Kempton Park cops fine motorist who asked for help

Kempton Park metro-cops mock, laugh at lone female motorist after unlawfully fining her R500
after speaking to the Kempton Park state prosecutor’s office, the fine was withdrawn

KEMPTON PARK METRO COPS FINE FEMALE MOTORISTS WHO ASKED FOR THEIR HELP SEPT22 2011 (2)17 October 2011 journalist: Gerhardt Theron – A Pretoria woman – too terrified to be identified – had asked passing metro-cops to help her: and instead they fined her R500 for stopping on the shoulder of the road.


While they wrote the ticket, they reportedly taunted and laughed at her and took her picture. She was driving alone from Pretoria to the International Airport at Kempton Park on the R21 on September 22.  Just before the Engen Garage she noticed her petrol was low.  She said it also looked as if road works were blocking entry to the garage, so about 250m before the garage entrance she drove up to the metro-police which had crews parked on the shoulder lane, asking their advice about how she should reach the garage. It seemed a reasonable request:  “I drove for about 10 metres onto the shoulder lane to reach them.”  She then told the metro-police she wanted their guidance and advice – but instead the man she spoke to fined her, laughing loudly. “The other officers stood around. I started taking photographs and when they saw it, the female officers in turn took photos of me and the males danced and laughed. “A male officer also threatened me: pushing his head through my car’s window and said he would take me to court if I were to publish the pictures.”

After speaking to the Kempton Park state prosecutor’s office, the fine was withdrawn. These are some of the pictures she took.


About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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