Afrikaners survive kidnapping in Springs

Springs ex-cop Joost Zeelie, his son Jean, 21, and visitor Andy Britz survive high-speed kidnapping by 5-member armed gang

September 19 — Springs journalist Ernest Wolmarans described the relief felt by these three Afrikaner residents of Dunnottar – who survived a high-speed hijacking that ended in two black males killing themselves in a car-crash. Ex-cop Joost Zeelie, 48, son Jeanm 21 and friend Andy Britz were kidnapped at Britz Dunnottar home Monday 7:15pm.

The trio were standing in Britz’s Dunning Road driveway, saying their goodbyes, when a white Honda Ballade pulled up at around 7:15pm – five armed black men jumping out.

‘ We started hitting a lot of potholes so I presumed we were on Vlakfontein road…  ‘

ZEELIE Joost excop _son Jean_and friend AndyBritz survive kidnapping Dunnottar Springs black gang Sept192011

My dad said, ‘Here we go’, and as soon as I looked up, I knew we were in trouble,” says Jean, who immediately raised his hands over his head and sank to his knees as the armed men approached. Told to stand up and produce the keys to Joost’s white VW Polo parked in the driveway, Jean was unceremoniously forced into the car’s boot, while Joost was told to take up residence in the boot of the Ballade. Britz was stuffed into back seat of one of the vehicles.  Jean says that it was evident from the outset that the driver of the Polo ‘could not drive’. “First he stalled the car, then he managed to ram into Andy’s wall before stalling the car again when trying to reverse out,” explains Jean.

Despite frisking the father and son, the gang had not picked up that each had their cellphones with them – Joost messaging his wife and Jean contacting his sister with the same story from the darkness of their respective ‘cells’. “I tried to keep track of where we were by the turns the car was making, but I lost track pretty quickly,” says Jean. Joost instructed his wife to phone Dunnottar police’s Tommy Tomlinson who, together with other police officers and members of the Dunnottar CPF, began scouring the area based on information provided by the two men. “We started hitting a lot of potholes, so I guessed that we were on Vlakfontein Road. The car stopped and the boot opened. All I could think of was that they were going to shoot us and leave us in the veld. I remember asking them again and again not to kill us,” says Jean, adding that the men spoke to them ‘properly’ and were never really overly aggressive. With the gang letting the three men go, Jean waited with bated breath for the sounds of gun shots as the three Afrikaners fled into the veld. None came, however – the gang instead climbed back into the two vehicles and raced away.

The driver of the hijacked Polo later lost control of the vehicle at high speed shortly after — rolling the car near the intersection of South Road and Tonk Meter Way in KwaThema Extension Three.  Neither driver nor passenger survived the accident. Jean may have been the third victim of this accident had he not been released.  one of the hijackers killed is yet to be identified while an unlicensed firearm was also found near the Polo’s wreckage.The other three other suspects escaped in the Ballade and are still at large.  “We want to thank the Dunnottar CPF and the police for what they did for us. Within minutes, they were out there looking for us. Who knows what would have happened had they not responded so quickly,” says a relieved Joost.


Salvation Army ignores court-protected children’s privacy-rights in donation-publicity for Linden Firlands Children’s Home

LINDEN, Johannesburg. 29 September 2011 source: JeVanne Gibbs. A new vehicle, and a number of beds, were donated by Pareto Limited which co-owns several retail complexes in the country including Cresta. “We approached Pareto earlier this year to make donations to charities that would be part of their corporate social investment projects,” said Rotary club of Rosebank president Jean Bernardo.

CHILDREN PRIVACY RIGHTS IGNORED LINDEN CHILDREN HOME DONATION SEPT 2011 UNIDENTIFIED FACESThe Firlands Children’s Home was the first of five projects to be finalised.”
Pareto CEO Reanne van der Merwe said, “Choosing Firlands, we could focus on what’s important to us…The wellbeing and safety of children.” Safety was an important aspect to the company as they donated an electric fence to the home following a break-in that resulted in one of the children being confronted and threatened in May.”We have already started working with the Alexandra-based organisation Mama Earth and want to extend our reach and work with more charities,” he said.Majors Eddie and Hazel de Vos run the home at 21 11th Street, Linden that caters for children who have been placed there by courts and social work departments. It is one of three children’s homes run by the Salvation Army in Johannesburg and cares for about 45 children.”My wife and I have been running the home for four years now,” said Eddie de Vos. “Financial challenges, maintenance and daily routines are things we face every day.” De Vos said they were grateful to Pareto as the kinds of donations they’ve made are not possible through ordinary funding.Donations from residents in the form of money and clothing are welcome.Details: Eddie 011-782-5556/7,,

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