Dec 3: Serbian man murdered; Gessler women survive attacks by gunmen; farmer missing

News Dec 3 2011: Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund lodged in Netherlands; Nigel farmer Nicolaas Jacobs possibly kidnapped; police seek mystery-lodger after Serbian man’s murder in Secunda; Gessler women describe ordeal of repeat-burglaries and armed gunmen in Erasmia.

Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund blog:

ARAF AFRIKANERACTIEREDDINGSFONDS AD NR 1 with bank info adress nonprofit reg nr AFRIKAANS

Serbian man murdered in SA: lodger called Lenad sought after murder of Mile Veljkovic, 63, in Secunda South Africa.

2011-12-02 Secunda SAPS are seeking for a lodger identified only as Lenad (pictures below) to help them in their investigation of the ruthless  murder of 63-year-old Mr Mile Veljkovic of Secunda. Mr Veljkovic ‘s skull was crushed and a plastic bag pulled over his head: it is suspected that he was then smothered to death. The murder happened on 2 November 2011 but the police only notified the newsmedia on December 2.

Veljkovic Mile 63 Serbian in SouthAfrica skull crushed Secunda Nov32011 SOUGHT THIS MAN LODGER known only as LENAD

The man’s son Claudio, 16, and a friend discovered the murdered man’s body on 2 November when the youths returned from school.The youngsters said that this man Lenad had been lodging with the family for ‘quite some time’ and was at the house when Claudio left for school that morning.SAPS spokesman Lt col Leonard Hlathi said Claudio noticed that his father’s Toyoto Hilux-bakkie wasn’t parked at the house as usual.The youngsters were unable to get in except to climb through a window – were they made the gruesome discovery.The police carried out a neighbourhood survey and discovered closed-circuit TV footage at a nearby garage which showed Lenand days before the murder.Hlathi asked the public to contact the investigating police officers lt.col Enoch Mbokane at 0825565630 or capt Tanya Oosthuysen at 0824962220 if they know more about the case or spotted Lenad.The story was written by Buks Viljoen of Beeld newspaper.


The Gessler family’s repeated attacks-ordeal in Erasmia:

Heidi Gessler, 72, an Afrikaner widow of Erasmia, Gauteng isn’t a wealthy woman and neither are her two live-in daughters. Yet there has been a  ‘surreal’ series of armed attacks against the family –  in which the black gunmen even knew that a brown-paper parcel was actually a disguised computer… The latest attack was on November 22, 2011: by three ‘pistol-wielding black males’ who forced their way through the front door in broad daylight. The Laudium Sun Weekly described the family’s ordeal on November 30 2011.What makes it even worse, was that while the Erasmia arrived, and took fingerprints – there’s been no feedback.

GESSLER Heidi two daughters repeat attacks by black gunmen Erasmia Nov302011 Laudium Sun Weekly

 Afrikaner farmer Nicolaas Jacobs, 64, farm Frisgewaagt, Nigel – missing after suspected attack

2011-12-02 – NIGEL, South Africa.  The SAPS has launched an urgent search to farmer Nicolaas Jacobs, 64 who lived alone on the farm Frisgewaagt and who was last seen arriving at his homestead on Friday December 2011 in his white Opel Astra at 2pm. A witness heard the alarm go off shortly thereafter – and minutes later an ‘unknown man’ was seen chasing away at high speed with the farmer’s vehicle from the farm-gate. Electrical equipment is said to be missing. A case of house-robbery and kidnapping was lodged at the Nigel police-station. Mr Jan Petzer, head of the rural emergency-and-disaster organisation in Nigel, said at 8pm last night that ‘nobody knows the exact facts around Jacobs’ disappearance. A member of the organisation had apparently reacted to an emergency call from Jacobs but also was unable to find any sign of him. SAPS w/o Madeleine von Wielligh confirmed that they were searching for the farmer. Mr Peter said he was at the homestead and ‘it’s clear things have happened there but we do not know exactly what’. Story by Beeld journalist Ügen Vos.

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