Black US dancer Makeda Crayton in armed robbery, SAfrica

The Cape Dance Company was robbed of only one BlackBerry at gunpoint: also targeted was US dancer Makeda Crayton

source: journalist Pauli van Wyk, Die BEELD newspaper:

2011-10-27 FLORIDA, JOHANNESBURG, South Africa. It hardly seemed worth all  the trauma it caused, because the two ‘neatly-dressed’, black armed male robbers who attacked the neo-classical Cape Dance Company at gunpoint the day before their opening night at Newtown’s Dance Factory in the Johannesburg CBD only got away with one BlackBerry cellphone.

CRAYTON Makeda US dancer of New York in armed robbery Newton Johannesburg South Africa Oct 272011 The Cape-Town based dancing group targetted by the armed robbers includes foreign dancers such as Makeda Crayton (above) – who said she initially was ‘confused when one man just walked right up to me with his hand in front of his mouth indicating I had to be silent. It was so bizarre. A robber in the US would never allow his face to be seen. This man just walked up to me and I initially thought it was someone’s friend I didn’t know.” She only realised something was amiss when she saw the gun in his hand. “I ran so fast, it all went so silently. The moment people realised we were being robbed, we all just ran and tried to hide away,’ she said.

Yet after all this fuss, the only thing they stole was a BlackBerry cellphone, said dance-troope chief Debbie Turner. “Fortunately we all got away safely. They could have looted our bags of equipment, sheet music, technical equipment, or they could have injured someone.’ That would have been the end of the show – but as it was, the dances again worked hard the next day for their final rehearsal ‘because the show must go on’.

The troupe dances October 27 – 30 at the Dance Factory, Newtown, Johannesburg; and moves to Artscape in Cape Town  November 30 – December 11. They featuring a repertoire of neo- classical ballets by national and international choreographers, with acclaimed US choreographer Christopher L Huggins, as well as guest artists Crayton from New York and Justin Daniel from Ohio.


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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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