Afrikaner families on alert oct 27-30

Afrikaners warned of ‘possible bloodbath’ on Cosatu/Ancyl ‘days of mass action’ Oct 27 and 28 – Malema video starts off with gunshots and closes with ‘now or never, victory is setting’…

.Thurs 13 Oct 2011 Downtown Pretoria around the Union Buildings will be a particularly dangerous place, with many hundreds of thousands of armed black males expected to descend on South Africa’s seat of power for a 48-hour siege on the afternoon of Oct 27 2011.

Organised crime-gangs will have a field day while cops are away  ‘ monitoring the protests ’ –

Organised crime syndicates also are expected to take advantage countrywide by the absence of police who are being called up to ‘ monitor ‘ the mass-action campaign from October 27 right through to the start of November.  The ANC youth league has announced two days of ‘mass action’. No move has been made by the Zuma-regime to stop this.  Malema’s closing words on his video, which start off with gunshots, are: Now or never, victory is setting’.  Afrikaner leaders are warning their community in widespread email warnings that the warnings issued by Julius Malema, leader of the ANC’s youth league, are not ‘hidden’. “They announced that they will have a massive show of power during which nothing and nobody will be ignored’. “There is good reason to believe that most ‘normal’ citizens in this country do not yet realise what is waiting for them on 27 and 28 October.

Take a look at Malema’s youtube video and listen CAREFULLY to his message. He specifically mentions that ‘Boers’ are the enemy:
—  and take note of the motives behind these socalled ‘national days of mass actions’, Afrikaner leaders are warning. “We are warning most urgently that the possibility of this not being the “usual ‘ ANC-marches exists very strongly. You only have to view the video to realise that he is calling for a bloodbath.”



ATTACKS AGAINST WHITES SA SEPT2010 TO SEPT 22 2011 The most dangerous areas for whites between Sept 2010 up to September 22 2011 were Gauteng (824 logged incidents); North West (55);  Limpopo, (50); Free State (100);  KwaZulu (106); and Cape Town. (98). The smallest number of attacks took place in the most inhospitable desert regions, namely along the West Coast of South Africa and in the North Cape(2).

Malema video starts off with gunshots and closes with ‘now or never, victory is setting’…

Afrikaner community leaders point out that the video calling for two days of mass violence starts off with a series of gunshots with a handgun, followed by automatic gunfire – both with a specific message chosen so that ‘notice can be taken of the specific nature and extent of this mass-demonstration’. All the youth league members are being bused in from all over the country to convene on Gauteng’s major cities, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and the Johannesburg stock exchange. Malema introduces himself and tells black youths to ‘participate so that they can obtain their ‘FREEDOM IN THEIR LIFETIMES’. But who are their suppressors they want to obtain this freedom from? First of all the most visible group: the whites: they will have to flee or be dead. Secondly other black opposing factions, especially Zuma and his handful of supporters who still stand in the way of Malema taking over the country by force.

Promises: work, houses, land, nationalised mines, free education, water, electricity better salaries

Malema then makes promises to anyone participating in this massive two days of violence: ‘work, houses, land, nationalised mines, free educaiton, better salaries, free water, free electricity’. Then he announces the programme starting on 27 October at the Beyers Naudé-square in Johannesburg at 10am. The ‘masses’ then move together to Johannesburg Stock Exchange, in SANDTON, and late afternoon they will be taken to the seat of government: the Union Buildings in Pretoria.There, they will spend the night on its terraces and in the streets, promising a great deal of night-long violence in which nobody will be spared. And the co-ruling trade union movement COSATU is supporting this mass-action and is organising its members to join the ‘youths’.

“Millions of blacks will show up to create the spectacle of the year’ in downtown Pretoria’ is the threat.

Afrikaners are warned that ‘it will not be very wise to be in the vicinity of those announced venues on 27 and 28 October. However it will also not be safe anywhere else in the country and it would be wise to sleep with your eyes open to protect your loved ones.’

VIDEO: also: Julius Malema’s luxury lifestyle:

Propaganda for Oct 27-28:  ANC Youth League/Cosatu Economic Freedom Youth Mass Action – “There will be no provincial marches and protests – all people should converge in Johannesburg/Sandton/Pretoria for the mass action programme’…

Shoot to Kill … the Boers:

ANC YOUTH LEAGUE MASS MOBILISATION OCTOBER 2011                                    


Afrikaner farmer Douw Brummer, 50, executed on farm Goedgedacht, Dwaalboom, Pietersburggun-safe looted

2011-10-13 source: Beeld journalist Marietie Louw-Carstens –  Pietersburg. The corpse of fifty-year-old single farmer Douw Brummer was left for eight hours on the lawn of his homestead after he was shot dead execution-style: with a shot through the back of his head on Tuesday-night.

Police spokeswoman ltcol Ronel Otto said his workers discovered his body at 6am Wednesday-morning. His farm is located near the Botswana border. He was divorced and childless, living alone. The Transvaal Agricultural Union security representative Pieter Roets said from all the traces it appeared as if the killers were laying in ambush waiting for Brummer.”It was cold-blooded murder,’ he said. Brummer had had two breakins at his farms – and also gave a picture of a specific man to his neighbours and said that ‘if anything happened to him, this would be the man responsible’.The photograph was shown to the investigating police.Roets said the suspected man ‘ was not one of his workers’. Brummer returned to his farm 10pm after delivering cattle to an auction: workers heard his vehicle drive in. “They also said they heard a very loud bang’.Brummer had climbed from the truck and walked across the lawn to his homestead when he was shot dead from behind with a single-shot through his head.The attackers then took his keys, unlocked the house and the government-registered gun-safe and stole his guns. Even his cellphone was cut from his belt, said Roets.Mr Gaven Holden-Smith, an expert at a private field-tracking company, said they traced the tracks of the attack-gang together with local police.Mr Brummer was born in the Dwaalboom area and was a well known local wildlife and livestock farmer.

Afrikaner teacher Elna Middel illegally arrested over trumped-up ‘stolen car’ claims by two aggressive Zulu-cops

Wednesday Oct 12 2011 – In the ongoing harassment culture of white and Indian woman-drivers targetted by black South African cops,  Afrikaans teacher Elna Middel of Elmelo was the latest to fall victim to these scamsters.On Saturday-afternoon, she was chased by two police cars and illegally kept in police-captivity by aggressive and threatening police officers for more than four hours with her son – because the police’s faulty records had incorrectly marked her car as ‘stolen’.

Mrs Elna Middel – who can prove that she has owned her car for ten years – was dragged off the road between the toll-gate and Middelburg at the Hendrina-turn off on Saturday-afternoon with her son.The police were reportedly very  ‘threatening and menacing’ towards the white teacher. She said despite her assurances and providing documentary proof that the car had been in her continuous legal possession for the past ten years, and that all her records were accurate, the police ordered her to climb into the back of their car – and they also threatened to hand-cuff her son.The cops told her that her car ‘was reported stolen in Witbank’. Her son speaks Zulu and understood the conversation which was going on between the two black officers about her, said Mrs Middel to”This entire experience was very upsetting and humiliating. As a law-abiding citizen I was treated like a criminal.”She was illegally held captive by the police between 15.30 tot 19.00 in a cell until a family-member intervened and she was freed.And the police then added fuel to the fire by refusing to return her car because it was ‘listed in the system.’After long arguing the police undertook to return her car on Monday ‘provided that SHE contact the police officer to ‘get her car removed from the system’.She contacted the specific cop on Monday but his promise to ‘look into the error’ came to naught.Tuesday she personally went to the police unit in charge of stolen cars to ‘get her car registration removed from the system’  – but she was sent to the licensing office ‘to get a clearance certificate’. By Wednesday, October 12 2011 her car was still listed as ‘officially stolen’ and the ‘clearance officer’ had not yet bothered to show up for work. Mrs Middel said she is a teacher with a low income, and very little time to waste on ‘bureaucratic rubbish’ like this. She’s had to make countless phonecalls so that the police can correct their own computer records. I feel this is highly unfair.’

Foreman Samuel Chaba saves life of world-famous Lippizaner-horse rider Marianne Conlyn, Fouriesburg farm

  • Threatened with guns, farm-foreman Samuel Chaba refused to hand over the keys to Conlyn’s protected homestead: he and his wife got shot, injured
    2011-10-12 source: Volksblad journalist Maryke SwartFouriesburg. Farm foreman Samuel Chaba, 39, who runs the farm Grootverwulf and whose owner Marianne Conlyn is well-known for her training Classical Riders on the world-famous Lippizaner horses at Kyalami.The foreman and his wife were injured when he put up a fierce defence and managed to warn her before the gang could attack her homestead. Chaba refused to hand over the keys to a group of armed farm-attackers. His wife Maria, 37, was injured in the leg. The attack took place Monday shortly before midnight when four black males in balaclavas invaded the foreman’s homestead.Mr Chaba woke up when the attack-gang broke down the front door and stormed inside.He adamantly refused to hand over the keys to Mrs Conlyn’s homestead and was shot in the hand, while his wife was shot in her left leg. Colyn said Mr Chaba is a hero and saved her life.The injured foreman then was tied up and forced by the gang to the secured gate around the homestead and forced to open it. Then he fled from the gang, crawled into the bush and phoned Conlyn.When she turned on the lights in the main house and her dogs set up a fierce barking chorus the attack gang fled.She also immediately phoned a friend who in turn contacted police and other neighbours.Mrs Conlyn said she was overwhelmed by the flood of caring farmers who showed up to help her and formed a group to track down the attackers, who, it is believed, fled across the border into Lesotho.She suspects that the farm was watched for quite some time.Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said charges of attempted murder are being investigated.The investigating police are located at South Africa 27 58 223 0260

The South African National Lipizzaner Centre is the only Centre of High School Riding to be recognised by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The Spanish Riding School, formerly the Riding School of the Royal Court in Vienna, is dedicated to the preservation of Classical Riding in its purest form. The Lipizzaner Centre in South Africa is the only other team of performing Lipizzaners in the world that adheres strictly to these principles.The Lipizzaner Centre was under the Directorship of Mrs Marianne Conlyn, who was a Senior Rider. Mrs Conlyn bought her Fouriesburg farm in 2005.

Scourge of ATM-bombings hit NW, Gauteng by professional gangsters:
Rustenburg – in July 2011 the police warned of a ‘sudden ‘scourge of ATM bombings hitting  the North West Province and Gauteng, the likes of which has never been experienced before. Moreover, the black gangs guilty of these crimes are a whole new breed; they are professional, ruthless and armed to the teeth.”

In what looked like a scene from a Hollywood action film, heavily armed men with R5s, stopped for “business as usual” at the ATM by the Omega Café on the corner of Kremetart and Klopper streets (Thursday, 14 July 2011).It was easy to regocnise that everything was planned to the “T”. There was manned cars at every entry point to the scene. A charcoal BMW stood guard on the corner of Kremetart and Klopper streets, right next to Hyper Meat on the pavement and a white Golf 5 next to the Garage in Kruisbessie avenue. The ‘men in action’ arrived with a silver Mercedes Benz parked right in front of the Omega café. One of the hoodlums went over to the Garage next door, ordering the petrol attendants to the floor. In two tics and a tango, very nonchalant, they wired the ATM with commercial explosives and a blast went off which could be heard blocks away. A cloud of smoke emerged from the scene… A lady staying nearby pressed her panic button. There were other witnesses also and of course CCTV, recording every gory detail. Security guards from both ARS and Wesalarms who were in the vicinity, heard the blast and rushed to the scene. At the corner of Kremetart and Klopper streets, ARS turned right and Wesalarms left, both of them straight into the firing zone. Without a second of thought, they were shot at. The ARS vehicle was fired upon by one of the hoodlums that got out of the Mercedes, whilst the Wesalarms vehicle was under attack from the purpotrators in the BMW. A police vehicle who stumbled upon the crime, being called out on another case, was also shot at. It is only but by the grace of God, that not one bullet hit any of the occupants of the security or Police vehicles. A top team of seasoned detectives are hard at work to track down these ATM bombers. Beefing up security would not deter these criminals. Unless you can afford a security gang of about 12, armed with R5s or similar high powered rifles, you would be a sitting duck in a small war when the … hits the fan. They have declared war and we need to stand together to win ! Unfortunately there is another issue that sheds a different light on crimes like these altogether.Last month a “most wanted” suspect Mabote Arnold Makgate, 31, connected with several cases of ATM blastings, was arrested in Silverton (Pta). What makes this case interesting is the mere fact that this dangerous criminal, facing seven cases, 3 of cash-in-transit, 2 of attempted murder and 2 of hijacking – was out on a bail of R1000 when he absconded.That is the amount of the average traffic fine, or a night out in town. The SAPS is an easy target to blame for the state of crime in South Africa. I think we must all focus one step further. Is it worth risking their lives to get dangerous criminals behind bars, just for them to be released back into the streets on a ridiculously low bail amount? That whilst Bheki Cele vowed that police will win the war against crime. Members of the public are urged to give any information they have regarding ATM gangs. Police have warned that the men are “extremely dangerous, possibly highly trained and well equipped,” and urged the public not to approach them. “

Eugene Terre’Blanche’s two murder suspects on trial this week: background:

Murder accused of Eugene Terreblanche should never have gotten bail says NPA
Mano Tsietsi Lt Col SAPS Eugene TerreBlanche murder-investigator guilty of torture June192010
Accused murderers of Eugene Terreblanche enjoy hero status

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