Sept 26 2011 crime updates

summary previously unreported crimes: Limpopo teacher dies after dragged by neck 2km behind car; Gerda Fouche and mom survive attack by job-seekers at Cotswold PE home; Afrikaner meat-transport driver Corne de Lange stabbed to death in Pietersburg; Mrs Derby of Midrand permanently paralysed by bullets fired for no reason by metro-cop in road block; Christian-Indian Muthusamy family of Phoenix survive ambush by violent gang at graveside; also: map of attacks against Asian/Chinese residents in South Africa:


Afrikaner teacher found murdered: dragged 2km behind his car, Five Morgan, Dennilton, Limpopo
2011-09-25 – An Afrikaner man whose identity is known, but whose name has not yet been released, was found murdered on a dirt-road at Five Morgan, Dennilton in Limpopo on Sunday-afternoon, Sept 25 2011.  The 47-year-old man was clearly tortured to death by being dragged behind his car: it was found abandoned two kilometres down the road: the dead man’s  trousers were tied around his neck. A passerby had made the horrific discovery at 7am, said SAPF spokesman  lt. kol. Mohale Ramatseba. The police does not know the ‘motive for the murder’ they said although they implied robbery by saying that the ‘car radio was robbed’. The car itself however clearly was not. Nobody was arrested.


Afrikaner meat-transport worker Corné de Lange stabbed to death Moletji Pietersburg Saturday-morning Aug 13 2:30am

Source: journalist Mariétte Snyder of the Polekwane Observer newspaper: Afrikaner murder-victim Corné de Lange, 35, was found stabbed to death next to his bakkie Saturday-morning Aug 18 at 2:30am – it is suspected that he was stabbed to death while trying to stop a knife-fight between two black males.

DE LANGE CORNE 35 AUG182011 STABBED TO DEATH HIJACKED TO GA MAKIBELO MOLETJ However the circumstances about the meat-delivery trucker outside a tavern at Moletji township remains murky. Only the trial will shed light on the circumstances surrounding the Afrikaner man’s death.  He and wife Lynnette had only been married five months. W/o MoThemane Malefo Seshego of the local police station said the suspected killer, 21 year old Molatelo Maneyelo, appeared in the Seshego magistrate court to set a remand date. Maneyelo will be charged with murder.  Mr De Lange worked for a meat-distributing company as a trucker and frequently drove to the townships to deliver meat,  said his wife. “I usually rode along with him most Fridays but we never stopped at any shebeens (taverns),’ she said.Her husband phoned her while travelling on his route on Friday at 22:00 tellinbg her he was between Moletji and Pietersburg. However he never arrive home and when his worried wife tried phoning him at 2am Saturday, his phone was off.She phoned again twenty minutes later and got the shock of her life: ‘a woman answered his cellphone and told me quite calmly that I cannot speak to my husband because he’s dead.” “I asked her to let me speak to one of the police-officers on the scene and the police then confirmed his death to me over the phone. He described the route to follow to reach the murder-scene,’ she said.She arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. “Corne was a good dad for his son and for my three children (from a previous marriage). I don’t know how I will carry on without him,’ she said.Mr De Lange leaves his son, 3 stepchildren, two brothers, a sister, mother and step-father. He was burried from the Dutch Reformed Church Bendor Park.

Gerda Fouche Cotswold – attacked by job-seeker, Port Elizabeth: expected the meter-reader…
Port Elizabeth: Sept 26 2011 – Gerda Fouche writes: I was attacked at my home in Cotswold Extension when I opened the door to a young guy asking for a job at 8.30am. Second guy pushed into house and attacked my mother. From somewhere I got the strength to fight them off and keep on screaming. Let this be a warning, don’t open the door to anyone. I was expecting the meter reader. Thank you to the police who have been so helpful.Gerda Fouche. Good Cops South Africa  and

 Christian-Indian Muthusamy family ambushed by violent gang at graveside, Mobeni Heights, KZN

SEPT 18 2011 – Dan and Lorraine Muthusamy, daughter Sharlene were violently ambushed by a black gang while praying at her father’s graveside at Mobeni Heights cemetery. National Tourism Association member Marlin Veerasamy warns there’s an urgent need for more security and police-patrols: ‘or else the situation could spiral out of control’.

MUTHASAMY family Phoenix attacked at her father graveside violent robbers SunSept182011 MOBENI HEIGHTS CEMETERY KZN

Rising Sun journalist Vivaga Thambiran interviewed the distraught couple after their ordeal. Lorraine, 53, a creditors’ clerk at MassCash and husband Dan, who works as an export clerk at Woodview in Phoeniex, were attacked very violently when praying at her father’s graveside. “My father died about 14 years ago, and we were at his graveside on the anniversary of his death after attending mass in Overport, she said. “The day turned ugly after robbers ambushed us while we were praying.” She was still shaken from the ordeal. “On the way, we stopped and bought flowers before proceeding to the Mobeni Heights cemetery. It was a quiet day except for one vehicle  that was parked in the cemetery.”

She said: “My husband Dan and I closed our eyes and started to pray.  For some reason, my daughter Sharlene who also accompanied us to my father’s grave site opened her eyes. She could not believe what she was seeing. By the movements of the robbers, we were disturbed and opened our eyes only to realize that we were cornered.”  

We will cut you with a broken bottle:
One of the (black) robbers said to Sharlene, ” Do not make a move or speak or I will cut you with a broken bottle.”
“They violently pushed us on the floor and demanded for our cellphones and cash. My wedding ring, gold bangles and bracelet which is of sentimental to me was also taken. Throughout the ordeal, we were trembling in fear. They also ordered my husband to hand over the car keys. They went to the vehicle and searched for valuables. They found three cellphones including a Blackberry. What was disturbing is that while we were being robbed of our valuables, there was no security personnel in sight, to assist us. Even if we did scream, no one would have heard our calls for help. I have vowed to my family that I will never return to the cemetery,  instead I will  pray at home,” said Muthusamy.

Marlin Veerasamy, 37, of Hillary, a member of the National Tourism Association of South Africa who also went to pay his respects at his grandmother’s grave site and was present at the time of the incident said, “As we finished our prayer, we noticed a couple running towards  us. They looked shaken and terrified.  We immediately assisted them by phoning the police and providing comfort to them.”  Veerasamy said there need to be more security and police patrols at the cemetery or else the situation could spiral out of control.


Mrs Derby – permanently paralysed after metro-cop fires shots for no apparent reason after letting her and fiancee through Midrand roadblock

March 13 2011 MIDRAND. As has only become known to us today, the Star journalist Solly Maphumulo writes that a woman identified only as Mrs “Derby” was permanently paralysed after a municipal cop (has since admitted)  firing shots at the car, driven by her fiancee Bruce. The couple was shot at after they were allowed through a road-block set up by the Johannesburg metro-cops on Sunday March 13 2011 which was ‘searching for drunk-drivers’. 

It’s not known why the metro- cop decided to fire the (up to 6)  shots which were heard by Bruce as he drove away in his car (picture below) . A metro-cop has since then come forward admitting he had ‘ fired shots but that he had not reported it because he thought he’d missed the car’. 

Mrs Derby now is permanently paralysed: a bullet has entered her spine. When rushed to Tembisa Hospital, it was found that she could not afford the R40,000-deposit to pay for private care —  and the metropolitan police department now is being sued in the hope that after expected years of litigation, the city taxpayers would eventually pay for her health-care. The ‘matter is being investigated’ said metro police Inspector Edna Mamonyane in March. It’s not known what has happened to this case since that time.

DERBY Mrs paralysed from shots fired Midrand roadblock March132011 by METRO COP investig for murder

Picture: Bruce’s car showed the impact-holes and indentations from several bullets: one bullet travelled through the car and penetrated his 34-year-old fiancee ‘s spine, leaving her permanently paralysed.


This is according to a confidential source within the Johannesburg Metro Police Department who deals with internal investigations.
The woman, who had been travelling with her fiancé in the car, was shot at a roadblock and possibly left permanently paralysed, believes the metro police were responsible for the attack.The source phoned a friend of the couple who were shot at to inform him that after the metro cops who had manned the roadblock were summoned to the office on Wednesday, one officer admitted he fired a shot.
On Wednesday afternoon, metro police Inspector Edna Mamonyane confirmed that the JMPD had held a roadblock in Midrand on Sunday at about 7pm. Earlier in the day, she had denied this, saying the attackers may have been ‘bogus police officers’.
The officer who fired at the couple said he had not reported the matter because he thought ‘ he had missed the car. ‘ It was not immediately clear why the officer had fired the shot.Mamonyane said she was not aware that an officer had come forward.She vowed they would leave no stone unturned to establish who was responsible for the shooting. She said an armourer would work with the SAPS to establish which firearm was used to fire the shot.Mamonyane said all the officers who were at the roadblock would be questioned.The woman and her fiancé were returning from an outing on Sunday afternoon when they claim that JMPD officers shot at their vehicle, injuring the woman.The woman, who was identified only as Derby, might not be able to walk or work again.The couple have opened a case of attempted murder at Midrand police station and are planning to sue the department.The bullet, which entered the car through its boot, shattered the woman’s spine after it hit her in the back It ricocheted in the car and is now lodged in her head.Mrs Derby’s ordeal began when the couple’s car was pulled over at a roadblock by metro police officers on Alexandra Road in Midrand.The officers were apparently looking for drunk drivers.According to Derby’s fiancé – who has asked to be identified only as Bruce – an officer told him to go forward and then reverse. The officer then told him to go.“I took off. As I was turning to the corner, I heard a gunshot. There were about five or six gunshots. I didn’t think they were firing shots at us because I had complied with everything they had asked me to do.“I didn’t realise it had hit my fiancé. When I got to my house I saw a lump on her face and there was blood coming out of her mouth,” he said.Bruce phoned for an ambulance before rushing her to the Carstenhof Clinic where she was stabilised. She was transferred to Tembisa Hospital, where the white woman was unable to pay the R40, 000 deposit required for private healthcare.On Monday Bruce opened a case of attempted murder against the metro police. The Star

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