Six senior Advocates scrapped: guilty of double-briefing

Six senior advocates removed from Advocates’ Register by special Pretoria High Court hearing

Six senior advocates have had their names removed from the Advocates Register by the Pretoria High Court. Seven more Advocates were ordered to refund a combined amount of R15,661,900 which the thirteen men were paid by the Road Accident Fund through overbilling: in an illegal practice referred to as ‘double-briefing’.

The offences occurred from February to November 2009. A a panel of three retired judges resided over the case which saw advocates Thillay Pillay, Theunis Botha, Toy de Klerk, Daniel Mogagabe, Percy Leopeng and French Bezuidenhout, photographs below, scrapped from the Advocates Register.ADVOCATES SCRAPPED FROM REGISTER FOR DOUBLEBRIEFING ROAD ACCIDENT FUND PRETORIA
’ A malpractice which spread like tumbleweed…’

Residing Judge Kees van Dijkhorst  said the ‘pestilence of double-briefing has been with us for centuries’. However, he pointed out, ‘no actions were taken against it until 22 September 2009 when a senior advocate lodged a formal charge”. He said that many advocates knew about the double-briefing practices in Road Accident Fund cases and did nothing about it.”It created a climate in which this malpractice spread like tumbleweed”. More on Beeld newspaper:

About Adriana Stuijt
Retired South African-Dutch journalist formerly Sunday Times Johannesburg

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