicked him.He was terrified and tried to fight back but they sprayed him with pepperspray. He ran away and hid in people’s garden.

FAURIE family Chatherine son attacked Dec2011 by LOCAL COPS peppersprayed now hiding

Afrikaner wife Michelle Rodrigues saves husband David from 4 armed Bluelight attackers in police uniforms: all black men carrying semi-automatic weaponry
Beeld journalist Laetitia Velleman wrote the story and took the picture of Mrs Michelle Rodrigues outside the Glenwood shopping centre – where she followed her husband’s vehicle when realising it was being driven by black men in police uniforms.She’d never seen these men before. . Mr Rodrigues was being hijacked by a group of black uniformed men in police uniforms, driving in three luxury vehicles. He got an AK47 pointed to his head. If his wife hadn’t chased his car, he would have been dead.

Wikus Ras, Grootvlei farmer, was brutally beaten up by black traffic cops in front of his children: Oct 7 2011


Below: Children’s Court clerk Janet Odendaal was gunned down execution style by a black cop while she was sitting inside her car in front of Kempton Park police station: the cop was given low bail and is back at work. His trial at Alberton is repeatedly postponed:Odendaal Janet executed April262011 Kempton Park cop histrial on Nov26 Alberton

Below: Biker Diego Singer was punched in the face and rammed off his bike by brutal Boksburg metro-cops; punched, arrested and robbed:

SINGER Diego Uruguay immigrant knocked off bike by Boksburg Metrocops and robbed Sept112011Below: Oct 28 2011: These two cops from Magalieskruin police station named Mahlanga and Masilela were arrested for allowing the escape of the brutal killer/rapist Tsietsi Samuel Mziza, a notorious gangster being sought for many rapes. Mziza had been arrested for the cruel rape, torture and mutilation of an Afrikaner student:  medical staffers said the girl was ‘virtually disected’, her face, arms and legs grossly carved-up. She only survived because a good-samaritan rushed her to the nearest hospital when she came crawling from the bushes…



Wonder where all those ‘fake cop-criminals’ get their stuff? SAPS capt arrested: was selling uniforms, ammo to ‘blue-light’ gangsters
Cape Town.  Two people, including a policewoman who “has been on stress leave for three years”, have been arrested in Cape Town for selling unlicensed ammunition, the Hawks spokesman McIntosh Polela said on Sunday. Detectives were recently informed about a man apparently selling police uniforms and ammunition to the public. “A sting operation…involving the Hawks was carried out in which an agent bought the items from a police captain’s associate.”
Also found at the captain’s flat were forensic bags containing what appeared to be police-exhibits and various police documents were also found in her flat and seized by police. Polela said the 20-year-old daughter of the captain was in the flat at the time with two friends. He said that the two friends, aged 29 and 36, were both “known gangsters from Kensington”. The police captain and her associate now face charges of dealing in unlicensed ammunition and for corruption. They appeared in Cape Town magistrate’s court on Monday and were remanded in custody pending their bail application
.-  2011-12-11

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2 Responses to Black-racist attacks by cops against Afrikaners increase

  1. I believe there is some substance behind these rumours of genocide against white South Africans when Nelson Mandela dies. I wrote my own blog post about it here

  2. Mikey says:

    How unfortunate the SAPS and Metro Police reputation by majority of people has always been one of trying to extort a bribe by using their authority. And to think these are the people recruited, to lead by example and up hold the law. Most cases when you switch on the radio or listen to the news, there is always some high ranking police officer being arrested for corruption or robbery. How these types of people get recruited in to the police force is an absolute wonder to me. There mission is being to serve and protect the public, yet they the most corrupt out of all the Government departments. What a utter disgrace to the department, their uniform and to South Africa.

    My sincere apologies to all those hard working honest and ethical policemen out there but you are by far in the minority.

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