Afrikaans mom, farmer mauled by traffic cops

Afrikaans mom Yolanda Mostert and farmer Rikus Ras assaulted, hauled off on trumped-up traffic charges by infamous “Red-cap Mpumalanga traffic brigade…”

2011-10-26 ERMELO. Mrs Yolanda Mostert allegedly was badly mauled by the infamous ‘red-hat traffic brigade’ in front of her two young daughters and husband – and hauled off with considerable violence to jail. Earlier ‘red-cap traffic brigade’ cops also badkt assaulted Balfour farmer Rikus Ras on trumped-up charges – and later bragged about it with the words: ‘that’s what a white cnt looks like after we fked him up’….

Both Afrikaners have lodged formal assault charges against their assailants.

Mostert Yolanda AND farmer Wikus Ras both attacked by infamous redcap traffic cops Mpumalanga
Volksblad journalist Buks Viljoen wrote that twelve-year-old Lindie Mostert pleaded hysterically with the Mpumalanga’s infamous red-cap traffic brigade to let her mommy go after Yolanda, 38, was arrested.
Mrs Mostert, her husband Pieter 40 and their two daughters were driving to the shops at 16:50 when one of the black traffic-officers stopped their car: he accused Mr Mostert of not wearing a seat-belt, and also claimed their ‘number-plate was fake’.
The traffic-cop also tried to scrape off their car license-disk from their front window. And when Mrs Mostert asked him why he was removing the license, he snarled at her: “Shut up, you’re not the driver’.
When she reached out and pushed a finger down on the disk to stop him from destroying it, he slapped her hand away.
Mrs Mostert climbed from the car and asked the patrol-man to identify himself. “He instead replied that he will entertain me. He took out his handcuffs and said he was going to arrest me’.
“I grabbed Pieter’s arm and would not let the man cuff me. He plucked me around on my arms but I resisted.’ A second traffic-cop then stood to and helped cuff her.
At that point her little girls Lindie and sister  Suné (11), were weeping hysterically. At the police station Mrs Mostert was held in the police cells and later released on her own recognisance.
It’s not known on what charges. A doctor had to treat her injuries afterwards and had to examine her for neck- arm and back injuries.
She was covered in bruises. She made a ‘brief appearance’ at the magistrate court and the case was postponed to 6 December.
She in turn launched a formal complaint of assault against both traffic cops: the second such incident within the past three weeks.
Red-capped traffic cops also assaulted Balfour farmer Rikus Ras after trumped-up claims that he had ‘ignored their signals’.
The case was thrown out. The traffic unit was launched only recently by the province to ‘prosecute serious traffic-violators on Mpumalanga’s main roads’
Volksblad was unable to obtain comment from the provincial traffic chief Joseph Mabuza by printing deadline.


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Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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