Child-sex slavers protected by cops

Thirteen-year-old sex-slave rescued from kidnappers – police refuse to open case:
12 Aug 2011 – After a 13-year-old girl was rescued from a Vanderbijlpark home where she was held captive for months and sold to men for forced-sex, police refused to open a docket, said Cross Roads charity founder Annari du Plessis.

Having sex with minor children’ is officially charged as rape under the SA law. Moreover, Sowetan journalist Sibongile Mashaba also noted that the child was forcibly addicted to drugs by her captors – which can be charged as a physical assault which badly affects her health.

Traumatised child had to be brought to police station before they would open a case:

Mashaba quoted SAPF captain Katlego Mogale as claiming that they had merely opened a “skeleton case docket”.  They demanded that the badly traumatised child first be brought to the police station to question her further. On Monday, police also rescued another girl, 15, who was kept at the same empty for-sale house for about a week.   Its caretaker tipped off the police even though he was being threatened by the sex-slavery gang. The 13-year-old girl –  who is from Parys in Free State, had been forced to have sex with men since January this year. Her ordeal started when her stepfather chased her from home after accusing her of theft. Her aunt said “Thabang” had been living with her two uncles, her grandfather and a cousin in Parys. “When she first disappeared in January, she had left home with the uncle’s girlfriend who had asked her to accompany her to a friend’s house. She was instead taken to Vanderbijlpark where she was locked in a small room and was only given bread and hubbly-bubbly.

Men were sent into her room to have sex with her. “In March she returned home after she was freed, but never told anyone about her ordeal,” said the aunt. She had been reported missing.  Masego said Thabang was only back home for a few weeks and then the uncle’s girlfriend took her away again, this time to Vereeniging.  Thabang said she was forced into prostitution and drug-abuse. “The man who kept me said if I did not want to take the drugs, he would kill me.” Thabang escaped from the house in Vereeniging, but the people who kept her captive found her and took her to the Vanderbijlpark house. Du Plessis said: “It’s sad because when we tried to open a case, police told us that we needed to bring the victim to the station.”


Nigerian child-sex-slavery syndicates also preying on Afrikaans children – video 

10 Aug 2011 Nigerian child-sex-slavery syndicates also prey on the pretty blonde Afrikaans girls for child-sex slavery: In 2005, a specialised SA police unit – which has since then disbanded – still frequently tried to infiltrate Nigerian child-sex syndicates which specifically targetted Afrikaans children, with girls as young as ten fed drugs to force them into a life of prostitution.   Priscilla, interviewed on this video, was only 16 but became a hardened prostitute when she was enslaved with drugs.  “I don’t know if I’ll see 21 if it goes on like this,” she confides. She’s a victim of a nation-wide Nigerian sex syndicate, which rotates girls between brothels in four cities.  Her 14 year old sister, Candice, also was held captive.  “Child exploitation attracts a lot of attention — it becomes more dangerous, it becomes more lucrative,” explains one expert.  There’s even a website where pimps can advertise their girls. Most girls were enslaved after being force-fed drugs but more sinister methods were also used: oOne mother’s three year old son was abducted by her pimps to force her onto the street. Another child was brutally gang-raped after she tried to run away. And girls who totally refuse to cooperate, often are found torched to death near black squatter camps.

Many SA females of all races also are slaughtered alive for cannibalistic ‘ritual medicine’

1) Mutilated body found in Pietersburg river: ears, eyelids, lips, nose, hands, left-thigh flesh cut off while still alive.
Johannesburg – A woman’s mutilated body was found in a river in Pietersburg Limpopo police said on Monday.
“When the body was retrieved from the water on Sunday we discovered that both ears, eyelids, lips and nose were missing,” spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said.
In addition both her hands had been cut off, along with a piece of flesh from her left thigh. Her legs were tied with a piece of cloth.”Very young cattle-herders found the body. Police did not know how long it had been in the water, or where the woman was killed.


2) Two women found mutilated on PE beach

2011-06-06 The bodies of two women were found mutilated on Wells Estate beach, in Swartkops, Port Elizabeth, on Monday morning, said police. “One’s throat was slit and the other’s stomach had been opened,” said police spokesperson Dumile Gwavu. “The women have not been identified, but we estimate that they were in their early 20s. Both of them were naked from the waist down. Police were investigating the possibility that they had been raped.

3) Precious Khumalo, 9, was mutilated, burnt…. 2010-08-30 Johannesburg – A 32-year-old man was arrested in connection with the murder of Precious Khumalo, 9, in Phomola Park near Leondale, East Rand police said on Monday.
Manaka Rapholo said the man was arrested on Friday, after the body of Precious Khumalo was found in a shallow grave. Precious went missing on Thursday. Rapholo said the girl was stripped naked, hand cuffed, chopped with an axe and burnt. Her body was then wheeled in a wheelbarrow to an open veld where her she was dumped into a shallow grave. A wheelbarrow, an axe and a spade were also found at the man’s house. “The man is silent, we do not know why he killed the child… it was a terrible sight”, he said. Rapholo said the child might have been raped before she was murdered, but further investigation would determined this.”For now we cannot confirm rape pending investigation.”He said the girl’s clothes and part of her hair were found at the house. “Police whisked him away from irate community members who wanted to mete mob justice to him,” he said adding that the man would appear in court soon.

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